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Question: Which athlete would u wanna FUCK?
Created by: pretty boy at 06:31:50 AM, Sunday, June 08, 2003 PDT



Henni Sep 12 10:28pm

Yes, it is great feeling to be much taller and stronger than all men around me, and see them as small kids. Of course you may ask me anything you want. Outside, I wear different things of course it depends on the occasion. But of course I wear something shows my muscles. I worked so hard to get this body and I make sure that I show it in every single occasion. I don’t understand how women have muscular body and they don’t show their entire body. So, usually I wear shorts or skirts that expose my thighs and calves. From the upper side I always try to put on t-shirts that do not cover my shoulders, and due the size of my breasts my upper side of my breasts are already out of my t- shirts. Of course I don’t have much options especially when it comes to skirts and dresses. Of course inside my house it’s something totally different. My body size, hight: 2 meters and 2 cm, weight: 128.4 kg, thighs: 73.5, calve: 58, bicep: 50, shoulder width: 95, foot 28 cm hand: 30 cm. You did not answer what do you mean by beating man using my breasts?

SheSep 13 8:03am
Yes, I want to add that in most of the times in my foot I wore a flip flop but with small heels about 8 cm so in 90% of my time I will be about 2 meters 10 cm while men around me are 170 cm so will be taller than them in 40 cm. Of course I have another sandel with much higher heels but I don’t wear it on a daily basis. And sorry I wanted to add my chest size but I don’t have it since I stopped wearing bras long time ago. Finally, I’m white with dark brown hair and eyes. I think in I gave you full descriptions of myself now. Can you invite your girlfriend to this poll. And describe yourself and her to me. The other day a funny story happened a guy was trying to do some physical training but it looks like he almost hurt him self so another male was talking to him and saying you should be careful with these things you should know that you’re a woman, and he continued you should not try anything that your girlfriend is doing. You as a man have you achieved any physical progress recently ( adding muscles, weights, power) or you’re just like the others only losing it

SheSep 13 8:41am
Wow, you‘re so huge. I‘m only 186cm, weight 72kg, biceps nearly 38cm, shoulders a little more than 45 cm, thights 48cm and calves around 36. My hands are 21cm and feet are 25cm. My girlfriend is 179cm, weight 87kg, her biceps is over 44cm, her shoulder over 60cm, her thights are 65cm and her calves 48cm. Her hands and feet i don‘t know her measurements but they‘re a little smaller than mine. Actually she prefere smaller men but by my body measurements i‘m clear smaller than her and because she often wear heels i‘m also shorter than she is. She loves that i also workout a little but only once per month. But because of that my muscles are a little visible even though they‘re so small. On the other hand i‘m not weak for a man but of course she’s much stronger than me. She do for biceps curls the warmup with 16kg. It‘s more as my one time max lift, i can only lift 14kg at maximum with my biceps if it should be a clean lift. The maximum i have seen by my girlfriend is 36kg! More than i can lift with both arms. It‘s really impressive. Because my girlfriend like it that i‘m small and slim i don‘t want to bulk up myself. When i was once in the gym my girlfriends trainer gave me a plan how i can reduce my weight but also reduce the size of my muscles without reducing the visibility. She said if i do this plan i can reduce my weight down to around 65kg and my biceps might around 35cm maybe a little smaller. When we move in our friend circle most men are so small. It‘s obviousely that most women prefer small weak men. I think this starts also in school because almost my girlfriends loved that i was weaker than them. Most of them did workout as well so it was normal that they were stronger than we boys or even male teachers. And also i was always a member in a gym near to my parents house and there were a lot girls and women who worked out and were stronger than the boys and the men. I think you‘re right, men can‘t keep up to women unless they workout very hard and for a long time.

Henni Sep 13 10:36am
At home often my girlfriend wear heels 8cm as well. When she do so i’m almost tall as she is, i’m only a little shorter then. Outside she wears often 12cm heels or her 16cm heels, then she‘s so tall, she can nearly look over my head. Her chin is a little over my eye level. Sometimes at special events she wear her 26cm high heels. Then her shoulder is over my eye level and i‘m a head shorter than her. It must be impressive to imagine if i stand in front of you when you wear such heels. My eye level is most likely on your stromach. I would feel tiny. Next to my girlfriend i feel small already. Sometimes i feel humiliated when i stand between some of her gym mate girls who wear high heels. I‘m not only the shortest one but also the smallest and the weakest one. At the same time it‘s impressive to know that each girl around me is at least twice as strong as me. My girlfriend is more than 1 and a half times stronger than me and she is not the strongest women in the gym. If 70kg for one arm is your maximum you are 7 times stronger than me. This is a such heavy weight i couldn‘t lift it at all. When i ask if you can beat a man with your breast i meant, if you can bump a mans head with your breast only by flexing your pecs to hit him?

Henni Sep 13 2:32pm
It’s funny how you think it’s impressive when you’re the smallest and weakest between women. While, I think it’s impressive and exciting when I’m in a room full of men knowing that I’m not only the tallest, strongest, heaviest and most muscular but also knowing that I can beat all these men combined it’s something makes me really excited. So, will reduce your weight to 65 now? I think for a tall man like you you’ll look really think and sexy with this weight. I love how my size is big now so my bicep 50 cm is larger than your thigh and your shoulder. Even my hands and feet are bigger than yours. Honestly, I don’t any man who was able to keep up with a woman after she overpower or over muscled him. It’s not only women prefer smaller men so men became smaller. There’s a fact that most men can’t be as big and muscular like women even if they want to, no matter how hard they try.

SheSep 14 1:36am
I think you missed understood me, when it comes to what I wear in my house. I didn’t say what I wear in my house. However, in my house I don’t wear 8 cm heels. I’m always barefoot in my house unless I am doing some type of performance or comparisons with the men in the house. I’m 2 meters and 2 cm so I don’t need any heels even when I’m around the tallest man I know who’s similar to your hight 185 when he stands against me his eye level would be under my chin and because my breasts are already bumped up all the time he would be looking at my breasts directly. This’s the tallest man I know against me barefoot. My husband he’s 163 cm he stands under my breasts even when I’m bare feet. But when I go outside I wear 8 cm heels and in some occasions (wedding for example) I wear about 24 cm heels. My maximum weight for biceps training would be 75 kg for full set of training (15 reps) my deadlift is 100 kg. To answer your question about beating a man with my breasts I brought my husband and his friend and lifted them a little bit from their necks so they’re at my breasts level, and flexed my breasts and hit their heads with it. It was so funny how my breast push their heads really hard. They screamed from the pain. So, I think yes I can do it. They said it really hurt and it left them with a big red spot in their faces. Hope that this answer your question. Can your girlfriend try it on you or your friend?

She Sep 14 2:00am
For me as man it‘s sometimes creepy because i‘m aware that a lot of women are much stronger than me and could beat me up. Especially women who workout can often easily handle 2 or more men at the same time. How i wrote it above, my girlfriend is more than twice as strong as me. That means me and my friend together have no chance against her. When we armwrestle any of us can use both arms against one of hers and she could easily beat any of us. Thank you for this compliment that i look sexy when reduce my weight to 65kg. Yes i try it to reduce my weight. My girlfriend would love it when i‘m that leight with tiny but visible muscles. Often she say i‘m already such a cute little and weak man. When i reduce my weight i would have the perfect form. I think regarding the size of men you are more or less right. I know a few men who working out pretty hard and who are pretty big and strong but there are less than 5 men i know who are do so but i see hundrets of women who workout. Do you compare 100 women and 100 men you can say only 5% of men are similar strong like women and maybe also stronger. But it also means 95% of men are weaker than women and obviosely more and more men will kept smaller than women. Well, most women i know are shorter than me but only a few cm but all these women workout and they are stronger than me. But obviousely a lot of women like to be taller than men as well why often they wear heels and often even pretty high heels that makes us men generally shorter than women. Because a lot of women prefer small weak men you can see it more and more that women are acompanied from much smaller men. At the same time men accept it more often that they are weaker and they ask women for help with things who are to heavy for men. I also felt the result in the gym. If you hear boys dumbbells it means the small light weight. If you hear girls dumbbells it mostly means the big heavy dumbbels a man can hardly lift or who are to heavy for men. A lot of men are very small and for sure, these men would have a very long way to keep up to women if they are able to do at all. For me i want to be a small weak sexy man my girlfriend like it.

Henni Sep 14 2:44am
Nice. Does your girlfriend tease you and your friends after she humilited you in wrestling? How? For men for some reason now it’s really hard for them to build muscles or become stronger do not know why. While for women and me especially it’s so easy. So, for example sometimes the trainer would say you need a month to build this muscles or to gain this weight but I can do it easily within 2 weeks. For me it’s impossible to lose weight or muscles while for all men I know they lose weight even when they don’t want to

SheSep 14 2:53am
My girlfriend has not that big breasts. Dont get me wrong her breasts are perfect for me but not that big she could hit me with them. But nevertheless if she flex her pecs her breasts will move a few cm up. When she wear her 26cm heels she can move her nipples from my chin hight up to over my mouth. Then i can kiss her nipples when i stand in front of her. One time she borow crotch high boots with the highest plateau i‘ve ever seen. It was 50cm and she was so tall i couldn‘t reach her breasts with my head. It was to much because she had to bow down very far to kiss me. It was not possible to kiss when i stand direct in front of her because i was simply to small. But also if she wear her 16cm heels i‘m clear shorter than her. In average we men are around 176cm and the girls in heels are in average 192cm i think. This is a significant difference. Moreover we men have narrower shoulders and smaller muscles. We are much leighter. I think it‘s obviousely that men are much smaller and weaker than the majority of women who workout.

Henni Sep 14 3:12am
Oh nice. Do you think you would like me to hit you with my breasts? Or you’re too scared from my breasts? You think women wearing heels in 192 is big difference. Imagine how my husband and his friend feels around above 2 meters barefoot, while they’re 164. It’s always hard for them to reach my breasts i have to lift them. Does your girlfriend shows her muscles in public or private infront your guests or friends

SheSep 14 3:21am
Well i think i have to workout a lot of years to keep up to my girlfriend. At the same time she would workout also so i would imagine it would need maybe 10 years? I believe i would bulk up very slowly and this is the opposide i would do. I‘m sure my girlfriend will bulk up and get bigger muscles and try to reach 100kg or more and i will try to lose weight and be her small and cute sexy weak man. On kind of humiliation she does to me or my friend after she defeated us by treating us like kids or she calls me weakling also in public. It‘s obviousely that i‘m weaker anyway but it‘s humiliating when she call me in this way. When we go to the beach sometimes she want that i wear a thong, then my whole body is visible because the thong fits pretty tight. Everone can see that my muscles are much smaller than my girlfriend muscles.

Henni Sep 14 3:30am
Good boy, I see lots of love between you and your girlfriend. She’s working really hard to bulk up and be over 100 kg, like a real amazon woman. While you’re losing weight to be her little cute weak boy. Hopefully some day you two can reach a level where she’s double your size. Other than calling you weakling how does she treat you and your friend like kids in private or public? Really, she makes you wear a thong you must look really cute and sexy in it. I would love to see you in a thong. I imagine that she wears a thong too, so people can see the difference. Right?

SheSep 14 3:40am
Thank you that you say i look sexy in a thong. Sometimes i hear that also from other women who think it‘s sexy if a man wear a thong. I have to admit often i‘m happy that my girlfriend is with me because if i realize another women stare at my chunk i‘m scare what she could do to me. You‘re right my girlfriend wears a string bikini when we‘re at the beach and she loves to flex her muscles and compare hers to my small male muscles. Moreover she loves to lift weights on the beach if there is a gym on the beach and often she persuaded me to workout next to her. Then everybody can see it promptly how strong she is because i can onl use these small boys weights while she use these heavy girls weights. After we‘ve done our workout she‘s pumped much more almost 2cm because she have already so big muscles. My muscles are to small and hardly pumped, maybe a few millimeters. Anyway the difference is obvious. It seems the people like to watch us workout, the men admire how strong my girlfriend is and they like to see her working out in bikini, and a lot wome like to look at me. It seems it‘s not regular that a man workout, only wearing a thong. Sometimes it seems the one or other women becomes horny. So then i‘m happy that my girlfriend is with me. If she leave the gym i will run after her. Who knows what the other women will do to me if they see me alone.

Henni Sep 14 7:09am
Nice. Do you go to the beach regularly? You’re right you must stay with your woman when I see i sexy man wearing a thong i got him. Do your girlfriend let other men touch her muscles in the beach? I do this in the beach and in my flat when we have guests

SheSep 14 7:28am
Really? What do you would do with a weak small sexy man who wears thong? I had made an experience with a women. Not really scaring for me but she wanted to get me hard because it‘s visible i get a bulge in my thong. I egged her to let me go and she did. I had luck to be honest because for a moment i feart she wold rape me. Since this day i try to stay always next to my girlfriend because she protects me. Yes we are often in the beach. Again and again other men asks to touch her muscles, especially single men ask her.

Henni Sep 14 9:13am
Yes, probably will ask him to come to my home. I’ll wrestle him beat him, make him massages me and then have my way with him. Sometimes maybe don’t want. So, don’t know if that’s considering raping. Nice, you go to the beach. I no longer go to the beach often, because it’s not allowed to be topless so i go more to private pools. Does she let men touching her? Does she force to kiss those powerful female muscles

SheSep 14 9:25am
My girlfriend allows men to touch her mighty female muscles if these men ask her. If one man would try to touch her without asking her before, she would beat him up. I think when you’re touch a man maybe if you make him naked without he is fine with it, it can be rape already. You mean if she force men to worship her muscles? This normaly is only my job, only sometimes if she want it she invite another man she dominates him and force him to worship her muscles.

Henni Sep 14 10:14am
So, you think i’m raping men. Who’s this man who worships her other than you? Tell me more details. Also, when she beats you and your friend how she humiliates you

SheSep 15 1:24am
Normaly it‘s rarely that another man worship her but sometimes if there is a guy who want to learn that a women who workout is stronger than men it can happen or the man of couple we know. I think many men realize it slowly that a lot women nowadays workout and because of this they have the advanage to be stronger than men. It was the same for me with my first serious girlfriend. I persuaded her to start to workout. I didn‘t expect she would become stronger than me. At the end i was the weaker one in our relationship. Since then i had only girlfriends i knew from the gym and because of this in my circle i know many girls who are very strong and these girls prefere boyfriends who are weaker. How you already wrote it, women become bigger and taller, men become smaller and more thin. Well i think men doesn‘t become much smaller but when i think the generaton 10 years older than me, most women are maybe one head shorter. Also when they wear heels they are not always taller than men and most of these women don‘t want to be taller. Nowadays it goes the other way arround. Many women and also girls are only a few cm shorter, some women even taller than men. Nevertheless many women wear heels and often much higher heels than in previous times. So it became more and more common that men are shorter than women. Often i see this in the entry area in the gym. If there are a lot people who wants to go in there is a queue. Most of them are women there is nearly no man. Often i‘m the only men and i‘m mostly shorter and also smaller than the women arround me. And this is also the topic. In prevous times often there were men in gym and some women. Nowadays there are almost only women there and pretty rarely a man. Because of this many men don‘t see that women workout and become stronger and stronger. But meanwhile it seems that this is proceeded so much that many women like it to be stronger. I mentioned it already, in my circle nearly all women prefer boyfriends who are weaker. I think most women want to live in an equal righteous relationship but of course it is generally visible that men have much more respect to women and again and again you can see how women treat men if they want to enforce anything. They know that many men weaker. One time i misunderstood my girlfriend when she asked me to do anything for her. We were on a party when i admitted what i did. She was upset grabbed me at my wrist and pulled me against my will to a side. Than she rant to me. Because she wore pretty high heels i was clear shorter than her and had to look up to her. She squeezed my wrist so hard it hurts me. Because i realized she was really angry i was scare she would hit me. At the end of her monologue she asked me if i understood and i said ‚yes ma‘am!‘ I didn’t dare to have contradicts. When she left me alone i cried for a short time and was angry to myself because i didn’t obey to her. Some other people saw how she treated me and it was humiliating because i couldn’t defend myself against her. But i think she was right, i‘m the weaker one and when she give me an important task i should do it or inform her so early as possible that i can’t do it.

Henni Sep 15 3:32am
Interesting story. But I think this’s normal I have few friends who have kids and they all tell me treating a husband is no different at all from treating a kid. It’s so obvious that you respect your girlfriend and obey her. Anyway sometimes men like you can’t obey women like your girlfriend because you’re weak and slow in understanding. And this’s where women have to take an action and behave their men, like your girlfriend did to you. I noticed from my husband and other men it’s very common these days for men to cry when their women behave them physically or mentally. It looks like men are becoming more sensitive, while I haven’t heard of a woman crying from her from long time. Physicaly it’s more common in my circle for women to marry men shorter than them even barefoot. So, in weddings Brides will lead the dance and lift the groom. Why it’s so rare for men to worship your girlfriend. Doesn’t she wrestle men? How she ordered these men to worship her

SheSep 15 3:55am
Hm, i think i‘m not dumb but on this day i understood i should do one thing but she meant a completly other topic. Later when she asked me if i‘m done i gave her an answer she didn‘t expect so she become angry because she thought i would kidding her. First i don‘t understood why and i wanted to explain but she was so angry she screamed at me. I felt how angry she was because she squezed my wrist really hard and it was very painfull for me. I begged her to let go my wrist but she become more and more angry. So i stood stiff with fear in front of her and gave no answer except this ‚yes ma‘am‘. I don‘t know why she became so angry but in this way she showed what she can do to me if she want! Well, she’s normaly nice but she doesn’t like it when anyone kidding her also if it should be funny. I really mean funny not on a nasty way. But on the other hand she can laugh about funny stuff and she loves to laught. But sometimes if she had a bad day i should shut up and when she give an order, i just do it, don’t ask and hope there is nothing i do wrong by mistake. Well, here men are a little taller than women by average but the difference is small. Of course by weight and muscle mass slender men are smaller than women who are big by their muscle mass. Because it’s fancy, a lot women wear heels therefore men are often shorter than women. By my own perspective i’m smaller and shorter than women and because most female friends workout i’m actually always weaker. I think women are always the boss in the relationship. I never learned it on another way exept in my first relationship but this was only for a short time as well. My girlfriend doesn’t want to wrestle that often but sometimes she’s doing that. When i stay away and observe how she wrestle i admire her strength and often i’m stunned when i see how easy she cope another man. She can move his body, his arms but also his legs how ever she want it and i see how he tries to press against her power but he stands no chance. Then i’m happy that i’m not under her and i have a chill down my spine by recall she could do the same at me when she’s angry! Sometimes we romp a little and she throw me through the room. But she takes care to don’t hurting me. Nevertheless it’s impressive again and again and sometimes she scares me if i don’t know if she becomes serious or it’s still fun. It’s the same experience when we were at the party. I thought it was still fun and then she suppressed me by gave me pain and became loud to me.

Henni Sep 15 3:38pm
I have also to admit, i also had a bad day one day and i was really mad this day. She asked me something and i had really not the time to finish the tasks she asked me for. Then i don’t no why but i became really upset and screamed to her she should let me alone in this room then i will at next do what she asked for. Anyway she came closer to me because she became also more and more upset. And when she tried to grab me i hits her hand away. This was a very big mistake. She had beaten me up how i never experienced it before. I tried to defend myself but she puts my hands away as if it was nothing. I was black and blue and had some strains. Except, i gave her the one or other hit, she had nothing after our argument. Not even a little hurt she was. I looked as when i was run over by a dozer. Later she was sorry what she had doing to me but also i have to admit, actually she did only defend herself because any time she let me go i tried to hit her. So at the end she knocked me out. Then i sat in a corner and cried and i was scared when she came closer to me. But we made up at last. But nevertheless, i can never forget it. It was the first time i was beaten up so badly by a women and hopefully it was also the last time.

Henni Sep 15 4:10pm
Did you also suppressed a man in that way already? I think i my circle a lot women did it to their men. I can feel it when i talk with other men. Many men have a very high respect of their women and sometimes it seems these men are scared by their women. Well i can understand it. If a women become angry she can hurt a man very badly.

Henni Sep 16 12:26pm
Well it’s so obvious who’s wearing the pants in your relationship. You really respect her and fear her, and this’s how relationships should be. Does she ever spank you or other men like a kid? Of course i had similar experience. As, I told you I’ve been married for few years now and in marriage the wife needs to be violent sometimes to behave the husband. It’s similar issues with other couples I know as well. Sometimes the wife will dragg her husband to the next room then we hear the husband crying. But as I told you it’s very common now. Anyway with your experience I think you’re ready now to start a marriage. But I don’t get your girlfriend she’s really powerful and muscular why she doesn’t like to wrestle a lot or show off her muscles more often?

SheSep 17 1:30am
Yes, I’m the subordinated in our relationship and she is responsible for all heavy things and she also protecting me. I would say she pretty often shows her muscles because she mostly wear sleeveless tops or shirts without or short sleeves. Her muscles are so big that the sleeves will be stretched if she wear a shirt with sleeves. I need a smaller dress size but nevertheless my muscles are much to small than i could stretch the sleeves of my shirt i wear. And then the strength difference is visible because many things who are really heavy for me and i need both arms, she can do it without much effort and only with one arm. She loves when i wear when i wear clothes who show my thin arms and legs and highlight my slender figure. How i wrote it already i’m a little taller than her but much more slim and narrower. I have visible but small muscles who hardly bulging. Not like hers. If she flex her biceps it bulging high up and it is separated into two muscles. The lower muscle is wide and bulging to the inside of her upper arm. The other bicep muscle grows steep to the top. My whole bicep is only that big how her lower bicep bulging out. Her bicep who grows on the top is bigger. Normally she doesn’t need to flex her muscles to see how her muscles bulging. It goes from alone. Next to her i look thin and because of she wear high heels mostly she’s also taller than me. If we go out together with others, as man i’m just a little taller than the other men but because the girls all wear high heels so i’m shorter than each of the girls. Because mostly these are girls my girlfriend knows from her gym. Therefore in the group there is no man who could keep up to one of the girls. It’s obviously that a lot girls nowadays prefer smaller and weaker men.

Henni Sep 17 7:44am
What about her lower body muscles, are they visible, defined and big? Does she also show her thighs muscles and her lower butt muscles? Also, does she show her shoulder and breasts muscles? I know all women these days chose smaller thinner men to be their partners. Are you comfortable being submissve to her infront your families? If so do you think in your wedding for example she would be the one who’s lifting you?

SheSep 17 8:25am
Her legs are like tree trunks. I think most women have stronger legs even then if they don’t workout. In the gym i see young women again and again when they start to workout, nevertheless they are stronger in their legs than me even though i workout since years. But i also have to admit i don’t workout for maximum strength but to stay fit and slim and go ahead to loose weight. Therefore many women surpass me after few months also in upper body. Most women who build muscles love to show their muscles. The same my girlfriend also doing with me or other men as well. In her family it’s no problem, her sister is also very strong and has a weaker boyfriend and her mother started working out when her husband became violent. After she has beaten him up he left the family. Now she have a new boyfriend who is also weaker. Obviously her mother is hers and her sister’s idol. In my family it was a little more traditional first but my mother and also my sister were influenced by my girlfriend and they also workout since some months. My dad is a little worry but he don’t talk about his worries. My sister’s boyfriend also workout. He’s not small but nevertheless sometimes he have a discussion if he is the stronger one and if yes, how long does it takes until my sister surpass him. Anyway, my girlfriend shows all her muscles so far as possible. Sometimes she wear a hot pants or at the beach she wears a string bikini. In any case then her butt muscles are visible. I think if we marry she have to carry me, i can’t because i’m not strong enough. Especially if she gain more muscles and i become even smaller.

Henni Sep 17 11:12am
Nice, will love to see your wedding pictures

SheSep 18 12:36am
I think it would be look like the same you can see it with many other couples, a tall amazon women and a small man. Do you’ve made experiences with other couples regarding these? May i ask you how old are you? Because of you wear clothes who show your muscles how often get you notice that men look at you? Do you think they admire or they fear you?

Henni Sep 18 3:57am
I’m 31. Yes, I always wear clothes to show of my body as much as possible. Yes, due my size i got lots of notice by men older and younger. Men will be looking at my muscles a lot but also in many other situations they look at my breasts which also muscular and stronger than most of these men muscles. I would say definitely they fear me and they fear me a lot. I think also they admire me, but I think they fear me more. Especially with men who see me on a regular basis. How old are you and your girlfriend? Which experience you’re asking about if i had with other couples

SheSep 18 4:17am
I’m 24 and my girlfriend is 21yo. I’m 3 and a half year older than her. We are since almost 6 years a couple. Unfortunately your post seems that’s not finished?!?

Henni Sep 18 4:31am
What do you mean not finished. You asked if i had any experience with other couples and did not understand what experience you’re asking about? And I answerd you that men look at my muscles and breasts and I think they fear me more.

SheSep 18 4:41am
You are right, i was wrong! I meant did you made funny experiences when you observe other couples, women and men? When you wear a bra do you wear a bra who supports your breasts to make look it bigger? My girlfriend sometimes does. It looks very sexy. How old is your husband?

Henni Sep 18 5:02am
My husband is 30 he’s 1 year younger than me. Lots of stories between men and women, especially in weddings where women lead the dance or lift the groom. Or one of the couples I know just for fun once went to a gay bar and the wife was wearing jeans and t- shirt and no one noticed that she is a woman. Everyone thought they’re gay couple where’s the wife is the bigger man. No, I told i stopped wearing bra long time ago but my breasts are already supported thanks to my muscles and always very visible even from below the shirt. Do you like when your girlfriend expose her breasts

SheSep 18 5:17am
When you work really hard I mean really hard, probably with weights needs 3 men to move the women breasts would be supported from lower side with huge powerful muscle and this will make the breast supported in all times even without wearing a bra. And this’s exactly what happened to me. And it makes them bigger. So, even if I don’t want to show off my breasts they are out there anyway and that’s help me a lot to make men more into me. Because, I’m kind of a woman who doesn’t pay attention to her clothes and I don’t wear make up. I only focus on my weight and muscles so don’t have time to don’t have time to spend on making myself look beautiful I’d rather spend this time in the gym getting stronger and bigger. And thanks fully when men see big breasts, big muscles and big thighs they don’t care about anything else. So, for me women no more needs make up and hair dressers they need muscles and work to become bulky masculine women. While probably men need to look beautiful and they should start wearing make up and that’s what I do sometimes to men around me.

SheSep 18 5:53am
I like it if my girlfriend shows her breasts to me. She doesn’t need a bra but nevertheless it looks great if she wears one. In public she likes to wear a shirt or top with deep neckline. In it the movement of her muscles is visible at her bosom. Especially when she wear her highest heels, i have a wonderful view to her bosom when i stand in front of her. She loves it when i so much shorter than her. Especially when she lift me my feet lose the touch from the floor. She already carried me with one arm. I was sitting on her hand so my eye level was on the same high like hers. What an overview! When she sat me down to my feet i looked shortly to her abs through the neckline. It was impressive and so sexy.

Henni Sep 18 6:43am
So, you like to see her wearing bra more than seeing her topless? I should see what men around like? But I don’t wear bra anyway

SheSep 18 6:46am
No you missunderstood. When we are in public then i like to see her with such bra. If we‘re at home i like to see her topless. But i think sometimes she felt unconfortable without a bra.

Henni Sep 18 12:09pm
Yesterday, i was again in the gym since 3 weeks. This time there were even 4 men there, this is a lot! It was impressive to see how much more weight the women could lift than the men. It was stunning to realize how weak men basically compared to women. I can imagine in your gym you are one of the strongest and biggest, right? I think my girlfriend is a little over average compared to most women. For me i think i‘m average compared to the men who were there yesterday. Of course compared to women i‘m pretty small and much weaker.

Henni Sep 19 1:43am
Okay, so you as a man prefer to see her topless if you’re inside the house. So, let’s say you will visit me someday in my house do you prefer to see me wearing a bra or topless? If you like to see her wearing a sexy bra in public I think you like when you see other men looking at your girlfriend right? Wow 4 men at the gym sometimes in my gym we don’t have one man for 2 weeks. I’m one of the strongest but not the strongest. Of course we no longer compare with men because it’s known fact that we’re way stronger than them. For example in weights women warm up in 15kg at least, men the maximum they can lift is 10- 12.

She Sep 21 1:09am
Yes, at home i like to see her topless. In public, sometimes she wear a sexy top or only a bra. Of course many men look at her but i accept it because she’s my girlfriend. I don’t become jealous and anyway i only heavy could prevent other men to have a look on her. Other men are similar strong like me. Some are a little stronger and some a little weaker than me but many men are in accompany from their girlfriends and if i would attack another men, most likely his girlfriend would protect him and she would beat up me and i’m most likely much weaker than her. You are right, women use often at least 15kg for warmup for curls, some use even more. I do my warmup with 8kg and the maximum i use for reps is 11.5kg only for 6 reps. My maximum 1 time lift is 14kg. My girlfriend do warmup with 16 or 17kg. Her maximum one time lift is 36kg. I think my girlfriend is average with her strength. For myself i experienced that not much men can lift so heavy weight like me but many also can lift up to 13kg for one time. I think this a lot for a man. For a women it’s very light of course.

Henni Sep 21 6:52am
Of course being jealous is stupid thing so you shouldn’t do it anyway. Also, I know lots of men who would like others to look at their women I love it this situation. It’s a win situation for everyone. When you’re saying that your girlfriend is going in public wearing bra do you mean in the beach or she goes other places wearing bra only? So, if you’re visiting a woman other than your girlfriend how do you prefer to see her wearing a bra or topless, and let’s say this woman is me. There’s big difference between your strength and your girlfriend strength, your maximum isn’t enough for her warmup. If she’s using 16 for warmup I’m sure her maximum is more than 36 maybe 36 for her normal training. Maybe she’s telling you the actual numbers because she doesn’t want to scare you more than you already scared of her.

SheSep 21 7:10am
A bra she actually wearing if she is on the beach or at a party. I’m mostly ok with it if other men look at her but some men do stupid things while look at her. It can be that she can lift more than 36kg. When we were in the gym together i observed her during she did her biceps workout. She did the following reps: with dumbbells warmup 16kg x15 than 22kg x15, 26kg x12 and 28kg 10. After a short break she did the same with a sz dumbbell bar, of course with double of weight. It so impressive, sometimes i wish i could lift also such heavy weight.

Henni Sep 21 8:21am
When you see her training are scared or excited more? I think you men of these days don’t have the option of not being okay with anything we women are doing because you’re 100% the followers in the relationship. Then it’s not your job to be concerned if some men did something stupid while looking at her because she’s the women and in her role in the relationship she’s the one who’s defending herself and yourself. I don’t think you should even dream to lift as your girlfriend is lifting because there’s gender difference between you, and you might end up hurting yourself really bad trying to lift half her weight. What type of parties would be when she wears only a bra? Is it like house party? Finally you didn’t answer if you ever to meet me do you wish to see me with a bra or topless?

SheSep 21 8:35am
Maybe fo comparison i should give my own bicep routine: dumbbells, warmup 8kg x15 then 9kg x12, 10kg x10 and 11.5kg x8. With sz dumbbell bar 12kg x 12, 16kg x9 and 20kg x7. It a little heavy to hold it stable in my back but i can hold it most of the time.

Henni Sep 21 8:38am
OMG you make me remember my weights when I was 12 maybe. Anyway your girlfriend can eat you alive if she wants especially that she’s gaining more weight and muscles while you’re losing it

SheSep 21 8:43am
At house parties she wear often only a bra. I think i should say i would see you in a bra or i could trouble with my girlfriend but also i think it could be exciting if you are topless. I could imagine you would wear your highest heel so i’m much smaller than you.

Henni Sep 21 8:45am
Really in all house parties she wears bra? That’s nice. Does she only put on panties in these parties? Why your girlfriend has problems with me not wearing bra? I’m confused so do you want me to be topless or not? Of course i can put my 35 cm heels. So, I will be 2 meters and 37 cm. but you have to pamper my feet after putting those on

SheSep 21 8:50am
When my girlfriend and me started our relationship i was 18 and she was nearly 15yo. Then i was almost as strong as today bit my girlfriend told me she had need also only a year to become stronger than me. She started her strength training with 12. When she was 13 she was already stronger than me. She loved it when she was 14yo that her boyfriend was 18 and weaker than her. I think nowadays it is common that girls start lifting early. There are some in the gym in whom i workout as well and a lot them are stronger than me.

Henni Sep 21 8:58am
Well so you’re used to the fact that your girlfriend is stronger than you from ling time ago. And you exactly where men belong in the relationship.

SheSep 21 9:00am
I think I should stop wrestling men or at least i have to wrestle 3 men or more. The difference between me and normal men is getting bigger and bigger. During the weekend I was supposed to have a physical competition against a man I already know from the school days. We were chatting for a while and he kept asking me to have a physical competition so I agreed but I told him to bring other male if he can. However they arrived two men of course weak but they don’t seem to be this weak. Two guys I think they’re about 185 cm each and their weight is about 85-90 kg. And they have muscles so I thought they should be physical fit. I told them from the beginning that any contest should not be wrestling or fighting. We did a competition of lifting and flexing they changed their clothes in my bathroom and came out they were wearing swimsuits only. As I said they’re thin and small but they don’t look this weak. I was wearing the bottom of bikini and t- shirt. So before we start the wrestling i took off my top and they were shocked from my muscular define body and muscles. Also, my husband put an oil all over my body so I was looking stunning. We did the competition at the beginning i lifted a couch, it took them both to lift it from the ground. Then I lift them in the same time and put them on my shoulders each one one shoulder, both of them tried to lift but couldn’t do it for more than 15 second while i did it for 15 minutes although i was wearing heels. Then i beat them in every single competition like putting them on a couch and lift them above my head etc. So, I won the competition and wanted my prize. I naked them and decided to make fun of their bodies while they’re worshiping my body. But one of them didn’t handle it very well. So, jumped on me and tried to slap on my face. Actually, I didn’t feel it, but I defended myself so I slapped him back and the second one was trying to hold my arms so I threw him above his friend as well. I said stop and come back and worship me, but they refused and tried to jump on me again. Here I just catch them both lifted them both each one hand from their necks and threw them on the floor, immediately sat on their face both their faces can fit under my bottom. Then stand up and slap them with my feet. Later I noticed that they’re unconscious and bleeding. I tried to wake them up but they just like that on my floor like dead people. Thanks fully my neighbor is a doctor she came over, helped them treated them and took them to the hospital. In the hospital she told the police that a gang of 7 men attacked them. She told me they were really hurted although I only slap them in my hand once and in my breasts once and in my feet once. Wonder which one cause this huge damage to those men

She Sep 21 10:18am
All the girlfriends i had before were involved in sport and because of the sport lessons for girls were or they became stronger than me or all other boys in the class. I think a woman should have a strength comparison with a man only in a soft way because she can hurt him very badly by mistake. Even though these men were well trained obviously i think it was clear i think that they much weaker than you because they are smaller. When i have a challenge with a woman actually she always take care to me that she don’t squeeze me to firm because for most women it’s obvious that i’m weaker than them. Again and again i experience that a women laugh at me when she see that my male muscles much smaller than hers. But mostly she realize that i’m much weaker because i can hardly resist her pressure. Most of the gym mates my girlfriend have, i can resist only a few seconds when we arm wrestle. Until now i had only one girlfriend i could defeat in arm wrestling. This was before she started working out.

Henni Sep 21 2:34pm
I think it was the own fault of these men you wrestled down that you have beaten thme down. A man should know that a woman is regular stronger especially if she is so much taller and bigger. I can imagine even though this men have muscles it must be obvious there muscles are smaller than yours and because of this they must be also weaker. I think a man should treat a women with respect always. What do you think, how big were their muscles? What was the outcome when you compared strength?

Henni Sep 21 2:54pm
I talked with my girlfriend if we can compare strength between women and men in our circle. She means that the women will have an easy play with us weaklings but i gave the idea. Let’s see what happens.

Henni Sep 22 9:11am
Nice idea. The outcome I destroyed them, i lift both of them easily while both of them couldn’t lift me properly. They knew and I knew that i’m much stronger than them, but no one imagined that only because i sat on them and gave them a slap with my feet and breasts on their faces, i will hurt them this badly. I don’t know are my feet and breasts so strong or they’re so weak. You said men should always respect women tell how you respect women other then your girlfriend, and how other men respect your girlfriend how they show her this respect? Do they kiss her muscles bend over for her? Let me know what’s the outcome of your comparison?

SheSep 28 1:43am
Well i think compared to you, men are very weak. You should consider most men are much smaller, i think just as tall like kids to you. That also means that these men are much weaker. When i asked my girlfriend what she think how strong i am compared to her she said i’m maybe like a 8yo boy to her but not more.

Henni Sep 28 10:30am
I think when i or most other men talk with women they are intimidated because it’s visible that women more muscular nowadays and women feel it, that a man is intimidated. When i talk to an unknown women mostly i’m shy because i know she is stronger than me. Moreover many women are pretty tall nowadays. I’m self not short but many women are only a few centimeters shorter but often they wear heels and therefore i’m shorter. Because of their bigger muscles they have broader shoulders and a muscular neck and thick arms. Her whole body is big and muscular i can see when she move her body how her muscles popping out and bulging. My muscles are to small that i could bulging out anything. Only at one point i can bulging out anything. Anyway it’s very intimidating if i stand in front of such a woman who look down at me. Mostly i feel small and weak in such a situation. I think from her perspective i must look like a little boy who looks up to her.

Henni Sep 28 1:22pm
In the last days we met us in gym. We were 4 couples and one single women. Long story short, the women wipped the floor with us. We men are much to weak.

Henni Oct 05 1:19am
How do you feel being such a toy comparing to your girlfriend? I also noticed that all men are shy around me, do you think that’s because they’re weaker and smaller? For me I look down to all men even if I’m barefoot. Maybe that’s why I feel all men are kids to me. What do you mean by whipped the floor give more details. Has your girlfriend wrestle any new men recently

She Oct 07 10:39am
Well, I feel small and weak. Also if my eye height is higher or maybe the same high, i‘m lighter, have more narrow shoulders and my arms and legs are thin because my muscles are so small. After this challange when the girls came from the locker room they wore heels. Then i and the other men were clear shorter than the girls. Especially the one girl who was nearly as tall as me. When she wore her heels i felt very small next to her. I was hardly able to look over her shoulder. It‘s very impressive for a man to know i‘m shorter, smaller and weaker and that i look petite and small between this strong girls from others perspective. Someone had even thought me as my girlfriend‘s little brother by mistake. Do you already experienced also the same if you are outside with you husband? But regarding you question if men are shy in perspective of a strong women i think yes. If i‘m on a party and i stand as only men between some girls i‘m actually always smaller by far and and i know that all the girls are much stronger than me. I think nowadays a lot of girls go for small weak men. Sometimes i experienced that a girl wants to catch me to be her boyfriend or as a one night stand. Without help from my girlfriend i think i would already raped by the one ot other girl. Since then i know for me as weak man it’s dangerous to be alone outside. If i think how many girls do workout i think they wan to be stronger than men. When my girlfriend and me met us first time i was a little stronger than her she realized by a little strength test and then she wanted to workout since this day. She became stronger than me pretty fast and since then she also wear high heels pretty often because she thinks it fits better when i‘m weaker i should be also shorter than her. With the ‚The girls wipped the floor with us‘ i meant none of us men had a chance, the girls were simply much to strong for us. My girlfriend wresteled one guy she learnt know in the gym. This guy had the opinion a girl can not that much stronger than a guy. She has prooft to him that she was at least twice as strong than him.

Henni Oct 07 12:47pm
Well, yes many times people thought my husband is my little brother and sometimes when I’m with him and his mates they would say it’s so nice from me to take out my brother and his friends. Sometimes I don’t correct them and just keep treating them as my little brothers. This’s when we’re outside but when we’re inside they see me as a mother not a big sister. How narrow is your shoulders and how board is your girlfriend? When I am around men they’re always super shy, maybe this’s why. It’s strange that in your country there are lots of men in the gym. So, tell me how your girlfriend humiliated this guy? Did they wrestle did she beat him and his friend at the same time? What was she wearing

She Oct 08 4:44am
I‘m sure men are so shy because you are as women are much taller, bigger and stronger than men. I think i‘m not small for a man but next to you i‘m smaller by far. Moreover your muscles are much bigger and you are extremly strong for me. How i wrote it in my previous post a lot girls go for small weak men. If i stand at the bus stop and there is a girl and she looks down to me sometimes i see a flash in her eyes. Than i‘m scared of her and what she can do with me. Anyway, my girlfriend‘s shoulder wide is nearly 50cm and if she flex her delts and shoulder muscles it‘s even nearly 60cm. My shoulders are less than 45cm. The guy she wresteled, at first she did arm wrestle him in front of his friends and later she wresteld him on the matt and put him again and again in a scissor. At the end he was exhausted and could not move because all bones hurts him. She wresteled only him but it was obviosely she had an easy game with him.

Henni Oct 08 6:47am
Nice good one from your girlfriend. Was he humiliated? Did she put her feet on him at the end or did she say anything to him. My shoulders are about 65 non flexed. Me also, when I look at men under me i see the fear in their eyes. Next to me you’re a kid I’m about 20 cm higher barefoot

SheOct 09 4:02am
Yes, he was humiliated because she played with him than if his strength is nothing compared to her muscle power. But his muscles were also smaller than hers, no wonder that he is weaker. She laught over him and made fun. She called him ‚weakling‘ and ‚sissy boy‘ or ‚he‘s a toy‘. I can imagine that men look at you with fear in their eyes. At your site the men are even smaller than me but next to you i‘m still very small. I‘m a dwarf next to you and must look like a stick figure. My girlfriend is not that tall but nevertheless next to her i also look small especially if she wear heels and i‘m also shorter. Obviousely many girls like to be taller because they often wear high heels also in public. Mostly when i stand in a company of girls i‘m the shortest. I have always to look up to them. When i‘m sometimes in the gym it‘s most impressive. As man i‘m the shortest one, the smallest, have the most less power. I know the girls around me can overpower me in an easy way. What should i do i‘m just a small weak man. I‘m always happy that my girlfriend is with me!

Henni Oct 09 6:40am
How did she make fun of him? Men can’t do anything around women accept and obey. Have you lost weight did she gain weight?

SheOct 09 7:19am
You said your girlfriend called her last victim as sissy boy. Does she also call you that often? Recently my weight is 125 kg. Even three men together can’t lift me for one cm. Do you think your girlfriend have only physical advantage over you or she also has mental and financial advantages? This’s the case in my circle all women not only bigger and muscular but we’re also smarter and make more money.

SheOct 09 8:08am
She calls me often her little boy, sweetie or cutie but only rarely sissy boy. Sometimes if it turned out again that things are to heavy for me she called me weakling or weak boy. Of course this annoys me a little but she’s right. I’m weaker than her and when we meet one or some of her trainings mates i’m also weaker than them. If her trainings mates come alone without their boyfriends i’m the weakest and if their boyfriends are also there i’m average under the males. Maybe a little stronger than average but no comparison to the girls. I weight a lot less as well than most of the girls. I’m slender with very small muscles this weights not that much. I weigh only 72kg it’s more than 50kg lighter than you. The most girls in my circle weigh between 80-100kg. Compared to them i’m a little cute boy. In my circle it rarely that a girl is taller or equal tall as me but the most are only a few centimeters shorter. Because nowadays a lot girls wear pretty high heels so i’m mostly shorter. My girlfriend is similar educated like me but nevertheless she earns more money. Sometimes i think she’s smarter but she said the same to me.

Henni Oct 09 11:25pm
I like to call men sissy boys and I call my husband sissy husband. What’s your girlfriend weight? So, she’s not only physically stronger she’s also financially dominant that means she’s the bride winner in every aspect if you ever got married. I wish I can get married more than one women. Recently I’ve been living with 3 weaker men and wish of i can marry them all

SheOct 10 5:13am
Yes, regarding dominance she’s the boss. She’s gone this way since she’s realized that she’s stronger than me. On the other hand men who are so weak like me next to their girlfriend, should be always subordinated. Since i’m interested in stronger girls who workout i discovered that i’m more and more often lighter what means i’m smaller than this girls. I think the fact that muscle mass weights more is the reason that a lot girls around me are more heavy. Me as man with my mini muscles are much lighter generally. Sometimes i wonder when you see men around you as small how would you see me? I’m relatively tall compared to men near you but compared to you i’m still small. Especially my muscles are tiny. I can imagine that will come true in the future that a women can have more than one husbands. in my circle there are some girls who have more than one boyfriends.

Henni Oct 10 9:04am
What ways she uses to show that she’s the boss of the relationship? I think i’ll see you like the other men. One small weak little boy or a sissy boy. The question how would you see me, boss or mum? Really you this’s the future? Do you any married couples with more than one husband? Your friends who’s havoc 2 boyfriends, do they live at the same house? Is she stronger than both of them give me more details

SheOct 10 5:43pm
She‘s simply more bossy. If she want to do anything she can do it also against my will because i can not prevent it. If i want do anything she dont want it, she can prevent it. At least when it is anything who is heavy. Than i need her muscle power because my muscles are much to small and to weak. I’m completely dependent to her regarding muscle power. I think i would see you as boss because you are much taller, much more muscular and much stronger than me. For now i know no women who married two men at the same time but it can become true in the future because i know some women and also girls who have two boyfriends. i think it can happen in the future. For now ot‘s not allowed but. The girls who have two boyfriends do working out. Because they go for smaller men they are of course stronger than their boyfriends. I think at your site it‘s equal that a lot women prefere small weak men.

Henni Oct 11 5:26am
You’re absolutely correct. So, does your girlfriend consider another boyfriend? Those women who have two boyfriends do they all live together? If you see me as a boss pronto you should start call me boss

She Oct 11 5:40am
Yes boss! Compared to you i‘m much weaker, maybe you should call me weakling? Sometimes my girlfriend call me so. So far as i know one women have two boyfriends and they live at the same place. Another women, she‘s nearly 40, has a daugther. She have two boyfriends. She live still with her parents.

Henni Oct 11 6:28am
Nice. Tell me more information about this woman who has two boyfriends or invite her to this poll. What’s her size what’s her boyfriends size? How she treat them does she wrestle them both at the same time?

SheOct 12 5:04am
The women who have two boyfriends is the tall one who is also a little taller than me! Her boyfriends are a little shorter than me and i think they’re pretty light because they’re slender. Nevertheless often she wears heels often. So her boyfriends looks small next to her. Eventhough i‘m around as tall as she i‘m also smaller and when she wear heels i‘m clear shorter than she. She had arm wresteled her both boyfriends during we did a comparson but they are together much to weak to resist her more than a minute. She said she will have so many boyfriends how she can overpower at the same time. How does you see it? Would you want to have so many boyfriends how many you can overpower at the same time? Are you stronger than your 3 men together?

Henni Oct 13 1:15am
Wow, she looks interesting woman. Do you know how tall she is? Did you see her when she arm wrestled her two boyfriends at the same time? How did you feel about it? Ohh I love to have too many men around me, I’m obsessed with weak and small men. Yes, I’m stronger than 3 men but those men were not my boyfriends those my husband and his friends. I would love to have another husband or boyfriends next to my husband and live with my men in my house under my control and protection. Do you know if these 2 boyfriends are jealous from each other? Have you ever been in this situation before? Do you know how sex work in this situation

SheOct 13 2:02am
You know what it would be great if you can let this lady joining me here. So we can discuss and chat on how one woman can overpower and control two or more men. And how she’s living with two boyfriends

SheOct 13 4:54am
Well, she‘s around the same hight like me maybe 1 or 2 cm more, that means between 186 and 188cm. But because mostly she wears heels she‘s over 200cm. I think her weight is between 95 and 100kg. She‘s very muscular with wide shoulders and mighty arm muscles much bigger than mens tiny muscles. I think her boyfriends are not jealous to each other or they dont show it. I can imagine that a strong women could carry one men on the top of her hand and bump him with his c*ck in and out of her pussy like a dildo. The other hand she can use for other things. My girlfriend did it with me on that way. I hugged her on her neck and sat on her palm. She lifted me and because she wore high heels my feet couldn’t touch the floor. She stroked me and we kissed us. When my penis became hard she used her free hand to put my penis into her vagina. She lifted me a higher and i slide into her. She shooked me up and down and used me like a dildo. Nowadays sometimes she askes me if i want to be her dildo. Than i know what she want to do with me. Eventhough she did the physical work it‘s exhausting for me because she shooked me so hard up and down.

Henni Oct 13 5:10am
Interesting. Do you if she f*ck the other boyfriend at the same time? Do you know what’s the size of her boyfriends? So, if I understand correct your girlfriend do everything but you’re the one who would be exhausted right? Same thing with my husband I can have sex 10 times a day while he only can do it few times a week. Is your girlfriend or the other happy in their sex life or they also think men are weak in sex as well

SheOct 13 5:59am
The one is nearly 180cm and the other is a little over 180cm, nearly as tall as me! But they are both very slender, neraly thin! The taller one of them both even have visible muscles but it’s the typically male mini muscles. My girlfriend lifts me and shooking me within her, the only thing i have to do is hold myself on her neck and have a hard big c*ck so she can slide me into her pussy like a dildo. But often she becomes horny and then she‘s going wild and she shakes me strong. It hard for me to hold myself on her neck because i‘m much weaker than her. Especially during sex sometimes she lose the control and then she press me down. I‘m helpless under her because she‘s so much stronger and i can‘t resist her strength. Well, i can do it 2 or three times a day but than i‘m completely exhausted. Women like you or my girlfriend can f*ck several men down to the floor. Especialy regarding the female endurance who exceed the male endurance by far it‘s no wonder that a women want to have several boyfriends to f*ck them. I believe my girlfriend can also have sex 10 times per day but i can’t. Therefore i can imagine that one day she will have 3 or 4 boyfriends. Especially if she become even stronger for sure she can cope 3 or 4 men at the same time. I think she will copy it from the two women who have also 2 boyfriends. Because of this i think my girlfriend is happy with me but she wants more and i can‘t give so much to her because i’m to weak as male. Because sex is physically exhausting and a weak man can be easily overpowered by a stronger woman of course men sexually are ver weak. My girlfriend can play with my body like doll i can try to resist her with all my power but i have no chance.

Henni Oct 13 8:14am
Those two boyfriends look really thin. Do you know how much they weight? Your girlfriend looks wild during sex. So, she f*cks you everyday 3 times. This must be exhausting for a man like you. My husband can’t do it for 3 times a week. Can you believe that. I imagine your girlfriend is disappointed when you’re exhausted. Do you know how the other women f*ck 2 boyfriends at the same time? It looks like you’re cool with your girlfriend having other boyfriends. If so, why she hasn’t choose one yet? Maybe you can introduce one of your friends to her at least this case you would know that you’re going to be a friend with this new weak boyfriend of hers. You think I should have other men next to my husband( boyfriend or husband)? Do you think this lady or her boyfriends can join us here?

SheOct 13 8:46am
Boss, may i ask you how old is your husband? My girlfriend dont f*ck me 3 times a day every days but sometimes she want to do it and sometime she would love to do it one times more. You are right that‘s very dxhausting for a weakling like me. Well i don‘t know if i‘m cool if she have other boyfriends next to me but on the other hand if she wants to f*ck us men maybe 10 times per day it would be good if we are four or five men. I think because of my workout i‘m a little fitter than men who not workout but because my girlfriend love that i‘m smaller than her i do only cardio and i have sometimes a diet to reduce my weight. My girlfriend loves that i‘m muscular but my muscles are tiny compared to hers. I think she is looking for additional boyfriends. She said she‘s looking forward to go out with two little weaklings who are dependent to her. To be honest i hope she will decide for a man who is a little taller than me.

Henni Oct 13 9:53am
Yes, of course but can you let me know why my husband age is important anyway my husband is 32. What about you and your girlfriend? For me it looks like that you’re fine with her having other boyfriends especially that it will make your life easier when your girlfriend wants lots of sex, which a weak boy and sissy boy like you cannot satisfies her. How’s her search with these two new men is going. I think you should help her. But why you want him to be taller than you? I thought you would prefer to be the bigger between the males. I am asking because i will bring new men to my husband as well

SheOct 13 10:54am
I've heard that men when they become older can have problems with their sexual stamina but with your man it sounds very unlikely. I guessed he is older but i was wrong by mistake, sorry! I’m 24 and my girlfriend is 21yo. If she have her horny period she can have enough sex. It’s very difficult for me to satisfy her because for her need my stamina is much to low. You are right i‘m to weak to be on her level. Do you think i should help her to find an additional weak boyfriend? Would you allow this to your husband? I think she would prefer me if i‘m smaller than the other guy. I have to admit i have a little worry.

Henni Oct 13 1:57pm
Yes, you’re absolutely right. Men lose power and stamina when they become older, but I think my husband is already useless sexually. So, you agree with me that a woman like me needs other men next to her husband. Yes, I think you should help her to find the additional boyfriend and maybe boyfriends for many reasons: First she will love you more because you will look like a very understandable boyfriend. Second you’ll have the chance to be part of choosing these guys so you can choose someone who you can be friend with. Third it will be fun for you and het and it improve your relationship. Finally, you will be helpful boyfriend to your girlfriend. I would love if my husband would do it. Probably will tell him very soon. Believe ask her if she needs help with that and let me what’s going on. Why she wants you smaller than the other guy?

SheOct 13 3:05pm
Yes boss, you are a very strong women and one weak man can’t satisfy you. So it makes sense to have several men for you to have fun with them. Yesterday i asked her and she said yes. She thinks i’m cute to want help her. She told me what she want for a second boyfriend. I was calmed down when she told me that her second boyfriend should look similar like me. Not much smaller because if she wear heels he should not be to short next to her. He should be slender like me and she would love if he is also muscular and have this visible tiny male mini muscles. Of course his character is important and she thinks it’s also important that we get along well. Of course he should be well stocked...

Henni Oct 13 10:01pm
What do you mean he should be stocked? That’s a great news. See I told she will love it. So, she wants someone copy- paste from you. Do you have anyone in mind? You encouraged me I’ll choose a second boyfriend very soon.

SheOct 13 11:11pm
Sorry i used the wrong word, i meant he should not have a small c*ck. Today we were on a party. My girlfriend met some guys who seemed to be fitting but most of them where much to submissive. Tomorrow we will meet one of my friend i proposed to her. He’s nice, a little submissive but not that much. He workout a little and he’s muscular but typical manly. Let’s see when we are three! What a guy do you want? How should he look like, how tall..?

Henni Oct 14 12:33pm
Your girlfriend wants a man with small dick. Why? What do you mean by too much submissve ? Your girlfriend doesn’t want a submissve a man? Did you tell your friend about the idea? Keep me updated. I don’t like tall guys. So, maybe about 165 cm. He should be really weak, and thin. The most important thing is to be super soft guy his skin touch, voice everything about him should be like super soft. By the way how do you know that your friend has a small dick

SheOct 14 1:41pm
No, I wrote he should NOT have a small dick. The guys we met on the party were very submissive. I think they were intimidated because they told they had in the past girlfriends who are not workout. Moreover they girlfriends were shorter. It’s the first time they could be boyfriend of a girl who is bigger and stronger than them. First they wondered why i also there to have a date and i had to explain that i’m still the boyfriend but my girlfriend wants to have a second boyfriend and maybe later a third. Especially because she wore 16.5cm heels she was so tall. Because this guys were similar tall as me and therefore we guys were clear shorter than her. Moreover she wore a sleeveless shirt and her broad shoulders and her muscular arms were visible. It was funny to see when these guys obviously looked to their own arms and then on my girlfriend. With one guy she compared biceps. He looked so cute, in his eyes i saw he would not believe what he see. He has a small biceps not half that big my girlfriend have. Later in the night my girlfriend wrote with another guy. Suddenly she said we have a date in one hour. When it rang on the door i open. On the door was a guy a little taller than me and more muscular. My girlfriend wore her highest heels so she was taller than him and his muscles looks still small compared to hers. At first it was strange for me but then i was ok with this situation. Now i’m the smallest and the shortest. Because my muscles are smaller than his i’m also the weakest most likely. She wanted to have sex with us. At first with him and i was short a little jealous but than i thought ‘ok’, it makes sense! He couldn’t hold out long. No wonder, it was a new experience for him. Anyway, i was the next and i was near to bring her on highest satisfaction but i had not enough stamina or she don’t wanted yet. Anyhow he tried it again but he was tired and gave up after few minutes. After a short break i hoped i’m ready again. I tried it and we both cum at the same time. Later after he said goodbye my girlfriend told me this was a horny experience to have sex with two guys. She wants to have a second boyfriend for sure and at soon as possible.In the morning she ask when we meet my suggested friend? Why don’t you like tall guys? I’m 186cm but i’m still small and short for you. The only thing is i’m only a little soft. My muscles are visible but i have manly mini muscles. For my girlfriend my muscles are tiny and for you my muscles are very tiny. With my manly mini muscles i’m much weaker than women like you. Compared to my girlfriend i’m not half as strong than she is.

Henni Oct 14 11:33pm
Interesting. So, she liked it. Was his dick big enough for your girlfriend? Other than f*cking this new guy, did your girlfriend has any physical competition with this guy? So, you’re two guys had to f*ck your girlfriend twice to give her pleasure I’m sure she will need a third guy soon. It’s obvious that you two will struggle to keep her satisfied. You always mention that your girlfriend wears sleeveless shirt to show her upper size muscles, but what about her lower muscles, doesn’t she wear shorts or miniskirts or short dresses to show her thighs and calves? When you will meet with your friend? Yes, I don’t like tall men I love it when I look down to men I love when men are under my breasts level sometimes. I told my husband that I will have a second and maybe third man next to him. It looks like he doesn’t like it. He said this will make him less of a man which he already feels that he’s not a man enough for me. But of course he couldn’t object because he knows what I will do to him. Maybe it is good to share your experience and your feelings about it so I can share it with him. Today is my day there’s a guy I’ve been talking with him for a few days will f*ck him and my husband today. I am planning on f*cking them both at the same time. I have questions how the other guys reacted when you told three that you’re her boyfriend and she wants to have two boyfriends? Has your girlfriend wore something sexy to seduce this guy? What was she wearing when she saw him

SheOct 15 3:01am
Yes, i think he was big enough. Could be a little more maybe! Anyway, she wore this evening a hotpants and on the party she wore a long jeans to hide the heels. But the jeans were streched by her leg muscles. So it was obvious that she have big mighty legs. Yes, if she become horny she get wild and then it needs more than two men. She had only a short competition with him because he could only resist for seconds. His muscles were a little bigger than mine but compared to hers he has the typically manly small mini muscles. Later when we satisfied her together she hugged us both at the same time. She hugged us so hard, we could not come free. On this way she showed to us that she is much stronger than two guys together. Maybe you should f*ck your husband until he is completely exhausted and than say him to give more and more. I‘m sure he cant keep up. He will be happy if you have additional boyfriends. My girlfriend f*cked me down to the floor when i realized i have not that power. I‘m a small weak man and i have learned to accept that women are stronger and need sex much longer that i have stamina. You want to f*ck both guys at the same time? How should it work? Please tell me more boss? When i told i‘m still her boyfriend, one was a little irritated but he listened to my girlfriend when she told him what she want. The other guy seemed to know relationships who the woman is much stronger than the man and wants to have more boyfriends. In any case he told something and it seems he heard something about that. The guy who was with us last night had already experiences with women who workout and what this women prefere. He told that he workout to become muscular and he have a similar routine like me to keep his muscles small because he knows that such women prefer men who have tiny weak muscles.

Henni Oct 15 1:42pm
As I told you before I told my husband that I will bring other men to pleasure me as he’s total useless sexually. He hated it, but he knows that there’s nothing he can do first because I’m the one who wears the pants in the relationship, secondly because he knows that he doesn’t have the physical strength to give the pleasure I want. So, since I have been thinking about it for a while now I narrowed my search to two guys. The first one is perfect looking for me, he’s so cute small, weak. He doesn’t do physical sports but he’s super soft just like how I like men. He used to be an intern for a company I work for. He’s 160 cm, about 55 kg, with long blond hair, he’s without doubt the most soft man I have eve seen. However, there are some problems about him, first he’s younger than me, he’s only 23 while I am 32. The other issue is that he’s bisexual guy. But he admires me, and will do anything to me he looks at me as a goddess to him. The other guy is a guy my husband used to know from university days. He’s big black guy of course not comparing to me, comparing to other men. He’s 187 cm and and about 90 kg, he has small muscles you know men type muscles. His advantages are that his age is right he’s 33 and he dick is big. So, I was confused which one to choose. So, I decided to try both of them. First I called the soft guy, he came immediately to my house. I ordered my husband to open the door for him and to explain the situation to him. So, my husband did as he ordered. Then I came to the living room I was wearing a white thong and bra with a short transparent dress i left it open and of course a high heels sandals for 12 cm. so you can Imagine me being 215 cm coming to a man 160cm. He was shocked and amazed, when I first entered the room he immediately kneel down in front of me and start thanking me because I choose him and gave him this opportunity. Then he started crawling to me and kissing my feet saying that he’ll be worship me as his goddess. So, then I told him I need to see his body and compare it with my body before we do anything. So, I took his clothes off, and naked him completely. For me his soft body is so sexy but I must say his dick isn’t impressive at all. Then I ordered my husband to take off his clothes, my husband is little more masculine than him. However, we compared bodies and muscles it was so funny. Then of course wrestled both of them at the same time, didn’t take with me 2 minutes and both were exhausted. So, we moved to the sex, first I started with new guy, he’s good in the playful mood, but when I started f*cking him he was exhausted after few minutes, I moved to my husband who wasn’t any better at all. I tried the other guy again and my husband again but I hardly had any pleasure. I was in full energy while I have two men laying on the floor almost dead. At this time the other guy called and said that he will be here in 15 minutes. So, I lifted the new guy threw him on the bed to get some sleep, while I changed my clothes. I wore same thing but with red colour this time. I followed the same approach, my husband opened the door, explained to him what’s going on. I came to the living room with my sexy red underwear. It was so obvious that he liked what he saw. I ordered him to kneel down but he said that he’s here to f*ck not to be humiliated. So, I came towards him and said let’s see if you are tough man as you claim. I wrestled him, he tried to catch me but of course he couldn’t he resisted for few minutes then I had him in hold between my muscular thighs, I showed him what a real woman can do to a man. I breast smoother him sat on his face crashes him between my legs and under my ass. Few minutes later he was crying and begging for mercy. I told him okay now come and kiss my feet. He did, then I naked him, I must say his dick maybe one of the largest I’ve ever seen. I f*cked him, he wasn’t able to satisfy me. I gave him a break and we tried another time, this time my husband was either licking my ass or feet while I am f*cking this guy. This helped a lot. I’m satisfied now but not to the maximum. I still have energy while there’re three men exhausted with me in the house 😂. I’m confused which one should I keep. Also, did you meet with your friend or not yet? My husband said he would like to know how you felt about the whole thing. So, if you can share your feelings with him

SheOct 15 2:32pm
Nice story. It’s strange that your girlfriend never wore shorts although she has muscular legs I assume. Wearing shorts and sitting next to men with small legs is a big fun for me. It looks like from the hug of your girlfriend that she was happy with having you with other guy. When I said f*cking two men at the same time I meant like what happened today. I am f*cking one while the other one is licking my ass and feet, then I change the positions so one man can have a rest. Have you tried it like this with your girlfriend?

SheOct 15 2:38pm
That‘s sounds amazing. You have f*cked 3 guys up to exhaustion. Maybe you should keep all these men because you wanted to have more men anyway, isn’t it? You are in the happy situation that 2 other men already live with you in the same house. You could try it with 5 men they should try to satisfy you. I think you can use these guys for that what they can do best. This 187cm huge guy i think he can satisfy you at best also if he is that huge or maybe because he is that huge. When you wrote he has this manly small muscles i thought what do you think about me? I‘m much smaller but only a little shorter than this guy. But of course i understand, for you this guy is also small and i think he‘s also much weaker, right? Was it easy for you to control him during sex? For me to be in a relationship with a stronger girl of course sometimes is humiliating because she can do all things she want while i dependent to her because i‘m the weaker one. But i go for muscular, strong girls so i have used to it that i‘m not the leader in the relationship. All my life i was in sportclubs and i experienced that more girls than boys workout and mostly these girls surpassed boys with their strength. Also in my school there were a lot girls who workout and were stronger than boys. At this time it became more and more often that a girl has two or more boyfriends. Nowadays i‘m in a relationship with a girl who is much stronger than me. I know i can‘t keep up to her in no way. I know if she become angry what she can do to me and i would have no chance. I think one way to keep her on a happy level is satisfy her. But i realized she‘s to strong that i could do it alone. So it make sense she have an additional boyfriend next to me and maybe more. Also she have seen this bysome of her gym mates that thy have not rarely more than one boyfriend. Because many women who workout and are stronger than men some women said they want to have so many men how many they can overpower at the same time. I‘m sure my girlfriend would have no problem to cope more than two men. I think in the future it can be she have at least 4 or 5 boyfriends and i‘m one of them. Therefore you have already reached this level i think you can have several boyfriends. Because you arevery strong and you prefer small, soft, weak guys i think you need first 5 or 6 boyfriends. Later if you need more you can increase your harem with more men.

Henni Oct 15 11:10pm
My girlfriend wears sometimes hotpants or shorts or miniskirts but it depends what she things it fit to other parts of her dress. If she wear her high heels she onlylike it pretty rarely to wear a short leg dress. When this guy visited us at our place we were all together in bed when she f*cked on of us, the other had a short break but still caress her. So you can say she f*cked us at the same time. Today at the evening we will meet my friend. I‘m a little exited. May i ask you boss, how big was the c*ck of this huge guy?

Henni Oct 15 11:20pm
Did you tell him that your girlfriend is planning on f*cking him? Does he know? Okay nice you were at the same bed. I did it yesterday in my living room. How did it feel being with your girlfriend and other man in the same bed. Were you excited seeing your girlfriend f*cking this guy? I don’t think the big guy can satisfy me by himself he’s athletic and has huge one but not enough for me. Really you think appropriate to keep three men at the same house? He was pretty big I don’t know how exactly. If you want can measure it for you today.

SheOct 16 12:03am
Of course, he know it! He was already in a relationship who the girl had two boyfriends. It‘s not new for him. Because he also go for strong girls he’s going the same trainings routine like me. He’s around as tall as me and he has also this tiny manly mini muscles. When we were in bed with this other guy, i admired how easy she handled him. Always when she wanted to have him in another position she moved him easily also against his will. When he wanted to do anything she don‘t wanted, she stopped his move and pinned him. Sometimes he yelled quietly when she grabbed to hard to him. It was my first time that i saw from that short distance how easy my girlfriend pinned a guy who is stronger than me. But also we together, she could controll both of us at the same time easily. Especially because of this i think she wants to have third boyfriend rapidly. My girlfriend said my c*ck is big enough. Some times she put a c*ck ring on it because than i can keep it hard for a longer time but after i cum i‘m very exhausted. Yes please measure boss. Why it should not be appropriare to have three boyfriends in your house? When i‘m in the gym who are there some girls and women with their boyfriends and some of them have more than two boyfriends. There is one women. She‘s a little older. She‘s very big and strong. She have at least 8 boyfriends. It obvious visible that they’re all her boyfriends.

Henni Oct 16 1:53am
Wow 8 boyfriends how do you know that they’re her boyfriends? So, I understand that you like it when you see your girlfriend f*cking other men? I don’t if it’s appropriate or not I’m asking for your opinion? Are you gonna to meet your friend in the house or outside? For me it was really easy to control those men during sex it was like playing in toys. I haven’t measured it yet. But now I can tell you the largest is for the black man and my husband is in the middle while the soft guy has the smallest. So, the new boyfriend will be living with you at the house?

SheOct 16 4:35am
I saw how these guys behavior and how they talk together and with her. They also kissed intensively her. First i saw that she was accompanied by other guys again and again and some were later back again after they had a break for few weeks. So i guess these guys are her boyfriends. They support her with her training. Often she use weights who need two guys to move this weights. If she do dumbbell benchpress it needs 2 men per dumbbell to move this dumbbell but it‘s obviosely that they have difficulties to carry this dumbell with two men. One day one of her boyfriends were naughty and she punished him until he cried. She hit his butt until it was red like fire. It was impressive how easy she handled this guy. She lay him over her one arm and with her free hand she beated him. He was completely helpless. My friend will come to our house and my girlfriend will decide what we‘re doing than. I could imagin she will f*ck us and then we will go to a restaurant most likely. I think later when we back at home she will f*ck us again. I think she‘s looking forward already as well. Also if we go out, finaly she can go out with two weaklings. She already gave me clothes for this evening. A tight strech jeans and a tight shirt with short sleeves.

Henni Oct 16 5:17am
Wow this lady looks amazing. How old is she? Did she spank her boyfriend in the house or in the gym? I spank my husband frequently but only in the house. Has your girlfriend ever spanked you? Your girlfriend looks excited for your friend. Probably he’s going to be the one. Four f*ckings in one night good for her. Do you know what she’ll be wearing in the house for your friend? I want to ask you question does she naked the men herself or she let them do it? Do men have to kiss her muscles before the f*cking

SheOct 16 5:25am
These lady is maybe in her 50, i‘m not sure. She spanked one of her boyfriends in gym, he was very naughty. My girlfriend had also spanked me already because i didn‘t what she want. It was a silly day, i don‘t know why i did it on this way. Since this day i try to obey because to her because i‘m scared of this what she can do to me. Mostly she naked men or she want to have a striptease. Of course i kiss her muscles and the other men she f*cked did it as well. It a part of admiration and respect for her stronger muscled who are much stronger than our tiny male mini muscles. She loves to compare also the strength how much a man can lift and how much can she lift. Or she let try me to move a weight she can lift but i‘m much to weak for. I‘m sure when she have a second boyfriend we have to accompany her to the gym and help her with the weights. Finaly two men together can lift the light women dumbbells.

HenniOct 16 5:47am
What she spanked her boyfriend in the gym?? Did she take off his clothes or she kept his short on him? I spank my husband every once in a while. I naked him put him on my knees and spank him with my slipper. I have a very big feet size 48/ 14 so its way bigger than his ass. Did your girlfriend spanked you in a similar way? What do you mean by striptease? Today I f*cked the three men as well. I bought new underwears for them it’s silk pink small underwear. I made them all wear it for me. I started with big guy he came twice then he was exhausted. So, I changed to my husband he was exhausted after few minutes. So, picked up the small guy he also couldn’t stand for few minutes. So, then I had the big guy again f*cked him again but meanwhile my husband was licking my ass and the small dude licking and kissing my feet. It was alright. But I think I need a fourth guy soon. Then I told them that I will keep them as my boyfriends. They both really were really happy. But then I told them that although it is not legal for a woman to marry more than one man but I will treat them like my husbands. So, they have to change their surnames to my surname, and move to live in my house, and they give me full control over the banks’ accounts. At first they didn’t like but then after I gave few spanks they agree on my terms. So, what happened with your girlfriend did she f*ck your friend? Tell me all the details. I am thinking in a funny situation we will witness in the future, if your girlfriend decides to get married from one of her boyfriends, I think she would like to keep the other boyfriends right? But in the wedding people will see table with weak guys on it and when they will ask who are those, she will say those are my boyfriends it’s going to be weird. Don’t you think? Also, will the bride takes her boyfriends with her to the honeymoon or it will be only the husband? I think hotels should be prepared to have these types of honeymoon

SheOct 16 6:55pm
Yes, she spanked his little ass in the gym. She put him over her knee, pult his pants down and spanked him. He tried to defend but he had no chance against her muscles. My girlfriend also had spanked me already when i was naughty. I don‘t no why i was naughty but at this day i was mad. She pushed me into the corner and i couldn‘t escape. She pinned me against the wall with one hand and with the othe she hited me, than she also put me over her knee and hit my ass until it was red like fire. I couldn‘t sit down a few days because it was so painfull. Anyway yesterday we met my friend. She wore a tight top without sleeves and a hotpants. On her feet she had her 15cm heels so she was clear taller than us. She wanted that we show to her our little manly mini muscles so we flexed our tiny biceps to show how small we are. Then she did a few dumbbell curls with a for she a pretty light weight. She wanted that we should do it also but any of us alone could hardly lift such a havy dumbbell. She laught over us because this weight was a girls dumbbell and two men had difficulties to lift it but we are men and with our mini muscles we can hardly lift that heavy weight. After this kind of strength competition we should flex our mini muscles again but these times she flexed her‘s next to ours so we had compared. It was very impressive how big she is and how small we men are. It became more and more intime and we became horny. Than she gave each of us a c*ck ring we should put over. Because meanwhile we only wear our underwear and regarding the c*ck ring we both had a big bulge in our underwear. Suddenly she grabbed my friend pulled down his slip while he hold himself on her neck. His big hard c*ck straitened upwards and than she pushed him into her pussy. She used him as dildo. After a few minutes he cumed. Than she did the same with me and used me as dildo. It was a little funny because after she finished us we both felt the floor felt unstable. We were exhausted and needed a short break. After this she lifted us both, first she used him as dildo and after he cames a second time she used me as dildo again until i came again. Then we had break and then after we had dressed up we all were hungry. We left the house and gone for a meal in a restaurant. When we later came back we talked about something and than we had still a long night. Next morning we got up late. I will say this, she f*cked each of us three additioal times. Now we are a pair of one women with two boyfriends.

Henni Oct 17 10:37am
Regarding a wedding we don‘t plan yet but mostlikely if she want marry one of us, we need additional chairs for all her boyfriends. But i think we will invite many of her gym mates and i can imagkne some will have more than one boyfriends. Yesterday she told if we would meet with this two other women we were at least 3 women and 7 weaklings and if the women would have the boyfriends the wanted we were even at least 10 weaklings and 3 women. Dependent to this i think you‘re right, hotels should be prepared that a women will bring several boyfriends with her to stay in one room.

Henni Oct 17 11:19am
This guy must be really humiliated when he was spanked in public like a little child. My husband cries when I spank him, do you cry? Your girlfriend looks much more horny than both of you. For me you’re taking too many breaks. It looks like that she needs a third boyfriend to balance the power. What did you talk about after the dinner? Is your friend her second official boyfriend now? For me I am continuing to f*ck my three men, the problem is they’re getting weaker everyday. The big guy had a suggestion that since the small guy is bisexual that I should put on a didlo and f*ck him. As in literally f*ck him, they’re saying it will be fun for me and this will take part of my energy so they can take a break. What do you think of that? For the marriages of this type I am looking forward to hear about a similar one. Wow three women with 10 men really interesting. I wonder how lovely a honey moon would be with 3 or 4 men. If you have the choice do you like to marry your girlfriend while she’s having several boyfriends next to you or that she’s marrying other one of her boyfriends and you stay one of her boyfriends?

SheOct 17 9:16pm
Yes, he was very humiliated. This guy cried after she punished him. When my girlfriend spanked me i also cried of course. On the one hand she hurted me on the other hand i was angry to myself. I knew that i‘m much weaker than she and she would punish me but anyway i was naughty. What do you mean i did to much breaks? I‘m a man! I don‘t have that stramina and also not the power. But i think on this point you are right, she will look for a third and probably for a fourth boyfriend. I think you will do the same or not? Actually you already have 5 boyfriends if you also count the friends of your husband. I think if your weakest boyfriend like to be f*cked with a dildo why you souldn‘t do that? I think your other boyfriend and your husband can need the break if you f*ck also the weakling. Try to imagine my girlfriend would have 4 boyfriends and the other two women who also have each 4 boyfriends we meet you with all your boyfriends then there would be 4 women and 17 weaklings. I think i would marry my girlfriend also if she have 1, 2 or more boyfriends. If i look to this woman who has so many boyfriends i can imagine that one day my girlfriend will have also much more boyfriends. At the end she have to decide which of us she will marry. Maybe it still needs some years and maybe one day it is allowed that a woman can have several husbands.

Henni Oct 18 12:23pm
Exactly that’s my point men keep asking for breaks, while the women would be just in the begging. If you count my husbands friends yes I have more. But I want more official boyfriends, men who live and sleep with me in the house 24/7 worshipping me all the time, f*cking them all the time, controlling their lives. So, you think I should f*ck him for real. I am a little excited about it to be honest. But at the same time it’s a little weird. It would be nice to be sitting in one house 4 women and 16 sissy boys (boyfriends and husbands). I know that your girlfriend is going to decide who to marry but I am looking forward to see a picture for a muscular bride, putting under her armpit several boyfriends and husbands.

SheOct 19 1:01am
Of course menmust ask for a break much more often. They are much weaker than women who workout seriously. How many boyfriends do you want to own boss? More than 5? It seems it‘s not rareley anymore that a women have several boyfriends. In the last days i was in the mall and i saw many musular women who are accompanied by more than one boyfriends or at least it looked that way. When i‘m in the gym next time i will have a look ow many women are there who have several boyfriends. How many women are in yor gym who have several boyfriends?

Henni Oct 19 2:11am
In my gym lots of women have several boyfriends but no one is bringing all of them to the gym. So, can’t tell exactly. To see how many boyfriends women have next to their husbands you should be looking at social events not gym. I can have lots more boyfriends, but it’s not easy to find men. I’m busy woman. Now three maybe soon 4. I wish i can have ten I love to be surrounded by naked small soft short weak men. All of them worshipping touching my body and my muscles. By the way i f*cked the smallest boyfriend. It was mind blowing experience

SheOct 19 4:00am
You want to have 10 men? Wow, that‘s much! Do you have in you circle women who have several boyfriends? What does these women say about men and that men have to subordinate under women? By the way, the women in the gym don‘t bring all their boyfriends with them but again and again the one or other brings one or two of her boyfriends with her. Some let pick up themself from their boyfriends because some women loves if they pumped up, to be together with several small weak men. Then it‘s so obvious that her boyfriends have so cute little mini muscles. How do you see male muscles? Small, mini or micro and super weak?

Henni Oct 19 7:16am
How does it felt when you f*cked the smallest weakling? What did you with him? Plase give more details. By te way did you measure the c*cks of your boyfriends? How big or small they are?

Henni Oct 19 7:19am
I don’t know how much but maybe 10 let’s see how things go. Not a lot of women in my circle have several boyfriends but I know two or three. It wasn’t that common but in the last year lots of women announcing that they have more than one man and most men accepting alright. Yes, most of women these days look at men like a kid who’s levels under women in everything. I know a friend she has a huge picture in her living room with her almost naked flexing her muscles standing above her husband while him licking her feet bottom. When I asked her about this picture she said this picture is representing the truth of their relationship. I liked the idea and I think every couple should have one. For me men don’t have muscles however if they have it’s micro and super weak. When I f*cked my boyfriend it was amazing something completely different. I forced him to bend put on my strap on, my husband and other boyfriend were watching. I f*cked him from his ass, I must say I enjoyed it. Of course and he did. He said he’s never seen a man who can f*ck for this long, and this strong. Even my other men were amazed from my power while f*cking him. I decided to f*ck all of them, first it’s a new experience and secondly it’s way to show my dominance. What do you think? I haven’t measured it yet. I forgot.

SheThu 6:21am
Do you want to see first if you can lead more men or why you‘re waiting? How many men have each of this women in your circle? Yesterday we met 2 of my girlfriend‘s training mates. We were 3 women and 7 men. It was so obvious who are the bosses and who is subordinate. I think more and more women will show that they can and do rule men. Not lnly that women workout more and therefore they are are stronger, they have bigger muscles and many prefer small petite men. Yesterday i was next to my friend the biggest man but nevertheless my friend and me we were smaller with much smaller muscles than the women and because the women wore heels we were also shorter. The women talked to us like with kids. I think if a woman have photos with her on the top and her submissive boyfriends under her, it will show always the hirachy and will work like an always valid reminder. Does this photo also show that she is stronger than him? Were your other boyfriends scared when you went to f*ck them with a strapon? How does they have react? Do they ran away and you catched them, lift them up and pushed them over the strapon so their feet doesn‘t touch the floor? Does the smallest weakling enjoyed that you f*cked him that long? It‘s no wonder that you were able to f*ck him much longer as a man vould do you are much strlnger than a man.

Henni Thu 10:31am
I’m not waiting for anything but everytime I see them naked I decide to f*ck them or play with them instead. Yes, my smallest boyfriend enjoys it when I f*ck him. But my husband and the other boyfriend not really. I f*cked them yesterday the three men and I really enjoyed it. Only the big boyfriend tried to escape but I had him and f*cked him. For him I think it more as a rape than a f*ck. He cried a lot, but at the end he cum so I think somehow he enjoyed it as well. When me f*ckiing them it shows how weak they are, i’m much better in f*cking than them. Also, after the f*cking it makes them more and more submissve. The women in my circle they have 3 men some of them have up to 5. How was it being 7 men and 3 women. Did you talk about your experience on how you all have the same woman? What do you mean they talk like kids? So, you think I should have the picture in my living room as well? Would you like to have similar pictures with your girlfriend? Yes of course it shows that she’s stronger. Its the woman above the man after a boxing match, he’s exhausted unable to move under her feet while she’s flexing her muscles wearing only underwear and boxing gloves

SheFri 7:53am
How do you play with them? Do you compare you muscles and strength with them? I can absolutly understand why they so submissive. In presence of my girlfriend or any other women who is much stronger than me i‘m also very submissive. I think for many men it‘s not that usual that they submissive. I learned to be submissive when i was still in school when i was in a relationship with a girl at my school. Anyway, when we met us with the othe couples we talked about our experiences that we are several men owned by one woman. Lne interesting point was that all of us men repored that our girlfriends make no differences between us their boyfriends. They treat us all on the same way, there is no reason to become jealous. On the other hand if we boyfriends have an argument it can happen that our girlfriend make us get along. If we wont stop arguing it can be that we are beaten up by our girlfriend and most of our girlfriends will not have any effort to beat up two or three guys at the same time. But also because of this our girlfriends talk to us like they talk to kids because they see us as small kids. At first point we men wear flat shoes and no heels like the girls do, therefor we are shorter and have not that overview likeva taller girl and secondly we are weaker and therefore dependent to our girlfriends when it comes to physical power. I try to imagine if you would met your 2 friends a the one have 3, the other 5 boyfriends. When you bring all the men in your house with you as your boyfriends you are 3 women and 13 men. What a difference! I think if a women have several boyfriends to lead and these men are smaller and weaker and therefore submissive to her, why there should no photos in the rooms who shows how she is admired and worshipped by her boyfriends? Of course these photos should also sho that she is the boss and i think it‘s absolutly on if these photos shw the difference at their bodys. I can imagine a family photo were she and her boyfriends flex their muscles when they next to each other. She with her big, strong female muscles and around her all her small weak boyfriends with their tiny male muscles. Must be an impressive picture! What underwear does your boyfriends wear. My girlfriend love when we wear undies who lift our package so it always look like we have a hard c*ck and because of this a bulge in the pants.

Henni Fri 10:00am
Well. I play with them like lifting and throwing them. Comparing muscles make fun of their bodies etc. What other experiences do these men have with their girlfriends? It looks like for your girlfriend and the other women and even myself the relationship with the men is changing from partner relationships to more motherly relationship type. The difference physicaly and even mentally between men and women are getting bigger and bigger so men no longer come even close to us. Soon I’m planning to invite few friends where we will be 3 women and 10 men. It will be so much fun. You liked the picture idea right? I’m planning to have pictures but wonder if the pictures should be only with my husband or with my other boyfriends. Also, how the picture should be? Should I be wearing clothes? Or naked with high heels? Or topless I’m confused. What do you think any ideas? Will your girlfriend put similar pictures? My husband and boyfriends wear pink slim silk underwear barely cover anything. If you know what I mean

SheYesterday 1:31pm
In which kind do you throw your boyfriends? Do you throw them up and catch them again or on which kind? How do you compare your muscles with them? I mean our male muscles are so small and soft we men can not compare with that big hard super strong female muscles. But my girlfriend love to compare her muscles with my mini muscles. She said my muscles are so tiny and cute. She love to have two weaklings as her boyfriends but she also want to have at least on or two more. She mentioned that a women should have that many men that these men are together so strong how she is. I think in the sleeping room you can have a photo with you and your boyfriends while you dominate them naked but in the other areas you should have photos on which you are dressed. It can be a sexy outfit but i think not complely naked. My girlfriend put one photo on the wall in the corridor. It shows her, wearing a little string bikini in high heels and she flex her biceps. I knee sideways to her in her front. I wear only a push up thong who push up my c*ck and balls to the front but not cover it completely. I push my package to her calf while i hold me on her leg with one arm. With the other arm i flex my little bicep. So it‘s easy to compare her flexed huge bicep far over me with my small mini bicep. She want to take similar photos with me and her other boyfriend together. So in the next days we will have additional photos who will show her and us weaklings in the one or other sexy pose. Why don‘t you let wear your boyfriends such a push up thong? My girlfriend thinks, it‘s sexy if a man show what he have in his pants or are their c*cks and balls visible through the silk?

Henni 11 hours ago
I throw them in different ways, sometimes I throw them on the couch or the bed. Sometimes I throw them like babies when I catch them again. So, it depends on my mood. Of course we don’t compare for real it’s a funny comparison. So, for example my thighs are bigger than their entire bodies. My two fingers are wider than biceps, my feet is bigger than their faces etc. I don’t know how many men I should get in case they want to be equal to my strength because it’s been so long that I even can’t remember how many men it takes to be equal to my strength. I am sure 6 men in this case isn’t enough. Why I can’t be naked in my living room, please explain? What type of dress do you mean? String or a fully type dress? Are you kneeling to your girlfriend in the picture? It sounds really sexy? My husband and boyfriends have their dicks visible in these silk underwear. Then it suits their weak body

She9 hours ago
Well, i think because you are so tall my bicep is probably also hardly wider than two of your finger. Compared to my girlfriend the difference is not that big but when i‘m next to her it‘s obvious that i‘m much smaller. I‘m a petit man. In the gym we did a strength test to compare the whole body strength and i have a little more than 15 percent of her strength, that also means she could cope 6 guys like me at the same time. This also means it would be ok if she have 6 boyfriends. I can imagine when i recall your size and strength you need at least 8 boyfriend mostlikely 10. When i think about that, that you will meet 3 women and there are 10 men it‘s strange if i imagine that you can have alone 10 men. If my girlfriend have 6 boyfriends or maybe 8 in the future and we would meet us with you and your boyfriends, we‘re 2 women and 18 men. I mean it looks strange when you have a photo of you and your boyfriends, all naked, in the living room on the wall. You don‘t think so? Maybe in the future when it is normal that men are always inferior under women it can be normal that a woman can show that she can naked rule over men. I think you can wear a string. A lot of women wear strings nowadays and often they do it obvious. In the gym there wear some women only a string and a bra. What sould happen? Could they be raped by a man? Yes, I kneeled down byside of my girlfriend. Because next to her thights i look also pretty small and it shows the kind of our relation. I‘am the small weak man who are ruled by his big strong girlfriend. Because my girlfriend love if i wear also lingery i wore that push up thong who don‘t cover my whole c*ck. She said men shoud do it on same way like some women who use push up bras but men push up their packet. My girlfriend love if the man have a big c*ck. Do you like also if your men are not small?

Henni 8 hours ago
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