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Any Guy Overpowered by his mom, sister and wife?

Question: So many of us, myself included, are fascinated by the thought of women overpowering men, especially in a family setting. I was wondering if any of you know or heard of a guy who was regularly outwrestled by his mom and older sister when he was a kid and later overpowered often by his wife. If so, I wonder if any such guy who gets overpowered by his wife still gets overpowered by his mom and sister. Can you imagine what such a guy feels like and has to endure? If not, is there a guy who gets overpowered by his wife and still gets overpowered by his sister?
Created by: Tad at 08:37:39 PM, Friday, March 11, 2011 PST


I myself had an older sister who once threw me down as a kid but did not regularly beat me up. My mom never did either. Now my wife overpowers me at times but my sister is now much weaker than me and my mom is gone so I never had and never will have the experience of loosing to all three.

TadMar 12 2011 4:41am

My husband and I wrestle with each other mostly in fun, but I am stronger than he is. He tries by his attempts as I can tell but as time goes on he weakens. I have very strong legs which he tries to avoid, but in the end he is flopping around like a fish. We have wrestled naked several times and he usually grows a erection which is common. After his defeat it withers away quickly. The winner usually gets to name a prize, so I mostly require him to remain naked the rest of the evening to wait on me. If he wins (not often, put it does happen) he ask for sex. I do require him to wear 2 condoms so he gets very little stimulation. It takes him longer to cum and gives me more orgasms. So we both win.

JackieMar 12 2011 6:17am
My mom used to be alot stronger. So much she probably could have killed me. Yes she overpowered me alot in the name of fun. I can say now at her age of 85, I can say I am stronger than she is, although so slightly. My girlfriend is alot stronger and much bigger. My mom really worried about me dating because as she said "you might be killed". She keeps saying find a nice little lady, then I date a woman who is 5`11 190 lbs. She really feared for my life when hearing that one. And yes, my gf could easily kill me, but she is sweet with a heart of gold

male 5`3 118 lbsMar 12 2011 6:54am
Jackie what are your respective sizes?

AnonymousMar 12 2011 6:55am
I maybe be slightly stronger, but when she fell. I couldnt budge her as she is still bigger than me

male 5`3 118 lbsMar 12 2011 8:13am
Jackie what are your respective sizes?

AnonymousMar 12 2011 8:40am
To anonymous my husband is 5 ft 6 and weighs 171 lbs, I am 5ft 8 and weighs 184 lbs. I do workout 2 days a week, where hubby does not.

JackieMar 13 2011 5:21am
Male 5'3 118lbs, how did you feel when your mom overpowered you, were you embarrased or upset about it? Did she ever overpower you to punish you? Has your wife ever overpowered you? If so were you embarassed about that? I have gotten used to my wife being able to take me, but I would be very embarrased if she did it in front of others or bragged to to others we know that she overpowers me. So far she has kept it between us. Our children are grown and gone from our home so it has never happened in front of them and , as far as I know, they do not know she can take me.

TadMar 14 2011 2:01am
Jackie, have you ever purposely hurt your husband when wrestling or ever fought him in anger rather than in fun?

TadMar 14 2011 2:02am
Tad, I accidently (that is what I tell him) grab his balls or strike them if he has me down and I am unable to get up. I know it is not a fair thing to do to a man, because it is his weakness but I believe most women would do the same. Besides it only hurts for a moment, and I would never cause him permanent damage. No I never and would not fight him in anger. Like I said before he is excited by the sight of his erection, where I can hide the fact I am also wet, so it is a turn on for both of us. He never complains.

JackieMar 14 2011 4:29am
Seriously my girlfriend could potentially could beat me to death in minutes.Its just the law of physics. We wrestle though in fun, but i know she would never strike me in anger. She is just too fun loving! I think most women are like that. thats why you never hear of big strong women attacking their smaller weaker men

male 5`3 118lbsMar 14 2011 3:28pm
@tad Sure my mom did overpower me. And once for punishment. It was emascualting because, she was pretty much average size for a woman. And plenty of women were alot bigger than she. ITs reality check, but then sooner or later, you have to realize that a man is not just defined by his muscles

male 5`3 118lbsMar 14 2011 3:38pm
My mom was a very strong woman, she was stronger than my father and me (only child) but she unfortunately died in a car accident. My father re-married when I was an adult, and that woman was a lot bigger and stronger than him. She could easily beat me as well when we armwrestled. At the age of 34 I found my current wife, or let's say she found me. She was the daughter of my father's new wife's best friend, 3 years younger than me. I am vere thin like my father but we both appreciate bigger women. So now, when I am soon 40 my 65 year old step mom and my 64 year old mother-in-law and my wife are all stronger than me and my father. These women also get a kick out of being stronger and love their men smaller and thin.

WMar 15 2011 12:28am
male u still cant budge ur mom, she is still stronger than u then

lolMar 15 2011 6:51am
I agree with lol

AnonymousMar 16 2011 7:58am
She was not my wife, sister or mum but a good friend. She had about the same height like myself (5'9"). Several years ago, I went to a club with a couple of friends. One of them had a 19 or 20 ys old girlfriend who was a french exchange student. She did also become a good friend of mine and we used to have lots of fun. She was very beautiful, about 5'9" and had a beautiful body, almost like a model, long brown straight hair and pretty brown eyes and a very beautiful face. She was not very girly looking, not overdressed and wearing almost no make up. However, she knew to be well dressed. She was not working out a lot but reasonably fit and healthy. She had a kind of genetical strength, although not muscular. Just a good healthy and strong bone structure. I generally like dancing in the club but that evening I just did not feel like dancing. However, the french girl tried to convince me to dance and tried to pull me on the dancefloor. It was all just funny. I offered resistance but she was really strong. I am about 5'9" and 170 lbs during that time, when I was 28 years old. I am rather coachpotatoe not workind out a lot and not in the best shape. Neither short nor slim but I have somewhat vulnerable knees which cabs can easily dislocate. This might happen if I make too hectic movements or someone kicks at my legs. So I have to be cautious. Due to this fact I do not have much stability when I stand in an open space without walls next to me which can stabilize my knee because I can put away my weight from my knees. Due to this fact I dont have a great momentum either and am bit slower. Thus, I cannot use all my strength and weight while pulling because I could risk to hurt one of my knees. Thus, in our funny battle the young french girl did clearly dominate me and she managed to pull me onto the dancefloor within a few seconds. I clearly lost and it seemed to be just a joke for her. It had not so much to do with strength, but in contrary to me she could use all her power and momentum to pull me. I could not resist at all..She was just too much for me and easily overpowered me. While resisting I even realised that my one knee started hurting and moving strangely. It felt that it almost dislocated. That is why I finally had to give up...However, I somehow enjoyed to be overpowered by her. It also made feel a bit uncomfortable and intimidated, of course. I imagined what she could have done to me in this funny contest. My knees were already endangered and if she had started kicking me with her long healthy legs at the same time I would have been in serious trouble and could have been seriously injured because one of my kneecabs would have probably been dislocated. I realized that it would have only been a joke for this young beauty to seriously beat me up if she had wanted. If she had decided to turn violent against me this 20ys old beauty could have become the nightmare of my life. Before I never realized that a girl could overpower me and did never want to think what my vulnerable knees could meant to me in a physical confrontation. This young beauty demonstrated the reality to me. Me as 28 yo man in his best age could have been easily beaten up by a teenager girl...That was a bit frustrating at the first time but I learnd to live with that

lirroMar 17 2011 12:47am
Ive had that experience somewhat Lirro.Gorgeous woman, ex beauty queen. while I admired her beauty, I forgot this woman was 4 inches taller and 40 lbs heavier. I did community theatre and she was the producer. She was mad because I was too slow get on stage. She grabbed me by the arm and flinged me on stage(almost to the point my arm felt like it was detached from the socket). My feet werent even touching the ground. So, I guess you could say she literally threw me on stage. From that moment on I realized, while I admired her grace and beauty, this woman was alot stronger than I was. She was arrogant, no one liked her. But she showed a side of her that convinced me, she could be my worst nightmare. So ill let the other cast members mess with her, Ill just follow her directions...

male 5`3 118lbsMar 18 2011 8:30am
I was 19 at the time, and she (Karyn) was 21.

male 5`3 118lbsMar 18 2011 8:52am
lol male, shoulda looked in the mirror, u were more of a lady than she was haha

lolMar 18 2011 10:49am
haha male, I can understand that you follow her directions now....imagine what fit girls like Beyonce Knowles or Brooke Hogan could do to guys like us. Rather dont want to think about cause it would mean lots of pain for us...Or even when I see some sporty cheerleaders kicking around and carrying other girls...they could be my worst nightmare in physical confrontation...however, that is life

lirroMar 18 2011 4:07pm
I know, they all look so pretty and cute, but when I stand next to em. The reality is, they are alot bigger than me. I was 5`3 and barely over 100 lbs. Karyn was 5`7 and just over 140 lbs. I was mesmerized by her beauty and forgot how much she was bigger than me, until she almost tore my arm out of its socket lol I guess the issue wasnt how much bigger she was, but I was still in denial in how small I was.

male 5`3 118 lbsMar 19 2011 12:42am
i have seen an angry woman,who could be in her age of 35 who was fighting/better said-wrestling five policemen at same time.they were big guys and all of them were trying with all effort force this lady into the police car.they barrely managed to handcuff her and what more-she was wearing high heels,so physically she was very much disadvantaged against them and still-she kept tossing this large crowd of trained policemen arround the car forever untill they actually managed her into the vehicle!there was a large crowd of by-standers who was just amazed staring at this decent mid age mad-going lady wrestle all those policemen.five cops could'nt drag this lady to the ground,even she was standing on high stilleto heels,wearing miniskirt.her body was very well build,not fat but very solid-especialy her legs were very powerful.Her calves were bulging with huge muscles poping out with her every move and so as her thighs were huge and bulging with large muscles poping as she kept bouncing and tossing whole crowd of cops arround.

djMar 19 2011 5:11pm
Well as a very small man, alot of times I forget how small I am. Especially if I am around a beautiful woman. Although other people did noticed her physical superiority. SO a few of the onlookers who witnessed this incident were horrified beacause as one cast member told me "you are so little, she could have killed you"

male 5`3 118 lbsMar 22 2011 6:43am
"Beautiful woman"??? She sounds like a ogre!!! I agree, she could have killed you..maybe if you had judged Karyn inside out, you might have avoided all this. Im suprised you didn`t file a police report...she attacked you man!

AnonymousMar 22 2011 2:55pm
anonymous: Call the cops? I was scared of her first of all. It was just a little traumatic to being thrown in mid air. You are right on one point, she could have killed me. And if i did call the cops, despite her much larger size, there is stigma of a man getting beaten up by a woman.

male 5`3 118 lbsMar 25 2011 8:17am
Back to the idea of a guy's mom, sister and wife all being able to overpower him, my fantasy is of a guy at home being visited by his mom and sister when he mouths off to the three of them so ,in front of his sister and mom, his wife takes him down and renders him helpless and wimpering. His sister and mom think that is very amusing and remember when they used to beat up the guy when he lived with them and decide to go at him after his wife eventually lets him up. Well, both mom and sister easily take him down and have him crying for mercy while the wife looks on smiling. The three of them take turns throwing him down and humiliating him, laughing and havinga great time. In real life, I am not happy when my wife throws and keeps me down, and I dread ever having my sister (or my mom when she was alive) know my wife can take me, much less see it happen. But as a fantasy, it happening to me or some other guy is a real turn on.

TadMar 25 2011 10:04am
i dont udnerstand why so many guys are getting overpowered like this i wrestled a girl when i was 15 she was taller and heavier. she tried the famous trick of kicking the balls and that worked for me cause i jsut caught her leg and helped me get her controlled i think lots of guys are jsut horny and let themselves lose in order to get their fetishes satisfied otherwise the stories would be more balanced with almsot identical amounts of victories for men and women

AnonymousJun 19 2011 8:46pm
My little sister (13) beats me easily. She is taller and stronger than me and, usually plays with me crushing my head between her powerful tights. (I?m 25 years old, only weight 110 and 5?2") My sister (145 - 5?9") toys with me at home every day, and sometimes she knock me out with her tights and even forces me to kiss her big butt. What can I do?

weak for herJul 16 2011 12:48am
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:35am
I'm ashamed to admit I used to push around and bully my sister who is a year oldere than me and occasionally my mother when I was around 16. My father died in the Marines. One day a single women of 25 moved in next door to us and happened to see me holding my sister down in the back yard slapping her, next thing I knew i was lifted off the ground and slamed onto my back by a women she held me down easily, I was trying to get her off of me but she had me and I couldn't budge her, She started slapping me like I was slapping her only hard my eyes started watering and before I knew it I was crying like my sister was. That's when things changed, She became good friends with my mother and sister and taught me what it feels like to get bullied. I wasn't a small guy when I was 16 I was 5'8" 170 pounds and she was 6'1" and about 195 I think maybe 200 she was solid and toned and I found out later she regularly lifts weights and used to wrestle in high school not to mention teaches a ti bo class. I'm 25 now and oddly enough she's my wife for 2 years now, I love her and respect her and would never bully anyone again. She does wear the pants of the family though and that's just fine she makes me happy and we have a very loving relationship.

for better....Aug 29 2011 6:34am
I'm ashamed to admit I used to push around and bully my sister who is a year oldere than me and occasionally my mother when I was around 16. My father died in the Marines. One day a single women of 25 moved in next door to us and happened to see me holding my sister down in the back yard slapping her, next thing I knew i was lifted off the ground and slamed onto my back by a women she held me down easily, I was trying to get her off of me but she had me and I couldn't budge her, She started slapping me like I was slapping her only hard my eyes started watering and before I knew it I was crying like my sister was. That's when things changed, She became good friends with my mother and sister and taught me what it feels like to get bullied. I wasn't a small guy when I was 16 I was 5'8" 170 pounds and she was 6'1" and about 195 I think maybe 200 she was solid and toned and I found out later she regularly lifts weights and used to wrestle in high school not to mention teaches a ti bo class. I'm 25 now and oddly enough she's my wife for 2 years now, I love her and respect her and would never bully anyone again. She does wear the pants of the family though and that's just fine she makes me happy and we have a very loving relationship.

for better....Aug 29 2011 7:01am
It seems my hole life girls have been able to overpower me,I am forty two now but when I was just around 15 years old my 13 year old sister could kick my butt. I was kind of a frail kid but still taller than her and weighed 20 pounds more than her. She was smaller but very athletic and built like a gymnist. She would pin to the ground and humiliate me by making me say things like girls rule and call her the boss, I admitt that she would sometimes make me cry. In high school I got into a fight with a girl and lost in front of all my friends and classmates, she threw me around like a rag doll and pinned me to the floor. After being married about two years,while we were playing around my wife discovered she could overpower me,out wresle me,and later she beat me arm wresling. Not long after she relized she too could kick my butt, she became bossy and starter to dominate me in the relationship. She would actually assign me chores around the house and tell me what I could and couldn't do. I admit I actully felt afraid of her.

RandyNov 05 2011 4:05am
My girlfriend is 5'6" 170 lbs with a full figured shapely and solid build. I am 5'7" and 135 lbs.Needless to say she is stronger than me. Early on she playfully established her physical supremacy by picking me up with one hand between my legs and around my bottom and the other around my armpit. Kneeling enough to get leverage, she lifted me off my feet by straightening her legs and there I sat, in her hand, my feet dangling off the ground, kicking and thrashing. She laughed hysterically.The short of it, she toys with me, I wind up on the floor, staring up at her, I go to get up and she places her foot on my chest and shoves me back down and pins me to the floor with just one foot. I kicked, thrashed, wiggled around but she just kept me pinned beneath her foot. Finally, tiring of my kicking, she grabbed my ankles and managed to hold onto my ankles, keeping me from kicking. Now I not only was pinned beneath her foot, I couldn't kick or get my legs loose. I have to admit, seeing how we were playing, I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes she gets bossy but never physically forces her will over me

annomymousJul 20 2012 9:58pm
I playwrestle with me wife who worksout with weights at the gym and takes MMA self defense classes for women. She has gained a lot of muscle weight since getting married 3 years ago.She was always athletic and played womens soccer in college so her leg strength is off the charts.When we play wrestle its very embaressing becouse she catches me in leg scissor holds and when she locks her feet I can't break out. She has embaressingly knocked the wind out of my stomach a few times. She knows a lot of lethal holds she learns at her classes which I find intimidating becouse she can honestly overpower me and we both know it.

LukeSep 04 2012 12:44pm
My wife and i wrestle alot.She has legs like a vice and knows how to use them lol.She has mastered scissors and pins.Now she is even using armbars and choke holds she sees when we watch ufc.

AnonymousNov 10 2012 6:10am
My younger sister has been stronger than me since I was 10 and she was 8. We are adults now and she is still stronger. She used to overpower me and tease me about it but she grew out of it. She always refers to me as her little brother, which is kind of embarrassing. I am turned on by strong women, but have not had the pleasure of having a strong wife or girlfriend.

AnonymousNov 10 2012 5:49pm
i am from india and working in sydney as mechnical engg. since their is no one of my family to tell me anything, because i ( ... ) i came to sydney 5 year before. since i'm a small man 5'3 and just 49kg, i see every woman and man are lot bigger than me. i see a girl of 10 age look stronger than me. since i took a flat for rent my landlady was like there is no one in her family. But she was totally different in physique, since she is 6'5 and 180kg full built woman. she is professional weight lifter, she live at ground floor and i live 1st floor one day in company party i drank too much. as she opened the door she saw that i can't walk she lifted me took to room and chanded my dress when i woke in morning i don't know how i came here.. she came wave me coffee and i ask how i am there she told she took me here. since i used to be embaressed due to her physique, i asked that i am heavy? she laughed loudly. she told u r like a 6 year child. i feel bad but what i can do? i say don't be proud on your physic, she laugh and say, what you will do? i stand and started pushing but can't push her a inch. she say you little baby and laughed and push me i move nearly 5 meter and fall and get hurt she come's and picked me up and hold my biceps say your bicep less my wrist she hold tightly and i feel pain and say leave me after some day she forcely marry me and she started rape and dominates me daily. I obey what she tells. if i do not do, she spanks me like a child. once she was beating i thought i will be injured, and she raped me. i was in an intensive care unit for 3 days. plz any body tell how i protect from her she say if I will leave her she will hurt me. she hardly puts me at ground and i see tv and have breakfast in her lap. she is good when she is not angry, but when she get angered ... . one day at foreplay she put her . i cried of pain. she pick me under armpit until i cry plz some one save me from her

manoj kumarFeb 12 2013 6:30am
manoj, if your story is true, leave her as soon as possible, a woman that big can kill you

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