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A real Castratrix (females only please)

Question: There are several persons (I'm guessing they are probably female) who have indicated their interest in castrating a man. Okay, have you done it? Also, would you do it to me?
Created by: Man of wisdom at 06:25:10 AM, Monday, February 22, 2010 PST


No and No I wouldn't castrate you and none of the women here would. They are bluffing. From a men. All women are pussies.

AnonymousFeb 23 2010 10:22am

Yeah, I expect the same. What's amazing to me is how many female creeps are hiding behind a computer screen when everyone expects that all the trolls are men. In High School there were plenty of unattractive nerdy females but we only noticed and tortured the male nerds, the female nerds were largly ignored. Now, with the internet they seem to have crept out of the shadows and threaten a form of liberated havok upon the new world of cyberspace. Revenge of the female nerds could be like "Night of the Living Dead" at least online.

Man of wisdomFeb 24 2010 12:00pm
Man of Wisdom, don't speak too quickly it seems you have at least one castratrix that might take your balls.

JenXerMar 26 2010 12:21pm
I think this whole idea of castration is an attempt to make the country more lesbian friendly. Well, if that did happen this country would be over run by another more masculinized culture and be relegated to history. It happened to Rome, it might happen again.

Women can be bitches, I should knowJul 12 2010 5:17pm
In every female shelters a castratrix, once performed it on a man they will realy start to like it. It should be legal for women to perform castration on men.

CastratrixAug 24 2010 12:15pm
Really, I don't think castration is any more illegal for a woman to do on a man than any other type of surgery without a license. Of course, if the guy was unwilling that would likely be more criminal than if he was. And how many guys are going to admit they are neutered, going to the cops and saying,"She cut off my balls!" The only times you hear about it is if the woman cuts off the penis or the guy dies. So if you were fairly skilled at performing castrations on men who would at least go along with it you probably wouldn't get into too much trouble. So why not castrate some of the apparently willing guys who are leaving comments on this site? Maybe the guy who asked this question to begin with?

Re: CastratrixAug 26 2010 5:16pm
Why bother for your little balls? It is better to lose your balls than your penis or a leg or an arm. you have to admit when the superior sex want to cut your balls they will just do it. We decide if men keep them or lose them

CastratrixSep 07 2010 12:32pm
So that might be the point or part of it. What might make you decide to cut off a pair of balls? Provided they were big enough to be worthy of removal.

Re: CastratrixSep 16 2010 6:18pm
I would love to find a castratrix, but I cant find any.....So I dont believe any are out there.

scottaim1Sep 17 2010 6:50pm
All answers are the product of erotic fantasies.In oerder to castrate a men,the woman has to be a licensed surgeon.

AnonymousSep 30 2010 2:07pm
men of wisdom...i couldn't agree more. most of these wannabe feminists were probably the typical nerd type with glasses back in high school. the ones nobody paid attention to. now that they in the comfort of their own home being completely anonymous...its so easy for them to come out of hiding and open up their c*cksuckers. hahahaha

jacob..single mommy killahOct 05 2010 10:09pm a female..only thing you'll be deciding is whether you want it in the ass, or in the twat

jacob..single mommy killahOct 05 2010 10:12pm
In my mouth to bite it off! Your balls are also very welcome in my mouth between my jaws.

CastratrixNov 04 2010 3:50am
I would absolutley love a woman to cut off my balls ... Brisbane, Australia, ... anyone interested? You can torture them first and take photos of the castration ... power to women!!

Jeff LastNov 15 2010 9:09pm
I will let you cut my balls of

scottaim1Nov 15 2010 10:44pm
What we need on one of these polls is a castration testamonial from one of the guys that have been nutted by one of the "females" (or who knows what) who say that they are willing to do it. Also, if you ladies amount to anything you should have a jar full of testicles pickling away for you to brag where is it?

Shits and gigglesDec 08 2010 2:59pm
Castratix I don't think you have the guttts to castrate a guy. to cut off his balls.

JuanDec 15 2010 10:32pm
Castratix please contact me

KyleDec 17 2010 8:47pm
Hmm castratrix can contact me too, I doubt there are any for real in aid.

foundDec 20 2010 12:44pm
Castratrix I'm more than willing to loose my nuts to you,or any other lady that wants them,email at

PaulDec 26 2010 12:30am
Just what part of "(females only please)" don't males understand? And don't come up with stupid retorts please. I am a man in every way and I know how to read and heed what is asked. Good grief no wonder women want to castrate us. I bet the men who could not follow instructions are white, liberal, democrats. I would bet money on it. "Man of Wisdom, Scottaim1, Poos and giggles,Juan, Kyle, found, and Paul do any of you have more that a room temperature I.Q.? I am so much better off having read your words of wisdom. Now go off and rally for Obana as he takes us down the road of ancient Rome.

Geocal1Feb 23 2011 8:09am
if there are any real women with the balls, who are willing to cut mine off my email is in fact i dare you to do it.

jtMar 03 2011 7:19pm
any woman prepared to remove my testicales let me know here in uk will give e mail addy after ?5,000 gift too

want them goneMar 17 2011 3:05pm
jen Xer would you take my balls? im 45 and quite serious in wanting a woman to take them im in uk hun x

want them goneMar 17 2011 3:08pm
bad troll is bad

there are no wimmenz on the internetApr 25 2011 1:47am
i want to make a casrtation for my boyfriend, anybody can tell me how can i do it, if you have a video or steps ...

barbaraApr 30 2011 5:36pm
Guess what guys there are real castratrixes out there. There are usually affiliated with the body modification scene piercing and tattoo parlors in some of the bigger cities. Dallas, New York, Chicago to name a few. As for what degree of care the cutter will use in removing your genitals that's anybody's guess but it will run you anything from $2500 to $6000 in cash. And yes there are almost no females who will neuter you for free. Females always want $$$ no matter what the cause.

Mr. ObviousJun 11 2011 12:53pm
Sick f*cks

AnonymousJun 17 2011 4:01am
Matriarchies are overthrown by Patriarchies, unfortunately.

smalldickqueerJun 26 2011 2:23pm
who can castrate me?

AnonymousJul 24 2011 4:27pm
I can provide ALL of the needed tools and information needed for any woman to SAFELY and Legally cut off both testicles AND/OR penis, and all Iask in return is for whom ever woman wants to know, that she cuts off my penis, and crushes my balls, Any takers?

KaaJul 27 2011 1:08am
My fantasy: Naked, Spreadeagled very tight with legs pulled wide to their limit. Audience files in, inspects and is seated. Castratrix performs task slowly. Embelishments welcome!

JasonJul 31 2011 9:00pm
All males have a castration fantasy, yet few will follow it If the testicles weren't designed to be easily removed , why are they hanging outside and why are ballbuster girls so popular

T in ClevAug 01 2011 1:07pm
All males have a castration fantasy, yet few will follow it If the testicles weren't designed to be easily removed , why are they hanging outside and why are ballbuster girls so popular

T in ClevAug 01 2011 1:08pm
I've researched castration and other related things for 3 years now. If it were easy for a guy to lose his nuts mine would be gone but they are still attached and in three years they probably still will be. You have to make a mission out of getting deballed like a crackhead needing a fix.

Still AttachedAug 03 2011 1:38pm
My fantasy is being a contract slave, in the contract i give the legal power to if at any time i am not worthy of my penis or balls, my Mistress can do what she wants up to castration and penectomy, can do in public setting, and on internet. if she would like i would love is she made them into jewlery and wore them in public with me on a leash to show everyone her power, if any women are interested email me at

AnonymousSep 10 2011 5:25am
"all males" huh? Really? Have you been selected to speak for everyone? Ha! I think you speak with great authorit from the depth of your ignorance.

AnonymousOct 29 2011 7:40am
Indeed, "T in Clev" would probably benefit from a basic logic class. Broad and Hasty Generalzations is among the most basic logical fallacies . Oh course , I suppose that it looks good to some one trying to rationalize their behavior. "hey every one does "

XOct 29 2011 8:36am
Not only does "T" need ago develop some basic logic skills. He could use a general course in biology. Ignorance is bliss I suppose, if you only live to troll the inter webs.

RobinNov 02 2011 12:03pm
Girl vet has castrated several men. She is very profesional. She really gets into her work and saves the organs for herself.

ADec 08 2011 10:31am
Yeah. Right. You just keep telling your self that. One day it will become true...

AnonymousDec 20 2011 4:06am
Still waitin for lady to castrate me,the ladies on here will defo never do it

PaulDec 22 2011 8:10am
Yeah. Good luck, with that. You've been posting this all over helps half mile- but this time's just gott to work!

AnonymousJan 18 2012 2:49pm
Yeah. Good luck, with that. You've been posting this all over helps half mile- but this time's just gott to work!

AnonymousJan 18 2012 2:50pm
You chick aren't serious... those two balls give your lives meaning

CFeb 21 2012 1:01pm
You guys are forgetting that you dont need to resort to surgery to castrate a man at all...Never heard of a Burdizzo? Its primarily designed to castrate animals but it has been successfully used on men. In an instant it crushes the cords suppying blood to the testes, and the testes die in situ and get absorbed by the body. With a Burdizzo, there is no risk of blood loss, infection or DEATH!

AApr 22 2012 5:24pm
After some of the castration videos I've seen, I'd darn sure want to interview the cutter and make sure that he or she is qualified to do the job correctly to minimize risk of infection and pain.

MikeJun 20 2012 9:51am
Mine are waiting to be removed

filAug 17 2012 5:41pm
I would like to contact the Castratrix-I am willing

rasmussenr62@yahoo.comAug 29 2012 12:11pm
The last comment-cancel that about contact with a Castratrix that I am willing

AAug 29 2012 12:36pm
Oh course. Hapless boys are much more fun I lo e emptying scrotums

AprilSep 29 2012 7:38am
If there are any women in the uk willing to experiment with this I'd happily donate my right testicle Ballbusting also welcome

....Oct 18 2012 6:01am
castratrix, quero fazer nas minhas bolas, contato:

AnonymousNov 01 2012 3:09pm
se una donna desidera castrarmi io acconsento want to castrate?

antonioNov 28 2012 4:50am
I'm a writer and in the past I wrote for It was a most fascinating subject, the castration of men, and I explored it thoughly! Then I decided to set up a meeting with a few more interested males, in a small town in Texas. Got my girlfriend to help and sent out the invite on the website.. we were overwhelmed...Sooooo we cut down the names and then had them explain why they wanted it.. we picked 5 guys.. and sent them the good news and told them where to meet us..One guy showed up..and he had already been castrated...damn...all that imagination.. I figure all these guys were wimps who really didn't mean it and went on to Dolcett writings... Check Google..for some stories or check Dolcett Girls (the website) Now if you guys really want hee and we might just get together or apart depending on how we approach it...Bye..Irene

Irene DelacorteJan 13 2013 10:45am
Ms Irene Delacorte I have been intrested in losing my balls for some time and would like to talk with you. I am in East Texas.

CastrateMePleaseJan 13 2013 2:04pm
"I figure these guys were wimps" Or maybe yer just making crap up.

AnonymousJan 16 2013 5:35am
l want to have my balls cut off by a castratrix and then be changed to have a pussy

sissydreamerJan 23 2013 11:31am
is most desired as an impotent frustrated disbetic and submissive by nature, just need a competent skilled person.

ballabegoneFeb 16 2013 4:00am
Does anybody here know how to dance?

hceMar 06 2013 7:09am I wanna meet one

AchillesMar 27 2013 12:05am
I am a medical prof. With two patients interested in erotic castration. I can not help them-yet if there are any true and safe minded lady castratrix interested-call/leave message. Profs' only: 717 247 1474

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hPmEaHctVvGlReBSep 24 2013 7:06pm
if anybody wants to crush a guys balls with pliers or a vice. im down. or you wanna punch my balls till i cum blood. hit. me up ;)

luckySep 27 2013 12:21pm
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QeXgrAIiStqOct 25 2013 7:54am
If I were your slave, and you wanted it, I would gladly submit myself for total castration. in fact I have always wanted to be a girl, at least that is since puberty. It would great for me to loose that male appendage hanging down between my legs, and have two smooth lips, instead In fact I would rather like the newfound need to have to sit down on the toilet in order to relieve a full bladder. This last requirement reminds me that at an early age I discovered my submissive nature. In fact whenever I saw an attractive teenage girl, every fibre of my being cried out, “Beat me, please beat me”. For some strange reason I cannot explain I wanted so much to suffer at the hands of the sex I so much wanted to be.

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lHQNAlfeqJnDec 14 2013 9:24pm
I'd love to be castrated. Any real castratrix near illinois message me at

AnonymousDec 18 2013 1:20am
Irene, please add me:

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JEMKzDANQBMjTZznFeb 28 2014 12:46pm
to any in the UK who want to meet a genuine castratrix I know a professional dominatrix who can use a burdizzo email me at for more information.

sMar 08 2014 4:14am
I have castrated a man. It was quite an experience removing the sexuality power and reproduction from a man. Castrating animals is quite different. A man knows what you are doing and what it will be afterward. Holding those soft testicles in your hand and walking naked in front of a castrated man is exhilarating, fun, and a power rush. It is also the most unbelievable sexual experience two people can ever share .

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xXVrnavNYJul 04 2:35am
willing to pay £5000 to have mine removed, any serious girls email me,, I will sign a statment saying i asked you to do it.

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NsZPdpGqMVucETPKJul 19 5:19am
helen please contact me at

AnonymousJul 21 3:00pm
A please contact me or give my email to girl vet please!

AnonymousJul 21 3:05pm
irene yes i do really want it im in texas up in dallas area

AnonymousJul 21 3:13pm
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AxcSXLZLHYfnSAug 05 5:46pm
ALL of you people are insane and in need of therapy badly. You are totally out of reality. You missed life before computers. Nobody was ever exposed to this crap. If you get involved in this you will eternally regret it. Once the testicles go the fantasy goes with it. Is that what t=you want? Do you want to be a freak the rest of your days on Earth? How are you going to explain that to your family and doctors. Everyone will think you're nuts!

One in reality that wishes computers never existed.Sep 11 6:08pm
apesar de já ter 52 anos tenho uma fantasia muito grande, um desejo real de ser castrado por uma mulher.

paulocoamo@hotmail.comOct 06 7:10am
kua0rq I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this blog. Thank you, I'll try and check back more often. How frequently you update your website?

QuwkwSgnZEXagqOct 20 1:15pm
Helen is full of crap--she makes an unbelievably provacative and exciting statement then disappears--WOMEN, huh? there is not a woman on this or any other comment or web site that has the nads to excise a man's balls---I have offered to pay plus expenses and remain anonymous and offered mine for sacrifice, but the so called women on these sites are cowards and fools. If you want to call my bluss sister,

ozzys69@yahoo.comNov 11 12:53pm
See got so angry I spelled bluss instead of bluff--DOES NOT CHANGE THINGS THOUGH--femdom and feminism my A**

ozzys69@yahoo.comNov 11 12:55pm
xTv1Pd This website online is known as a stroll-by for all the information you needed about this and didn't know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you'll undoubtedly discover it.

nWhkoTotcyeYesterday 1:13pm
Any Mexican guy castrated by Thecia castratrix? Any first hand experience? Is Thecia the only castratrix in Mexico?

Sergio Mexican CowboyYesterday 2:50pm
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