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Where is the first place you want ot go on a date

Created by: Lance at 08:23:47 AM, Wednesday, January 31, 2001 PST


Grandma's house, for cookies and milk

AnonymousMar 08 2012 1:43pm


AnonymousSep 04 2012 6:48pm
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cute kitty*meow*:3Nov 14 2012 7:54pm
Ist time I went for sex with my boyfriend who was my class mate in a Hotel and we stay their 2-nights and one day.and both nights I were fully nude slept with them as iam sleeping with my husband. In day time I also introduces my body parts in the foucs of light and enjoy sexual pleasure.

Km. Reshma Singh.Apr 02 2013 4:15am
about all the above, but here's the long and short of it:Everyone brings soehtming unique and different to the equation. In situations where these differences are leveraged for the benefit of the group, the result is exceptional. Yes, there are going to be differences of opinion, and yes there is going to be conflict. The problems show up when leaders take sides on a personal or political basis, instead of treating the problems being worked on as the primary focus. This is a leadership problem, not a management problem. Leaders, lift the group out of the personal and into the reasonable and practical, inspiring confidence in their teams (regardless of age, sex, race, etc ) by encouraging the discourse rather than punishing those that engage in constructive debate. Sure there are limits that need to be applied, but that's where our personal responsibility kicks in. Poor leaders result in poor teams, with unhealthy dynamics. Fix the problem, find a better leader.If you truly believe there is are physiological differences, and I can't say whether or not it's soehtming that can be proven (not my field), then what can you learn from that? Isn't it just possible (probable in my book) that those differences can and should be leveraged for the benefit of improving how we conduct business? I know a lot of programmers don't want to admit it, but they are in business just like everyone else, and how you interact with peers, managers, and clients all results in your business success. My best programming partners have been women, I can't say if that's just luck-of-the-draw historically, or coincidence. I don't know, since it's just an observation. I've found I can work a little easier with them. My area of expertise is in back end data and process and I'm naturally very process oriented. My better partners have generally been more results oriented and as such have provided a balancing point-of-view. I've seen the opposite combination in other teams. Are some people not suited to work with one another? Sure? Who's fault is that though? Consider what concepts you are willing to stand up on and how solid they are, before you discount someone else just because their idea is different . Different isn't necessarily wrong.

QK4dq1l0KDec 12 2015 5:53pm
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