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Jesus Christ: (A Liberal/A Conservative/Or Spiritual)???

Question: If Jesus Christ were well and alive on the earth today, do you believe that he would:
Created by: dougsoderstrom at 08:27:31 AM, Friday, February 09, 2001 PST


I'm Jewish! GO ME! I think it'd be cool. I'm Jewish, but I still believe in him. confuzing....i know.

AnonymousApr 17 2003 3:24pm

Christ would either be a libertarian dude or a manipulative political type. I'd like to think he'd be an open minded, progressive guy. Mohammed too. Both of them would probably retch if they saw how distorted their preachings have become.

AnonymousOct 06 2004 10:42pm
By definition Christ would be a total conservative in today's world. The reason the liberals are unsuccessful is that they oppose everything Christ stood for. They even want to remove the word "God" from government.

StellaNov 17 2004 9:18pm
Conservatives=Pharisees ... Liberals=Sadukees ... Jesus=Spiritual... Simply put.

EddieSep 26 2005 3:28pm
i believe in god and if he was on earth there would be no crime and violence

qweApr 11 2006 3:19pm
If baby Jesus were here now, would you worship him while he was sucking on his mother's breasts, or would you wait until after he finished sucking, and then worship him?

Light of LogicMay 24 2006 10:54pm
If baby Jesus were here now, would you worship him while he was wearing dirty diapers, or would you wait until after his diapers were changed, and then worship him?

Light of LogicMay 24 2006 10:54pm
#0009 - (Sat.) 3/24/07

UpdateMar 24 2007 8:04pm
Jesus is alive and well on earth today.

onitgoesMar 10 2013 7:26pm
Jesus would in no way ever be liberal. Period.

StriderDec 05 2013 2:53pm
Jesus never existed you dummies. All religion is for dumb imbeciles.

GodMay 21 2014 11:20am
Me dull. You smart. That's just what I neeedd.

LztcXSx5sCyJun 14 2015 1:59am
There is not reason to think that Jesus would be changed because WE have changed. He would be as He taught in the bible. Teaching that we should love God with all our whole heart, soul, mind etc. And also that no one goes to the Father except by Him.

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