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Getting your girlfriend/wife to wrestle

Question: How would you suggest getting a girlfriend/wife to wrestle in bed?
Created by: dkparks05 at 05:52:32 AM, Thursday, February 09, 2006 PST


Hi all, I'd like my wife to be more of a challenge wrestling in the bedroom -(or the living room, backyard, etc - ;) Though my wife is 5ft 8 and 150lbs, with broad shoulders and a naturally athletic shape, she is quite timid and not very strong. She has worked out with a homegym machine for a few years, but she's still much weaker than me. I'm 6ft tall and 180lbs - and actually quite slender. What do you suggest? HELP!!!

Dave PFeb 09 2006 1:55pm

Are you sure your wife is much weaker? I thought my wife was a lot weaker until the day we had our first real wrestling match. I started to tickle her and pushed her on our bed, I tried to follow up with a pin but she instinctly knew how to use her legs and within a second had me trapped between her strong legs. I fought to get out, first with perhaps 50% of my power but soon with everything I had. When my wife realised that she was very surprised, she was able to control me easily with her legs. I said that she was lucky to catch me between her legs and said that if we started on our knees she would be in trouble. Now she started to be curious, was she stronger than me or was she just lucky? We started to wrestle from our knees in a classical hand against hand/arm against arm combat. Again I started not using everything I had but soon needed to use full power. My wife had to fight hard as well but when I was weakening she only got stronger and soon started to push me on my back. In a flash she straddled me and had me pinned. I was now so weak I couldn't get her off. She could pin me using only her strong knees on my shoulders with my head trapped between her powerful thighs. She smiled at me and asked if I needed another chance to prove I was stronger. I said yes, and that was a misstake. I was still weak from the first two matches and this time my wife pinned me in less than a minute. When she let me up she wanted us to armwrestle and now it was very obvious, she was stronger in her arms. It came as a complete surprise for us that she was so much stronger than me. I knew she was strong and so did she but we both thought that men by nature were stronger than women. Dave P, tickle your wife, tease her and make her use her maximum strength, since she seem to be a strong woman she might surprise you.

Pinned husbandAug 02 2006 12:09am
This is a fantasy of mine - wrestle my wife in bed. A sex fight. Maybe oil our bodies up first. I've not shared this fantasy with her . . . yet. Any suggestions on how to bring this up - - and, hopefully, getting her to agree to it?

WrestleMEOct 03 2009 6:14am
My wife and I wrestled a lot. I'm 6ft and about 180 also, and she's about 5-7, and she's maybe 140-145 I'd say, so she's not big, but she solid, I mean we're in our late 30's and young guys come on to her all the time, so she's a nice looking lady. But she's not bulging muscles. We were married about 7 years before we started. I mean since I was a kid I had a fetish about women wrestling me, and watched movies, felt like I had to hide it. But finally I just decided to tell her. What I did, and this worked better than I could have ever imagined, was that I had a dream about watching her wrestle. Now that WAS true, but on the morning I told her it wasn't but the idea was there. I made up some story about watching her wrestle some guy at like a county fair for a prize, and how turned on and excited I got and then she wrestled me and how exotic she seemed because she was a wrestler. Kind of explained how she was a fantasy figure of mine. Turns out girls like that kind of thing. I didn't know what to expect, and she was really matter of fact, "I'll wrestle with you". I would never have guessed that, she always seemed the perfect lady. But she really got into it. I taught her some holds, and stragegy, and since then we've wrestled literally hundreds of times. Like when the kids were little, we'd put them to bed, take our showers, have a nice dinner, and then we'd make up a fantasy, maybe it would just be that we were wrestlers in a mixed match, but we'd try other things, like I'm some guy trying to pick her up, or I'm a burgler, or she's a cat burgler, we even got a gorilla suit, and she'd be Jane and she's wrestle the gorilla. It's all good.

AnonymousNov 01 2009 3:25am
i dont even dare to stare at my wife after she beat me mercileely eith her stick like arms last night when i challenged her wrestle me.

jackNov 13 2009 8:11pm
I rented a film with amazonian women beating the poo out of men, this was many years ago and I don't remember the name of this film but there are loads of films like this. I claimed that no woman could ever dominate a man physically like the women in the film, these women could beat men at armwrestling and wrestling. They killed men strangling them between their powerful legs. My wife that is heavier than me said that she was sure she could take me in a wrestling match. This was exactly what I had planned so we cleared the living room and started to wrestle. I had suspected her to be strong but not a lot stronger than me. She was more agressive than I thought and had me in a head lock that was very painful, she just took me down and forced me on my back and then pinned me with raw power. I then understood that she would always be stronger than me and so did she. She teased me a lot and said she would take advantage of this situation in the future. We have wrestled hundred of times since and I always loose, even if we start with me on top of her with her arms pinned under me. There are strong women, I know, my wife claims that three of her female friends are stronger than her and that most of her friends are stronger than me.

Pinned and happyDec 27 2009 5:27am
my wife is also heavier and stronger than me ,she is 5.9 inch tall and 189 pounds,she have a another female friend in our apartment,some time they playing wrestling and iam enjoying it,some time she losing the match

mathJan 09 2010 12:05am
I also enjoying my wife's wrestling match with another female,my wife is 5.10'' tall and 186lbs,befor two months we planned a holiday trip with my cousine brother and his wife,that trip was amazing,we discussed a wrestling match between our wife,she is also around same size of my wife,the match was very tight and sexy,after 28 mints my wife is totally under control of his wife,but we enjoyed that match,

danJan 16 2010 12:05am
hey dan my wife is also 5.10 tall and 185 pound weight,my wife and ur wife is a good pair for tight wresling match,i also like to watch their wrestling match

AnonymousJan 28 2010 11:09pm
really?? iam also want to watch who is the best and sexy women

danJan 30 2010 7:36am
This websit is so gayy because it's all about the wife well what about the girl friend

:)Feb 06 2010 5:04am
I have fantasized about my wife wrestling another woman for years. She knows of it but she hasn't been able to find another woman to wreslte with her. We keep hoping that someday it will happen.

FredFeb 07 2010 4:26pm
I love being sat on and pinned by my wife and other women !but my wife thinks its silly and doesnt want to do it much,i like sitting on people to for long periods of time, love sitting astride peoples stomachs pinning there arms and stareing into their eyes ! when we wer corting years ago i pinned my now wife in a park for two and a half hour,,,

gary !!May 06 2010 3:08am
my wife had wrestle with another woman and pinned her

joharMay 19 2010 1:59am
My wife had wrestled with my ex-girlfriend,but she could not pin her.

kerelaMay 26 2010 3:17am
is there any women who can wrestle my wife

rondyMay 27 2010 1:03am
To WrestleME: I was facing with a similar problem. But when I read many posts about husband/wife wrestling here, I decided to tell her. Now she knows that I like and want to wrestle her. She was first suprised and said that it was weird. She also said that she has to think about it. I am planning to make her visit this site and read about women's experience in mixed wrestling. I hope she likes this idea and wrestle me.

wffitJun 02 2010 1:52am
My girlfriend and I love to wrestle. It was always a fetish of mine but oddly enough she was the one who brought it up. We were sitting together on the couch and she jumped on top of me out of nowhere and said "Wanna wrestle"? It was a major turn on because it was completely unexpected, and she took it very seriously. Now we do it all the time trying different things with each other. It's our favorite thing to do now.

Scotty21Jun 17 2010 8:59pm
With us it was the other way around actually. My wife has always had a size advantage over me, 3 inches taller and 25 lbs hevier than my 5'9 and 136 lbs. I have always been afraid that she would confront me physically in some way because I realized that she was stronger. So we never wrestled or armwrestled, I always have carried to heaviest bags and suit cases etc. Some years ago we were a bit drunk one evening. I started to tickle my wife, she told me to stop or she would make me sorry. You and what army was my response and I kept tickling her. Suddenly she took hold of my arms, with great force she dragged me to me feet from a sitting position and then pushed me to the floor where she pinned me with her knees on my biceps. It all happened so quickly and with such force that I was totally shocked. I told you to stop she said, and then she started to tickle me. I tried to escape but she easily pinned me with her knees alone giving her two arms free. She then let me up and told me not to tickle her again. I now jumped on her from behind trying to take her down to get a revange. I found myself hanging from her strong back, easily carry my body weight. She took hold of one of my legs with her left arm and at the same time turned around having my head in a headlock and just got me in her arms, laying me down on the floor and then pinned me again. Oncer again with ease. She told me to stop fighting her since she was far too strong. She teased me that I was probably weaker than her at the age of 14-15. She asked me if I wanted to wrestle again and I said yes. We stripped and had a go again. This time my wife wanted the match to last as long as possible, slowly draining the power from my muscles. When I lay totally exhauested under her for the third time she tole me that she had wanted to do this ever since we started to hang out, that she got a kick out of wrestling me and be stronger. She had always been afraid that I would leave her if she told me about her fantasies. I told her that she probably was right, that I had left her if she had dominated me like this when we met but I also told her that I liked the tussle we just had and that I didn't mind loosing to her since she was so strong. So it all worked out at the end.

LomaxJul 26 2010 4:26am
my wife sexfight my second wife.they cumming together

maxAug 11 2010 11:11am
My fiancee wrestles other women in Missouri.

kampdog@hotmail.comAug 29 2010 9:21am
I fantasized about my wife wrestling another gal for years and it finally happened. We were in Vegas a few years ago and she decided to enter the mud wrestling tournament at Gilleys one night. We ahd went in just to watch it and after my wife & I were sitting there having a drink & watching some gals go up to the table to register, she decided to do it. And no coaxing from me! She just decided to try it. It was HOT!

AnonymousSep 15 2010 12:21pm
hi dom

aceOct 02 2010 4:38pm
I also have a mud wrestling story that is totally true. I have always had a fantasy about wrestling a woman and loose after a hard struggle. I never dared to talk about that with my wife. She is a big lady and strong as a horse so I was not sure that I could take her in a wrestling match but she never seemed to be interested in wrestling me, when we had a small playfight she would always give up pretty soon. Until this night when we went to a bar where they had mud wrestling every weekend. Many batchelor parties ended here and this specifik night a married man to be was tricked into fighting this big, buxom, bare chested lady. He was slim like me and the lady actually looked a bit like my wife. Seeing this big lady dominate this poor man was the sexiest thing I had seen so far. I really got aroused and tried to hide this from my wife. She held my hand and when the fight went on squeezed me harder and harder. When the guy had given up a number of times another girl,much smaller took on a big guy, he was drunk and couldn't put up a proper fight and she knew how to use her legs and arms and zapped the man from all the power in his limbs before she pinned him. My wife whispered in my ear and asked me if I liked to try the big woman on? She laughed and I actually got beetroor red and said no. Nothing more was said until we came home. My wife suddenly stooped and draped me over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes. She rushed around in our apartment and laughed, playfully spanking my behind all the time. She laughed and asked me if I really got excited when a woman could physically dominate a man. I still didn't say anything, I was in shock and quite aroused at the same time. She threw me on our bed and pinned me and started to take my clothes off. I still hadn't tried to stop her. She took of her own clothes and then told me to try to stop her from pinning me again. For the first time in our 7 years of marriage we tested who was stronger. She outweighs me with more than 30 lbs and she really is strong as a horse so soon the power in my limbs faded away and I was an easy pray for her. She pinned me and scissored me and then we had the best sex ever. I am so happy that we went to this bar, we have been back many times and alwasy when there are mixed matches we are both very aroused, especially when the women wins.

MuddyNov 01 2010 6:59am
I created a monster out of my wife! I first got interested in her since she looked like my fantasy woman, big and strong yet feminine with big boobs, wide hips and great strong legs. I have always been thin. She likes thin men so we were the perfect match. We avoided any physical confrontation unfortunately, I really wanted to wrestle her for fun but every time we playwrestled she let me be on top. I was sometimes about to give up when she suddenly just let me win. After a couple of years I one night decided to push it a bit further. I slapped her behind a few times until she warned me. I then did it again and she got really angry with me to my surpries attacked me with full force! She took me in a bear hug and started to squeeze my so I couldn't breathe. She then threw me to the floor where she pinned me. While sitting on my she started to slap me, not very hard, more to tell me who was in charge. She angrily said that if I ever again did anything like that when she had told me to stop she would show me how much stronger she was and that wouldn't be nice for me. She climbed off me and although I realized that she really could harm me I slapped her just very lightly on her bum. She then dragged me to my feet, twister one of my arms behind my back and then started to undress me. I fought because I realized what was about to happen. She soon had stripped me from my pants and then ripped the shirt from me. She moved us to our bedroom where she sat down on our bed where she hauled me over her sturdy thighs. She took down my underwear and I was soon to experience my first spanking! As a 41 year old. She then told me to obey her in the future while she steadily spanked my ass. She didn't stop until I promised. I didn't know what to say or do, I had wanted her to wrestle me, to show me who was stronger but not in this way. I suddenly just told her everything, still positoned over her lap. She then turned me around and started to kiss me, asking me why I never had said anything, she had always wanted to show me she was stronger but thought I would be very sensitive about that. She also told me never to anger her, she had always been mild tempered but told me that she could be dangerous when loosing her temper. After tis evening she often tackles me to the ground, wrestled me to our bed etc. She lifts me and really is dominating me physically. She also has become more bossy, sometimes a bit too much, and I don't dare to anger her anymore. I am happy most of the time except when she gets a bit drunk and too rough.

No TarzanDec 10 2010 5:04am
I got my girlfriend to wrestle me by tickling her. She was far smaller than me, and a foot shorter, but both of us were wearing nylon gym shorts, and she had been posing in front of me. I'd had enough, so I pinned her down and tickled her until she squirmed. I thought that was the way she wanted it, but she wouldn't give up, and kept fighting. On a guess, I let her get on top. She instantly sat astride me, and pinned my hands beside my head. We both panted for a minute, and then she began sliding forward, first on my stomach, and then on my chest. She said,"See: little skinny arms can be strong too." Her hair was hanging around my face and her little hands were gripping my wrists. She asked me if I would give up. Realizing the position I was in, I began to struggle, but just made it worse, and she knew it. When I got tired, she slid right up to my chin, grabbed one of my arms, and tucked it in the crook of her leg. Then the other. With both of my arms trapped between her calves and thighs, she let go of my wrists and sat up straight. "What now?" she said. We both knew what she could have done. Instead she began slowly sliding back down my chest, over my stomach, dragging my helpless arms with her. When she reached my c*ck, she pulled up her gym shorts and her panties. Pulled down my shorts too, and I was pink steel by that time. She sat carefully to get me inside her, and then invited me to try to get away. I struggled just to please her, but I was totally helpless, under a much smaller woman. She enjoyed her physical dominance as much as I enjoyed being dominated. Most times she liked being dominated, and I learned to hold her hands down during sex. But when she was feeling dominant? Wow. She asked me why. Hadn't I ever fought a girl, when I was a kid. Yes, but never like this.

JohnDec 31 2010 9:59pm
I still like to wrestle with women. I am in my 60`s and I started in my teens. Their are some very strong women out their.

pittbullJan 26 2011 11:10am
My way to get my wife to wrestle me was to challenge a mutual friend of ours to a wrestling match. My wife and I are the same weight, but she is 4 inches shorter than me, making her more massive and powerfully built. I have suspected she was stronger already from the day we met, 3 years ago, but never really had the nerve to wrestle her. When we have play wrestled in bed she always stops and don't want to continue. The mutual friend is a woman that we both have knewn many years, long before we got together. She is big, a bit on the fat side but we know she is strong since she has been working out with weights for years and also from training boxing. We had a dinner in our garden, the tree of us. We drank a lot and I started to tease our friend, I called her a small little bitch and things like that. Then our friend asked my wife if she could punish me since I was rude. My wife laughed and said I was all hers to do what what she pleased. The friend came at me like an express train, picked me up like I weighed nothing and threw me to the lawn. She picked me up again and had me in an airplane spin before she again threw me at the lawn. She ended my humiliation by putting one foot on a garden chair and hang me over her sturdy thigh and spanked me, just for fun but anyway and I just couldn't stop her. She told me to appologize or she would punish me for real. I did as she said. My wife had all the way laughed and sheered her female friend. I was shocked how strong this woman was and how easy she had handled me. When she left later my wife patted me on my head and called me her weak little husband getting beat up by a woman. I said to my wife that this was no ordinary woman but a monster and that very few woman could do this to me. My wife then surprised me saying that she knew she could take me easily, that she had always stopped fighting in the past when we had playwrestled since she thought I would have problems loosing to my wife. She then jumped me and took me down on the floor. We then decided to have a match, best out of five falls would be the winner. This was the first time I really felt my wife's strength, she was suddenly very aggressive. I couldn't match her strength at all and she enjoyed winning over me 3-0, she first took me down and pinned me and had me give up when she sat on me and counted to 10. The next fall she squeezed out a submission out of me with head lock and the last fall she had me in a leg scissors. She then told me that wrestling really turned her on, and dominating me was exactly what she wanted. Seein our frind before wrestle me and spank me actually made her come. We had fantastic sex after our wrestling match and I admitted that I loved wrestling her as well and loosing was not bad at all.

YFeb 16 2011 9:37am
how can I get my to wrestle me. Paul

AnonymousApr 22 2011 11:06am
I'm like the guy named Gary. I love sitting on a woman's stomach, especially if she is full-figured. Awhile back all I had to do was to suggest to my girlfriend that we wrestle so I could sit on her. Instead of the match, she just sprawled out on her back and I mounted her. Instant saddle!

anonymousApr 23 2011 12:57pm
You only live once. Just be honest with your wives. Bring it up softly, but be persistent.

Rob WJun 12 2011 4:42am
I got my wife to wrestle by teasing her in front of her female friends. I often said things like, she is strong for a woman, you women are so weak, can you lift that thing dear (when she is lifting something very light). My wife and her closest friends are regular gym visitors and I have always thought that my wife is stronger than me, as well as her friends. I have tried to wrestle my wife but she never wants to, she just let me get the upper hand and then tell me to get off her so she can read etc. After teasing her many times she one evening had enough. She had her two closest friends over for dinner and they all started to flex their muscular arms. I was in awe to be honest but said something that women had cheesecake arms. My wife then said, OK darling, let me see what you've got putting her right elbow on the dinner table. We cleared space and I was about to arm wrestle my wife for the first time. I suddenly regretted the whole thing. I was pretty sure that my wife should win, even if she had just put her weakest arm on the table being left handed. Her friends counted to three and then my arm hit the table with terrible force, it was very painful. The ladies laughed but I of course wanted a re-match. This time my wife told me to watch her arm while she slowly forced my arm once again to the table. Her bicep got bigger but it was clear that she didn't use full power. The other ladies than wanted to arm wrestle me as well, so I lost left handed to one of them and right handed to the second. When the friends had left I said something that OK, my wife's gymtrained arms were strong but in a wrestling match a man (me) should be the winner. My wife patted me on the head and then surprised me by taking off her clothes leaving her with bra and pantyhose. She was standing in front of me while I stripped and flexed her arms and legs, my good she looked strong. My wife had never really wreslted before but she was strong enough to stop me from taking her down, at the end she just picked me up in a bear hug and threw me to the floor where she pinned me. We wrestled perhaps 10 times that night and she won easily each time. She really liked it at the end and since then we have wrestled many times, always with me as the looser but also the winner since we have a much better sex life.

ReaganAug 09 2011 4:07am
Men are stronger as long as they are not trapped in a womans thighs . After that he is ate her mercy.

kumarAug 11 2011 5:24am
I taught my wife to wrestle but ultiamtely the results bgan to be in her favour and the matches were not stopped still it went in her favour . Initially it used to be 9-6, 8-7, in favour of either but ultiamtely the equations changed . In a serious fight of 25 rounds she beat me 22- 3 by sheer speed and use of her thighs wrapping me and scissoring till i surrendered .

kumarAug 11 2011 5:29am
me and my gf ended up in a play wrestling match some months ago. I was surprised at her strength and I had to give everything I had to pin her. She wanted to wrestle me straight away after her loss and the next match was even more tight and I was felt lucky to win, she seemed to have better endurance and she was fast learning how to use her body to make me tired. About a week later she started to tickle me and I had to defend myself so we were soon wrestling again. This time she very quickly had me in a body scissors that I fought for perhaps 10 minutes. I succeeded to get out but had lost most of my steem. Gf had me in a head scissors while I was getting my strength back and I never got out of that scissors, had to tap. She was very happy. We are the same weight, she is 3 inches shorter so she is powerfully built. I wanted revange this time and threw myself at her. We anded up in a hand to hand stance. We were both a bit shocked when we realized that she actually was stronger than me in hands and arms and she slowly pressed me down to the floor where she could easily pin me. Since that evening I haven't won a single wrestling match. She now has the self confidence, she is very lithe and also stronger so how could I win? I still think it is s lot of fun to wrestle even if I am embarrassed loosing to a girl.

CharlesSep 04 2011 11:24pm
I started wrestling my wife about 5 months ago. It is great. She is 5'3" and about 125. I am 5'10" and 230. I could not believe her strength and endurance. I have always had a fantasy of wrestling women since childhood. I finally told my wife and she was all for it. She walks the talk. If she says she can, she will. She has amazing leg strength and she knows how to use it. I love her in a one piece bathing suit (high cut). She is my fantasy come to life. I taught her some wrestling terms and holds but she instinctively does everything I have ever seen on a video. I enjoy her new confidence level and her ability to kick my butt anytime she wants to.

BeatenOct 13 2011 8:45pm
I still wrestle my wife. I can win if I stay away from her legs. If she gets me a scissors with her legs it is over. The other point is that the longer a match goes the advangtage goes to the woman.I would like to wrestle her best friend but do not know how to go about that.

PitbullOct 28 2011 10:19am
My wife was very conservative and strict when we met. She was very athletic then, lots of sports and aerobics gave her a femininen but musuclar body. She was embarrassed about showing her muscular arms and always wore long dresses to cover her muscular legs. Kind of strange. At home she could stand in front of the mirrot and flex her muscles when she thought that I didn't watched her. I really liked her physique then and still do many years later. We sometimes fooled around in bed in some kind of playwrestling, she never did her best and I always came out as the winner. We armwrestled a few times and I had to fight but always won. We had kids and my wife filled out nicely, she still worked out at home to keep in shape. After 25 years the kids moved away and my wife was in excellent shape after being to the gym for years, 3-4 times a week. My wife never liked to drink a lot, she was afraid of loosing control and she thought it was unladylike. Now when we were almost 50 she enjoyed food and wine more. One night she surprised me drinking more than a bottle of wine. She became very different, playful yet somewhat aggressive. It was summer and we were both in sleeveless shirts/tops. She looked at me and asked me to make a muscle. I was surprised but flexed my rather small but hard biceps. She smiled and said that I had cute muscles but that her's were bigger. She flexed her arms and yes, she was right, her biceps were considerably bigger than mine. I said that I had always been stronger than her so the size of muscles was not that important. She then said that she had always let me win when we wrestled or armwrestle since she thought it would be very unfeminine to be stronger than me, her husband. I was now a bit irritated and wanted to show her. I very seldom armwrestle and have no technique. My wife's right arm looked bigger than ever when she put it up on the kitchen table. The match started and ended very quickly, she just naturally forced me in one swift movement down to the table. That was easy she said, smiling. We also armwrestled left arms with the same result. I stammered something about technique and me being tired. She smiled and patted me on my head. I was confused but also excited, something had happened with my stiff wife. I told her that we should decide who was stronger in a wrestling match and dared her to take off all her clothes. She happily agreed, something that again surprised me. So here we were, hand to hand trying to take the other down. My wife suddenly exploded, using all her strength and I was threwn to the thick carpet in our living room. I was in shock and too late to avoid being pinned. It had all taken seconds. There was no way I could get her off me. She was pinning me easily and enjoyed every second of it. I wanted a rematch and she was game. I think we had at least 7-8 falls that evening and they all ended with me pinned under my wife. She then wanted me to admit that she was stronger and that she had always been stronger. When I gave up and admitted this it was like something new happened to our relationship. We were not both excited from our matches and the physical contact but also from the new situation where my wife now was the strong one. We had a fantastic night after the wrestling but it was like having sex with another woman. She was clearly the boss in bed and just moved me the way she wanted me. Fromt that evening she is the boss in our relationship, very few people notice the difference but this is the way it is.

JeffreyNov 15 2011 11:30pm
Well,I'd LOVE my girl to wrestle me,to get us ready to partner

RideHandsomeBlackCowboyStudBrett1953Nov 25 2011 7:07am
my wife wrestled her sister for me and it was real sexy ms

AnonymousDec 10 2011 4:13pm
any other wife wrestling in az? MS

AnonymousDec 10 2011 4:14pm
my wife wrestles other women 45 and over in Az MS

AnonymousDec 10 2011 4:17pm
sorry for the wife wrestles other women 45 and over in Az. 5' 7 145

MSDec 10 2011 4:19pm
Pinned husband is a pussy. I wrestled by 3 out of 4 of my GF's, I beat them fairly easily... so yeah!

HELL YEAHJan 12 2012 7:16am
Any womwan, who wants to wrestle with my wife, will be contacted. She is in her mid sixties but in awesome shape. Will e-mail picture.

FredJan 29 2012 5:07pm
Any females in Aus that want to wrestle

TonyFeb 26 2012 4:00am
I used to think my girlfriend was weaker than me by i was wrong. One time i wanted to wrestle her and she said ok so we started and i tried to tackle her down but she got me in a headlock and pinned me down. To all boys out there never ever wrestle your girl friend or wife cause if they pinn you and look you in the eye you will feel so embarresed....she started saying things like o come on baby you are so weak and she also said be a after that she got me in a full that we work out toghether i got stronger so and when we wrestled i didnt want to hurt her so i grabbed her body and brought her to the floor. She is very hot and fragile so i just held her in my arms

LucasFeb 28 2012 12:27pm

rMar 09 2012 2:41pm
My very attractive german wife,53, 5'7,140 lbs., a former womens gym instructor and womens field hockey/soccer coach and our english landlady,mid to late 60's, also 5'7 135-140 lbs. and a retired nurse, turned farmer got into a real cloths ripping, wrestling, slapping punching catfight. Both women fought hard, giving as good as they got. When all the smoke and dust cleared, the older landlady was the clear winner and she really relished her hard won victory over my wife. It was the hottest thing I ever saw.

CharlesApr 27 2012 3:00pm
you didn't helt your wife Charles? Were you afraid of the older woman?

RuthMay 03 2012 3:43am
it should be help your wife Charles but I think you understood that

RuthMay 03 2012 3:50am
when we were younger I often dreamt about wrestling girls and women, and in my dream I won after a long and tough tussle. This dreams vanished over the years, I got married to a strong, healthy woman but we were never close to wrestle nor armwrestle. When we were in our mid 40's my wife changed job to a woman dominated office. The organisation had a gym that my wife joined almost straight away. Apart from weights they also had a self defense instructor, a woman her 30's, that taught different self defense technique and martial arts. And wrestling. My wife sometimes told me what they had learnt after her weekly practice but I didn't really listen to carefully. I am in good shape from jogging, tennis and swimming. I do something physical at least three times a week. I have a lean physique. My wife is 3 inches shorter than me and the same weight. She lifts weights twice a week and do this self defense program. After she had been taking this for more than a year and been working out really hard she one day asked me if I wanted to be her "victim". I asked her what she meant and she told me that she wanted to see how she could do against a man if she was attacked. We were at hour summer house and had a big lawn to practice so I said yes, it could be fun to show her that self defense wasn't all the counted, male strength was difficult to deal with. She smiled and so we started. She instructed me to attack her in different ways after she had taught me the right way to fall (very kind of her). So I attacked her from any possible angle and got thrown around and then quickly had do submit to a painful hold. She had been a good student and I told her. But what if we had a close wrestling match, where strenght was more important? She smiled and said she was sure to be able to take me in any kind of combat, boxing included. I didn't have a clue that she had been training boxing as well. So we decided to wrestle first and then box. I enjoyed this even so far I had been the victim more than my wife. We started to wrestle and she surprised me both with her speed and also her strength. She was very very strong in her body after all the work outs and training and I had to fight with all my power to prevent her from pinning me straight away. She is also a lot more limber than me so she could easily use her legs more than I could and her legs are also very strong. I felt I was loosing my power and soon she had me pinned. 1-0 to my wife. Next round I took her in a bear hug and started to squeeze her while she was hanging from my arms. She laughed and told me to keep on squeezing. Again I was loosing my power and had to let her go. She was on my in a flash and lifted me over her shoulder where she bent me over her neck so I had to give up. I now understood that I didn't have a chance. She was better than me but also stronger. We had one more fall that she again dominated and I was soon under her again admitting that she was the better and stronger wrestler. Unfortunately she hadn't forgotten the boxing part. We went for a swim and then she came out with two pair of boxing gloves. I don't have any experience at all boxing. We started in a playful way I was still tired from the wrestling. She hit me a bit harder and I got angry and started to hit her, or try to hit her. She ducked and blocked like a pro and suddenly she hit me in my stomach so I doubled over and then hit me at the side of my head and down I went. Very dizzy. I tried to get up and realized I was using my wife's sweaty thighs as help she told me that we could stop straight away if I admitted her as the winner, that she was stronger and that I was weak. I did all that (no one around). She then pushed me down, straddled me again and started to kiss me and then we had fantastic sex. I have to say that I really didn't mind loosing to her. She was and still is a formidable woman and I am sure none of our male friends could beat her in any combat, perhaps one of her friends, another woman 5 years younger and bigger than my wife. So it wasn't hard to get my wife to wrestle. And I remembered my dreams from my youth, they almost came true with the small difference that I was never on top.

ArnieMay 03 2012 4:13am
i wrestle w my gf all the time. we have fun and laugh a lot about it!

NelsonMay 16 2012 4:31pm
I had the opposite problem being a woman that wanted to show my husband that I was stronger than him. I have always been heavier than him and I am sure stronger. He was and still is the academic, book worm type of man that keeps in shape only by jogging. He is slim and attractive the way I want a man. He is not veryh physical though. I have sometimes started play wrestling matches but he never wants to give a go for real and I noticed that he didn't like it because I am sure he understood that I was stronger. He never drinks a lot and is a darling of a man except for being a bit boring. I have always dreamt of dominating a man in a wrestling match and when I have been on top of my husband I have felt great but I have also wanted to have a wrestling match as a foreplay, to make my husband give in to my muscular body. One night he was tired when he came home, I massaged his shoulders after giving him a big whisky (he didn't object to that), we had dinner with more wine than usual and after dinner I asked him if he wanted another massage. He said yes and I told him to undress to his briefs. He did as he was told to my surprise and I was soon sitting on him while he was lying on the bed with his back up. After a while I started to tickle him and he told me to stop, I kept on and he started to squirm to get away from me but I could easily hold him in plave with my body weight alone. I then turned him around so he was facing me, he is light so it didn't take a lot of power. I then kept on tickling him and he laughed and at the same time told me to stop or...there it was, my chance..or what I said. He said he would wrestle me down and do the same to me (he honestly thought he could). I let him up and said go ahead my love, we can start with you on top. I lay down, he sat on me and started to tickle me. I took hold of his hands and he tried to get loose. I could easily hold his hands still. He fought with everything he had after a while. I spread his arms so he fell down on me, I bent on of his arms behind his back and reversed the hold and had him pinned under me. I told him that he was too weak for his strong wife. He started to fight again but after a while go tired. I asked him if he wanted another chance, standing up on our carpet. He said yes, he was confused but seemed to like the tussle and body contact. We wrestled for a short while before I could rather easily force him down with a head lock. I then made him give up in many ways, scissors, pins etc. He admitted that I was stronger and I rewarded him with the best sex we had since we were younger. After this night we have wrestled many times and I always win, just the way I want it and he seems to enjoy our matches as well. He hates loosing to me when we armwrestl and threatens to leave me if I tell anybody that I am stronger. I have so far kept it a secret. So my tip is to just wait for the right occasion and wrestle your woman or man.

GryJun 13 2012 7:39am
my wife is a strong blonde ? was thinking ? am stronger than her. but ? realised this not true one day she wants to wrestle ? accepted this in starting eveything okay but than she started use her legs and scissors me ? pinned! than wrestling ? told her women at good at wrestling she said:if you want ? can beat you catfight ? said ok tomorrow. tomorrow we had a catfight altough there was not ballbusting she won. She is smaller than me but her legs very long ? punched her in face and she fell ? told her you finished she gets up and start kicking me in my face her kicks was very fast and strong ? knocked out by her. than this we catfight and wrestle often she wins always

shooting guardJun 21 2012 2:24am
My name is samantha, im very fit and im almost 6 ft tall,I tend to date smaller men,so as im able to sit on them and pin them down in parks and other outdoor locations,I simply adore just sitting astride a guys chest with my knees pinning his arms,I went out with this short guy called richard for a few months,And once i sat on him in a park for over two hours,and only got off him cos it started to rain,,, i love to sit on guys i always have, but have sat on quite a few females to in the same way,I dont know why i like it but i do.

samantha in the ukJul 16 2012 4:02am
samantha, where do u live in the uk, if u dont mind me asking?.

pam Bedfordshire ukJul 17 2012 5:25am
I was a successfull young man that had no problem finding women, to keep a woman in some kind of relationship was harder. At first I didn't mind all the dates I had, I always went out with girly girls, petite and smaller than me, even if I am just 172 cm and 60 kgs. So one or two was actually heavier than me. I had few male friends or I would say no real friend, I was just working and dating from the age of 28 to 35. In the company I was working I actually had a real friend. A woman almost 10 years older than me. A big, maternal, kind woman that I could talk to about most things. I was getting more and more depressed from my lifestyle, I couldn't get serious with the women I dated that almost all of them were younger than me. I started to drink more and my friend at the office, Mona, told me that I had to take it easy and stop living like I did. One night I had too much to drink and couldn't really walk properly, I had lost my wallet in some of the bars I had been to and was now sitting with very little money in a bar that was about to close. I called Mona and told her my problem. She told me to sit where I was and she would come and get me. And she did, she helped me to her car and drove me to her place. I was very drunk and don't remember much of this evening. She lived in a big apartment without elevator, three long staircases to walk. It was just impossible. She then just told me to hold her purse and then just lifted me in a cradle carry and carried me all the way up to her apartment. I don't remember this to be honest but she told me the day after. She let me sleep long so when I woke up it was late (Saturday). She sat down beside me and told me that I really had to change my lifestyle. She told me what happened the day before and that she had called the credit card company and cancelled my card (she knew all my details after all these year of working together). She also told me she had to carry me up to her apartment. I told her I didn't believe that. She is a big woman, 180 cm and around 85-87 kgs. She didn't say anything, she just lifted me up from bed and carried me around her apartment for a while and than sat down with me in her lap. She said that she wanted me to stop drinking and that she could help me if I let her take command of my life. I could move in with her for a while and we could work out together and live a healthy life style. She told me that she cared a lot for me and wanted my best. All the time she was massaging my body and I felt safe and happy sitting on her lap in her strong embrace. She carried me to bed, undressed and lay down beside me and tole me to get to sleep in her arms. I was pressed against her big breasts and fell asleep straight away. This is how my life changed. MOna stopped me from drinking, if I came home to her and had been drinking she told me that she would sooner or later put me over her lap and spank me like a child. This never happened luckily since I believed she would do that. She became a combination of lover, mother, friend and my everything to be honest. We started to work out together (she was and is much stronger than me, being so much bigger and she has been working out for years), I got in good shape. We are now married and I am happy and being with this big, strong woman has changed everything. I never look at a petite girly woman again

ArnieJul 20 2012 8:27am
my wife is 48 a hot blonde. i always wanted her to wrestle another lady. so at a picnic last summer we were playing volleyball and the wife of another guy also a hot blonde well it happened they went at it the other lady said u think u are so hot if all these people were not here i would challenge u to wrestle.. my wife said who cares about the people lets go. they went in a huge grassy area and all i saw was blonde hair and legs down they went rolling around it was 90 degress so they were sweating it wasntense very sexy. 28 minutes later i timed it my wife had control of her

ralphOct 13 2012 6:01pm
iwrestled my girl friend after years of wanting to grapple a women we both stripped down to very skimpy thongs and oilled up our bodies then started wrestling she soon had me pinned down her oil soaked body holding me down i was more then happy to lose .

thong wrestlerNov 29 2012 4:27am
My girlfriend is very tiny (5' 100 lbs) and there is no way she could beat me wrestling. But she is not afraid to get on top. I encouraged her to hold my hands down during sex and she grew to enjoy her dominance over me. Now wrestling is great foreplay. If she feels submissive, fine. I'll overwhelm her with my body, but gently. Otherwise, she can sit on me in her panties, drive me mad with her teasing, force me to eat her, and then ride me until I come under her. Her eyes are so knowing when she does that. She totally owns me. She laughs at other women, lets me run free. She knows where and when I'm coming home. I make it my business not to disapoint her.

Her ManDec 29 2012 2:26am
is there no experiances with wives wrestleling with other wives? Would love to hear of experiances specialy mature wives.

studmuffin349Feb 19 2013 11:42am
I have recently hade the experience of a WWE bodyslam of my girlfriend.I was amazed and excited after she scooped me up walked to the bed and slammed me!,followed by a boston crab until i begged for mercy!!!

p...Australia.Apr 14 2013 8:17pm

proud husbandApr 24 2013 7:42pm
Same size as my wife. Let"s see whose wife will win.

proud hubJun 07 2013 6:42am
I have always wondered who is stronger, me or my wife. We never really tested our strength for real. She seemed to be uninterested in these kind of challenges until one night. I decided to provoke her to become physical with me. My wife is athletic and works out regularely. I work out as well but not as often as she. We are of similar build, she is a bit shorter as well as a bit heavier. We talked at the table and I said provokative things about women, being weaker, being bad leaders, almost always being second to everything that men could do. She became more and more irritated since she wasn't sure if I joked or not. We drank more and more wine and the discussion got really heated up. I then said someting about that women almost always were weaker then their men even if they were bigger. She then asked me I dared to arm wrestle her. I was more into a wrestling match but ok, this was a start. We cleared the table, she took off her blouse and were sitting in her bra displaying her broad sturdy shoulders. I had a t-shirt on and started to compare our arms. Her's were bigger for sure but were they stronger? We counted to three and the match was on. I had an advantage from the start with my right arm and presser her arm halfway down to the table when she stopped me. I pressed and pressed and used all my power to end the match but she fought hard and I wasn't able to get the pin. When she felt that I didn't have any power left she moved our hands first to the uprigt position than rather easy down to the table and I had lost, with my strongest arm. She patted me on my head and put her left arm up. I am quite week in my left arm and even if my wife is right handed her arms are equally strong. We were both surprised that I couldn't put up any resistance at all and she pinned my arm in seconds. I said that arm wrestling was one way to match strength but it also required technique and that her hands were larger and that her arms were bigger etc. Excuses from a bad looser, yes, that is right. We decided to wrestle in our under wear. I felt small compared to my wife even if I am taller. She certainly looked stronger and I was about to find out that not only her arms were stronger than mine but all her muscles. NOne of us were any good at wrestling but it came instinctly to my wife to use her legs, I fell into different traps where I ended up being squeezed between her very strong legs. I gave up at least 5-6 times before I at one time ended up on top of her. I pressed her arms to the floor above her head but then she fought back with everyting she had and moved my arms up, she bucked and threw me off her, I got winded and an easy pray for my cougar wife. She loved this, showing me how much stronger she was and we ended up, as many coupled have described, making love. Wrestling became a rather usual foreplay for us after that evening and my wife always win. I got her to wrestle but the outcome was not what I expected although I have to say that being weaker than her is not too bad since she loves it and we make love more often.

Pinned and still happyJun 12 2013 5:25am
Greetings to all Mixed Wrestling Couples : you may want to do this Erotic Chastity Penile-Vaginal Muscular Choke-Hold ! It leads to indefinitely prolonged Orgasmic level sexual pleasure but as there is no thrusting , rubbing or ejaculation the precious Semen is witheld inside the Male ! The Erect Penile Tip is just penetrated into the welcoming Vaginal Lip & held there Without thrusting , rubbing or penetration : both partners take deep Breaths & retain Inhaled breath in lungs ! They squeeze the base of thier respective sexual Organ i.e. Penis for Males & Vagina for Ladies ! Jai Ma Yoni ! Jai Baba Lingam !

AG9Aug 15 2013 11:05am
Then indescribeable pleasure floods your Penis & Vagina respectively : both silently chant Victory Mother Vagina ! Victory Father Penis ! Enjoy the Erotic sensations as long as you hold breath & hold the Muscular Choke !!! Then Exhale , Relax Muscle ......Rest , Recuperate .....Repeat cycle again& again till you are sated with enjoyment !!

AG9Aug 15 2013 11:09am

JAug 18 2013 7:13am
To Proud Husband: Wife is 5" 3" 144. Let"s see which wife will win.

AnonymousAug 18 2013 7:15am
My wife tried wrestling my sister.21 vs 17 at the time.Cathy wasn't ready for a fight,lets say.Karen gave her a pretty good wipping.Took my wife down 3 times then held her down untill she gave up.Was fun to watch,even if I didn't expect that.

AnonymousAug 25 2013 10:16am
ref. previous post,wife vs sister

bob at nippersink2@yahoo.comAug 25 2013 10:18am
lhiZxS A round of applause for your article post. Cool.

MzEGmXSMmMrAjvPFSep 05 2013 10:44am
yRVU4d Thanks-a-mundo for the blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on...

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xxWYNwnVzJSep 12 2013 9:02am
sV2ziZ Great, thanks for sharing this article.Much thanks again.

BsZSvkxRhiSep 24 2013 1:12pm
My wife too Judo and I went and watched her a couple of times. They would face on their back side back and to back and then turn around and wrestle. That was before the new comers put on uniforms, and were in blouses and sometimes shorts. My wife was strong and looked it and could act it. She easily took her strong mom down and pinned her. That sure made her mom mad, but I was surprise. Anyway, on one visit to judo, I saw my wife position herself to wrestle just in front of me. There was some juniors that joined that night. My wife, who usually won with girls her size and age, had what would appear and good subject to demonstrate to me a further win. My wife was 21 years old, her arms showed some muscle for a girl, and viens that stuck out. She has always been athletic and one a beauty contest. Her apponent was about 14, looked soft and girlish and not strong at all. Well they started and this small young girl flipped my wife on her back and held her there as my wife in front of me was trashing around trying frantically to get up. My wifes hands were defined and strong looking but there she was being held down by this yound girl with chubby looking hands. My wife did not look like she was getting mad but wow when I brought it up in the car, I just about had her turn on me. She said angerily , 'I thought you would say something about that". I shut up and ofter was delighted at revisiting that vision of my strong wife being controlled like that.

Bill webbSep 29 2013 10:08pm
cidyDo Thank you for your blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

WcOfhpBEtrkoSelOct 15 2013 9:22am
I thought of some more to my wife badly loosing wrestle story. We were visiting with her Judo instructor. He teased her and said, those young girls are sure tough aren't they. She put down her head. He could get away with teasing her, I could not. There was a class the night before and I was not there. I carefully asked her, was those two young girls at the adult class again. She said yes. I wished I was there because it looked like my wife got her assed wipped again, I could not believe it. That would have been a match, because my wife would not have liked to loose again to this baby faced young girl. I know, if she had won the second match, she would have been sure to tell me, so I know for sure she lost again. It was unbelievable. I still remember, this young girl with her right hand and arm around my wifes neck and the other between her legs in a type of clam looking hold and my wifes neck muscles and viens sticking out in this struggle. I cannot explain the feeling I had then and also finding out she got wipped yet again by this very young girly girl. I do not know why revisting the scene in my mind is so pleasable but it is.

Bill WebbOct 15 2013 8:00pm
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together

Chris POct 20 2013 8:03pm
oB7Ib7 I cannot thank you enough for the blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

vQUrLRjtfOaKpOct 23 2013 9:50am
GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:38pm
If she is not too would love the stronger woman who gets stronger.

Chris POct 28 2013 7:54pm
Hi ..Indian couple 25 5'8 140's ..are there with similar stats gfs/wivees to take her on? genuine couples?

Catfight_LoverOct 30 2013 7:49pm
My wife is in her fourteens and she always kept fit running and working out in body combat and activities like that. I always trained weightlifting and about this my body is the volume muscle type. Last summer bored of the gym I looked for an enjoyable new physical activity. At this time a new office mate started a conversation about body fitness. She told me but in secret that the reason of his very nice body shape at her fourteens was her sport practiced three times a week. So I asked about this sport with curiosity because of her good shape. She said that she trained wrestling. We started a conversation about this and she invites me to try. I went to the gym and she introduce her trainer. I started with this sport and I can´t loose any training day. My big muscles now are more flexible and I feel pleasure in sweating and shatter the mat with each slam. Of course I wrestle my office mate and we enjoy it too much, and after that we had many sex contacts. My wife became intersted in my new sport motivation and she asked me to start wrestling. Last wednesday my wife and my office mate at the gym and as classmates of wrestling had wrestled with the trainer as referee. Is impossible to describe how it blowed my brain and my dick. My two loved women were seating, gazping and making knots with there legs and bodies on the mat. One is blonde and the other is black hair, one is leg type and the other is wide back type. Both are combative and amazon type. Obviously my office mate won, but after that I had sex with each one separately by two hours. Was an amazing experience. If you are in your fourteens star to wrestle, make your wife wrestling and your sex will be explosive,

muscle girl at the officeNov 13 2013 5:31pm
hello , I have an office mate , she is single and good shaped. She like mountain climbing and she trains very hard for it. I discovered her body when summer started and she appeared in skirts that showed her rounded calves , firmly ass and muscled quadriceps. She shows rounded shoulders , and big climbing boobs, all between definite smooth veins in her biceps. I can´t avoid to speak with her without a bulge. Recently she commented that wrestling is something to explode her mind, and she loved wrestle with her brother when she was a gir. How can I start a wrestling with her?

physical amazon at officeNov 17 2013 4:53pm
99UmAM Really appreciate you sharing this blog article.Really thank you! Will read on...

TxXFKBtVFJNoNov 19 2013 1:05am
My old GF was very physical and liked to rough house. She was really strong. We were at the beach one time and she sat on my chest, so I showed her the SGP, with her straddling my chest and pinning my wrists to the sand with her hands. I pretended to struggle and she really got into it. She really got off on being dominant and obviously loved holding me down. She jumped on me, pushed me down to the sand, and got me in the SGP several more times that day. She figured out how to pin my arms with her legs, but didn’t think to use her arms and legs at the same time. I was at her place one time shortly thereafter for a quick visit. I had another lady at my place and I had to get back. She knew this and asked me to come over anyway, just to screw with me. She jumped on me, pushed me down to the floor, and got me in a long, high SGP, with her knees over my forearms and her hands pinning my wrists to the floor and said “I’m not going to let you up. What are you gonna do about it?” I pushed up with all my might but couldn’t move my arms. I was really pinned to the floor! She held me there for about 10 minutes, taunting me. Then she did it again. I said “you’d probably make a pretty good wrestler.” Then I showed her some moves and holds, including several scissors positions. She was getting pretty excited. Then we started wrestling. I had to wrestle Greco Roman style, I couldn’t use my legs. She could wrestle freestyle, she could use her legs, a pretty good advantage. Then we took our clothes off and wrestled some more. She got me in a long SGP, mounted my throbbing boner, and we had rough sex. She called me her "helpless sex slave." Then we repeated this. That was my introduction to mixed wrestling. The lady back at my place was really pissed because I was gone so long. That was it for us. It was worth it. When I got engaged, I called her and told her. We agreed to meet one last time. We went to a secluded beach. We started wrestling and she got me in a high SGP. She said "I'm not going to let you up." She held me in the SPG for a long time, telling me I was stupid to marry someone else. God, she was strong. I had a throbbing boner. Then she said "We're going to f*ck, now. OK?" I said "OK." She said "OK, I'm going to let you up, but only long enough for us to take our bathing suits off. (She was wearing a skimpy bikini and really looked hot.) Then I'm going to hold you down and rape you, OK?" I said "OK." We got naked and she got me in a SGP again. I resisted and really made her work for it. She said "OK, now I'm pissed off. I'm going to rape you. (She was always dominant and wanted to win at contests of strength.) You must keep struggling, understand? I kept struggling and she pounded up and down on my pecker. My God, it was good. I came and she said "Since this is our last time, I'm going to hold you down until you get hard again, then we're going to do it again." It didn't take long. Then we did it all over again.

The RaptorDec 04 2013 12:55pm
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JnZsYMaOGxDJan 16 2014 1:03am
Just wanted to ask advice to anyone out there. I brought up a wrestling fantasy to my wife about 3 months ago, I got the expected response of "thats weird" i don't wana push it, but im looking for advice on how to present it again? Were both in our mid 30's. Im 5-9 185, shes 5-5 135.

AnthonyJan 18 2014 2:29pm
Any uk ladies for wrestling james 42 years old 5feet 8 tall 11 stone email for any taker

FrankJan 28 2014 10:45pm
oIWNUu Enjoyed every bit of your blog post.Thanks Again. Cool.

HOVygKrNJan 31 2014 1:56am
I'm often fantasising about watching my wife wrestle. She is fit, 5ft and toned but never shown any interest. But I'd love to see her wrestle with another girl. Even more, I'd like to see her up against a guy who is really trying to make her submit and not let her go. The thought if her sweaty body, heaving chest and flexed muscles is so much a turn on.

MackoFeb 06 2014 4:49pm
Fantasy wrestling match mel.c v britney spears

Harry Feb 21 2014 1:48am
Mel.c wins because she a judo black belt 3th dan

HarryFeb 21 2014 1:51am
I was play wrestling my boyfriend till I accidentally hurt hum bad, him neigh 188 lbs at 5 ft 10 and I'm 418 at 5 ft6 I have to be careful

DianaFeb 27 2014 3:53pm
b4Q1jZ Really informative blog. Keep writing.

eFrMZBFSgKHFFeb 28 2014 12:17pm
My bf always win arm wresling if anyone hubby or bf want to challenge him

lisaMar 15 2014 10:21am
Looking for advice from the woman on here. How did your BF or husband ask you to wrestle?( looking for answers from a woman that was not into it at first)

JohnMar 18 2014 11:30am
I remember the first time my girlfriend and I wrestled...seriously. We had fooled around a few times before but on this night we had been out drinking and got home and I challenged Carol to wrestle me...this time seriously...and she accepted! Carol was a former cheerleader and was fit with strong legs so I was curious to see how we matched up. I played football in high school and worked out regularly and outweighed Carol by 50 pounds. We went to the living room and started out on our hands and knees and both of us were cautious to begin with. i went for Carols legs to knock her off balance and was surprised when I couldn't get her off balance. Carol used my momentum to take me down to the carpet face first and then got on top of me and put a half nelson on me and began tipping me onto my back. i couldn't believe the predicament I was in...losing to my girlfriend...and began struggling to get loose. This seemed to make matters worst as carol put me in a headlock and used her legs to grapevine me...I was now getting pinned by my girlfriend who seemed to enjoy the position she had me in!!!! I was getting more and more tired as I struggled to get free and felt Carol tighten her headlock and use her legs to control my legs...I was totally pinned and helpless and we both knew it!!! Carol asked me if I would give up and I finally admitted that I was beat. Rather than let me up, Carol loosened her holds and then sat on my chest pinning my arms in the classic schoolgirl pin. I tried throwing her off, but was still too tired to budge Carol. Carol was still wearing a shorter dress and nylons so I hsd a close up view of her womanhood as she was not wearing panties and her crotch was right on my chin. Carol was smiling as she looked down at me and asked if I was embarrassed by losing to her. Of course I was, but I couldn't admit to her that I was. Instead I just said that I had drank to much and that she had got lucky. Carol laughed and said that it was pretty easy to beat me and she really felt sorry for me so she took it easy on me!! Carol playfully slapped my face a couple times and I tried with all my might to throw her off, but didn't come close. It was starting to sink in that I had been whipped in wrestling by my girlfriend and that it was legit!!! After a couple more minutes of teasing me, Carol reached in back of her and started rubbing me. We then proceeded to have some very steamy sex....

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uFlvidUFrPqNdgApr 19 2014 3:46pm
It all happened by accident. I came home late one night rather drunk. My wife was doing some kind of aerobics in front of the tele when I came home, she was clad in leotard and tights. She didn't here me coming in and I sneaked up on her and slapped her butt. She screamed and turned around, took hold of my arm and throw me to the floor. I was shocked how fast she was. I stood up and told her to continue with her work outs. She laughed at me and then started to do pushups. I couldn't resist slapping her again on her behind. She warned me that if I did this again she would beat me up and end the whole thing by spanking me, like the naughty boy I was. Of course I had to slap her again but wasn't prepared for what would happen. She was on my like a tigress and threw me to the floor where she pinned me, with her thighs trapping my head, She turned around and sat on me and started taking my trousers off. I struggled with everything but she is strong, muscular and heavier than me so she could rather easily take my trousers off. She then turned around and I had the chance to get loose. But she just had me in a head lock while she unbuttoned my shirt. She threw me to the floor and sat down on my stomach and took my shirt off and I was now naked under her. I struggled, bucked and did everything to get her off me but she was far to strong and heavy and I soon was out of steem. She then dragged me uo to my feet, again surprised me and threw me over one of her sturdy shoulders. She walked into our bedroom sat down on our bed, transferred me so I was draped over her muscular thighs in shiny tights. I understood what was about to happen and started to struggle again. She threw one of her strong legs over me and looked me in place. She patted my butt lovingly and asked me if I was ready to be spanked. By now I was exhausted, I had used up all my strength while she wasn't even sweaty. She then spanked me until I begged her to stop. Not very hard but very humiliating. Since then she has enjoyed showing her physical superiourity and we have wrestled and she always wins. Arm wrestling the same. I love our wrestling matches since they most of the time are our foreplay but it is very humiliating when she spanks me, just to show me that she can.

manboyMay 01 2014 3:23am
When I met my wife she was very sensitive about her size. She was powerfully built from childhood and was also doing lots of sports. I was a good deal lighter than her then and I still am. We fooled around like young lovers do and sometimes we wrestled playfully and it always ended with me on top. Sometimes I thought that Lee, her name, didn't do her best. The years passed we had three children, we got passed 50 years old and the kids had moved out. My wife had started to work out with weights after the kids and was in excellent shape, and so was I but not as powerfully built as my wife. I always had liked our wrestling matches when we were younger and wanted to wrestle my wife but didn't want to bring it up. One night we were watching old photos from the time when we met.In one photo I was pinning my wife, schoolboy type, on the beach. My wife laughed and said that she easily could have beaten me there and that she had let me win. I was surprised to hear that and asked her if she had always let me win, wrestling and arm wrestling. She said yes, she didn't want to hurt my feelings, since she knew she was a lot stronger. I asked her if we should have a go straight away. She smiled and said you funeral honey. We cleared space, I had my boxer shorts on and she had bra, panties and her sheer tights. She looked fantastic for a 54 year old but I now also noticed how strong she looked, her shoulders wide, arms big and thighs that looked dangerous. We gripped each other's hands and started in some kind of mercy game. I straight away felt that my wife's power was too great for me to match. I did my best but was soon on my knees in front of her. She pused so I ended on my back and then she quickly pinned me. I struggled to get up but her weight and greater strength held me pinned. It had taken a few seconds and I was very embarrassed. My wife smiled and asked me if I wasn't prepared and if I wanted another go. I said yes and this time I attacked her took hold of her in an attempt of bearhugging her. She hardly moved. She took holf of my hands and forced them off her, she then continued to force my hands behind my back and pressed me towards her. She then surprised me falling back with me on top. She quickly wrapped her strong legs around my middle and started to squeeze, my hands was still behind my back and I had to scream out my submission. We then wrestled for about 30 minutes until I was so tired that I couldn't stand. My wife played with me and now started to play with me in a different more sexy way. She was very excited from being able to dominate me so easily and told me that we should have done this ages ago. We had the best sex in years after the wrestling although I was far to weak to do anything but being woman handled. But it was very exciting and the wrestling sure has spiced up our sex life a lot. We have arm wrestled as well and she is probably more than twice as strong as me. I have also lost to my wife's sister when she heard about our wrestling matches. She wanted to see how strong I was and although I did better against her I lost to another woman. I should have asked my wife to wrestle earlier but I have to say that these matches, sometimes 3-4 times a week is great.

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UymyLHuSwFpzLeRlKWdOct 20 2014 5:33am
I tried to get a girlfriend I was dating to wrestle, but she wasn't too interested and didn't really try. However, her roommate and I got to tussling around one evening after a few drinks and she pinned me. At first I couldn't believe it, but she did it twice more that evening and again the next day. I tried to get my girlfriend to wrestle her, but she said "No way, you can get your butt whipped, but I'll pass", so I did keep trying, and Jeanie kept beating me. It was mostly friendly tussling and she'd let me up to try again when I tapped out, but one evening she came home in a bad mood because of a boyfriend, and after a few drinks she wanted to wrestle. She really did beat me me up that evening, leaving me bruised and with a dislocated shoulder from a full nelson. I remember her to this day when I go to lift something and feel a twinge in my left shoulder. She really loved to show her strength and would give me shoulder rides, one evening walking the six blocks from a friend's house with me perched on her shoulders. She was 3 inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter than me, but the strongest woman I ever wrestled.

RayNov 02 2014 2:18pm
Riding (sitting) on my wife is fun.

anonymousDec 08 2014 2:44pm

AnonymousDec 11 2014 8:28pm
My wife wrestled my sister,18 vs 21 yrs.Wife had to submitt in less than 30 min.One arm pinned between sisters legs and the other helpless,admitts she was dominated,was really afraid to give to the teenager.

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xDotHvoXDec 20 2014 2:39pm
when i was 15 a girl who knew that i was on the wrestling team and had won several state belts wanted to wrestle me i thiught what the hell anf said yes we went into my bedroom to wrestle let me tell you she used every dirty trick she could think of she tickled me licked my croth and finally weakened me enough by tickling me to pull down my trunks get me hard by licking my dick and then pined m,e down and sat on my face andmade me lick her till she came then she got on top of me rod me till i came and then told everyone won she had pinned me

slayerJan 10 2015 12:38pm
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KFkbivCjaaniNJan 15 2015 9:55am
My girlfriend and I wrestled, she felt strong but I usually could pin her. After one fight, the converstaion changed to wrestling matches she had with other girls, she said non. We talked about a few girls in high school and she told me the ones she thinks she could take. There was one girl that also like me, but I never dated. My girl friend knew this, and did not really like this girl. So I bought up her name, and she said, O I can easily take her. The other girl was in a grade lower and about 2 inches shorter and probably 15 lb lighter. I thought, that would be something to watch, not having a clue how to arrange that. Anyway, as it turned out, my girlfriend and I were going for a walk in the park and she had to go to the restroom, so I waited, and the other girl saw me standing alone and came running over to saw hi. She was with her parents, but they kept walking leaving us alone, as they knew me. Anyway, my girlfriend returned and saw us standing and talking. It was warm and they were both in shorts and shorts sleaves. My girlfriend asked what she was doing here and she said, O, to steal your boyfriend and laughted, but said in a joking matter. My girlfriend said, you will have to fight for him. Again, kind of in a kidding way. That is when I said, Lisa, (my girlfriend) said she could take you easy. O, really Sandra said (the other girl). Well there is no one here want to wrestle and see, looking at her to see what the comback would be. Well lisa, said, sure, but I will win, so lets go. We walked a bit to an out of the way place well grassed. I was getting excited at this to say the least. Well, they started, and to my surprise with great speed, Sandra grabbed my girlfriend around the neck and flipped to so fast, that Lisa hit the ground hard, with lisa still having her arm around lisa's neck. She held her there for about 5 minutes, to my further surprise. Lisa battled hard, but could not break the hold and I said, Lisa give up she will choke you unconscious. No way, will I give, but finally I asked Sandra to let her up and try again and she did. Wow, know Lisa looked mad and red in the face, either from embarressment or from bring choked or both. Lisa, said, lets try that again. This time Sandra put her right foot behind Lisa and tripped her while Sandra stayed standing Lisa tried getting up, however Sandra jump in and pushed her back and then straddled her. Lisa turned over and got on her knees and Sandra put her arm around Lisa's neck and pulled her back onto her and then wrapped her legs around lisa's stomach. It was then, that I saw the muscles in Sandra's arms and legs, that did not normally stick out. Sandra squeezed hard and Lisa was trapped and now mad and really trying to fight, but it because worse for her, getting mad, but being held tight by this smaller girl, all in front of me. The harder she fought the tighter the grip was put on her. Finally she was almost losing consciesness when she yelled out, I give, let me go. Sandra, unkindly then said, how do you like to loose in front of your boyfriend, You thought you could beat me. O boy then Lisa actually started weeping, and Sandra let her go, as Lisa laid there weeping. Sorry Lisa, I thought we were having fun and offered her her hand but Lisa, just laid with her head in her hands. I then helped her up and complimented her on her effort. What could I do. Sandra, then patted Lisa on shoulder and said, don't cry, it was to be just a fun match. She cried for some time as we headed home and I hugged her good night and told her I still loved her, maybe she will win next time.

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SamFeb 05 2015 9:47pm
We were having a party and late in the evening I got into a wrestling match with a former girlfriend. It was playful at first, but after I tapped she wouldn't let me up and it turned into a real submission match. My current girlfriend and my buddies were pulling for me, but I couldn't find a way to get on top of her and after about 15 minutes she got me in a choke hold and scissors and made me give up. We were about the same height and I outweighed her by about 20 pounds, so I was really embarrassed. We had a rematch a few days later and I had to admit she was better after making me submit 3 times. It was hard to take because she didn't look that strong, but she dominated me and my girlfriend said she make it look easy.

RayFeb 24 2015 9:37am
I've always loved friendly wrestling with my boyfriends, but my ex wasnt really into it. I started dating my current boyfriend a few months ago and he loved the idea of wrestling, especially the idea of me wrestling another girl. He told me his fantasy and I was completely fine with it and kinda excited about it. We are still in search of a girl who's willing to wrestle with me, any suggestions?

AnnaMar 24 2015 10:48am
Ray! i want to wrestle u in front of ur & my boyfriend. will u?

SanaApr 10 2015 12:32pm
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sanaApr 10 2015 12:40pm
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StephanieApr 21 2015 1:15pm
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FrankMay 07 2015 3:57am
I finally convinced my wife of 17 years to play wrestle with me in the Living room. She beat me in less than a minute. While I was busy freaking out about what happened she started blowing me, and afterwards she told me she loved me and that winning turned her on. Since then I've learned to get over being weaker.

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A month after my first article on this site and my German girlfriend Sigrid is still with me and we are enjoying our playfully wrestling matches mostly indoors because the British weather has still got to warm up and hopefully we can have some outdoor bouts in the woods nearby or down by the canal on a warm night under the full moon as to regarding lady opponents for her to wrestle with I am hoping Sigrid will have a rematch with Sarah the first lady she tussled with and the have seen each other a Couple of times and have been pleasantly chatted with each other so things look promising there is also a nice new couple on our allotment site who are friendly she is a blonde called sue 44 years old nicebody last time I looked she was wearing t shirt tight fitting jeans certainly a good match for Sigrid the husband is a funny chatty guy and I think he has realised that getting the two women together for some fun might be a possibility but I sense this is a private thought of his and he might have similar ideas to mine but no mention has been made by both of us on this subject however I can but hope that we will see the two ladies stripped of and wrestling in the compost soon we can all dream can't we anyway all you lady wrestling fans out their in the big wide world always be gentle with your wife's and girlfriends and be submissive and let her dominate you its always a pleasure to feel those warm female thighs pinning you to the floor bye for now aufwiedersehen

DavidApr 06 2016 11:53am
I am not into S & M, but a plaything thing between my chunky girlfriend and i has me wondering. We were drinking but not drunk when we started arm wrestling on the floor. Next thing I know my girlfriend is sitting on me trying to pin my wrists down. I almost peed in my sweats as we laughed. Problem is my girlfriend was starting to really pin me hard to the ground. I finally gave up struggling and she pinned my wrists to the floor. She kept saying "give up have u had enough?". As I fought back I started to get very excited in my stomach. I found myself really enjoying the effort my friend was putting into wrestling me, I could not budge her, she sat on my chest pinning my wrists, I kept moving my feet and legs, bucking back and forth. But I had no chance and loved being immobilized. She kept asking me to give, and I wouldn't. Finally after a couple of minutes, she let me up. I was kinda pissed as I really enjoyed her straddling me. I tried the rest of the night to tease her and asked for a rematch but she was not interested. I really want to try this again and lose. Any words of advice? Wrestling, advice, S & M

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StephanieNov 04 2016 9:22am
I think any woman will wrestle her boyfriend or husband. That is unless they have some serious medical condition. Most women love a strong man, but also the fact that they can be the aggressor and dominate. The first time with my current Girlfriend was in our bedroom while we were talking and I was giving her a simple backrub. I made my grip a little too hard, but not by much over her neck and when she complained, told her not to be such a baby. Then when she said something in defiance, I pretended to get her in a headlock while telling her to toughen up. Nothing hurtful mind you and as we fell back made sure we fell on the bed on top of me. She immediately began to fight off the headlock and pinned me down with her body fully on top of me. She held my arms down and I half heartedly pretended to fight off the pin. Knowing I was stronger, she resorted to moving upwards and stuffed her jugs in my face to hold me down better. After a brief few moments she let herself up and she looked down in accomplishment. At this moment I didn't want to overdue it and we both laughed. I totally stopped struggling and she released the pin. That's when I said "wow, that was actually kind of fun!" and she agreed. I said we should do that every so often, saying it because it was my "hidden" fetish, but when she said "that was turning me on" I knew this would be at some point our thing. We usually wrestle every few days. Depending on things we'll make up senerios, she'll dress a certain way and we took it to the next level. We make up rules, the one who's stripped first, who gives up must (do this) and lots of times it ends in humiliation of either her facesitting me or her having to take my c*ck in the face. 90% of the time the wrestling turns directly into sex. Good luck people. It's not that difficult. Baby steps.

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TO BEATEN HUSBAND OF KANSAS; I saw some of a few minutes of that tape, on xhamster!!!! man, she gave no mercy her and her girlfriend in wrestling, not to mention the strapon!!!! and I saw you begging for his mercy!!!!! she is mean!!!! her victory pose with her right stocking foot on is face, was something else... in fact, the comments seem to be all in her favor!!!! you are a lucky man!!!! can she do me next!!!!

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