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Do you believe in a 'God'?

Created by: pjbleek at 01:30:00 AM, Saturday, April 01, 2000 PST


God supposed to protect us don't make me laugh he don't do poo for any of us but put us her to go through pure hell.

Yo MamaJul 24 2000 7:20pm

Jul 24 2000 7:20pm
I'm just happy I exist and have a chance to go through this "hell." Some of it hurts horribly but some of it is really wonderful.

finderSep 06 2000 9:24pm
I don't know what religion you're disillusioned about, but if it's Judeo-Christian, perhaps you should think again. God never said life was going to be a voyage of sweetness and light. Would you rather have never existed at all?

PeerlessOct 13 2001 6:24pm
I believe in Her/Him. I'm Jewish and I pray for something to happen...big or small, and it happens the exact day and time I want it to happen.............COINCIDENCE?

AnonymousApr 17 2003 3:22pm
I am a strong believer in God, and I love him. If you don't have God in your life, trust me, you should. I am an Evangelical Christian, and with God my life seems so complete, I love him so much, he has always been soo good to me!!!! Everytime I pray or i worry he's always there for me! Today many people call themselves "christians" but they are not. To get to heaven many people believe they have to be good, nah its not like that. You have to believe Jesus Christ died for your sins, only through Jesus can you be saved, NOT THROUGH THE CHURCH, If you have questions all your answers are in the bible.

GODISSOGOODAug 07 2003 6:03pm
God is good! You think your lifes complete now. Meet jesus. Its amazing!

wwjdNov 18 2003 3:56pm
We evolved from homonids. God had nothing to do with it.

cody_purdin@hotmail.comMar 14 2004 2:14pm
I agree with Cody.

jennsahottie_5@yahoo.comMar 14 2004 2:15pm
your so stupid!!

(*_*)May 01 2004 1:31pm

AnonymousNov 17 2004 9:01pm
I worship a Goddess. Your God sucks.

AnonymousApr 10 2005 11:25pm & need to go back to school and rethink their conclusions. the higher ups are seeing the impossibilities of evolution

i know what's upJun 16 2005 9:55pm
I beleive in the ancient greek gods and goddesses {did i spell goddesses wrong?} Athena can kick all yo gods asses YEP!

LetoJun 02 2006 6:17pm
#0015 - (Sun.) 3/18/07

UpdateMar 18 2007 1:54pm

WWW.EBAUMSWORLD.COMNov 19 2007 7:10pm
I know God is real because I experience Divine Light and Sound all the time. Religions are fine, but are mostly blind faith. Scientists are mostly atheists and deal with the illusion of Space Time. If one wants the true EXPERIENCE OF GOD, then turn to the MYSTICS. There are mystics on every path. They allow the individual to EXPERIENCE GOD for themselves, and not take everything on faith.

Don the MysticNov 30 2008 1:59pm
I do not believe in a singular god. But there are entities which do rule us which can be said to be gods.

wwFeb 20 2010 8:39am
The big problem for belief in God ie Monotheism is the problem of evil/suffering in the world. How could a loving God let this happen? Either: She/He is not all powerful. 2 She/He doesn't care 3 She/doesn''t exist. Some argue suffering is a test. Of what exactly? Try telling that to a two year child that has lost their parents in a flood or earthquake.

SocratesAug 13 2010 9:18pm

AnonymousJun 13 2011 6:42am
i dont,religion just starts wars

jonSep 10 2011 11:37am
Yeah, that's the tciekt, sir or ma'am

sJlvIzimEfApr 01 2012 5:25pm

:)May 16 2013 9:44am
YES i believe in God. JESUS CHRIST died on the cross for mine and your sins so that we may be forgiven. He is the way the truth and the light. If you believe in him and that he died on the cross for your sins, you can be saved and have eternal life in heaven. Trust in him and love him with all your heart everyday. OR you can worship the king of decievers that dwels on this earth, take the easy path and love money instead and have a free trip to hell where you can only dream of water and roast like fried chicken though 100 times hotter... but just remember you cant have both. Confess your sins to only God himself, live a righteous life and the rewards in heaven will be bigger than your wildest dreams!!! What have you got to loose... but your soul?

AnonymousSep 13 2013 2:12pm
If you disagree, imagine yourself on your death bed with am hour to live. Are you sure you want to take that chance that your not saved by your Savior? You soul is a big thing to loose. Love Him I dare you! See what happens and great changes that happen in your life!

love HIM!Sep 13 2013 2:19pm

-1'Mar 17 2015 8:16pm
Anyone who believes in god is obviously demented.

JesusJun 01 2015 6:29am
I made up my mind I wasn't going to forgive my metohr-in-law anymore! Every time I forgave her, she would do something mean and small again. I was just sick of trying to do the right thing. Wasn’t there something about the other person being sorry for being so hurtful and mean-spirited before you actually had to forgive them? But no matter how I twisted and turned my arguments to justify myself, I felt an increasing sense of discomfort. Unresolved grudges are like the little foxes that eat the vine,” gradually causing a schism that deteriorates our relationship with God. I became aware of this separation, while I stubbornly continued to struggle with anger and bitterness. In the meanwhile, praying was a chore and my spiritual life seemed dead. One day while I was sitting at the kitchen table thinking about my metohr-in-law and how much I really disliked her, the thought of forgiving her passed through my mind. I decided that I wouldn’t forgive her. No, not again! In fact, I was sure I had no desire or reason to forgive her. At once, I had a clear impression in my mind of the Lord saying, “That’s your sin and you need to repent. It is not that you don't feel like forgiving her, but that you don't even want Me to give you the ability to forgive her. Your emotions aren't the problem, your heart is. Your willingness to forgive is necessary first.” I realized then that true forgiveness is an act of the will, not an emotional choice. I was deeply convicted and asked God for His forgiveness. Amazingly, my decision to let go of the hard feelings and resentment towards Mom immediately began to change my negative attitude towards her. A couple of weeks later, on Mother’s Day, after the church service, my youngest daughter asked if we could visit Granny on our way home. I had not seen Mom for weeks and didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I needed to make this effort. To my surprise, not only was Mom very happy to see us, but she gave me a Mother’s Day card with money in it and sent us back to the house with cash gifts for both of her granddaughters as well as for her son. From that time on my relationship with Mom continued to improve, and eventually grew into a deep and sincere love that was mutually affectionate.

1udxkaIQOCjDec 12 2015 6:11pm
God owes us nothing. Or He wouldn't be God. That He created us is a great gift. The gift of experience alone is awesome. To listen to nice music, see a new born laugh and smile. To enjoy a sunset with a beer and a pal. To watch movies and go to parties and play games and eat delicious food and have pets and the list goes on. Some people will gladly accept good, so why not the bad, which they deserve more than not?

AnonymousMay 18 2016 3:36pm
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