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Does your wife/girlfriend enjoy squeezing you with her legs?

Question: When I met my wife a long time ago, I remember she had pretty legs. We would wrestle and I would goad her into squeezing my ribs or neck with her legs. As we got more intimate, she enjoyed this more and more and her legs got really toned from working out. Now after being married several years, it's one or our favorite activities. Everytime she sees me, she'll hold me firmly and while making love, squeeze the air completely out of me. I can't escape her bodyscissors and especially head scissors. Once she winds those pythons aroundy neck, I have seconds to tap! Does your wife or girlfriend enjoy squeezing you too?
Created by: Judah at 12:30:28 AM, Saturday, June 30, 2012 PDT


funny to find this poll, it seems I am the first to post. Me and my husband had live a rather normal life, quite ok but it was getting a bit boring after 10 years (no kids). One evening about a year ago we were watching tv as usual. My legs were tired after walking all day (I am a nurse), being at the gym for two hours and then biking for 45 min home. My husband had as always been taking the car. We are about the same size 175 cm and 75 kgs but my body is firmer than his due to my physical work, biking 1,5 hours every day and the two days a week I work out with weights. I put first my left leg on my husbands shoulder so he could massage my calf and then the right. He had done this before but this evening I suddenly wrapped my legs around my husband and started to squeeze him. He tried to free himself, he wanted to see the program on tv and now had difficulties doing that. I laid back and increased the pressure, he now was fighting really hard to get out and I enjoyed the dominance over him and the body contact. I suddenly dragged him towards me first with my legs, then with my arms and pressed him against my big boobs and at the same time squeezed his body hard with my strong legs. He now had difficulties to breathe. I asked him if he gave up and he couldn't say a word. I let him breathe and asked him again. He said yes and I let loose a bit but didn't release him. I teased him and asked him how it felt to have a stronger wife. He said that he was taken by surprise, true, and that he could beat me anytime in both wrestling and armwrestling, just like he had done when we were younger, 10 years ago. I let him go and we stripped down to our underwear. I made him nervous flexing my rather big biceps, the heavy weights had paid off for sure. We started armwrestling, we are both bad at that but it turned out to be a rather tough match with right hands, but I won after a struggle, with left he couldn't put up a fight, I was just too strong for him. He was embarrassed but also excited seeing me in my bra and black shine pantyhose. So we cleared space and started a bit carefully to wrestle. Best out of 5 matches, submission only. He now realized that I was stronger than him, he had felt the power of my legs and arms so he took me with surprised and threw himself at me, took me down with a head lock and tried to get a submission out of me. It actually hurt but not too much. I struggled but not with everything I had, I saved strength. After some minutes of struggling to make me gice in to his hold I felt his grip weakening. Now it was my turn to take him with surprise when I forced his arms apart and then threw him on his back and pinned him. I realized a pin would not make him submit so I caught his head in some kind of figure four (at least I think that is what it's called) and started to squeeze him with my legs. He gave up rather quickly. 1-0 to me. We stood up again, he locked very unsure of what this would lead to and embarrassed being outmuscled by his wife. I felt great and strong. Next fall started hand to hand, I could force his arms behind his back that way since my arms are stronger and he had lost most of his power, I am the one the works out remember. When I had him like that I started to squeeze him and bent my knees, tooke hold of him and lifted him up a few inches from the floor. He screamed from the pain hin his arm and gave up straight away. He was a bit angry with me now since I had hurt him and I felt a bit bad about it but I still felt fresh, strong and in commande. The next fall I let him have the upper hand and take me down for a pin, he was pressing my arms down for the pin but then didn't know what to do. I asked him if he would sit on me all night and he said if that is what it takes. I told him that I had let him do this to me and that I would now press his arms up, threw him off me and then make him submit with his head between my thighs. yeh right was his answer. I felt so sure of myself that I was sure I could do just what I had told him. He was tired from the tussles, I was stronger than when I started. I pressed his arms up, bent them once again behind his back, used my legs to lift us both up and then trew him off me, rather hard. In a flash I was on him from the side, he couldn't stop me from wrapping my legs around his neck and the fight was over. I held him like that for a while and asked him if he admitted that his wife was stronger, when he didn't answer I squeezed him and he soon admitted what I had told him. I then took his underwear off him and made love to him, me on top all the time. He was embarrassed but I could see he enjoyed the ride as well. After that evening he was rather silent and embarrassed, I told him that it was no big deal, I was in better shape than him that was all. We have wrestled and armwrestled many times after that evening, I always win and we have sex after. I also catch him once in a while between my legs when we watch tv and there is now way he can stop me. I love how life has become different just from a body scissors.

RonyaJul 11 2012 1:07pm

My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast (I've crushed a watermelon and even popped a soccer ball with them). I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I squeeze my legs around his middle slowly tightening down, his face turns red, he becomes unable to get any breath in, and starts to struggle. But by this time it's too late and he has to submit to avoid passing out. It's definitely a turn on to feel his body being crush between my powerful muscles.

AlySep 23 2012 8:13pm
My wife has long strong legs, always has. They have become stronger and somewhat more muscular over the years from Tae Kwon Do (she has a first degree black belt) and more recently, running and yoga. She enjoys squeezing my ribs, every now and then, in what she calls the "vice grip of her legs." She actually does it most often during sex, not to hurt me (even though she could) but more to turn me on with the feminine power in her thigh muscles. Sometimes she'll raise one long, powerful leg and flex her toes and foot back, almost in a martial arts side kick position. It causes her whole leg to flex, I love to caress her smooth, strong leg muscles when she holds her leg like that. So she shows me the strength in her leg when used to kick and also shows how strong her legs can be when used to squeeze, My wife is pretty shy, but she's never been shy about the strength in her legs,,,she knows she can back it up!

JamesOct 18 2012 8:26pm
The first time me and my wife wrestled for fun my wife instinctly knew how to use her long, strong dancers legs. She wrapped them around my middle and squeezed and I had to give up after 2 minutes of wrestling. We wrestled perhaps 10 falls that night and I just couldn't avoid her legs. She was very amused to be able to dominate me. Another evening I challenged her to armwrestle me, I wanted to show her I was still stronger even if I couldn't take her in a wrestling match. We started with right arms. My wife is athletic after gymastics and years of dancing, her arms are rather thin but with wiry muscles. The match was tough and long and after I don't know how long I had to give up since my arm hurt like hell. My wife was very happy and flexed her small but rock hard muscles. Left hand was a bigger surprise. She could just pin my arm in one movement! We have wrestled many times after and I have won twice! Both times I could avoid her legs and got her in head locks she couldn't get out of. She has won more than 100 falls I am sure. The embarrassing feeling is now gone and the wrestling is a great foreplay, even if I loose I win. My wife has won over two of our male friends in armwrestling but also have been beaten by three of our female friends. Her sister is stronger as well. Yesterday my wife sneaked up behind me and wrapped her legs around my waist, she at the same time applied a hold around my neck and whispered in my ear that I was hers. I struggled for about 30 minutes and she just held me until I was totally spent. She undressed me and "raped" me. It is kind of funny having a stronger wife.

LesDec 30 2012 10:44am
you're all living in a fantasy world, and the people that are posting as women, I would guarantee are men 100 percent.

DuhJan 10 2013 8:08am
My wife loves the bodyscissor!Her legs are rock solid and she cam squeeze like a python!Her inner thigh muscles are insane from 14yrs of horse back riding.I honestly think she could squeeze a person to death.

AnonymousJan 29 2013 6:27pm
haha im 17, i've played soccer all my life and i love to workout! I have the strongest legs around, i always just wrap my legs lightly around my friends so they think im not strong...then BAM! i just squeeze them with 75% force :)

lysFeb 03 2013 5:59pm
that sounds hot and painful^ haha

ericFeb 07 2013 7:35pm
haha idk..i dont think itd be hot once im squeezing you! my thighs are real muscular! :)

lysFeb 08 2013 3:29pm
oh it would be! i dont think that theres even a single girl out there who could squeeze me with a bodyscissor and make me tap!

ericFeb 15 2013 10:44am
Like Les I have the experience that women know how to use their legs instinctly. I have wrestled many girls and women over the years and surprisingly many have been able to put up a good fight and also beat me mainly because of their legs. When I was 17 I dated a Japanese girl. She was 4'10 but powerfully built while I was 5'10 but weighing about the same, yes I am a wire thin man and was even thinner as a kid. We fooled around one evening playwrestling when she suddenly jumped up on me, wrapped her very powerful legs around my body and I just fell to the floor with these powerhouse on me. She squeezed me until I gave up, the pressure was enormous. Since she also had a strong upper body she could win almost every time we wrestled but to wrestle her legs alone was more than a match for me.

SixMay 31 2013 5:59am
me and my ex wife use to wrestle on and off during our years together. I never once forced her to submit but only 1 time did we have a draw. that was early in on when our matches would be long and drawn out. I would eventually run out of steam and my strength would give in long before she tired. Shortly after that draw, my wife learned how to get her legs involved and trust me she was good at using her legs from that point on and our matches would not last nearly as long. I knew she had pretty strong legs but i really started to learn how strong. I enjoyed a 4 inch height advantage and 35-40lb weight advantage which she easily compensated for with her leg muscles and ability to use them. so i found myself submitting to her and admitting to her that she is the undefeated, undisputed champion. We are divorced now but remained friends and talk occassionally. she stopped by to get money from me for the month some time ago and the kids were staying the weekend at grandmas house. she asked me for some additional money as things had been tough lately, i said i couldnt really afford to, she then said, tell you what then, lets double or nothing it and have a wrestling match, if you win, you pay nothing this month, if i win you double it. now, it has been about 3 years since we wrestled, and i had been working out in recent months, in much better shape than i use to be. so i said your on, she smiled at me as she began removing her clothing down to her underwear and bra. She had on those boy short style panties, i always liked them on her but then memories of her strong legs kicked in and seeing her in those short panties not only turned me on but i started feeling intimidated by how strong her legs looked while wearing them. the smirk on her face showed her confidence and she knew she had just scored a huge mental advantage. then she said, its been a while but i am sure you remember how many times i kicked your ass. here i was down to my boxer briefs with a hard c*ck and she noticed. I started off strong, got her down on her back, good for control but not for a submission as we were in this position for a bit, slowly she started working her legs up and then like lightning speed brought both up around my neck. Beforei knew what happened my head was trapped in her powerful thighs yet again. it took me about 5 minutes and a lot of energy to twist and pry myself out of her scissor hold. the excitement of getting out didnt last long as she once again trapped my head, only this time my face was near her ass and she had complete control of one of my arms. i was screwed and she knew it. i struggled with everything i had to get free but no luck. she kept me like t hat giving me bursts of squeezes and with my face practically in her ass my intake of air was being reduced. Slowly my stuggles slowed and as she noticed i was weakening she turned that hold into sitting on my face with her facing my feet. she had an arm in each hand on her thighs. i couldnt speak, breath or tap out so i did what i new she wanted me to do, extended my tongue as a sign of submission to her. she sat up a bit, are you submitting to me? i gasped a yes. she smiled and said good as she got up, removed her panties and sat back down on me, now finish what you started. After she got her pleasures she got dressed and asked for the money i owed her. Beaten, defeated and humiliated i doubled the money for the month.

daveJun 17 2013 8:41am
any girls out here around the age of 20 and older want to scissor a mman in MA

AdamJul 30 2013 4:38pm
my gf surpised me the other night. We were arguing what program to watch on tv and suddenly she surprised me by pushing me down on the floor beneath the sofa and just wrapped her big muscular legs around my head and started to squeeze, She had naver done anything like this Before and it hurt like hell and I couldn't really breath properly. I slapped her hard thigh to say that I gave up but she kept on squeezing me until I actually passed out. She then realized what had happened and got really worried. But I was OK, but of course embarrassed to be so helpless agains her leg power and that she was stronger than me. Two nights later we argued again, what to do on our holidays. She smiled at me and hit her thighs and asked me if the thighs should decide what to do. I let her decide. Coward yes, but to pass out again in her thighs was not what I wanted. She has become more dominant since then.

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BaPzIpwRzMVMar 22 2014 12:02pm
My wife has legs that are 33" long and is 2" taller than me. A few years ago I asked her to scissor me around my waist. It was like being placed in a giant vice! She would do this in and off for the next couple of months and then one night I asked her to scissor me around the neck. She put me out in about 20 seconds! She has never squeezed me around the neck since as the breathing noises I made whilst unconcious scared her.

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When I was first married to my ex-wife we had a great size difference especially in the leg department. It was such a fantastic turn on to feel and be squeezed between her muscular 27" thighs. (Mine legs being only 20", you can see the muscle strength difference. I didn't ever have a chance to feel there full power as just running my hands over her huge thigh muscles was too big of a turn on for me!

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my previous girlfriend enjoy squeezing my stomach in bodyscissors until i panicked... i tried to tigthen my abdomen muscles, but her squeeze was pretty brutal :)

nathanAug 26 2014 10:47am
this woman I am dating is 4'11 51 years old I am 5'7 48 years old. she kept telling me how strong her legs were but I just said umm hmmm whatever. well one night we were playing around, I was giving her oral and she trapped my head in her thighs.. this is when we both found out that squeezing something between her legs can give her the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced. we took a short break, she wanted a smoke,, she was still having an orgasm as we sat outside. when we went back in the bedroom she said I want you to lay on me, pinning me down. so I did, I had her wrists in my hands which were pushed above her head and I wrapped my legs around hers to control her legs.. and I said yeah lets see if you can escape this. she started struggling against me which I was able to hold .. a couple minutes into it I said you should just submit but she refused. well I didn't want her to know but I was embarrassed because I was really struggling to stay on top of her I was getting tired, my arms were getting tired, my legs were straining against hers so hard I could already feel the burning. she was able to fee one of her legs, mocving her arms in all sorts of directions and rolling side to side. she was doing it, I was weakening, she seemed to be getting stronger and as soon as she had some momentum she over turned me and got on top. she was so excited about this and told me to submit I refused. so she turned around on me and trapped my head in her thighs. oh wow I had never felt anything so strong. I eventually submitted to her thighs. she squeezes me all t he time now and she makes fun of me in a good way.. and even will make comments when her gfs are around, which embarrasses me. but I see them smile over at her so I am sure she has told them about all of this. Its really exciting to know how much it turns her on to squeeze me

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When I started dating my wife we were sitting on the couch kissing and started to straddle me...I said nice! She looked at me and said"you should know something about me,I can crush you with my legs" she explained it's something she's already enjoyed .so I said let's wrestle.kind of not believing her...she quickley put me in a body scissors and squeezed me so tight I yelled out for her to please stop....very embarrassing...I could not get away! At 5'9 180 pounds I was helpless!she is 5'3 125 pounds,her legs are not really big or anything...just incredubly strong,she can kill someone if she wanted to.she scissors me sometimes with out straining and a smile on her face and my Gibbs are almost ready to snap.none of her friends will mess around with her,they say she's a f*cking python!

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6 years ago my wife started to bike to her work every day, as well as joined a gym to get some of her former strength back. She used to be into sports and has always been athletic. Her legs has always been very strong, I have felt that when we have been intimate. Just recently she came home from work as usual dressed in a skirt, shiny black pantyhose and heels. She sat down in the sofa and told me to sit beside her. She wanted me to massage her legs, I commented that her legs had become very muscular and they were, rock hard thighs and calves. She then smiled and wrapped her legs around me and started to squeeze, I tried to open her scissors grip with my arms but her legs were much stronger. She hadn't even crossed her ankles. We suddenly were wrestling and I really had to fight with everything I had but couldn't get our of her grip. She then wrapped her legs around my neck and I had to give up straight away. I was a bit shocked to be honest, she was laughing and again caught me between her legs now in a body scissors locking my arms to my side. Her long steely legs were too much, I couldn't get loose and it started to hurt. Again I had to give up while she was taunting me how weak I was. I said that at least I was stronger than her in my upper body. She laughed and said that she was now using 70 kgs for reps in the gym. My max lift in the bench was 45 kgs several years earlier. She wanted to arm wrestle me and we did and she was much stronger than me. She then wanted to wrestle on our bed and boy I was dominated. She used her stronger body to make me give up a number of times. I was very embarrassed but sh enjoyed being stronger and wrestling after this became our forplay. She uses her legs to dominate me quite often after this evening. They are so strong that it actually scares me.

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Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger and Amazon women etc. Think most are very bogus myself and are women who jus love to run their mouth. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, No limits, no restrictions on you to unleash ALL your power size and strength. will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put CHALLENGE in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 7500 dollars. Will make a nice cash prize if any really tough, big, strong or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk and are really sissies in real life. And NO I will not fight back or anything else if any woman interested."

sjsh99Apr 06 2017 12:20pm
T4q1H0 What as Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It positively useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist other users like its aided me. Good job.

dlRhTjBpuaLKBuppoMay 09 2017 7:27am
Q2y4qg overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,

mHKZqycyNuKeGakZkICMay 10 2017 8:01am

FYSuuoVeaIGGLhsbFMay 18 2017 12:49am
PvWPR4 I really liked your blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

fPwHBVydOPRDJul 10 2017 11:03am
Ladies, ever squeezed a man into screaming submission in a reverse headscissor? If so, then take the poll below.

AnonymousSep 16 2017 4:27am
Attention! if there are any dancers out there who have ever crushed a man with their thighs then please take the below poll.

AnonymousSep 16 2017 8:17am
My wife is 42 years old 5'8" and 140 pounds with great legs. Whether she is bare legged or hose and high heels she enjoys sexually stimulation when having my neck scissored between her solid thighs or muscular calves seeing me helpless and having me under her control. When she forces my head and face to her garden of pleasure makes me use my lips and tongue she has an orgasm and is considerate of me in squeezing my neck in pulsating way until I cum.

Scissored HusbandSep 16 2017 5:51pm
1S7ZZ0 of years it will take to pay back the borrowed funds completely, with

SbHBUpuJtPnrBhRXqgnSep 20 2017 4:30am
My wife has been squeezing me between her legs for the 37 years of marriage. She has known from when we dated that I was addicted to her gorgeous legs. She is 5'7" with a great figure and perfectly shaped legs that turns me on. Knowing what her legs do to me especially when displayed in heels she has fed my addiction and at the same time given her sexual pleasure by putting me in a scissor hold. When in a chair she will have me sit with my back to her as she scissors my neck and keeps me in her leg jail until she decides to release me. When relaxing on the sofa or on the bed she motions for me to put my head on her lap and then she shoves my neck between her thighs, sometimes knees or calves, and secures me in a crushing scissor hold. I always get an erection and she will not free my neck from her strong legs until I have cum. This leg addiction is a fetish I never want to give up. will motion for me to put my head between her legs usually her thighs and she will cross her legs and lock the ankles securing me in a very tight scissor.

VinceSep 27 2017 6:29pm
My wife has been squeezing me between her legs for the 37 years of marriage. She has known from when we dated that I was addicted to her gorgeous legs. She is 5'7" with a great figure and perfectly shaped legs that turns me on. Knowing what her legs do to me especially when displayed in heels she has fed my addiction and at the same time given her sexual pleasure by putting me in a scissor hold. When in a chair she will have me sit with my back to her as she scissors my neck and keeps me in her leg jail until she decides to release me. When relaxing on the sofa or on the bed she motions for me to put my head on her lap and then she shoves my neck between her thighs, sometimes knees or calves, and secures me in a crushing scissor hold. I always get an erection and she will not free my neck from her strong legs until I have cum. This leg addiction is a fetish I never want to give up.

VinceSep 27 2017 6:31pm
My wife who is beautiful and sexy and enjoys playfully wrestling. Before our marriage she told the strongest part of her body was her legs. And she had and still has shapely gams featuring thin ankles and muscular calves. When we wrestle she often gets my neck in a reverse scissorhold and renders me completely helpless. She gets sexually stimulated making me scream for mercy and begging her to stop squeezing. I have had my neck imprisoned between her fabulous legs in various scissor holds but the reverse seems to be her favorite in making me her obedient scissor victim.

Brad Sep 30 2017 12:07pm
My wife has been rendering me helpless with her legs since our wedding night 36 years ago. She loves to playfully wrestle and like almost all females she is adept at using her legs to neutralize males upper body strength. Every time we wrestle no matter what I do to avoid her legs she is always able to get my neck locked in scissor hold be it between her thighs, knees, reverse or figure four. she can exert tremendous leg pressure on my neck to render me helpless and obedient to her wishes. Makes me beg for mercy, plead with her to let me loose, tell her that her legs are as strong as they are beautiful, and promise to do what she asks of me. At 5'7" and 135 pounds my 6'3" frame and 190 pounds is no match for her fabulous legs and how she is able to use them in acquiring inescapable scissor holds.

DennisOct 26 2017 12:38pm
zjqzNV There are so many choices out there that I am completely confused.. Any tips? Thank you!

RjwRWXTaJUWNov 08 2017 3:20am
Brad- Lucky you to be at the mercy of your wife's crushing thighs in such a way. I love that your wife's favourite hold is the reverse. You must be used to the sight of her ass clenching in your face by now.

RHSNov 26 3:13pm

CshVoBJPiNov 28 5:37pm
I have been with my wife for a couple of years, only married for 5 mnoths and the other night my wife trapped me in a neck scissors. we were playfully fooling around on the bed, she told me to stop what i was doing as she closed her thighs around my neck. She then tightened her legs a bit and said "or i will snap your neck like a pretzel". I begin to struggle to free myself, she just tightened her thighs stopping me in my tracks. Shes always said she has very strong legs, and though I have suspected her legs to be strong I guess she never convinced me until the other night. At one point when my struggles to fee myself started again, she tightened and jerked her legs, I felt my a pop in my neck once again stopping my stuggles and we laid there as she kept me trapped. I had a sore neck neck since and only now is starting to feel normal again. Its been like 10 days. So last night it we were laying in bed talking about stuff, t hat came up, she laughed and said, "honey, i told you have strong legs, i was barely applying any pressure, that was just playful squeezing". WOW!

DavidJan 01 4:58am
David - Sounds like you might have to get use to being crushed between your wife's legs. Sounds like it could be painful if she was barely squeezing.

RHSJan 20 12:16pm
fBMb4H Some genuinely interesting information, well written and generally user friendly.

QxlImWswNeJan 28 6:26pm
I was looking for an escort either for intercourse or wrestling I perfer wrestling because my climax can last 90 seconds as compared to 15sec.ABSOLUTELY wrestling is better for me.Last 5 years I have never lost lately I have lost afew well 2times I won out of 30times and the woman seem to be more muscular than I. Yesterday Sunday night I talked to an escort told her I preferred wrestling she was not excited about this she said she was 4 9" and 128lbs I told her she could win I am 5 6" 135lbs and I was thinking I really gonna put her in some of the holds that embarassed me grapevine I bate that hold its embarrassing and hurts I didn't stop to THINK 7 lbs differenceand and I am 9inches taller.It was her idea I pay to wrestle her andwhen I win I can f*ck her and since I overpower her I can f*ck as long as I can last.If she wins she can make me leave z bigger tip to make me say things that she is the greatest and thing like that. Sounds good she opens her door and she is so short but she has her g friend there o she gonna record it so you have a copy of your f*ck n my brains out.Into family room and damn she even had some matts l am looking at her short but sexy as hell muscular legs I can't stop looking at them I mean I have been staring at them since I got there she notices that and said ok you try to get between them maybe you get PUSSY remember that I am going to beat the f*ck out of you and she took off her robe ARMS to kill for six pack and she said she was gonna beat the f*ck out me I was hard as rock thinking I ready to f*ck that little jap bitch she jumps up and the bitch can jumped and flips her legs looking sexy muscle legs locked around my neck I drop on the floor gasping for air I lightheaded and I am out to wake up my face feels numb it usually does when it's all swelled up when I dropped passed out I remember coming to her fist smacking all over my head it was like a f*cking Jack hammer I curled up in a ball I never felt so helpless and I want everyone to know that Jenna Lee is still doing this she stopped punching my face I was begging her to stop I thanked her I was sure this was over. No she said after about 2 or 300 punches she begins to use her feet and legs because hands sore now I'm looking at that c*nts biceps they on little arm but look huge because they f*ckn are almost 3times the size of mine I feel her kicking me each kick is extremely difficult to keep from crying yes I am curled up in a ball she laughing at me I'm f*ckn crying beggin herto please have mercy and this nogood C*nt pounced on me I can't both eyes swollen shut 2 of MY teeth she punched or kicked out of my mouth my nose I can't breathe out off and Im being torn in half by muscular bitch grapevine my crotch is burning in PAIN and she scissors me everyway possible that c*nt I am on my belly she grapped under my chin stands up tremendous PAIN 15 minutes of pain then I been all used up no wanna f*cking live yet f*ck she flips me over sitting on my face I have to eat licking her PUSSY muscles flexing I place my fingers in her PUSSY she is flexing her god damn PUSSY she cums after 45 min and reminds me she needs little tip like 300 dollars and girlfriend needs paid for video 200 dollars I don't f*cking have it she drives me to bank or she gonna do it again unless you are MMA stay the f*ck away

Tommy9in Mar 12 10:16am
My male friend is obsessed with my legs and addicted to being rendered helpless locked between them. I am 5'10" 140 lbs and do have great legs. I get sexual stimulating satisfaction displaying my legs in high heels to watch my male friend get a hard on. He becomes very weak and docile when I order him to lie across the padded piano bench in rec room and to place his neck between my nylon clad thighs. When in place I cross my legs and lock my ankles securing him in a crushing standing scissorhold. He pretends to struggle trying to get loose but when I tighten my legs he begins begging for mercy and pleading with me not to squeeze my legs any tighter. Hearing him begging, knowing he is helpless and being in complete control I have exploding orgasms. I must confess I do thoroughly enjoy locking my friend in my thigh vise and scissoring him into submission.

Scissoring Lady FriendMay 04 12:33pm

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