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is porn allowed on this site???

Created by: blablabla at 06:58:23 AM, Wednesday, December 13, 2000 PST


why not???

Shit FaceJan 07 2001 9:34am

It should be. I could show you the juiciest pussy you've ever seen

AnonymousMay 06 2001 12:32pm
One hot lazy afternoon after school my younger sister Lena (14) pinned my shoulders (16) to the living room rug. She sat straddled up on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. Her knees pinned my arms solid to the ground. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits (38C) heaving from her low cut bra. She told me she was the boss. She repeated this pose for at least ten minutes. I tried to buck out but she was to powerful. I nearly came in my pants. We later wrestled in our parents bed, I was bare chested and so was she, and she spreadeagle body pinned me for nearly a hour wearing only her panties. She humped and pounded me stretching my arms high and wide on the mattress. She moaned and grunted softly now and then. We didn't have intercourse that time but came very close. I orgasmed 3 times in my jeans. Finally she moaned loudly and pressed her panties hard and heavy against my rock hard member. She held her crotch against mine for serveral minutes then layed limp still on top of me. I don't know if she came but her face was red as a tomato when she finally got off me. She told me anytime I wanted a rematch I knew where to find her. True Story

AnonymousDec 05 2008 12:37pm
It's probably safe to assume that it can be because this site appears to have administrators who don't really monitor what goes down. The main thing this site is good for is ranting. The only exception being that most of the replies are just stupid faqs with no facts or logic behind their comment. However, their are those few people who have legitimate arguments and interesting points. That's why I'm here. I lurk here trying to lure them out. Waiting for days on end. Letting the hours slip by day by day.

Masta FrankFeb 03 2011 1:20am

0-0Jun 27 2011 4:21pm

ThornFeb 18 2013 10:10pm
Why did you just get undressed and f*cked each other for real? How old were you?

AnonymousFeb 18 2013 10:12pm
I have a dog named Él~Qarrio. Ilusión!

AnonymousMar 23 2013 2:17pm
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rberOnzoyxSFGTXMSun 10:20am
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