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Women: Superior Intelligence?

Question: Statistics reveal that women are overtaking men in college enrollment and scholastic performance. In elementary schools, girls are so far ahead of the boys that school officials are concerned, and the gap is widening. Are women intellectually superior to men?
Created by: charity at 04:47:53 PM, Friday, December 26, 2003 PST


I'm a man and I am just smart enough to recognize my intellectual masters... WOMEN!

jasonDec 30 2003 3:22am

Women are indeed superior intellectually as well as physiologically.

AnnJan 19 2004 9:54pm
Recent studies conclude that the biological differences give women a natural advantage. Women's brains are more efficient and versatile than men's.

HermanJan 30 2004 10:39pm
Women are just smart enough to suck a dick... anything more complex and they are worthless.

Alpha MaleFeb 05 2004 1:15pm
The FUTURE BELONGS TO WOMEN. This is true as Women are proving it every day. All the new studies demonstrate that Women are mostly superior to males in many ways: superior cognitive abilities, better memory, greater empathy, superior insight; better sense of smell, hearing, touch, and taste. One recent study proved that on average, a woman's brain works three times quicker than the male brain. And for some brain functions like memory and information processing, a woman's brain is up to twelve times faster! Everyone knows that Women outlive males due to superior genetics (X doesn't =y). Males are truly the weaker and FRAGLIE sex, and may be soon redundant.

JaniceFeb 05 2004 11:25pm
Yes, women are intellectually superior, without a doubt.

PaulaFeb 06 2004 11:52am
The Difference between Men and Women: Women are rational; they are more prone to use their intelligence over their hormones to make decisions.

SueFeb 07 2004 9:08pm
"The Difference between Men and Women: Women are rational; they are more prone to use their intelligence over their hormones to make decisions." hah...hahah....heh...heheheheh..heheheheheheheheheheheh..HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAAH!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

GeorgeFeb 09 2004 1:51pm
It has been proven that women handle stress better than men. Women are better at multi-tasking, and have been found to be better managers and bosses than their male counterparts. Be careful who you laugh at, she may very well be your boss in the near future....if she's not already!

JanFeb 10 2004 8:40pm
I think men are well aware that women are intellectually superior, we just can't admit it, especially to a woman. Men are easy for women to figure out, they know what motivates us, they know how we think, and they can tell when we're lying. Any man who thinks women don't have a mental advantage over him is not being honest with himself. Deep inside, we are naturally aware of it.

WillFeb 20 2004 9:38pm
I've been a college teacher for about 20 years now, in the subjects of language, philosophy, and history. During this time, I've been able to observe young women and men in college classes. For a long time I tried to believe the politically correct doctrine that women and men were equal, but it just didn't turn out that way in classes. Women generally outwork the guys and certainly make better grades. And during the last 20 years something interesting has happened: young women have been steadily taking over the educational scene, soundly whipping the guys in the classroom, now by a wide margin. Women are by far more confident, more knowledgeable, better leaders, and are even more able to handle the stress of life and school. They are certainly more reliable. This was all an academic thing to me until the last 5 years. In my school, the retiring men have been replaced by very capable younger women -- sharp as a tack and very assertive. Now I find myself in the middle of a situation I never expected: I am the only male in a 7 person teaching department, and it is obvious to everyone, including me, that I, myself, can't compete with these younger women.

EricFeb 20 2004 11:30pm
So, someone finally got it ... women outperform men in all levels of education. The women on The Daily Iowan editorial board would like to thank you to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development for this profound statement, which is long overdue. Female students score much higher on SAT & ACT exams, and are phasing men out of higher education. Women are already emerging to be recognized as more educated and intelligent than men. And men are aware of it, too. They are finding out they can't keep up with women anymore, and are gradually losing the confidence to compete with females in the workplace or at school.

KarenFeb 22 2004 10:47pm
It is a hard thing to admit, but I have to agree that women are intellectually superior. I have noticed that women can think quicker and more sensibly than we can. I find that I am no match for my girlfriend when engaged in conversation or debate.

DaveFeb 27 2004 11:26pm
Where did this idea come from? All this new age stuff is ridiculous, everyone knows women are inferior, that is the way it has always been. If anything, women are stupid, and always need a man to figure things out for them. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

NoelMar 02 2004 9:46am
It seems Noel is having just a slight problem with getting in touch with his feminine side. The same goes with Alpha Male.

MickMar 06 2004 11:07am
I agree with Mick. People are less tolerant of the cave-man mentality these days, especially women. And if anyone believes it doesn't matter what women think, they've got another thing coming. I think men who can't learn to respect women are in for a bleak future, as they will have no place in society.

DaleMar 07 2004 8:51pm
Since women think with both sides of the brain, and males one side, we may well find that women are more intelligent then males.

TetraMar 12 2004 9:49pm
Although I have no scientific evidence to contradict the above post, thinking with both sides of your brain may not necessarily be a good thing. (I know, spoken like a true male).

AnonymousMar 16 2004 3:02am
I have no doubt they are smarter. They are better debators, I don't think men have a chance in an argument with a woman. I have also read they are blowing us away scholastically.

BrentMar 19 2004 7:24pm
Everyone knows that girls are doing well in school these days. What's stunning is how well. The girls have moved so far ahead, the boys can barely see their dust. This is something new in history ? an entire generation of alpha females, many of whom are destined to outearn the men as well as outperform them.

CathyMar 21 2004 12:10pm
Women have believed forever that men are brain damaged, and now it turns out that women are absolutely right! Research now shows all men are brain damaged even before they are born! Here is why: testosterone (the essence of maleness) is damaging to the nerve fibers in the corpus callosum in baby boys. The connecting link between both halves of the brain in baby girls remains perfectly fine. Boy babies have less connective nerve fibers between the two sides of the brain because of the damage testosterone does to the male brain as it developes. The fact that girls/women have no brain damage is what causes females to demonstrate superior mental abilities in research studies. It seems that the male brain is cleaved in half even before birth, both brain lobes unable to work in concert. I guess women can really say that men are "Half-wits". (Sorry, just joking.) I do find it amusing that what males highly prize "The Family Jewels" (their testicles)as the source of male power, is also what pumps out the testosterone that causes their brain damage! he he he...

PROUD to be FEMALEMar 26 2004 8:03am
I am not bwain damaged....

MickMar 27 2004 4:13am
I guess I'm also a bwain damaged male. I read about that report too. The male brain has less connecting fibers between both hemispheres because testosterone damages the connectors. Its like a phone switch board and women have far more connections, so women have better communication between both sides of their brains. A woman can use both sides of her brain to process all stimulas, but males can only use one side of their brain at any time. This is why women can think more quickly (something I noticed since grade school) and can do multi-tasking so easy. I'm not sure but I remember reading that males are mostly "trapped" in the right brain hemisphere, with the left brain less developed in males than in women. Both sides of a woman's brain are equally developed and better wired. I think this is why women are more intelligent than are males and have better mental skills: multi-tasking, intuition, wisdom, language ability, superior senses, ect. Most males don't like to read about these kinds of things and feel threatened by this new information. How do you think women felt a generation ago when told they were the weaker sex. Today research is proving that males are the weaker sex, so males just have to deal with the truth. It's our turn to listen to women boast of Feminine Superiority, and take some male bashing - we kind of deserve it!

Bwain Damaged MaleMar 27 2004 12:49pm
Question please! If I lose my testicles, will I become as smart as woman? I too have always noticed that women think more quickly and can handle doing numerous things at the same time. How can a man keep pace with women these days? AHHH! It just seems all so unfair, but facts are facts. Women are the best.

Half brained maleMar 27 2004 1:07pm
Cheeez man - were did u get all the points for this post?!! I fell asleep man, and my girlfriend like wrote some words on my forehead with u know permanent ink and now like i have "STUPID MALE!!!" wrote on my face. I cant like get it off but she is right u know Boys are STUPID! Girls always get smarter she sooo COOL!!! I luv my girlfriend.

STUPID MALE!!!Mar 27 2004 3:20pm
Whenever I read or hear that women are better than men, or that women are superior to males I'm in total agreement. I grew up in a home with three older sisters and our mother. I was the only male in the house, and I already knew at a young age that I was the weaker sex. Sometimes I even felt very inferior to my sisters and females in general, but my sisters never put me down and always treated me kindly. My mother and sisters always gave me confidence and helped me to develope a healthy male ego, supporting me in masculine activities and sports. When I think back on those days, I now realize that the most valuable things learned in my life were taught to me by women or by my observation of women. The most meaningful conversations were always with women; my mother, my sisters, and their friends. I learned that women do things with far more wisdom and grace than men. Males always try to dominate and break and mold things to whatever they want. To understand, men disassemble, deconstruct and break things. But women approach new things like calm fluid water wrapping and emerging themselves with it to understanding and clarity. Men just don't understand this way of being, but then men are very simple and single minded creatures. Women are far more complex than are males, but that is the true beauty of women - their complexity. Understanding women's complexity is like unwrapping a gift, or working a new puzzle. Actually, its quite fun trying to understand women but many males are just to impatient. The more I learn about and understand women the more impressed I feel. Their empathy, grace, wisdom, endurance, capabilty, and I believe, superior intellegence all impress me. When I hear it said that women are superior to men I say to myself, "It's true!" I love women and I glad they are better than me, it's men that benefit the most from women's superiority.

Mark JeffriesMar 27 2004 5:28pm
Whenever I read or hear that women are better than men, or that women are superior to males I'm in total agreement. I grew up in a home with three older sisters and our mother. I was the only male in the house, and I already knew at a young age that I was the weaker sex. Sometimes I even felt very inferior to my sisters and females in general, but my sisters never put me down and always treated me kindly. My mother and sisters always gave me confidence and helped me to develope a healthy male ego, supporting me in masculine activities and sports. When I think back on those days, I now realize that the most valuable things learned in my life were taught to me by women or by my observation of women. The most meaningful conversations were always with women; my mother, my sisters, and their friends. I learned that women do things with far more wisdom and grace than men. Males always try to dominate and break and mold things to whatever they want. To understand, men disassemble, deconstruct and break things. But women approach new things like calm fluid water wrapping and emerging themselves with it to understanding and clarity. Men just don't understand this way of being, but then men are very simple and single minded creatures. Women are far more complex than are males, but that is the true beauty of women - their complexity. Understanding women's complexity is like unwrapping a gift, or working a new puzzle. Actually, its quite fun trying to understand women but many males are just to impatient. The more I learn about and understand women the more impressed I feel. Their empathy, grace, wisdom, endurance, capabilty, and I believe, superior intellegence all impress me. When I hear it said that women are superior to men I say to myself, "It's true!" I love women and I glad they are better than me, it's men that benefit the most from women's superiority.

Mark JeffriesMar 27 2004 5:47pm
I also was the only male in our house and grew up in a home with older sisters. I learned alot about women from them and I've always had the opinion that women are better. I've always viewed women as more wise and intelligent than are males. I think alot of men secretly feel this way, but our egos flare up and we can't admit the truth openly. There is so much evidence in scholastic records and science tests that prove women are generally more intelligent than males. Males will know alot about specific things, but women know more about everything else! Women's intelligence is far more broad and has more depth, and women just always seem to know things that males can't see or understand. I agree with the previous post. I'm also glad that women are better, its the males that gain the most from women's superiority.

JasonMar 31 2004 12:16pm
Jason and Mark enjoying your stay at club fag?

AnonymousApr 07 2004 9:45pm
Anonymous. Insignificant. Nameless. Faceless. Cowardly. Primative. Inferior. Male.

SuzanneApr 13 2004 9:23pm
Rock on girls! The superior sex is gradually coming to the surface. Take a look in any classroom and note who are normally the most disruptive pupils? BOYS! Take a look around any party and note who are acting the dumbest? BOYS! Who always seem to get the top places in exams these days? GIRLS! ...I could go on and on and on and on and..

AnnaApr 13 2004 9:55pm
Suzanne. You are a female chavinist pig. You are as bad as those you condemn. All women are not inferior, but you sure are.

RandyApr 15 2004 3:23pm
Since I am female, I will probably outlive you by several years. Since you are a male, you will no doubt be fragile and impotent by age 40. So enjoy your superiority while you can. Silly boy.

SuzanneApr 16 2004 10:00pm
Women are superior, its a fact!!! A woman's mind/psychology is by far measure more complex that a males simple brain. Males are simple, simple, simple, simple-minded creatures. A woman's intelligence molds, shapes, and guides culture and society. Therefore, its quite obvious that women are intellectually superior, the male brain is rather primative in comparison.

empress koiApr 22 2004 6:20pm
Wow, apparently the internet has been taken over by fags, and women. I have tried several times to have meaningful conversations with women, but they do not seem to be able to understand issues more complex than fingernail polish. Its a sad, but true fact that women are good for one purpose, most women can't even cook any more! Women may be rising in the western world, but rather than improving things, they seem bent on destroying the system, tearing down everything that matters. FOrtunatly, you sexist tardos will be forced to hear the music, and unfortunatly I do not think you will be pleased. (note, the only minority women outnumber minority men on campus, for whites men still outnumber white women).

CharlesApr 25 2004 11:44pm
A pretty typical viewpoint of of an insecure male in denial of the truth. Actually, women are excelling scholastically, while males are falling behind, and published statistics prove it. The superior intelligence of women is so obvious. If you can't see it, it is because you do not want to see it.

SuzanneApr 26 2004 12:13am
A pretty typical viewpoint of yet another "female oppression" hypocrite spreading ridicoulous and meaningless notions around just to see who will buy into her nonsense. You women really need to get a life because you are acting shallow and arrogant, nothing more, nothing less. Some submissive type guys and women pretending to be guys will help boost your insignificant egos, but the truth is women are different than men, not superior (although each sex has some superior attributes than the other.) So quit stretching and sugarcoating certain facts to make it seem as if men should not even exist, the rest of us normal people with thank you for it.

RickApr 26 2004 5:39pm
The reason guys like Rick get all twisted up in a knot over this issue is they know its true.

AnnaApr 27 2004 10:58pm
Anna is right! Study after study, classroom results, surveys of educators, scientific reports, all come to the same conclusion -- girls/women have better intelligence. The feminine brain is better wired and more developed than the male brain, this is a scientific fact. The bundle of nerves connecting both brain hemispheres, the corpus callosum, is larger and more developed in women. Women have up tp 30% more cross connections between their brain lobes than do males, giving them far more cognitive advantages: quicker mental processing, superior memory, better language ability, intuition, by far superior multi-tasking skills, ect... Women just have better overall cognition than males because women have a better brain. The male brain is rather thick and slow, simple and single minded with cognition. Cleaved in half, males can only use one side of their brain at any time as they have far fewer connections between brain lobes. As a male its often hard to accept these facts, but its all true. The truth is that women have the better brain, and they prove it every day!

JMGApr 29 2004 7:22am
Anna's weak one-liner is just another example of a female chauvinist trying to put "the little man in his place!" It is not true, just look around and you will see the truth. Women are no better than men and if a female dominated world is what is needed to prove that, then I'm almost willing to live in one just to say I told you so.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:21pm
Women, superior intelligence? Look up the name Ann Coulter. Your entire argument is lost.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:22pm
One example of a political figure you don't agree with has no effect on the debate at all. Besides, just because you disagree with Ann Coulter has no bearing on her intelligence. If I had to bet, I'd say she's probably smarter than you by a longshot. And it is a fact that women's brains have more useable capacity than men's. Women can use both sides of the brain simultaniously, while men cannot. Women are better multi-taskers than men, and the list goes on. I don't think men should take this so personally, it's just how things are and it isn't anyone's fault.

TammieMay 06 2004 9:55pm
I agree with Tammie. Obviously Randy is a liberal who thinks Ms. Coulter is stupid because of her political viewpoints. He probably thinks all people who disagree with him are stupid, which is typical of modern liberals. The question is about the superior intelligence of women, not about agreeing with someone's politics. Maybe Randy didn't understand the question. Not surprising, it takes men a little longer to catch on.

AnonymousMay 08 2004 8:05pm
A recent study at the University of Pennyslyvania concluded that women have a higher amount of tissue devoted to computation than men, known as "gray matter". Men have a higher amount of "white matter" which is responsible for the communication between cells in different areas of the brain. In short men can string together seemingly unrelated thoughts or ideas better than women, while women have an advantage at verbal tasks such as organizing instant linkage between thoughts or ideas.

AnonymousMay 08 2004 9:11pm
It is fun watching these insecure men try to come up with an argument. Eventually they will have no choice but to accept the superiority of women.

the factsMay 10 2004 10:05pm
It is more fun watching these immature and over-emotinal women try to spread simply hilarious ideas about male inferiority. I can't wait to see what kind of blatantly uneducated claim they make next!

DanMay 10 2004 11:15pm
Give it up Dan! Women ARE just smarter and better than we males. They've got us completely outclassed, in just about every way the women win -- hands down!!!

jeffrey g.May 15 2004 7:02am
I see, well if you really feel that way I see no reason for you to participate in society, please give up your right to vote, (because women can do it better than you). Quit your job and don't apply for any others,(what's the point you'll be wasting time that a woman could be using to do it right). And don't even think about driving or owning any personal assests these are reserved for functioning members of society, who aren't so easily outclassed by anyone.

DanMay 15 2004 5:50pm
Dan, thats it!!! You're beginning to understand. It not what I or anyone else "feels", its a reality that women are superior. Its becoming a woman's world now and males must learn to adapt or be left behind. I choose to adapt and accept feminine superiority. Let go of your male "pride" and male "ego" and begin to learn from women -- you will be a much happier person!

jeffrey g.May 16 2004 5:05pm
I'm a perfectly happy person, thank you. Personally you sound like a lazy person who uses this excuse of female superiority as a way to not do anything, well girls here he is the man you wanted, an absolute doorstop with no ambition or desire.

DanMay 16 2004 7:15pm
Dan, you are missing his point. Just because women will be calling the shots doesn't mean men won't need to do anything. In fact, we will probably be required to improve the way we do things and learn how to accept the guidance of women. He is right, those of us who don't learn to contribute in a positive way will be left behind.

SalMay 16 2004 11:02pm
I think smart women are smarter than dumb men. Smart men are smarter than dumb women.

AnonymousMay 18 2004 10:07am
Oh Suzanne! I'm so sorry that you are such an insecure human being. I never claimed I was superior because I was a man, I never claimed that I was superior at all. And please don't think that you can cut me with that impotence crap, because it just doesn't hit home. As far as your argument is concerned, you are just saying these things because your ability to produce a civilized debate is as "impotent" as any male chauvinist pig.

RandyMay 18 2004 10:39am
I never said Ann Coulter was stupid. I never implied it. It is only the mental midgets who perceived it this way. I just meant that she is a living example of why the world would not be a better place to live in if it were run exclusively by women. And she is not the only example of bad women. Diane Downs and Susan Smith destroyed their own children, Denise Atkins, Leslie Van Houten,and Patricia Krenwinkle are all murderers. Denise Atkins even stabbed another woman, Sharon Tate, who was nine months pregnant. These are just a few examples of the "superior" women who live amongst us, and before you say, "It's because they are women who have had to live in a male dominated world," I say bullpoo. These women are not this way because of men, they are this way because that's just who they are. Are women superior to men? No! Are men superior to women? No! The fact that there are women who side with Ann Coulter just because she is a woman, simply tells me that they are chauvinistic and insecure females.

RandyMay 18 2004 10:46am
I guess the question should be, are women superior to men on average?

HHMay 18 2004 12:24pm
So, now that we've established on this poll and so many others here that women are superior to men, what are you women going to do about it?

DougMay 18 2004 12:26pm
You're so quick, Doug! You belong in my stable of males. I going to add you to my collection.

empress koiMay 18 2004 7:27pm
Dude who is calling himself Empress Koi: You're not fooling many of us.

DougMay 19 2004 11:42am
Damn I was about to ask him I mean her out...

RogerMay 19 2004 6:27pm
Doug, so disappointed! I'll put my cards on the table. I'm a Japanese, a woman 28 years old, and I work now now in the U.S. I am from Kansai region in Japan and study English for 15 years. I love men, but I also like to be in control of men. My email: - please be respectful!

empress koiMay 19 2004 9:51pm
So you have an email address. What does that prove? I say you're a man.

DougMay 20 2004 12:06pm
Doug, so disappointed! You would think 15 years of English would tell you what a fragment is.

AnonymousMay 20 2004 10:22pm
Ha! Ha! Ha! Hopefully the person that made the previous post isn't a native English speaker, ending with "is" makes a fragmented sentence. "You would think (that) fifteen years of English would tell you what a fragment is." Is what -- improper usage, uncreative, non use of standard English? Sorry everyone, lets get back to the subject of this poll on gender intelligence.

empress koiMay 21 2004 10:17am
How do I join your stable, Empress?

AnonymousMay 25 2004 1:50pm
Karen is right! As a male, I have tried to fight this for years, but now I realize that women in general are superior. My g/f is better educated, outearns me and beats me at most sports. And I am not a wimp. She just is more flexible and smarter about competition.

jasonMay 26 2004 11:01am
Women are NOT superior. Women are more powerful--big difference. If two people are facing each other, and one has a pocketknife, and the other has a shotgun, which person is superior? Let's say the one with the pocketknife is Albert Einstein (okay, overused example, I know); the other dude is Roy Mungles, who is best known for his love of wrestling and Jerry Springer. Albert is superior to Roy, obviously; however, Roy Mungles undoubtedly is more powerful in this particular situation.

ShockoJun 07 2004 10:37am
Hey, Shoko, we're all talking about the state of superiority: biologically, physiology, mentally, ect. Women are superior as living beings as they are biologically superior and are primary in reproduction. Your example is very lame, but I'll give you a better one. I think most people would agree that human beings are superior to a wild boar, but a wild boar can kill and eat a human being. So what, it doesn't change the fact that a human is still a superior being. As for women being more powerful, not yet. Society is still dominated by men, but that is changing. Child rearing is what kept women from power in the past, but it is not going to keep women from gaining power in the future.

JMGJun 07 2004 3:59pm
I don't want to know what child rearing is...

AnonymousJun 08 2004 12:01am
Obivously wild boars are superior to humans in some ways, superior strength, superior teeth, superior senses (except sight). So why is it so unbelievable that a creature could be superior to another in different aspects? Who says it is all or nothing?

BillJun 08 2004 12:04am
Are you stupid, Bill? Go live with a wild boar. Most understand that JMG is talking about a higher awareness, as in superior being. Is a wild boar aware it cannot read or do mathematics? Methinks you just don't get it Bill.

JaneyJun 08 2004 7:21am
Bill understands what I'm getting at. If you want to talk in Black & White, then you're speaking hypothetically, not about reality, neh?

ShockoJun 08 2004 7:29am
Shocko, it's time you recognize the superior gender of all species, including your own. Get on your knees and ask for forgiveness.

TammiJun 08 2004 7:30am
Methinks that Shocko doesn't get it either.

IssacJun 08 2004 10:38am
methinks that Bill & Shocko are the same dude!

AnonymousJun 08 2004 10:39am
More and more women -- and fewer and fewer men -- enroll in universities.

SuttonJun 08 2004 10:47pm
Gee, who else would say something stupid like "methinks", maybe Anonymous is Janey!

BillJun 09 2004 12:23am
methinks Issac, Janey and Tammi are the same dude!

AnonymousJun 09 2004 12:24am
I think there's not a single female posting in these polls.

HHJun 09 2004 7:54am
Wow, all of you are a bunch of morons. "Methinks" is proper use of English and it means, "it seems like". Methinks that Janey may be an English person as that term is still used in parts of England. Methinks is used by older generations, methinks.

James GradyJun 09 2004 8:41am
Methinks who cares it still sounds stupid.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 10:49pm
methinks that women are the smarter gender, methinks

AnonymousJun 10 2004 4:03pm
Methinks is as stupid as "my bad".

AnonymousJun 15 2004 10:06am
I've read some articles on the differences between male & female brains, and there is overwhelming evidence that the female brain is superior and more advanced.

HollyJun 18 2004 8:29pm
The evidence is only whelming.

HHJun 25 2004 10:09am
I love men, but they sure aren't smart.

AnonymousJun 26 2004 2:06pm
Smart enough to invent most every appliance you'll ever use, honey.

HHJun 29 2004 7:29am
Speaking of smarts, you know why men are called dickheads? Because his brain is between his legs. And the tongue in his head is best used as a dick. So keep your comments to yourself, HH, honey.

CharleneJun 29 2004 7:50am
You are a man,'s way too obvious.

HHJun 30 2004 7:26am
Must of hit a nerve, HH.

AnonymousJun 30 2004 7:27am
Why, HH, do you think a woman wouldn't talk back to you? You may be surprised we're not all demure and submissive. As for female inventors, there are plenty of them, and the numbers have been rising steadily over the last thirty years. The reason there haven't been many patents by women until now is that we haven't had the opportunity. That has been changing, and our intelligence will continue to influence the world.

CharleneJul 02 2004 7:39pm
Charlene, I think a woman would talk back to me. However, your post sounds so much like the submissive men here who want to perpetuate this myth that women want to be domineering biatches. I think you're a man acting like the kind of women you worship.

HHJul 20 2004 8:56am
I think HH has a point. Any woman with an opinion is a domineering bitch.

AnonymousJul 24 2004 11:59am
HH is a teenager trying to stir up arguments.

AnonymousJul 24 2004 10:27pm
There are advantages to only thinking with one side of the brain. Apparently, it gives men a creative advantage because they can't distinguish between fantasy (or dreams) as well as women, so you end up having more men putting brush to canvas or writing songs. Apparently it can also help some men to focus on one task better which creates math geniuses. There are obvious disadvantages, serial killers are more likely to chase that fantasy. Women are better able to balance every day decisions. Women may be better at leadership but men certainly must always play a role and none of these questions have absolute answers. Some women will still make great artists or become homicidal and some men will make fantastic managers.

a manJul 27 2004 4:24pm
The next time one of you "enlightened" guys says an important quality in a woman is intelligence, just face it...she's not only intelligent, she's smarter than you. By far.

A WomanAug 02 2004 11:49am
I don't care if a woman is smarter than me or not, as long as she does as she's told.

AnonymousAug 02 2004 9:02pm
Feminists and female superiorists/supremacists always conflate the distinction between man and boy into one category namely, males. They do this simple so that they can attack boys. Men did not conflate the girl/woman distinction into females, and back when men were in control ALL children regardless of their sex were in the same category namely that of children, a group which had a right to protection. Feminists have removed boys from the protected status, and thus we now see t-shirts like 'boys are stupid - throw rocks at them' and many others. In other words, when women realized they could not win the ?battle of the sexes? against men they turned towards boys and abused them verbally and manipulated them. That is exactly why we see so many boys here seconding the women who support the idea of female superiority. They have been brainwashed and manipulated as kids, abused at the hands of adult women who should know better. Some, though, stand strong, and in spite of all the manipulation and brainwashing they still can see the truth, which off course is that it is impossible to be ?generally superior? this is simply an oxymoron. If you do not understand why this is so, forget it, I shall not waste my time. Women are not morally superior to men, quite on the contrary. This is becoming more evident day after day, and most off the comments here just testify to this trend.

yesSep 24 2004 10:46am
Women are superior to men, morally and otherwise. Grow up.

RandySep 28 2004 9:25pm
Women are far superior academically and in business. They commit less crime and generally show greater common sense. That's not propoganda or brainwashing, it is simply the way things are. Generally women are probably more intelligent but people still have to be judged individually.

AnonymousOct 04 2004 9:56am
I live in a small community and every year the high school graduation photos and academic awards are published. The huge majority of top achievers are female. They scoop up all the awards and scholarships, and by far show the greatest ambition and will to succeed in life. Apart from academic performance, females are also overwhelmingly the leaders in their classes, as club presidents, volunteers, etc. Young women are way more bright and motivated than the males their age.

AnonymousOct 25 2004 5:37pm
I work for a large company. Over the last few years I have noticed a shift towards advancing women into positions of authority. The majority of supervisory and management positions are now held by women, often promoted over men who are older and more experienced. There seems to be a new trend in hiring, and women are considered more qualified simply by virtue of the fact they are female. It is impossible for a male employee to object to this practice without being labeled as an old fashoned male chauvenist pig. If there is ever any conflict between a female supervisor and a male subordinate, the company always sides with the woman. I think within a few years women will be the typically accepted authority figures in the business world. It is already happening at my company.

DonOct 29 2004 4:55am
You are being male chauvinist if you oppose the practices described above. Women far exceed men scholastically and managerially. They are fiscally far better as well. Conflict resolution probably always goes to the woman because she has probably argued her case more affectively then her male subordinate, not for any PC reasons.

AnonymousOct 31 2004 9:40am
Where is all the evidence of the scholastic and managerial superiority of women?

AnonymousNov 07 2004 4:42pm
It would appear then that the future holds a very different set of boundarys and opportunities than it has in past generations. It appears that men will no longer have the upper hand when it comes to gender politics. A lot of people tend to write all this stuff off as fem-dom fantasies, but it looks like it could also have a basis in reality.

DebNov 10 2004 11:12pm
In the past, women were supposed to 'swoon' over strong men. It seems that these days it is the men who are more likely to be excited by strong women. And just because there is a lot of fantasy involved - it doesn't mean there isn't also a real phenomenon of women becoming more powerful in society. The fem-dom fantasy stuff is no longer a form of momentary escape for men from their positions of power - it is a reflection of men really wanting to accept women's superiority.

womynruleNov 18 2004 10:05am
The superiority of women is really sinking in with the kids now developing. It is the first generation which has not been brainwashed by the patriarchy of the past.

SteveNov 22 2004 8:55pm
A study of wild chimpanzees has shown that girls have been faster learners than boys for 6 million years. Researchers discovered clear differences in the way young male and female chimps learnt skills from their mothers. The findings, published in the journal Nature, mirror the contrasts in the learning abilities of human children, say the scientists behind the study. Professor Elizabeth Lonsdorf, of Chicago, said it suggested that young girls' superiority over boys in the classroom may date back to the last common ancestor of chimps and humans, about 6 million years ago. Her four-year study of apes in Tanzania's Gombe National Park watched eight young males and six young females learn from their mothers how to use sticks to fish for termites. Female youngsters enjoyed more success than males, and mastered the task quicker as they picked up the skill when they were about 30 months old whereas most of the males were twice as old. The difference was down to the greater attentiveness on the females' part as they spent more time watching their mother closely. Their technique was more similar to the mother's. The male chimps had shorter attention spans and spent more time wrestling with each other and swinging in trees, the scientists said.

AnonymousDec 21 2004 6:12pm
Maybe the male chimps just didn't want to hear about how their mother's poked at termites for six million years.

JasonMar 18 2005 12:28pm
Women!!! Only cause i wouldnt f*ck guys!!

retardApr 02 2005 12:58pm
Why is there any doubt? Just go to your local high school grad ceremonies. Most or all of the top achievers will be girls. They'll have the majority of academic awards, as well as awards for volunteering, achievemnet in extracurricular activities, and so forth.

AnonymousApr 29 2005 4:46pm
I was doing my wash the other day and because there was nothing else to read, I picked up (to my great shame) a copy of US magazine, one of those stupid and useless Hollywood tabloids that have nothing better to do then to make up stories and send "photographers" out to stalk and harrass celebrities. I found it quite both shocking and amusing at the same time that all of the letters to the editors written in this issue, were done so by women. These women, who have never met any of these celebrities, felt free and justified in writing opinions about famous people just because they think that they are right about everything. I vowed at that point never to pick up one of those retardo magazines again, but I am now convinced one sure thing, that the majority of readers who keep these worthless rags in business are women, the "more intelligent sex". Get something better to do ladies, like getting a life.

SteveJun 30 2005 5:49am
Both right and wrong, Steve. The commenting of celebrities is the human nature. Women tend to write comments on Geena Davis' new dress. Men on the other hand write comments on football managers and players and their tactics and techniques.

EddieSep 29 2005 5:00am
Women are stupid by nature, they sole role is to get laid and make babies, so is obvious that women are much less intelligent than men. But, that is all right since you don t need be smart to bend over and spread your legs girls.

Marcelo RatzOct 30 2005 11:17am
Women are stupid by nature, they sole role is to get laid and make babies, so is obvious that women are much less intelligent than men. But, that is all right since you don t need be smart to bend over and spread your legs girls.

Marcelo RatzOct 30 2005 11:28am
Women are stupid by nature, they sole role is to get laid and make babies, so is obvious that women are much less intelligent than men. But, that is all right since you don t need be smart to bend over and spread your legs girls.

Marcelo RatzOct 30 2005 11:31am
Say it, Marcelo. Nature put women in an inferior position not just physically, but mentally. The proof is that women have let men rule them since the dawn of time. How stupid do you have to be, to let someone oppress you for that long.

JKNov 01 2005 6:47pm
Anonymous, women are walking wombs by nature, they are good only to please men and make babies and to do these NOBLE(hahaha) tasks they don t need to be inteligent. But guys who protect these whores and wlking wombs are dumber than them.

Marcelo RatzJan 20 2006 11:43am
Yes, I have come to believe that women are smarter than us men. We should vote only women in power, so the world is a better place.

Michael.Feb 25 2006 11:55pm
Working for a female manager is a living Hell. Even Feminist women say that.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:09pm
Working for a female manager may not be enjoyable for you, but at the end of the day you will have been more productive and efficient, thus contributing more to the team effort and inadvertantly raising your stock as an employee. As female managers inspire superior performance (even from those who find working for them to be living Hell)the end result is a successful company where people are inspired to excel. On a grand scale the results of female managers in charge will be prosperity and growth for all. As a feminist woman, I know for sure I am in favor of that.

SueApr 30 2006 5:27pm
Eric you are right you cannot compete with the Females it is better you get a menial job cleaning the school toilets once the school has become an all girl one.You are taking the job of a more qualified person i.e a Woman.It will be the decision of the all Female staff whether you are given any cleaning implements or whether your tongue is best suited for the job.I commend you on your realisation that the future is female shaped and that you should not hold up progress.Education for males should cease at 16 at the latest as the future I envisage will have Women so intelectually superior to men that htey will be incapable of doing more complicated tasks to even half the standard of their superiors. You at least will be around the 60% of males with jobs outside the home.

Big BrendaMay 01 2006 4:50am
Suzanne you are always right that anonymous male was just showing his cowardice and ignorance.I apologise on behalf of the male species.Iam adjusted to the fact of my inferiority and will thus hopefully find a place in the Womyns society of the future.Males like him will be permannetly unemployed or in prison.What we all need though is a period in a male re-education centre no matter how progressive we think we are on the subject of Female Supremacy.

Lou RollsMay 01 2006 5:02am
Dan hit the nail on the head without knowing.Men should give up the vote or have it taken from them.They should not own the means of production or property in fact they might become the property of Women.We must not be in jobs that could go to a more capable Woman and adapt.There are plenty of jobs for males under the stwardship of a more intelligent Female.A male should at no time be in charge of an adult Female.Our duty is to support Women in thier stwardship of life as we will as superior and inferior sexes be better off.

Lou RollsMay 01 2006 5:13am
Womyn Rule is so right.Female domination should not be a fantasy but reality.

Lou RollsMay 01 2006 5:26am

AnonymousMay 25 2006 2:42pm
Women are stupid! Opus Dei was right, they are inferior.

I.G. BattiJun 21 2006 5:45pm
I think women make terrific corpses!!

I.G. BattiJun 21 2006 5:46pm
...And Stress Apples!!!

I.G. BattiJun 21 2006 5:46pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:32am
School girls are smarter than school boys. And the gap is widening.

AnonymousJul 14 2006 11:54pm
Women are certainly better liars than us men.

Victim of FeminismAug 02 2006 12:51pm
It seems that the media propaganda against men never stops. Today I saw a TV program which empatically said that ALL of the world's problems are caused by men, and women would be much happier in a world with NO MEN. If somebody made a TV program claiming that the world would be better if there were no negros or no Muslims or no Chinese or no women, there would be outrage directed against that TV station. Yet men are targeted by the media every day, and nobody protests.

2006/08/19Aug 19 2006 10:21pm
The results of "scientific" studies are determined politically more often than people realize. If a "scientific" study concluded that women were somehow inferior to men, would those results be publicized in the pro-Feminist, male-bashing news media? No way!! That would be politically incorrect. Only "scientific" studies that conclude female superiority are good enough to be publicized in the pro-Feminist, male-bashing news media. Furthermore, any researcher who discovered any kind of female inferiority would probably be defunded and slandered. Only researchers who conclude female superiority get additional funding, so they can publish more male-bashing "research."

Angry ManSep 06 2006 5:53pm
Many places in the USA have low or very low educational standards. Therefore, outperforming the average is easy, so females who outperform males have little to boast about. I fear that the low academic performance of boys is merely a symptom of a deeper psychological problem: It seems that American males are more depressed, discouraged, aimless and unmotivated than ever before. What is causing this mental fog, and how to escape it?

Samurai PsychiatristSep 10 2006 7:31pm

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:05pm
Not only are women more intelligent, but we also have a style of reasoning which is more suitable for the modern world. The male approach to leadership does not work anymore.

SandyOct 30 2006 7:54pm
Sandy, when I was a manager, I was 1000 times nicer to my employees than the female monster I previously worked for. Everyone hated her, and with good cause.

Ex-CNENov 02 2006 1:21pm
My interest is men distracted from work [or school or gym] by beautiful women at the workplace, especially beautiful women at work with: sleeveless tops, short skirts and shirts that reveal cleavage or back. Also men who are distracted at work by women who are especially beautiful or busty or thin or muscular.

HSGNov 14 2006 8:45pm
Girls outperform boys at school, why? because girls are more intelligent and able than boys, always have been always will be. Trouble is boys seem to have become so dumb that they can't even comprehend the truth of their own intelectual inferiority. Sad isn't it?

SarahNov 16 2006 9:12am
Boys used to be able to compensate for their intellectual disadvantage through physical prowess. But now that the physical superiority of girls has been revealed and accepted, it only adds to the sadness.

LoriNov 28 2006 2:28pm
Ex-CNE, being nice to your employees does not equate good managerial skills. Sometimes a leader must make unpopular decisions in order to be effectve at her job. This is probably why you are no longer in management. The truth is, the female management style has proven more effective, and is better for everyone. This is why you will be seeing an increase in female bosses in the future, on top of the fact that the majority of educated people are now female.

SandyNov 28 2006 2:35pm
Sandy, I lost that managerial job because a 100% African-American selection committee decided to take away the contract from a white-owned company and give the contract to a company owned by African-Americans. Dark skinned people were allowed to keep their jobs, white people like me were fired.

Ex-CNENov 28 2006 8:46pm
I am also a teacher and I can attest that the female students are overwhelmingly more intelligent, more diligent, and more conscientious. The males are so far behind that in a few years, our society will be female dominated whether anyone likes it or not. I think we will have much more leadership then. Yes I am a male, but I recognize that females are superior by a wide margin.

JasonDec 14 2006 5:20pm
Jason it is admirable that you recognize the superiority of the female gender. You seem fairly intelligent and rational for a male. But you must also realize that as a male, you have no business teaching young women. Males do not belong in positions of authority and you should be ashamed of yourself for not realizing that. You should get a menial job that is better suited to an inferior male such as yourself. Preferably one serving women where you can better realize your role.

SusanDec 14 2006 5:24pm
Wow Susan, You have really got it together. You are absolutely correct. A man should never instruct a Woman, he should obey and serve Her. Hopefully one day you Women will show us our place. And hopefully men will accept their new roles. I have and I couldn't agree more with you.

benDec 15 2006 8:46pm
Susan, your male-bashing is as unethical as the racism of the KKK or the intolerance of Osama Bin Laden.

Scholar of Ancient TextsDec 18 2006 6:51pm
Ex CNE, it sounds more like you are trying to use the race card as an excuse for your shortcomings. Snap out of it white boy!

MarvinDec 31 2006 10:30am
#155 - 2/7/07

Date UpdateFeb 07 2007 12:24am
This is a little off topic but I must ask: In today's American high schools, is it considered normal for a high school boy to admire the beautiful thin arms of a sleeveless high school girl? And is it normal for high school girls to go sleeveless for the purpose of attracting attention from boys the same age?

JRRTFeb 12 2007 5:26pm
I work my behind off for my Female boss so She will continue to deposit payment for my services(or servitude) into my Wife's bank account. A normal working day involves addressing my Female Superior as Ma'am, making coffee and brining Female executives their mail.

obedient husbandApr 21 2007 7:40pm

Ug, do I have to go through with this again?! I'll pick my words so that you women can understand what I'm getting at.

Women are made by intelligent design to be harder workers. Their jobs were meant to be taking care of children, cooking, cleaning among other things. Women can multi task much better than men can, so that they can get their duties done quicker and more efficiently. Attributes such as the ones I just mentioned are great influences on the academic outcome of a woman.

In short, woman can work harder (i.e study harder) than men, so their grades tend to be higher than the male average. That doesn't mean women are smarter, it just means they have a stronger sense of determination when it comes to getting the job done.

If you're trying to bring intelligence into gender related statistics, then naturally there are going to be some variables that are uncontrollable.

Are you women following this, or are you distracted by female pride? I'll keep going anyway.


Tap that, biatches.

Mach 3Jun 27 2007 10:39am
What we need is a third party to judge this, the gender war can never be won if there are only two sides, so there are no fair judges. It's like two war prosecutors who are working against the others country. It's just stupid.

Mach 3Jun 27 2007 10:41am
What do you mean?

BarbJun 28 2007 5:19pm
Eh ?. Uh what's intelligence ?. No really, you cant allocate intelligence so simply on schooling or tests. This is coming from a guy ninety five percent through his degree in chemistry, after successfully completing a maths degree. Do I have any superb supernatural insights and abilities because of this so called intelligence ?. NO !?!. Should we relegate people on their supposed intelligence, NO !. I'm not trying to explain away you're statistics, to cover up my gender, I just take exception to people who advocate their right to control others against their basic rights. And all people are in my opinion at least intelligent enough to appreciate deprivation of freedom.

FNOLAug 14 2007 2:03am
If you were that bright you'd know that this is largely a fetish site and people here are posting their fantasies

AnonymousSep 13 2007 4:46pm
If there was a web site with 50 polls about white people being superior to blacks, that web site would be quickly shut down. I want to see all of permanently shut down and removed from the internet. If that is not possible, then I would like to see all polls on this web site erased and all new polls.

AnonymousOct 21 2007 3:05pm
Men are not stupid. Anyone who doesn't realize that this entire issue stems from the introduction of the "Whole Language" method of teaching literacy about 15 years ago is the cause of the "Boy Crisis" IS stupid. The idea is predicated on the ridiculous assumption that learning to read and write should come as naturally as speech. Not only does this fly in the face of ALL legitimate research on the subject, it is also an affront to common sense: human beings probably spoke almost from the dawn of our species whereas writing arose independently only three times in human history (Iraq [or possibly Egpyt], China, and the Yucatan) and the earliest of these was a mere 5000 years ago! This idiocy isn't doing girls any favors but since they are generally much better at 'global' learning they haven't suffered as much as boys who generally require a much more methodical approach to learning. Both genders actually learn better with the old, methodical "phonetic" approach but many more girls than boys can learn by the asinine new method. Since standards have been collapsing, girls, whose actual literacy rate has remained fairly stable, have appeared to skyrocket while boys, whose actual literacy rate has been in steep decline since the introduction of the new methodology, have appeared to have actually improved slightly. I know that some of the butch women and feeble men who like to post here would love a world of illerate males, but most of us, men and women (I hope), would prefer soldiers who can actually read the "point this end at enemy" sticker on the rocket-launcher to a huge mob of frustrated, stupid and underemployed young men! That's always been the demographic right before any massive social upheaval in modern history. (Nazis, Bolsheviks, Islamic Radicals, etc, etc.) Of course, America being what it is, instead of admitting we were wrong and reinstating the tried-and-true method that spawned mass literacy in the first place, I'm sure we're going to try all kinds of retarded NEW ideas, such as segrating classes by gender or letting boys do book reports on X-Men comics while they get up from their desks to do back flips every ten minutes or whatever other kind of feel-good nonsense the feminists use to keep from admitting that men and women are actually DIFFERENT including in the ways their brains function! This will probably go on until a gang of drooling jack-booted and steroid pumped fascist morons kicks in the White House door and gang rape the Presidents Clinton! After that, we'll probably get 'hooked on phonics' again. A good dose of "SIT DOWN, SHUT UP and STUDY!!" would probably do them some good too. - A literate, tri-lingual Male with a 159 IQ who, thankfully, graduated high-school before they decided to stop teaching boys how to read and write.

The aboveOct 22 2007 5:39am
Men are stupid.

JanFeb 17 2008 1:17pm
Yes it is true, if a site had 50 polls saying whites were superior, it would be censored. But if that same site claimed blacks were superior, it would be applauded. White people are the only ones who are not protected by political correctness pressure groups and affirmative action. So the comparison is not valid. Women are considered a minority, so their claim to superiority will be supported by the community. And if you disagree with it, you will be labeled as a woman hating cave man.

kellyFeb 17 2008 1:27pm
Athlete says sports steroids changed him from woman to man:

AnonymousAug 14 2008 8:04pm
Kelly, the only thing wrong with your logic is the fact that scientific evidence supports the claim of female superiority. It has nothing to do with minority status. It has everything to do with biology.

SueDec 15 2008 9:18pm
all this nonsense over wether men or women ar smarter is exactly that. they ar equal in intellect, just not identical. in most arias, they are alike. however, males outperform females in some capacities, whereas females outperform males in some others(both mentally and physically).

lolcatJan 17 2009 3:19pm
Men are thinking with their balls, once castrated they will be braindeath. Your balls must be snipped.

LindaFeb 17 2009 10:30am
You all talk about studies proving female superiority. Name the studies, who proved what, dates, facts, figures. Name them or shut the f*ck up.

Balls are BetterFeb 24 2009 11:33am
I could shoot all the mysandronistic female chauvanist sow-bitches and their male equivalents, but why waste good bullets!

The E-999Mar 21 2009 6:11pm
why is it that woman needs to use both sides of her loaf to do anything, where man does just as well with only one?

T-888Apr 22 2009 5:11pm
But a man doesn't do just as well... that's the point. Women use more of their brains when it is to Their advantage. When Women take in sensory information, Their brains process that information more thoroughly than males' brains. Women are able to take in more information faster than men, and organize Their thoughts more efficiently. This leads to Women's greater intelligence. There are studies that show males use more of their brains for certain tasks, but Women still do better at those tasks than men while using less of their brain.. So in the end it's not only a question of how much brain is used... but HOW it is used. The Female brain is better organized than the male brain. You could say the male brain just has a lot of faulty wiring and is somewhat 'clunky' compared to the multitasking Female brain.

AnonymousApr 26 2009 8:34am
Anonymous, there is no definitive evidence to prove either way which sex is more intelligent. OK, so the female brain has advantages over the male, but the male brain has advantages over the female also. Women's brains do have more wiring (white matter), but men have more raw computing power because they have more grey matter. On average, men score 5 points higher in I.Q. tests, but women average 3% higher in tests of general intelligence. Conclusion? Man smarter, butwoman wiser, ergo the sexes are mentally equal but different. I for one would have it no other way! P.S. Would all the women posting here PLEASE show a little respect and kindly refrain from refering to men and boys as MALES. The men (and boys) who post here do not lump women and girls into the FEMALES pigeon-hole, so, ladies, would you please the same courtesy to the gentlemen. Thank you.

jay. wMay 08 2009 3:00pm
Sorry, I meant Show the same courtesy, I apologise fore the omission.

jay. wMay 08 2009 3:04pm
Jan is more stupid.

ohbuggerMay 10 2009 1:21pm
Men have more grey cells, Women have more white cells. So how can either sex claim supremacy over the other just because we take different paths to arrive at the same (or similar) conclusions?

Enquiring Minds Want To KnowJun 02 2009 10:42am
Or HIS job, Sandy. You must be a right mysandroistic female chauvanist sow-bitch.

Yo'Mama!Jun 14 2009 2:00am
Women, superior intelligence? we are not a female dominant society yet.

an intelligent life formAug 15 2009 6:08am
So, Kathy, you say that "males kill more often and when they kill, they most often kill other males", that is true. But,(this is a big but) there are a few facts that you should know. As we are still currently under male monosexual dominance, most male children are invariably, directly or indirectly, socialized and cultured into more aggressive behavior. Male children are also (erroneously, as it transpires) that girls/women are the weaker sex, hence the reason why so called "male" aggression is turned towards other males. Under female monosexual dominance, The aggression socialization and culturing is applied to females, thus resulting in more female-on female aggression and fatalities thereof, through being taught that men/boys are the weaker sex. Finally, the dominant sex exceeds the subordinate sex in bodily strength and developement.

an intelligent life formMay 22 2010 4:02pm
Still males have always been more aggressive and it is your balls that make this so. Every wonder why they cut the balls of dogs and bulls to make them more docile? Maybe we can make human males more docile by cutting their balls off when they have been convicted of violence.

KathyJul 14 2010 9:37pm
Males may have the balls, but women have the brains

MikeJul 18 2010 6:36am
Stephen King wrote A Long Walk which is about 100 boys doing a walk for a huge prize but only one male can win. ALL the other males are shot if they stop the walk Would you all want to have these males do the walk naked? I can think of several reasons for this. No male would have an advantage over another and when they were killed, the millions of women watching would know they were all males

CindyJul 18 2010 9:06am
Men are smarter than women. This should explain why there so much crime and failure in society because women aren't doing there job anymore. Raise the dam kid, cook eat sex and sleep. Leave the dam work for the men.

AnonymousAug 24 2010 11:17pm
Dam u women.. Siiight I love you. :-)

That guy.Aug 24 2010 11:20pm
Dude, m sure you should know by now that dont argue with woman because you'll never win that batle. It's what they're good @. :-D good luck on changing the history.

That guy.Aug 24 2010 11:26pm
Maybe we should cut all female boobs out if they have any noticeable boobs When convicted. :-D Respect male balls slut and suck on it.

ThemanAug 24 2010 11:46pm
Dam u women.. Siiight I love you. :-)

That guy.Aug 25 2010 12:00am
If women are overtaking men in college and other shcolastic stuff, then why are men still making more money as far as pay wages and salarys goes? lol

jacobOct 03 2010 7:35pm
OK, this poll was taken in 2003. Let's get with it. It is now 2010. The economy is in the sewer. Women are still the majority of graduates in College but the educational system in the United States is a mess. I would not want to do well in such a system. Not to mention, women will have debt and men will probably have to bail them out of it. In a female centric educational system of course women will seem smarter. Not to mention, opposition to feminism has grown rapidly since 2003. Thank Life for that.

women are manhatersOct 28 2010 12:44pm
grow a spine you wuss. do you think women actually will respect you with your attitude? You delusional fool.

ben=lolOct 28 2010 12:51pm
Women are inferior intellectually. Men are far superior. And the latest research states, that men are better than women in multitasking, debunking the old myth.

NickNov 06 2010 4:23pm
Since when women having better grades at school means they are better at the workplace. Sorry, but research shows that intelligence has nothing to do with education. The people that excel at school and university usually fail. I am a woman, but I think men are smarter than us females.

BibiNov 06 2010 4:26pm
Men are superior, its a fact!!! A man's mind/psychology is by far measure more complex that a females simple brain, which thinks only about babies and fashion. Females are simple, simple, simple, simple-minded creatures. A man's intelligence molds, shapes, and guides culture and society. Therefore, its quite obvious that men are intellectually superior, the female brain is rather primitive in comparison.

IanNov 06 2010 4:27pm
9/11 was the best day in history. The day stupid Americans were bombed. However, it seems they still don't get it - the whole world hates America, because it's a brain-washed country full of male-hating frigid females that must have their ovaries removed, because they are incapable of being good and nurturing mothers. The USA is full of fagots and ugly feminazis. Oh and the stupid Americans they think they are cool hahaha. Thank god that in my country there are still real, feminine women, not ugly horses like the women of the USA. The reason Us women hate men is that they are ugly as cows. Everyone knows that Americans are ignorant, stupid, fat and pathetic. And everyone knows that American women are as ugly as poo.

NickNov 06 2010 4:32pm
Another reasons why Americans are stupid - they made a negro their president. Americnas = bunch of jews, negros, fagots and dykes.

NickNov 06 2010 4:34pm
The only thing females are better than males at is doing blowjobs and kissing someone's ass.

IanNov 06 2010 4:36pm
Now I know why fellow Europeans (like Asians and Latin Americans) say that USA is evil. It's full of sissy males, fagots, feminazi, dykes. Acrually I've never seen a beautiful American women, they look like horses. I'm from Europe and here we still have women that think for themselves and ignore the lunatic feminist movement, which consumes a large amount of tax resources. Feminism is the way to destroy Western Societies and turn them into Socialistic ones. --------------------------------------- Let's hope that there will be some more TERRORIST attacks in America. Even the Roman Empire fell, what about that stupid USA, that the whole world truly hates. The insults in my country are: "As dumb as an American", "As gay as an American", "As ugly as an American woman". Hahaha Take that!

NickNov 06 2010 4:41pm

NickNov 06 2010 4:42pm
BLACK PEOPLE AND ASIANS ARE SUPERIOR THAN WHITE TRASH!!! White people and Jews are inferior than Blacks and Asians. Jews and Whites should go working in the toilet-cleaning business. And Jews are liars, they like stealing peoples money, because they are greedy.

JimNov 06 2010 4:44pm
I'm a woman and I am just smart enough to recognize my intellectual masters... MEN!

julieNov 06 2010 4:44pm
Men are indeed superior intellectually as well as physiologically.

111Nov 06 2010 4:44pm
American people = fagots negros latinos jews ugly feminist pigs fat people

NickNov 06 2010 4:45pm
The rest of the world is superior than USA and UK together. UK and USA citizens are inferior both intellectually and physiologically. American people are the descendants of British prostitutes, rapers, killers, fags.

NickNov 06 2010 4:48pm
- The best day from the 00's? - 9/11

EspanaNov 06 2010 4:48pm
This place is either full of fags or full of 1-2 feminist women pretending to be guys. I would love to be a superior male, however, I am an inferior female. The only thing a female is suppose to do is get pregnant and give birth.

JanaNov 06 2010 4:52pm
Maybe we can make human females more docile and less male-bashing by cutting their ovaries off. That's a good idea.

KimNov 06 2010 4:56pm
When the Muslims take over America, Feminism is doomed! :)

JimNov 06 2010 4:56pm
Americans are inferior than Europeans.

NickNov 06 2010 4:57pm
Dumb men are smarter than smart women and smart women are smarter than dumb women too. :)

JimNov 06 2010 4:59pm
Men thing with only one side of their brain. Correct. However, females don't think at all because they are brain-dead.

Not a Cunt and ProudNov 06 2010 5:00pm
Hey, c*nts shut up! Americans are just a bunch of c*nts, fagots and dykes!

EuropeIsBetterNov 06 2010 5:01pm
For the same job position and the same work done, c*nts earn more than men. Men on general work more than c*nts. I spit on the females at my office.

Male and proud of itNov 06 2010 5:03pm
In order to prove they are superior I insist on all women cutting their tits. They are some useless cow-like otters.

JimNov 06 2010 5:04pm
"Women are better multi-taskers than men, and the list goes on. " Who sais so, you?! Oh I don't believe this US pathetic crap. Shut up and continue living in you stupid country. If USA is such a good country, why do Americans continue torturing and killing Arabs, Iraqis, etc? Mind your own business, don't mess up with the world. And get your pooty Americans out of Europe pls! Europe is superior than the USA. USA is falling behind China, Russia and India.

EuropeNov 06 2010 5:08pm
USA is destined to fail, just like the Roman Empire did /maybe females need some reading here as they are not interested in history/. If females are superior than why it is mostly men that are interested in serious subjects like history, reading, physics, philosophy, etc?!? Women are just a bunch of scum interested in fashion, feminism, nail polish, hair extensions, stupid American movies, etc.

NickNov 06 2010 5:10pm
American people are descendants of prostitutes and criminals, that's why there's so much hatred in Stupid America.

NickNov 07 2010 12:57am
Hey, Americans! Please stop trying to influence European cultures. We don't care about your shallow culture.

MikeNov 07 2010 9:01am

EuropeHatesAmericaDec 01 2010 7:09am

EuropeHatesAmericaDec 01 2010 7:27am
yes by don't have hafe the brain women do.proven fact.

keithDec 20 2010 10:12am
as you can see. i am a women. i spell hafe wrong and hafe bad punctuation. woman in disguiise. sorry.

keithDec 22 2010 10:40am
Another questionable poll, there is no proof who is more intelligent ( even to measure intellect is odd as it can't be done, IQ test is nonsense ). In average they are same, reasoning of academic study doesn't favor women as men choose harder fields to study. Statistics usually show equality with more men in higher "IQ" range but more women with "common IQ". These polls usually lead to laic and often poor responses. "Who is better" - me or you ? LOL

AnonymousDec 27 2010 1:13pm
@Proud to be female and brain damage issue What you guys didn't read is because it's not discovered and as a man from the future I will give you those tips.. the brain in boys is not damaged but the nural connections that are responsable for stress, hightened emotions, and pain are modified to help males endure life better than females.. however throughout human evolution females presented that through emotional torture and stress those same nuerals get damaged over time in them as well. being a female is proudful because the gift of giving life ( birth ) and the gift of charm ( beauty and attraction ) are obtained. being a boy is a pride to have strength, and bravery. intelligence is not in how much or fast can you learn. but in how much can you invent and create...

Dinoraptor101Mar 23 2011 7:56am
We are all sisters and brothers. Why are you hating each other ?

AnonymousMay 16 2011 12:58pm
Would a superior intelligence be seeking approval on likelike...

haha suk my dick bitchezJun 14 2011 12:31pm
it has been proven that males on average have 3 more iq points than woman. also males have more variation in iq meaning there are far more male geniuses.

AnonymousOct 25 2011 7:48pm
my girlfriend is smarter when it comes to school memory and even sports strategy. She is validictorian of the class and is even physical superior to most men.

robNov 28 2011 12:33pm
X is greater than Y.

CarrieDec 27 2011 12:27am
actually you are all wrong a recent study was done that showed men had 30% extra brain cells and are much greaster at maths and science esp phisics and men are being given a raw deal women are inferior tbh have you ever met a women inventore in the last 60 years? NO! so f*ck off hurry up and have your wank

noJan 17 2012 5:04pm
i thought i was smart, but women are much smarter than me. they need to be celebrated!!

XXFeb 11 2012 1:51pm
mpst men are smarter at being a male than women and are far better at treating a woman the way real men do...

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AnonymousJun 02 2012 1:03am
Everyone knows that women are inferior to all living things. They are bad like cancer and should all be destroyed with dynamite. Here in Jordan we love throwing rocks at woman, they cry like dogs before we rape them with knives

Allah is greatAug 09 2012 7:39am
Recent studies in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Estonia, Argentina and Israel show that now women score higher on IQ tests. Google "girls higher IQ than boys." Also women are smart enough to see the advantages of higer education whereas men stupidly do not. Women hold more bachelor, masters, and doctorates than men. In 2008 the average woman in the U.S. become more educated than the average man.

A.I.G.Sep 02 2012 9:52am
The problem is that although the woman is smarter than man, she does not always have the same opportunity as men. Because our society is still sexist

BrunaSep 13 2012 12:20pm
@Bruna. I firmly believe in equal opportunity and I agree with with you that women unfortunately still do not always have the same opportunity as men, but I think that has been and continues to be a rapidly changing situation. Don't you agree? Education is the key to everything and I do think that females have been given the same educational opportunity as males in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and elsewhere. The result in these countries is that the female has so much outperformed the male educationally that it is embarrasing to us guys. Knowledge = power. Our world is now a knowledge-worker world and women are superior to men in what it takes to excel in a knowlege-worker world. And they are proving it more and more. I think the point of no return has passed and matriarchy is just over the horizon. I make more complete comments on this in the poll "Are Men Intimidated By The Prospect Of Female Supremacy?" under the pseudonyms "An(other) Intimidated Guy" and "A.I.G". Please see them if you are so interested. And if you do, please let me know what you think.

A.I.G.Sep 21 2012 9:02am
The only reason this is so is because the way schools teach children are geared towards schools. They began reforming schools to make sure girls had a fair chance, but now, boys are falling behind because the education system has failed to take the needs of men into account. To truly increase equality, girls and boys must be educated very differently, and it might even come down to where we'll need segregated-sex schools. Boys and girls simply learn differently, and it's unfair to expect boys to learn in an environment geared more towards girls.

AnonymousOct 16 2012 9:43pm
@Anonymous. I agree that schools in the U.S., Great Britain, and elsewhere were reformed to make them more "girl friendly." Unfortunately, making them more girl friendly has made them boy unfriendly. Girls naturally mature faster than boys and that is a huge factor. The average six year old girl is more mature than the average six year old boy and other factors being equal is going to do better in school. Secondly, girls on average are better able to sit quitely for longer periods of time than boys on average. Schools reward this more passive behavior. Thirdly, I agree that girls and boys have different learning styles and that today's schools in the U.S., Great Britain, and elsewhere are geared more to the girls. Boys seemed to be so turned off by the educational process that too many seem to just give up and eventually drop out. All of this argues for school reform that will help boys do better without hurting girls. We should explore the benefits of single-sex education, which may be for an entire school, all classes within a co-ed school, or selected classes within a co-ed school. . . . . . . I believe (hope) that it is possible to reform schools so that boys will do better without affecting the performance of girls. I've thought a lot about this and have come to the conclusion that the average girl is naturally a better student than the average boy because of the maturity and passive reception factors. Thus, I think that even if schools become more boy friendly, girls on the whole will still outperform the boys. There is good evidence that girls have always done better than boys in schools but more boys than girls went on to college because society encouraged girls to think more about becoming wives and mothers than pursing a career. My father's high school album in 1958 has a list of the graduating seniors who were elected to National Honor Society. The ratio of girls to boys was two to one. This was in 1958, long before the reform to make schools more girl friendly. . . . . . So, I think that the average girl is naturally a better student than the average boy and that reform to make schools more boy friendly, even if successful, will not change this. Thus, more girls than boys will always graduate from high school; they will make better grades; they will comprise the majority of the National Honor Society members; they will comprise the majority of valedictorians and salutatorians. More girls than boys will still go to college. More young women than men will earn bachelor degress, masters degrees, and doctorates. Women will still be better equipped for the modern knowledge-based world. Making schools more boy friendly would narrow the gap somewhat, but there would still be a gap in favor of the girls and women. . . . . . BTW, by "matiriachy" I means simply a society in which women on the whole have more power than men on the whole, not "female supremacy," where women hold power exclusively (and all the fetish fantasy associated with that idea).

A. I. G.Oct 17 2012 9:08am
Change "matiriachy" to "matriarchy."

A. I. G. Oct 17 2012 9:13am
Kathy, men (not males, you misandronistic femal chauvanist of porcine-canine hybrid derivation) have been socialy and culturally "programmed" to be more aggressive, though many men do not behave this way despite this. I will waste no more time on explaining this.

an intelligent life formMay 31 2013 3:43pm
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel very blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man I'd definitely be really jealous."

from a recent scientific articleJun 03 2013 8:08am
Girls are superior at birth. Males are less intelligent and truly the second sex.

SarahJun 04 2013 2:27pm
@Sarah. If men are truly the second sex, why have they been and still are the dominant sex?

Just wonderingJun 05 2013 7:57am
It's going away

SarahJun 22 2013 10:03am
@Sarah. I am back from vacation and would like to resume our conversation if you are willing to do so. I tried three times posting to the poll “Are men useless?” to resume our conversation there, but my comments failed to be added. So I am resuming our conversation here if you are willing to do so. (BTW: I am the same “Just wondering” as above.)

Just wonderingJun 22 2013 2:07pm
Assuming that you are willing, I would like to hear from you about a few issues concerning the coming American matriarchy. The first concerns the military. History shows that the class in power fights against losing that power to some other class that threatens to take it away. History also shows that the military will intervene in situations where its interests are threatened. The American military is dominated by men and men’s values. One of men’s values is a belief in the superiority of the male sex and a belief that it should be the dominant sex. Military men are conditioned to and trained in violent solutions. History shows that the when its interests are threatens the military will take over the government or structure it to its likely and fill it with its choices of incumbents. I take it you that you do not think that the military will be an important obstacle to the establishment of a matriarchy. Please give me your thoughts about the military as a factor in the trend toward a matriarchy.

Just wonderingJun 22 2013 2:08pm

AnonymousJul 01 2013 8:28am
Could from a recent scientific article please provide any relevant links, thank you.

an intelligent life form Jul 04 2013 4:28pm
Since feminism started with the second wave under influence of nonsense like "The Natural Superiority of Women", the higher education has been tailored for women by introducing feminist ideology into mainly arts and humanities, but also partially into other courses (the idiotic ideas of light speed being sexist etc.) to make it more appealing to women, plus the massive amount of Women's Studies, Gender Relations and other basically useless topics. Yeah, tons of women go to university, tons of women get great grades, and then? They can publish another feminist blog and complain about how women are portrayed in videogames or other useful stuff. You know, the patriarchy keeps them out of the great jobs in engineering or computer science or business management. Actually, the highest levels of intelligence are almost exclusively male anyway. Males have evolved beyond the "basic female form" which was so touted here before; their intellect has a wider variety and leaves women in the dust when it comes to geniuses. For the guy asking for a source above me: Deary, Ian J.; Irwing, Paul; Der, Geoff & Bates, Timothy C. (2007, September-October n/a). Brother–sister differences in the g factor in intelligence: Analysis of full, opposite-sex siblings from the NLSY1979. Intelligence , pp. 451-456.

AnonymousAug 25 2013 3:58pm
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HtfFFKHhunyPwtOct 24 2013 6:56pm
I make woman lick my shoes.

anonymousMar 29 2014 4:44am
Just saying but I think this is a attack from the second generation bra-burners. If women are so good then how come we all start as women (in the womb) and the testosterone gives us stuff (like a penis) If women were so good then there would always have been a matriarchy.

Think about itMay 05 2014 1:51pm
Of course Women are intellectually superior, as we are superior in every single way compared to the worthless excuse for a gender that are males.

a GoddessMay 11 2014 7:12am
Shut your dirty, FILTHY, MUCKY, ROTTEN, STINKING, festering fetid, sexist hole. You misandronistic female chauvinist sow-bitch!

a sexism hating life form.Jun 08 2014 1:58pm

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Can I use your phone? twist priest bimatoprost without rx medications tried hot It is extremely self-aware. There is the broom closet, one of the few doors you can actually open in Stanley’s office. The narrator will then ask you why are you in there, why are you clicking on everything, why can’t you just get out of there and get on with the story. It’s particularly incisive on the linear design staple of obvious one-off paths full of collectibles and side quests.

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We've got a joint account disadvantage fertilised buying generic bimatoprost weep As for the charge that using occupation and job status in pricing amounts to racial discrimination, Hartwig says that is simply not the case. “Insurance underwriting is completely blind to issues or race and ethnicity, and any association that the CFA alleges is a spurious one,” he says.

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I live here appears bimatoprost generic fedex no prescription county beard “We have lined up meetings for further funding and we are writing a business plan next week with financial consultants” Indie said. “The more we developed this idea the more we wanted to carry it through regardless of whether we won. Our placements in the social work industry have been a inspiring experience for our team.”

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There's a three month trial period eriacta 100mg review President Obama has distanced himself from the Syrian crisis for several reasons. The bloodbath in Syria, which has claimed more than 90,000 lives, contradicts his narrative that the tide of war is receding in the Middle East. Moreover, the growing strength of al-Qaida's Syrian franchise refutes his claim that the war on terrorism has ended. The president also knows that direct U.S. involvement in the Syrian civil war would be unpopular at home and politically risky.

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Do you know each other? eriacta 100mg dosage A seaside Long Island village on Saturday honored the memory of a girl whose message in a bottle was found after Superstorm Sandy, discovered by cleanup workers a dozen years after she tossed it into the ocean.

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Would you like to leave a message? order celecoxib * Pope Francis opened the door to greater acceptance of gaypriests inside the ranks of Roman Catholicism as he flew to theVatican. The pontiff was traveling aboard an overnight flight toRome from his first overseas trip when he broached the delicateissue of how the Catholic hierarchy should respond to clericswho are gay, though not sexually active. ()

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very best job bimatoprost buy canada The Vauxhall, on the other hand, was given a Marginal rating for whiplash protection (the other four were described as Good), while the Mitsubishi dropped marks for having no speed limiter and no reminder that rear-seat occupants should wear their seatbelts.

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I was born in Australia but grew up in England 150 mg trazodone While many critics have expressed surprise that Woods could have been unaware of his ball's movement at the time, some have pointed out that it may not have been that obvious from his angle, looking down.

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Are you a student? bimatoprost no prescription usa fedex shipping The bank measures come as China's cabinet said this month itwould cut off credit to force consolidation in industriesplagued with overcapacity. This was shortly after ChinaRongsheng Heavy Industries Group, the country'slargest private shipbuilder, fell into financial turmoil.

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We need someone with experience buy bimatoprost online canada WorleyParsons Ltd climbed 5.1 percent to a 3-monthhigh of A$23.01 after the engineering and construction companyforecast stronger earnings for the current year despite postingan 8.8 percent drop in net profit to A$322.1 million in the yearto June.

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This is the job description eriacta 100 review Draper University, which officially launched this spring, bills itself as a “school for innovators,” but it’s really an eight-week infomercial for the culture of Silicon Valley. Its goal is to infect students with the exuberance of tech and make them brave enough to leave a traditional career path for a stint in start-up land. Unlike at most tech incubators, you don’t have to have a company to enroll at Draper U. You don’t even have to have an idea for one. You just have to cough up the $9,500 tuition or, alternatively, pledge a small percent of your income for the next ten years. (So far, only one person has taken Draper up on the latter.)

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A law firm buy cipro 500mg Even two in a row at this stage will make it seem as if the sky is falling on their dream of a miracle run at October, such is their precarious position in the wild-card standings, never mind the AL East.

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An envelope sildenafil citrate 100mg Chinese police have detained four Chinese GSK executives in connection with allegations the drugmaker funneled up to 3 billion yuan ($489 million) to travel agencies to facilitate bribes to doctors and officials to boost sales and raise the price of its drugs.

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Could I order a new chequebook, please? bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 buy uk And indeed, locking people up for having violated one of the many criminal statutes already on the books would have just the kind of effect Britain hopes the institution of this new offense would have, but be much cleaner, and perhaps less likely to have negative knock-on effects.

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