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Who were you initially employed by?

Question: For those made redundant by LogicaCMG
Created by: bigvicar at 10:40:55 PM, Sunday, March 09, 2003 PST


This one Sugan

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:06pm

Woman I'm here!

SuganJul 27 2016 4:13pm
The idea of ripping my clothes just imagine my ass ripping my underwear. πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:14pm
Woman yes I am otherwise a very well trained submissive. My trainer just did not want the dildo for me because she loved my penis and wanted to explore submissive sex with it

SuganJul 27 2016 4:16pm
Woman imagining your ass ripping the shorts has me with a full erection :))

SuganJul 27 2016 4:16pm
Good for you. Really I can do it easily, you'll be there watching men reaction on my ass powe. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:18pm
Woman what is good for me? And yes I cannot wait to see the reaction!

SuganJul 27 2016 4:19pm
That she didn't use diddo on you. Ripping my underwear and my bra, will make their brain explode I think.

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:21pm
After I finish my lesson to those looser men I can make them worshipping my feet for hours, cleaning my ass. My husband will go crazy everyday 3,4 new students. Go me 😍😍

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:23pm
Just imagining their faces. You'll first open the door for them. Take them to the basement, where I'll be waiting. Seeing me with this size for sure it'll make them so scared. Too many men scared men everyday 😍

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:27pm
I want to take you as well with your friends to the nude beach near my city. As a reward for this idea

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:29pm
Woman I am happy for you. And it will also make my c*ck explode too haha. Afterward we need to celebrate!

SuganJul 27 2016 4:31pm
Oh woman that sounds amazing. Bring a chair and I can sit on your lap in the sun for hours

SuganJul 27 2016 4:31pm
Sure, after each student I'll mastribute you. Tell me what do you want me to do with them. Anything you want

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:32pm
Ya sure, we can have lots of contest. Rope pulling. Once i won against 12 men πŸ’ͺ🏻. So you can be with them or you can sit and watch me

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:34pm
But you can't sit for longtime I want to have tan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:35pm
Really? After every student? Thank you so so so much. Woman you should make them cum during the session

SuganJul 27 2016 4:35pm
Woman then when you want a tan we can switch and you can sit on my lap! I want to be crushed under your big bottom

SuganJul 27 2016 4:36pm
Really crushed it'll hurt. My ass is so so big. You might disappear. Sure I can make them cum, while I'm laying on them giving them breasts smoother, so my body will be above their dick. What do you think πŸ˜‰

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:38pm
I want you to watch all my session you and my husband naked. So my students can understand what type of woman I am πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:39pm
I can't wait to force my husband to watch me, wrestling and making these men cum every day πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:43pm
Woman I love that idea! How will your husband feel watching that?

SuganJul 27 2016 4:51pm
He'll be upset, because the stupid close minded man, thinks it's not right for a woman to wrestle men naked. The ideot can you believe that?😑😑

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:54pm
Did you like the way how they'll be cum? Or you have other ideas?

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:55pm
What an *sshole! Do you want to masturbate me naked on your lap in front of him? How will he feel then?

SuganJul 27 2016 4:56pm
I love that way of making them cum. You can also rub your ass on their c*cks!

SuganJul 27 2016 4:57pm
See, I really can't understand his point. Do yoi?? Yes sure all the time, of course he'll be upset because he'll start saying this's sexual and you're married women and this's not appropriate and all these bullpoos😑😑

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:58pm
Yes but how will do it during the wrestling??

Woman Jul 27 2016 4:58pm
Woman I dont understand. Lets have you masturbate me on your lap in front of him all the time!

SuganJul 27 2016 4:59pm
Yes, absolutely. All the time, I let others suck my tits infront of him, he didn't change. He's ideot right? I'm not doing anything wrong? So wrestling everyday 4 men might drive him crazy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:01pm
You will take all their energy and then force them to lie down. Say "you are so weak and pathetic! I wanted a challenge! I will show how little control you have by making you come in your pants!" And if your big ass is pinning them down they cant leave

SuganJul 27 2016 5:02pm
Also I'll soank my students at the end of each session? What do you think?

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:02pm
Oh woman you are a dream come true! D you know how hard I get when you talk to me about having me sit on your lap while you masturbate me?

SuganJul 27 2016 5:03pm
Okay so basically you want to mastribute them. Alright it works as well. Although I prefer to naked them, because I love to wrestle men and we both naked.

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:03pm
Spanking is perfect!

SuganJul 27 2016 5:03pm
But mastributing yoi, and them. I'll become mastribution machine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:05pm
Lol but mummy I need to sit on your lap and be masturbated

SuganJul 27 2016 5:06pm
You think my husband is stupid and silly because the way he thinks about right?

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:06pm
Woman he is so f*cking dumb

SuganJul 27 2016 5:06pm
You'll after each session how many times you can mastribute a day?

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:07pm
Woman many many times

SuganJul 27 2016 5:08pm
Really why dumb? How you think I can change him. I think if I bring more men wrestle them f*ck them mastribute then he'll change right

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:08pm
I can do it all for you. My arms are the strongest πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:09pm
Dumb because of his stupid ideas. I dont know how you an change him. Let me think

SuganJul 27 2016 5:10pm
Wow woman thank you! And your lap can always have me?

SuganJul 27 2016 5:11pm
Sure always. I just wonder i have 4 students a day. You let's say 9 times, my neighbor 2 times. Avarage day I have to mastribute 15 times. Without having sexπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:12pm
I tried beating him, spanking him a lot didn't work. Only this way left.

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:14pm
Woman Im always here for sex if you change your mind lol. But you can find other men too. Maybe from wrestling

SuganJul 27 2016 5:14pm
Thank you. 😍😍, but I took you're my baby. And I appreciate your understanding for women needs. Don't worry I can find men to have sex with, and if I couldn't I can ask for your help

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:16pm
Ask for my help how?

WomanJul 27 2016 5:17pm
Help in finding them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:17pm
Woman I will help you find them

WomanJul 27 2016 5:18pm
What colours of underwear do you think I should wear during wrestling?

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:18pm
Thank you I know you'll do. Not like my studies husband.

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:19pm
Stupid husband i meant

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:21pm
Did you go away? Fall asleep, or what?

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:26pm
Sorry Woman I was in the shower

SuganJul 27 2016 5:30pm
Wear red

SuganJul 27 2016 5:31pm
Red it's not a romantic night πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Usually I wear white it makes look bigger

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:51pm
Red is sexy though and intense! but white is good too

SuganJul 27 2016 5:54pm
Ya let me think about it. Should I wear high heels or no? I'm trainer no need for heels

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:56pm
If I wear red underwear and heels probably I'll have 4 men everyday to f*ck πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:57pm
Heels maybe after you wrestle! Yeah haha you probably will. That will give me the biggest erection

SuganJul 27 2016 5:58pm
What will give you the biggest erection??

Woman Jul 27 2016 5:59pm
You in red underwear and high heels

SuganJul 27 2016 6:01pm
Really, thanks Sugan. I'll do it. Wrestling me like that alright. This's for your great idea. Keep giving me ideas

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:03pm
Oh you're welcome. You should sit on mens faces in wrestling

SuganJul 27 2016 6:04pm
Absolutely it's one of my best weapons ever. Face sitting. They'll be totally exhausted and out of breath. But of course after get rid of my underwear

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:05pm
I should buy like a new 1000 underwears, if i wanna rip one every wrestling. Right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:06pm
WOman I want you to sit on my face 😍😍

SuganJul 27 2016 6:06pm
Trust me it's so so painful. Plus what if i fart? Sorry bad joke πŸ˜‚

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:07pm
Its okay if its a joke haha

SuganJul 27 2016 6:08pm
Haha, were you afraid that I might actually do itπŸ˜‚. But really it's painful I can feel men screaming in my ass I'm serious

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:09pm
I need 120 underwear and bra every month, 1250 a year πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ only for wrestling classes. I need to establish a factory

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:10pm
I always thought face sitting is a punishing for men, but apparently for you it's not.

Woman Jul 27 2016 6:14pm
Lol yeah haha. No I like it maybe not for too long though

SuganJul 27 2016 6:30pm
Okay as you wish. I love it as well. Men's face to women's ass. Make sense

Woman Jul 28 2016 2:22am
Hey baby, where are you? I need some advice about my wrestling session

Woman Jul 28 2016 2:07pm
Woman I'm back. Sorry I was at work. So busy. I am so exhausted

SuganJul 28 2016 11:13pm
You work. So sorry baby men are so weak they shouldn't work

Woman Jul 28 2016 11:46pm
Yeah I hate it. I just want to cuddle up into your lap right now

SuganJul 29 2016 12:02am
I want to be masturbated on your lap after alongday

SuganJul 29 2016 12:04am
I know you men aren't good at anything except being slaves and babies yo us

Woman Jul 29 2016 12:33am
Woman it is me Sugan. I'm sorry I was gone. My computer broke. I want so badly to be masturbated in your lap

SuganAug 13 2016 11:39pm
Hey Sugan, what's up?

Woman Aug 16 2016 1:08pm
Woman not much. I miss telling you how I worship you and when you tell me about masturbating me on your lap. Thank you for replying! How are you?

SuganAug 16 2016 8:28pm
I'm good. Wrestling, lifting weights, spanking men and beating my husband. Of course still chasing men to humiliate everyday πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 16 2016 10:34pm
Any men sitting on your lap or being masturbated on your lap recently?

SuganAug 17 2016 11:12am
Yes my neighbor who almost live at my house, and one of my husband friends only mastributing not sitting on my lap

Woman Aug 17 2016 12:40pm
How did you end up with your neighbor on your lap woman? By the way do you still want to visit the uni and have me sit on your lap?

SuganAug 17 2016 1:12pm
This guy he almost live with me. But unfortunately he travels a lot because he's not originally from here. He's so good in massaging my feet and kissing my ass and worshipping my muscles. So after he finished all of these we were sitting on the living room couch so I mastribute him, of course while my husband is watching. Sure absolutely going to the uni is a priority to me

Woman Aug 17 2016 1:15pm
Wow that sounds amazing. I wish I could worship your feet and lick your *sshole right now. Can I sit on your lap and suck at your breasts too?

SuganAug 17 2016 1:24pm
Sure, I would like to do it. Breastfeeding men is amazing thing

Woman Aug 17 2016 1:27pm
Wow that sounds amazing. Is there anything you want me to tell you to get you wet? like how I will worship your *sshole and feet, sucking on each toe separately and letting you shove my face into your pussy and *sshole

SuganAug 17 2016 1:30pm
Wow, that's sounds amazing. Would you enjoy licking my *sshole

Woman Aug 17 2016 1:46pm
Woman I would so much I will move my tongue in fast circles around your hole. If it is okay can you tell me how you will masturbate me on your lap?

SuganAug 17 2016 1:48pm
After worshipping my feet, ass and muscles. I'll lift you naked you, hold you in a cardle way like a baby, so you can catch one of my breasts to suck it, while I'll be mastributing you

Woman Aug 17 2016 1:53pm
Wow woman that sounds so amazing thank you!

SuganAug 17 2016 4:59pm
You're welcome, anyone brings me men deserve it

Woman Aug 18 2016 2:24pm
Woman thank you. I cant wait to watch you rip out of your clothing in wrestling class

SuganAug 19 2016 12:18pm
Tell how you picture me in wrestling classes

Woman Aug 19 2016 3:03pm
Woman I picture you so big and strong I red underwear crushing all the men that come in with your gigantic boobs and butt making them all lick your feet for an hour each and locking your *sshole so long. Making all the men feel so little while I watch with the biggest erection. Afterwards you masturbate me on your lap and I feel my head on your breasts and your arm around me and you kiss my head when I come 😍

SuganAug 20 2016 12:01pm
Wow, that's nice I love kissing men like this as babies. How you pictured my husband πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 20 2016 3:36pm
Woman I'm glad you liked it. Your husband sounds so weak and pathetic. What do you want to wear and how do you want to touch me and talk to me when I sit on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 7:59am
I'll be wearing my red underwear as you like. Of course I'll be topless, so you can put your head on my breasts. I'll treat you like a little baby sitting on his mother lap. Then I'll start telling you how weak and small you're comparing to me, and how I'll protect you like my baby. And then I'll ask you to tell me how did you enjoy your mother beating spanking other men while I'm mastributing you

Woman Aug 21 2016 8:13am
Woman wow that is amazing. You are a dream 😍! You really want to masturbate me on your lap?!?

SuganAug 21 2016 9:53am
Yes absolutely as long as you bring me more men and kiss and worship my feet

Woman Aug 21 2016 10:54am
Woman I will definitely do both of those things!

SuganAug 21 2016 12:25pm
What will your husband say do you think when he sees you masturbating me on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 12:26pm
He'll be upset as usual. He'll say you're married woman that's not proper way of life, you should respect meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 21 2016 12:29pm
Woman lol. What are most men's reactions when you make them sit on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 1:35pm
If it's after wrestling they're scared to death. If not they feel like babies and start calling me mummy πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 21 2016 1:39pm
Woman if you are not wrestling them when do you take men on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 1:42pm
Sometimes relatives friends spent nights over here. So while we're watching TV I love to hugs someone so I hugged them put them on my lap

Woman Aug 21 2016 1:44pm
When would you put me on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 1:45pm
After finish beating all these men. And after you give me a foot massage and worship my body.

Woman Aug 21 2016 1:47pm
Woman do you have any good lapsitting stories? Im sorry, I just love lapsitting so much. Am I bothering you?

SuganAug 21 2016 1:51pm
No that's alright but seriously there's no stories. It's just men sitting on my lap, put their heads on my boobs feel safe, and fall asleep πŸ˜‚ happened a lot

Woman Aug 21 2016 1:52pm
Does your husband sit on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 2:00pm
No these days he used to. Now he only sits in my lap at spanking time πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 21 2016 2:01pm
Does he get jealous when other men sit on your lap?

SuganAug 21 2016 2:05pm
Yes I think. Especially if I'm naked which is I'm always naked πŸ˜‚, that stupid close minded man

Woman Aug 21 2016 2:08pm
What do you feel sorry for him??

Woman Aug 21 2016 2:43pm
I was just curious

SuganAug 21 2016 5:21pm
No that's alright I feel sorry for him sometimes πŸ˜‚

Woman Aug 22 2016 2:05am
Woman why do you feel sorry for him?

SuganAug 22 2016 11:42pm
Woman, you what you're doing is absolutely wrong not only wrong and disgusting. It's shameful thing to know that there's a married woman who treated her husband in that way. It's not your right to sleep with others men, or to breastfeeding or mastributing them. Or even wrestling them in the way you're describing it. You'll burn in hell.

AnonymousAug 23 2016 12:07am
I feel sorry for him, because maybe it's a little harsh for him to be beaten spank by his wife and forced to watch his wife f*cking other men.

Woman Aug 23 2016 5:23am
Anonymous why you think it's wrong?? Convince me

Woman Aug 23 2016 5:24am
What's wrong? U don't know what's wrong in sleeping with other men mastributing other men show your body to other men that's all super wrong. God will burn you

AnonymousAug 23 2016 11:15am
No I don't what's wrong about this. I think it's all women rights especially when the women are stronger and in control. Are you scared to have a wife like me?

Woman Aug 24 2016 8:27am
Woman how are you? Any men sitting on your lap recently? I miss you and your lap

SuganSep 06 2016 6:58am
I miss your toung in my *sshole and between my toes as well. Absolutely my lap and thighs are never empty from men, mastributing and spanking πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 06 2016 11:02am
Oh woman that is amazing! Can you tell me who have you had on your lap recently? And could you describe in detail how you will hold me on your lap and masturbate me with my head in your breasts and how you will make me feel? In return I will describe whatever you want ;)

SuganSep 06 2016 12:36pm
Last Sunday, one of my husbands' friend came to our house. I was in a good mood chilling and relaxed. So, as usual I ordered him to give me a foot massage and worship it for me. He did really a great job kiss, lick and suck every cm of my big foot. Keep telling me how big, strong and muscular I am, and how big and sexy are my feet. So I decided to reward him, so I gave put him on my lap while I was breastfeeding him, and mastribute him. My husband was watching

Woman Sep 06 2016 1:28pm
Woman wow that is amazing. I am so jealous of that man :(

SuganSep 06 2016 3:11pm
Woman I promise to worship you so I can deserve that reward

SuganSep 06 2016 4:25pm
Woman are you there? Is there anything you want me to do for you?

SuganSep 07 2016 8:33pm
Hey Sugan, sorry I'm so busy these days

Woman Sep 08 2016 2:00pm
No problem woman! I understand. That man is so lucky. I wish I could be in the same position as him. To suck on your toes and compliment you. I want you to sit on my face and I can suck and lick on your *sshole for so long. Swirling my tongue fast around your beautiful *sshole. Can I touch and grab your huge butt please while I lickyour *sshole please? You are a goddess

SuganSep 08 2016 3:07pm
I can't wait to sit on your lap at the university! Do you think you could masturbate me on your lap in front of my friends? I really just love that you would be topless masturbating me on your lap. It is so amazing

SuganSep 08 2016 3:08pm
Woman I'm sorry if this is too forward but are there any pictures you have of men sitting on your lap?

SuganSep 08 2016 3:23pm
Sorry no photos. But about mastributing you infront your friends absolutely I would love to do it. Any new updates of ideas to get me new men

Woman Sep 09 2016 5:23pm
Today a funny story happened with me. I was visiting my personal tailor. He's really a very nice old guy, I'm his client from ages he helps me by making underwear, bras and shoes for me, since you know I'm so big to find something fit me in normal stores. However, there were a man at the store, he saw staring at me all the time, when my tailor taking my measurements and when I'm trying my underwear or shoes, it was bit rude. So, then I went and sat next to him, he introduced himself to me he's a German business man. He's quite big, muscular guy, then he apologised because he was staring at me, but said that although Germany full of big, muscular woman but he never saw a woman as big and muscular as me. We started talking about muscles and working out, i was flexing while I was talking with him, of course my muscles are much bigger than his. I noticed that he had erection while he was looking at me. So I invited him to my house to compare muscles. In our way to my house, I told him that my husband is in the house, he was surprised that I'm married, and he said please let me go. I told him no no don't worry, we're only going there to compare muscles.

Wife woman Sep 09 2016 6:05pm
When we come to my house I introduced him to my husband, he was so shy and surprised that my husband isn't even noticing him. However immediately I took off my clothes, but left my underwear on, and I ordered him to do the same, he did. We stood next to each other infront the merrier and start flexing, although he's not a small man, and he's athletic, he looked like a kid comparing to me, especially when we compare legs. Then I told him how about a wrestling match, he agreed of course big mistake. We wrestled and I kicked his ass, only after 5 minutes he started beginning me to stop. I told him alright, but I own you for a night. So I ordered him to clean my ass, with his tong, and then I ordered to worship, kiss and lick my big feet, but he wasn't so good. So i put him and gave him the spank of his life. Of course he struggled a lot, and shouted, at the end he cried. I felt sorry for him. So I took him into my lap, and hugged him really hard, and start telling him that's alright don't cry I won't hurt you again I just wanted to show you who's the boss. Don't worry I'll be there always for you. Then took to the bed with big hug. When we're in the bed, he told me you know what I don't want to go back again, I feel so safe and happy here. I just want to stay with you like this please. He said he feels like a safe baby and he doesn't want to lose this. He said it was right to give him the spank, and he just wants to kiss my feet and ass all the day. At the end he said now he understands my husband situation.

Wife woman Sep 09 2016 6:20pm
It's funny how easy I can turn men from powerful businessmen to such weak crying babiesπŸ˜‚. Day after day I'm convinced that men position is only being helpless and submissve to strong woman don't you agree?

Woman Sep 09 2016 6:22pm
Woman maybe you could get men by putting out an ad for selling fitness equipment and when they come for the house you show off to them and when they say how strong you are you challenge them to wrestle and say if they lose they have to worship you

SuganSep 10 2016 8:06am
And Woman you would really like to masturbate me on your lap in front of my friends? THat is amazing. How will you do it?

SuganSep 10 2016 8:16am
Yes I love to show my men friends how strong and sexy I am. I think if I'll enjoy it I would like to have one of your friends sucking and kissing my toes while the other can watch

Woman Sep 10 2016 7:17pm
Woman I would love fo you to do that with my friends. What would I do while you are doing that?

SuganSep 10 2016 11:36pm
I think you would be sitting on my lap mastributed, while you can breastfeeded by my boobs or just put your head on it. And of course one of your friends will be sucking and kissing my feet. I wish if I can make another friend kiss my ass during this but it's so hard to find such a position

Woman Sep 11 2016 2:04am
My favorite position! Wow you are a goddess. I can't believe you will do this for me. I will worship you so much and bring you so many men

SuganSep 11 2016 6:49am
Wow really you would bring me a lot of men. I love it when I beat, wrestle and humiliate and treat men as babies in front of other men

Woman Sep 11 2016 7:10am
Woman of course I would. I want so bad for you to humiliate me in front of my freiends. How will you do it?

SuganSep 11 2016 7:23am
Humiliate you!! When I humiliate men usually I make them clean my ass with their tongue, and kiss suck worship my feet. Also I'll wrestle him and beat him, then I'll give him the spank of his life on his naked ass with my big slippers until he cried. At the end I'll make fun of his weakness and small size. Do you like that?

Woman Sep 11 2016 7:30am
More humiliate like make me get naked and go in your lap in front of people, but you can do whatever you wish mummy

SuganSep 11 2016 7:40am
Haha, good boy. I don't consider man sitting in my lap is humiliation. However I can naked you makes you worship me, and spank you and then put you on my lap as my baby all while your friends are watching

Wife woman Sep 11 2016 7:44am
Please put me on your lap in front of people? What will you wear and say to them while I sit on your lap?

SuganSep 11 2016 7:46am
Woman when men come after you masturbate them do you wash their c*ck and balls?

SuganSep 11 2016 7:51am
If we're inside my house I'll be absolutely topless, so I'll be wearing only underwear but I'll wear red for you. And I might be wearing a high heels shoe as well. I'll tell your friends how small and weak you're, and how you decide to quit studying, and just live with me as submissve man

Woman Sep 11 2016 7:51am
Of course they wash themselves, and then they wash me as well. Lat time I took bath by myself was like 5 years ago, now always there's a man responsible for washing my body

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 7:54am
Woman if it's okay can you describe in detail how you masturbate me in front of my friends?

SuganSep 11 2016 7:56am
And that is great! I love to wash you. I want to wash you three times a day from top to bottom while telling you what a perfect body you have

SuganSep 11 2016 7:56am
Yes sure you really like mastribution πŸ˜‚. You'll be sitting naked on one of my thighs because my thigh is bigger than your waist, while your head will be laying on one of my tits. I'll be mastributing you with my left hand while your body laying on my right hand. Your friends and my husband will be all watching, my stupid husband will be upset because I'm mastributing other manπŸ˜‚. While your friends will be jealous and scared at the same time

Woman Sep 11 2016 7:59am
Woman it is so nice to talk to you again. I wish to come to Turkey to become completely yours. You are so amazing :)

SuganSep 11 2016 8:00am
Really you love washing me, even if I'm coming from the gym. Will you wash me in front of your friends? I think it might be a bit humiliation for you to wash my ass for example for 20 minutes

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:02am
I love how you make them jealous! Can I sit on both thighs facing out while you tease them? You can make them get naked and watch and they can't masturbate. You can say "don't you want to sit on my powerful thighs, suck on my tits and be masturbated? I'm sorry little boys but this is for my baby Sugan not you lol! You are so pathetic"

SuganSep 11 2016 8:03am
You'll become totally mine as i'll be owning you as my husband and my neighbor. You'll be helpless man no going out no work no study just being as my slave

Woman Sep 11 2016 8:04am
And yes woman I am obsessed with getting masturbated on your lap lol! I'm sorry!

SuganSep 11 2016 8:04am
Woman I will wash your ass for 40 and lick it too in front of all my friends, teacher, everyone!

SuganSep 11 2016 8:04am
Woman I want to be your helpless slave

SuganSep 11 2016 8:05am
Haha, okay sure. But as you know when I want I'll choose anyone of them to spend the night with me.

Woman Sep 11 2016 8:05am
Of course woman! That is your right

SuganSep 11 2016 8:06am
Really how do you think your friends family will react when they'll see you spending 40 minutes licking your woman ass, as helpless slave?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:07am
What will you do with them when they spend the night?

SuganSep 11 2016 8:08am
Also I would like to do something before wrestling your friends I want to do something like muscular striper for you and your friends. Any ideas about this?

Woman Sep 11 2016 8:08am
Woman they will be so scared lol and some will be jealous

SuganSep 11 2016 8:08am
I love the stripper idea! Like lap dancing?

SuganSep 11 2016 8:09am
I'll wrestle them, spank them, force them to worship me. Then f*ck them of course. What do you think?

Wife woman Sep 11 2016 8:09am
That sounds amazing. But theyre all about my age. I thought that was too young for you to f*ck?

SuganSep 11 2016 8:10am
Yes like lap dancing. Wow your friends and family look really cool. So they will be happy for you for spending hours licking my ass

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:11am
Yes woman so happy

SuganSep 11 2016 8:11am
Yes they're young let's see what will happen when we meet. I want you to watch me f*cking other men

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:12am
How do you the lap dance in front your friends?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:13am
By the way woman did I tell you I had my birthday a week ago? I wish I could have ben with you for it :(

SuganSep 11 2016 8:13am
I love the lap dance! It is so hot

SuganSep 11 2016 8:13am
Happy birthday. So you can invite all your friends and start bringing me new men for my through telling them about my muscles and lap dance

Woman Sep 11 2016 8:15am
Of course! I will always bring new men

SuganSep 11 2016 8:16am
How you'll talk about my strength liberty muscles and lap dance to other men

Woman Sep 11 2016 8:18am
I'll tell them I've never met a woman as strong and beautiful as you and that you can beat all of them upp in under one second

SuganSep 11 2016 8:19am
And what else about my unique way of life and also about my feet and how I'm obsessed with foot warship

Wife woman Sep 11 2016 8:21am
I will tell them all about your big feel and how you make men your slaves and how superior you are

SuganSep 11 2016 8:25am
Wow, do you think they'll get excited or scared

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 8:27am
I think both hahaha

SuganSep 11 2016 8:58am
I love that. Can I ask you questions do you think men get excited when being forced to kiss worship big feet as mine?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:10am
Yes I think they'll all have such obvious erections lol! Woman of course you can ask me any questions you want

SuganSep 11 2016 9:25am
Really so a lot of men would like to be forced to kiss big feet. Why my husband and his friends aren't like that πŸ˜‚

Woman Sep 11 2016 9:26am
I don't know. Im sorry they aren't. Maybe its just something special about me and my friends lol

SuganSep 11 2016 9:27am
I want to have you and your friends all at my house how many friends like you there're?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:35am
Women some men are so stupid. They should all be so lucky to be slaves to big strong beautiful women. Women do everything and have built this world. All men should worship women as queens and do everything they say

SuganSep 11 2016 9:40am
Woman 10 friends

SuganSep 11 2016 9:40am
And then many other men from school or work who I wouldn't call friends but who I told about you (I tell everyone lol) and want to be your slaves

SuganSep 11 2016 9:41am
Wow you're amazing man. I've never heard a man saying this without being beated by me πŸ˜‚. I'm almost get wet when I hear these things. Really men should be slaves and husbands only house husbands and all of them should be cucklod

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:42am
Wow 10 and even more men love my big feet really I can't believe this. Do all of them like to marry me?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:43am
Do they know that I beat men, humiliate them and making them my slaves and cucklod them?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:44am
Yes woman! Wow thank you. I'm happy I get you wet ;) you get me so hard. Especially when you tell me how I can sit on your big lap and you masturbate me 😍 It makes me want to cum

SuganSep 11 2016 9:45am
Yes woman they know everything about you and we all want to be your husband. You are so amazing

SuganSep 11 2016 9:45am
Wow I actually don't believe it. 20 men standing in front of me naked that's amazing. My husband will go crazy πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:48am
Did you tell them that I have more hair body and moustache? Maybe they'll change their mind πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:48am
No woman I told them about it. Many of them got excited

SuganSep 11 2016 9:49am
I've never imagined that there're many submissve men. Where are you from?

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:50am
Woman UK

Sugan Sep 11 2016 9:51am
You should visit me! Come to the university

SuganSep 11 2016 9:51am
UK, do many of the men there love women like me? Here I struggle to find a man to put my feet into his mouth πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:52am
Many of the men I know do!

SuganSep 11 2016 9:52am
I'll and put you and your friends on my lapπŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:53am
I want move to your city I'll be a goddess πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:53am
Really?!? Can you describe it?

Sugan Sep 11 2016 9:53am
Describing the lap sitting I mean

SuganSep 11 2016 9:54am
I'll carry you and go to your teachers, put you on my lap telling them that now o own you, and you'll quit school, because men are so weak and stupid to complete their studies

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:55am
My husband is saying it's impossible to find many men who likes my feet muscles and body. He said they must be gays but don't worry I'm punishing him now πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 9:57am
Lol. Thank you so much woman that was a great story. I can't wait!

SuganSep 11 2016 10:02am
You're welcome, I love show people that I have adult males as helpless babies and slaves

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 10:03am
Haha well we like to be your babies. Thank you for being so great and letting me get masturbated on your lap. Really it's so amazing. I hope you love having me on your lap as much as I love being on your lap

SuganSep 11 2016 11:22am
I like to mastribute men infront other men, but I like to force them to kiss clean my ass and feet more. And I like to beat wrestle and spank them even much much more

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 2:15pm
Of course woman and I promise to do it all so well for you since you all day long

SuganSep 11 2016 2:19pm
I will get myself and 9 of my friends to worship you at once. There will be 4 men licking and massaging your feet, 2 licking and kissing your butt and *sshole, 2 sucking your breast and one who you will be f*cking

SuganSep 11 2016 2:31pm
Wow, really that would be just so amazing I can't believe it

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 2:53pm
Woman I really want to do it. Which of the things do you want me to do?

SuganSep 11 2016 2:54pm
It really sounds amazing. Anyway I might decide if I want one of them to f*ck me or not later. You should try it all my ass, feet and boobs.

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 2:57pm
By the way, I don't know if I tell you before or not. Many times when i say f*cked a man, I mean I literally f*cked him, i used diddlo many times.

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 2:58pm
You and your friends might change your mind now πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 2:59pm
Haha I think it can still work out. I will definitely do it if I can f*ck you without dildo after πŸ˜‚

SuganSep 11 2016 3:05pm
So you'll do it πŸ€”

Wife Woman Sep 11 2016 11:43pm
I'll do it if I can also have regular sex with you

SuganSep 12 2016 8:10am
I don't like conditions however when I want to f*ck a man I do it no matter what

Wife Woman Sep 12 2016 1:37pm
So what does that mean for my condition woman. Sorry if you don't like this or I ever bother you

SuganSep 12 2016 2:57pm
Woman are you there?

SuganSep 13 2016 10:33am
Yes I'm here. I meant I don't like men to put conditions on me, so when i meet a man i f*ck him in anyway I want to.

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 2:44pm
Okay I respect you Woman. I'm sorry

SuganSep 15 2016 4:00pm
Since I am your slave of course you can do whatever you want with me. I promise to worship you for hours and make all my friends worship and bathe you. We were talking and we want to go with you to a nudist beach and wash you and worship you in front of everybody there. Imagine how scared all the other guys at the beach will be πŸ˜‚

SuganSep 15 2016 4:06pm
Wow i liked that really describe more how you'll wash and worship me in the beach infront of everyone

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 4:24pm
Well do like we did before with 4 on your feet two at your breasts, two on your *sshole and one at your pussy. We can all wash you in the ocean and say how big and strong you are. Well wash you for hours. It will be so funny because there will be so many men walking by and because it is nude they can't hide their erections lol. So when you see them with erection you can tell them "come here you wimp and kiss my *sshole" you can meet so many men! You will have like 20 worshipping you in public

Sugan Sep 15 2016 4:31pm
Sounds really amazing, I love it. I will force my husbands to watch these 20 men as well it'll be amazing

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 4:33pm
Lol that sounds so amazing. Have you had any men sitting on your lap recently woman?

SuganSep 15 2016 4:35pm
No one new only my neighbor, I mastributed him after he worshipped me and now he's asleep

Wife Woman Sep 15 2016 4:38pm
That sounds nice. I really wish to be masturbated on your lap woman

SuganSep 15 2016 5:52pm
You'll I like seeing men helpless between my arms after i mastribute them

Wife Woman Sep 17 2016 1:55am
Woman that sounds amazing! Can you describe it?

SuganSep 17 2016 8:07am
I like it when I put men on my lap and mastribute them, how they become so weak and helpless after they come, it's so funny how weak they're, and then they put their heads on my tits so the only thing they want is to sleep just like a small weak baby

Wife Woman Sep 17 2016 4:53pm
Woman thats what I want so much! How will you do that for me?

SuganSep 17 2016 8:44pm
Same way I describe it above you didn't like it!!

Wife Woman Sep 18 2016 3:18am
No woman of course I love it. I just cant hear enough lol

SuganSep 18 2016 8:21am
I know but actually I think I said like a thousand how I'm going to mastribute you. Yesterday my husband finally got me new men I'm so happy

Wife Woman Sep 18 2016 1:48pm
Really? What have you done to them so far?

SuganSep 18 2016 4:18pm
My husband went down to the bar and told other men that I'm much stronger and muscular than him and how I beat him and his other friends. Then he told them that I do strip dance for him and his friends and he brought me to me like 7 men to see me. I was so happy at him so as a reward no spank for him for a week

Wife Woman Sep 19 2016 1:36pm
Wow I'm happy for you woman! What have you done with the men? Have you f*cked any of them?

SuganSep 19 2016 7:11pm
Well i've flexed for them and then did a muscles striper show, then I wrestled beated and spanked them. At the end I choose two of them i f*cked them both using my diddlo then let one of them f*ck me. It was a good night

Wife Woman Sep 20 2016 3:30pm
Wow those men are so lucky!

SuganSep 21 2016 5:44am
If it's okay can you describe to me what you did and what it was like when you f*cked the men with the dildo and then allowed the one guy to f*ck you?

SuganSep 21 2016 7:28am
They're lucky!! They were f*cked πŸ˜‚. I don't know how to describe the f*ck, but I can tell you that I'm way better f*cker than most men I know. I f*cked them much longer than them, they were crying at the end πŸ˜‚ Women rule πŸ’ͺ🏻

Wife Woman Sep 21 2016 1:09pm
Wow woman! I wish to be in the same position as those men! That is my dream

SuganSep 21 2016 6:55pm
To be f*cked from your ass. I might make it true some day

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 2:13am
Yes woman I want to do anything and everything for you

SuganSep 22 2016 7:40am
That's absolutely awesome, but from what I heard from the men i f*cked they said it hurts so much the first time have you tried it before??

Wife Woman Sep 22 2016 3:41pm
I haven't tried it but if you want then I have to right? Women are infinitely superior to men so why would I disobey you?

SuganSep 22 2016 10:17pm
Wow you're becoming more and more submissve to strong women and I love that

Wife Woman Sep 23 2016 3:09pm
I'm glad you love it woman :) What are you going to do to me?

SuganSep 23 2016 5:15pm
Woman are you there? Do you really want to duck me in my ass?

SuganSep 30 2016 12:40pm
Woman I have still been thinking of you lately. I have told so many men who want to worship you and let you f*ck them

SuganOct 04 2016 7:49am
Hi Sugan sorry I was extremely busy. Really! You and your friends are amazing I love it. Tell me more what did you tell them?

Wife Woman Oct 07 2016 4:48pm
Woman I told them how strong you are how you want to masturbate me on your lap and f*ck me in the ass and how I can worship you and how big you are. Woman you still want to do it all? I really want to get masturbated on your lap please mummy. You can f*ck me with a strap on I will worship you for hours and hours

SuganOct 08 2016 1:55pm

SuganOct 10 2016 10:58am
Woman? Are you there? I miss you so much and I want to worship you for hours. Please come visit me at the university to humiliate me in front of my family and friends

SuganOct 19 2016 9:47am
Woman where are you? I miss you

SuganOct 24 2016 10:03am
Hi Sugan sorry but for some reason I wasn't able to access this website I don't why

Wife Woman Nov 12 2016 5:38pm
Oh woman I am so happy to hear from you! How are you? I miss talking about how I'll worship you licking your feet and *sshole! I miss hearing about you masturbating me on your lap! I want to sit on your lap and suck your tits so much

SuganNov 14 2016 10:41pm
Hi Sugan. Thanks me as usual getting bigger stronger and men keep running away from me πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 1:03pm
Have you been masturbating any men on your lap ;)

SuganNov 15 2016 2:10pm
Masturbating on my lap No. Generally wrestling and humiliating sorry looks like I'm becoming more violent πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wife Woman Nov 15 2016 3:27pm
Sounds fun! I hope I can still be masturbated on your lap sometimes! I will promise to worship you and bring you men all the time mummy

SuganNov 15 2016 4:38pm
Any man gives me good foot massage can choose either is to be masturbated or breastfeedied by me. It all depends if my huge 46 size foot is happy or not

Wife Woman Nov 16 2016 12:17pm
Woman that's great! I will give you a foot massage with only my tongue for two hours!

SuganNov 16 2016 4:40pm
Do you still want to visit me at the university and sit me on your lap in front of my teachers?

SuganNov 16 2016 4:41pm
Woman I was just reading some of our old conversations and masturbatingnthinking about if I could live to serve you and sit on your lap. You are so sexy ;)

SuganJan 19 2017 7:25pm
Woman I want to be f*cked in the ass by your dildo

SuganMay 11 2017 6:29am
Hey Woman are you there?

SuganJul 10 2017 11:06am
Hey Woman

SuganSep 24 2017 6:14am
I9WX6O levitra nizagara

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