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Ladies, are you stronger than your husband or your boyfriend? If you are, how much stronger are you than he is?

Question: As a guy who has already had quite a few strong girlfriends, I am a great admirer of female physical strength. I am always turned on whenever I have a girlfriend who is stronger than I am. I believe I was born that way. I just can't help it!!! Having stronger girlfriends has happened to me more often than not because although I am three inches taller than the average guy, I am quite slender and I am not very strong. Ladies, are you stronger than your boyfriend or your husband? If you are, how much stronger are you than he is and in what part of the body are you stronger than he is (lower body, upper body or both)?
Created by: STRONGIRLADMIRER at 07:52:57 PM, Saturday, May 09, 2009 PDT


When my bf wrestles me, I can often beat him. His arms are stronger than mine, but I'm much more flexible, and have stronger belly, butt and thigh muscles. If I can grapevine or scissor him, I usually can tire him out to the point where I'll eventually be able to roll him over onto his back for a pin. Wrestling me turns him on, so if I'm losing, I'll cheat a little and weaken him with a sex hold, then go for the pin.

kathyMay 12 2009 4:04pm

kathy, do you ever go for his balls?

AnonymousMay 12 2009 7:58pm
Certainly not to hurt him, but if he's not careful, I'll cup or massage his boys to show him the damage I COULD do and distract him a little. It's more difficult for him to defend himself when he's sporting wood. An erotic hold, or even caressing sensitive areas like his chest, belly or inner thighs in the middle of the match gives me an advantage, and increases the odds that he'll be the one who ends up pinned.

kathyMay 13 2009 10:42am
What are your respective heights and weights kathy?

AnonymousMay 13 2009 1:33pm
I'm 5'8" and 147 pounds.He's between 5'9" and 5'10" and prolly about 155 or 160.

AnonymousMay 14 2009 12:30pm
kathy, sounds like it is pretty competitive, and fun. Have you considered lifting weights to get a strength advantage?

TracerMay 14 2009 8:48pm
I work out at the college gym with lite weights and do lots of reps. I don't want to get too muscly looking. I play a sport (soccer) swim for fun (work as lifeguard at college pool) and do yoga, so I'm pretty fit and I've always had a real competitive streak. I just started taking bjj two night a week which has been lots of fun.

kathyMay 15 2009 6:49am
I am 40 lbs heavier than my boyfriend. In the gym, i lift far heavier. My bench press is 160. My boyfriends is 70. I am far bigger and stronger than him. Being in past abusive relationships, it is reassuring to me that I could beat him to death with my bare hands if I HAD to

DawnMay 16 2009 1:43pm
If you want a guys perspective here I am with true stories of wrestling,arm wrestling a woman half my size and she more than held her own against me

AnonymousMay 17 2009 11:06am
What are your respective heights and weights Dawn?

AnonymousMay 17 2009 11:14am
Dawn, 160 lbs is a good bench for a woman, and even for a man. I am 5'10 and 140 lbs and can bench 125 lbs (i know, not too good for a man).But your boyfriend's 70 lbs is not good at all, is he sick? My 14 year old daughter can bench 85 lbs for reps. Your boyfriends certainly needs a strong girlfriend to help him in daily life.

Slim gym ratMay 17 2009 10:45pm
I wont argue that Dawn could beat him to death! She could do alot more than that!70 lb bench press is very weak for a man and an adult. I bet he even has a hard time carrying the buffet tray around. But sounds like she has been giving it lots of thought...maybe some plans???

hmmmMay 18 2009 5:40am
I can attest to what Kathy stated about sporting wood. A guy loses blood to his penis when he has an erection and with skinny guys who are either short or tall who have large penises, that is a loss of quite a bit of blood for such a small body size. Blood volume is determined by bodyweight, not by height, which is why skinny people have less blood; hence skinny guys are likely weaker when they are sporting A WHOLE LOT OF WOOD!!! A girl also sports wood but her wood is mostly internal. Most of her clitoris is tucked inside her body and is about the same size as a penis although it is shaped differently. The clitoris becomes erect just the same as a penis which means that a girl can also have a huge erection!!! If a skinny girl has a large clitoris, she is weaker when she sports A WHOLE LOT OF WOOD!!! But her wood is mostly internal while his wood is mostly external. If you don't believe me about the clitoris being a large organ like the penis, GOOGLE IT UP and you will know that I AM TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

A GUY WHO KNOWS!!!May 19 2009 2:52am
What's funny is now he gets hard before we even start wrestling. conditoned reflex? We're circling each other on the mat and he's already pitched a tent in his shorts. By the time we're rolling around grappling, I've got a real advantage. It's kinda hot when I'm to take him after a struggle, but I sure don't get excited like he does.He's like a moth to a flame.

KathyMay 19 2009 7:10am
There are women who have commented about how a guy's balls are his weakness. Going for the balls would demonstrate a willingness on the part of a woman to inflict pain on a man in order to take control of him and then to subdue him. However, a woman also has a weak spot: HER CLITORIS!!! For a man, inflicting pain on a woman is unneccessary. All a man needs to do to take control of a woman and then to subdue her is to TAKE HOLD OF HER CLITORIS!!! He does not need to inflict pain on the woman or on her clitoris. All he needs to do is to either caress or suck her clitoris. Once he does this, even if she is way bigger and stronger than he is, she will be rendered HELPLESS!!! He doesn't even need to put his penis into her vagina. All he needs to do is to go to work on her clitoris!!! Is there any woman out there who would deny this? Speak now or forever hold your peace. OR YOUR CLITORIS!!!

A guy choosing not to inflict pain on a woman or her clitorisMay 28 2009 2:20am
my wife is weaker or same strong in upper body but her legs are away and i mean way sronger than mine or any other average man.she have incredible powerful and huge thighs as well as muscular bulging calves.even my daughter have stronger legs than my son or me.but have you anybody noticed womans structure of their legs?i remember early school times-almost all girl classmates were much stronger in their legs,than us-boys.i remember we could never keep up with girls when it came to rope pulling matches or legpress,we were always behind.

dusanMay 31 2009 7:36pm
dusan my husband is mad about me im able to legpress almost triple of weight than he was ever able to do,thats us woman cant be beaten in their dominant part legs by man.i think its normal we are stronger in legs naturaly.

eveMay 31 2009 7:41pm
Most men have such puny legs. Most girls I know have much stronger legs than any male their size. It's not just the legs either. Women's hips hare so much more powerful. Do males even have hips?

AnonymousJun 09 2009 12:53am
according to statistics men have stronger legs then women but I guess that is because they are bigger. The difference in leg strenght is a lot smaller than if you compare upper body strength. This could mean that if you compare similar sized men and women the woman would have stronger legs. I have never been with a woman that is weaker than me when it comes to legs. They have also been far more flexible and able to put a lot of pressure in a scissors grip. They have made me give up when I was squeezed between their strong thighs while I haven't so far been able to squeeze a submission out of any of them when I do the scissoring. In raw strength pushing weights straight up from your body men might be stronger but using the hips, thighs and buttocks together women are extremely strong.

Chicken legsSep 21 2009 11:34pm
The guy 5 posts up is right, at least as far as I'm concerned. I can be weakened pretty fast with an erotic hold - sometimes just caressing my bottom or lower belly, then cupping my mound and applying gentle pressure on my clit will do the trick. It not only feels great, but the idea that I'm suddenly vulnerable and about to be taken by my "opponent" creates a sensation that makes it hard to wrestle. Usually, I can stun him with a sex hold of my own before he's able to weaken me. It helps that he's frequently got a boner in the first minute or so which tends to keep him on the defensive until I'm able to pin him in a position where he's helpless and I can go on to finish him off.

kathyOct 12 2009 10:35am
sounds like you have a lot of fun kathy. I also wrestle my boyfriend frequently, I let him win in the beginning since I could feel he would have had difficulties taking being with a stronger woman but I actually got really surprised the first time I decided to show him my real strength. He got hard when I had him between my legs squeezing out a submission out of him. I then showed him in a series of wrestling matches that I could do with him what I wanted and at the end I took him. He then told me that this was the best sex in his life. So for other women, show your real strength, many men are getting sexually aroused being bested by a stronger woman.

SisselNov 10 2009 11:16pm
and many men get scared away if you show them you're stronger Sissel. This is my experience. I have dated several guys that get turned on seeing my athletic body, but they don't realize that an athletic body, even if it is a woman's, is strong. I don't go for big muscular men so the guys I have been dating have been perhaps taller than me but not that much bigger. I love to show my strength when I am with a man but 9 out of 10 can't take it. Loosing arm wrestling and wrestling to a woman is just too embarrassing and they don't want to see me again. I am now with a guy that I hope will stay, he seems to like my muscular body but so far I haven't shown him that I am stronger than him, he should understand it though, he has got the sinewy, almost boyish body I go for and I am both more massive and heavier than him. He is one inch taller.

LolloJan 13 2010 12:08am

TUTTI HOALAJan 21 2010 11:40pm
I know many girls who are stronger than me

AnonymousJan 22 2010 4:40am
There is a girl in my school who is 13 years old and she is a weightlifter.I'm 19 old guy and she is 30 kg heavier than me and could kill me in a single minute...

lawrenceJan 22 2010 4:41am
my wife and i wrestled i can't do anything. she did control me very easily.

AnonymousJan 22 2010 10:02pm
I can lift almost 3 times what my wife can with upperbody exercises but our leg press about the same. Well almost, she can do a few more reps. When it come to leg raises or scissor exercises she can move more weight period. It makes sense as her legs are 2" bigger in diameter while my arms are 4" bigger than hers.

AndyFeb 04 2010 8:53pm
Omg I dominate my poor hubby at wrestling. But then again I'm 5'7 and 293 lbs and he's 5'7 and 130 LMAO. No contest!

dawnaFeb 19 2010 9:28am
I want a gal that is much bigger and much stronger then me. I do not know why but I do.

heyward1927@yahoo.comFeb 22 2010 9:16am

AnonymousMar 24 2010 1:05am
my wife and i have wrestled about 6 times, i have never beaten her. It is usually the combination of her leg strength, flexiblity and endurance that wears me down. Her legs are so much stronger than mine its crazy. It is usually a pretty competitive match between us and she loves physically defeating me like that and i admit, i love it as well. I think more women should show their full strength and let men know they are not as weak as we think you are. I will also admit that the first time she won, my ego was damaged, i was humiliated but at the same time, she won a fair match and it was rather lopsided in favor. I was turned on beyond beleif all the while feeling humiliated. She was not surprised she won at all. When i asked her what she thought about her winnnig, she said i was a worthy opponent. Honestly, even though she wins, i wish we wrestled more, i love it, its great foreplay, its fun, its exercise and i have a tremendous amount of respect for my wife as far as her competitiveness and strength and endurance. sometimes just for fun and a show of dominance she will trap me in her thighs to see if i can escape, my god her legs are strong

daveMar 24 2010 2:05am
me and my husband discovered a few years ago that I was a lot stronger than him. He started to work out at his company gym twice a week, he slimmed down, got rid of his pot belly and looked a lot better. I have an athletic background and has been attending aerobic classes for years to stay in shape. It was kind of funny the night when my husband was standing in front of our big mirror flexing his rather small but now also rather hard biceps. He was really proud. He also flexed his slim legs. I couldn't help laughing since my muscles are quite a bit bigger than his. So I was standing beside him and flexed my biceps, he was shocked to see how big they were compared to his. I had so far never flexed my muscles so he could see them even if he must have known that I have rather big muscles for a woman. I then pointed at my powerful thighs. I then surprised him lifting him in a bear hug and carried him to our living room. Let's wrestle I said to him, let's see what your new muscles can do to my bigger ones. He was very silent but agreed to wrestle, best out of 5 falls. We started in a hand to hand stance where I could easily force him to his knees in a game of mercy, I just followed this up and moved him so he fell on his back. I could easily pin him, the whole thing took seconds. He was in a shock. I told him to put up a better resistance. he dove for my legs the second fall, and actually got me down. Sorry for him was that I could get him in a body scissors, I let him fight my strong legs with his arms for a while to tire him out and it worked. I could feel that he could weaker and then I quickly moved my legs so I had him in a head scissors. He tapped out the minute I started to squeeze. 2-0. I told him that he could give up if I was too much for him and that angered him a bit. Third fall he jumped me and head me in a head lock. He tried with all his new gym power to take me down but he just wasn't strong enough. I could stand straight and he was sort of hanging from my neck. I then lifted him up in my arms and cradled him, walked to our arm chair and set down and squeezed him with both arms and legs in some kind of cradle grip. He gave up and lay there totally exhausted in my lap. I could see his embarrassement and felt a big pity for him but at the same time I felt so big and strong, and sexually excited. He let me undress him and carry him to our bed, the sex we had was the best ever, even if I had to to most of the job since my poor little husband was so tired. He has added an extra day at the gym since but I have also started to work out with weights so today the strength gap between us is even bigger. I can easily pack muscles on my naturally sturdy body, he is slim and beatiful and is more sinewy. We wrestle as a foreplay quite often, this was the way to let my husband like to wrestle me after his first loss. Hope more couples can wrestle and have fun, I am sure there are several more women stronger than their men.

B BJul 18 2010 11:26pm
Thanks for the post BB, that was a great recap of your matches. Sine my last post muy wife and I have wrestled 2 times. Both times she used her strong legs to trap me, wear me down, restricted my oxygen intake which quickens how fast i tire. The funny thing is, i know her legs are strong and what htey have done to me and i try to avoid them, but somehow she always manages to get them wrapped around me somewhere. she is very flexible, and so quick with her moves and before i know what hit me, she has managed a head scissor, body scissor, even managed a figure 4 head scissor before. She admitted she loves the physical control she has when we wrestle, it always turns her on beyond belief to see her husband resist so hard and lose to her. she has also kind of gotten into body worship because now after she defeats me she makes me give her an oil massage, concentrating mostly on her legs. And your right, i think a lot of couples will be surprised to find that the women are stronger, or in better shape, especially those that are close in size eve if the woman is slightly smaller than the man like it is in my case. I am sure there are many couples where the woman is tiny and the man very tall and the wieght difference is too much but hey that is why in wrestling as a sport they have weight groups. My wife would not wrestle in the same weight group as me, perhaps 1 -2 groups lighter and she has proven to be the wrestling champ in our house.

DaveAug 04 2010 2:26am
Many Ladys and young women do have a strength advantage in their legs over there male counterparts.I can tell you firsthand becouse I work part-time at ballys fitness as a personal trainer for women and men.I have dated a few men myself that I could overpower with my muscular and strong legs.It usually takes a women with exceptionally strong thighs to overcome the upperbody advantage of 95% or so of the average male over the average female.Their are rare exceptions and I know I am one of them becouse I have proven this to a few of my dates.Some men don t mind being overpowered by a stronger women but most of the men I have dated felt humiliated and turned off by it.I go 5ft10 and weigh 170 lbs I can bench press about 150 lbs 8 times.But my real strength is in my legs.I can do leg extensions on the machine with 190lbs for 25 reps.My squat on the legpress machine is 380 lbs for 12 reps.I have dated a good looking tall man about 6ft2 and 215 lbs and totally overpowered him with my vicious leg scissors when we wrestled each other before having sex with him.It is a total suprise to most men that you can physically overpower them but you would be suprised how often this could happen if exceptionally strong athletic women tryed this on their men.IT is a turn on for me to overpower a young good looking man.Do any of you other ladies out there feel the same way sometimes when the man is very confident and somewhat c*cky and arrogant.I get a great sense of satifaction when I overpower this type of man.

BethSep 11 2010 4:13pm
I came home from work one day and found that the living room had been cleared out with a mat in the center of the floor. My wife was standing on the stairs wearing a one piece bathing suit and she threw me a pair of shorts and told me to change. She had been hinting that since she had started working out that she wanted to have some fun some time. I had laughed and said Ok but I wasn't sure what she had meant. I looked surprised and said Ok what did you have in mind? he said how about a little foreplay before the main event? I started undressing and got into the shorts. She came downstairs and grabbed the 15lb. dumbells and said she was going to warm up. I watched her pump up and her arms looked really strong. Let's arm wrestle she said. We locked arms and after about a minute she had put me down, she smiled and gave me a long kiss. We got to our feet and she asked if we could do 2 out of 3 falls with the winner getting to hve their way with the loser. Ok but I can tell you I was really worried. she looked so strong and powerful I knew I didn't have much of a chance. We circled each other and she took me down and for about three minutes I fought back but she pinned me. Ready for round two she asked. I was tired but I becamr determined to make it a struggle. We clinched I ducked and had her over my shouklder dropped her and before she could react got on top and pinned her. She was very surprised and began to say something but stopped and we got on our feet, The next match was grueling and we wrestled for about five minutes. Her biceps were rock hard and finally I was worn down she realised I was done rolled me over and sat on me for the pin. I said you are amazing hon and brought her arm down to my lips and licked her bicep. I could tell from her moan that she had a small orgasm and she leaned down and asked me if I had fun. I replied I loved it!! But you have really worn me out. We lay there for a few minutes before she said this foreplay has really gotten me hot. Me too, I said but I don't know if I can move. She giggled and said do you need some help? I laughed and said well you won and I am yours for the taking!! That's right she said and I am ready. She rose to her feet and held out her hands and helped me up. She hugged me and kissed me and said you are a little wobbly aren't you? Yeah just give me a second I will be Ok. She said I told you I would help so let me. Sure I said as she grabbed my wrist bent down and out her arm between my legs and hoisted me across her shoulders. My god I can't beleive this you are an Amazon I love it!! She giggled and said no problem I'll take you all the way to the bedroom. I was totally excited and she carried me up the stairs. In the bedroom she paused at the mirror and asked do you like? Yes and I said make a muscle for me. I felt her bicep and asked when can we do this again? Whenever you want dear she replied and said and now for the main event. She laid me down, took of my shorts. I lay there naked and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. When she did she was nude and in her hand was a strap on. She put it on and flexed her biceps sgsin snd hsd her wsy with me. We have continued to have many similar nights and it has been incredible ever since!!

Little jeffyOct 05 2010 11:32am
I had been on the web and come across a file of lift and carry pictures my wife had downloaded. I didn't too much about she had been working out for aa while and left it at that. A couple of weeks later we were sitting around the living room I asked my wife how the gym had been going. Great, she said I am starting to tone up now. You wear loose fitting clothes so some time I can't tell. she giggled too bad we can't wrestle cause of your back!! Yeah, I bet you'd win I said. Later that night I got to thinking about the LandC pics she had and thought this could be interesting. She had just a small robe on and her legs looked fantastic. I told her so a gave her a kiss. Would you like to see the rest? You bet!!! Nothing but a pair of boy shorts and when I turned to face the mirror you could tell who would win in a wrestling match. She had muscle and looked so strong I could't help but gasp. I hugged and kissed her and thanked for building such a strong body. A total turn on. I said I would love to feel your power hon but I can't wrestle you. No problem I am just happy muscles don't turn you off!! Quite the opposite. I know I said if you don't think it is too crazy. Could you lift me and maybe carry me a little bit. You don't have too!! She just smiled and sfter few seconds she said I'd love too. A cradle followd by a front lift and a lot of kissing and standing. I got a piggyback. All the time,telling her how awesome she was and how much it turned me on. We made love on the floor in the living room. After that she said I am going to get us to bed. I said give your favorite lift. OK. She smiled nad thought, here's on I haven't tried. Slipping one arm between my legs and grabbing my wrist . I fell over hers shoulders and truly felt her power. To the mirror she carried me I looked and couldn't beleive it her arms holding me, I kissed her bicep as she flexed it. I lost it again!!! See carried me upstairs with no problem. Telling me that we just started. To be continued...

AnonymousOct 08 2010 4:20pm
Yes Beth, I have done this to my husband and loved it! I remember the first time we wrestled and I used my legs every chance I got to trap his head or body. I also remember how sexually stimulated it made me to overpower him and feel his body or head between my legs while watching him struggle to get free, only to eventually admit defeat. The best part is, his male ego was bruised and he couldn't deal with it at first so he has challenged me a few times after and I kept winning. I am average woman, work out, mostly cardio, started running recently, do weights some, but my legs have always been strong and build strength quick. Now, i often catch my husband looking at my legs so i make sure he sees how toned they are. He has come to accept the facts and enjoy my legs and his excitement shows, hehehe, that is soooo HOT to me. I also love making comments around others like Girl power rules! I can see his embarrassment building wondering if I will say something about the results of our wrestling to others, so he just clams up and accepts my comments without challenge. Its so cool!!!

Average wifeOct 09 2010 5:01am
My girlfriend is much stronger than me, I us the gym and do weights for my top, middle and lower Body. I go gym about 3 times a week. I can bench 260 ibs bench press and can squat about 340 ibs. My wife also uses gym sometimes but yet she's stronger than me. But then she's bigger than me. I am 5"6 and weigh 161ibs while my wife weighs 388 ibs and 5"10 and a half. She can dominate me in wrestling.

Ilovestrong girlsOct 19 2010 10:51am
Your all morons!

psych 101Oct 27 2010 7:55pm
I like when a girl can pin me to the point where I can't move and make me admit that I stink at wrestling. It happened to me before and I tried like hell after she said "you stink just admit that you stink" I'm 23 now and I've had girls do that to me a couple of times now. Does anybody find that fun to play around like that?

michaelcieslinski@hotmail.comNov 03 2010 10:58am
I am taller and heavier than my husband, I work out several times a week at the company gym and I am every morning doing 3x40 pushups. I consider myself stronger than the average woman, perhaps stronger than the average man as well when I look at the men at my gym. My husband is slim but the other night said that he was sure that he was stronger than me. We had discusses differences between the sexes. I have always thought that I am stronger than my husband, no big deal since I am bigger than him. He said he wanted to show me how much stronger he was by armwrestling me. I took my pullover off and had a sleeveless top. My husband looked at my wide, sturdy shoulders and my upper arms and suddenly he didn't look so sure any more. I flexed my biceps and now my husband looked almost scared. I had been working really hard to get my arms stronger so my biceps are perhaps 14 inches. I could feel that he was weaker already from the start. I used perhaps half my strength just to hold him in the upright position. I could see him turning almost blue when he gave everything he had. I then just slowly pinned his arm to the table. With left arms it was quicker and I pinned him in seconds. He really looked embarrassed and said something about him being tired. I felt big and strong and actually turned on, I was surprised that I was so much stronger than him, I didn't have to use much power at all to him his arms. ? asked him if he wanted to get even in a wrestling match. He said that he did't want to hurt me and I laughed. This angered him so we were soon wrestling after undressing to our under wear. I have no experience in wrestling but it really didn't mean a thing. My husband tried to take me down with a headlock. I just scooped him up in my arms and sat down un the floor with him in my arms. I transfered him so he was between my thighs and then I started to squeeze him. He gave up in seconds, my legs are very strong. He wanted a rematch and this time I played with him, I made him use all his power and he got weaker and weaker. At the end he was totally spent. I pinned him and felt fantastic. I took his briefs off him and started to massage his member with my foot and when he was hard I rode him and this was the best sex I had have for many years. My husband was very silent, he was embarrassed. When he came he suddenly started to cry like a child. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he didn't feel manly anymore and he also feared that I should leave him since he was so weak. I felt bad about it and took him in my arms, carried him to the sofa where I sat down with him in my lap. I ensured that I loved him, perhaps even more after showing him how strong I was. I also said that I had known all the way that I was stronger than him. After this evening he has changed, he wants to sit in my lap, he likes it when I carry him, we wrestle for fun quite often and I sometimes let him start on top of me before I threw him off me and pin him. I would say I am almost twice as strong as my husband today. We don't have any children so we can play whenever we like.

Real womanDec 09 2010 4:53am
Almost every comment Ive seen here is for married couples. When this applies to teenagers that don't have sex they fell 100% like a pussy. And some people say " oh he's just over reacting " but really he's not it's a male instinct to fell like the male should be the stronger person. Also what's up with spelling and grammar on this page?

AnonymousFeb 19 2011 2:43am
I am impressed with these stories, although i do workout, i cannot beat my husband in wrestling or armwrestling. he flat out overpowers me.

SaraMar 03 2011 9:27pm
The women who have posted comments here seem to enjoy their victories and the sex that often comes afterwards. I wonder if any of them lose some physical interest in their husband/ partner in the longer term. The stereotype of course is that women will be attracted to at least some strength and muscle. By deafeating their man, does he become to them less masculine, strong and therefore attractive? My other observation is that whilst men wrestle their woman for the 'turn on,' women seem to often wrestle more so because of the chance to compete and build fitness. I have no doubt one could shoot a documentary on all this.

AussieMar 07 2011 4:44pm
I am 18 years old, just started to see this girl, two years younger. She seems to be very much inloved with me and I love her as well BUY I can't get over that she is more athletic and quite a bit stronger than me. I am turned on by her body, I love when we playwrestle, but I am very much ashamed when I always end up under her pinned. She says this is natural since she is the athlete and I am the book worm but I don't see it, she is younger and a girl, yet stronger. Should I stay with her? It seems when you look at the different boards here that many guys like to be weaker than their wives/girlfriends. I would like to be stronger than her, it just happened that I fell inloved with a strong girl.

AnonymousMay 09 2011 11:53pm
stay with her, we are living in a time where woman are alowed to be strong

LeeMay 09 2011 11:54pm
yes, women are lowed to be strong but are men alowed to be weaker?

AnonymousMay 09 2011 11:54pm
this girl who is my family friend is 2 AND A HALF years YOUNGER 4 inches Taller and a poo lot stronger we play wrestled she queezed my head with her thies it was pain full i sat on her sholders but then she went out in the street everyone who say me laughed now i lerned to get on with it we ply fight all the time she ALWAYS wind EASILY

jak3May 10 2011 7:43am
I am 34 years old, married to a man 8 years younger. No kids yet. I started to work out with my best friends two years ago, I had an athletic back groun in gymnastics and swimming so I quickly gained strength and muscle. My boyfriend noticed my muscles after about 10 months, he wondered if I wanted to be a muscle bitch or what? I told him that just because I was stronger than him he didn't have to be rude. Of course he couldn't take that and wanted to show me how strong he was. He is playing soccer and it fit but not very muscular. I had learnt that basics of armwrestling so I wanted to see how he could do against me. I was pretty sure I was stronger, I had beaten many guys in armwrestling at school so I was pretty sure of winning. My poor young husband got the shock of his life when he realized he didn't have a chance against my muscular arms. I then took him down on the floor and pinned him, he said he wasn't ready so we undressed and started again. I really enjoyed showing him that I was stronger and didn't do my best, I wanted this to last. I got him in holds with both my arms and legs, that he had very big difficulties to get out of. After about 30 minutes of wrestling he lay totally exhausted under me and I felt strong and dominant. I told him that his muscle bitch now should take him and there was nothing he could do about it. I got him hard and had fantastic sex. He was embarrassed but also enjoyed the sex, I could see that. After this evening he started to work out with weights, but I increased my work outs and haven't had any problems to keep him ynder me when we wrestle. He is really doing his best, I am just quite a bit stronger. I have told my girlfriends and they think it is cool, one of them is actually also stronger than her boyfriend.

Stronger is coolMay 30 2011 7:32am
I use to believe there wasnt a women in the world that could beat me in anything ,I admit I was a big mouth ,untill my wife who is only 5 ft 5 inches and about 140lbs got really upset with me for making fun of her job ,believe me she is buff ,because she runs a gym and teaches self defense lessons to women and also boxed in her womens college,and every ounce of her is muscle,but I am 6 ft 1 inches and 190lbs and use to be a jock ,but as i soon found out ,all my beer drinking and sitting on the couch watching sports ,put me way out of shape.Anyway ,one day when my wifes cat was in the shop and I had to pick her up from the gym ,I made the mistake of saying after watching her train this tiny women ,how to defend herself ,of saying why are you wasting your time with these women ,if a man wants to slap them around ,it would be easy ,no matter how much you trained them ,men are just stronger and tougher. My wife went wild and said ,how dare you knock what I do . a guy like you so out of shape ,no matter how big you are ,A trained and in shape women could not only beat you but probaly knock you old,I laughted and said I would like to see that done in my sarcastic way ,and my wife said ,and very loudly ,so her class of women could here it ,Well how would you like to see it up close and personal ,And I said what do you mean ,and my wife said with both anger and confidence ,you and me in the ring till someone loses .i of course said no way even a big women wouldnt have a chance against me ,or have you forgotten my football years ,and with your size I would be afraid of hurting you,she laughted and patted my admited pot belly and said honey Iwould not only beat you but I would lay you out cold in one round ,and all the girls laughted !And I will even tell you how I will do it ,first of all I would beat on that fat gut of yours ,untill you were ready to throw up and then with my speed and lets face it much bigger muscles then you I would hit you before you could even cover up our face with a few combinations and nd you with an upper cut to your big mouth and chin .I was really starting to get pissed about how she was humiliating me about my stomach And she continued ,saying come on little man ,I put those now puny arms and legs to shame and you know it ,i am so much stronger then you ,it wouldnt even be a fait fight .Well tat was it ,i said lets go and all the women cheered and started putting the folding chairs around the ring to watch and said go knock him cold Kathy.My wife said I will send you in to the mens dressing area nd Bob will supply you with some trunks and sweat shirt and o I think get me upset for the fight said if Bob can find a sweat shirt to cover that gut ,and we both know it will be a small size cup fot you ,I was infuriated that my wife would say that in front of the girls and she even laughted after saying it .I was led by bob to get hanged andcameout to the biis of the girls ,and I said dont wotty girls I will take it easy on your coach .bob and one of my wifes assistants put on the gloves and Mary the assistant said she would referee,i said fine ,and we both touched gloves,and Bob rang the bell and we both came running to the center of the ting ,i fiqured if I just hit her with one quick punch ,it would be over ,So I immediately threw a haymaker at her head ,but like a goust she was gone and Ifelt ,just like she had said a punch right in my gut ,i couldnt believe how hard she hit or how much it hurt ,untill the next two punches came like a machine gun and I felt like I was going to throw up ,i bent over to hold my stomach and again as she hd said,as I heard the girls going wild and yelling Kathy ,Kathy ifelt a combination of punches hit my eye and nose and mouth ,blood running out and my eye already closing,i felt my legs wobbling and my head spinning ,and all I could see is my wife standing there with her gloves on her hips ,laughing and saying ,your a bigger sissy then ithought and said now big mouth ,say nighty night and the next thing all I saw and rememebered was darkness untill coming to ,looking up at Mary count to ten and taising my wifes hand and shouting a knock out by kathy in 2 minutes and 10 seconds of the first round ,and te girls yelling chants to kathy and I was still dizy as my wife and Mary and Bob had to help me over to my stool and help me wake up with my wife throwing water in my face .She did that ,because she wanted me to get up from the stool and humiliate myself ,by standing in the middle of the ring and apoligize to my wife and admit women were superior and men inferior weaklings ,and I gladly did it .Ihad another humiliating day explaining to my painting crew how I got the black eye and fatlips and that night my wife threw a party to show all our friends how she completely destroyed me in the boxing ring and did as she told me she would ,knocked me out in one round.the story is still told in rhe gym in Salem and a couple of the girls took pictures with thier cell phones of me laid out cold in the ring ,for everyone to see the pictures hung up in the gym ,with rhe cute as my wife says little saying under the pictures ,women rule and we know who is the strong one in the Burke family,ko in one husband goes down !,So yes I do now believe women in shape can beat up men ,Bruce

Bruce BurkeJun 17 2011 12:33pm
My wife is 5' 1" 115 lbs. and I am 5' 6" 150 lbs. We both workout 4-5 times a week. She has very strong legs and can pin me down repeatedly. She keeps asking if I have told my friends that my wife can beat me in wrestling. I got to the point will I will straight up admit to her that she is stronger and a better wrestler than me. I am too embarrassed to tell other people. Are any other guys too embarrassed to tell others that their wife can beat them at wrestling?

AnonymousJun 20 2011 6:41pm
Responding to the last comment posted, I am much stronger than my husband and can make him tap out 5-10 times in a 20 minute time frame. I asked him if he told his friends that I can pin him down and make him tap out, he doesn't want to so I am okay with him not telling. As long as we both know who the stronger one is in the marriage :)

AmandaJul 15 2011 5:55pm
Amanda, I can pin my husband down repeatedly too. He doesn't want his friends or co-workers to know I am the stronger one, I am okay with that as well. It is priceless being able to trap him between my thighs, I make him tap out, then ask for permission to be released, and then make him admit that I am stronger than him. He does it everytime, otherwise he knows the penalty.

Debbie - stronger than my husband!Jul 23 2011 4:05pm
Debbie, what is your and your husbands heights weights and ages?

ArronJul 27 2011 8:19am
i find those post interesting though i am not sure how many of them are real, because based on my exp, guys are almost stronger than women even when they smaller (there are exceptions of course), i remember i watched this match between this guy and this women once, the guy is of average height, fairly fit, though i dont think he does weight training or anything, the woman has been trained in a female combat gym for a while and is the best one there. They are of similair height but the guys obvious is heavier, i was kind of surprised by the strength diff, the woman literally could not do any thing to him, and guy know that and he was kind of playing around with her.

DarrenAug 04 2011 7:17pm
Arron, we are both 28. I am 5'5" and weigh 130. He is 5'6" and weighs 140. He has more chest muscle than me, but it is no use when wrestling. Our arm strength is both about the same, my legs are much stronger. My flexibility is a huge strength, I am so good at getting my legs locked. Once the ankles are locked, my husband knows that the match is 100% over. he he he :)

Debbie - stronger than my husband!Aug 06 2011 4:06pm
Darren, I feel the same way. I think some of the posts might not be real. I think some guys just want to be pinned by a woman. I don't blame them. I can tell you I have wrestled 15 guys heavier than me in my life and been able to beat 14 of them, pretty easily too. I think if a woman uses her flexibility, wrestles aggressively, and uses her leg strength, most men cannot counter that.

Debbie - stronger than my husband!Aug 06 2011 4:14pm
Any other guys out there afraid to admit to friends that their wife or girlfriend can beat them at wrestling?

Debbie - stronger than my husband!Aug 06 2011 4:15pm
Yes me Debbie. My wife is much stronger than me. She works out a lot and she is pretty muscular. I cant compare to her strength, I guess there are not many men who can. She easily beats me at armwrestling and wrestling.

MikeAug 11 2011 9:49am
My girlfriend overpowers me whenever she wants to. She cant beat me easily - its a long drawn out match usually taking about 30mins before i am exhausted. She has more stamina than me. I would never admit to anyone that she can pin me to the bed and do whatever she wants to me.

DaveAug 22 2011 7:37pm
Many years ago my wife proved herself stronger than me when we one evening first armwrestled with both arms and then wrestled. She was and is heavier than me and in better shape but also quite a bit stronger. We were both surprised of the outcome that evening when she proved herself stronger. She told her female friends of our matches since she was very proud being strong and even stronger than me, a man. I wasn't happy about her telling people at all and told her so but it was too late. One of my wife's best friends came to us for dinner some weeks after me loosing to my wife and asked me if it was true that my wife was stronger. I told her truthfully that this was the case. She then wanted to armwrestle me. She knew she was at least as strong as my wife so she was pretty sure to beat me. And I had to face loss once again to a woman. I was pretty angry with my wife that evening, I didn't want the world to know that I was a weak man. I didn't think one minute that it could be as easy that these women were really strong. I am much more relaxed to these things today. I have won against some of our male friends when we armwrestling and also lost to some, have lost to at least 3 more women over the years. So if you aren't a very big and strong man it is likely you will come across a woman that is stronger than you.

Tomas BSep 15 2011 4:40am
It's about time somoene wrote about this.

PlHpeEzSoRMRyXbvsdwOct 01 2011 4:28am
My wife and I got into a very intense match last night. We were both very focus on victory and I have to say the marks on my body are a good indication of who won. All was going well until she got her legs involved, which i was doing my best to avoid letting her do that. In the end, she was able to get me trapped in her head scissors and that proved to be the beginning of the end for me. After a long battle I ended up trapped in her strong thighs, which she eventually transformed into a complete face smother of her already very wet and ready womanhood. This was the first match we have in a couple of years and I really thought i would finally take her but once again i ended up under her.

DaveOct 18 2011 1:53am
I have a weird urge to suck on a woman's toes if one proves to be stronger than me (particularly in arm wrestling). Is this normal?

GatewauOct 31 2011 3:25am
Gatewau, no it's not normal but sounds like fun...

AnonymousNov 11 2011 4:54am
Well this happened yesterday I have a roommate (girl). I'm 6'2" (188) 90 Kg I'm not week not super strong but i do work out. This girl it's 5'8 (173) 55Kg, she's skinny but a tomboy. So I asked her to armwrestle and to my surprise I couldn't win she even would play with me. I'm kind of shocked and can't explain how she's so strong also the fact that I'm 32 and she's 21. This is a true story and i felt embarrassed and at the same time turned on

anonymousNov 22 2011 11:15am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:06am
Hope my comment gets accepted. I am 15 years old and me and my BF love wrestling each other. I am tiny, 5 feet even and 90 pounds, and my BF is 5'6" and 130 lbs. Neither one of us works out in a gym or does sports. We found out about submissions wrestling by accident on youtube last year. And so being curious about life, we decided to try it out for ourselves. What is amazing is that our matches last such a long time, sometimes more than an hour! I think it is because I can get myself free of his holds, because my joints are so flexible. And I am not strong enough to keep him in a hold either. But eventually he tires out before I do, and a hold which did not work 10 minutes into the match, works 40 minutes into the match. He gets weaker and I can feel that, so it gives me time to adjust the hold even more. But he is very stubborn about giving up, so I have to use a hold which is also painful to him to get him to tap out. And he has to be very weakened before I have enough strength to both hold him and twist back his arm or something at the same time. So, the point of my comment is to say that even though I am such a tiny girl, I usually beat my BF in wrestling. And I know that he does not enjoy losing to me. But he wins around 1/3 of the matches, usually because I get distracted, and that is enough times to keep him wanting a rematch with me. Of course not the same day I won, since he could not even lift a spoon after I finish him off. I bet you can tell how wonderful I feel about being able to beat him wrestling.

KateDec 02 2011 11:47am
my gf can bench press 160 pounds she weighs 127and i weigh 120 hope no one knows me 1 time my gf carried me to her bed and i woke up she had me pinned, i thought it was a dream until i got to school and she walked up to me picked me up and walked around with me while everyone laughed :\

alex cohenDec 07 2011 2:26pm
I can positively say my g/f is stronger than me I mean extremely strong for her size, which o found out the hard way. 2 months ago my g/f and I got into a fight over a stupid thing, I want to watch the football night game, she wanted to watch s movie. We fought over the remote, I pushed her down and took the remote; big mistake. She got up and took my arm and swong me into the wall, what happen next shocked me. She grabbed me by the throat and literally lifted me in the air with my feet off the ground. Now I'm 5'10/154 pounds, my g/f is 5'6/ 122 slim but all muscle. I didn't know she was capable of doing this strangle lift; she really could have killed me if she wanted to. However with my eyes bloodshot red, slobber coming out my mouth, and legs helplessly dangling after 10 to 13 seconds she let me go. Man I fell to the ground almost blacked out. My neck hurt like crazy. She realized what could of happened to me and nilled down on her needs next to me rubbing my back saying OMG are you OK honey repeatedly. Later that nite she felt so awful, she made warm tea and rub vapor rub on my neck and crying never to get that upset with me. To this day I have a new respect for her knowing how strong she is I will never disrespect her ever. She is a very strong willed women mentally and physically, extremely beautiful and smart all of this I respect and since than never had a heated argument. I confident she can hold her own too, she works out a lot, eats healthy, and is in a very high level of martial arts training. I know no guys would want to miss with her, I mean if she was physically to do what she did to me just imagine what she could do to some punk. Last thing I like to say is this, I know some might get turn from this. I highly recommend that no one strangle each other even if it's for fun, this is dangerous. In my case it was no game, mu g/f was mad at me and could have resulted in my death, my neck was swollen 4 days! !!!

cjDec 09 2011 8:02pm
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 1:01am
Many of the stories above I find interesting as women such as myself and others strength train and test their outter limits. My own story with my husband evolved over the past 6 years or so as I gained substantial weight and strength. My background is very athletic as having played girls Varsity SOFTBALL and BASKETBALL in College some 7 years ago. My husband on the otherhand never play organized sports and is only mildly athletic. He is 3 inches taller than me at 5ft11 and 163 with almost model like looks but thin legs. When we got married 6 years ago he outweighed me by 20lbs. Things have really changed gradually the past six years but my legs have always been very muscular and much stronger than his. I am very competitive athletically and never like to lose at anything. The only sport he is better than me in is golf. When we play tennis I always wipe him off the court in straight sets with him rarely even winning a point. He gets very sore headed and nasty to me when he loses to me in sports at least he used to until I really put him in his place as he tried to show me who was boss after about 3 months of marriage. We wrestled competitively on our mattress after one of our tennis matches as he said he was going to kick my fat ass and show me who is boss. We had a very close match and at the time he still had about 10 lbs on me and I did not know how to wrestle nearly as well as I do now. I did surprise him with my leg strength making him submit to me at least 3 times with my leg scissors. It even surprised me as I always assumed most men were Stronger especially when angry. Durring that 1st year of marriage we were both much closer during our matches but as I have gained much more weight and strength I now totally overpower his whole body with my legs especially and it feels really sexy to me especially. I hit the gym and strengh train on the lifefitness machines for at least an hour 5 nights per week. I am 5ft 8 185lbs of mostly muscle. My Legs are very strong almost like a female bodybuilder. My upperbody is not exceptionally strong but I can Bench Press 150 6 times and that is as much as my husband can do 2 times. When we try to wrestle competitively now my legs are so strong I many times can knock the wind out of his stomach and hurt him so i have to hold back alot not to hurt him. HE still weighs the same at 165 so I have 20 lbs of muscle on him. I like cathing him now in sexy moves when he gets out of the shower and we wrestle as foreplay and love having this power over him. Do any of you other girls feel the same?

WendyFeb 20 2012 12:00pm
I am 39,5% stronger than my husband and 27,6 % stronger than my lover.

110% womanFeb 24 2012 2:05am
Wendy, I can certainly see your point and feel the same when I wrestle my husband down, similar story to yours, was weaker in my arms until I started to work out for real and since then he hasn't got a chance. But how does your husband take it. Mine becomes very embarrassed every time, he get's silent and I can see that he has problems with being woman handled, but we almost always have great sex after wrestling and he seems to enjoy the body contact.

RitaFeb 24 2012 2:09am
Rita I have not visited this board for a few months. I find reading about a few women like myself and some of the stories very intersting becouse it is still very rare. My husband and I don t tell family or friends either becouse of the embaressment for him as well as me. We still have no kids yet so the good thing is we still have fun in the bedroom. I still workout regularly but now only 2 days a week. I have gained another 10lbs so I am upto 195. When I workout I lift very heavy with my legs using all of the leg machines. My inner thighs are exceptionally strong but my upper body strength has slipped from not working this area as hard. The advantage over my husband is huge when we wrestle becouse of my legs being able to overpower his entire body with my lethal scissor holds.As soon as I lock my feet it only takes about 10 seconds to submit him around the waist. He rarely ever wins a submission from me. Last week we wrestled and I caught him in a very dominant move called a grapevine.I have only been able to apply it competitively one other time when we wrestled all out. We wrestled naked as he dried off after getting out of the shower my favorite time. We wrestled on our mattress.I found this move to be extreamly dominant as I hooked my legs around his from the outside and on top. I locked my feet around his legs and then put him in a split by widening his legs out as I stayed centered on top of his chest with my breast and arms wrapped around his head. It was very painful for him as I had the move in so tight we both had trouble getting out of it. I keep him in it for a few minuites despite him crying out in submission becouse I was so proud of myself. And the fact of the matter It almost felt like I could have raped him if I wanted to and this really felt hot and dirty but the move felt too painful to carry out as it was a little uncomfortable and humiliating for him especially.I share this story becouse it still makes me wonder if any of you other bigger women ever caught a man like this.

WENDY WMar 21 2012 7:21pm
My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlyApr 15 2012 9:18pm
I hired a live-in maid a few years ago. I was too busy with work and my parents were always getting on me about how dirty my house was. I hired her through a company and a week later she came. I was startled at first when I saw her. She was a black woman, about 6'3 and, what I found out later to be, was about around 215 pounds being an ex high school track star but had stopped due to injury to her back. She had a pretty smile and was very charming as I showed her the house. As the weeks went on I couldn't stop thinking about her. I had never known myself to be attracted to a larger woman, but she was something else. I'm about 5'4 120 pounds, so fairly small by anyone's standards. One day as I was stepping out of the shower and into my room she walked in. We were both embarrassed at first, but then she startled to giggle as she looked me up and down. I startled to smile to and we approached each other. I looked up into her eyes and instinctively jumped and she caught me. It was bliss. We began to kiss and she started to remove her clothes while still holding me. She set me down on the bed and I looked at her in her underwear. She was massive. She was not "cut" but still had that female look to her but her legs were massive. They were over twice the size of mine and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. She saw me staring and sat down on the bed next to me and allowed me to feel her legs. I touched them at first and felt the rock hard muscle and eventually started kissing them, and then hugging them, and finally ended up humping them to her delight. I was around 30 at this time and found out during this episode that she was only 18 years old. I felt like such a child in her massive arms. I asked her if she could lift me around and she agreed. She carried me in all manners of ways, including lifting me straight over her head, which she said was extremely easy. I was in such ecstasy and desire that once anytime she held me against her buddy I instantly began humping her, which she loved. Our relationship began to change after that, with me rushing to get home to have my amazon woman hold me. She began to take more charge and became my master essentially, always rewarding me with a lift so I could hump her. I loved it.

None of this is realApr 17 2012 11:32am
I have a wife whois stronger and loves it.

frankApr 19 2012 11:03am
My husband is slim and not too strong. I am on the other hand about 20 lbs. heavier and maybe an inch taller tham him. I have been working out and have a job that requires some lifting. I have toned arms and a flat stomach and am rather stocky. The other morning for some reason he was sitting on the counter and I packed into him and said hop on. He says are you kidding you will hurt your back! She said that if I was too heavy she would put me down. I said OK and leaned forward and she pulled me off the counter. I was surprised that she held me easily and for about a minute. She set me back on the counter and turned to face me and I just said WOW. She grinned and moved between my legs and gave me a long kiss and pulled me towards her. I wrapped my legs around her waist and she lifted me again of the counter. I put my head on her shoulder and she asked if I minded that she was strong. Are you kidding I asked this is really cool. She carried me into living room and said she had wanted to show me how her gym work was paying off. I sat in her lap and felt her arms and couldn't believe how firm they were! I have my very own Amazon I half joked. She moved me off and moved the coffee table and pulled me on the rug. She wrestled me for about ten minutes. I couldn't do much but except groan as she put me in holds and pretty much wore me down. She finally got off me and I lay there pretty helpless. She towelled herself and I lay there admiring how buff she looked. She came over and she was really excited. We were naked and she was on top with my lesgs spread underneath her. She was now in charge she said I laid there as she took control. When we finished she lay there and said we have to go upstairs and finish some other things she had planned. I said Im exhausted I cant move She sat up and said no need too! She flexed her arms and said remember you have an Amazon here. She stood up and pulled me to my feet. I leaned on her and she giggled. She bend down and I fell over her shoulder she raised up and I could only gasp as she held me with out much effort. She carried me out of the living room and towards the stairs. Do you enjoy this? She asked. I love it and you are really strong! I am so glad you do because it totally turns me on she replied. Dangling over her shoulder she could tell I was gtting excited. She walked up the stairs lightly spanking me. We got to the bedroom she went to the dresser and she asked if I was game I said sure. She pulled out a toy and showed it to me. I gasped again and she said this is the main event! She threw me on the bed and I was converted. My Amazon had total control and she lifts me and I love it.

jonasApr 19 2012 11:48am
jonas, is it your wife that starts to write or are you just making things up, or perhaps you are very confused

AnonymousMay 15 2012 11:01am
im a 38 year old male 5'10 240lbs and very out of shape but i dont believe any woman can beat me wrestling

chain smokerJun 10 2012 8:02pm
when I saw my wife for first time ,I couldnot believe myself that there was woman had strong muscle like this.At this time I was very happy because I found my dream .I speaked to her and we became friend .I played armwrestling with me she told me that I can use my two hands against her one hand ,she beat me and I was surprise about that she told me to play wrestling .she carry me on her shoulder and put me on the floor between her strong legs I couldnot do anything with her and finually I decided to marry her and I told her If she have aproblem that she is very stronger than me ? she said that woman should be stronger than her husband ,I live very happy with her because I do every thing she told me to do and I canot do anything until she accept this thing because I do something before tell her she hit me and broken my hand but she apologize for me and she give me gift and I apologize also because I do something without tell her

maznJun 22 2012 2:19pm
my wife dominante on me at every thing ,I canot go out home until she agree ,I canot choose any clothes for me ,she choose every thing ,I canot sleep until she agree ,she select food that I eat ,she agreed for me to write here she said for me and every thing for me she posses It and I am very happy about that because she is very very stronger than me . my muscle is nothing in compare of her muscle I love to touch her muscle by my two hand and kiss It ,she very happy about that ,she want to be body builder.she beat me again and again and carry me like ababy .I love when she took me out home on her motorcycle and riding behind her and holds in her muscle .After we back home I take off shoes for my wife because she ordered me to do that.I love my wife and I will live all my life with her .my wife is the leader to our home and Iam very happy about that

maznJun 22 2012 3:21pm
my wife dominante on me at every thing ,I canot go out home until she agree ,I canot choose any clothes for me ,she choose every thing ,I canot sleep until she agree ,she select food that I eat ,she agreed for me to write here she said for me and every thing for me she posses It and I am very happy about that because she is very very stronger than me . my muscle is nothing in compare of her muscle I love to touch her muscle by my two hand and kiss It ,she very happy about that ,she want to be body builder.she beat me again and again and carry me like ababy .I love when she took me out home on her motorcycle and riding behind her and holds in her muscle .After we back home I take off shoes for my wife because she ordered me to do that.I love my wife and I will live all my life with her .my wife is the leader to our home and Iam very happy about that

maznJun 22 2012 3:22pm
hello I am 26 years old and I love strong and muscular women, and I actually made my GF go to the Gym for that reason ... and I keep checking on her muscles yet i don't want her to know that I love for her to lift me and flex her muscles for me, coz I am afraid she'd think I am a weirdo or something. any of you guys had that problem? and what did yo do?

axelJun 29 2012 2:01am
hello I am 26 years old and I love strong and muscular women, and I actually made my GF go to the Gym for that reason ... and I keep checking on her muscles yet i don't want her to know that I love for her to lift me and flex her muscles for me, coz I am afraid she'd think I am a weirdo or something. any of you guys had that problem? and what did yo do?

axelJun 29 2012 2:15am
Personally, for me as a boy, I d taked it like a challenge. I d said that I like a strong girl to have a challenge that make me work out hard for beat her.

MikeJul 09 2012 5:06pm
my boyfriend is 5 ft 7 15-155 pounds. He is all muscle. He says he can benchpress 225 and squat 310. He is also a boxer. I dont use the gym. He will probably destroy me in a fist fight because he also does kickboxing however at 363 pounds and at 5ft 6 i can beat him at grappling and wrestling stuff. I can lift him but he cant lift me.

bigandbeautifulJul 14 2012 8:11am
Pfff im a 20 yo stud. 6'1'' and 184 pounds of solid muscle. Id wipe the mats with any woman foolish enough to take me on in wrestling. Any challangers? drop me an email

Alpha maleJul 27 2012 7:08am
Me and my wife have been together for about 10 years now, Im 52 years old and about 5'5 my wife is 46 and 6'2 she often wears very tall heels which can make her over a foot taller than me! when we were dating she would often put me in holds or pins because she is so much bigger and so much taller than me, there would be time where she out my head in between her giant thighs and there would be no chance for escape for me I only weigh about 135 pounds she weighs at least 275 pounds so im considered a "little man" like most women ive dated call me

PeterAug 05 2012 1:53pm
I am lier in everything that I told above . I donot have wife . I wrote what I want .I am sorry . I tried to delete post but I didnot know

maznSep 14 2012 6:45am
I wrestle with my husband quite often. It is something I used to do with my brother when we were kids, and I still enjoy overpowering someone bigger and stronger than myself. I am not ashamed to admit that I go for the balls more often than not. I make no excuses for this: after all, it is his balls that give him his extra strength, so it is only fair that I should target them in a fight against him,surely? The odd thing is, though, that the strength advantage that his balls give him does not seem to compensate for their vulnerability. I mean, if I hit his balls hard (ALWAYS accidental!!!)or give them a good squeeze, he becomes helpless with pain, and is quite defenceless against any further attack by me! This seems odd to me: I mean, whats the point of having the extra strength if one little blow or squeeze renders a guy helpless? Never been able to understand this paradox, but it sure makes playfighting interesting, and the sexual contact usually leads to great sex later!

sarahOct 03 2012 3:46pm
Im 32 170lbs my wife is 26 135lbs.She has been riding horses for 15yrs,swimming competive for the same and took karate for 4yrs.Her thighs are rock solid and alot bigger than mine.She love to win,and she always does when we wrestle.The first time she beat me when we were dating i was embarrased.She had got me in a body scissor hold,she let me struggle laughing and saying good luck gettin outta this!Then she put the squeeze on me and i tapped out real fast lol.I wanted a rematch,not knowing she had a green belt in bjj lol Next match i ended up pinned and unable move in a grapevine.That was humbeling,she said dont worry ive never lost to any of my other bfs before.Then told me that she had 4yrs grappling.7yrs later and we both r fine with it.Its fun,excersise and i like that she can handle her self.The best was when my friend said he could beat any chick at wrestling.Hes smaller than me,my wife couldnt resist.It took about 1 min for her to get him in a RNC hold.Her legs wrapped around him from behind with a tight choke hold on his neck.He was pissed and wouldnt tapout,she warned him to tap or hes gonna get hurt.Not wanting to choke him out she put full squeeze on him with her legs,wow did he yell tapping out lol.

AnonymousOct 14 2012 7:33am
I am afraid of these powerful women

MajaOct 18 2012 5:19am
I am from india and when i saw this page i am afraid of these powerful women how thair men lives tougther

MajaOct 18 2012 5:25am
I am a married women. My husband is 5 ft 9 and about 165 pounds of muscle. He is stronger pound for pound but I am stronger full stop. I am 5 ft 7 and about 350 pounds. Yes your heard me right. And when we have a fun wrestling match he has no chance because wrestling is about weight and I am nearly 200 pounds heavier than him. I am more than double of him. Sometimes I feel pike if I wanted I can rape him looooooll

AshleyOct 23 2012 6:03pm
I never met a girl or saw one who is stronger than me im 19 weigh 210 lbs. Bench 335 squat 390. Deadlift 485 and i can do 40 pullups 10 muscle ups so its hard to find a girl who is stronger than me and i dont want a girl to be stronger than me :p

MrghasemNov 05 2012 1:04am
My girlfriend is 6'0" 260 lbs and i am 5'8" 120 lbs and she can beat me in armwrestling with me using both hands. I once tried to wrestle her when we were alone and it did not go as planned. We were standing up straight so i ran and tried to jump onto her and pin her down but she just stood there laughing. Then she laid me down and sat on me and then pinned me down. Another time we were making out and she is taller than me and did not want to bend over to kiss me so she lifted me straight off the ground and i wrapped my legs around her and after kissing she carrie me around like that for 30 minutes straight. She always lets me sit on her lap and in school when she gives me hugs or kisses she lifts me off the ground to let everyone know shes stronger than me

JarredNov 10 2012 10:24pm
Ashley, I am about your size and my hubby is 150 lbs, he is not strong. I was very active in powerlifting and shot putting when I was younger, I still lift a lot of weights and is in rather good shape to be so big. I lift my husband easily with one arm and place him in my big lap, like a puppy. He didn't like that at first but I love my little husband and really like to lift him and have him in my lap. I can bench 200 lbs nowadays, I just to be able to lift more but 200 is enough. This means I can easily lift my husband over my head if I want to. My sister is 250 lbs and my mother is 245 so we are big girls in my family. And strong.

RachelDec 05 2012 4:17am
HI..iLIFT AND CARRY MAN for money.i m a girl of 20.piz contact me 8001915823.low prise.

lc prosFeb 21 2013 12:03am
Not afraid of strong women. Did beat a very strong woman repeatedly in arm wrestling who was about 220# and rock hard solid. She was surprised but we remained good friends as I helped her at work. We both knew that I was no match for her in total body strength. However, she was beaten up by a mentally retarded resident at a home and it took five strong guys to get him off her. I got her into a different line of work as being a puinching bag was not my idea of how a lady should be treated, no matter how strong she was.

williamgossetJun 24 2013 8:29pm
Greetings to all Stronger Wife / Weaker Hubby couples : if you both indulged in the Muscular Erotic Chastity Penile-Vaginal Muscle Lock/Choke/Hold you find it much more pleasurable/intense/Orgasmic than Grapevine : the erect Penis's tip is just inserted into the Lip of the Lady's Vagina ! Both partners inhale deeply & withold Breath : both squeeze their intense Base Muscles of their respective Penis/Vagina !!! Intense Orgasmic pleasure continues indefinitely as long as they maintain the Breath-Control & Muscular Choke/Lock/Hold ! because there is no rubbing , friction or loss of Semen this can be continued indefinitely by the partners throughout the Night depending on their Fitness Levels of course !! Victory Father Penis ! Victory Mother Vagina !!

AG9Aug 14 2013 10:51am
idOOzX Thank you ever so for you blog post.Really thank you! Great.

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5yyGno Thank you ever so for you article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

pvRojKyeSVOct 15 2013 10:28pm
rio6iG I really liked your blog.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

nEIWjNfcyYSmrLRfOyOct 24 2013 6:32pm
hi i'm 15 years old and i want to wrestle w strong muscular girl

AnonymousMar 04 2014 1:54am
Ex spice girl mel.c a good arm wrestler train in judo

OooooooooMar 09 2014 1:32am

AnonymousJul 01 2014 1:02am
i am small man 5'3 and 50 kg live in delhi my as paying guest land lady is is punjaban and big lady 6'2 and 120 kg and she is widow , i use to affraid off her but one day she come in my room and i was in under wear , she saw me suddenly left the room and then after some time she come and say u are so cute small like baby and she lift me from my armpit and ask i have any girl friend i say no,,she smile and say will u my boy freind , i was so scared i say i have to think she say kk and say i will take care as your mother and she kiss me left me and at that night she come in my room rapes me and i could not do any thing , she daily rapes me and sex toy werstle with me and beat me..........

jjjjjjjjjjjjJul 01 2014 1:16am
BEVPIs Major thankies for the article.Thanks Again.

UNyGusYofJul 18 2014 8:06am
sJW95W Thanks a lot for the post. Much obliged.

BcCsPAVkgOBsXrbibbJul 18 2014 8:06am
my wife is 5'7" and weighs 175 lb. she keeps fit by walking on a treadmill. Do you think you could beat her and how would it end.

chipsterJul 22 2014 7:01am
3UVYeM I truly appreciate this post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

pzEDFaisfcJqDbAug 05 2014 10:51pm
I can lift about the same weight as my girlfriend, but she is far more athletic. She works out often and could easily outlast me. Strange part is she is about about 80 pounds lighter than me and about 10 inches shorter. Her body is much more toned, and she has a great 6 pack. It really turns me on to see her body, and I am glad to have her as my girlfriend.

AnonymousOct 12 4:03am
i beat up my husband he is 6'5 and i am 5'9 he is an ex marine and i am an ex army MP not long ago he came home drunk i was in the kitchen he came behind me and tried to choke me i flipped him over my shoulder and put my foot on his throat until he begged me to let him go the next day he said i was lucky he was drunk i have beaten many boys and knew i could beat him i said lets find out lets wrestle i won made him submitt he said that not a real fight i said fight for real at first he didnt want to saying he would hurt me i went up to him like i was going to hug him and kneed him really hard in his balls while was laying in pain i said when you quit crying like a bitch let me know so we can start after 5 min he got up and came at me i beat him to a pulp made him beg me to stop. Now i enjoy being a dominant wife. I bought a strap on and i make him gjo get it so i can f*ck him i had my girlfriends come watch i got so horny first time i tried lesbian sex i love my husbands 10 inch c*ck but now i also like a good tounge lashing i also let my girlfriend f*ck my husband while i masturbate watching him in pain while she f*cks him

Army wifeNov 25 10:16pm
you are a sadist bitch Army wife

ex soldierDec 04 8:24am
LL6NN1 Right now it sounds like Drupal is the top blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

GpcippHYcYDec 21 11:33am
I squat 180lbs, bench press 140lbs, deadlift 150lbs, leg press 280. Most of the women I know can lift more than me.

DaleDec 31 2:37pm
dale m 68 kilo can u lift me?

nikhil indiaJan 18 12:58pm
My Girlfriend is way stronger than me. She's an ex-gymnast and continued to workout after she quit gymnastics. She's only 5'4" but she weighs 148 from all of her muscles mostly in her legs. You wouldn't be able to guess that she weighs that much because she's also incredibly slim. Her abs are an incredible 8 pack and are incredibly strong. I've seen her do sit ups with 200 pounds on her chest. Her biceps are 10 1/2" when unforced but when she flexes them they are 12 1/4". They get so much bigger that I've seen them rip through several shirts. Her breasts aren't that big but underneath them are incredibly strong pecs, when she bounces her pecs it's so sexy. And her legs are impossibly strong. She no longer works them out at the local gym because no matter what she wears wether it's yoga pants, volleyball shorts or boy leg shorts, her massive quads will shred them to pieces. One time at school she was wearing a pair of blue jeans when she accidently flexed her thighs and her jeans literally exploded. There was tears on all sides of them and the seam was popped all the way to her ankles. Her max lifts are bench press 340lbs single arm bicep curls 80lbs. Her squat we've never been able to measure because we've never found a bar that's able to hold enough weight for her but she has lifted the front end of my truck a couple inches off the ground as well as squat 800 lbs on a bar but that's all there was room for and the bar was already starting to bend. Besides being incredibly strong she's also incredibly beautiful with long brown hair brown eyes and an incredible appetite for sex. But during our sexual encounters she has to remember to be gentle because one time she got a little out of control and she broke my hips and we couldn't have sex for a couple months which drove her almost crazy.

AnonymousJan 18 3:09pm
I'm very surprised to read about so many strong or muscular women. I also am married to a woman who is strong and quite buffed. Like most of the posts on here, I enjoy her strength and her muscles very, very much. I love feeling her muscles during lovemaking. It feels like a shot of super Viagra, it's hard to explain to a man who has never experienced this? She has incredibly soft skin, under it, hard, hard muscle, especially in her arms and shoulders! It drives me nuts to feel her muscles ripple in my hands. She used to hide her muscle growing up, covering her arms. Now that she sees that her buffed arms turn me on, she wears sleeveless outfits all the time. She loves to tease me into sex by showing off her biceps by brushing or playing with her hair, jokingly telling me, "if you're good, I'll let you feel them". It's as much a part of our foreplay as playing with HER OWN hot spots. My hot spots just happen to be feeling her muscles, especially when she flexes her hard biceps for me. It works for me, strange as that might be for most men?

AnonymousFeb 06 2:43pm

dfgMar 09 9:47am
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