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Whose legs are physically more powerful? MEN'S LEGS OR WOMEN'S LEGS?

Question: Overall (considering the entire adult population), whose legs are stronger? Men's legs or women's legs?
Created by: FANOFEMPOWER at 05:56:54 AM, Monday, June 22, 2009 PDT


Pound by pound a womans legs

AnonymousJun 23 2009 7:42am

Yeah, I definitely believe that a woman's legs are stronger than a man's legs but I would never want her to CRUSH me with her powerful legs WHILE I AM SUCKING HER CLITORIS!!!

AnonymousJun 27 2009 11:39am
there is no tabu anymore and no doubds that physicaly woman's legs are much stronger even pound for pound than men's legs.its natural,because of childbearing woman is equiped with stronger muscles with much higher endurance,so as heart muscles of female can endure unbearable pressure for men.clear example is return of space mission-non of men ever walked away of space mission like the one im talking about on his own legs,only woman was able to do it.all men must use wheelchairs,but one woman crew didnt have to,it was amazing sign how strong woman's legs realy are.

dudeJul 19 2009 9:27am
its realy clear women have stronger legs,more muscular heavier build and with better ability to lift up heavier stuff.

AnonymousJul 29 2009 12:20pm
When I met my wife we quite often play wrestled. She won quite often because of her very strong legs. If I succeded to stay away from them I could win because I was stronger in my upper body. I won perhaps half of the times. After giving birth to our two children my wife wanted to get rid of the extra kgs and signed up to a gym. About a week ago my parents in law had our children and we had the home for ourselves. My wife asked me if I remembered our wrestling matches and if I liked to get thrashed in a match right there. For the first time I really noticed how strong she looked. Her body really filled out with the kids, her shoulders got wider and thighs bigger. The hours in the gym had firmed her up and she looked very strong. And I was bout to find out that she now could dominate me easily since her upper body now was a lot stronger than mine as well. At one poing when we had started the phone rang. My wife just quickly caught my body with her strong legs and had me in a body scissors. She talked with her mother while I tried to get out of her grip. She hardly noticed my struggles. We wrestled several times more that weekend, I wasn't even close to win one single match. My legs are like tooth picks compared to her's.

Skinne legged manAug 09 2009 11:56pm
It was my husbands slim, almost boyish body that got me interested in him. He is my height at 172 cm but only 55 kgs. I am 78 kgs, OK some fat but I also have rather big muscles. My thighs are huge with big pillars of muscle and my calves are very big as well. My experience is that women have bigger and stronger legs than men if you compare similar sized men and women. Being so much heavier than my husband one of my legs is actually stronger than his whole body. When we wrestle for fun I just throw one of my big legs over his body and press him down, he is not able to get loose. He is still nerveous sometimes when I have him between my thighs, I could crush him if I wanted but of course I don't want to hurt him. He is weaker than most women when it comes to leg strength.

Big BAug 24 2009 2:22am
i have read about female who held two men between her legs,those men were trying to rape her,but she trapped them both thanks to her amazing strenght in her legs police get them both right after attempt to rape her.

AnonymousSep 12 2009 7:46pm
i thing this question is realy stupid,its clear the woman have nore powerfull legs.there never was a chance for man to compete in legs against woman.

AnonymousSep 12 2009 7:49pm
What are your respective heights and weights, Skinne legged man?

AnonymousOct 14 2009 12:27pm
Obviously female legs are stronger... The Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology, at the University of Colorado in Boulder in 2000 found that female muscle had 75% more endurance over male muscle. The study found that women outlasted men by an average of 75 per cent during muscle contractions under a load. But rather than some kind of motivational effect, the study found the difference was due to some feature of the muscles. In studies carried out at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland, for example, 10 male and nine female strength athletes (powerlifters and body-builders) performed 20 maximal squat lifts, with three minutes of recovery between each lift. After the 20 lifts, the fatigued leg muscles of both males and females had lost about 20-24% of their maximal strength. However, various indicators of muscular power favoured the females. For one thing, the force-time curve  an indicator of muscles ability to contract powerfully and quickly  changed negatively by 28% in the males over the course of the workout but dropped by only 19% in the females. Females also recovered from the 20-lift session more quickly. One hour after the workout, female lifters leg muscles could generate about 92% as much force as before the session, whereas male muscles were just 79% as strong. Why was the fatigue greater and recovery slower in males? Part of the problem seemed to be that the male lifters nervous systems became less responsive over the course of the workout. From the first to the 20 lift, activation of leg muscles by nerve cells fell by 20-25% in males but held fairly steady in females. While its not clear why male nerve activation should deteriorate more quickly, it is clear that females lose less of their muscular power during heavy-duty resistance training and seem to recover more rapidly once a tough session is over. (Neuromuscular Fatigue and Recovery in Male and Female Athletes during Heavy Resistance Exercise, International Journal of Sports Medicine, vol. 14(2), pp. 53-59, 1993)

AnonymousSep 01 2010 10:55am

ASHESH GHOSEJan 28 2011 12:39pm
Are there any other guys that escaped a womans scissor hold besides me lol

SqueezedMar 27 2012 10:01pm
Are there any other guys that escaped a womans scissor hold besides me lol

SqueezedMar 27 2012 10:07pm
Anybody else think Big B is a man?

Will41May 12 2012 12:48pm
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USPwrYWBowtckISep 24 2013 1:13pm
If a man and woman are the same size a woman's legs would be stronger, but your question was about the overall population and since men tend to be much bigger than women I'd say men- but the gap would be much smaller than for the rest of the body.

LozzengerSep 26 2013 9:18am
PS: I can tell by your username what you actually wanted to hear, go to a fetish site or something if you want a sexually charged biased answer...

LozzengerSep 26 2013 9:30am
Men in general have stronger legs. Just go to the gym and look who 's squatting more or leg pressing more and your answer will 9 times out of 10 be men.

AnonymousOct 02 2013 6:06pm
Men in general have stronger legs. Just go to the gym and look who 's squatting more or leg pressing more and your answer will 9 times out of 10 men.

AnonymousOct 02 2013 6:08pm
Men in general have stronger legs. Just go to the gym and look who 's squatting more or leg pressing more and your answer will be 9 times out of 10 men. We're more coordinated in general too with leg strength.

AnonymousOct 02 2013 6:10pm
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