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DO big strong women cross their legs more??

Question: In my opinion BIG STRONG WOMEN tend to cross their legs more seated to show off their big muscular thighs than a small petite lady. Am I right?
Created by: legman2010 at 01:32:27 AM, Sunday, March 14, 2010 PST


When I was a kid, when a much bigger adult female crossed her legs when talking. She sending the message to me that she is bigger stronger and faster. when my female boss crossed her legs, she is conveying the message that she is in control. When a much bigger stronger woman sits down in my presence and crossses her legs, she is subconsciously send the message that she has dominance over me

AnonymousMar 14 2010 9:50am

IT DEPENDS!!! I couldn't vote "YES" and I couldn't vote "NO". I had to vote "OTHER". I am a skinny guy who had quite a number of big strong girlfriends with huge, powerful legs. With one of my past girlfriends (5'1", 190 lbs), sometimes she crossed her legs in order to demonstrate to me how big and powerful they are when viewed as "one solid mass" but other times, she would have both feet on the ground while seated in order to show me the sheer massive size of each leg when viewed side by side (which is not possible with her legs crossed). Her legs are so big and so massive and so powerful that she easily outran all of the girls (and even some of the guys!!!) in the 50-yard dash. And she was carrying the most bodyweight out of everyone. She was the shortest one in the race with the shortest legs and she weighed more than everyone else in the race but her huge, massive, powerful legs are what outdid most of the pack. I consider myself a fast runner. However, as tall as I am (6-ft-1), and as fast as I could run, I was still unable to outrun her. It was a tie but it is just as if she won because she (at her 190 lbs) was carrying sixty pounds more bodyweight than I was carrying (at my 130 lbs) during that run. One day, she and I engaged in a wrestling match. It really was no contest with her legs being far bigger and stronger than my legs and also with her arms being bigger and stronger than my arms and with her far outweighing me as well. I was totally unable to prevent her from throwing me down and then holding me firmly down against the floor. I couldn't move!!! It took anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds for her to finish the job. Of course, while she had me pinned to the floor, I was getting a rock-solid erection!!! I also believe that a big, strong, massive, powerful woman like her crosses her legs in front of a small guy like me because she knows that it accentuates that irresistable triangular appearance in her crotch (where her clitoris and her vagina are located). Actually, ALL women crave such sexual attention but a big strong woman, because of her sheer size, HAS PLENTY TO SHOW!!!

AnonymousMar 14 2010 2:08pm
I think males who are in to big strong Women notice it more when a big strong Woman crosses Her legs and fantasize about being subordinated to Her Female power but I do not know if They are more likely to cross Their legs than petite Women. I notice powerfully built Women in swimsuits more than I notice petite Women in swimsuits. I notice powerfully built Women in busines suits more than I notice petite Women in business suits...well you get the idea. If a male is into powerfully built Women he is more inclined to notice a powerfully built Woman crossing Her legs than if a Woman who does much his physical type crosses HER legs.

obedient husbandMar 14 2010 4:12pm
Not sure they do it more. However if I remember a woman crossing its because her legs were significantly bigger than mine

AnonymousMar 15 2010 6:49am
It is obvious that lots of small weak (skinny) guys post comments and create polls here. If a guy is small, weak and skinny, whether he is short or tall, he realizes that the average woman's legs are WAY BIGGER AND STRONGER than his own legs are. Women's big, massive, powerfully-built legs could easily become, for all small weak (skinny) guys, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! Here is a potentially LIFESAVING ALERT for all small weak (skinny) guys of all statures: If a big strong woman whose legs are big and powerful begs you to go between her massive legs with your tongue to suck firmly but gently on HER CLITORIS, lick all around HER VULVA and then enter probingly deep into HER VAGINA (all three of the above known as CUNNILINGUS!!!), you should realize that you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK and that SHE WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR POSSIBLE DEMISE!!!

AnonymousMar 15 2010 1:16pm
there is this lady on the bus I normally take every morning. I guess her age is around 50, I am 39. She is a big woman that always have short skirts showing off her big, muscular legs. She always sit in the same seat with her legs towards the aisle of the bus meaning that I can see her legs from the side where I am sitting facing the bus's direction. I just can't take my eyes of these big, muscular thighs. In the summer time she is always sleeveless as well, her arms are also very impressive where you can see big biceps jumping up and down when she is fixing her hair, something she is doing all the time. But it is her legs that are making me weak. She quite often caresses her thighs, I wish I could be the one the is feeling her legs up. During the years we have been taking the same bus I never had the nerve to talk to her. We are smiling at each other but that's it. I am this woman's opposite, she is black, I am white, she is tall, I am short, she is powerfully built with muscles I am slim with very small muscles. Should I approach this lady?

Bus passengerMar 17 2010 12:42am
i remember ahout 15 years ago when i was about age of 16,my neighbour-mother of my friend.she was that time about age of 45-47.she was rather small woman but very well build,her breasts was extraordinary huge,but i was always more into the female legs and her legs was tremendously muscular.she was always wearing very short tight skirt and high heels,which makes her huge muscular calves even bigger and we was living in tower block apartments with no lift she was living on third floor and i was always spying on her,what time she was coming back from work and i secretly used every chance to walk after her upstairs,just to see her huge muscular calves poping out as she walks upstairs on her makes me so horny.

AnonymousMar 17 2010 5:39pm
Bus passenger, find an excuse to talk to this lady, try to sit beside her when it's summer time, you wearing shorts to see the difference in your thighs. Good luck!

AnonymousMar 18 2010 11:08pm
My chance came the other morning. The seat I am normally take when I go by bus was taken AND the seat beside the big legged woman was free. I smiled and asked if she did mind me sitting beside her. She smiled back and said of course not. So there I was sitting beside this beautiful woman. I of course had difficulties taking my eyes from her thighs, this morning in shiny dark brown pantyhose. She introduced herself and said that we had been taking the same bus so many mornings and never talked. I felt like a kid next to this big beatiful woman and had difficulties to talk normally when answering her. She told me she is working as a PE teacher at the school close to where she gets off. I said something that I could tell that she was doing something like that since she looked like she was in excellent shape. She smiled and thanked me for the compliment. She was very pleasant and easy to talk to. She got off one stop before me as usual and I of course had a close look at her legs when she left, she turned around and caught me looking and smiled. I am looking forward to my next meeting with her.

Bus passengerApr 06 2010 3:14am
I had the chance to sit beside "my leg lady" again last week. The weather has improved a lot and this was the first time I had shorts on. She had a short skirt as usual and her legs were quite tanned already. This was the first time I could compare our legs, she saw me doing it and laughed a bit. We talked a bit about the weather and before she left the bus she gave me her business card and told me to call her. I am now a nervous wreck, what should I do? She is probably around 15 years older than me but as I have mentioned in great physical shape. There is no doubt that her muscles are bigger than mine, both in her legs and arms. Her thighs hypnotize me almost like a snake before it's prey.

Bus passengerMay 16 2010 11:33pm
I think I may have just stumbled on the most ignorant, sexist thread of all time. Congrats, you morons!

A powerful chickMay 25 2010 7:31pm
I am a big black woman with powerful legs. My thighs are very big and most of it is muscle. I always were short skirts and the effect my thighs have on men is fantastic. They can't stop looking at them, some look at them with lust, you can see that they have to control themselves not to touch my legs, some look at them with awe and they look scared, what if you ended up between these powerful legs, could they squeeze the life out of a man? Once a white, skinny, drunk kid around 21-22 years old lay his hand on my thigh late one night on the tube. I looked at him and told him that he had 5 seconds to take away his hand or I would kill him. He took away his hand straight away since I am a big lady. I feel very dominant when I know that I can hypnotize men with my legs. I have a new boyfriend and he loves my legs but he is at the same time a bit scared of their power. I sometimes squeeze him between my thighs, it is funny when I can squeeze the air out of him. Never underestimate the power of the female leg.

ThighsJun 04 2010 12:22am
a big black mama at work loves showing her big, very muscular thighs. It is good fun to watch the men's reactions, some look at her legs with lust, some with awe and many just look deadly scared. She seems to enjoy the looks very much and whenever she uncrosses and recrosses her legs the office sort of stops. One of the guys, a rather skinny short white man, had an affair with her but it all ended as quickly as it started. We don't know exaclty what happened but whenver the lady comes walking he walks the other way, he is really scared of her. As a woman I kind of like the way she is, she is not only big in the lower body but has a upper body to match with powerful shoulders, big boobs and habds. I think most of the men at the office would have big problems if they had to tangle with her. Men look at her like the prey in front of a python.

BetsieNov 18 2010 5:42am
I find it fascinating how often small skinny men love to be engulfed by large women. I like big powerful men because I want to feel feminine, I wouldn't feel sexy if the guy with me was smaller than me. It would be a huge turn off. Its nice though, that there are guys ou tthere who get off on it. Although it would also be nice if it wasn't always skinny 'weak' guys. I want a big strapping man!! where are they!?

Woman with Powerful thighs and assFeb 19 2011 5:26am
Im big woman,6.3 tall bout 320lbs,i have big muscvlar legs that cn break barrels.i squeezd n broke 2 ribs to my ex when he tried hit me once

MatulonaJun 05 2011 11:53am
Matulona, Betsie, Thighs what a dream to meet you and feel the leg power and serving you until you are satisfied

Rico from SwedenSep 12 2011 3:54pm
i am a skinny smaller built white man and since i was a kid i have been in awe of big female thighs especially big black female thighs

amazon loverJan 16 2012 7:42pm
I am not a smal skinny guy, but I tell ya, a women with big strong legs {especially thighs} turns me on beyond words. My eyes are glued to them and the thought of running myhands over them and getting in between them makes me go weak at the knees.

anonJul 10 2012 12:29pm
I am a middle aged woman. I am good looking with a big strong body. My shoulders and upper arms are a turn on for some menm but ALL of them go for my big powerful legs. When I walk into a room heads turn and look at my legs. I wear quite short shorts {not daisy dukes but short enough} When I sit down and cross my legs menn's eyes automatically go there. I can tell they want me and that I am in complete control. I love it, the power I have over them.

shedommeJul 10 2012 12:58pm
I am a big woman, 59 years old, with a powerful body. I really enjoy that I can make men weak in their kneew when I am displaying my thighs in sheer pantyhose. Guys at my office can't take their eyes off my legs even if I have been at the office for a long time. Whenever I have trousers I can see many guys being disappointed. I love the power I have over men with my big body. My boobs is also makind them dizzy.

Big BrittJul 29 2012 1:38pm
i have always love big muscular legs. when a woman crosses them i look at them over and over. i hope at 1 point i will date a woman with big legs and thighs.

long time leg loverAug 20 2012 10:58am

AnonymousDec 03 2012 10:01pm
Big Britt, you seem just like a woman at my office. Me and a number of men (and I am sure some women) cannot take our eyes from this woman's legs. Always in elegant, sheer tights. She is a bit younger than you Britt, at 51, but her legs are very athletic and muscular, yet in a very feminine way. One of the guys that I know at the office has been dating her for a year, she is 15 years older than him. He was in awe of her strong legs, he didn't tell every detail but he said something about it being impossible to get out of her scissors grips. When she left the office for another job we were very dissapointed.

big legs are the bestDec 25 2012 12:53pm
if any of those who claim to be big strong women really are why don't you email me at and you can make me as weak and feel as helpless as you would like.

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