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Castratrix: From Man to Eunuch

Question: There are quite a number of polls on this site on the subject of castration. But from what I can tell most willing males here still have their balls. So here is my general question to all concerned: If there was a place for wannabe eunuchs and castratrixes to meet in the real world (kinda like a munch for fetishists) do you think there is any chance that balls would be removed? Feel free to make a suggestion in the comments section.
Created by: Nuttme at 08:43:10 AM, Thursday, January 06, 2011 PST


I believe there are a lot of women who want to seriously castrate a male and maybe even cut off his penis too. Whether it is for revenge, control, or just the thrill of doing so. I am sure they want to make sure they will not get into any type of trouble for it though...... I would love to have a woman discreetly castrate me but it is hard to find one willing to go through with it til the end.

subslave1007@yahoo.comJan 10 2011 8:19am

It is also a lot of fun just chatting about castration fantasies too... Any ladies willing to role-play or chat about it, please e-mail me.

subslave1007@yahoo.comJan 10 2011 8:20am
A few facts about castration: Urologists perform what is called a double orchietomy (castration) as a treatment prostate cancer. It usually reduces the symptoms associated with the disease but may not cure it. Men after this procedure can be given testosterone treatments and viagra to maintain the ability to have an erection.

FactoidJan 10 2011 8:41am
I think at least a quarter of the male population over 40 (including myself) would be willing to be castrated if the following were true: The procedure could be performed by a female nurse practitioner in clinic setting for something under $700. They could have access to low cost male supplements and viagra when their partner was interested in sex. Currently, you need to find a willing urologist and the cost will be at least $2500. I've heard of female vets offering it but that is really uncommon.

NuttmeJan 10 2011 10:59am
What's really cool is when I suck a guy then cut off his balls as he cums in my mouth. After I let him watch while I feed his balls to my dog.

SonyaJan 10 2011 3:03pm
Sonya, What would be really cool is if you did that for me. I would love to be the next man you castrate.

subslave1007@yahoo.comJan 11 2011 8:11am
Try this sometime - suck the guy's balls, get one between your side teeth and bite down hard so it pops. Do the same with the other ball when the guy wakes up. Then just leave the mush to rot in his sack.

Ball BusterJan 16 2011 9:35pm
I wanna cut his balls off then bite off the head of his dick then look him in the eye as I chew them up and swallow.

AnonymousJan 17 2011 5:38am
If Any Female is Actually Serious about castrating a man then I offer my Big Healthy balls to You. Cut them or bite them off, my balls and/or c*ck.Please contact me.

subslave1007@yahoo.comJan 18 2011 8:05am
I would love to speak to the 15 % who voted ** "I hope so, as a castratrix I'd enjoy denutting a guy even a guy I didn't know well" How many would actually castrate a male, if it was a very safe environment? Would you indulge your fantasy and live it out?

Curious&WillingJan 20 2011 9:22am
I would love to speak to the 15 % who voted ** "I hope so, as a castratrix I'd enjoy denutting a guy even a guy I didn't know well" How many would actually castrate a male, if it was a very safe environment? Would you indulge your fantasy and live it out?

Curious&WillingJan 20 2011 10:03am
I think you are right nuttme. i am 41 and it might be time to lose mine.

niceguyJan 20 2011 7:30pm
The USFDA has found in the US an average of 5300 persons get anal cancer i.e. vast majority are hetro women so it seems in spite of women enjoying saying hateful emasculating things on this & other polls when finger on clit they fantasize /masturbate they get anal rape fantasies of strong thick 14" male boners up their rectums ----the situation needs to be carefully "anal"yzed ---in the future when women will be free to fantasize & think with their clits as opposed to thinking with their brains ---will they at all castrate anymale[freudian slip here could have been animal !] or drool over his beautiful long Penis ??????

Ashesh GhoseFeb 17 2011 11:15am
I once attended an S&M party with a friend, where 2 men were supposedly castrated. I suspect it was faked. I asked my friend if she thought it was faked . She said maybe you should volunteer andfindd out?

M.T.SaxApr 07 2011 12:15pm
I'd like to give mine up for my GF but she doesn't want to take them. She says that I wouldn't be likely able to make love to her.

ShaneApr 23 2011 3:46pm
I'd like to give mine up for my GF but she doesn't want to take them. She says that I wouldn't be likely able to make love to her.

ShaneApr 30 2011 4:18am
True enough the She Female Man Haters Club is filled with women who just can't get a big enough c*ck stuffed in their c*nts and if they do they can't keep the guy cause they turn into blown out whores. A well endowed guy doesn't have to stay with one bitch for too long, there's always another waiting. So these pathetic ruined c*nts who won't get anything good again except for a new larger dildo absolutely hate men and love the idea of emasculating them all. God made Hell especially for these bitches...burn baby burn!

Bad BastardJun 11 2011 1:04pm
i have a vary special type of fantasy for this castration and penectomy, if any woman would like to take my c*ck and balls, i would like to be a contract slave and the contract would read, if i do not completely please u, u have the right to do whatever u like with my body, up to and including castration and penectomy please contact me at

bloodlustSep 10 2011 7:29am
Are there any women that have castrated an animal? Let us know. I saw a woman cut a horse once and it was so stimulating. If you have cut an animal you can cut a man easily.

ShaneOct 16 2011 8:07am
How about surgically de-feminizing women by removing their breasts ???

Ash-X9Mar 24 2012 1:50pm
now that i am completely sexless with nothing visibly wrong, i am interested in castration so that i have no more desire. i am sick to death of attracting or associating with any woman in friendship only to get ultimately humilified when the sex move is not there.

rickard325Apr 03 2012 7:38pm

Feminists seem to be IdiotsApr 14 2012 12:35am
hi i will cut them all of If thier all big buck n-----s ! so i would have mine cut off by a lady doc they probly feel the same way about me

transzgirl@yahoo.comApr 17 2012 9:05pm
I enjoyed being castrated, only wish the nurse helping castrate me would have done the cutting...

jereJun 29 2012 1:10pm
I enjoyed being castrated, only wish the nurse helping castrate me would have done the cutting...

jereJun 29 2012 1:10pm
my testicles are now i a sample jar for all yo see

jereJun 29 2012 1:16pm
along with your frontal lobe

AnonymousJul 14 2012 4:46am
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Johh portner stomper.netJul 14 2012 11:20am
I was castrated and circumcized last year, only wish I had it done when I was younger, jacking off is much better now and very little semen but feels great...jere

jereJul 14 2012 2:58pm
My nurse told me I may never be able to reach an orgasum or get erect after they castrated me, I have been castrated for 8 mo. now and I still cum but very little semen and it is diffacult getting erect without getting an ejection of tri-mix but it feel great to jack off and cum without my balls.

jereJul 14 2012 3:10pm
Just cut those fat hairy balls off larry lacerte. I can see you getting butt slammed Larry Lacerte without those useless balls getting in the way.

John Portner stompernet SEO ninjaAug 09 2012 10:00am
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pAug 20 2012 2:11am
I've used chemical castration for many years, this is now permanant but I look normal. I wish to have my balls and sac removed to make it obvious that I am a eunuch. I guess I want to be more submissive, I'm not into femenization as such, just want to be less manly

ParingSep 08 2012 7:43am
You are the one that likes getting butt slammed john portner. Don't drag me into this kinky lifestyle you are living.

larry lacerteSep 24 2012 9:23am
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John Portner greenvNov 28 2012 10:52am
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tony rainwaterDec 03 2012 5:10am
I deserve to be punished I hadn't had sex with my wife in approx 30 years. She should have the rite to cut them off.

BENJan 22 2013 2:41pm
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geldmepleaseFeb 11 2013 7:53pm
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