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Helping a guy who is getting beaten by his girlfriend

Question: You see a couple arguing on the street. At some point the girl starts hitting her boyfriend and beating him up: considering she is stronger than him, she can hurt him seriously. Plus, he won't fight her back beacuse he refuses to hit a girl, even if she's harming him. He yells for help. What are you going to do?
Created by: Hlz at 07:49:52 AM, Saturday, September 11, 2010 PDT


I watched a teen girl beat up her boyfriend. I was to stunned to do anything. They were the same size but she is an athlete and more muscular then he. He tried to fight back but couldn't stop her from the beating. I'll admitt I was mesmerized by the girl beating up the boy and how she was stronger, faster, and had more muscle. Things have changed.

AnonymousSep 18 2010 1:04pm

@ Anon: you're talking about that as if it was a GOOD thing. Nobody should hit nobody.

AnonymousSep 21 2010 9:55pm
I had a situation in High School many years ago that was a little bit similar to this.I was dating a girly girl who was being bullied by a really big strong black girl that played forward on the girls varsity basketball team.She was 5ft9 and was about 170. I will admit even I was intiminated and scared of her. My girlfriend complained that the girl was always kicking the back of her chair and throwing spitballs in her hair. She would also steal her pencils and verbally make fun of her. She was very jellous becouse my girlfriend was much better looking. Anyway oneday we were both driving the bus home togather and she was kicking the back of our seat and calling my girlfriend an ugly white bitch. I was sitting beside her and she was slipping the back of her head very hard and then looking away like she did not do it. Anyway my girlfriend told her to stop it and the black girl challenged her to a fight. I got into a verbal dispute with the girl also becouse I had to defend my girlfriend as well.She then said she could easily kick my white ass as well. When we got off the bus she attacked my girlfriend and started punching her 4 or 5 times and gave her a bloody nose. I then jumped in even though I was freightened to fight a girl much bigger than me. I was on the wrestling team and wrestled JV at 119lbs. Anyway I went allout and totally destroyed her ass. I punched her in the face at least 15 times. She gave me a bloody lip but I got her to the ground after about the 1st minuite then I dominated her with a rear naked choke.I keep punching her and fractured my thumb.I knocked her out with my knee to her head when she submitted to me then got back up and slipped me. Thats when for the second time I went at it with her and then took her to the ground and kneed her in the head.I put her in the hospital as an ambulance had to come for her.Anyway I was suspended from high school for 3 weeks and my girlfriend for 1 week. The black girl was not suspended at all even though she started the fight. But to this day it is the thing in my life I am most proud of and my former girlfriend calls me at least once a year to thank me for standing up for her.

Brian CNov 18 2010 6:07am
Brian C. You did a job well done. You overcame your fear and stood up for what is right and you also ignored all that garbage that says a man should never hit a woman no matter what which is a bunch of crap. Kudos to you.

Unite against bulliesMay 01 2011 8:23pm
if the girl is beating up the guy she is suddenly n aggressor and no longer should she be justified by any ruels of chivalry, for this are for defending the gentle or the weak. clearly she is not being gentle so as a good gentleman you are entitled to beat the crap out of her. after all arent we all equal nowadays? isnt that treating her the same way you would treat a man?

AnonymousJun 20 2011 8:56pm
witnessed this black girl slapping her boyfriend, she was a lot bigger than him, strong looking with big hands. He tried to stop her but she just took hold of his arm and continued to slap him, quite hard. She also yelled at him but I couldn't hear what it was all about. Suddenly she slapped him really hard so he actually went down, almost unconcious. I didn't know what to do but I walked towards the couple to try to stop this assault. But before I got there two women stopped the big woman from hitting her por boyfriend anymore. These ladies were quite big and they could restrain the black woman. The man was bleeding and crying. The big woman calmed down and started to cry. She said she would stop hitting her man. She kneeled beside him and started to kiss him on hiss bloodied face. She helped him up and they went away from there together. Quite shocking really. She must have outweighed him 40-50 lbs at least. I am happy I didn't have to stop her because she looked liked she could beat up two men my size. I am sure many men suffer from beatings behind closed doors. I have read in several articles that it is more common that women hit their men than the other way around but when a man hits a woman they hurt the woman more. When I was 17 years old I got beaten up badly by a girl in my class. We were forced to work together and she never liked me. At her place she showed me that I had do to things her way after beating me up. She was a lot bigger and stronger than me. I avoided her after that, even 10 years after it happened.

Half pintOct 05 2011 7:19am
I actually stopped a woman from beating up her man. They both seemed to be alcoholics since they started to fight in a caf?. She just hit him with her fist righ in his noose so he started to bleed. He went down and then up again and slapped his woman. She got furious and took a choke hold on him while she was hitting him with her fist. She was perhaps 40 lbs heavier than him and he was in a real mess and started to turn blue from the choke hold. I took hold of the womens arms and tried to get her to release her man. She was very strong and I had to use all my power to make her stop choking him. She turned to me and tried to hit me but I blocked her fist. Some other people came to help. The poor man was bleeding so somebody helped to clean him up a bit while we were three people holding his woman. She calmed down and sat on a chair. Before the police came she took her husband and lead him out of the caf?, he said it was OK. He had probably been beaten up before by her. Scary to see really. I guess many women suffer from beatings like that but probably quite a few men as well.

BrendanNov 03 2011 1:11am
"Assault: make a physical attack. battery violence" all crime STOP IT.

AnonymousMar 18 2015 10:47am
Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. 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GeorgMay 08 2016 2:40am
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sjsh99Apr 06 2017 1:13pm
If you are a strong women who workout you can prevent that she beat up him anymore. As man who not workout you have the risk that she beat up you and her boyfriend because girls who workout are often more than twice as strong than an average man. This means she can cope two men at the sam time!

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