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Bigger younger brother

Question: My younger brother is a lot bigger and stronger than me, but didn't make a big deal out of it until recently, when he found out his penis is bigger than mine he took the big brother role, treats me like the younger brother, and constantly reminds me about how superior he is compared to me. Have you had experiences like this, and if not, what would you feel like if it happended to you?
Created by: tinyboy at 09:41:08 AM, Sunday, September 13, 2009 PDT


I am 15, and my little brother is 13. He is 5'9.8" and I am 5'3.6", his shoesize is 11 and mine is 8. He never mentioned anything about him being bigger, except for laughing a bit when our relatives made jokes about it he was really nice. But when we was finished in the gym we were the only ones in the locker room, I was going to shower, and hid my penis from him with my hands because I had noticed how huge his speedo and boxer bulges was, and I didn't want him to find out that my penis was smaller than his. He asked what my penis size was, I told him I wasn't sure, and he asked if I was ashamed of it since I was hiding it. I thought it would be silly to lie so I said "yeah kind of." I smiled, and told me to show him, I took my hands away, and he laughed when he saw my soft poking 1.5 inch nub. He removed his speedo, got in the shower next to me, and said "Looks like I'm more man than you'll ever become, in every area." I nodded, his soft penis was 3-4 times my size, and hanging, his balls were at least twice the size of mines, and he had lots of hair where I hadn't any. He asked me if I used to shave my pubic area, I told him I didn't, he laughed and said "Are you kidding me, haven't you grown hair yet?" Then he made me lift my girlish arms, there was no hair there either, but he was proud to prove that he had a forest of hair in his armpits. A friend of him suddenly came into the showers, they greeted, and I noticed the friend was tall and had big muscles, but not as much as my brother, he also had a big hairy c*ck, almost my brother's size. He said to my brother "You never told me you had a little brother." My brother smiled and said "Well, this is certainly not my big brother, so yes I have a little brother." His friend bowed down to face my eyes, and asked "So, how old are you, little fella? According to your body I would say 10 or maybe 11, but your wee wee is quite small so I'll go for 8, are you a tall 8 year old?" My brother said "He's 9" and his friend answered "Yeah I figured it had to be something like that, because he looks like he's 11, but when I was 11 my c*ck was at least twice the size of his." I admired the two 13 year old men, they weren't pathetic boys like me, but they were men, almost gods, at least compared to me. When we got home, and in to the room we shared, I confronted him, and asked him why I told him I was his little brother. He said "Because you are my little brother, and besides would you rather want me to tell him you were my 15 year old older brother, wouldn't that be humiliating?" I agreed. He put my left hand in my own pants, and my right one into his. His c*ck was gigantic compared to mine. He asked if I could feel the difference. I said "yes" still holding my hands in our crotches. And he said "That's the biggest proof I'm more man than you'll ever become." I nodded. Then he slammed me down to the floor, pinned me down, and said "admit I'm stronger than you" I tried to break loose for several minutes but the resistance was futile. I finally said "Ok, your stronger than me." He told me to call him big brother, I did, and this seemed to excite him, his c*ck became hard, and even tough his crotch was several inches above mine, as he laid on top of me, his huge penis bulge trough his boxers touched my penis, and it became hard too. He told me to promise to suck him, and then he would release me. I did, and his penis was still hard when I was finnished, so he said we had to compare. We found out that he is 7.9 inches and I am 2.3. Then our roles really reversed, he became the big brother, and I became the little brother he gets to bully around, I do all his chores, and everything he asks me to do, and call him big brother, he always calls me little brother or boy, and when he inttroduces me to friends he says I'm his little brother

tinyboySep 13 2009 5:45pm

Wow, I can really relate to your story. My younger brother is bigger and stronger and much better endowed than me. What are your respective weights? How muscular is your younger brother? What are your respective flexed bicep sizes?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comSep 14 2009 12:17pm
Hey bsized4point5, I just read your story, I can see how it's much like mine. I asked him about his measurements, and he laughed and said "You really wanna know, little boy?" And we compared our weights and biceps. I weigh about 150 ibs, and he weighs about 160. He's really muscular, you can easily see the shape of his muscles. I on the other hand have skinny girl-like arms. My flexed biceps are 9 inches, his is 13.

tinyboySep 17 2009 3:52pm
tinyboy, how do you feel about your younger brother being bigger, stronger, and much better endowed than you?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comSep 18 2009 3:13pm
I feel humiliated, embarassed, but at the same time turned on. I love the fact that he's bigger stronger and much better endowed than me, and is constantly giving me comments about how superior he is compared to me. How do you feel about your brother being all those things?

tinyboySep 18 2009 5:10pm
I have always been a bit small (about 5'5"), I hadn't seen my younger brother in 2 years (since he was 12 and I was 18) but now he is 14, and I am 20. Last time I saw him he was about a couple of inches shorter than me or something. A couple of months ago I moved in with my family again, because I lost my job and apartment. I was shocked to see my little brother towering over me. He had really large muscles too. He said "Hi, little brother, long time, no see." he would never have dared call me anything like that before. He asked how tall I was, and I answered 5'5", He laughed and told me he was 5'10". The next day we were home alone, and I was walking into the living room wearing only my boxers and T-shirt, I didn't notice I had a *****. I was singing quietly, he confronted me, looked down at my crotch, laughed and asked "why are you so happy? have you just won a tiny-penis contest or something?" I looked down at my crotch, and noticed I had a fully erected thin little bulge. I looked at his crotch, and noticed a giant soft bulge. I can't believe he's so much bigger than me in every way. He took my hand into his pants, and my other hand into my own boxers, and said "you gotta admit there's a great difference here, looks like I'm more man than you in every way." I nodded, his penis and his balls were at least twice my size. He asked how many inches my penis was, I said I didn't know, and he said we'd better measure then. He made me take of my pants, and said my balls looked like peas. He said "Lets have a competition, the smallest guy have to suck the largest one's penis." I said we already knew who was largest. He lifted me from the ground, and said "Are you doubting what I tell you, boy?" He measured my penis, and it was 3.2 inches, he measured his own and it was 7.8 inches, He sat down in a chair, leaned back, and said "come on, little brother, give me the prize." I had to suck his penis. And now he always calls me little brother or boy, takes a "measurement competition" every week, and treats me like ****. I can't believe how my little brother became my big brother.

Roy CSep 19 2009 4:53pm
If it were me in his (the op's) situation, I would enjoy the fact that his younger bigger brother has a bigger penis and bigger muscles and simply look up to him for that. That shouldn't be a problem for the op as long as his bigger younger brother is not a bully. In fact, it may even strengthen their relationship as brothers!!! Resent and jealousy on the part of the older brother (the op) would only pull them further apart. What good would that do? I was a younger brother growing up with an older brother (my only brother) but I never had any of these kinds of encounters or experiences with him. In fact, believe it or not, I never even saw my brother's penis!!! However, my one big fantasy as a very tall boy with a slight build (a fantasy that I wish I could have turned into reality) was if I could have had A VERY SHORT bigger younger SISTER!!! I mention "very short" because one day, a very short, very stocky girl in school who was much heavier (fatter) than I was saw how skinny I was so she challenged me to see which one of us was stronger. The fact that I towered over her considerably did nothing at all to discourage her from challenging me. I accepted her challenge, thinking I could beat her because I stood way taller than her. I ended up on the floor!!! When I lost, I started developing fantasies about a much shorter, bigger, heavier, stronger, younger SISTER reversing the roles and assuming the role of big sister over me (her would-be older, much taller skinnier brother) which is similar to what the op is pointing out about his younger bigger brother reversing the roles and assuming the role of big brother over him (his ACTUAL older brother). I grew up with a younger sister but she was not big and strong. She was very slender. However, there was a family whose members included a very tall, very skinny brother (like me) and a very short, very stocky, much heavier younger sister (like that short stocky girl in school who overpowered me and then floored me). That younger sister was obviously way bigger and stronger than her older brother even though he stood way taller than she did. I was witnessing my fantasy right there before my very eyes in actuality!!! I wondered what went on behind closed doors. I thought to myself: She must already have established herself as having taken the dominant role over him. I fantasized her beating him at armwrestling and outlifting him in weightlifting (and perhaps even lifting him over her head!!!) in order for her to gain that dominant role over him. But how do you compare penis size with a bigger younger sister? YOU CAN'T!!! You can't because SHE HAS A VAGINA!!! A penis and a vagina are exact opposites so you can't compare the size of a penis to the size of a vagina. Still, I fantasized what they might be doing ALL ALONE AT HOME!!! If the op feels "inferior" because his younger brother has a bigger penis and bigger muscles, I wonder how he would feel if he had a bigger younger SISTER with A VAGINA and BIGGER MUSCLES taking the big sister role, treating him like the younger brother and constantly reminding him about how superior she is compared to him. Would he (the op) rather be "the little brother" dominated by a bigger, stronger, younger brother with a larger penis and bigger muscles? Or would he (the op) rather be "the little brother" dominated by a bigger, stronger, younger SISTER who has A VAGINA and BIGGER MUSCLES??? While I myself would opt for the bigger younger sister (my fantasy), I think he (the op) would opt for the bigger younger brother (his reality).

AnonymousSep 20 2009 1:19am
my brother is hung, and has been since the day he was born. we are 10 years apart in age. i have been average size my whole life and am 5 inches by 5 inches now at 22. He though is amazing how big he was and gets. He was 2 inches long soft as a newborn. it didnt grow much from then until he was in 1st grade, then it was 2.5 inches soft and 3 inches hard. he was 7. I had reached 5 inches when i was 12. i am only about 1 inch soft. i am a grower. my brother is a shower and a well endowed person :D haha. at 12 he now is well in the swing of puberty and boy does his dick swing. he is 5 inches long soft 4 inches around soft. and he is 8 inches long hard and 6 inches around. he is twice as big all of his school mates and most people in general he has seen naked. but he shouldn't grow anymore.

AnonymousOct 07 2009 11:30am
I'm 16 and have a 13 year old younger brother. I asked him to clean up a mess he made in the living room, he said he didn't want to. Then I said he had to. And he dragged of my pants and my boxers, took oone of his own used condoms out of his pocket and made me put it on. It was way too big for me, and he laughed and said "When you're man enough to fill that condom, you're my equal, and then you can tell me what to do, until then you're just a little boy." And now he always names me little brother, and tells me what to do

PymoidOct 08 2009 5:48pm
My little brother is always making fun of me for having a little penis

JFOct 20 2009 4:43pm
Hi, I'm 16, something like that happened to me, but it was with my brother and his friend, both of them are 13. We went swimming in a lake, and I got hard from looking at a very hot tall 14 year old girl from our neighbourhood, who has a big bust, and a perfect butt. She was wearing a bikini. My brother noticed my hard little penis poking out inside my shorts and making a bulge. I could see the excited look on his face. The three of us went to a secret little place, and my brother said we should compare penises. His friend agreed, but said i was probably the biggest since i was the oldest. My brother said he wasn't so sure about that, and said the smallest one should be the slave of the two other, and do everything they tell him to. I had no choice but to agree, if I backed out they would have known I was afraid two 13 year olds was bigger than me. All of us removed our shorts at the same time, and I was amazed by how huge they were. My penis is about 3.5 inches erected, and my brother's friend looked about twice my size, and my brother was even bigger. Both of them bursted out in laughter and said it was the smallest thing they had ever seen. Both of them had lots of pubic hair, big fat penises, and large hanging balls. I on the other hand have a small, thin penis, just a little pubic hair, very small balls that are not hanging at all. My brother's friend said "I thought you was like 16, but you haven't gone trough puberty yet, looks like you have to call your brother "big brother" from now on" Then they took a picture of us 3 naked, wich they could use as a levarage if i didn't follow their bidding, and they made me go up to the hot girl i was looking at and her friends, grab her boobs, say I love her, have her grab my crotch, then giggle, and run away like a girl. I did exactly what they told me to, and now they always call me little boy.

RonNov 18 2009 5:04pm
I knew my little brother was bigger than me, all growing up we shared a small room, slept in the same bed, shared a bathroom. I am short for my age and he is tall for his age. He wears almost the same size clothes I do, and since he is a strong muscular 11 year old, that has been in puberty since he was 9. I am 13 and just started this year. he is really buff and ripped, and loves to wear tight clothes or nothing at all to show off more. His friends all love that he is the younger well endowed brother that flaunts his penis and big balls in front of me, flexing etc. He has an even tan over his entire body since he sunbathes and swims naked in our pool. He isn't a freak in the dick department at 6 inches hard and 5 inches around, but on a muscular 11 year old it looks huge compared to his skinny pale 13 year old brother. Who only has a penis that is 3 and a half inches long when hard. A size my younger brother had beat when he was in like 1st or 2nd grade.

ChrisD.Nov 19 2009 7:50am
I am 16, my little brother is 13. he have almost always been bigger than me, the last time we compared penises was when i was 12 and he was 9. Then I barely won, woth like 0.5 inches. He's taller than me, I am the one getting the old clothes that doesn't fit him anymore, instead of the other way around. My brother asked me about my penis size, and we compared, it turned out he is 7.2 inches, and I am 2.9

Mr. TeenyNov 27 2009 6:06pm
i am the bigger younger brother. i have had a big penis as far back as i can remember. since pre school really, bathrooms there had a trough type urinal, i remember pulling out a penis that was always twice the size of all the other boys. i grew young, started puberty at 9 or 10. i was really into gymnastics and wrestling , and swam on a team too. so i wore a lot of skimpy spandex suits lol. it showed my bulge off nice. my older brother is a nerd, a stick thin tall gangly dork of a guy. i would pick him up all the tiime and laugh at how a kid 6 years younger than he was is stronger than him. i had muscles my whole life, abs that at 10 with hormones and a new weight set turned into ripped 8 pack abs and pecs, hell my whole body had muscles, i could flex my ass and you could see striations in it l,ol. i had a 6 inch hard penis when i was 12, i remember that since it was half my age on my n=birthday i would always measure my whole body. it stopped growing in length at 13 when it hit 8 inches lomg, and over the years has grown a little thicker from 6 inches around to 6.5 inches. i am 23 now. i bulked up huge in H.S. thought i wanted to be a bodybuilder, but never wanted to take steroids. so i have slimmed back down and got really ripped again. i am short so my dick looks huge on this 5'6" body covered in muscle.

AnonymousDec 01 2009 8:25am
I am 16 years old, and my 13 year old brother is bigger than me. I am about 5'1" and he's 5'9". He's dating a 16 year old beautiful girl in my class. Once she came over to our house, the three of us were sitting in the couch. Then his girlfriend said it was so strange that I was older than him, yet much smaller and thinner. He laughed and agreed. Then she made us stand next to eachother on the floor. His tall muscled body was huge compared to mine. She laughed and said I looked like a 10 year old boy, and he looked like my 17 year old big brother. Both of them laughed very much. Then she noted how small my feet was, she said he had big manly feet, and I had small girl feet, like her own size. He was very proud, and smiled c*cky at me. She made us take of our shirts, and i saw that he was very muscular. I on the other hand am pale and skinny. She made us lift our arms, and he revealed a bush of armpit hair, i only had 5-6 thin hairs. Both of them started laughing. And then his girlfriend said "Time for the final, most important test, penis size, let's make it a little interesting, the one with the smallest dick will become the other one's slave." My brother agreed, and I had no choice but to do the . We removed our pants, and I could see his full soft penis bulge, i only had a thin poking thing. They started to laugh, then she grabbed his crotch with one hand, and said "ooooh, nice." then she grabbed mine with her aviable hand, and laughed. She said to me "I think you're gonna need some help getting hard, little one." she's taller than me, my face is the same height as her large breasts. She grabbed my head, and pushed my face into her cleavage. she said "you don't get to feel that very often do you?" And my penis got hard. We removed our boxers, and both of them laughed when they saw my hairless skinny little penis. She said "You are like a 5 year old" And asked if I was teased a lot in the showers at the gym. I said yes, and she said "My big boy here is probably admired by all the other boys." referring to my brother. His penis was huge, thick, had lots of hair, and two gigantic hanging balls. One of his balls was probably twice the size of my entire ballsack. Then she walked over to me, and asked if I didn't have balls. Then she lifted my tiny penis, and revealed my two tight little non hanging balls. She took my hand and made my grab his balls, they were huge, hot, soft and almost pulsating, than she made me grabe mines with my other hand, they were cold, hard and tiny. She said "Do you feel the difference." I nodded. She made me grab his penis, it was also gigantic and really thick, i could barely grip around it with my hand. And she made me grab my penis. It was smaller than my hand, and I only used two fingers. She made me suck his penis, and I was like "suck my little bro? are you crazy?" He said "It's big brother now, boy" and then i became his slave, or "bitch".

SandersDec 01 2009 5:46pm
My little brother's penis is tice the size of mine, he's always making fun. i'm 17, he's 14

AnonymousDec 04 2009 5:24am
My little brother's penis is tice the size of mine, he's always making fun. i'm 17, he's 14

AnonymousDec 04 2009 6:53am
I think I know how you guys must feel, I'm a 15 year old girl with hardly any curves at all, and very small breasts. My little sister who is only 13 is taller than me, very slim, kinda curvy and have big breasts, she started puberty long before I did. And I am using some of her old clothes and even her old underwear, wich doesn't fit her anymore. She always calls me little sis, and is making fun of me in many ways, she uses to make me look at her breasts, and push my face into them.

AlexisDec 11 2009 5:14pm
My little brother is 13, and I'm 16, one day he just came int my room and asked for a penis size contest. I said no at first. And then he said "So you admit that I'm more man than you?" Then I just had to accept it. I was amazed when I saw that he had a large 6.5 inch penis with lots of hair, and large hanging balls. He just laughed at my little 3.5 incher with no hair, and balls that have barely dropped. He treated me like crap all the time after that, and one day while we were at a cafeteria a hot girl walked over to our table, she thought we were buddies at the same age, but he told her he was my big brother. And after we chatted for a while, she said she liked us both and said we could fight over her. My brother just put his hand in my pants, grabbed my balls, and said "who's the man here?" She laughed, and I walked away and let him have the girl.

PeterexDec 12 2009 5:44pm
I went with my little brother and some of his friends to the pool, it was late and we were the only ones left, so we went to the locker room, and when they undressed i was amazed by their sizes. All of them is 13 years old, and I am 15, yet all of them was much bigger than me, and all of them laughed and commented on how small i am.

JamiehorseDec 15 2009 4:25pm
went sledding with my younger step brother and his friends. he is 11 and so are they i am 17. i took them all in the truck to a big hill. parents went to a party. we get back to the house and they are all wet and freezing. we all strip down to our underwear and get ouside to the hot tub. then all got nude and got into the hot tub. i saw their penises as they got in, due to the cold all of us were pretty shriveled up. we get talking about girls etc. and the heat and us being alone for the whole day gets us horny. they all towel off and we head inside in our towels. start watching a porno and all start jacking off together. my step brother is reluctant to show us his penis, i am 6 inches long, his frinds are all between 3-4.5 inches. he pulls out a 7 inch long penis that is thin for its length only barely 4 inches around. looks like a long thin hot dog.he has to use two hands to jack off and they arent enough to cover the size of it. he blows a massive load all over himself.

AnonymousDec 26 2009 9:11am
I can relate to 'Sanders' story above. Firstly, I want to ask just why some younger brothers are such 'a### holes' when it comes to this issue. I am sure they wouldn't like being in our position, yet that doesn't stop them from mistreating us. When I was 14, I looked like I was a typical 12 year old; my younger brother was 12 and he looked a mature 14 or 15. Despite the fact that we shared the same room, we managed to not see each other naked until that fateful day, when he was 11 and I was 13. I was a late bloomer and had no pubes at 13. So I assumed that my little brother was the same as myself. I arrived home from school a little later than usual one day and walked into our joint room just as he was coming out of the shower. Knowing I was not home, he walked in naked. His thick public bush was starring me in the face. He noticed my eyes widen as I remained fixed on his package. His limp was at least 4 inches long. 'Like what you see? that you've seen mine, let me see yours" He would not take 'no' for a response and as he was about 2 inches taller than me and more muscular, he tackled me to the bed and then to the floor. I was no match for him and soon he was sitting on my stomach (still totally naked)...with his 4 incher now growing due to the excitement. As inched forward towards my head, his ability to pin my arms increased. He then reached behind him and felt for crotch. As he squeezed around that area, he exclaimed: "You have nothing there. With that remark, he spun around, still sitting on my chest and removed my shorts and saw my hairless boy c*ck, the whole 2 inches of erect boy c*ck. He laughed and began moving his whole body towards it, so that his growing monster was touching mine. I knew that he was comparing. He then got up and made me get up for a stand up comparison. He measured with a ruler: 2.6 vs 6.8 inches and he was only 11-1/2. Fast foward to the parallel with "Sanders'story:- when he was 12, he was dating a 14 year old (on the sly), meaning that our parents did not know. I too was 14 and this girl was in my Grade b not in my class. She came over one afternoon, knowing our parents were never home until after 6.00pm She too remarked that it was strange that the older brother was smaller than the younger and that he looked 14 while I looked 12. W humiliation. She too wanted us to compare, and my brother was quick to respond. By this stage, he was a good 5 inches taller and more muscular. I was skinny. His shoulders were broader and his chest had more of a V-shaped. She made us stand backto-back and front to front. All my protests were to no avail as my brother held me in place. She asked him to remove his shirt, which he did without needing to be asked twice; she unbuttoned mine. She lifted our arms to compare arm pit hair, of which I had none and he had a forest. She kept laughing: "I don't believe it, I don't believe it." hen came the moment of truth, as she whispered in his ear. He nodded a 'no' which I knew meant 'he has no hair down there.' He told him to drop his pants, which he did; he then dropped mine. I couldn't protest, it was two stronger people vs one. At 14, I still had no pubes and only a 3.2 incher. My brother now had 7.4 inches and a bush that was wide and mature. 'My god, you are over twice his size and he is over two years older than you" she exclaimed. She then asked for one of his condoms and after unwrapping it, slid it on me. It was way too big. They both laughed. It was only then that I realized that my younger brother might be sexually active. She took off her top, my younger broher undid her bra, and I realized it wasn't the first time he had done this. She was a little taller than me (my brother's beight) and she told me to touch her boobs, saying "it's probably your first time, isn't it?" The most humiliating comment that day was: "wow, a 14 year old boy and a 12 year old man." He told me to put the condom on my brother's penis. It was a tight fit, in comparison to my loose fit. "Let'show this boy how men do it?' and with that, my 12 year old brother inserted his 7.4incher into her. She moaned. I stood there leaking pre-cum. She rode him at one stage, with her huge boobs flapping like you see on videos. They finsihed pretty quickly and she said she had better be leaving. My brother still had his condom in place. He told me to remove it; I did so. Then he told me to wear it as it might help me grow some hair. My dick was emerged in his cum and he made me keep it on for about half an hour.

alannJan 09 2010 10:59pm
hahahaha you all have tiny dicks.

AnonymousJan 19 2010 10:33pm
My little brother became my big brother when I noticed his penis was twice my size, seriously, it was like 7 inches, and mine is barely 3 :( he's only 14 too, and i'm 17, his balls are huge compared to mine, i wish i was my younger brother lol.

AnonymousFeb 02 2010 4:50pm
i dont get how little bros can suddenly turn into menacing big bros, this happened to me a while ago, i was the big boss always in charge, but then my brother wanted to compare penises, i knew i was very small but i refuse he would know im afraid of him, so i said yes, and when he saw my 2.8 inch thing with two peanuts barely hanging, he laughed and revealed a huge 6 incher with a couple of oranges hanging really low, and lots of hair, then he told me its about time to switch places in our relationship, i was terrifyed, so i agreed, and now hes always bullying me around, and constantly reminds me whos the biggest, it used to be the other way around.

smallFeb 02 2010 5:14pm
btw im 15 hes 13

smallFeb 02 2010 5:14pm
how is it really like to have a small penis? i'm 14 years old, and have a 6.7 inch penis, i make fun of a small 16 year old guy at school in the showers after gym class. he's very short and skinny, and have a very small dick, i like to make him jerk me off, and sometimes bj me, and once i brought a ruler, and made him measure in front of my and his classmates, and he measured 3.2 inches, we had a cometition, and everyone beat him, even the smallest guy in my class at only 4 inches. i love to make fun of him, but lately i have been regretting some of the humiliations i've put him trough.

Big JohnFeb 03 2010 4:13pm
I am 16 years old and my brother is 13, i am 5'5" and my brother is 5'9, and hw looks more mature than me, i guess i look like a 13 year old and he looks like a 16 year old or something. But he never said anything about it, he was always an innocent boy. But then I started to notice changes in his personality. I caught him staring at girls' breasts and butts all the time, and searching up pictures of voloptous bikini girls on the internet, i was surprised of what he was doing, because i remember not being very interested in girls until i was 15. One time we was walking together outside, a very attractive and vouloptous girl in my class that i have been in love with for a long time jogged pass us, and didn't notice me, she was wearing black tights that made her bottom look stunning. My brother whispered "Oh man, look at that ass" and then he just smacked her bottom with his hand, she jumped and said "oooh" and laughed, then she turned around. She sent my brother a flirty look, and corrected her top, to make more cleavage visible, she turned to me and said "I didn't know you had a big bro" I was very humiliated and the same time nervous to be in her precence, I was looking at her breasts, and was like "Well, I-I..." Then my brother said "Yeah, I bet he didn't tell you that, that's just how my little bro is like" and patted my head. Then he said "Why don't you head back home, little brother? I'll catch up with you later." I was so humiliated, but what could I do? So I went back home. The next day at school I overheard the girl we met the day earlier chatting with some other girls and saying "Heave you seen Timmy's brother, he's so hot, I find it hard to believe they're even related." And later that day many girls came to me asking for his hotmail adress. When I got home, I entered my brother's room, and found him sitting in front of the computer, with a girl in my class on webcamera rubbing her breasts for him. When he noticed I was standing in the door he said "Hey, little brother, look at this" I went inside, and said "Wow! But hey, what's with calling me little brother?" He closed his laptop, and said "well, you have to admit that I am bigger than you, and I look older than you, and that girl we met yesterday said that we wasn't alike at all, that I'm so big and I'm a man, while you're just a little boy who looks like he's 12." I started crying a little, I couldn't believe how much our relationship had changed, I noticed a nude magazine on his desk and asked where he bought it, he said he bought it from the local store, i told him that the last time i tried to buy that magazine there, the lady behind the desk laughed at me, and said "why don't you buy some candy instead, hun?" He laughed and said that he had no problems buying it. Then he said something like "damn my dick has grown lately" I lookd down at his crotch and noticed a large bulge, he smiled and said "You wanna see?" and before i could answer he took of his clothes, and revealed a huge c*ck that's over twice my own size and two huge, hairy balls, I kept glancing at it, and he laughed, "what about you brother? are you my big brother or not? show me?" I refused at first, but then he grabbed me, and ripped of my pants, then he laughed when he saw my hard 3 inch c*ck, and said that he was that size when he was 8 years old. And he said that he was now truly my big brother, and from that day he always called me little brother, and made me do anything he wanted, and he started hanging a lot with hot girls my age

TimmyFeb 06 2010 8:52pm
I can relate to all the stories above. I do have an exception though and that is I had (and still have) a very caring and understanding younger brother. When I was 12, he was 10. As we lived in a semi-tropical environment, we always went about bare chested. We had adjoining rooms with a shower/toilt in between. We were so open with each other that we never shut each other's door when showering. All through our younger days, we had seen each other naked and thought nothing of it. We were about the same size down there. When he was around 10, one thing changed. He started to close my door to the joint shower. I wasn't in my room at the time and upon entering, wondered why it was closed. Seemed strange to me. In the weeks and months that followed (winter months), he always closed my door. I thought at the time it must have been to reduce any drafts blowing through. I however, kept his door open and he saw me as per usual when I stepped out of the shower and dried myself. At 12, I was still pubeless, and probably a two inch flaccid. Winter passed (ie our tropical winter, if you could call it that)and it was now warm enough to go about bare chested. For about a week, he wore a T-shirt while I was bare chested. I asked him why he was wearing a T-short as it was so unlike him. He was silent and not his bubbly self. I suspected something was wrong, so asked him "what's wrong?' After much coaxing, he said: "I don't want to embarrass you.' Embarrass me? would you do that? Whereupon he removed his T-shirt and lifted his arms to reveal two patches of armpit hair, which covered about an inch of pit. As his hair was black (nine is brown) his pit hair really stood out. Some strands were at least an inch long. 'wow' said I. "I noticed that you dont have any hairs there yet' he voiced. And I didn't. He had just turned 11. He lifted my arms and sure enough, nothing. I was soon to turn 13. I was shocked that my little brother by two years had arm pit hair, at 11 and I had nothing. But there was more to come. I had already noticed among other boys that they got their public hairs before their pit hairs, and so if my brother had pit hairs, he must have public hairs too ! My gaze went automatically to his shorts. 'do you have hairs there too? I asked. He nodded a yes, and added: 'I noticed even yesterday when you came out of the shower that you haven't got any hairs yet and that you are about the same size as before. I've had hairs there for about six months now." "really" said I, "can I see.' As our parents weren't home, he undid his shorts, dropped them, to reveal a penis that was twice my size and with a path that I later measured to be three inches across the top. 'This is why I have been closing the door, so that you wouldn't notice and be embarrassed' said he. I grew to 4.2 inches; this was huge to me as mine was only 2.8 (we measured later) He saw the expression on my face and apologied for this reality. 'You should be the one with hair and you should have two years more than me. I just don't understand why it has happened this way. Take your pants off and let's see if you have any; perhaps you might' My 2.8 incher was fully erect; he examined me closely but saw no signs of anything emerging. 'Perhaps next week it might start coming.' he said with some hope in his voice. I asked him if he had had wet dreams, whether he could make the white stuff. He said yes to both. He asked me the same questions,and I said no to both. 'How do you make the white stuff?' asked I. And my younger brother showed me. How embarrassing. He shot it into my hand and informed me that he had been doing this for about two months now, several times a day. Sixty day x 4 = 240 times. And I couldn't even do it once. That moment, psychologically, he became my bigger brother, in my own mind. Thanks to our prior relationship, I did not envy him as much as could have been possible. 'You can ask me any questions you like' he said in the most caring of tones. "I won't tell anyone about you being late and smaller than me, I promise. You are still my big brother. Every week, when our parents were out, he would ask if he could check to see if my pubes were on the way. I would check him too, and watched the steady increase of his bush and his steady advance to 4.5 and on to 5. Some two months after my 13th. birthday, he noticed some very fine blonde hairs above my penis and was delighted for me. At 15 I started having arm pit hair and it was no hiding my brother's crop. He had a forest by the time he was 13. I figure that the reason he never gave me any grief over this difference is because we had a really close relationship. I never bullied him as a younger sibling; we deferred to each other's preferences all the time. As I never dominated hin, I guess he didn't have a need to dominate me when he had the upper hand.

DominicFeb 07 2010 7:05pm
I'm okay with everything now having a lovely wife who is happy with our sex life - I think. I'm four years older than my brother and used to torment him to no end. He was shorter than me, taking after our Italian mother while I seemed to take after our tall English/German father. My height of about 4 inches on him gave me cart blanch use of every demeaning activity boys can think of. Things such as pining him down and farting in his face or giving him an "Indian" arm burn were just the beginning. It was a daily event to put him in a headlock or twist his arm around his back. We used to undress in front of each other when he was 6 and me 10 wherein I'd given him his nickname "Limp Peter", even though he looked normal to me, simply because his name was Pete. Things escalated when I made him dress up in my moms bra for a Halloween party. During that party two of my friends picked on him one saying "Limp Pete why don't you suck long on this you fagot" and stuck out his dick to make his point. My brother retaliated telling him to screw himself only to end up being booted in the nuts and I stood by as my other friend started choking him with a banana. It was then that I stopped being so nasty to him and actually turfed my buddies. I continued to call him Limp Peter because I thought it was meaningless and endearing but stopped bullying him. I found other activities and started swimming while he became obsessed with weights. We both started when I was fourteen to his ten. We had stopped dressing in front of each other about that time as I was full into puberty. Despite trying to be nice to him we still fought and one really bad fight I lost my mind and shot a BB gun at him hitting him in the thigh. It then became the start of a change in power when he actually over powered me and pinned me down. While there I couldn't help but see his developing biceps holding my arms. He said "I've been meaning to tell you something Mike" and farted in my face. He was 13 looking 16. After that we just drifted apart he with his friends and me chasing girls. Despite all I'd done to my brother I could be pretty charming and ended up with a hottie who was developing ahead of most other girls. She was my age 17 and had D-cups. We dated for a solid year and I enjoyed putting my respectable 6.25 tool between those cups on a regular basis. We sometimes could here Pete or Limp Peter grunting in the basement because he just couldn't stop with the weights. He was fourteen with rippling muscles. We both wore 28 inch waste jeans but he was obviously very muscular. He put on one of my skimpy knitted tops and his pecs almost looked as big as my girl Sues boobs. He then did something unreal he flexed his bicep and actually split the seams. "What have you been feeding those" I said a little shaken. He replied by putting me in one of my famous headlocks and I thought he'd crack my skull. It really hurt. I can still feel it. Around about my eighteenth birthday my parents were visiting relatives so I had a house party. During that time I managed to get my girl into my parents bed both of us half drunk. With my penis between her globes I was oblivious to the presence of Pete who had come out of the master bathroom in his bikini underwear. Startled I said "What the f*ck are you doing Limp Pete." Then I looked at Sue whose mouth was open and she was pushing me aside and starring at his briefs. Then I had to look and it all looked huge so I thought he must have stuck a sock in it and said so. Pete then pulled down his briefs and there it was hanging about 5 inches and quite thick with golf ball size balls along side. I blurted I guess "I know what you were up to" thinking it to be post masturbation c*ck. So he rubbed it just a bit and put it next to mine. It over shadowed mine but I still had some pride and said I guess you are a limp biscuit. Is that as hard as you get." He said it grows to a good 7 inches and that's when I fell in his trap. "No way Pete, it looks maybe 6." "Well lets measure, Mike." "Not now I said." Then it was Sue who screwed me saying "Why not Mike. Afraid you won't measure up?" and laughed. So, pushed into it I realized I agreed but Pete said he needed motivation and lifted me off Sue his biceps like softballs. For some reason he had a cloth tape measure and Sue giggled "Let measure those" still holding me like a doll. He tossed me aside and flexed whereby Sue measured. Sixteen inches and fourteen years old was what I had to swallow. Then she lunged toward his c*ck and rubbed it frantically. "God" she said look at it. She measured his semi which was 7.5. I looked at it in pain as he started to f*ch MY D-cup breasts. She moaned as it jabbed her chin something mine never did. Then he stopped and had her measure - 8.75 f*cking inches by 6.5 girth at his big mushroom head. "Petey you're bigger around than Mike is long. I can only get my hands part way around. Why the nickname?" "Mike you owe him an apology." Then my world changed forever. He said "Yes LITTLE brother, lets hear it or I'll make you." For some reason my mouth betrayed me when I replied "All right but there's more to pleasing a girl than that. Suck my dick fagot." He then proceeded to drag me off the bed and placed me between his huge thighs with my head facing his dick. He squeezed and said suck it. I felt my ribs would crack and I pushed away to no avail. Then I thought Sue was on my side by saying "Come here with that Petey." He let me up and shoved my face in her pussy saying "We're going to need lots of lubrication. Start licking Mike." After 5 minutes he said damn and I saw he'd lost his erection. He then grabbed my head and told me to suck it. I admit that I was getting hard looking at his incredible physique and wondering what it was like to have that c*ck and started sucking. It grew and grew and I could just take in some of the head until he flexed his rock hard buttocks while holding my head and it slid in inch by huge inch as he grunted and struggled. I started to gag and he casually said "Payback bro. How's my banana feel" and went to Sue who I could hear gasp as he slid in. She moaned and groaned. My big brother then put her on top with HIS D-cups flopping in my view. At the end I knew I was "out" when she screamed "Yes, oh God you are so huge. This is my first orgasm." He lay back as she messaged his arms and sucked his nipples. I was defeated. Pete continued to grow and although and inch shorter than me his c*ck turned out to be 9.5 by 7 at 16 years. Its filled my mouth and Sues pussy on a regular basis. But now I've my own girl who I keep to myself.

mickeeFeb 13 2010 11:07am
My bigger little brother is 13, and I am 16, he's 5'9" and very muscular, I am 5'3" and very skinny. He's mocking me a lot, but we have not seen eachother penises, I'm pretty sure he have a big one, because when I look at his crotch I can see his huge bulge. He asked me for a penis size competition, my penis is only 2.9 inches hard, and I know I will lose, and the loser had to be somewhat of a "slave" to the winner. He gave me 1 month to answer, and I'm not sure, I want to say yes because the fact of him being much bigger than me, and me having to do anything he asks turns me on a little. And if I say no he will probably know that I am afraid of him, and turn my life into a living hell, what should I do, any suggestions?

Pure WQFeb 27 2010 7:32pm
Hey, Pure WQ, it almost sounds like your only choice is to say yes, anyway, do it, I would say yes.

RonFeb 28 2010 3:23pm
Pure WQ, you ought to be submissive big brother and agree to the contest he challenged you to. Remember that you are inferior to him, and do what he wants

BillMar 03 2010 5:39pm
Pure, are you sure you wanna risk saying yes? I did it with my younger cousin when he asked me that, I found out he was almost 3 times my size, I was 2.7, and he was 7.8, he was 14 and i was 18, he have never let me forget that, anyway, I advice you to follow yoour heart.Jum

berMar 03 2010 6:07pm
I agree with Bill, you are the little brother, and you should do whatever your brother tells you to, you are the inferior one, and he is the superior one.

AcreMar 04 2010 2:53pm
I'm 16, and I suck my 14 year old brother's 8 inch c*ck every day, (mine is just 3.1 inch, he is constantly humiliating me, and he has a 17 year old smoking hot girlfriend who also enjoys to make fun of me. Believe it or not, I like it, go for it Pure WQ, tell him yes.

UttergraceMar 04 2010 2:59pm
What's the matter with the bigger little brothers?! We are supposed to be in charge, not them. My brother is 3 years younger than me, and he outgrew me about 2 years ago, when he was like 11, and i was 14. Now I'm 16 and he's 13, and me like a worthless slave, he constantly make me do his homework, clean his room, drive him to various places, and even please him sexually, by sucking his dick. It's 7 inches, and mine is 3, his soft c*ck is bigger than my erected one, and I wish I was him, but I will never become like him.

amainiMar 08 2010 3:24pm
My 11 year old brother has 5.5inches to my 3.00 inches, and I am 14. He teases me.

joeMar 17 2010 1:06am
I'm 16 years old, and starting to wonder if my bigger 13 year old step brother is having sex with my mother. He almost looks like a grown man at 5'9, and is quite muscular, I'm just 5'2, and kinda skinny. My mother have always been a little slutty, and I got to admit, even I think she's good looking, she gave birth to me when she was only 15, so she's just 31 now. And she's always using revealing outfits. I've on several occasions spotted them flirting with eachother, and my brother is always looking lustfully at her. My mother and my step father was going away for a weekend, and when my mother said goodbye to us, I was really humilliated. At first she came to me, and said something like "Now you be a good boy, ok? and do what your big brother tells you." I was like "What, I don't have a big brother" She just giggled her sexy laugh, and went over to my step brother and said "Now you are the boss, remember, and he has to be in bed around 11 pm." Then she walked towards the door, and he grabbed her butt, she didn't become mad, she just smiled flirtingly to him. Later, when she had went, mybrother came over to me and said, "hey little bro, your mother is one hot piece of ass, I would like to hump her all day long." I was very mad, and tried to ignore him, then he said "It's time for you to go to bed now, you heard what your mommy said" Like if I was a little baby. I said "I'll go to bed when I feel like." He pushed me down on the floor, and then he started rubbing his large soft penis bulge through the pants, in my face. My penis got hard from the excitement, and he noticed, he saw my tiny 3 inch penis sticking up beneath my pants, and started to laugh really hard. He made me take off all of my clothes, and I realized that he was superior, and did what he said. He laughed even more, and took of his clothes, his penis was huge, it was the same size and shape of an adult penis, mine looked like it belonged to a 6 year old boy or something. Then I realized that he indeed was the big brother.

HarrMar 19 2010 6:43pm
Hey Harr....what a humiliation that was. I feel for you. And to be betrayed by your mother in that manner. Had you started puberty yet when this occurred? How big was he seeing you were only 3 inches. Did anything else happen that night?

JoeMar 19 2010 11:08pm
I don't think Harr was really betrayed by his mother, she was just acknowledging who was the dominate male in the house. He is a lesser man than his younger brother, so of course he should do what he's told.

MikeMar 20 2010 10:31am
Hey, Mike and Joe, I guess both of you are kinda right, I was sort of betrayed by my mother, but I'm also lesser man than my brother. I think I have started puberty because I can ejaculate, not alot though. Nothing else happened that night, I just tried to stay away from my brother, and at the same time I did everything he told me to. But just a few days ago a female cousin at my age, who I hadn't seen in like 5 years came over to visit us. Back in the days before she moved we used to be best friends, and always play together. I could easily see that she had developed, she was probably a few inches taller than me, and had a stunning figure. At first she thought my step brother was me, but when she found out who I really was she giggled and told me I hadn't changed a bit. I pretended to think it was funny, and told her that she had changed a lot. Later, the three of us were together in my room. She asked which one of us had the biggest penis. I was a little shocked, because I had always remembered her as a sweet little girl, but now she was a hot slut. My brother said that of course he was biggest. She asked what our measurements were. Then he said we didn't measure, and she convinced him to measure our penises. We had to undress, and my cousin let us feel her bust to "help us get hard". She giggled when she saw my tiny erect, almost hairless penis, and measured it. She said "impressive 2.9 inches" and clapped her ands ironically. I could notice that she was very aroused when she was going to measure my brother, and he measured 7.2 inches. "Now, that's what a man is supposed to look like" she told me. Then she said that we needed to have a "cumming competition" None of us knew what that was, and she told us that each one of us had to cum in one glass each, and the one who made the lesser sperm had to drink the winner's glass. My brother agreed, and I said no, but they told me I didn't have a choice. So we stood beside eachother, and mastrubated, my cousin laughed, and sai that it was so funny to see me standing there mastrubating panically with three fingers, and him standing there like a man with his massive rod, using his whole hand. When both of us were finished, my glass had a tiny amount of a grey water-like substance, and his glass was almost half full with a white thick substance, real sperm. Both my cousin and my brother laughed, and he said "looks like we have a clear winner here, little bro" and then I had to swallow the entire thing, it was grose, but at the same time it turned me on. When I was finished she smiled and said "good boy" I was so humiliated. Then my brother whispered something in her ear, she smiled and nodded. My step brother said "It's time for you to go to bed little bro, we need this room, so you can go sleep in my room." And I had no choice but to do as he said. I'm starting to think that my 13 year old brother is gonna steal all the women in my life, my mother, my hot cousin, what will the next be?

HarrMar 31 2010 5:48pm
Hi Harr. Thanks for the update. How embarrassing for you, and at the same time I can imagine what a turn-on that was. Could you hear them 'doing it'? Did you watch them? What else does you step-brother say to you? or make you do? You mentioned that he might be doing your mother: is there any evidence of this?

joe 04/04Apr 01 2010 5:53pm
No, I couldn't hear them, but our house is pretty big, and the bedroom I slept in is pretty far from where they were. But I could see them touching eachother, and teasing me the day after that. My step brother doesn't make me do so much, but sometimes I have to clean his room, go to the store and buy things for him, and things like that, but he's getting worse, and I feel like the big brother role is falling more and more into his hands all the time. There is no real edvidence of him doing my mom, other than their flirting, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.

HarrApr 05 2010 4:28pm
I'm 19 and my little brother is 14..We went swimming at the lake and after-wards we got changed in-front of each-other. He pulled down his pants and it looked bigger than mine when soft, i got really nervous and he started asking me if i was gonna change. So I dropped my pants as fast as I could but it was already too late.. He saw my little 2 inch softy and immediately started laughing, I hurried and changed and walked out of there. Shortly after we got home I was in my room trying to cope with what just happened, when he came up to my room and demanded we measure c*ck sizes. At first I said no leave me alone but he said if I didn't he would tell everyone about what happened. So we measured.. I got hard and put the ruler to my dick to find out it was only 5 inches.. He laughed as he put the ruler next to his c*ck which turned out to be almost 7 inches. It was the most humiliating thing Ive ever done.. Now I have to let him f*ck me all the time because if I don't he will tell everyone I know. And I'm still a virgin so its quite embarrassing letting my "big brother" pound my ass whenever he wants. From then on Ive became the little brother.

tinybrotherMay 08 2010 8:38pm
i am the bigger younger brother in the family. grew up with all of us in the family being open with nudity/sexuality. we were home nudists i guess you could say. saw my parents and older brother naked my whole life. my brother is 2 years older than me. he started going through puberty a little late and went through it very slowly. I started early and went through some stages very quickly. at 12, I had my final size of my dick, and 6 inches soft and 4.5 inches around , and 7.5 inches erect and almost 6 inches around. He never got past 5x5 inches. I was a sight to see at that age lol, this short kid with this massive bulge in my clothes/underwear/bathing suit. worked out a lot too, so had nice muscles for a kid. i over worked my ass , lol i looked strange having this hard shelf of an ass, so i try compensating on upper body/abs. so then i have thin(relativly speaking) legs :p , so then focus on those, eventually got it all evened out,

symmitMay 24 2010 7:32am
I knew two brothers growing up that were very different from each other. I was the same age as the older brother, knew him from 9-18. The younger brother was 3 years younger. The older brother was an extreme ectomorph, was taller than me, but all skin and bone, also an extreme ADHD, ate tons of candy, i was a pretty weak kid, but even i could pick him up and throw him around, since he only weighed like 70 lbs. or something crazy like that. The older brother for years would pick on the younger brother and win with the size difference. The younger brother hated getting picked on. I never messed with him. I wanted to help him not get picked on. When the younger brother was 6 when I first knew him I told him that he can eat better and exercise and get bigger than his older brother, since the older bro ate so much junk food, and even then was so scrawny. Fast forward a couple years. We are 13, and he is 10, the older bro has been in karate for a year along with his bro. The younger brother has taken to the karate like a fish to water, is already a belt above his bro. I help the younger bro convince his parents to buy him excercise equipment and weights, and other stuff. The younger brother has started puberty younger than we did, at this time I started puberty at least a year ago, the older brother has not, so me and his younger brother are at about the same stage of puberty. The younger brother wants to get big and strong in secret and freak out his older brother, so he hides his body over the school year. The younger brother over the school year goes through a complete transformation, he works out like a mad man all the time, and is so involved with it, that he drops karate. He also drops it so he has more time alone to work out to decrease the chances of his older brother seeing him. I have the older brother come over to my house all the time after school, and we hang out. The younger brother shows me his progress, and I am amazed, before he was an average kid semi-athletic. But now, he is aided with surging hormones, great food, and the burning desire for payback for years of torment. After a year of him hitting the weights like a man possessed, he even hide his gains for 3 months from me towards the end of the school year. The younger brother is 11 now. The older brother has done nothing all year physically, he actually got a little fat, as a extremely skinny kid he just has this little gut hanging off his frame. The older brother is slowly going through puberty too now, his penis is small, about 1 inch soft, and 3 inches hard, I am 2 soft, and about 4 inches hard(my final size is 5 inches long and 5 inches around) The younger bro wants to do a big reveal, so we decide to do it when his parents are out of the house one day for hours. Being horny kids I have jerked off with the older bro before, so I tell the younger bro that we could all agree to do a mutual masturbation session with the big screen tv, and watch porn together. We go out to the living room and I strip down naked first and get the channel set up. The older brother goes next. The younger bro walks out from the bathroom completely nude already. Holy crap what a year of progress! He is in amazing shape, and his penis is huge, we measure it later to find out it is 4 inches soft and 4 inches around, and 7 inches hard and 6 inches around(this is as big as he ever gets, his penis grew once and never again basically) His body is amazing, not an ounce of fat on him, he has shredded muscles all over his body, he looks like an anatomy chart really, he has a rageing hard-on and starts flexing his biceps and abs and pecs. It is weird to see that his butt is even muscular, and has striations in it. Well needless to say we ignore the porno, and spend the whole day jerking off with the younger bro as the center of attention, the older brother is beside himself. he cried at one point when the younger brother hoisted him up by his neck and crotch and did press ups with his nude body, then curled his body, he even did it to me. Then he made us arm wrestle him, and just wrestle in general, he easily won. After this day, he lived shirtless with usually only shorts or underwear on. Since his waist was so small and he still was only 5'1" , he could still wear all of his old kids underwear from the previous years, except now they had this obscene bulge in the crotch area. He ended up not growing very tall, 5'6". And maintained the same level of muscularity, never wanted to get huge, just be strong and ripped, was able to get an eight-pack after he grew a little more.

Verrick84Jun 07 2010 7:45am
I'm 17 yrs old and I have a 13 yrs old brother, but I seem to be younger! some days ago he asked me to have a c*ck contest, I was sure my dick was bigger, but I was wrong....we got naked and he started laughing soon: I have few pubic hair while he as a forest; my balls are a little bigger than peanuts, while one of his is big as my whole dick is just4 inches long, his is 6,5. i was so humiliated....he also made me jerking him off.

nickJun 08 2010 9:49am
Hey Nick, I have it just the same way, I am 16 years old, and my brother is 12, he asked how big my penis was, I lied, and said I didn't know, he forced me to show him, and he saw my 2 inch penis, laughed, pulled up his huge 7 incher, put it next to mine, and then he made me suck it.

HAuAJun 08 2010 3:43pm
My younger brother is huge, he is just 11, and I am 19, but already he has a six pack and big biceps and shoulders like a strong man, while I'm still as skinny as I was when I was a boy. He always loves to wrestle me and take me down so he can watch me try to get away from his hold. He loves to humiliate me in front of his friends by making me do exercises that I can't do, like press ups and so on, and he pins me down in front of his girlfriends until I say I am his little sister, or something equally embarassing. My penis is still only 3 inches, I started puberty two years ago and still don't have body hair and have small balls. He has 6 inches and pubic hair and big mansize balls and hair on his chest and legs.He loves to flirt and touch his girlfirends in front of me and tease me about my virginity, I haven't even kisses or touched a girl. Just lately I can hear him and his girlfriend having sex, loudly in his room next to mine. Everything about him, his hands and feet, and his voice and body shape, are so much more manly than me. I feel and look like a little girl next to him.

sissyJun 12 2010 1:25am
I?m not sure how big my younger brother?s penis is but I know from the bulge in his pants that it?s much bigger than mine. When we were kids, our parents bluntly showed favoritism towards him. I have often wondered if my parents treated him better because they knew he was more of a man than me. Do parents, either consciously or unconsciously, favor sons who are better endowed over sons who are less well-endowed?

unfavoured childJun 12 2010 11:18pm
Hi 'sissy' Many thanks for your story. Chest hairs at 11!!! Hemust have started puberty at or 9. That would have been hard to take. How old are his girlfriends? and how tall is he compared to you right now? What else would you like to share?

cameronJun 13 2010 7:05pm
My younger brother is 14, and I am 17. He is already 6'2" while I'm just 5'4". I had known that he was the bigger bro in the family for a while, but he didn't exercise his dominance for a little while. But then one day, he walked into our shared room naked and I saw his massive dick hanging down and he saw me staring and asked how big mine was. I refused to show him but he forced me to. He saw my little penis and started to laugh. He told me to grab a ruler and we would measure. So we measured and found him to be 9.5 inches and me only 2.1. Then one day we were at the gym, him completely shirtless, showing off his incredibly well muscled body and me trying to conceal my weak shape. Then this incredibly hot girl from my class walked up to him and they started flirting. He grabbed her ass and her boobs and she reached down his shorts and gasped at his size. Then they went to the bathroom and had sex for about 30 minutes. Then about a week later she came over when our parents were away. She knew that i was his older brother. She said that she couldn't believe how big the gap between us was. He laughed and said "Yeah, why don't we find out just how big it is." She agreed and i had no chance denying both of them. So first we measured heights and found that he had grown to 6'3.5" and i was still 5'3". Then we took off our shirts to compare our bodies. He was incredibly muscular and looked like a god. I was a skinny and weak nerd who looked like a 10 year old. Finally, the most important test of penis size. She let us grab her boobs to get us hard and then she measured. I came out at a whopping 2.1 inches, while he had grown even larger to 10 inches even. She said "Oh my god" when she saw his and she stripped down and they had sex right in front of me. It was incredible, her huge boobs bounced like crazy and her ass was so perfect it would put Kim Kardashian to shame. Now I'm still just a little kid, while he is still growing into a huge man, he's hit 6'4" now.

pintsizedbroJun 13 2010 7:13pm

AnonymousJun 15 2010 12:06am
Hi Cameron. I am 5 foot 5 and weigh 100 pounds exactly. I am very skinny and weak in my upper body, and my arms look like those of an 8 year old girl's. My brother is 5 foot 3, but weighs 150 pounds already, and has huge muscular shoulders and arms for his age. He can carry me in his arms and throw me about. He first beat me at an arm wrestle when he was 5 and I was 13, and by the time he was 7 he could overpower me through wrestling too, and he became heavier than me shortly after. He is so full of testosterone, and is growing hair and muscle all the time, while most of my body is smooth like a girl. I would love to have just a day of being big and strong and confident like him. He is going out with girls up to 5 years older than him already, and can lift two girls on his shoulders at once. It's so humiliating and frustrating to watch him become so manly and masculine compared to me.

sissyJun 16 2010 6:44am
Hi Sissy Thanks for the update. I have a sense of how humiliating it must be for you, especially since you can't get away from the situation.

cameronJun 16 2010 3:58pm
My younger brother at 12 was the same height as myself at 15. Our parent's bedroom had a full size mirror and he would make me stand in front of it with him at my side so we could compare height. He was also slight broader than I was although he didn't do weights. By 13 he was starting to look like a 16 year old, but at 16 I was looking more like a 13 year old. If we were in the yard, delivery people would always check out details with him rather than me. He realized that I didn't have underarm hair at 16 but he already had heaps. Gradually our comparisons were done without our shirts on, and he would lift my arms to expose my hairles pits, while he had a forest in each pit. He started getting arm pit hair at 12. He was also stronger and one day he held my arms above my head with one hand and with the other, he felt my crotch. Despite my struggle, I couldn't do anything about it and he held my 3 incher and pulled my pants down. Then he made me take off his pants to reveal his 7 1/2 incher with heaps of pubes. He said I would never catch him in this department

cliveJul 24 2010 10:09pm
My bro's 13, and I'm 17, I haven't really seen his penis. But I know it's bigger. I look average for my age, and he looks average for his age. But I have a 2.5 inch erect dick, when it's soft it doesn't even show, i have like just a huge bag hanging in the front of my boxer, and he has a huge soft full bulge in his underwear, both we actually have one brief that's just the same, even the same size (it's quite stretchy) And it doesn't even look like i have a penis, and he again has this huge bulge. And it's like he thinks he can tell me anything, or he just likes to brag, because when he was like 8, and I was 12 he asked me if i got hard from watching hot chicks, I said no, and asked him the same and then he said yeah. And last year he stuffed his hands down his pants and said something like "im not wearing underpants, oh, its so good to just have your balls just hanging loose" My balls aren barely hanging, and I didn't answered him. And a few weeks after that, he said that he had to start shaving down there, because he had loads of hair, and he asked me if I had any. I said no, and then he just lauged and said "i thought so" i asked him what that was supposed to mean, but he just laughed. And lately he have been asking me to compare penises. What should I do?

PeteJul 30 2010 8:01am
it would be best if you get it all out into the open and deal with this head on, just compare, he is still your bro

AnonymousJul 30 2010 9:52am
You should compare, Pete, If his dick is bigger than yours, he deserves to be your big bro.

JukAug 20 2010 11:51am
I like to suck big dicks, my 13 year old bro have 6 inches, I am 15, and i have 1.5 inches. He calls me little faggyboy, and makes me suck his dick, but I like it, and he deserves to be my master.

TombIeAug 23 2010 3:11pm
I'm 15, and my 12 year old brother who is the same height as me, is learning about puberty and stuff at school. And he asked me if I had gone through puberty. I just answered yes, and then he said "cool, so you have hairs down there too?" I don't have any hair there, so I said no. He laughed, and said "So I grew hair first, sweet!" He asked if I wanted to see, and I didn't dare to answer, but appearantly he knew what I wanted, and got naked. I got shocked, he had a large, manlike penis, with big hanging balls, and lots of hair. He told me to touch it. And I was like almost paralyzed, so I sat down on my knees, and grabbed his massive tool, i felt his huge balls, and his dick grew even more, it was at least 6-7 inches. He smiled c*cky and said "this is just like those Epic Boobs pics, with the girls who can't resist those amazing tits (Look'em up if you don't know them) We should call it 'Epic Dick, can turn heterosexual males into faggots in 0.50 seconds, resistance is futile'" and laughed Then he told me to suck it, and I was like totally hypnotized, so I did it, and it was grose, but at the same time sensational. Then he told me to show him my dick, it's 2 inches, and when he saw it, he laughed, and asked if I got made fun of a lot in the locker rooms at school. I told him I didn't shower at school. And he said "Ok, because in my class, the guys with pin-sized dicks and no hair, like you, get's teased a lot in the locker rooms." And then he said that home could be our locker room, and since he was in puberty, becoming a man, and I was still just a boy, he could make fun of me all the time, and I had to do whatever he asks. Which now pretty much describes our relationship. He's also dating a gorgeous 14 year old girl I know. And I often tend to end up staring at her ass, and boobs, which she notices, and just tease me with sexy poses.

RonAug 28 2010 5:27pm
you guys are f*ckin freaks. grow some balls dammit

AnonymousAug 31 2010 11:24pm
My little brother has always cared about his body, I do too, but have limited time with work and school to devote to our home gym. He has always excercised and eaten healthy food. Has been doing sit-ups, push ups pull ups etc since he was around 6. As he got older I supervised him with weights to improve his body even better. I started puberty at 12, he started earlier at around 9. We share a similar family penis, I am a little bigger at 7.5in by 6.5in he is about a half inch shorter in both regards. Fairly short as a family I am 5'8 1/2", he is 5'7" and hasn't grown an inch in height since he was around 11 or so. So he was swinging 5 soft as early as 10. I remember one sleepover he had where I watched them to babysit, we all change to go swim and skinny dip, he is a self proclaimed nudist and works on his all over tan as often as he can, his friends were shocked at his development both with his penis size and his muscles. He is quite the lady killer, and I have helped him with that too :) we love each other as brothers.

CraigSep 01 2010 9:00am
My younger brother who is 4 years younger than me has always been my "older brother" I'm currently 24 and he's 20. But trust me he is way bigger than me, in fact he looks 24 and I look like I'm still 14 or 15. I'm just 5'7 while he's around 6'2 and still growing!. He has also been naturally endowed with a much bigger frame plus he has been working out for a year now. We've never measured our dick size before but I'm sure he's bigger too. Looks wise, I have no luck with girls and am still a virgin whereas he did modelling since he was 16 or 17. He statred growing bigger than me since I was 8 or 9 and I've kinda gotten used to that fact already. And even I acknowledge him as my big brother. When I introduce friends to him or vice versa, I'm always introduced as the younger brother. In a way I guess its better because if people found out I was older I would have more humiliation. I am still quite jealous of my brother and secretly from time to time wish that I was him.

NathanSep 11 2010 11:52am
I am 17 years old, and my bro is 13, but he's way bigger than me, He's 5'10" and quite muscular, but I'm just 5'5 and very skinny. He asked me if I had ever kissed a girl, I told him no, and he really laughed. I asked him the same, and he said "Uhm, yeah, and I f*ck chicks too" I was like "yeah, right" And he told me he could show me if I didn't believe him. I started to feel unwell, i've barely ever talked to girls, but apperaeantly my little brother is even having sex. I just ignored him, and the next day, whem our parents were at work, he invited this beautiful 16 year old girl to our house. First when she saw me she asked if I was his little bro, when he told here the truth she laughed really hard, and said it was unbelievable. Then my brother said "Little bro, this is Jennifer, she's got a stunning body, huh?" I said yeah, and she just laughed, and licked her mouth in a sexy way, then my brother started rubbing her ass, she was wearing black tights, my eyes were locked on the beautiful, round, big, smooth bubble butt. She sat down on my lap, and I felt great, I had never been that close to a girl before. Then my bro said "This little brat doesnt believe that we're having sex, babe" She asked why, and he said "I still believes Im a little boy, but he's got to realize that he's the little boy, can you believe that he have never touched or kissed a girl?" Then she started laughing, and told me to grab her booty, I did as she said, and she said "I bet you really like that, little boy" I was almost in shock, and just nodded. And then she asked if I wanted to have sex with her, I was shocked, and thought she actually offered me sex, and i said yes, but then she smiled and said "of course you do, all males do, but I couldnt have sex with you even if i wanted to, because im no pedophile" My brother and her really laughed, and I was so embarrased. She said it was hard to believe that he was my younger brother, and yet so much more masculine. Then my brother pointed at my crotch and laughed. I looked down, and discovered that my crotch was a little wet of pre-cum, and that my skinny little penis was totally erect, and made a tiny tower in my crotch. They laughed really hard, and the girl grabbed my brothers crotch (he was wearing loose track pants) and said that was what a dick was supposed to look like, he had a huge soft bulging dick. They made me remove my pants, and I did, so then they laughed at my teeny dick, and my bro undressed, and revealed an amazingly large soft dick, with huge balls. It looked so manly compared to my short, red, skinny stick. We measured, and his was 7.5 inches, while mine were 2.6 inches. Then they had sex in front of me (to prove that he infact were having sex) and since then he have been the dominating brother, while i've just been his little loser kid brother

TinyboySep 14 2010 5:00pm
Hi Tinyboy. Thanks for your story. I empathize with you; it would have been very embarrassing indeed. (Ar you the same Tinyboy as the one at the top of this list? If so, are you 17 or 15? How does he dominate you?

empathySep 15 2010 12:13am
Hey empathy, no i'm not the Tinyboy on top, I didn't know there was another tinyboy, so sorry for the confusion, and I am 17. And he does stuff like humiliate me in front of his girlfriends, makes me clean up his mess, drive him to different places, humilate me in public, and things like that

TinyboySep 15 2010 8:50am
Hey empathy, no i'm not the Tinyboy on top, I didn't know there was another tinyboy, so sorry for the confusion, and I am 17. And he does stuff like humiliate me in front of his girlfriends, makes me clean up his mess, drive him to different places, humilate me in public, and things like that

TinyboySep 15 2010 3:44pm
Brother got a novelty costume as a gag gift when he turned 13, It was a clear plactic display suit to show off his features of puberty, had arrows and desriptions of the places where his new hair would/is and jokes about it. He wasn't going to put it on but his friends all insisted, no parents were up in his room and we all said we would give him $100 if he did(we did, actually gave him 200). The crotch area had a plactic stretchy sheath to push your penis into, with inches and cm marked along the side and a string to measure girth too. The suit had pieces of cards to write the status of the wearer next to each area of the body. I wasn't expecting my bro to be so big so early in his development, but his penis was 4 inches soft and 4 inches around, and 6 inches hard and 5 inches around. He was a good sport about it and found out that only I was the bigger one between me his older bro and his friends.

BirthdayfunSep 17 2010 2:18pm
I'm 19 and my step bro is 15. We're kinda tight, we talk about sex and things. I know that he's peaked at my c*ck, cuz I overheard him talking wirh his friend. How do I ask him to compare? What about maybe jerkin it with him?

bball18Sep 21 2010 11:20pm
I'm 19 and my step bro is 15. We're kinda tight, we talk about sex and things. I know that he's peaked at my c*ck, cuz I overheard him talking wirh his friend. How do I ask him to compare? What about maybe jerkin it with him?

bball18Sep 21 2010 11:22pm
im 17 and my brothers 14. i was gonna go to a party one night, but the guys parents caught on to it and that shut down my whole night. so i was just watchin tv when my brother and a couple of his friends get home and were gonna go in the hot tub, and they asked me if i wanted to come hang out. i figured what the hell i got nothing better to do. so we all head out back and just go in in our boxers since nobody had a suit. we start talkin about girls and stuff, and about how far we had all gotten. all of them had made out before, but nothing much more than that. they asked how far i was and i told them that my gf would do anything except have sex. they were all impressed but i warned them against gettin "the waiting type". we all laughed for a bit and continued talkin about sex and stuff, then about porn sites. eventually, then one of my bros friends said we should compare penis sizes, but then looked like he said the wrong thing and they all just kind of looked away. i asked what was up and my bro said that they had wanted to do something like this but they werent gay and were afraid that it made them gay. i laughed and said that all guys do that at some point. so i agreed and we all went in turns. my brother and his closest friend were the biggest, prob 5 inches each. another friend was about 4 and then the last was like 3. then it was my turn and they were all waiting on edge. i stood up, asked for a drum roll, and dropped my shorts. my full 8 inches dropped proudly out. they all stood there in shock and i laughed, making them laugh. we spent the next hour comparing each others dicks, balls and then jacking off. i could tell they had a fun night.

AnonymousSep 22 2010 5:48pm
im 17 and my brothers 14. i was gonna go to a party one night, but the guys parents caught on to it and that shut down my whole night. so i was just watchin tv when my brother and a couple of his friends get home and were gonna go in the hot tub, and they asked me if i wanted to come hang out. i figured what the hell i got nothing better to do. so we all head out back and just go in in our boxers since nobody had a suit. we start talkin about girls and stuff, and about how far we had all gotten. all of them had made out before, but nothing much more than that. they asked how far i was and i told them that my gf would do anything except have sex. they were all impressed but i warned them against gettin "the waiting type". we all laughed for a bit and continued talkin about sex and stuff, then about porn sites. eventually, then one of my bros friends said we should compare penis sizes, but then looked like he said the wrong thing and they all just kind of looked away. i asked what was up and my bro said that they had wanted to do something like this but they werent gay and were afraid that it made them gay. i laughed and said that all guys do that at some point. so i agreed and we all went in turns. my brother and his closest friend were the biggest, prob 5 inches each. another friend was about 4 and then the last was like 3. then it was my turn and they were all waiting on edge. i stood up, asked for a drum roll, and dropped my shorts. my full 8 inches dropped proudly out. they all stood there in shock and i laughed, making them laugh. we spent the next hour comparing each others dicks, balls and then jacking off. i could tell they had a fun night.

AnonymousSep 22 2010 6:17pm
i was bigger since i was older and showed my little brother what puberty was when i was 12 and he was 8. I was even then at my full size of 5 inches erect and 5 inches around. He showed me his penis too, to see if it was normal. it was about 2 inches soft and 3 inches hard. He thought his was smaller than 3 inches and remarked that I was only 2 inches bigger than him. I then explained to him genetics and about the contribution from both parents and how brothers can be very similar in some ways, and very different in other areas. He laughed and said it would be cool to grow a huge penis and wondered how big he could get. Little did I know this became an obsession of his, that consumed him. HE started puberty earlier than I did at around 11 or so when he showed me his pubes. He became obsessed with masturbation and would do it all the time. We had rooms connected by a bathroom so always were around each other naked. He told me he would do everything in his power to make his penis as big as possible. He ate very healthy and exercised a lot. He started jelqing too. With his low body fat, his was so out of proportion to his height and frame. His size peaked at 14, when he reached 7 inches soft, 5 inches around and 9 inches hard and 6.5 inches around. His friends were amazed at his body and gargantuan penis size. He would have sex with boys and girls at the same time, and could even suck himself off too.

Mart E. W.Sep 24 2010 8:16am
my brother and i used jelq and penis pump to grow our dicks, i outgrew him at 14 by 2 inches at 8x7 to his 7.5x6.5

AnonymousSep 26 2010 7:18am
Nothing wrong with some healthy competition. Me and my two brothers all are about a year apart in age. From when i was 11 , me being the youngest, my 12 and 13 year old older brrothers did all kinds of stuff together. We all worked out and excercised together, we shared one big room on the top floor of our house, had a big open bathroom and shower with 3 rain shower heads. We spend most days up there nude working out. We all jelq to help our penises potentially grow as big as possible too. We are all in great shape, I have the lowest body fat and my oldest brother is the strongest and looks more like a powerlifter, the middle brother is kinda inbetween. So i look like a super ripped shredded gymnast body, and he is thicker and less defined, I am the only one to have an eight-pack of abs. I have the shortest penis at 6 inches long, but the thickest and 6.7 inches around. Middle bro is 7x5 and older bro is 6.5 by 5.5

FavinSep 29 2010 7:56am
Well I want to share my part on this poll. Me (19) and my cousin (14) used to play around with our dicks ever since i was 13 and he was 8.. Then my penis was 1.5 soft and 2.5 hard while his was 1 soft and 1.5 hard and i used to tease him about it.. now after 6 years without seeing each others dicks since were hanging around in my room playing playstation when all of a sudden i wondered if his dick grew so i was staring at his penis and he noticed so he asked me if mine has grown and I replied yes so he asked me how big it was and I lied and said it was 6 inches while it was still the same and he laughed and said it was about time he overtook me and pulled out his soft 5 inch penis. I was staring in surprise and he then told me to reveal mine and I refused.. He then grabbed my penis and laughed and said thats smaller than my balls. I felt so humiliated that i got hard and he said thats our best? and pulled down my pants and revealed my small penis compared to his.. to be continued

qazOct 03 2010 4:55am
continue.. After my pants was pulled down he laughed and started teasing me, he now makes me jack him off, do him blowjobs and be his slave and i the funny thing is i enjoy this. He is still weaker than me but he still bosses me around and I do it out of respect as if he was a god to me

qazOct 03 2010 6:37am
My younger brother is 4 years younger than me and has always been smaller. He went to some camp the whole summer when I was 17 and i was 13 and came back totally changed. I have always looked younger and smaller then my age so at that point when i was 17 I looked around 15 and was skinny but still bigger than my little bro. When he came back he was already my height. He was wearing a tanktop with jeans plus a pair of those killer oakley sunglasses. His body was totally changed, he had big biceps, a V shaped chest and I'm sure hard abs as well. I was a little intimidated but was still the big brother. It was not until a friend thought he was my older brother than did I realise I was losing my big brother spot the next day. He continued growing and now towers over me. He's 6'2 and I'm 5'8 now. When he introduced me to his girlfriend he called me his little brother before patting my head. He orders me around and randomly wrestles me sometimes, I would always lose because he was so much bigger than me and he would force me to call him big brother. The most humilating thing he ever did to me was when I tried to regain my big brother spot. I knew I have an above average penis at 7inches so I invited him to wank off together hoping he would be smaller. Luckily, he was alittle smaller at about 6.5 inches. Thw whole thing went well with me being more dominant and slowly reclaiming my spot until we talked about a girl I liked and he commented she only liked strong guys who were at least 6feet and goodlooking. I was taken aback by his directness and did'nt know what to say. He continued being sarcastic before I tried to hit him. He easily punch me down and told me to lick his semen that he ejacualted into his underwear and said he was doing it for my own good. He reasoned that because he was tall I could grow too if I ate his semen. At first he was in a joking state, he later became forceful and I had no choice. That must have given him so much satisfaction.

AlvinOct 14 2010 6:57am
Ok enough of this i dont now what all of your prolems are but this is stupide! you are the older brothers not them! You all got to stand up for your selves and not let them humiliate you! you are the older brothers and not them you just have to reminde them whan that was a fact! You are built for those things and if you cant beate them in strenght than finde a nother way (like theire most darkest thoughts, their deapest secrets, their strenghts and weakneses) and use that againts them!!!!!!!!!!!

The motivationOct 19 2010 1:30pm
Com onstand up to them they are the litle brothers yust find out theiere feares and use them againts them!

AOct 20 2010 2:55am
it's quite hard when they are stronger, smarter, more developed, and makes fun of you all the time

JayOct 20 2010 3:43pm
Hey Jay. What is your story

anonyOct 21 2010 1:05pm
I am the younger with the larger penis. When I was 12, my brother was 16. We had separate rooms so we never saw each other naked. One night, we had to share his room as an aunt was staying over for two weeks, and being the youngest, I had to surrender my room. As he and I were changing for bed, he asked me if I wanted see his pubes. He pulled down his shorts and said 'check this out.' He was very proud of his pubes. His penis was about 2 inches soft. He pulled on his pubes and told me that one day, I will have this too. When he finished his mini-brag, I dropped my shorts and he jaw dropped and his eyes popped. I had twice the amount of pubes as he did, and my soft was at least 4.5. 'I've got more than you' said I. His penis immediately came to life and peaked at 4 inches (we measured later)...while mine grew to 7.5. He was mortified.

AnonymousOct 22 2010 5:08pm
My little brother has older twins a year older than him, another older brother 2 years older, and me as the oldest 3 years older. So he got picked on a lot. He never liked sports and we all did, so made fun of him for that, so since he all got regular exercise we were strong for our ages and in good shape. Dad gets a promotion and has a mid life crisis and gets obsessed with his health, so goes out and converts our basement into a "health zone" for half of it, the other half is my little brothers room, its a finished basement with a full wall and door etc. separating it, he even has his own bathroom and shower.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 7:36am
So our nerd littlest brother is now in a basement room/gym, that with our dads new promotion gives him zero time to use really. And we as the older brothers mess around there some, but being teens are out with friends/ chasing girls, playing video games. etc. Our little brother is just down there with the weights...

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 7:38am
So time goes by, we live where we don't swim much and have no time for family vacations and just hang out at home/friends/around town all year. So since we also avoid our little nerd brother, all have separate rooms and showers, we never see each other shirtless, let alone naked. We are all average teens, none of us are muscle jock meat heads, so no showing off stuff etc.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 7:41am
So we can be forgiven as to how our little brothers transformation escapes us all. Fueled by newly raging hormones with the onset of puberty our littlest bro pumps iron and get in phenomenal shape over time. He hides it too, we long ago gave us physically messing with him since he would always go cry to our parents and we would get into trouble etc. He has a inner ear problem with motion or something when he runs so is permanently excused from gym at school.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 7:45am
So no one knows about his sculpting body and results. As he grows some he just asks for large size long sleeve T-shirts and baggy jeans. He still wears the same style boxer-briefs.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 7:55am
I am the first to see him. He needs a spotter to up his weights to a new level and brings me into his secret. He is in crazy good shape for a kid his age. Nothing freaky, but when I last saw him as a skinny little boy, this muscled young teen before me is like a whole different person. He strips down and reveals his whole body to me. He only works out nude he says. He has an amazingly well developed body. Even his penis is big, he is my size at around 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard, but for being barely 13, he grew faster than i did, I hit that when i was around 16. So he should get bigger eventually. He looks like an anatomy chart. His muscles are not really big, but he is very well toned and ripped, with no visible fat to hide anything, veins are everywhere, like a strange highway of bulgy ridges.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 8:04am
With my help he is able to add more size and weight and strength faster than ever before, he also got me to get him supplements to help him too. To give him better nutrition and help his recovery etc. To help him grow. I start working out too alongside him, he is great inspiration to push myself, and the more I push myself the more he pushes himself, he says. We develop a great relationship over time and really help each other out. He starts being more outgoing and starts dating and shows off his body some, but still feels odd doing it. Our other brothers see out results one day when we are in the kitchen after a grueling workout. This starts all of us now helping each other out down there, with our little bro leading the way for all of us to bond as a family and show us the better road to life and each other.

GaryS.Oct 29 2010 8:10am
You guys need to shut the pity party off and rise up. Don't give me crap about that they're "stronger, smarter or make fun of you"! I don't think the last one's an issue, but you guys need to stop your whining and humiliate them. No mind can match a well thought out plan. Secondly, If you guys are being manhandled by them, and they're over 16, that's a federal offense and they can't do that BY LAW! If you don't want to humiliate them, put them in jail. It's doable and you don't need to expend that much money. Don't go to parents, because they'll simply go with the home-grown "Bob, don't ever do that!" It doesn't work. Don't try to match them physically, use a plan to put them out of action. Don't argue, just do it. It'll work. G'night and I hope those vile brothers get what's coming.

Gen. Robert E. LeeNov 17 2010 6:11pm
i'm one of 'bigger younger brothers'.16 and my brother is 18. last year we measure that we have same height. over the last year, he moved to my aunty's house which is closer to his college. 10 days ago, he visited our (parents) house and realized that i was bigger than him. I'm 6'2 and he is 5'8, and i am more muscular (i join a basketball club and worked out at the gym too). i acted as usual, but i think he felt intimidated (especially when i take my shirt off). we rarely talk each other, and he had never ask me to play..

GrantNov 19 2010 8:09am
When my younger brother was 12 he was 5 foot tall, at that time i was 16 and 5 foot 6 inches tall. In the next year he grew 3 inches and i was still 5foot 6 felt like i was sinking ver quickly. Everyone assured me i woukd grow, but i was very worried..if he grew another 3 inches in the next year he woukd be 14 i would be 18 and he would be the same size as humiliating would that be??? Well my worst fears came true quicker than i thought possible it was less than a year later and he grew to 5 foot seven inches and i was still 5 foot 6.. Snd to make things worse his feet were size 10 and mine were 6.5...not even wearing men size shoes. When it was time to buy clothes fir school he got new clothes and i got his hand me downs..i went to college in my younger brothers hand me downs. My whole life is about the fear of being humiliated as he keeps growing and i am still 5 foot 6.

HumiluatedNov 25 2010 10:03pm
I am now 24 and he is 20...he has grown to be 10 inches taller than me, making him six foot four to my pathetic five foot six. His shoe size is 14 and mine remained 6.5. It really is horrible being so inferior to my younger brother. He is such a man and i feel like I will always be a boy. We do spend time togeather but it is always embarasing to be seen with him. Our weights are so far apart i'm 140 and he is 220....he wears 34 waist and 36 inseam jeans and i wear 29 waist 29 inseam jeans which really us boys size 16. I can never find clothes and he always just walks in and looks for the largest sizes. A couple kf weeks ago we went to buy new sneaks..i had to go next store to the kuds dept wjile they searched for his wasnt bad enough to be sitting in the kids section, and things got worse when a little nine year old heard me ask for my size and blurted out mommy..I have a size 7 and thst skinny man wears a six and a half. Then the mom says to you can have Billy's shoes they are your size, he grew out of them in two weeks, they are hardly worn. I was so humiliated a grabbed the shoes and ran out to the car. That was when the weirdest thing happenened to me...for the first time ever I got a boner thinking about how inferior I was i got the hardest boner of my life...and I realized jow much of a turn on it was to be humiliated. I never have had sex with anyone because i feel so inferior..alwsys compating myself to my man size brother....but now I know what turns me on..being small and boy size and feeling inadequate makes me feel like a man...when my brother came out o the car he said he was sorry that o had to go through that and said he never realized what it must be like to be so inferior. When he looked at my face he saw that i wasnt upset and asked me why....I told him that I finally accepted my size and felt good about it. I also told him I wanted to go to the woods behind our house when we got home. We used to play in the woods when we were kids but when he grew taller than me I stopped hanging with him and iur freinds. When we got to the woods I asked him if he remembered the last time we were here what we were doing..snd he said i reminded him that we used to get naked and compare sizes..of hands feet legs arms abd yes even dicks..we used to grab sticks and hold them up to each others body parts to compare. It was never anything sexual..but now i thouggt I would finally not be afraid to compare because being small turned me on. Needless to say the size of his body parts made me feel like a midget and when we were down to our boxers I had a hard on like I never gad in my life..I pulled my boxers down and my rock hard c*ck sprung was a full three and a half inches hard abd I was so anxious to have the final comparison...I reakized that we gad bever seen each other naked let alone hard. I figured he had to be at least 8 inches and I was fearfull howbig ut wiuld look sinxe hus crotch came up to my bekky button. Then the weirdest thing britger starred picking up his clothes screaming that i was a little fag..and he started to cry and told me how he feels inferior and hiw much he hates his body....then he turned around dropped all his clothes on tge ground and pulled his boxers down....."there....are you happy....go ahead laugh at me ...go ahead". I couldnt beleive my eyes..I stoid there and looked at him my big muscular hairy younger brother....his pecker fully erect sticking straight out was so tiny I was stunned he picked up a twig...held it up to his pathetic erection, an erection that was so sad, so small yet so rock hard you knew it was as big as it would ever be...he broke off tge twig to match his size and handed it to me. Then I compared tge itty bitty twjg to my hard on abd it didnt even reach the mushroom head if my dick...then he said it "my miserable tiny hard on is two and one quarter inches....tgen he dropped to his knees and grabbed my hard in in his mouth and sucked me he sucked me I felt him convulse and he came without even touching himself...he came gobs and gobs and when I saw that i shot my load down his throat. Every Saturday we go shopping fir clothes...i go in the boys section he goes in the mens section and we go home and go deep into the woods........I finally love being small and he loves being smaller.

No longer humiliatedNov 26 2010 3:12am
Being the smallest kid in the class was never easy, but it was a little less difficult in high school because when I hit puberty it hit fast and furious..I had reached my full height at 14 the summer before ninth grade...i slready had full facial hair...a dark black trail and more black hair on my legs than any adult i knew. It wasnt long after the first day Of high school i was known as "the little man"....there was only one other boy in the whole school shorter than me and he was a senior...only difference was he was blond and looked twelve. I never felt so manly in my life..being with someone four years older who looked lije he was four years younger. His name was Carlos,which seemed odd because he was blond and so English or German looking..but who knows why people have the names they have? Carlos would pick me up in his Jeep wrangler everymorning for school, he would fondle me to distraction and tell me he was going to take me home from school and give me the most mind blowing blow job ever given, but everyday he would not show up and I would wait for hours with a hard on and go home and jerk off three or four times until i could relax. So, finally after weeks of aplogues and excuses, Carlos was at"our spot"...and i jumped into the Wrangler and we sped off. We were at Carlos' house and i was so hard i couldnt stand it...Carlos ran into the house and grabbed me so hard i almost came...then he pulled me into the bedroom....yanked my pants down and told me to get on the bed...he had handcuffs ready and bound me to the bed...both legs and both hands...then he got up from the c*ck was waving in the air for relief when he said something in Spanish....and in walked two dark haired muscle boys with their briefs on...Carlos introduced me to his 14 year old twin brothers..they were both five foot nine and made me feel like a dwarf as I looked up at them from the mattress that was on the floor. They stripped their white cotton breifs off and their seven inch erections sprang free....they looked at Carlos and said something in Spanish and he opened his fly and pissed all over me. Then the boys walked over to me and jerked off all over my face.they came so much i thought i would drown in semen! After they were done Carlos came over and stuck his three inch throbbing little erection in my mouth and told me to suck him off or his brothers would beat the life out of me....he came so quickly and so little that his brothers were angry with him...and then they told him to blow me as everyday Carlos wsits for me and takes me home to his beautifull bigger younger brothers and we play all afternoon.

Little ManNov 26 2010 10:50am
Woah never though how sad it was to be the smaller older brother. I'm the bigger younger brother. I'm 16 and my older brother is 20. When we were little he was bigger and taller than me but I think that by the time I was 12 and him 16 I already started to get taller than him. But he was still bigger than me considering he was'nt that much shorter and I was a skinny boy. Then guess puberty hit and now I'm 6'2" and he's around 5'5. Don;t think he grew much since he was 16. Anyway for some time now I've been feeling that I have more power over him and can control him to do stuff for me. Plus ever since I started bodybuilding and got into the school canoe team a few years ago I've become much more muscular. I realsed that he looks fearful of me whenever i take off my shirt, sometimes i ittitate him by flexing my arms and asking him why he's is so small. I know he's been jealous of me for some time but I kindda like to rub it in. I compare our heights all the time and call him directly in his face "small boy" or "Shorty" I know he gets angry sometimes but he's pretty weak compared to me so I know he can't win me in a fight

HoistDec 11 2010 12:23am
Hoist, are you also better endowed than your older brother? What are your sizes?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comDec 16 2010 12:50pm
eh, don't really know what you mean by endowed but I think you mean sizes of our various body parts including our c*cks? The last time I saw his c*ck was a long time ago but if I remember correctly it was pretty average. I have a pretty average c*ck too at about 6.5inches. Think my brother is about the same. I wear a size 13 and he wears size 9 shoe. I normally buy large clothes or the biggest they have at a store because even though it may be alittle long for me my shoulders are pretty wide. He normally have abit of trouble buying clothes as some shops do not have his size. So he wears my hand me downs. Theres this nike shirt that i wore when i was around 12 or 13 and he's wearing it now. Or he buys clothes from kid or teen shops.

HoistDec 22 2010 6:08am
eh, don't really know what you mean by endowed but I think you mean sizes of our various body parts including our c*cks? The last time I saw his c*ck was a long time ago but if I remember correctly it was pretty average. I have a pretty average c*ck too at about 6.5inches. Think my brother is about the same. I wear a size 13 and he wears size 9 shoe. I normally buy large clothes or the biggest they have at a store because even though it may be alittle long for me my shoulders are pretty wide. He normally have abit of trouble buying clothes as some shops do not have his size. So he wears my hand me downs. Theres this nike shirt that i wore when i was around 12 or 13 and he's wearing it now. Or he buys clothes from kid or teen shops.

HoistDec 22 2010 6:36am
eh, don't really know what you mean by endowed but I think you mean sizes of our various body parts including our c*cks? The last time I saw his c*ck was a long time ago but if I remember correctly it was pretty average. I have a pretty average c*ck too at about 6.5inches. Think my brother is about the same. I wear a size 13 and he wears size 9 shoe. I normally buy large clothes or the biggest they have at a store because even though it may be alittle long for me my shoulders are pretty wide. He normally have abit of trouble buying clothes as some shops do not have his size. So he wears my hand me downs. Theres this nike shirt that i wore when i was around 12 or 13 and he's wearing it now. Or he buys clothes from kid or teen shops.

HoistDec 22 2010 7:18am
eh, don't really know what you mean by endowed but I think you mean sizes of our various body parts including our c*cks? The last time I saw his c*ck was a long time ago but if I remember correctly it was pretty average. I have a pretty average c*ck too at about 6.5inches. Think my brother is about the same. I wear a size 13 and he wears size 9 shoe. I normally buy large clothes or the biggest they have at a store because even though it may be alittle long for me my shoulders are pretty wide. He normally have abit of trouble buying clothes as some shops do not have his size. So he wears my hand me downs. Theres this nike shirt that i wore when i was around 12 or 13 and he's wearing it now. Or he buys clothes from kid or teen shops.

HoistDec 22 2010 8:33am
It was absolutely horrible to see my younger bro outgrow me. But the worst part is hes 6 full years younger than me! Sometimes i really cry myself to bed thinking why life is so unfair to me. I'm 21 and he is 15. He is 6'1 and I'm 5'6. I really hate going out with him, I really dislike standing next to him. I look like a little boy next to him and he knows it and even a simple trip to the mall is filled with his nasty jokes and comments comparing both of us. Another horrible thing is that I really did make the effort to go to the gym. Even 5 or 6 times a week to try to bulk up because i'm very skinny. But even after all the effort I still have no muscles and it can be very discouraging when you see your younger brother who already has a v shaped chest and bigger arms go to the gym for just a few months and just a few times a week and now he looks like an underwear model. I don't even dare to wear sleeveless tees or even shorts when i go out with him because he just loves to wear muscle tees and show off his vein filled muscle arms and I don't wanna anyone comparing us. And it sucks because the only thing which i can change which is my body is'nt working out for me. I can't grow taller and I know he's way better looking than me. Even when we are alone at home he laughs at my strength all the time and makes me comepete with him on wrestling or who jumps the highest. He knows he will win and just wants to assert his superiority over me. I feel like such a puny wimp next to him when he is 6 years younger than me! I'm so jealous. I wish I could be him instead.

sad boyJan 01 2011 2:29am
what are you penis sizes sad boy?

anonJan 01 2011 5:59am
oh yes, the penis comparison. The torment just never ends... I'm about 4 inches erect and he is about 7.5 inches erect. My erect penis is the size of his soft penis.

sad boyJan 01 2011 7:20am
Hi sad boy. When did your younger brother become stronger than you?

LucyJan 01 2011 11:53am
Hi there lucy. I can't exactly give you a date because it happened quite gradually. But what i can remember is he gained strength very quickly. Because we are 6 years apart i can still remember that when i was 12 and he was 6 I was way stronger than him back than. I used to hold him down and tickle him or grab him and pretend i was going to drop him down the stairs. But strangely by the time i was 14 and he was 8 he was pretty much as strong as me and he was almost my height. I know because I have a picture of my 14th birthday with him standing next to me. We also wrestled during my 14th birthday for fun and i clearly remembered he actually won and I was pinned on the ground with him tickling me all over. My friends started laughing and said a 14 year old boy is being bullied by a 8 year old boy. That was when i started realising something was wrong. In fact hes been winning me in wrestling for some time even before my 14th birthday but it seems that the frequency of that happening became higher after my 14th birthday. By the time i was 15 it was near immpossible to ever win him over any strength based game. To this day i really don't understand why me, a boy whos been through puberty was weaker than another boy 6 years younger and have not even had any hair yet!! The humilation can be really too much to bare sometimes

sad boyJan 02 2011 6:30am
Hi sad boy. Thanks for the additional story. Do you recall the day when you were shocked by the penis size difference and he began humiliating you in that department?

Anon 01/02Jan 02 2011 6:44am
me and my younger brother r of same height 5 7'.i m at 23 and he is 17.somedays back i was teesing him for something.he got angry and pulled me down the chair to ground.i hurt my as he was walking i jumped on his back.i thought he will fall down but he was standing straight and i was on his back.i was shocked but he still walked carrying me.after 2 min he let me to the ground.but i wanted to take revenge and show him i was he i caught his neck from behind.but he removed my hand easily and turned toward me and lifted me on his i was very much humiliated and i was trying to come down.but didnt succeded.then he took me to the hall where everyone was sitting.i was begging him not to take me in front of them but he seemed to be very much angry on me.everyone there was shocked to see me lying on his shoulder.they were laughing on me.he carried me behind the house.i was almost crying.he threw me on to the ground.after that he told i m not little child anymore and u r not stronger than me.he removed his hirt and showed me his biceps and chest.he had wider chest with full hairs grown and more muscles than me.he told me to show my.but i disagreed.then he forcefully removed my shirt and laughged at me.i had bare chest and small muscles.then he said i thought u wer strong enough but u r still not grown.i didnt talk a single word and he went from there.after 30 min he came and said sorry for wat has happened.i said its k gave him hug. and i asked him to carry me back to my room.he looked st me for a second and agreed.he took me in his arms now.actually i enjoyed lifts wen my friends used to carry me but i never thought of brother.after that i respected him lot.i enjoyed lifting fun after that many times in front of house members parents also enjoyed lift from him. i feel happy that he is strongest person in our home now.after that he said me one day that he has more facial hairs than me and to avoid humiliation to me he daily shaved it.he told he will always keep this secret.i thought of sharing my experience after seeing this post

elder broJan 02 2011 6:57am
To Sad Boy & elder Bro and everyone else who has posted on this site: KNOW that for every person who shares his experience(s) here, there are probably another 500 who haven't. WE are not alone in this species of experience. Every family where there is more than one son, just one of those sons will be anxious about the differences in physical size as well as other diffenences This anxiety will be a daily experience for all (girls included) One can't help but notice the differences in personality, in confidence, in talent, in academic ability, in facial appearance and attractiveness...and on it goes. Those siblings who are 'better endowed' in any of the above departments, need to realize that, in most cases, they did not plan their particular giftedness. Yes, they have been 'blessed' with their early and unique development, and that doesn't give them the right to scoff and humiliate those of us who are 'ordinary' by their standards. The bulk of us in this world are 'ordinary' and so many people we notice in Malls are 'ordinary.' Ordinary people marry ordinary people. I was touched by the younger 17 year old brother of the story above, who didn't have the need to prove his masculinity by sporting a two-day old beard and announce to the world that he had more facial hair than his elder brother. I admire such compassion in boys and young men. Hopefully those 13 year olds (in other stories) will learn such compassion as they get older. It takes much bravery to share our experiences in this public forum. I think such sharing can be therapeutic and be a good first-step towards coming to an acceptance of our own unique situation. And the acceptance of others, particularly of those who are close to us, especially other guys, can be instrumental in our growing self-acceptance. I had an 11 year old neighbour who could lift me, carry me on his shoulders, for 15 minutes-plus without feeling the need to put me down. I was 14 at the time. I could not carry him on my back for more than 10 seconds. When I look back on those moments, he never humiliated me about this. Rather he cared for me like he would a younger brother. This was significant for me. So guys, we are not alone.

Mark PJan 02 2011 4:35pm
Hey there Anon. Again I can't really remember when the day was when i saw his penis and compared it with mine. I just knew that when I was 20 and he was 14 he started bringing girls home especially during the summer break when our parents were on holidays. We shared a room then but by that time he was much taller and bigger than me. Trust me, i was the one that looked like i was 14 years old while he looked 20 years old. By that time it was already pretty clear who the big brother was and it was definitely not me. He started ordering me to go to sleep at 10pm. Sometimes he would loosen up and let me sleep at 11pm. But the only reason why he wanted me to sleep early was so that he could have an *ahem ahem good time with the girls he brought back. I don't know if this sounds really weird but he was teaching me about sex during that time, that one should wear condoms... everything that a big bro should be teaching his little bro. Just that for my case it was the reverse. And another reason why he wanted me to sleep early was so that "my mind would not be corrupted" It was depressing hearing the *ahem ahem noises that he and his random girls make in the middle of the night. Those were the nights that really made me feel that i could never ever be a big/older bro ever again. I was 20 and i had never had a girlfriend whereas my 14 year old bro is already having the time of his life... Anyway there was this one night when he was "free" so we were chatting and he was teaching me about safe sex. He thought me how to use a condom and even instructed me the correct way to place it. But the humilating part was. it was actually loose on my penis! I could'nt believe it. The condom did'nt stick to the skin of my penis there was a huge amount of extra length of condom still! Whereas my bro who was teaching me how to use the condom was in pain. The reason? Because it was too "freakin tight" for him. All i could say was wow. His big c*ck was so hard and his mushroom head was....omg. He must have definitely been in great pain... And btw, somehow or another he has never humilated me on my penis. I have no idea why. It seems that he prefers to compare our heights, facial hair and strength/muscles but never our penises.

sad boyJan 03 2011 4:58am
Thanks Sad boy for sharing. Thank heaven for small mercies that he didn't rub in the p-size. Howdid he embarrass you with the facial hair aspect? What was the extent of his facial hair at 15? Did he grow his beard during those holidays when parents were away? If he looked 20, what were the ages of the girls he was bringing home? Did he ever tell you their ages?

Anon 01/02Jan 04 2011 8:43am
Hey again Anon. Its actually been pretty good sharing about this. Felt like i finally found a place where i can pour my heart out. Right now hes 15 and i'm 21. I have hardly much facial hair. Its still preety sparse and here and there. But my brother can grow a goatee in a few days. He can't exactly grow a thick beard yet but its definitely thicker than mine. He currently likes to have a goatee and soul strip. He also has stubble on his cheeks after he shaves. I would'nt say he directly humilates me but can you imagine seeing me and him side by side together? He's already taller and bigger than me. Hes got the body of an underwear model with stubble and facial hair. I am the height of a 13 or 14 year old kid with a childish looking face and small arms and legs with close to no facial hair. Its so humilating to the point that i even asked him a few times that if people were to ask if he was the oldest just go ahead and say yes. I just can't imagine if people know that i'm the "big bro". There was a few times where he would directly ask me "hey little bro wanna touch my stubble and feel what its like being a big strong man?" Recently hes being really c*cky because we met a photograher who asked him if he was interested in modeling for a photoshoot. The guy gave my bro his namecard and guess what he did next? He threw it into the bin when we got home and said "I'm so bored of all these people. Can't believe i get this kind of poo everytime i go to the mall. Whats a good looking guy gotta do?" I was pretty pissed when he said that. On your second question. He is pretty much a playboy, I don't really know much of the girls he bring home because he would make me go to sleep before i even saw them. But the few i met were about on average 16 or 17. Hey what about you anon? Do you have a story to tell?

sad boyJan 05 2011 8:36am
Hi Sad Boy. Thanks for your latest update. My story is towards the top of this story list...under the name of Alann.

Anon 01/02Jan 05 2011 5:48pm
Hey Anon/Alann, so are you still 14? Because if you are and if you still don't have pubes, your time is'nt here yet. I'm sure when puberty hits you'll grow quickly. Maybe even bigger, stronger and taller than your bro! Your still a hunk in the making! Unlike me, i'm pretty much done growing but my bro is still getting bigger everyday...

sad boyJan 06 2011 4:57am
im a 16 year old male and my lil brother is just 9 1/2 and he likes to make fun of me that he has started puberty at age 9 already and that his tescles and penis are bigger than mine!! hes only 9 1/2 im 16. he makes me pull my pants off front of his friends so he can show his friends that his bigger!!.he makes me play with his too.

mikeJan 06 2011 12:48pm
Her Sad Boy. Thanks for your encouraging remarks, however I am no longer 14. In fact, I am 24 and have only 4.6inches and have finished growing. From that day, my 12 year old brother kept wanting to compare and it wasn't until about 15 that I had my first hairs. He told me on that day that he had his first hairs at 10, if not a little earlier. I still wasn't even 4 inches then and still couldn't cum. And here was my younger brother having regular sex with his older girlfriends and producing volumes of cum. He day I had my first pubes, he stood me in front of my mother's full size mirror. We were both naked. I was erect, he was still soft at about 5 inches. His pube bush was really wide and thick, and I had two hairs. He had not yet turned 13 at that time. He did all sorts of side by side comparisons and kept me naked for like two hours until our parents got home. He wouldnt let me cover up with my hands either. He told me that he could have made at least 60 babies by this stage. He used to continually invite me to feel his bush. HEY MIKE...tell us more about our 9 1/2 year old brother

AlannJan 06 2011 3:13pm
I'm 17 year old, and my bro is 13, he's a couple of inches taller than me, and looks older than me. One weekend he invited two female friends, one who is 15 years old, and one who is 14,(who are hot as hell) and one 14 year old male friend from his class at school. Our parents were away, and I was sitting in the living room watching TV, and then they came in, and my bro said "beat it, loser" I said "What the hell? No" and then he pushed me off the couch, the other boy and the 15 yo chick laughed, but the 14 yo said "You don't need to be so mean to your little bro" then he laughed and said that I was 17, she started laughing too. Then they started drinking, while I sat on a chair in a corner an played on my psp, one of the girls got up from the couch, she was wearing black tights, and she had the most sexy butt ever, I could't stop staring at it, the other girl said "the little boy is staring at your ass" and they started giggling, the girl who was standing walked over to me, and said "hey, boy, my ass is cold, can you please warm it with your hands" and turned her back to me, I put my hands on her butt, and it felt amazing, I started moving my hands around, and she said, "can you please take off my pants?" I removed her tights, to reveal the most beatiful ass ever, in a g-string. She sat down on my lap, and started kissing me on the lips, even though the other ones were laughing, and she did this just to make fun of me, it was the best thing I've ever experienced. She asked me if I had a gf, I said no, and then she asked if I were a virgin, I didn't wanna answer that, but I couldn lie, so I said yes, and everyone started laughing. Then the girl who sat on my lap said "Hey guys, I have an idea, why don't all of us strip down to nothing but our underwear" everyone seemed to be in on it, and she stripped down, to she was only in her panties and her bra, and took my hand, put it on her boobs, and said "you too, boy" and giggled, I couldn't defy a beauty like that, so I undressed. Both of the girls looked amazing, like models, and the boys were kinda muscular, and both had big soft bulges. I had a tiny, skinny, hard fully erect 2.5 inch bulge. They laughed at me, and the girls got to touch it. They made me and my bro stand side by side, and the laughter never stopped. The girl who sat on my lap earlier said that my brother looked like a hot, hung 16 year old, while I looked like a 12 year old with an underdeveloped penis. And then she said "Hey, let's have some sort of a competition, the boy with the biggest penis gets to f*ck the girl with the biggest tits, obviously me" and rubbed her boobs, "and the boy with the next biggest penis gets to f*ck the other girl" and grabbed her friend's boobs. all of us undressed, and they started laughing, and said "it's obvius who the loser is, and strangely enough he is the oldest" and we measured, and found mine to be 2.5, my bro to be 7 inches, and his friend to be 6.5 inches, and then they started having sex right in front of me, and i just stood there mastrubating, and i cummed my little dose 3 times during the time they had sex. And after that, I was always humiliated, and everyone knew about my tiny dick

SamuelJan 09 2011 6:21am
I've grown up knowing that I am bigger than my older brother. We share a room. Through childhood and growing up we came to realize that I had the bigger penis. I was always at least an inch or so bigger. I had a big one even as a baby, I have heard stories my whole life about the numerous ways I showed my genetic gift. Once when i was a a baseball game i flopped it into the urinal and got scolded by my brother that the porcelin was dirty and to hold it with my hands. it took both of my small hands to hold it soft, but at this age around 10, just at the start of puberty it didn't even really grow at all when it got hard, just lifted up a little. It was around 6 inches soft and 4 inches around. My pelvic muscles were not strong enough to have it stand out straight, so it hung down low. It grew fairly fast and then stopped growing except for a little increase in thickness as an early 20 year old. By the time I was 13 or 14 it reached its final length and relative girth of 8.5x6.5(6.8 at ~20yr.)

HiggsJan 20 2011 3:04pm
My best friend at school always had a whopper. We played a game called rainbow, where you colored every inch of your penis a different color. We did this once in middle school at a sleepover/birthday party with the boys in my neighboorhood. We had this huge old army tent setup in a woods behind our subdivision. The older kids there served as the supervisors for the whole weekend so as to not have parents there(they were 16) most of us were 10-14 in age , the tent had 12 of us and the two older teens. It was a big mess tent from ww2. So the first night there we pulled out this big set of washable markers and explained the contest and rules of rainbow to everyone. We eventually got the older teens horny enough to join in too ;) So we were all around the same sizes, the younger 10-12's were around 3-5 inches, the older teens were both around 5-6, I was 5.5. But my friend had us all beat he was almost 8 inches and forever had the nickname of bivz, After the mnemonic of roy g. biv for the color spectrum as it related to inches in penis length the z was for the almost extra letter after v, "Z" We pronounced it as 'biv-zee'.

rainbow-gameJan 20 2011 3:14pm
As his final act my friend rolled over on his back and procedded to suck himself off, he was able to get his whole penis into his mouth :O haha

rainbow-gameJan 20 2011 3:16pm
Great stories.

testing 01/30Jan 29 2011 12:30pm
haha that rainbow game is an awesome idea ;P shame i am no longer 12, i would totally do that with my old friends

AnonymousFeb 02 2011 9:30am
I knew my younger brother was having sex, but one day he came into my room holding his empty condom box, he asked to borrow some of mine. I guess he figured we were around the same size. When I pulled out mine he looked at them and said that they were too small.

AnonymousFeb 09 2011 7:42am
my lil brother is just 11 as im 16 he and his friends tease me because my lil bro dick bigger than mne and few of his friends are bigger too.there between 11 and 12

darrellFeb 16 2011 8:49pm
also my lil bro his friends take my clothes off and hols me down while they let our dog lick my penis till it comes out

darrellFeb 16 2011 8:51pm
my lil brother is just 11 as im 16 he and his friends tease me because my lil bro dick bigger than mne and few of his friends are bigger too.there between 11 and 12

darrellFeb 16 2011 8:51pm
i am 17 and my 14 yr old brother and his friends always tease me because their penis are 5 time my size. one day one of my brothers friends brought over his 5 yr old brother and compared my penis with his and found that i was the same size, so they

jayFeb 18 2011 3:55am
i had a similar situation but at school instead of at home. the guy sitting next to me from the 7th grade till the end of highschool would often put my hand on his crotch to let me feel his much bigger dick and balls. despite me having a much bigger build than him, he was more well endowed, his penis was at least twice as big as mine. it all started when once during class he reached over and was unbuttoning my pants so i pulled his hand away instantly and i guess he somehow knew he was bigger than me and just took my hand and made me feel his dick and balls. i don't know why but after he did that a few times it just made me somehow submissive to him and i would just silently let him do as he pleased so quite often during class he would reach down my pants and feel my penis and squeeze it and knowing i couldn't draw any attention during class he would pinch the head which hurt like hell. he kept saying that he will help me have a bigger penis and sometimes during break he would tell me to go to the bathroom to take off my underwear and to keep just my pants on so that he could more easily do stuff to me such as sticking his finger in my ass and later one he started handing me a pencil and later on two pencils during class that i would insert and then he would reach over and push it in and out of my ass. his brother who was also small in size but apparently had a large well developed penis came and sat next to me during break and made me masturbate him a little and told me that we might go to their house where i can give them both blow jobs but that never happened. knowing that he told his brother about me really added to my embarrassment. in case u r wondering how such stuff are possible in a classroom, u should know i am in syria and classrooms here in public schools have like 65 students where each two sit on one of those long benches where the front is covered by a wooden sheet so there was really very little risk of getting caught. i just wanted to share my experience from school days. thanks

boushkashMar 01 2011 1:24pm
I'm 16, and my younger brother is 14. I've never liked sports due to my fear of balls and overall timidness, whilst my younger brother is involved in many sports (football, rugby, etc.) He outgrew me when he was about 11 and I was 13, but it wasn't until recently it's become really noticable. He's several inches taller than me, much more muscular than me, and can pick me up with ease. A few weeks ago, he told me to punch his stomach. I hurt my hand on his abs. He hasn't really been arrogant or rude about it until recently. He was getting out of the shower, and as well as his glistening bulging muscles, I saw a flaccid penis of about 4 or 5 inches. My flaccid penis is only an inch long, quite literally. When he saw me looking, he insisted that he see mine, and burst out laughing when he forcibly pulled my pants down. He went onto his computer, still naked (my parents were out, and had annoyingly left him in charge) to look at pornography so as to get an erection. As his penis started swelling, he then made me look at the porn, and I promptly got an erection; by then, his penis was HUGE, and only semi-erect. When we measured, I found out that his semi-erect penis is 6.5 inches, whilst mine is 2 inches. He sat down onto a chair, and pushed me down onto me knees so that I was eye level with his still-growing c*ck. He wanked off, and his semen splashed on my face. He got a ruler again, and we found out that his fully erect penis is 7 inches. He also had a bush of pubic hair, and I had none. My entire scrotum was about as big as one of his testicles. Even though he'd already wanked off, his erection remained, and he wanted me to suck it. I didn't want to, but he overpowered me with ease and I reluctantly started licking his colossal manhood. It was then that I ejaculated. He howled with laughter, delighted that I was aroused by licking penis. I didn't mention it was the first time that I'd ejaculated. Since then (it happened a few days ago) he has been calling me 'little brother' and I have called him 'Sir' as he has threatened to beat him up if I don't. Recently, he's talked about making me wear girls' clothes so I can be his 'dainty little sister' and give all his friends blowjobs. I don't know whether he's joking or not.

AnonymousMar 11 2011 2:24pm
Wow, that must suck, Anonnymous above, but well you kinda deserve it, since he is so masculine compared to you, and your parents leave him in charge? so they treat him like the oldest?

AnonymousMar 12 2011 7:07pm
I think the above comment that he 'KINDA DESERVE (sic) it" is quite an ignorant comment. Nobody deserves it. It is not the 16 year's fault. Some parents can be totally insensitive in such situations by contributing to the humiliation, and perhaps brush off the issue as inconsequential. Of oourse it sucks, and if anonymous (above) were in the position of the first anonymous, I don't think he would think that he deserved it.

empathyMar 13 2011 3:17am
Thanks for sticking up for me, empathy; I agree, I don't think I deserve it. As for the anonymous below me, yes, my parents do treat him like the oldest, and usually strangers think he's the oldest. Anyway, my 13-year-old brother hasn't made me dress up as a girl, but has showed how he can easily overpower me in front of his girlfriend. He actually made me strip naked in front of his girlfriend, and she couldn't stop laughing at how small my penis was in comparison to my younger brother's huge one.

AnonymousMar 19 2011 11:46am
Whoops. I meant 14-year-old brother. *facepalm*.

AnonymousMar 19 2011 11:48am
Hi anonymous above. Would you like to tell us about that experience of being made to strip in front of his girlfriend. How old was she? Did he make you do a side by side comparison, etc?

YMar 19 2011 8:11pm
When I was 16 my mom brought home a new boyfriend.....he was 6 foot 4 inches and really built...his muscles were incredible....his biceps were 18 inches he wore 46 inch jackets and he had size 15 shoes...I couldnt kerp my eyes off his basket and I would masturbate thinking about him all the time. It wasnt long before he started to spend the night. Then he would spend the weekends snx finally mom announced tgat ye would be moving in. That mad me really happy because that meant he would be moving his stuff in and i would get to try on his clothes when thry were out. Being 16 and wearing boys size 12 clothes was humiliating but it as a total turn on to try on his clothes and feel how big he was compared to me. I had finally grown to a half an inch past 5 feet just before my 16th 10 year old cousin was already 5 foot 2. So my height was a real problem but it as always a huge turn on to be around bigger boys and men. After a few montgs of Rodney living with us he mentioned that his 13 year old son would be spending the summer with him and would be arriving in a few days. This was the first mention of Dwayne...and my fears began to small was i gonna be compared to Rodneys son..would he be mean to me and make fun of me because if my size...i didnt know anyone 13 who wasnt bigger than I really was worried. Finally the day of Dwaynes arrival came and we got into the car to pick him up at the airport. Rodney started talking about Dwayne and how he was different..and he asked if i could be kind to Dwayne and make him feel welcome and comfortable..and since we would be sharing my room not make him ferl self concous. All i could think was that was what I was worried about for ss a 13 year old coming to live in my house and I was so fearfull of being bullied, as usual by younger kids who were bigger and stronger than me. Then Rodney said somethingthat blew my mind..he said Dwayne was very small for his age and that he hopd I would not bully him. I wanted to ask how small Dwayne was...and i never dreamt he would be much smaller than I just figured he would be about my size. When I saw Dwsyne I was shocked...he looked about 7 ...snd later Ifound out he was 4 foot 6 and wore boy size clothes size 8...and had size 4 and 1/2 shoes..i wore 6 and1/ i felt like a giant next to him....We got in the car and we started talking about school and stuff and we really got along. EVeryone seemed to relax and we went home and I showed Dwayne our room and he put his stuff away. The first day went fine and it was really a great feeling to feel like the bigger brother for once in my life. We watched a movie and tgen it Was time for showers and bed. I took my shower first and got in bed and then Dwayne git his shower and came to our bdroom. I as wearing pajama bottoms sitting at my computer desk when Dwayne came back from his shower...he as wearing white tighty whiteys...and i couldnt help but notice the bulge in his breifs....he walked up so close to me i could feel the heat of his freshly showerwd body...and he became a completely different he whispered in a gravely look white dont matter how tall you are...i want you to know u willnever be half the man i he pulled down his breifs and let his 8 inch erection sping out and hit me in the chest.....needless to say i was afraid to say anything let alone let him see me pink little 3 inch boner...which was making a tent in my pajama bottoms....he then td me to jerk off and settle my midget dick down and thenget to work on sucking his massive meat....which is what i did every morning and night fir the 8 weeks he stayed with us. .

Still a little guyMar 24 2011 7:15am
Dear still a little guy, you area giant compared to him...8 inches in height is alot....why would you submit so's time for little guys to get some attitude and not blame everything on seems Dwayne learned early on to use what he's got to feel like a real man.

Small and proudMar 24 2011 7:47am
I found out my little brother grew young when he went to the store with some friends who were on the swim team (my brother wasn't on), they went to go buy new speedos for practice, they were all 13 and in the 7th grade at the time. They convinced my brother to get one. Apparently they thought the childs medium would be big enough for my little brother, since it was what they wore. So they go home to my house to go swimming and went up to our room we share and shuck their clothes and open up the new suits. My brother is laughing as he wags about a five inch soft penis and comicaly tries to cram it under the edge of the speedo, it leaves a scary bulge across the front, he says that he guess he was made for board shorts and they say that it was a good thing he wasn't on the team as his equipment would pull him under hahaha, he later mearsured and was 7 in hard, i was 6(17yr.) and his friends were all around 4-5 in.

CalebApr 01 2011 11:10am
When I was 14, I lived with my mom and older sister. My freshman year of high school, I had major problems with bullying, so I decided to go live with my father and his son from his second marriage (who would be starting 7th grade my sophomore year). My younger brother has a much more assertive personality than me and naturally took the big-brother role, but At first I tried to assert myself as the big-brother. This led us to get into lots of fights. About a month after I moved my sister came to visit for a few days and saw how much we fought. One day I was watching T.V. and he came in and told me to hand him the remote so he could change it to what he wanted. I fought the impulse to hand it over and told him no, and my sister looked at me and said ?Why don?t you just accept that he?s in charge, it would make things a lot easier for both of you?? That was totally unexpected and I looked at her with surprise, so she said ?Look, you know you are just a pitiful dweeb, at the bottom of the social latter, and Dave?s a jock, at the top, so his role is to tell you what to do, and yours is to do what he says.? I was like ?Whatever!!? and clung to the remote. Dave then walked over to me, gave me a look, held out his hand, and said in a stern voice ?Hand me the remote.? I didn?t want to, but I handed it over to him and stomped out of the room. Latter I was thinking about it in my room and realized my sister was right. I had handed him the remote because I recognized him, on a subconscious level, as my superior. I was fighting my natural position. That evening Dave come into my room without asking and told me to sit down. I did and he said ?Listen, dweeb, I don?t care how old you are, you?re still a dweeb and you need to do what I tell you to do, I?m tired of you trying to act like you can do what you want cause of your age.? I looked at my feet and said ?Yes sir, I?m very sorry disrespecting you, I am a dweeb, and you?re entitled to my obedience.? He said ?Good, I?m glad you?ve finally realized that. Now that you?ve been disrespectful for one month, you get one month of punishment, at the end, if you?re good, I?ll ease up on you, but you still are my personal bitch, do you understand?? ?Yes sir,? I said, ?what is my punishment going to be?? ?I?ll let you know when I think of it.? He replied. That was the summer before I started 10th grade and Dave started 7th. Since then I?ve pretty much been his errand boy, cleaning his room and the bathroom we share, doing his laundry and all his chores around the house, keeping his sports equipment clean, preparing whatever food he wants, and getting whatever he wants from a store within walking distance of our house. However, my sophomore year is almost up and I still need some sort of punishment. He told me this coming up summer I would be doing my punishment and told me to post on this site asking for ideas. If anyone has any suggestions, please help.

Dweeb in need of punishmentApr 03 2011 4:47pm
Surely he should make you wear short skirts and dresses and wax your bodyhair. How much bigger is he than you?

SissyApr 11 2011 2:39am
hey Sissy. how are things with your 11 year old brother and yourself?

AApr 11 2011 1:34pm
My younger brother was chubby, and got motivated by a total transformation a older friend of mine did over a 2 year period from 18-20. When my little bro was 10 he was short for his age and about 30 lbs. overweight. Over the next 4 years he became a new person, and is now in phenomenal shape. Hell after a couple months he shed most of his fat, then once he started puberty he really exploded. At 13 I caught him jacking off looking into his mirror at himself. He was rubbing his abs and caressing his creases and jerking off with his other hand. He was pretty big at around 5 inches, about a year later he was bigger than me at 6.5 inches to my 5.5 inches.

amtApr 11 2011 3:18pm
Sissy, by brother is a few inches shorter than me and hid dick is only slightly bigger. Of course, he is 12 and a half and I am almost 16, so he is much better endowed for his age. Also, thanks for the idea, that is the sort of treatment I deserve for being disrespectful to him.

AnonymousApr 11 2011 4:31pm
Sorry, I forgot to fill in my name. The last comment was mine.

Dweeb in need of punishmentApr 11 2011 5:08pm
i was hanging out with my friend and we decided to work out. Went by his house to pick up his gym bag. we heard some noises coming from his brother's room. he peaked in. his brother slammed the door but little bolo (his nickname) opened the door and made some comment. his brother came out in his underwear (ha ha) and shoved little bolo. his older brother is a black belt and kinda tough guy. the got into a shoving match and bolo slammed li against the wall. epic man. bolo has been working out and gotten stronger. they took it down to the basement where they have some stuff and a mat his brother uses for work outs. bolo pulled off his shirt. i didn't realize how buffed out he had gotten. they kept fighting. li was getting in some great shots. he was quick. but bolo managed a lucky shot and knocked the wind out of li. he easily picked him up and slammed him. it was great. he dominated. li finally gave. we were kinda shocked. bolo got a little c*cky and said where is my prize. the girl? li gave him a swift kick. but bolo countered and slammed li to the ground. let's ask her. he ran up to the room and walked in and pulled off his shorts. who the man? me or my brother? she looked at him and kinda smiled. are you his older brother? bolo laughed. looks like i am now. he walked over and laid on the bed. li was up in a minute. he tried to get little bolo out but he challenged li to a penis competition. the girl got them both hard. li was a little longer (ha ha) but bolo's looked like a coke bottle.

tale of a friendApr 30 2011 7:23am
When I was 15 I saw my then 12 year old brother naked for the first time since he was 8. Boy had he grown. He was 4 inches soft and 6 inches hard. I was only about 2 inches soft and almost 5 inches hard. He was 5 inches around and I was 4 inches around. His balls were twice my size. He said that he wasn't even the biggest out of his friends his age. And that his best friends younger brother was as big as me and he was only 10. They had a dick measureing contest at his last sleep over and took pictures. He shows me them. Sure enough his 10 year old friend was big soft and barely grew when erect. He had a 4 inch long penis that looked so out of proportion on the frame of a kid that was 4'4" and around 60 lbs.(skinny kid) The biggest was a 13 year old named Paul that was 7x6.

RelkMay 15 2011 3:55pm
I'm a bigger younger brother. I'm 14 and have a 3 inch bigger penis than my older brother. We share a room and in the summer I sleep naked and when I wake up with a boner he always looks envious. He thought that he was bigger than me so we decided to measure each other and it wasn't even close. Mine was a lot bigger and the head of my penis was 1.5 inches long, compared to his .5 inch. Although I still love him, it makes me feel great to see his face when I walk out of the shower and just sit around naked for hours on end.

BcaMay 21 2011 7:51am
Our parents were out of town for a weekend, and me (18) and my younger bro (13) were home alone, we were just hanging and watching tv, then my brother asked me out of nowhere "when did you get hair in your crotch" i was a very late bloomer, and told him i first started getting a little hair down there when i was 15, he said "oh, that's kinda late, i have lots of hair down there already, so when you were my age you were just a little boy" in a teasing tone. I was a bit shocked and just said "yeah i guess" then he asked me when i first cummed, i said that was when i was 15 too, and asked him the same question, he said he did it the first time last year. I was like "when you were 12?!" and he said it wasnt unusual, and that lots of guys in his class started around that time. Then after a while he said "Hey, since you started all that puberty stuff way later than i did, i bet i have a bigger dick than you too" I had been afraid of this moment for quite some time, I've always noticed his bulge is huge, and besides, my dick is really tiny. I just try to brush it off, by laughing, and continue watching TV, then he said, "You afraid I might be your big brother?" and laughed. I couldnt come up with an answer. Then he said "Lets have some sorta competition, if I win, I become the big bro, and you're my little bitch?" He stood up in front of me, and i did the same, I was only about 1-2 inches taller than him. I asked him "what's in it for me?" and he said "then i'll become your servant" I said "okay" then he took my hand, and put it down his crotch, I grabbed his huge dick, and he asked smug "who do you think is gonna win" I just shrugged, and then we dropped our pants, He laughed at my tiny, fully erect bulge, we got rid of our underwear, and his penis was soft, but twice the size of my erect one. "Wow, haha, you really are a little boy" I said "yes, sir" and he said he was that size when he was 10 years old, he asked for my size, I said it was 3 inches, he laughed, and said his soft one was about 5.5, and then i had to jerk him, and it grew to 8.5 inches, almost 3 times my size, he said "Now, you're my little bitch, little bro" And I am, I always have to serve him, and do what he says, and he treats me like a little kid, and humiliates me all the time

johnMay 22 2011 9:48am
Wow John. That's humiliating. What does he make you do?

Also a johnMay 23 2011 12:08am
I'm so glad I found this site!!!! About two weeks ago a couple of my little brothers friends slept over at our house. I am 17 he is 13. I went out and what not and got in around midnite. When I went upstairs to go to bed they were makin all sorts of racket in his room. I was tired an a little tipsy so I went to tell them to knock it off so I could sleep, but the door was locked. I knocked and when my lil bro answered the door he was only in a pair of boxers and the flap was open and the head of his wang was hangin out and it was huge!!! Like the size of a golf ball. I couldn't hide my shock from him and he just kinda wagged his hips and said "what you looking at" with a smirk on his face. I said "nothing much" but it was too late, he said "you sure your not lookin at my meat?" I turned bright red and he said you wanna play with us you might like the game. At this point all sorts of emotions were going through my head but I was a lil horny from drinkn and sorta wanted to compare my brother to me even if by just discretely eyeballin his junk while we hung out. So I decided what the hell and said "yea sure" not knowing what to expect, still reeling from the shock of my brothers massive member. When he stepped aside and opened the door all the way, I was shocked again to see both his friends completely naked on his bed both with healthy soft penises of their own. From the looks of it I was easily the junior member of the group by a couple inches. At this point I wanted to walk out but couldn't. My lil' bro said they were playing pitch a tent and that we were supposed to play with boxers on but its more fun naked and to strip if I want to play. I wasn't excited about that and asked for more details on the game. He said basically one guy lays down and the others try to make him get a boner without any kissing or touching him down there. If the "camper" pitches a tent he has to do a dare. So without any other option I stripped and before I even unbuckled my belt I had a boner. I guess by now I was so mortified I didn't care and was really turned on by being so much less of a man than these boys. When I stripped and they saw my little stiffy they laughed and said thats an automatic loss. You have to do a dare. I didn't think it was fair but I was going to lose anyways so I asked for the dare. The boys conferred and decided that a measuring contest would take place and the winner would get a bj from the loser. This was all very funny to them and I was so wrecked at this point i didn't care I just wanted to know what it felt like to have a big dick and wanted to play with theirs. The measuring went down and I of course was the smallest at 3.5 inches, the friends were the next biggest at 6 and 6.5, which didnt make me feel too bad. Unfortunately my lil bro was the biggest he was over 7.5 inches more than twice my size and way fatter too. He smiled and said on your knees and with a smirk of my own I obliged feeling totally emasculated but excited to feel the size of his pole in my hands. I gave my lil bro the best porno bj I could muster and even gagged a couple times, I know its very wrong but we have been playing pitch a tent most nites since then and I always lose :P

AnonymousMay 24 2011 10:24am
Amt did that motivate you to work out?

AnonImousJun 01 2011 4:48am
is this poll still working?

queryJun 24 2011 3:43am
yeah it's working. but not too many people have contributed lately. am wondering why?

query-2Jul 22 2011 5:10am
When I was growing up with m brother, who is three years older than me, and I shared a bathroom, and once I hit puberty it was pretty soon that I realized my penis was noticeably bigger than his, so I decided that he should be subservient to me. The next time it was my turn to clean the bathroom, I walked into his bedroom. When he started to chastise me for not knocking and coming in his room without his permission, I cut him off ?Boy, I?ll come in here when I want, and by the way, you need to clean the bathroom for me tonight.? He was taken aback by this. Although I had always tended to be more assertive than he, I had never bluntly bossed him around like that. I said ?look, you and I have both seen each other in the bathroom; you know who is more of a man, so just do what I say, all right?? He stood there speechless at first, trying to think of a comeback, until he meekly said ?but that?s soft, I?m 15 and your twelve, I must have a bigger hard-on.?

Younger big brotherJul 24 2011 2:24pm
I laughed and said ?All right, show me your dick hard, if it is as big as mine I promise I?ll be a good little brother and you can be the one to boss me around,? as I dropped my pants and started to work on getting it hard. My brother complied, and soon he was hard, bright red in the face, and looking at the floor. ?Show me your games.? I commanded. He got out his collection of computer and play station games, and I started going through them to pick out the ones I wanted. My little brother just stood back, knowing full well that I was entitled to take what I wanted from his omega-male self. I smacked him hard across the face and told him that was for him standing up to me, and he apologized profusely and went to clean the bathroom. From then on he always remembered his place and submitted to me, and I never did chores again.

Younger big brotherJul 24 2011 2:25pm
About a year later my sister noticed him doing my laundry and asked us about it. I explained that I was an alpha male, and he was obligated to do whatever I say. She objected to this and said she was going to tell our parents and have them put a stop to it. My little brother insisted that he liked doing what he was told and being kept in his place. My sister heard none of it, but when she went to our parents, they just said that they had known for a long time what my brother was like and were not surprised that I had put myself in charge of him. They told him that he was to continue obeying me. Which he did.

Younger big brotherJul 24 2011 2:25pm
He worked for a few years after high school before starting college, while I got an athletic scholarship and got to start college right away, so he only started one year before he did. We got an apartment together and I continued to control him. I had sex with several girls throughout college, while he, predictably, remained a virgin. After he graduated, during my senior year, he started dating a girl for the first time, who he is now engaged to. He is still a virgin, and has done nothing more beyond French kissing his fianc?. His fianc? regularly has sex with me, and after the wedding she will only do with him what I give her permission to do. I am undecided, should I allow him to have sex or should I make him stay a virgin for life, and if I chose for him to stay a virgin, what should I let him do with his wife?

Younger big brotherJul 24 2011 2:26pm
Hey YBB, you ever have any experiences with your friends and peers your own age growing up, with them seeing your size? How big is it exactly?

CAT_5iveJul 25 2011 9:23pm
anyone looking to rp alog these lines add/email kyleisawesomer @ live .com

fun_timesJul 27 2011 8:47pm
CAT_5ive, I haven?t completely made anyone my bitch other than my brother, although I do tend to take the lead in a group of peers, and guys with little dicks are especially keen to just follow someone else?s lead. For example if I tell a dork who seems like he has a little dick ?hey, how about grabbing me a beer,? he?ll generally get up and do it, but no hard-core master slave dynamics going on. My friends all seem to be at least average. I?m just over 8? long.

YBBJul 28 2011 9:02am
Growing up I was dominated by my older brother for years, he was always bigger and stronger than me. Then a friend of mine at school who took martial arts showed me videos of a kid younger than me winning matches against kids twice his size. I started eating better and training with him, met this kid got inspired by him. I mean this kid was 9, had a very muscular body, and on top of that was a couple years away from being a black belt! Over the next 3 years I was in the zone, while my brother was non the wiser. I let him think he had the upper hand. Then after almost 4 years of playing possum I revealed the new me. I took the first shower in the morning, knowing he would come in and flush the toilet to cold shock me. We shared a bathroom. I was waiting in the shower, I jumped out and attacked him, naked and put him to the ground, got him a head lock, then released him, stood before him fuming,flexing, with a raging hard on dwarfing his tiny penis. He was a fractured shell of what I used to call my brother. He was totally beaten, he treated me better than anyone. I never again abused him. We are now very close.

Call2ChangeJul 28 2011 9:55pm
Younger Big Brother, your little brother knows his status, and so does his fiance. His fiance onl wants your brother for non-sexual companionship, but wants sex from a man like you (that seems, after all, why she is cuckolding him). As a bitch, he will gladly accept remaining a virgin and raising the children you and his wife produce. There is no reason to let omeone like that ever become a man

Advice to YBBJul 29 2011 7:16pm
My little brother unknowingly to me, used to log onto my pc when i was out, like at school or whatever. He copied the material I had download/cut and paste from sites about fitness and penis excercises(like from sites like lpsg, mattersofsize , pegym , thundersplace) I don't know when he got this information, but he apparently told his 3 best friends, one set of twins and his neighboor he has grown up with his whole life from an infant together.

SlightedAug 01 2011 6:07pm
So over what I assume has to be years, they all practiced the knowledge from this material, he had copied it a usb, then to his computer. He lives in the converted attic, so has the whole area to himself. So they proceeded to go to work on improving themselves.

SlightedAug 01 2011 6:09pm
They excercised first, as they found this out I have begun to gather from past photos before they reached puberty, they looked like average kids at the start of 4th grade, and by the end of it, had started to buff up.

SlightedAug 01 2011 6:11pm
So summer rolls around and they come out of his room in typical board shorts, and they all have little muscles all over their bodies. I just ignored it at the time, and I just said that it showed so easily because they were "skinny little twerps" . This fueled them all the more. To make a long story short by the time they were in 8th grade, they looked so different compared to the kids I remember. This was when they revealed their enhanced genitals to me. They were all about 5 inches soft with his friend being a little shorter and the twins were a little thicker but shorter too. His was the longest, and longer than mine at 18 and a senior in H.S. Erect my bro was 8 inches, his friend was 7 and the twins were a little more than 6.5. They were all about 6 inches around, and again the twins were about half an inch thicker. At this point they had well defined abs and were just covered in bulging veins and ripped muscle, my bro in particular loved his over trained biceps, he loved to flex and rip his old elementary t-shirts.

SlightedAug 01 2011 6:18pm
My neighboor had a man boy like that Slighted, he had big muscles at a young age, and was always slipping out of his speedo in their pool, he was bigger than my son at 11 when he was only in kindergarten at 6. It gave way to very frank discussions about genetics and puberty etc. I was able to explain to him that , the men you see in porn are bigger than average to a huge degree usually, and it is logical that these men would be big as children. Of course as I also told him, some boys grew all at once, and some grew gradually, and some sadly did not grow much at all. Between my son and me, we are very similar in size, I have seen straight up measured us together, but in the shower at resorts/beaches/camping we have to be around a half inch difference or less between us.

NortonAug 04 2011 10:56am
YBB, are you taller/stronger than your brother, and if you are, have you always been taller/stronger?

AnonymousAug 06 2011 6:21am
You should let your little brother remain a virgin for life; don't let him do anything with his wife at all, but let him kiss her occasionally (e.g. once a week).

Advice to Younger Bigger BrotherAug 06 2011 4:20pm
Younger Bigger Brother you should tantalise him by getting his fiance to make out with him and promise him sex and then deny him just before they are about to engage, then she should let you come in and you and her can do it in front of him, so he has to watch on with a frustrated hard-on. You should also make him dress as a girl and make him serve you and his fiance, make him worship your body, and clean up after you.

SissyAug 10 2011 8:00am
It must be so emasculating and humiliating to be still a virgin when his younger stronger brother is getting laid all the time and controlling his fiance and sex life.

SissyAug 10 2011 8:02am
hey sissy. how are things going for you and your brother?

anonyAug 10 2011 12:30pm
My younger brother is getting laid every night, but I'm still a virgin. Our parents are proud of the fact that he is so popular with the girls and are always reminding me that I should be getting a girlfriend soon. He loves teasing me about how many girls he's had and that I've not even kissed or touched a girl. He always gropes and fondles them in front of me, and has very noisy sex with them in his room, which is right next to mine. Sometimes when our parents are out he makes me dress as a girl and do his chores, and if I don't do them right he'll spank me in front of his girlfriends.

SissyAug 14 2011 7:13am
hi anybody here into cam to cam comparison? I am 24 year old, very skinny and my c*ck is kinda small as well. add me on yahoo: singhdhiren22....i dominate inferior guys and also love to serve real men.

singhdhiren22@yahoo.comAug 26 2011 1:23pm
i forgot to tell my arms are 24 cm (approx. 9.5 inches) in size

singhdhiren22@yahoo.comAug 27 2011 11:29am
i am at brother is at a very weak guy.he is lot stronger than me.he is as tall as i am.i hav very tiny muscles.he has got very good physique.he bosses me for this.he always teases me.also he has more facial hairs than me.this humiliates me every time.

AnonymousAug 30 2011 12:08am
up until i was 8 i was the bigger dominant brother over my 7,6, and 5 year old brothers in size and strength. i am not the smartest brother cos they always get better grades than me than when i was there age. when i was 8 i kinda stopped growing for a bit and my brothers got really big and when i was like 8 and a half my 7 year old brother was taller than me and i was about the same size as simon who was 6ish. in the bath was where we checked each other out and i started noticing that jamies dick was bigger than mine and simons was the same as mine. a year on and i started wearing hand me downs from jamie and simon. i had grown a bit but so had they and then i was the same size as stephen who was a tall 6 then. both simon and jamie had bigger dicks than me and stephen was about the same as me then. i started losing when fighting my brothers and often lost my tv remote rights cos of it. when i was 10 i was in an acident that damaged the nerves going to my arms and hands and it got my belly punctured and my balls. it hurt really bad and i ended up losing 1 of my balls and got a fake one put it but the other one was operated on to save it. cos of the acident i needed a lot of help off mum doin normal things and my brothers bullied me about it saying i was there baby brother cos i was the smallest and weakest and i was. in the bath mum was still washing me and my brothers except jamie who after a couple of months got to bath alone. i asked why i wasnt allowed and mum said it was cos of my acident until i got better. 6 months later simon turned 9 and he was allowed to bath himself and i was better and asked mum why i wasnt allowed and she said it was cos they were more mature than me and i couldnt be trusted. by the time i was 12 i was still geting bathed by mum and my brothers werent but eventually i was allowed to. me and stephen were sharing a room instead of what used to be me and jamie and me and stephen shared clothes which we didnt like. i had been put in a lower grade when we moved house and school and i was in the same classes a jamie only he got harder work than me. so he was smarter stronger and had a bigger dick the same with simon only he was in a lower grade. i got picked on at school and had to have my two younger bigger brothers fight for me then i got picked on for being a sissy and weak. i learned when i was 13 that all my brothers has started puberty at about 9 or 10 and i hadnt even started yet. we compared and they all had bigger dicks than me but stephens was only a little bit bigger. they started bossing me about more then and eventually started blackmailing me to say that they would tell people at school that i was still pubeless and i usually ended up doing as they said. when i was 15 i was doing some chores for my brothers plus my own and not getting paid for it cos they took my pocket money that i earned and gave back what they though i should have. i eventually told mum and she said that i should stand up for myself and it would help if i wasnt still wearing childish clothes. i wanted to stand up to my mum but i never could and it was her that got me those clothes from my cousin i think. i had to get a referal to the hospital then about my testicle cos i still hadnt started puberty and they started me on drugs to help and get an operation to get a new bigger ball. when i got examined by a woman doctor i was really embrarased and humiliated cos she was like surprised and said i was small for a 14 year old. my mum said from behind the curtain that i was 16. i felt worse. they didnt end up operating until i was 17 and bigger. at 20 when we was on holiday together we ended up comparing for old timesake in the shared showers and they make me look like a skinny boy. i have hardly and hair on my bod and only a little bit around my dick which is thin and 2 inch soft and 4 to 4 and a half hard. i was and am 5'4". jamie is 6'1" and has a massive man bush and his dick was 4 inch soft. simon is 6' and has a man bush also and a big dick but stephen is 6'4" a full foot bigger than me and has at least a 5 inch soft dick. im now 21 and still living with my mum and they are all living away now. mum still gets me boy clothes and i kinda like it i feel its my role in life.

DeverauxSep 01 2011 8:11pm
im 16 and my lil bro is just 11 and hs penis way more hung than mine,and he has way more pubes.he tells me he more man than me sand says sinse mines smaller han his and his friends i have to suck his.he told me thats the rule in the pool locker room.

dunkersSep 03 2011 12:33pm
I posted a few times in the "Younger brother is better endowed than you" thread. But seeing as that is not showing newer posts I figured I would update since it has been a while.

Dean411Oct 01 2011 12:54pm
My friends brother was given the ok by his doctor to re-engage puberty, so they took him off his meds about 6 months ago. He is 12 now and the doctor felt it was ok for him to restart and finish going through puberty.

Dean411Oct 01 2011 12:57pm
As far as I know, when his body is "done" growing the problems with his pituitary gland and whatever else was causing the problems will be ok to be left alone, when he gets older though, like in his 30s and 40s he may have a higher risk of prostate issues though. He has grown a little bit in height, and put on some weight, but is fairly athletic, so most of it is muscle I suspect. The doctor still expects his height to get no taller than around 5'6" at the most, maybe even less than that, due to his growth plates getting messed up when he was younger. He wore a back brace for about 6 months last year to correct a slight curvature in his spine, that is all ok now. And since I know you will want to know, his penis is basically still the same size at around 6 inches hard, maybe slightly bigger. The doctor actually told him that he could expect to reach 8+ inches, with his MOTHER in the room lol. He said he almost died of embarrassment. Soft his penis has grown by about half an inch, but this could also be due to him loosing some weight around his stomach area.

Dean411Oct 01 2011 1:04pm
Dean thanks for updates...we were wondering. Does he still show off a bit to you and his older/smaller brother?

GuestOct 10 2011 9:55am
Yeah, he gave half the boys in his class a shock when they went on a big camp out at the start of September. About 7 kids in his class all have a birthday within 4 days of each other. And all got the idea for a huge birthday party out in the woods. It was very secluded, but everyone is very experienced in the woods, and the parents were fin with us all going out there by ourselves, as it was only about an 2 hours walk with easy to see landmarks. So of course we all go skinny dipping in the river haha, NO parents whoo! Junk food, soda pop and porn, what more could a group of young guys ask for? So he is still the biggest one, and a few had never seen him before erect and were agog over it. It bends upward at a pretty high angle, and looks like it is trying to stab through his stomach haha. Surprisingly though, he doesn't shoot much more than his peers, maybe 10-20% more.

Dean411Oct 15 2011 2:38am
Wow Dean sounds like a crazy day at the river LOL Is he still considerably bigger than you and his older brother?

SteveOct 16 2011 1:10pm
Yes Kurt is still bigger, Kevin and I are about 5.5 inches erect and about 5 inches around. My father is about this size as is his, so we both don't expect to get too much bigger unlike Kurt, who knows, maybe he will end up 8+ someday, or maybe not. Right now he just wishes he were taller, since he really like basketball.

Dean411Oct 16 2011 1:35pm
i have a 11 cm c*ck

singhdhiren22@yahoo.comOct 17 2011 6:28am
Dean - LOL...I am wondering what Kurt's mom thought when she heard he could be 8+ inches? has his Dad or Mom talked size with him at all? He is crazy big - esp for only 12

KennyOct 17 2011 1:18pm
It's just who he is, she has an old female friend from high school that is 6'6". She has a massive rack too, Her nickname in H.S. was Clobbering Clara. Again like I said he really just wants to be tall, which he will not be, to him his penis being the size that it is, is rather annoying.

Dean411Oct 17 2011 9:56pm
Dean how have you seen your Dad hard? And you also saw Kurt's Dad? Are you all nudists?

Joey TOct 21 2011 1:30pm
They are both around 5-5.5 inches erect. No we are not "nudists" , but we are not that shy either.

Dean411Oct 22 2011 11:57pm
Wow thats cool. Is everyone amazed at Kurts size?

CleetusOct 23 2011 3:46pm
One day i went to go in my basement to work out and i saw my little brother there. I asked what he was doing and he said "working out like a man" i was confused. then i asked "you're a man?" and he said "yeah you wanna see?" at first i said no but he kept bugging me. so he showed me his penis and it was really big, almost twice the size of mine. then he asked to see mine and he laughed. then he asked if we could arm wrestle and he won! i was pissed. then he asked to wrestle and we did and he kept pinning me down and i couldn't get away. so after i got up ii punched him in the stomach and he didn't move. then he punched me and i went flying at the wall. he then said "told you i was a man." and i argued that you're not. then he kept punching me till i begged him to stop. he said i had to do whatever he does or he'll just beat the s**t out of me. he's starting to get really c*cky too. at school he never talks to me but when he does he always harasses me in front of my friends and i hate him for it.

Steve132Oct 30 2011 5:27pm
hi Steve132, what are the ages of you and your "little" brother? What are your heights and weights? How big are your c*cks?

bsized4point5@yahoo.comOct 31 2011 8:50am
well i'm 17 and he's 14. he is about 160 and i'm only like 125. my c*ck is only like 3 inches soft and 4 inches erect. and his was like 6 inches soft.

Steve132Nov 05 2011 7:42pm
Also when we were home alone he asked me to come in his room so i did. he asked me to see if i changed from when i was younger. so he grabbed a pair of our old under wear and we put them on. he ripped his when he put it on and i looked OK. obviously i'm going to look bigger but compared to him i was a stick

Steve132Nov 05 2011 7:47pm
I'm 18 years old, and my 14 year old brother is my big brother, he calls me little bro all the time, makes me do stuff for him, and humiliates me. He often makes me jerk him off and tell him how big and masculine he is compared to me. I love it. His dick is 7.5 inches, and mine is 3.5 inches, he's also taller and more muscular than me.

greyNov 08 2011 3:06pm
I wish I wasnt the youngest in my family. :(

bitchboiNov 18 2011 1:17am
Guys with little dicks tend to have timid, non-assertive personalities, and have an instinct to be differential to more assertive men. They are uncomfortable standing up for themselves when getting bossed around. Men with big dicks tend to be assertive and tend to take the lead of more diffident guys. If a guy with a small dick accepts that he is a dork and recognizes the authority of a well-endowed man, and the well-endowed man dominates the guy with a little dick, both will be happier than if the guy with a small dick constantly struggles against himself and refuses to do what the guy with a big dick says. If a younger brother has a big dick and an older brother has a small dick, the relationship will be more harmonious if the younger brother takes the big brother role and the older brother accepts the little brother role, and the older brother submits to the younger. If the older brother tries to be in charge, or equal to the younger brother, there is likely to be a lot of conflict and fighting, as the older one is trying to maintain a status that he and his brother both know is right for the younger brother.

SocNov 25 2011 4:34pm
My best friend growing up had a younger brother that was very well-endowed from birth. He was about half again as big as his peers and always about half an inch below ours once he started puberty. But then he got bigger than us. When he was 8 years old it was 4 soft and 4.5 hard, We at 12 were about 2 soft and 5 hard. He started puberty around 10, by the summer was 4.5 soft and 5 hard equal to ours, maybe a little bit shorter. In the next year over the fall and winter he also kicked his body into high gear with exercise. Shed all his babyfat and went beast mode on us. Here he was an 11 year old super tween, amazing body with a thick 6x6 soft and 8x6.5 hard manboy penis. That is as big as he got. It grew fast and young.

VinceColaNov 26 2011 9:05am
I'm 17 and my penis is 3 inches erect, and my younger brother is 13 and about 7 inches and much thicker. He is already having sex with girls I could only dream of even talking to.

LittleDec 04 2011 5:30am
Wow, Little, sounds interesting, but could you please tell us more about you and your brother and his girlfriends?

jakeDec 04 2011 3:30pm
The girl he's dating at the moment is in my class, and I've had a crush on her since I was 12. She's so beautiful and elegant, and he can carry her around the house in his arms, and often makes out with her in front of me. She's allowed to stay overnight and she's really noisy when she has sex. One time they did it all night, and another time, when the house was empty, they did in in the front room on the sofa while I was upstairs, and another time I heard them giggling when I came home and found a huge stain in my bed. He really bullies me about my size as well and love to spank me and beat me like I'm his child. He is much stronger than me. Sometimes when she's not here, he makes me dress in her clothes and makes me do chores around the house and other things for him. I get so frustrated and feel so submissive.

LittleDec 05 2011 6:50am
Little, is your brother taller and/or more muscular than you?

AnonymousDec 05 2011 2:44pm
Younger Brother is better endowed than You: - am wondering how many guys have realized that the thread above hasn't been posting stories since story number 350(or thereabouts). Therefore there are some 300+ stories on this theme of 'younger bigger brothers' that are unavailable. Would some of those writers like to post here on this thread?

SDec 06 2011 11:54am has some similar content on it too, some of it is copied from here or another likelike thread I think.

$_$Dec 06 2011 10:23pm
He is two inches taller than me, and much more muscular.

LittleDec 07 2011 7:16pm
Was at a sleep over growing up and we started talking about jerking off, was around 12 years old at the time, we get into it and it turns out the little brother was listening in inside the shared bathroom, we hear him make a noise, and open the door to him furiously whacking off with both hands up and down a huge for a 10 year old 6 inch penis, that dwarfs our barely into puberty little 4 inchers.

HillDec 09 2011 11:26pm
I found out that I was bigger than my older brothers when I caught them with two neighbor girls in our living room one afternoon when our parents were out for the day. They didn't hear me come downstairs(I slid down the banister to not make the lower steps squeak) I see that they are only about 5" long and about that around as they just pulled out check their condoms to see if they were still good and in place right. I creep over on my knees as I slowly whip out my c*ck, thank goodness for quiet sweatpants and no underwear.I walk up and ask if I can have a go next, they both jump, the girls both exclaim "oh my god, check out the squirts dick!" I am at this age about 7". They both end up sucking me off after they finish. then later on I have sex with both of them. This went on a little while longer until they moved away.

CrawfordDec 09 2011 11:33pm
^ how old are you and how old are your brothers? Little, you should accept that your brother is a man and you are merely a boy; in fact, you should tell him exactly that and he might stop beating you.

AnonymousDec 10 2011 7:27pm
At the time I was 13, and they were 16 and 17. I am 19 now.

CrawfordDec 11 2011 8:44am
Are you still their big brother?

AnonymousDec 11 2011 3:07pm
when i was 14 and a freshman and my brother was 10 and in fifth grade i started to work out. my brother was small for his age, about 4'6", so i told him he should work out with me. We lifted weights everyday, and ran alot, and ate alot. he was eating just as much as me. A couple of months in i noticed that he was lifting almost the same amount of wieght as me, and i was really surprised, and then a couple of months later i realized how much he had grown, he was already 4 foot ten inches and he looked really stocky compared to me. fast forward to the next summer and one day we were working out and we were both really hot so we took our shirts off and i noticed he had huge bushes of hair under his arms!!!! an 11 year old, and i had none!!! i was like "when'd you get that?!?!" and he responded "about 6 months ago, why dont you have any?"....the conversation ended there that day and we stopped working out together. about a week later i got injured, and couldnt work out anymore, yet my brother continued. he got big fast, by july, or midsummer, he was 5 foot 2 inches and weighed 130 pounds, which was a good ten pounds more than i weighed, i seemed to have the worst luck, because i then was diagnosed with celiacs which prevented me from having gluten(and subsequently bulking up). by my brothers 12th birthday i was five foot seven inches, and my brother was 5'6 and weighed 180 pounds, all bulk, while i weighed 130 pounds, fifty pounds lighter than him. i still had yet to grow my armpit hair, and my brother had realized he was farther along in puberty than me, so i wasnt surprised when people would call me his younger brother, at first he would correct them but as time passed he just treated me as his younger brother. by the summer after his sixth grade and my sophmore year he weighed 200 pounds and had grown to 5'9 while i was also 5'9 but weighed only 140 pounds. the thing that hit me the hardest besides being totally weaker than my brother was realizing i had a smaller penis than him,it happened the next christmas. our house was crowed from all our relatives and i was sharing my room with my brother, and he didnt want to sleep on the floor. so christmas eve were changing out of our dress clothes getting ready for bed, and pulls down his pants to reveal him standing in some boxer breifs, which wouldnt have bothered me but i was wearing them too, and unlike mine, in his you could see the outline of a huge dick and huge balls, in mine you could barely see the dick. he cought me staring at him, and said "you like what you see?" i was astonished, not only did he have a big dick, but he also had a happy trail, which i had also just grown, and his facial hair came in way faster, but anyways, then he said "i bet mine is bigger,and grabbed me while pulling out his dick, i slowly got an erection, my penis growing to a full 4.5 inches, and his seemed to grow and grow, we later figured out it was 8.5 inches, a full 4 inches longer than mine. i was utterly embarrased, and recognizing that he was more mature and "bigger" than me, he told me i would be sleeping on the floor and would get my bed. Till i went to college my life was a living hell, and i totally regret telling my brother to work out with me, otherwise he might not be as big. hes now a freshman in high school, i am on in college. hes stopped growing, and is 6 feet tall, while im still 5'9. he weighs 250 of pure muscle, while i weigh 150. everyone still thinks im the younger brother, and he can grow a full beard now, brian wilson big. last time i saw him he told me he was more of a man than i would ever be.

AnonymousDec 20 2011 12:04pm
^forgot to mention above that by his twelfth birthday he was a size 13 shoe, and i was a size 8.5....yeah embarrassing..... also hairier than me, i barely have any body hair, never been able to grow it, he has started to grow chest hair, also.

AnonymousDec 20 2011 12:21pm
geez!...that would be so embarrassing. A freshman with a beard!! I suspect that you have other events that were part of your 'living hell.' How did he continue to humuliate you at 12, 13, 14?

peteDec 21 2011 1:59pm
well when i would have a girl over he would start to flirt with her, this was when he was 13, so he was bigger than me, and he this one time he had sex with the girl i had over since we were the only three at our house.

AnonymousDec 21 2011 2:29pm
Geez again. please don't spare the details.

pete againDec 21 2011 5:08pm
I'm a 16 year old guy, and I have two cousins, who I'm really close with. The older one is 18 and the younger one is 15. Two years ago, when I was 14, and they were 13 and 16, we were at their shore house. We are all athletic and fit, and had no problem seeing each other with just underwear on, or with just a towel on, but had never seen each other naked. Well, once, after a bad storm on the beach, we ran home, and their parents told us to all get in the outside shower. (It has 4 showerheads), so we did. We walk out there with towels around our waists, and nothing else, and go to the shower. Once we're in the shower, we decide that we'll have to get naked at some point, so we just decided to drop the towels. Upon dropping them, I revealed my 4 in. soft penis, my older cousin revealed his 4 in. soft penis, but my younger cousin is already hard, and is 7 inches long, and thick! My older cousin and I soon got hard and we came in at around 5-6 inches. Well, after that experience, everything changed. The little cousin began shoving his dick in his older cousins' face to prove he was more of a man, and gloated when he got armpit hair first. I thought it was funny!!

meDec 28 2011 3:50pm
im 16 my brother is 12 and we pretty much have to get in the shower around the same time in the morning, so one morning he was taking a shower first and he didnt know i had walked into the bathroom so he turned it off and pulled the curtain back expecting the room to be empty but i was standing right in front of him. i was in shock, he had huge bushes of armpit hair and had a bunch of pubic hair around a soft dick that was bigger than my hard one, and i just stared. he was embarrassed too and bolted out of the bathroom with a towel. i was embarrassed too because i didnt have as much armpit hair as him, and was like the same height as me.

AnonymousDec 31 2011 10:52am
When I was 12 my 9 year old brother went on a sudden doctor appointment with my mom and dad, he came back after an overnight at the hospital. I was told everything was fine, and soon forgot about it. A year goes by and I am going through puberty very slow, my penis had barely grown from where it was at for most of my life at 3 inches, to now a little over 4.5 inches. My little brother was always a little big for his age, but nothing really out of the ordinary. He though soon after the start of his 10th birthday and new 4th grade school year started acting very different. He started shutting himself up in his room, and he spent his allowance at the mall buying things I never saw, he hid them in his closet in a locked box my Uncle gave him as a keepsake from his days in the army. I never knew where he hid the key to it.

U-GregJan 08 2012 12:41am
My brother started waking up early, and using the shower before anyone else, he said it was to always have hot water, I didn't mind, as I always preferred a more lukewarm shower, and then wake myself up with a cold period right at the end.

U-GregJan 08 2012 12:43am
One morning about halfway through the school year he left his room open when I got woken up by the shower running . I casually saw his closet and the box was open. I quietly tip-toed into his room and looked inside. It was filled with protein supplements, muscle mags, and there was at home workout equipment too, it was a big footlocker, he had a door-frame pullup bar, a beat up set of adjustable dumbbells, and thick heavy duty elastic bands and straps, and a weight belt, and a couple 25 and 45 lb. plates. I put everything back and got out of there quick.

U-GregJan 08 2012 12:48am
I didn't think he was really using the stuff all that seriously though at the time, since he never really ate that much more than me at meals. He spent most afternoons before at his friends house playing video games, at least that is what he told me. I always trusted those sweet innocent eyes of his. My mom accidently walked in on me changing clothes one morning and at the breakfast table joked that I was finally starting to grow into a man, and laughed that someday I could be a real lady-killer. I just about died of embarasment. My brother Cameron had an odd look on his face. The next morning he came into my room and starting asking me about sex and puberty and stuff. I told him he was too young to hear about this stuff and he said he was not, he was bigger than his best friend Jake. "please " he begged, just let me see what you look like. Not seeing the harm and wanting to show off a little I lowered my pants and let my bro see my 3 in soft newly grown 5 in erection. He giggled and said "aww how cute" "Bigger that yours " I said. He said, "Only when I was like 7" He smirked and fished out of his gym shorts an amazing 6 inch soft penis, that although it barely grew in length when hard, was easily 5 inches thick, huge compared to my 4 inch pencil dick. He also had an impressive set of muscles of his young frame, he said the doctors appointment was because he started pubrerty at around 8, and came to dad his cum in his underwear one morning thinking he had wet the bed.

U-GregJan 08 2012 1:00am
im 15 and my younger brother is 13, he is one day less than two years younger than me. We both work out, so at we are both stocky kids. At the beginning of this school year (hes in eighth, im in tenth grade) he was 5'0 120 pounds, and i was 5'5 145 pounds, and we both played baseball. So when i saw his cup, and him in his breifs walking around our room one day, i made fun of him and said he had such a small dick, and he quickly exited the room. This was fall baseball. Anyways as the year progressed my brother started to grow at a more rapid pace than i was and by february he 5'6 and i was 5'6, but he weighed 165 and i weighed 150. He was definitly bigger than me now, and when the spring baseball season came around he told our dad that he needed a new cup, i was too worried about it. anyways, him and my dad get home, and my brother puts the cup in his draw in our room, and i sneak to see it. ITS HUGE. an extra extra large, bigger than mine, you could fit two of my dicks in it. i couldnt believe it. i had been making fun of my brother in the end of the baseball season, which was in november, and it was febuary now. 3 months had passed, but i still couldnt be sure if it was really that big. anyways the day before our first game (we were on the same team) we were both getting ready, and he pulled down his pants to reveal a massive bulge in his breifs, so his dick was that big. he knew it was bigger than mine, and said to compare. his was roughly 8.5 inches long, mine was 5.5 inches long. the thing is, is that means his grewe exonentially in 3 months, because his was definitely smaller than mine before than. its mostly humiliating because my parents know his is bigger than mine, and he has gotten even taller. its the end of the school year, so hes still 13 and i 15, and he is 5'8 and 190 pounds and i am 5'7 165 pounds. he calls me his little brother now, not in a mean way, but i want to punch his face in when he does. he is nice to me, but it just bothers me that he is bigger in every way.

AnonymousJan 09 2012 2:18am
I don't have a younger brother, but had a neighbour who was three years younger than i was. When he was 10, I was 13 and had just begun puberty. I started to get hairs and was around 4 inches. i am only 4.5 today. My 10 year old friend was the same height as i was but weighed 80 pounds. i was skinny and weighed only 45 pounds. My wrist was thin while his was thick. My fingers could not wrap around his wrist, but his fingers overlapped mine. This discovery happened one day when we were having a friendly rumble in the privacy of my bedroom. This discovery shocked us both as we held each other's wrists. He then made a grab for my d*k which surprise me big time. He did it by going up my short and in one quick movement, had it exposed from under the leg section of the shorts. Looking back, it was like he was a pro in doing this. I would have been 4 inches hard. He then put his own hand down his shorts (from the waist). I stood there mesmerized as this was my first experience of doing anything sexual with anyone. He then dropped his pants and put hand on his d*k. he was still pubeless and was only about 2 inches hard and thinner than mine. I was much thicker and twice his length. About a year later, the tables were turned. Like the story above, at 11, there came a day when my parents weren't home. He was now a little taller than i was and therefore heavier. I was probably about 50-60 pounds and still 4.0. He started the conversation with "I am bigger than you in every way." We measured our wrists, muscles, and then he went for the grab. This time, he took my hand and plunged it into his waistband region and i felt something soft that was definitely bigger than my hard. He asked: 'Who is bigger?' i said that i didn't know. So he drops his pants and makes me drop mine. I was now 14 and he 11; yet he had 5.5 inches to my 4. And he had caught up in pubes. With both of us naked in each other's presence, he then picked me up and carried ne around the room, as if i was a feather. I couldn't pick him up for more than two seconds without having to put his down. yet he could walk around my room with me in his arms, without any effort. He also beat me to armpit hair.

fintanJan 09 2012 1:52pm
All the older brothers honestly have to stop being babies. I've been bigger than my older brother since i was 13 and he was 16. at that point i was 6'0 and he was 5'6, i was also hairier and had a wayyyyy bigger dick than him. And he now calls me his big brother. dont make a big deal about it,if theyre bigger theyre bigger.

AnonymousJan 09 2012 3:33pm

AnonymousJan 11 2012 6:39am
Over the past six months my brother has gone from being 5 inches shorter than me to 3 inches taller than me, he has gone from being 20 pounds lighter than me to 50 pounds heavier than me. Im 5'9, 170 pounds, and 15 years old. My younger brother is 6'0, 220 pounds, and 13 years old. He is not overweight, he is all muscle. i am also a muscular kid, but my brother is much bigger. He is hairier, bigger bulge, and doesn't seem to be slowing down in growth. We've been getting into fights lately, and unlike 6 months ago, I'm no longer winning them. I don't like this reversal in our roles, but he seems to really be enjoying it. He is bigger than anyone in our house, and eats twice as much as everyone else. I don't know what to do. He has facial hair, I don't, he is growing chest hair, I am not, and he has bushes under his arms and I have none.

AnonymousJan 12 2012 2:30pm
Our bodies develop at different stages, due to a combination of genetic makeup and diet, but that description seems to dictate that your bro is consuming more than just on his dinner plate. If he's 6'0 and 220 at 13, you can bet he's far from stopping yet. Combine muscular development with puberty and the boost of testosterone in his body and he's going to have a roller coaster of emotions. Aggression being number one. He'll want to make his mark and show he's the top dog. Now he knows he's stronger than you, you may see his dominant side. He'll want to prove his worth and maybe test his physical and sexual prowess over you. Avoid being submissive, but encourage him and his development. Get on his side - there's nothing you can do to stop him growing. Adapt, or face the consequences.

YorkshireguyJan 13 2012 9:59am
Yes, he seems much more aggressive now, and sometimes, if I annoy him and he has just worked out he'll grab my head and stick it into his hairy armpit till I start screaming, I don't even get B.O., his is unbearable.

AnonymousJan 13 2012 11:34am
And he knows that I'm not as far along in puberty, he knows he's hairier, bigger and stronger.

AnonymousJan 13 2012 11:35am
It looks like the dominance has started. He'll be on a high, knowing he can dominate, control and overpower his older brother. I don't want to put the frighteners on, but it's only a matter of time before he makes you do worse things! He'll belittle you, showing that he's more of a man than you are in more ways than one. Fight back and risk more pain and discomfort; take it and become his slave or plaything. I've been there before. I wish I could take your place, coz it's a bit of a turn on now, for me!

YorkshireguyJan 13 2012 12:04pm
He also has bigger feet than me, way bigger, I'm a size 8 and he's a size 14. On top of that he has to shave daily and I have to every couple of weeks.

AnonymousJan 13 2012 12:12pm
The thing that annoys me most though is that just 6 months ago he was 5'4 and 150 pounds, and I thought he would start slowing down in growth because thats how tall I was at his age, but instead he has grown even more. On top of that, 6 months ago he definitely had a smaller dick than me, but now its at least 2 times bigger than mine.

AnonymousJan 13 2012 12:38pm
He's had a growth spurt. He's body has responded big time and he's making sure he keeps himself fit and strong. He's on a power trip, seeing how much he's growing and overtaking his big (now little) brother. It's possible that you'll hit another growth spurt, but maybe you've reached your maximum. You'll have to accept that you're the little bro now, coz it looks like he's going to outgrow and outmuscle you from now on. You're an easy target for him to relieve his aggression, if not other things.

YorkshireguyJan 13 2012 2:26pm
Yeah, he benches like 400 while I bench like 150. Its ridiculous. And when he works out without a shirt on its really intimidating because he has chest hair growing and i have none ( on top of the fact that he has bushes of armpit hair and i have none)

AnonymousJan 13 2012 2:58pm
Maybe he likes you looking at him when he's working out. He'll get a buzz out of being genetically superior than his older bro. Your jealous of his body and those changes and he knows it. He could torment you with his size and strength, knowing that he's getting bigger and stronger - a giant compared to older bro. Pretty soon, he'll have fun in other ways.

YorkshireguyJan 13 2012 3:28pm
Yorkshireguy is right anonymous; your younger brother has probably just started puberty, which is emotionally whirling enough, but being bigger than his older brother will both thrill and confuse him. At his age, he will be determined to demonstrate his maturity and power, and no doubt you give him a confidence boost by being smaller than him. This growth spurt will also be the start of his sexual awakening, so he will be discovering his hormones and more adult emotions. During puberty, siblings normally compare themselves to each other, but as he is so much bigger than you yet younger, he will be confused but aroused as well. Because you're of the same gender and both experiencing puberty, it will be a highly sexual competition between you both, and if he fails in romancing with girls his own age, he will undoubtedly use you to satisfy him. I don't think your relationship with him has reached that point yet, and so far there is simply conflict and tension between you two. I would highly suggest that if you want this tormenting of you to end anonymous, you should allow him to realise that he doesn't have to prove his superiority to you, by telling him that you are now his little brother and by asking for a penis size comparison. This will diffuse the tension between you both and probably stop him from bullying you, because he will no longer need to demonstrate how superior is if he knows you realise it. Otherwise, he will continue to humiliate and belittle you in much worse ways. Also anonymous, be happy for him, and encourage him by telling him that you admire and idolise him, and want to be like him.

advice to anonymousJan 14 2012 3:08am
That's sound advice. With his quickening metamorphosis from teen boy to young hunk I doubt that your bro will struggle getting attention from female admirers, but even then he may want to demonstrate his superiority over you, both physically and sexually. Use whatever means you have to get on his side. As 'a to a' says above, encourage his development. Be in awe of this new creation, to boost his growing ego. Accept what he's becoming and adjust your life accordingly. It's all part of the growing up process.

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJan 14 2012 5:09am
You guys on here seem to know quite a bit abut this stuff. I'd like some advice if you could give me. I have a brother who's 12, and he's 5'7 and strong, he's also popular at school, he's also had a few girlfriends, a couple even several years older than him. I'm like totally opposite of him, I'm 17 years old, and I'm only 5'3, I'm skinny, and I'm a loser at school, I havent had any girlfriends. He's also starting to get alot of body hair, especially under his arms and a little bit on his chest. I have a few hairs under my arms and in my crotch. I have noticed lately that he's wearing underwear for grown-ups and he's got a huge bulge, it even shows through some of his pants. I usually wear underwear with an age label, mostly 14 years and such, and i barely have a bulge, i've also been teased for my tiny dick and peanut balls in the locker rooms at school, since like 4th grade, even by some of my friends, my dick is 2.8 inches hard now, and soft it's like 2 inches, so it's no wonder guys at school tease me. My brother often calls me his little brother, and he bosses me around, and makes fun of me because i dont get any girls, and because i'm so small and stuff, and it really turns me on. But the weird thing is that i want more of it, and i often fantasize about seeing his big dick, and him seeing how tiny mine is, and making fun of mine, and that i sorta have to praise him for being so much bigger than me, and him dominating me more. What I'm wondering about is, should I ask him for some sort of penis competition or comparison or whatever, and how should I do it?

little guyJan 14 2012 9:06am
As I said before, puberty and growth spurts hit us at different times. There's no set measure for how a body will change or when. Your brother is maturing earlier than you and he's getting noticed for it. You haven't finished puberty quite yet and your body will still undergo changes, though it's possible you won't get much taller. You appear to be showing a submissive side to your nature. I'm the same. You're excited by the fact that your brother is growing stronger and developing faster than you. You're getting aroused thinking of the way he could control and dominate you. You already know he's bigger than you down there. To compare sizes would start the next chapter of your relationship. As he continues to mature and develop, he'll want to display his physical and sexual power over you. If this is your fantasy, then go for it. He'll enjoy his dominance as you enjoy the submission.

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJan 14 2012 11:04am
My brother and i are like the same size, but the other day i walked in the bathroom and he was naked because he had just gotten out of the shower, i was so surprised because his dick was huge, he had a bush of pubes and armpit hair, and some hair on his chest. Hes 13, Im 18. I said sorry and walked out. but now he likes walking around the house without his shirt and when visitors come they comment on his chest, armpit hair and happy trail.(my brother and i are both very fit) Well the other day my uncle came in and was talking about how much hair my brother had, and said to me i should show him how much more manly i was than him. It was embarrassing because when i took off my shirt i had no chest or armpit hair. I had no happy trail. So basically now my brother and my uncle know that my brother is way more manly than me.

hairlessJan 14 2012 11:07am
As I said before, puberty and growth spurts hit us at different times. There's no set measure for how a body will change or when. Your brother is maturing earlier than you and he's getting noticed for it. You haven't finished puberty quite yet and your body will still undergo changes, though it's possible you won't get much taller. You appear to be showing a submissive side to your nature. I'm the same. You're excited by the fact that your brother is growing stronger and developing faster than you. You're getting aroused thinking of the way he could control and dominate you. You already know he's bigger than you down there. To compare sizes would start the next chapter of your relationship. As he continues to mature and develop, he'll want to display his physical and sexual power over you. If this is your fantasy, then go for it. He'll enjoy his dominance as you enjoy the submission.

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJan 14 2012 11:18am
Thanks, your right. It's going to be very humiliating, but i will enjoy it. So I should probably go for it. I just need to find out how I'm going to do it.

little guyJan 14 2012 12:46pm
Why not challenge him to an arm wrestling contest, with you using two arms to his one. The loser has to jerk the winner, or whatever you can think of. If he's stronger than you he'll win easy (or you could let him). That should lead to other things like praising his strength/you being so weak and insignificant at the side of him etc. If he's popular at school, he might get his friends in on the act to belittle, humiliate and dominate you. Are you prepared for that? Would you get a buzz from being his/their slave toy? It looks like you've chosen the path you want to take in life - you've just got to be sure that this is the way you want it to begin. Let us know!

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJan 15 2012 8:57am
For the past couple of months my brother had been asking my parents if he could start bodybuilding. On christmas they gave him a book about it , and on his birthday, 2 months later, they got him all new weights and equiptment. He had finished the book, and knew exactly what he need to do. hes 13 by the way and im 15. I was kind of jealous, but i didnt care much for lifting weights. He talked about he needed to eat more, and take in more protein, and he would pile his plate at every meal, and work out twice a day, during the school year before school and after, and during the summer almost all day. My parents started to by him protein supplements to put into his before and after workout shakes. After about three months he had gained alot of muscle. I failed to notice though,because it was winter and we had been wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants and jeans . so one day, when i got in a fight with him, i pushed him and punched him, i however didnt anticipate his strength and he pinned me down easily. i was furious . i started to lift weights after that, but there was no way i was going to catch up with him. He walked in on me working out with the old weights in our basement, without a shirt on and i realized he also had a bunch of armpit hair...i had none.... and he said " youre doing it all wrong" and walked out. at that moment i also realized how huge he was, he was massive. Im about 5'7, hes about 5'6 but he ways a good 50 pounds more than me. i weigh 140 and weighs 190.

AnonymousJan 15 2012 9:05am
Don't be mad with your bro. It was idea to start bodybuilding. He went about it the right way, asking your parents and they've supported his enthusiasm. If he said that you're doing it wrong, ask him what's the correct way. Why not encourage and praise his gains and ask if you can workout together. You might not catch up with him, but you can enjoy watching each other gain in size and strength.

yorkshireguy@fsmail.netJan 15 2012 10:15am
ive been working out for the past year while my brother was at college, and i have skyrocketed past him. he was 4 inches taller than me when he left, and now im 4 inches taller than him. I was 5'5, and now im 6'1 and i weigh 250, and hes a puny little twerp that weighs 150. i also have way more armpit hair than him, and chest and pub hair.

I have a question. I have bigger and hairier feet than both my dad and brother, and My hands are bigger than both of theres. I haven't hit my growthspurt yet so im still a couple inches shorter than them. Does this mean i will become bigger than them. Im 15, they are 20 and 50

AnonymousJan 16 2012 8:53am
^ You will probably end up bigger than them; it's normal for a son to outgrow their father (the older a person is, they may begin to shrink), but less normal for a younger brother to outgrow an older one. Because you haven't hit your growth spurt yet and you're just a couple of inches shorter than them, you'll probably become much taller than them. Also, as your hands and feet are bigger, you'll undoubtedly become the bigger brother. 'Bigger younger brother for da win', congratulations on becoming taller and more muscular than your older brother; make sure to prove your dominance over him and make him feel like a small, puny child. What are your ages? Do you have a bigger penis than him now?

Answering anonymousJan 16 2012 10:29am

AnonymousJan 16 2012 10:30am
I am 14, and my bro is 18

In fifth grade i was the smallest kid in my class, and i wanted to do something about it. So i started working out and eating alot, and i had a huge growthspurt. By the end of 6th grade i was huge. I weighed 200 pounds and was5'10. Luckily i had also started to go through puberty, so i had bushes of armpit hair and pubes and leg hair. i was bigger than my older brother who was finishing10th grade. he weighed 160 and was 5'9. IM THE HAPPIEST KID ON EARTH

AnonymousJan 27 2012 3:21am
hey little guy. any updates on your 13 year old brother?

wonderingJan 27 2012 10:14pm
That's just what i was wondering? Either little guy is having the time of his life, worshipping and submitting to his stronger dominant younger brother, fulfilling those fantasies or he's become a total slave and doesn't get computer priviledges!

yorkshireguyJan 28 2012 3:49pm
From a young age the younger boy next door to me wanted to get as big as possible, and be able to dominate his brother. I helped him work out and he helped my younger brother in school and protected him. My younger brother is very small for his age and underdeveloped. And the neighboor boy was big for his age and overdeveloped. He worked out like a madman. He spent three solid years from 10-13 doing a pretty severe bulking process. He was rocketing through puberty from around 9, and my little brother by contrast still hadn't started at 13. He reached his final adult penis size of 2 inches soft and almost 7 inches hard , and just a little over 5 and a half inches in circumference, just about 1.7 inches thick. Almost as big as two U.S. quarters lying next to each other. Nothing huge, but pretty impressive for a 13 year old.

HaroldJan 31 2012 12:27pm
He wanted to get ripped and cut down, He got the p90x program and started doing it just at the start of 7th grade, his 13th birthday was in June. For the school year he was able to complete the p90x program 3 times by April. He was 5'5" and around 140 at 5-10% bodyfat.

HaroldJan 31 2012 12:39pm
Harold, your young neighbor must've got a rush seeing his body develop to such standards. What was the age difference between him and his brother and did he manage to turn the tables and enjoy the domination and humiliation?

yorkshireguyJan 31 2012 1:17pm
Hey guys. Any updates?

AnonymousFeb 07 2012 3:32pm
My cousin is 7.75 compare to mine 4 inch. Hes 12 and im 17. He has more pubes to. He makes to feel it and says thats what it feels like to be a real man

AnonymousFeb 11 2012 9:17am
My cousin is 7.75 compare to mine 4 inch. Hes 12 and im 17. He has more pubes to. He makes to feel it and says thats what it feels like to be a real man

AnonymousFeb 11 2012 9:18am
When I was 18 my 13 year old cousin came to stay for a weekend. He stayed in my room, on a camp bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up to see him playing with himself. I couldn't believe how much bigger his looked than mine. I started to touch mine and he heard me gasp and looked up at me. If it had been me, I would have been embarrassed, but he just smiled and then got up off the camp bed and walked over to me. He continued pumping and then pulled back my sheet. He smiled when he saw how small i was and i just stared as he continued stroking his dick. It was a hot night and he just was just wearing shorts. I had always been skinny. He was shorter than me, but pretty athletic, with a wirey muscled body. He pulled my hand away from my dick and then towards his, but I tried to pull my hand away. I just couldn't move my hand, he was so much stronger than me. He sat me up in bed and sat next to me. Then he flexed his bicep and put my hand on top of it. I couldn't believe how hard it felt. I had no muscle in my arms and the feeling was so incredible. He made his bicep jump up and down and I suddenly came. He just laughed and continued flexing. He then put my other hand on his c*ck and made me pump him until he came too, but he came much more than I ever had. It was all over me and my bed. Some shot in my mouth and when i didn't spit it out he scooped up some more from my bed and fed it to me. I couldn't believe what had just happened, but I knew that I enjoyed the experience. My cousin knew that he could dominate me, both physically and sexually and he'd treat me every time he came to stay.

AnonymousFeb 11 2012 4:16pm
I was a bit of an late bloomer, and reached my final height of 5'8 in tenth grade. My younger brother seemed to be on the same track. In the beginning of 6th grade he was 4'6, and didnt seem like he would be that big. But by the end of the school year he was 5'5. We then started to think that with such a large growth spurt he wouldnt grow that much more but the next year during seventh grade he grew a wopping 5 inches, so he was 5'10 going into eighth grade. He was now taller than both my father (5'9) and i. Now we definitily thought he was done growing, but he surprised us again. He grew another 5 inches in 8th grade and reached 6'3. All this time, he wasnt only growing taller, he was also gaining a lot of muscular weight, and growing hair under his arms and on his legs, that I was struggling to grow. He is headed into his freshman year, and at his recent physical the doctor said he wasnt going to stop growing till about next year. im now 18, and he is 14. I weigh 145, he ways 220.

AnonymousFeb 18 2012 1:53pm
Went into the bathroom I share with my younger brother one day when he fell and hit his head and cut it open in the shower. He was jerking off and had built up such an orgasm that he splattered cum all over the back wall, the feeling he got from it was so intense he lost his balance and slipped. He was 14 at the time, and he was just about his full adult size at about 4 inches soft and a little over 8 inches hard, and about 6 inches around. He was about an inch and a half longer than me and a half inch more around. His testicles were about 25% bigger than mine. I had more pubic and body hair than he did being three years older. I ended up being an inch taller than him, once he was finished growing for height.

VictorFeb 19 2012 4:24pm
i taught my bro and his friend about edging. we had a edge session when i watched them over the weekend with parents out of town. we edged for three days and were nude all the time. we all shot 6-10 ropes of cum all over our bodies and faces. at 13 they were about 5 inches long, i was 19 and am almost 7 inches.

edge4lifeFeb 28 2012 11:34am
i dream of having a younger brother to own me...stronger, bigger, more of a man in every way i wish i had had someone to service like that growing up.

kyleisawesomer@live.comMar 07 2012 6:55pm
Im 16 and have 11 n 13 yr old brothers. Im 5'8" and they are both 5'6". We share a room and shower on our top floor. I noticed that my youngest brother was curious about puberty.he ask how old we were when we got pubes. I told him I was 14 n my other brother just startd after he turn 12. He then ask if that was why I had less hair n smaller dick than both of them. This caught us by surprised as we never wondered about our developement. My 13 yr old bro than notice I had no pitt hairs while he had quit it was morning we were all in our boxers and my little brothers started to check out each others crotch. We were all curious and wanted to see. We started by comparing pitt hairs first. I had nothing and my 11yr old bro already had a few to. He told me to pull off my boxers first as I was oldest. I did n they both followed. I was 3.5 soft 5 hard. The 13 yr old was 5.75 soft 7.75 hard. The youngest was 4.75 soft 6.5 hard. I had less pubes than both of them. I couldnt believe how much bigger their dicks n balls were. The youngest than said he had pubes for about 6 months. He wanted to see who would cum first n I was shocked how much they both shot compared to me. We all slerp nude now n have jerk circles.

TroyMar 13 2012 9:59am
My brother was 12 and I was 14 when he first began asserting his dominance. It started when he began beating me when we wrestled. Eventually, we found ourselves comparing c*cks and he was already measuring a thick 6.5" while I barely broke the 3" mark. Comparing our c*cks lead to mutual masturbation but it didn't take long before it was just me pleasuring him. I gave him head on a few occasions an d I loved it. I would have done it more but I was a bit freaked out (I was sucking my brothers c*ck after all). This went on sporadically for a few years. My brother continued to grow taller and developed a muscular frame to match his ever increasing c*ck size. I remained lanky and very under-endowed. When he was 16, my brother came over to the apartment that I was sharing with my GF at the time and we all partied. To make a long story short, I partied harder than anyone else and then sat in a drunken stupor and watched as my GF f*cked my brother. Despite all of our friends finding out about her escapade, and hearing all about my brothers endowments, I stuck with my GF for a few months until she finally dumped me. I was never mad at them. Actually, I was very turned on by it and wanted her to f*ck him more which she thought was weird and was one of the rasons she dumped me.

AnonymousMar 30 2012 9:39pm
I envy my younger 11,12 yr old brothers. Im 15 and have a pubeless 3 soft 5.2 hard. They both are 4.75 soft 7.3 hard they have huge balls n lots of pubes. We are all 5'7". They make me jerk n suck them. I can't believe how much they cum when i don't even have precum. They are so manly. I just love them.

dexterApr 02 2012 10:59pm
I envy my younger 11,12 yr old brothers. Im 15 and have a pubeless 3 soft 5.2 hard. They both are 4.75 soft 7.3 hard they have huge balls n lots of pubes. We are all 5'7". They make me jerk n suck them. I can't believe how much they cum when i don't even have precum. They are so manly. I just love them.

dexterApr 02 2012 11:06pm
I envy my younger 11,12 yr old brothers. Im 15 and have a pubeless 3 soft 5.2 hard. They both are 4.75 soft 7.3 hard they have huge balls n lots of pubes. We are all 5'7". They make me jerk n suck them. I can't believe how much they cum when i don't even have precum. They are so manly. I just love them.

dexterApr 02 2012 11:06pm
I'm 16, and my brother's 14. I'm a respectable 5.5 inches, but he's 7 inches long. He found out when we went camping in the woods across the street. When he saw, he said, "I guess I'll have to call you little brother now," ... So I hauled off and slapped him across the face. Put my clothes on, gave him a hug, and laughingly warned him i can still kick his ass.

AnonApr 03 2012 11:42am
Boy was I shocked when I came home early from work yesterday. My younger brother was blaring his music in his room. I opened the door to tell him to turn it down and oh my god! He was naked and jacking off! He was so into it his eyes were closed. He had both hands on his dick with room to spare. He had an inch and his head still poking out above his two hands. His hands were pretty small, so He had to be only a little bit longer than me but since he was 5 years younger it was huge for his age. I'm 18, he is 13, I am 6.5 by 5.5 inches hard. I measured him later, he is 7 by 5. I walked up and lightly touched him on his shoulder he jumped and whipped around. his dick hit me in the stomach, and rubbed a huge glob of precum and lube on my shirt. I pulled out my raging erection and started going to town with him. He whooped with joy and yelled about how he couldn't believe he had finally grown more than me. I said damn bro how big are you going to get? He started to cum and soon after I did too, my balls are twice his size and I shot 6 nice loads onto the floor, he shot 3.

MikePBJApr 10 2012 10:39am
My little brother has been in gymnastics and a wrestler since he was able to follow the routines for young kids. He is very flexible and even has started doing parkour and swims a lot too. He showed me one day how he can suck his own dick. He just turned 14 and is only 5'1". He weighs around 125 lbs. and is all muscle. He has had abs since preschool and always wears a speedo or nothing at all and has a tan year round. He is 3.5 inches soft and 7 inches long and 6 inches around. his c*ck is too thick for him to go all the way down on it, he can fit about 4 inches of it in his mouth and loves to drink his cum dowwn.

Albert_Apr 10 2012 10:49am
My little bro is a man at 12. He just jerked off for me. I am 16, and when I was driving him to go see a movie we went to the bathroom afterwards, and went into the handicapped stall together to pee since the other spots were all filled up. I saw that he was my size flaccid, about 2 inches, and had a nice little bush of pubes, still pretty straight and short. His balls were drawn up tight against the base of his dick. I popped a boner and peed through it, he said he didn't have to go, but it had been a few days since his last cum and he couldn't wait anymore. He started going to town on his young c*ck. It was about half an inch longer than mine. I am about 4.5 inches long, he said he was a hair over 5", and bigger than his best friend mark who is 4". He let loose 3 very thick spurts of jizz, and aimed them down into the bowl. I shot soon after and it was awesome.

derrikApr 12 2012 9:58am
Wow Albert. Sounds like your bro has a lot of fun, both in and out of the gymnasium. Pretty hot reading how he lets you watch him suck his own dick and walking around nearly naked, he must have no inhibitions at all. I guess he knew you'd enjoy the show.

MikeApr 13 2012 3:49am
He is very disciplined, he works out all the time, and only cums once a week. He shoots about twice as much as the average man, around 2 tablespoons without even trying to coax more out. He does edge for me once a month or so, and the last time he did it for 5 and a half hours one saturday night when out parents went out to dinner and a movie, he must have shot 11 ropes of cum all over himself and me, we shared the cum and licked most of it all up.

Albert_Apr 13 2012 8:52am
I love spying on people when they don't know it. I love to jerk off to my younger bro. He loves my old fleshlight, I gave it to him after I got a new one. He is about 1 inch bigger than me at 7.5 inches by 5.5 inches. I am the same thickness.

McDonaldApr 13 2012 9:54am
Albert. Sounds like you have plenty of fun together. Wish I could be a fly on the wall watching you. Is your brother stronger than you? Have you ever wrestled and felt his muscles and power?

MikeApr 16 2012 12:56am
I caught my younger twin brothers 69ing on their bed, they were 14, swimmers, with tight hard young fat free bodies from thousands of laps in pools. They were both around 5 inches hard and shot around 3 medium size loads of cum a piece.

KindlefireApr 20 2012 10:23am
Does anyone else enjoy reading about younger brothers outgrowing and outmuscling their older brothers? I look forward to reading all these posts about stronger and dominant younger guys getting their kicks from showing their bro's who is the boss.

AnonymousApr 28 2012 2:24am
My cousin is obsessed with superheroes and bodybuilders. Even since he was old enough to walk and talk really. He has gone as a superhero of some type every year for Halloween, until the year he became one. He started exercising in kindergarten. His dad got him a basic bodyweight exercise routine to do every morning before he took his daily bath before school. They live near me and I babysat him a lot over the years. I am 5 years older than him, and when he was 6 and in 1st grade, I was 11, and in 5th grade. I had just started puberty, and gotten a little chubby, and was self-conscious about my little kid gut. I (Greg) was a semi active nerd that played soccer. He (Tyler) was now into gymnastics and wrestling and swam a lot in their pool too. He loved to wear his old SUperman red underwear all the time shirtless with the cape barefoot. He would even have an erection often in it, and would absent mindedly pull and tug on it, he didn't really know what it meant, just that it comforted him when he got nervous.

TylertheMuscleMonster's Cousin GregMay 08 2012 9:00am
The following summer after 5th grade, people really started to compliment him more on his physique. He got a new speedo, and developed a lustrous deep golden tan over the summer. He still would wear his old Superman red undies, and you could see how they were tighter and smaller, since they showed his tan line from the bigger speedo. His mom told him to throw them away, but he hid them in his drawer under his other clothes. He got a visible ridge of abdominal muscles to develop over the summer, and got a little more muscle over his whole body thanks to his morning routine, and all the running around he did, and the hundreds of laps he took in their pool. He was becoming a buff 7 year old 2nd grader. I got my fat more under control, and grew about an inch and a half, and progressed a little further into puberty. I started to realize that I liked looking at Tyler more and more, and babysitting and swimming and sleeping over with him more and more, helped me get in better shape too. I started doing his morning routine too with him. He was amazed that he could do so much more of each exercise than I could. I had to explain that the longer you did something the better you got and the easier it became. This was when he started finding things to challenge him.

TylertheMuscleMonster's Cousin GreMay 08 2012 9:14am
And challenge him he did. He started trying to lift me almost every chance he got, eventually he could, then he would have me hold things to make me weigh more, he would have me fill my backpack with books/rocks etc. He got a pullup bar in his room, and fell in love with it, and he made a home-made ab wheel too, and learned about the plank exercise as well. He was starting to develop real abs, and his back was blowing up thanks to all the pullups he was doing. He had little lats even now as summer approached after 6th grade He was the muscleboy of the 3rd grade, and little did he know he was about to get big in just a few years. He started reading about young teen bodybuilders and athletes, and started eating, and started using his dads old weights he found in the basement. I helped him move them out of storage and into his room. He wanted me to help him get big, and I was happy to.

TylertheMuscleMonster's Cousin GregMay 11 2012 10:26pm
My little brother went as tarzan one year for Halloween. He got a little loincloth. He didn't wear anything underneath it, and when we got changed his flaccid penis kept showing, he was 11 years old, had a small amount of pubes. His flaccid penis was 5 inches long, and grew to be 6 inches erect, he also kept leaking precum , and we even jerked off together before I took him out trick-or treating. His flaccid size is always impressive to me. He is a shower, I am a grower. He loves to helicopter his dick around.

tabadooMay 15 2012 9:59am
wtf are these sick, disgusting comments. you faggots are talking about sucking your brother's dick and shut, you guys are sick, weird bastards.

wtfMay 18 2012 11:19am
My younger brother and I switched placed early on in our childhood. He is two years younger than I and for a while was smaller too. At 6 years old we were the same height and build but by the time I turned 7, he was in the lead. It was as if I hadn?t grown for a year or more. I should mention I was diapered for bed until I was 9 and I think it was around about my 7th birthday that my brother realised that he was the big boy and I was not. He had started school that year and he wasn?t as babyish as I. He started beating me when we rough housed and he was smarter too. He got in some advanced classes and after a couple of years he was doing work that was the same level as mine of further on. My dick has always seemed smaller than his and when I was 9 it started becoming obvious to me. My brother didn't seem to notice it but I wasn?t too bothered about it either then. We no longer bathed together so it was a couple of years before I saw his dick again. At 12 years old I felt I was on the cusp of being a man, I was to be growing pubes and getting strong and other such things but I was still waiting. My brother looked like he was 12 but equally he didn't have the necessary hair to show advancement, which I found out accidentally when I saw him in the bathroom. At 14 I was still waiting for this amazing transformation to take place however my brother had already started and he was definitely stronger than me. He started becoming bossy and bossed me about and convinced me to do chores for him. His convincing was usually done by wrestling me to the floor and putting me in some kind of stress position. I still loved him because he was my brother but I didn't like what he was doing to me. Sometimes if I disagreed with him he would challenge me to an arm wrestle, knowing I would lose. Now and again I would take him up on the offer, hoping that I had gained some strength since the last time but it wasn?t to be. I tried some weights to bulk up but my body just didn't seem to respond to it. When I was 15 and he was 13 he got his first girlfriend. I still hadn?t even had a kiss. I was jealous and he knew it and he liked telling me how good it was to have a girl friend. In that year we had our heights measured and I came out at 5? on the dot but he was 5?7. I don?t remember my weight or his but we were both slim bodied but only I had a slim dick. We shared a bedroom and bunk beds of which I had the top bunk. One morning I felt vibrations coming down from below and it was keeping me awake, so I leaned over the edge to see what it was. What I saw shocked me! He was jerking off quite hard with his dick in full view but his eyes closed. I stayed very still and watched, looking at the size of his big dick. I would have estimated it to have been 5? hard at the time. Mine I knew was only about 3 inch and thin where as his was thick and had lots of hair, where as I still didn't have any. My brother caught me when he opened his eyes and called me a gay lord. Of course I told him he was the same for doing it in the same room as me. He decided that he should see mine as recompense and stood on the ladders to pull my foot off the bed. When I was half off I came down on my own accord to defend myslelf better but he eventually wrestled me down and got my pants off. His dick was soft not and in his pants whereas mine was in full view. Still a little boy dick with no hair. That day started a blackmail campaign of silence from me allowing him to tease me about my size without retaliation of telling my parents. In the shower room at the swimming pool he likened me to an 11 year old that was showering next to me. He was right, I looked exactly like him and at 15 that was embarrassing!

LittleboydickMay 19 2012 1:22am
My little cousin is fueled with a desire to get as big as humanly possible for him while being 100% natural. He is currently 15 and is a monster for his age and height. He is short, so being a teen bodybuilder, the fact that he is only 5'6" makes his size very impressive. He is about 165 lbs. and is at around 10-15% bodyfat, he is in the midst of a bulk to hit 175, then plans to cut down to 160 lbs. He has been into this stuff his whole life, he had abs in kindergarten, and had biceps that bulged out of his arms and t-shirts since 1st or 2nd grade, he wrestles and always has to show proof of age every season. He started puberty very young at around 10 years old, and was shaving every three days by 12. He had chest hair at 13, and reached his adult height of 5'6" at 14.

Feedthebeast99May 22 2012 1:02pm
I am the bigger younger brother, i love making fun of my little brother. he's so small next to me, i am 5'9 175 pounds with 8% body fat, my dick is 7 inches at 16 years old. he is 5'6 120 pounds, and a dick the size of 3.5 inches at 17. i am on the wrestling team and i love to beat the poo out of him. i always make him suck me or jack me off when he does something bad. the day i showed him i was the older brother i grabbed his hand and put it down my pants and let him grab it then i flexed my biceps and abs, i have a 8 pack. then i did the same to him and everything was weaker and a lot smaller. now he does whatever i tell him to do. god i love being the bigger brother

BiggerBroMay 22 2012 2:03pm
Hey BiggerBro, sounds like you have a lot of fun at your older little bros expense. Is he turned on by your dominance and your incredible physique? Do you make him suck you or is this something he now craves, just to worship and serve you? I wish I could be a fly on the wall, or another brother for you to tease, overpower and control.

MikeMay 24 2012 11:43am
damn. what stories. my younger bro and i got invited to a birthday costume party. we were trying on different avenger costumes. he came back into the dressing room and started to take off the costume before i went out to get another one. one one point we were both half dressed and he was bigger and had more body hair. i was kinda embarrassed. he noticed me staring and lunged pinning me against the wall. what u looking at he shouted. when we both realized i couldn't get away. he announced he would be the leader of the avengers. he stepped back and flexed. damn, he was now bigger and stronger. i then noticed a little hair on his chest. i couldn't believe it. i tried to leave but he grabbed me and pulled off my cape and shirt. you are smaller than me. ha ha

jpMay 25 2012 4:44am
jp. What are your ages? Is your brother dominant and aggressive towards you now that he knows he is bigger and stronger? How do you feel, now he is more muscled than you?

MikeMay 25 2012 9:31pm
im 15 my lil bro just 11 he humiliates me in front of younger boys in locker room,makes me suck his while his friends watch.

pinkie-15May 27 2012 7:52am
pinkie-15. Only 11 and he bosses and bullies you about? Is he bigger/stronger than you? Are his friends? How come he's in charge?

AnonymousMay 27 2012 9:29am
i feel embarrassed. we were doing chores the other day and it was real hot and we took our shirts off. he looks bigger. i was humiliated and put my shirt back on. he kept asking if i was hot but i didn't want the comparison. he kept telling me what to do. once i challenged him and he said that we could wrestle for it. we arm wrestled and he won. he's never beat me arm wrestling.

jpMay 28 2012 6:01am
i feel embarrassed. we were doing chores the other day and it was real hot and we took our shirts off. he looks bigger. i was humiliated and put my shirt back on. he kept asking if i was hot but i didn't want the comparison. he kept telling me what to do. once i challenged him and he said that we could wrestle for it. we arm wrestled and he won. he's never beat me arm wrestling.

jpMay 28 2012 6:02am
jp. What is the age difference between you? It can be embarrassing when your younger brother becomes more muscular and stronger. Has he started asserting himself sexually as well as physically? If his body has developed you can bet he's grown in other places. Perhaps your relationship is a strong one and he's just showing off his strength and dominance as his body develops through puberty. He might lose interest in this when he starts to turn a few girls heads. Keep us posted.

MikeMay 28 2012 11:03am
My younger brother has a weird c*ck, it is an extreme shower, it hangs soft like a pendulum about 6 inches, and only grows to be 7 inches erect. It is 5 inches around flaccid, and only gains about half an inch in girth when hard. He looked really funny when he started to grow around 11 or 12, it grew like 4 inches soft over the summer, and he had this massive bulge in all his older clothes, it was funny trying to see him cram it into his old kiddie stlye underwear, he went commando for a while , but then of course could never wear shorts for obvious reasons.

TMarkusRoweJun 01 2012 6:04am
yeah, mike we had some family over. my brother likes to wear boxers around. my younger cousin likes to play phranks so i had him pull my brothers boxers down in front of everyone. it backfired because my bro found out and got me in a head lock in front of everyone and had my cousin pull my shorts off then pull down my brothers. they took a picture and later my brother asked everyone who had a man but and who was a little boy playing games. i was embarrassed. he has a big hairy butt and mine is pale and smooth. he is only 15 btw.

jpJun 02 2012 6:04am
Mike, he is 15 and loves comparison. any tips for me?

JPJun 02 2012 7:11am
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