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Ballbusting castration popped or ruptured testicles

Question: I've read about some guys getting their testicles popped or ruptured through ballbusting. Also, there are some ballbusting females who like to pop or rupture testicles in the sack. This question is mostly for those who have had their balls popped or those who have popped balls. The first answers are for those males who got popped and the second for the females I expect who did the popping. I expect it hurt like hell, did you seek medical attention? were you sterilized? are you now impotent? For the ladies, I expect it was fun, did the male you popped need medical attention? do you consider him castrated by you?
Created by: plscutme at 08:39:29 AM, Monday, January 24, 2011 PST


Get the guy's nutsack in your mouth, roll them around with your tongue until you have one between your side teeth then bite down hard. I love how it feels when his nut goes flat. Then I chew it several times to make sure its ruined. Let him wake up from the pain then do the other one.

MelinaJan 25 2011 6:43am

Ummm.....yeah.....what ever.

AnonymousJan 25 2011 7:10am
That's awesome Melina! Balls were made to be removed, just like fruit off a tree. I would surrender my testicles to you (in any way you wanted) but I'm probably too far away (Canada.) Could you tell another story of popping a guys balls with more detail? Even your short comment will stay in my mind forever and I will masturbate to the thought of you chewing on a popped testicle for years to come. I will slam my balls in a book just for you! (Let me know if there's anything else I can do to my balls for you) XO

big.jamie@yahoo.caJan 25 2011 7:15pm
That's awesome Melina! Balls were made to be removed, just like fruit off a tree. I would surrender my testicles to you (in any way you wanted) but I'm probably too far away (Canada.) Could you tell another story of popping a guys balls with more detail? Even your short comment will stay in my mind forever and I will masturbate to the thought of you chewing on a popped testicle for years to come. I will slam my balls in a book just for you! (Let me know if there's anything else I can do to my balls for you) XO

big.jamie@yahoo.caJan 25 2011 7:21pm
Wtf? Is this really a legitimate question? Well I'm not sure how often or if this even happens at all, however, you can break your dick on a girl. That will hurt like hell. I always have assumed that it would kind of be like getting your finger nail bent back. Except ten fold worst. Mainly cause of all the nerves that are in you dick. If you do this more than likely you'll get stretch marks and your dick will burn like wildfire.

Masta FrankFeb 03 2011 1:15am
Its so cool when you stand on a guy's nut sack. Just keep puttin weight on your heel til you feel his balls go flat. Can't wait to do it again.

BeckyFeb 04 2011 9:36pm
If you are willing Becky, you can flaten my balls... email me

scottFeb 05 2011 11:50am
No. It is not a legitimately question. It's a bunch of men, or a few any way. The pop up on just about any poll or q&a site and start virtual circle jerk. Half pretend they are women who go around entering dudes.

AnonymousFeb 06 2011 6:47am
What the hell, isn't it fun to play around with the idea that women are secretly blood thirtsy psychos. And they would mutilate men if they were certain to get away with it. Get married to one for 5 years and you will see that the sparkle in her eye isn't the angel in her but the Lucifer demon waiting for a chance to be free. If she is ever free your manhood and body will certainly suffer. They say that the deevil attends church and the majority of parishioners are female so there could be something to that.

Expert on EverythingApr 09 2011 7:53am
any woman in EP TX wana hurt balls poste a coment here for me and we can talks about it

Anthrax777Apr 14 2011 2:40am
I was subjected to an attempted rape when I was in my early teens. I managed to escape my attacker by grabbing his testicles and squeezing. I only managed to get a hold of one of his balls, but i'm pretty sure I managed to rupture it. I got away from him, called the police, and when they arrived some twenty minutes later he was still curled up on the ground whimpering. I got no pleasure from doing this apart from the satisfaction that I managed to cause him more pain than he intended to cause me!

GailJun 04 2011 6:31pm
never hit a guy in his nuts

AnonymousJun 09 2011 3:15pm
always hit a guy in the nuts

AnonymousJun 10 2011 9:07am
You are a hell of a woman Gail. I'd like to bone you good, and you can pop both of mine after that.

Bad BastardJun 11 2011 1:34pm
I have not found a woman that is willing to castrate me. It seems that they are not out there. The one lady vet I know won't do it to me because it's against the law. Women: If you are out ther leave me a note here.

WildbillJun 14 2011 3:49pm
There are very few cutters which is another term for a underground castratrix in the country. They are not cheap running from $2500 to $6000 for the procedure. Some are affiliated with other body modification artists. As for finding a female vet to do it she would be risking her license and possible jail time. It is available in Mexico, Thailand and maybe India. If you became a slave for a dominatrix you might very well lose your balls and more, I wouldn't recommend that to anybody tho.

Knowing is the half the battleJun 15 2011 3:25pm
My wife once got a hold of one of my balls, while we play wrestling, and squeezed it. She figured she had " won" . The more I tried to get free the move squeezed, saying if I didn't admit she had won, she would "pop it" , I eventually gave up. The pain was unbearable. Here's the point, no one is gonna sit there and let some one "bite/chew" their balls off. Just ain't gonna happen. Yer fulla poo...

AnonymousJun 19 2011 11:53am
id sit there and take it like a man

AnonymousJun 24 2011 8:29pm
I'd kick her in the c*nt!

Kick Her CrutchJul 16 2011 10:42am
no you wouldnt you just trying to act manly but i seriously dought your manly you only say that because your on the internet and you dont gota back up anything you say so stop being stupid and shut up

AnonymousJul 17 2011 12:55am
Yer all full of crap

AnonymousJul 18 2011 3:56am
Of course he could. Why couldn't he. Last time a woman threaded to hit my below the belt I told her if tried it I'd punch her in the boob. and ya know what? She never made that threat again.

I hate dimwitted loonsJul 18 2011 9:59am
Apple in A Sock

No NadsJul 20 2011 5:54am
"apple in a sock" Things that have more common sense then you? Things that have a better grasp of reality then you? Yeah we already knew that. Tell us something we don't know.

AnonymousJul 25 2011 7:34am
Any girl that wants to pop ,y balls e,ail me

AnonymousJan 05 2012 10:22pm
Any girl that wants to pop ,y balls e,ail me

AnonymousJan 05 2012 10:22pm
you guys are crazer then hell

carlJan 12 2012 6:47am
it's not funny if you have had your forcibly crushed as I had.

AnonymousFeb 01 2012 1:49pm
Any girls want to crush or torture my BALLS email me ""

My NUTsac 4UFeb 13 2012 9:19am
Let's face it, almost all females think about popping a man's balls but virtually none of them actually do anything like that. If you must have your manhood ruined hire a dominatrix otherwise keep dreaming about the girl who just might get you cause she ain't coming.

Reality checkFeb 16 2012 4:41pm
if any girls want to pop my nuts then fine email me i live in abingdon oxfordsir england

AnonymousFeb 22 2012 10:35am
men you don't want your balls ruptured

carlFeb 28 2012 8:11am
I had mine balls ruptured a few times one by ball busting ,sports horse kick they now hang down far and are size of oranges buld in pants is large so guy take care of your ball sack

BenFeb 28 2012 8:15am
I love busting balls!! when i was 15 I destroyed my friends balls, he told me that he always wanted me to bust his balls so he gave me premmsion to do anything i wanted to them. I kicked him hard with my high hells many times, he was on the ground and i stomped on his balls with my heels still on. I kneed him in the balls intill he argreed to get naked. I kicked his naked balls so hard he fell to his knees, i deliverd sharp kicks to his balls intill he lied down flat. When he was flat i kneed and kicked and stomped intill he was beging for mercy. I grabed the broomstick from the kitchen and hit his balls with it so hard i heard a crack. I knew that i was almost ready to leave and wanted to make sure his balls we ruptured so grabbed as hard as i could on his left ball and squzzed and twisted intill it went flat. I toke the right ball and rolled it around in my mouth intill it was between my teeth and bite down as hard as i could and it also went flat. I gave him one last kick and left. Balls were put on this earth for girls to have fun with and evey girl should do this to a guy at least once in there life!!!

SamMar 01 2012 8:20am
melina sam where are you from ? I want to live in your conutry !

romanMar 04 2012 8:37pm
guy's if you have very large hanging bull balls you have to be carefull because they get racked up easier , my big low hangers really hangafter being by a cow on the farm I work at

JasonMar 12 2012 6:05am
That was being kiked by a cow

JasonMar 12 2012 6:08am
Dang, one hell of a story Sam. I thought women liked popping balls.

Wierd WishesMar 12 2012 3:51pm
Sam is a me at I'm serious

AnonymousMar 17 2012 11:45pm
smash my balls! Brisbane Australia.

NadswallopMar 21 2012 4:50am
should be in the hospital

MeMar 26 2012 7:36pm
Wouldn't popping them allow the semen to flow directly into the blood? And then the semen will thicken and clog the capilaries? And then he'll get gengrene? Or am I missing something?

AidanMar 30 2012 8:06am
My always enjoyed hurting my balls and finally had them removed on a trip to thailand. It is just a turn on for some women to controll guys sexually and ultimatly ruin them. The woman doctor let her cut the cords, and she said that was very hot. No more sex drive or erections now.

AnonymousApr 11 2012 2:22am
My wife I mean. She has always dated, other guys for sex.

AnonymousApr 11 2012 2:24am
i am looking to have my balls popped in Toronto. Any Takers, email me at

SandyApr 19 2012 4:31pm
Sam were are u from do that to me please

AnonymousApr 19 2012 5:33pm
Sam do that to my balls email me at

RubenApr 19 2012 5:47pm
Sam do that to my balls email me at

RubenApr 19 2012 5:48pm
I always find a good punt to the c*nt works best.

kick her crutchApr 21 2012 6:24am
f*cking weirdos!!! balls are meant to be sucked on. (im a girl i would no :-) ) females want to be dominated in the bed room its a turn on. And if u (guys) want to be dominated your are just a closet homo to scared to come out. So if u need to be dominated go to a gay bar and get butt f*cked u sissys! <3

SugarRoseApr 22 2012 3:37pm
id love for a girl to pop my balls

ScrapApr 26 2012 8:06am
Any takers

ScrapApr 26 2012 8:07am
Any takers

ScrapApr 26 2012 8:07am
'Let's face it, almost all MEN are terrified by the idea of losing their balls, virtually every woman knows that." fixed actually castrating a man is counter productive. Getting a man by the nuts is an almost guaranteed method of attitude adjustment

AnonymousApr 28 2012 6:24am
looking for a girl to ballbust me. contact me at .near toronto

MarkMay 02 2012 7:30pm
Hmmm... how about we get our fingers way up there, into the cervix, into the tube and squeeze the ovary till it ruptures... not a good thought is it... well there you go... a testicle for an ovary... and believe me, it would be even more painful for a woman, because you have to go inside here... nevertheless... part of an organ lost for both sexes coupled by extreme physical pain and mental anquish for the rest of your lives... sad

goodmoralsMay 16 2012 8:06pm
I would like to have five minutes with the girl that likes to pop balls maliciously. She would have a really hard time ever popping another one. Hey tough girl, come and try me, your the weaker sex for a reason and I am going to educate you on the proper way to receive a beating. Pop them in your teeth and keep chewing? Your future is bleak with an attitude like that. Douchebag.

GodMay 25 2012 2:29am
my name is alex i am 18 and so is my wife we met when i was 14 and she had just turned 16 she loves kick stomping my balls we are being carefull till we have kids but after that she wants to take the gloves of if she dies she has also put in our will that i am to be castrated she says if she is gone i have no use for them she is the love of my life and she is really sweet she always has my back

alexMay 30 2012 2:19pm
Ur dum

0121Jun 05 2012 5:56pm
Why the **** would any man want their testicles popped?! You douchebags! Any man who would endure the pain of their balls being popped is sick! I am a boy, i have a girlfriend, and we love eachother very much, SHE WOULD NEVER POP MY BALLS! You idiots!

QazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikolpJun 09 2012 8:44pm
For all of you dumb asses that want your balls crushed, give me a call and instead of having them crushed I will blow them off with my double barreled shot gun! You dumb f*cks.

Love mineJun 11 2012 1:09am
And to the girls or fags that talk about crushing balls, come see me! And I will show you dumb f*cks what a real man can do, like beat your f*cking brains out of your worthless skulls.

Love mineJun 11 2012 1:15am
I have special tool to take vagina and ovaries out of woman and girls, it works great! If any one is interested contact me.

Ovary slayerJun 11 2012 1:20am
You dumb bitches try to grab my balls and you will be waking up in the E R!

Men ruleJun 11 2012 1:23am
A comment for Alex, you are one dumb ass mother f*cker!

Clit crusherJun 11 2012 1:25am
And to the girls or fags that talk about crushing balls, come see me! And I will show you dumb f*cks what a real man can do, like beat your f*cking brains out of your worthless skulls.

Love mineJun 11 2012 1:27am
If any girl even looked at my balls during sex, she will have a dent in her head and a knife in her vagina. Balls are not meant to be removed, hurt (that means u, 13 year old ball tappers) or abused in any fuc*in way. Bit*hes! And any man who wants his balls TORTURED ta h*ll with ya! Im a boy with a girlfriend, she would never ever bite them. She is the nicest sweetest most amazing girl in the world! Boys, testicles are a gift, who doesnt love boners and getting horny? Case closed!

QazzyJun 11 2012 5:01am
I would love to pop balls, for a price ofcourse. Anybody interested?

SammiUKxJul 01 2012 10:03am
I would love to pop balls, for a price ofcourse. Anybody interested?

SammiUKxJul 01 2012 1:14pm
When I was 16 my 18 year old girlfriend accidentally ruptured my left ball during sex. She slammed her ass down really hard and hurt my left ball then she did it several more times and eventually her ass popped it really hurt and she felt really bad.

No OneJul 04 2012 8:30pm
Of course in my middle school and high school there was a group of ball tappers. They would lightly punch guys balls as they went past. There were even some stories that they completely ruined guys. I even got attacked by two of them but luckily i Kowloon karate so i escaped with only the first initial kick and two knees. How ever the knees were really strong and they had great aim so my balls (especially my right one) hurt for about a month after. but, my best friend got it bad he was left unconscious in a locker over night, thought he might have serious damage but he's okay (he has a kid now so at least one still works).

DaytonJul 31 2012 7:35am
So you'd have everyone believe 1) A "light punch" will "pop" a testicle and 2) Boys getting "ruined" was a common and no big deal where you grew up? Right..

AnonymousAug 11 2012 11:55am
Any one wanna pop one of my nuts?

AnonymousSep 01 2012 11:09pm
f*ck yeah sugar rose. I'll dominate you and before you know it you won't be able to have an orgasm without my permission. I would love a slave to be waiting for me bent over for use anytime I wanted. These fags who don't want to men anymore can just become the fag cum sluts you see on street corners.

The masterSep 07 2012 6:06pm
I popped my ex's after he cheated on me and was not prepared for the screaming that goes along with it. The screams of agony are scary to this day I never want to hear that sound again. That was only one how these women stick around to do both is beyond me. The only time I can see rupturing a testicle would be during rape. I made my ex unable to bear children because of a drunken mistake he made, so not worth the torture I put him through.

HeatherSep 14 2012 12:53pm
Any girls in the UK into ballbusting? SammiUK you still around?

'M'Sep 27 2012 9:22am
why do you guys like having your balls f*cked up have a cow kick you in your balls then they will hang down to your knees

jasonOct 02 2012 1:01pm
to jason, is that what happen to you i would like to see your large hanging balls

john sOct 02 2012 1:05pm
I have low hanging balls and a woman tried to cut them biting them.Very painful!

markOct 16 2012 4:44am
I'd like to cut the bottom of my sac so the balls 'll pop out to be cut

markOct 16 2012 4:45am
Any women in S.E. MI want to pop one????

JuliousOct 30 2012 6:03pm
The video disturbs me but also turns me on. I love the video for the domination but i wouldnt like the result of having permant damages.

None particularNov 30 2012 7:08am
Any slappers out there up for a good c*ntbust I'm your man

Kick Her CrutchDec 02 2012 7:18am
I have a set of huge low hanging balls size of lemons big c*ck don't dare to have them kicked could rupture them cause they are so big

Tom sJan 12 2013 11:14am
I want a Guy to bust my balls

hate being a fagJan 18 2013 9:55pm
A straight Guy who hates fags like me

hate being a fagJan 18 2013 9:59pm
kik me at alexjohnson1164 to abuse my balls and then make me pop them.

alex johnsonJan 21 2013 5:07pm
i want my balls crushed by someone... anyone of you live in ontario

annyomisFeb 02 2013 4:06pm
Sam let me f*ck you so hard. Then my balls r yours

John MFeb 10 2013 7:03pm
i want my balls flattened please email me at

AnonymousFeb 27 2013 7:21pm
Every girl secretly wonders what it would be like to squeeze a guy's testicles as hard as she can. They feel so soft and fragile, and the slightest squeeze seems to be agony for the guy, so it's only natural to wonder...! It doesn't mean we would actually do it in real life, even if we had the oportunity.For most of us it's enough to be able to teach guys a lesson occasionally with a little slap or squeeze; just to let them know who's boss! Some say that God made a mistake in placing the testicles on the outside of a man's body.... I say that SHE knew exactly what SHE was doing!!LOL!

justsomegirl UKMar 13 2013 5:09pm
I just kicked a 60 year old slut in the c*nt & now i'm feeling as randy as f*ck.

Kick Her CrutchMar 21 2013 11:41am
Having a gay c*ck and nuts, I have always offered mine up to tough young straight thug type of guys who get off on kicking gay balls. I was lucky enough to meet a really fit teen guy who play lots of football so had really tough legs. He hated gays like me and he kicked my balls until they popped. I wanted them to pop at the hands of a straight teen. I had been offering them since I was 14 years of age. The lad who popped them had to wear football boots and kicked me constantly for about three hours until the first one popped. It took a further two hours for the other one to pop. So now I am left with very soft balls that have no structure to them at all. He is continuing to to kick my c*ck each week to make sure it doesn't get hard any more. I am hoping that my balls will mush up so much that they will be removed in the end.

gay soft nuts.Mar 29 2013 7:38am
I am in the Surrey, UK. Offering my nuts to be kicked hard by either young guys straight or gay doesn't matter. I'll be happy to suck your dick, eat your cum or anything else that comes out of your dick. My dick and balls are only good for kicking so if you are interested drop me a line and picture to

Need hard kicks Mar 29 2013 11:00pm
This questions intentions are just as evil & sick as a male asking rapists what its like to cripple/destroy females psyche & asking victims of rape to describe their mental deterioration so he can get off on their pain. Castrating males, sterilizing & rupturing testicles is not a laughing matter anymore than rape is. Sadomasochistic sexuality & role plays are great but causing actual damage to peoples bodys & exploiting unwilling victims actual assaults & mental anguish is wrong. You people are unbalanced & need help.

Good personApr 15 2013 7:24pm
I find the male genitals very ironic. They are the source of a male's greatest pleasure but also his worst pain. His testicles are the source of his strength and, at the same time, his biggest weakness. It's a safe bet that man's worst nightmare is having his penis cut off. All the guys I know would rather die than lose his penis. I'm glad I don't have to live with that fear! This is not surprising as most men masturbate daily (or more). It's well-known that men think about sex several times a day, while women can go days or even weeks without that thought crossing their minds. The variety of masturbation frequency in women seems to be much wider: some do it multiple times a day, some weekly, some don't don't masturbate at all. I think this difference from men is the fact that women may enjoy masturbation, but they don't have the strong need to do it like men. There are times when I've masturbated every day, and times when I hardly do it at all (like when I'm busy). All the guys I know (including my past boyfriends) say that the urge continues building until they finally ejaculate. And of course, if males completely refrain from masturbating, they will eventually have a nocturnal ejaculation anyway. It's another well-known fact that all men are obsessed with sex. This is apparent by the overwhelming amount of porn geared toward men. It seems like they can't live without it. There's a lot of truth to the phrase “Thinking with his dick”. Women can get men to do almost anything with the promise of sex. Guys get into SO much trouble with their sex-obsession: cheating, molesting, rape, losing all their money trying to get laid. It's funny how much POWER females have over males in this respect! It's funny how men are so much more DESPERATE for sex than women, but women can get it ANY TIME! All a woman has to do is ask for sex and the men line up. A guy usually gets slapped for doing the same! BUT, despite the male's insatiable desire for sex, his capacity for it is extremely LIMITED compared with a female's. The average male's orgasm lasts around 5 seconds, while a females can last anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds! PLUS, a female can have multiple orgasms while a male goes completely limp after his ONE! I know I can keep going on after my boyfriend cums. He often says he's jealous that I can enjoy so many orgasms and that they last so long. Ironically, if a male is struck in his genitals, the pain is so excruciating that is affects his WHOLE body! I've seen guys curl up into a ball and stay like that for 15 minutes or more, puke or completely PASS OUT from a hit to the testicles. Guys have said that being hit in their genitals often results in a nauseating feeling (I guess that's why males will vomit) and difficulty breathing. I've been hit between the legs before (pretty hard), but I've never come close to feeling what they've described. It must be weird to have one small part of your anatomy affect your WHOLE BODY! I've witnessed females double over from being kicked in the groin, but never with such severe consequences. They recover after a minute or two. A man's genital pleasure lasts but a moment, is limited to one orgasm at a time, and is limited to his penis. His genital pain, though, lasts a long time, and affects his whole body. Conversely, a woman's orgasms last 3 to 4 times as long, she can have almost unlimited orgasms. And if a female is kicked or hit in the groin, the pain is only minor, temporary, and limited to her groin. She won't retch, throw up, or pass out like a man! If this isn't life's ultimate irony, I don't know what is! At any rate, I'm GLAD I'm female!

Asian GirlApr 20 2013 1:25pm
I love to blindfold a guy so he doesn't know when I will break his balls. I have popped 6 pairs of testicles and they were all fun. I've bitten them, kicked them, stomped on them, and squeezed them. All girls should try at least one

Ballbusting babeApr 23 2013 7:18pm
You are all a bunch of pathetic f*cks! Get a life retards.

Quiet cokApr 25 2013 3:18am
Have you ever pulled a girls vagina out and cut it off ? I have it was quite enjoyable, and would recommend it to most boys to try. Have fun!

Mad dickApr 25 2013 3:24am
kick a female in her vegina as hard as you can whilst she on her period will kill her this is because her reproductive system is vulnerable this will cause a clot in her tube near the overie

dik Apr 28 2013 6:14pm
I would give 2 months pay to a Woman who ruptures my balls

JakeMay 07 2013 11:31pm
The ones saying they want castration are f*cked in the head. As to the skanks that say they have popped multiple balls I'd slit your throat.

Anonomoose May 09 2013 6:37am
Asian Girl, you have a very screwed view on reality..... Menstrating every month for weeks at a time.... Your whole body is weak and pathetic vulnerable to practically any attack what so ever..not just the groin like a mans. Mood swings based on females constant instability. Cramps that come as a result of having periods. The constant self consciousness that women are faced with... The lower pay tht women get because they can't do as much work or Do it to the same level as men .... Breasts that flop about and stop you from doing a lot of sports seriously because they hurt too much when you are doing them.. The list goes on and on I for one am glad to be a man

Blackjack motherfucker !!!May 10 2013 9:05am
I agree with Asian Girl. Another male inconvenience is the anxiety from the penis. They worry about the size of organs, being able to erect, lasting long enough, and what girls think if it's uncircumcised. I grew up in a small town in Indonesia. All boys are circumcised around puberty, about 13 to 15 years old. I remember watching my younger brother circumcision ceremony (we call it 'sunat') and how frightened and agony he was! I was SO thankful at moment that I was a girl and did not have those vulnerable penis to be cut between my legs! Even though it is extremely painful for boys to have the penis circumcised, I think it is necessary. Keeping the skin (kulup) makes the penis smell more, it is dirtier (uncircumcised have that white stuff, I don't know how to say it. We call it 'daki'), and look ugly. It makes the ejaculation quickly too. I thought all males must circumcised, but I found out some did not when I came to USA. I dated an Asian guy once who was Vietnamese. He did not have the operation. It smelled bad only after a few hours from the shower, even though he never had any of the white stuff. I know it wasn't infection because I never got anything when having sex. He also couldn't last long (only 2 or 3 minutes) before he needed ejaculation. I could not do oral very long because of the smell and the feeling of the long skin. Even when he asked me a lot for it, I could only suck sometimes. It's disgusting for me. I don't tell him because I don't want his hurt feeling. All the other guys (most of them White American) I dated were circumcised (and BIG)! I did not know how big a White penis was until I saw one (we hear stories back in Indonesia). The guys say they had circumcised as babies here, so I think them lucky to not have the pain of Indonesian boys. But I think the babies must cry so much! I still think it is necessary for circumcision of boys. So this is why I am glad for being a girl!!

Marika SutandiMay 10 2013 1:42pm
I'm a guy and I like ballbusting, but I really don't know how to inflict pain to my balls so it can hurt really bad but not to the point where they can actually pop. Can somebody suggest me some ways to hurt my balls really bad or the way to squeeze them really hard cause the method with a toilet lid that falls on my balls when they are tied with plastic is a little bit old. Can somebody tell me how to hurt my balls especially girls have good imagination on that point. And just to make it more interesting I'm going to hurt my balls every single way you tell me(exept those that can rupture them).

TellMeHowToBustThemMay 11 2013 1:36pm
Good advice mad dicx gotta try that sometime heres another one put a firecracker in her pussy and light it bet she moves then

bigger than youMay 14 2013 5:37pm
You all really need a life, or a hobby dam the guys on here are just plain stupid. i dont care who it is they even try to pop my nuts they will have a big suprise coming to them. the only smart one one here is mad dicx. men were made to be the dominant sex, dont f*ck with it dum ass fagits.

Bigger than youMay 14 2013 5:48pm
Hay my karsin I lobe ballbusting I had my x when I was 17 try ballbusting on me it took a month till she was kicking me as hard as I liked then at 3 or 4 months of busting she started really getting into it then she got new heels and I wanted to be kicked she started kicking and after 20 or 30 kicks and kneeswe uselly f*ck but we were getting into it but she was kicking to hard I herd a crack and they had ruptured she had her pantys in my mouth so she couldnt here me scream she kneed them then started biting them she relised their was only one and they were bleeding I had to go to the er and they hurt for 5 months its been a year,and im ballbusting again happy and Its not that I dont think were the dominite sex but its a fetish

AnonymousMay 27 2013 11:59pm
Anybody wanna pop my ball btw txt at 256-345-5054 karsin again btw

guy who got his ball poppedMay 28 2013 12:02am
i don't about rupturing my balls to much as long as i don't rupture my big head on my penis

jonJun 11 2013 7:48am
to jon how big is your head c*ck i would like rupture it for you

BenJun 22 2013 10:59am
to Ben my c*ck is 8.5 inches 6.5 girth 3.5 in head love to have it kicked and rupture it

jonJun 22 2013 11:04am
For you people that think guys that like there balls abused are messed up... Why are you coming to a site like this?? Myself I enjoy getting my balls hit

Kramtoad dot comJul 04 2013 7:56pm
What a bunch of retards!

Bull ballsJul 05 2013 2:41am
Why do you say that??

.....Jul 05 2013 5:01pm
love to take a big c*ck and work it up so hard watch that big head rupture two of my friends wanted it done so i helped them out

dennyJul 15 2013 11:06am
to denny did the insides come out or just the head blew out

johnnyJul 15 2013 11:09am
johnny the head blew

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