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What group do u classify yourself in???

Created by: ravekidz at 10:03:11 AM, Wednesday, June 21, 2000 PDT


I'm an Alternative girl. I like to do things of all kinds. I like to skate & listen to alternative music, But I like to hang out w/ all different crowds & I am my own person.

2-Die-4Jul 24 2000 7:21pm

I dont have a "group"....I'm just me!!!

KROQsBitchJul 24 2000 7:21pm
well im in the category of skaters and potheads..cuz we just flat out RULE!!

kronic krenJul 25 2000 10:50pm
I can fit into every group you mentioned, I'm a pothead, raver, goth, skater....i'm just so flexible

flexiAug 15 2000 9:11am
I'm everything and I can't stand wannabe skaters or American goths. American goths trashed the goth image, the only ones that keep it real are the Europeans. I'm in the group that hates stupid ppl.

StaindgirLAug 15 2000 8:40pm
i hate labels... people call me goth, but i'm just.. me!!! :D

whoreNov 23 2001 3:02pm
im a skater or a raver

strange manSep 20 2003 10:44am
preps suck n should die. skaters kick ass!!!

DisturBedGrL 086Jan 02 2004 8:03am
I would be in the christian group.. just me and him..

JeSuSFreAkFbCd2oo4Apr 26 2004 8:38am
I have no group. I just have my own group of friends

Dark Raven452Feb 01 2005 3:18pm hi How are you doing today i,hope every thing is under control ,? if so thanks be to God almighty who made it so ,My name is wanita. I come across your address on this site and i personaly became interested in being your friend even more than that ,but as time gose on we will know better , though we can not meet face to face for the moment ,but all is the same I will be very glad if you can contact me with my email address ( so that i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself Hoping to talk to you soon ,have a nice day and ramain Bless. Regards,

AnonymousDec 07 2008 5:38pm
@JeSuSFreAkFbCd2oo4 same, and scene type of person.

AnonymousJul 19 2012 3:33am
skate-board? mon hasard deux côté pourquoi typographie le fréquence historiquement capacité excuse eh moi? nous givré! >=I

frenchgirl<3Nov 14 2012 8:07pm
im a skater, and i have my own label, the ravenous ravens, my name is raven in real. a ravenous raven is a skater, hilarious person, not a wannabe skater, the real deal. ok dudes, bros and bras, gtg!

ravenNov 14 2012 8:11pm
Hey Raven, you up for a chat?

Bmore dude.Dec 08 2012 1:29pm
I'm a sk8ter all the way also scene I am just me! If you dont like that then I dont likee ypu

coloradoisbetterthananyotherJun 18 2013 9:59am
Total girly girl but not some pansy im a noughty girl

Moners<3Jun 26 2013 10:17pm
Popular girl!!

Meee!!Jun 27 2013 1:13pm

BrianJan 03 2014 3:06am

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:11am
hey gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 3:11am

JadenJan 03 2014 3:12am
hey wyd?=P

Gabby still wants her teddybear =CJan 03 2014 3:12am
hey jaden i remember u

BrianJan 03 2014 3:12am
supp man :P

AaronJan 03 2014 3:12am
You do :P lol cool

JadenJan 03 2014 3:13am
lol yea i do jaden im emo guy, rage, white ice, PD, Draco ect lol n sup bro

BrianJan 03 2014 3:14am
If f*cking lilliana be showing her ugly ass here ima be outta here.

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:14am
oh yah hey wassup

JadenJan 03 2014 3:15am
lol yeah.......GabbyGaby i dont understand..she has a bf but is flirting with me and brian

AaronJan 03 2014 3:16am
lol nm u n gabby ignore her just stay please

BrianJan 03 2014 3:16am
yeah Gabby dont leave cuz a her

AaronJan 03 2014 3:16am
Now ima try to grab my teddy bear again by jumping off my bed and try to grab it.

Gabby really wants her teddy!Jan 03 2014 3:17am cold cuz i had to g out to my barn and feed the horses at 6 for their morning feed :(

JadenJan 03 2014 3:17am
aww here *hugs u tight* :) and u love ur teddy :D

BrianJan 03 2014 3:18am
*hugs u back* I fell on my ass.

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:19am
Night ya all.... :'(

Aphrodite:3 loves Gabby, & is sad </3Jan 03 2014 3:19am
night lilli and here ill warm u up jaden *hugs u*

BrianJan 03 2014 3:20am
lol well stop trying gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 3:20am
awwww im sorry u fell

AaronJan 03 2014 3:21am

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:21am
Im leaving forever. idk what i did to u@Gabby Look at the Size Prefernce Poll@Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:21am
thx -hugs u- me and our stable hand Jake went out lol he scared the piss outta me...i was in Dash's stall feeding him, and breaking the ice in his water bucket up(the water was frozen solid) and he hugged me and said something in my it was weird XD

JadenJan 03 2014 3:23am

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:23am
:/ did already maybe u should cheak not me :P

AaronJan 03 2014 3:24am
haha xD well u can make ice cubes that way :D

BrianJan 03 2014 3:24am
Why do you hate me?! Wtf did i do to you?!

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:24am
lol Ugh I just want my teddy!='C

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:25am
here *picks gabby up and puts her on my lap* im ur teddy :P

BrianJan 03 2014 3:26am
XD hahah nahh its well water hahah tht tastes we have 20 Horses to feed in the AM its fuking cold....i Huged My Horse Felix close and i was warm then i walked out and was coldso i used his Horse blanket, and Jake walked in with Ty the other stable hand, and they were Jade watr u doing!?!?! and i yelled IM FREEZING MY FUKING TITS OFF SO IM WARMING UP!!!!! and they started laughing

JadenJan 03 2014 3:28am
Y did ur dad put it up there?!?!?! lol@ Gabby

AaronJan 03 2014 3:28am
haha i would laugh to jaden

BrianJan 03 2014 3:28am
Yay!:PPP *wraps my arms around brians neck n holds him tight im my arms*I wuv you <3 #^_^# @Brian

GabbywabbyJan 03 2014 3:29am
Ur him? U? *Blushes & runs in another room & breaths nervously & walks back in & looks at you & thinks: I blew it* Im Lilliana btw @Aaron

Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:29am
Lol hahah.....I am a Show Jumper :3 lol..our Horses are either jumpers or racers, or its soo much fun....

JadenJan 03 2014 3:30am

AnonymousJan 03 2014 3:30am
He put it up there bc I took $476 from him. ='C@ Aaron

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:31am
hehe i wuv u to :D *smiles*

BrianJan 03 2014 3:31am
Yeah...i am him.Aaron Chambers @Aphrodite

AaronJan 03 2014 3:31am
aww lucky jade

BrianJan 03 2014 3:31am
Awwww LMFAO y'd u d tht..and the only tme i took money was when i seard the couch cushions and tore the house appart for change for the ice cream man!!!! XD

AaronJan 03 2014 3:33am
*Sucks brians cheek* I love you so much I would kill myself just for you.=)

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:33am
Lol yeah i guess its alot of work..but i wouldnt give it up for and my bro Carter Ross r both better than him :3

JadenJan 03 2014 3:34am
aww dont do that :) i love u so much to

BrianJan 03 2014 3:34am
ohh nice so ur good? jade

BrianJan 03 2014 3:35am
I know ur name. Im Lilliana Lopez-Miller ur extremely cute. *Blushes & hides my face with my hands* @Aaron

Lilliana:3/Aphrodite:3Jan 03 2014 3:36am
Lmfao wow Aaron ur sooo hott!:) *tongue kisses aaron deeply*mmm!;) n i did that cuz i need my shít...

Gabby don't got no more but yea!Jan 03 2014 3:36am
yeah i first yeah i won 13 trophies on Joey(my actual own Horse) lol...he is a thouroghbred i named him Joey cuz he looks like th Horse Joey From war Horse

JadenJan 03 2014 3:37am
nice :D jade

BrianJan 03 2014 3:38am
ummm ok -kisses Gabby back- lol.... thanks@Gabby thanks Lilli @Aphrodite

AaronJan 03 2014 3:38am
Ugh but one thing I do know from my heart brian is I'm just not really ready to let you in.

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:40am should see my room, its full of Photos of me on Joey at competitions, and all my ribbions, then my shelves are full of my trophies, and plaques that i i also won a saddle at a competition..and over 300 dollars at one time

JadenJan 03 2014 3:40am
its ok i no how u feel gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 3:40am
sorry..when i get to talking about mybHorses and Horse shows.i get carried away lmfao sorryJan 03 2014 3:41am
its cool im kinda interested jade

BrianJan 03 2014 3:42am
lol nah u cant be...not many people like me cuz they say im Horse Crazy..cuz i almostvdied for Joey..but thats a long story

AaronJan 03 2014 3:43am
*Falls forward* i just need a friend, i found out my dad was going to sell me as a prostitυte when i was a baby, not even 2 months ago :/

Lilliana:3Jan 03 2014 3:44am
*licks aarons face* Ur welcome!;P hehehe *giggles and blushes* @Aaron And Brian I know you know,I know you care,I know you love me! C= n I know you will always be there for me. But one thing I don't know is if I could trust u still.=/ @Brian

GabbybabyJan 03 2014 3:45am
aww sorry lilli *hugs u tight

BrianJan 03 2014 3:45am
lol sorry i was thinking about aaron and if i should look at his pics and i accidentally put his name down im sorry aaron :( sorryJan 03 2014 3:46am
Wtf Jaden..dude y'd u put my name

Aaron....Jan 03 2014 3:46am
yea... >.> gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 3:46am
oh nvm

AaronJan 03 2014 3:47am
O_o Purple seahorses?<<

AnonymousJan 03 2014 3:48am
Yeah im sorry ad i decided to look at ur pics..they r right Aaron mc Hotty Hot lol

JadenJan 03 2014 3:48am
Hahaha -hugs u- ur beautiful too gabby

AaronJan 03 2014 3:49am
I love alot of things about you too brian.....I would put them down but im tooo lazy!.....ugh... =D

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:49am
lol yea

BrianJan 03 2014 3:49am
Aaron Chambers. Gabby Chambers.

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:50am
Lmfoa...u know not to be creeepy or nuthing..but my last name is prettty cool lol

AaronJan 03 2014 3:51am
Ur hott! *Pokes ur cheek*@Aaron

Lilliana:3Jan 03 2014 3:51am
Lol hahahaha I still remember when you said "dat ass tho!"xDDD THAT WAS FUNNY YEA I KNOW I GOTTA SMALL WAIST WITH A HUGE ASS!!!;PP Am I right aaron???;DD

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:52am
I gtg of the Lder mares is prego..and she is having troubles...shes not suposed to birth for a while and she is having lots of troubles.....:/ eeeeeer

Jaden 'gone'Jan 03 2014 3:52am

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:52am
yea imma....go to...

BrianJan 03 2014 3:53am

AnonymousJan 03 2014 3:53am
Yah sure GabbyGab -smiles and laughs -pokes ur cheek- thanks hahah@Lilli

AaronJan 03 2014 3:53am
lilliana stop faking me like seriously u just do this to get attention!

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:54am
im a creep for sayin my last name is cool 0_e wow wat kinda world has it come to

AaronJan 03 2014 3:54am
Np! It's the truth. *Pokes ur head* i love ur hair

Lilliana:3Jan 03 2014 3:55am

Lilliana:3Jan 03 2014 3:56am
Aaron that was a fake bout your name i would never say that brian is the one for me!

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:56am
ok dont touch my haor..anything but tht...its wat reals in the ladies ;)lol wat else would it be hmm besides my looks and charm..i got nothing -smiles-

AaronJan 03 2014 3:56am
'Hair' lol not haor lol..and ahh k i dont mind..i didnt mean anything, i meant my name is cool thats all cheeka

AaronJan 03 2014 3:57am
Lilliana why do you have the nerves of faking someone!?!?!? everything about you lilliana is a lie you are a liar!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 3:58am
Ur hair is so cute. Im sure girls always flirt with u *Giggles*@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:00am
Leave me alone :/@Gabby

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:01am
mmhmm yeah well i'l agree lol @Lilli...y do girls have soo much drama -sits in a corner holding my head- ahhhh

AaronJan 03 2014 4:01am
Im starving!!!! I need to eat something but my dad said your not gunna eat anything for a week n he locked everything in the kitchen!=C

Gabby might dieJan 03 2014 4:01am
why cant i leave?....

BrianJan 03 2014 4:02am
awww -hands u some pizza, sits nxt to u- there :)

AaronJan 03 2014 4:03am
*Giggles* im still cold af! *Locks my arm on ur arm*@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:04am

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:04am
-looks at u- hey dont u got a bf 0_e lol i dont like cuddlein with another guys gal 0____0

AaronJan 03 2014 4:05am
I said for you to leave me dafuq alone.-_-@Gabby

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:06am
-pulls away slighty makes a space between us- woah there Lilli XD ur not a single girl...........

AaronJan 03 2014 4:06am
i wanna be friends tho k???

AaronJan 03 2014 4:08am

Gabby really wants to talk to aaron.Jan 03 2014 4:09am
Im cold. And i bet my bf is freezing his ass off cuz it's snowing where he lives... i g2g, *Says in a Dracula voice* i'll be back

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:09am

AaronJan 03 2014 4:09am
Um its lika blizzard here, i live in Sandusky right bye cedar point

AaronJan 03 2014 4:10am
well not at the moment ;) but its fuking cold

AaronJan 03 2014 4:11am
Meh too! My cuz is watching it lol @Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:11am
BTW not brendons friend aaron that died XD im his fb friend only lol

AaronJan 03 2014 4:11am
-_- Ima just shut up and walk around this dark ass neighborhood.I'll be back in a few mins.

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:12am
I live in Louisville, Kentucky!

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:12am

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:13am
Im on a sugar high so if i have comments from me lik 5 in a row thats why and if things r spelled wrong its cuz im shking and typing fast heheheheehe ahhhhh i wana bite a fence!!!!!! -runs outside laughs evily, looks around then slowlysticks tounge on a metal pole pulls back and my tounges stuck- oops uhh hey u guys a lil hlp

AaronJan 03 2014 4:13am
yup im being ignored to gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 4:14am
*Grabs a bucket of warm water & pours it where ur tongue is*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:15am
im not ignooring anyone im talking to anyone that talks to me!!!!!!!!****##***♪♪…$$£££***%※※※”**@™™™

Aaon is fuking Hyper as $hittJan 03 2014 4:16am
runs inside falls over -rubs my head and stomach- owwww i...i...i think my sugar high is o..o...over uggh owwwww -my eyes start to flicker and i doze off on the floor

AaronJan 03 2014 4:18am
Did u see me on fb? Huh-Huh-Huh? I sent you a request to show u wat i look like *Jumps on a large, thick glass window* owch@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:19am
Huh? she look ugly as fuucckkk!!! lmfao xDD

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:20am
i already know..and stop the request: :/ i dont talk to ppl on here on fb..i dont use fb that much ok so dont send me one -_- kinda pissed nowJan 03 2014 4:20am
ben u got a fan xD

BrianJan 03 2014 4:21am
ouch!!! wow thts harsh....@Gabby

AaronJan 03 2014 4:21am

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:21am
XD ha @Brian

AaronJan 03 2014 4:22am
haha xD

BrianJan 03 2014 4:23am
but plz dont talk to meon there..i said for ppl to look at mybpics not send requests..ok???? my mom asks me everyone on there cuz she a yeah can u take the request back -_-

AaronJan 03 2014 4:23am
Well its not harsh its the god damn truth!she on some other shít if she think she looks pretty.

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:23am
I wasnt wanting u to accept it. -_- just showing you what i look like. Damn dude. im going back to sleep. -_- Sorry man. *Walks away with my back bent over* bye :/

Lilli:3 didnt mean to make Aaron Pissed off :/Jan 03 2014 4:23am
Well can u take back the parwnts try to shelter me but im like wtf...and she knows my i cant get on there without her knowing XD SHES A CREEPER

AaronJan 03 2014 4:25am
:DD finally All I Wanted Was To Be Alone With my Best Buddys!

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:26am
Me???? Wuht????

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:26am
Lmfao @Gabby

AaronJan 03 2014 4:26am

GabbyGabJan 03 2014 4:27am
lillinits fine...just dont talk to me or things like tht ok..dont mention likelike or nufing ok :/ im nervous bout my mum lolbshe scares me sometimes

AaronJan 03 2014 4:28am
Owwwww -crawls to the bed lays on my stomach- my head and stomach kills :(

AaronJan 03 2014 4:29am
You? Scared? Huh? Since when? O_e Ur name is Ben?

AnonymousJan 03 2014 4:29am
lol aaron I wish I had a mom!={

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:29am
im bored

BrianJan 03 2014 4:30am
im not scared.....i said she scres me sometimes cuz she is like a crazy person she is funnehlol...and no thts a fke name i used my name is Aaron

AaronJan 03 2014 4:30am
*Rubs ur head* need some Tylonal?

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:31am
Do you both wanna f*ck meh?;) =P

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:31am
Maybe:/ but ehh...and i dunno maybe @GabbyGaby

Aaron...feels like $hitJan 03 2014 4:32am

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:32am
Good. *Breathes nervously & turns red & covers my face*@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:33am
Man..they needa put a caution thingy on candy and monsters =/ XD warning can case an after effect of PAIN

AaronJan 03 2014 4:33am

Lilli::3Jan 03 2014 4:33am
*gos upstairs and lays on my bed*

BrianJan 03 2014 4:34am
Y do u girls blush around me?!?!?!?! im a normal 15 year old guy 0_e

AaronJan 03 2014 4:35am
='c All I want is to be alone with brian and aaron! thats all I want. Is that too much too ask for???o.o =cc

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:35am

loganJan 03 2014 4:35am
Woah dude ima already lying on dis bed >:( XD @brian

AaronJan 03 2014 4:35am
haha wtf this is my bed xD

BrianJan 03 2014 4:36am
No ur not *Blushes extremely* @Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:36am
*Kisses the ceiling*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:37am
Logan!!!!*hugs logan tight* how are you???you okay??`? Can I just kiss you right now??? I love you. Do you love me???@logan

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:38am
dang gabby o.o do u have a feevor -feels ur forhead-

loganJan 03 2014 4:39am
Wtf?! @Gabby Hey@Logan Ur just so cute@Aaron *Pokes ur arm*@Brian

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:40am
hehe :( um

Brian goneJan 03 2014 4:40am
OOMMMMGGGGGGGG WOO-HOO!!!!*runs up stairs and jumps on the bed u guys are on*woo-hoo f*ck all my níggas!!!!XDD C;

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:40am
hey lilli u ditched me

loganJan 03 2014 4:40am
No Brian, come here **Hugs u tight*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:41am
Sowwy cutie *Pokes ur cheek* @Logan

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:42am
yea so i thougnt id come on likelike

loganJan 03 2014 4:42am
STOP DON'T HUG BRIAN!!!! he is mine!

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:43am
No. Aaron's mine! Jkjkjk Leo s mine...

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:44am

Brian back caus forgot my keysJan 03 2014 4:44am
I MISSED YOU LOGAN!!!!!!*jumps on logans back wraps my right arm around his neck and kisses logan on the cheek,blushes and giggles*ehehe!;) #^_^#

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:45am
um i wasnt gone that long and WOW ur light -holds u up-

loganJan 03 2014 4:46am

Gabby is seriousJan 03 2014 4:47am
yea ik u own me and i own u remember?

BrianJan 03 2014 4:47am
No! Brian! I wuv u!

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:48am
now were tf r my keys *looks around*

BrianJan 03 2014 4:48am
Hehehe!;) I really missed you tho!!!=))) today ima go see Paranormal Activity:The Marked Ones in theaters with my dad n friends

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:49am
*Gets on Brian's back*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:49am
i kinda missed u to -thinks i should be gone more often so i get more attention- nice that wasnt good at all

loganJan 03 2014 4:50am
Huh? she heavy af brian!

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:51am
hello there *turns my head n looks at u*

BrianJan 03 2014 4:51am
I messaged u@Logan

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:51am
Ok lol

AaronJan 03 2014 4:52am
gabby dont be rude i need to find my keys

BrianJan 03 2014 4:52am

loganJan 03 2014 4:53am
hahahah Gabby wow lol

AaronJan 03 2014 4:53am

GabbyJan 03 2014 4:53am

Lilli:3 is 94lbsJan 03 2014 4:53am
Me to GabbyGab :<>

Aaron, is hungry afJan 03 2014 4:54am
then go eat gabby and watcha doin lilli

BrianJan 03 2014 4:54am
I have your keys!!

Gabby can be rude if she want!Jan 03 2014 4:54am
*Gets off of Brians back & jumps on Aaron's back*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:54am

BrianJan 03 2014 4:54am
Im listening to music

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:55am
woah!! -about fals over cuz i wasn't ready, but stands up holding u so u dont fall- lol hey there :P

AaronJan 03 2014 4:55am
Hey :b sup@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:56am

BrianJan 03 2014 4:57am
nm...walkng the dogs (Jake and Max)

AaronJan 03 2014 4:57am
give me my keys back gabby

BrianJan 03 2014 4:57am

loganJan 03 2014 4:59am
Yea my puppies are fussing :b Beni is veryy yappy. *Wraps my arms & legs around you* how r u

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 4:59am
-_- ima just leave and btw im not jealous cuz she ain't got nothing on me!like please this ain't even jealousy!-.- Im sexy and hott ask brian cuz he knows what im talking about!;p

GabbyJan 03 2014 5:00am
gabby dont leave ill ignore her to talk to u and I WANT MY KEYS!!!

BrianJan 03 2014 5:02am
Cher Lloyd-_-

AnonymousJan 03 2014 5:02am
*Walks away crying*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:04am
NO WTF!?!? All i want is her to leave i just want to talk to you and aaron!

Gabby is cryingJan 03 2014 5:04am
lilli i love her alot she has been my friend for a long time i get sad wen i dont talk to her i get depressed wen shes mad at me u have to understand and u ignore me n go to ben

BrianJan 03 2014 5:05am
awwww-hugs - i talk to her......but ik u dont lie me llikethat so i gotta have other options right :/

AaronJan 03 2014 5:06am
Its not Ben! IT'S Aaron!!!

AnonymousJan 03 2014 5:06am
ugh IM DONE i will be on 2 polls one for gabby and one for lilli lilli go to a dif poll n tell me then ill meet u therw

BrianJan 03 2014 5:06am
No dude i dont want gabby to ignoore me..she does cuz of u:/

AaronJan 03 2014 5:07am
I like Aaron. *Blushes blood red*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:07am
Yeah call me AARON XD

AaronJan 03 2014 5:08am
YOU KNOW WHAT F*CK YOU BRIAN!='C ima go to sleep in the pool. Hopefully I drown!

GabbyJan 03 2014 5:08am
Yeah... hopefully...

AnonymousJan 03 2014 5:09am
Thx allot "friend" -__- @Draco

AaronJan 03 2014 5:09am
no GABBY DONT!!!!!!

AaronJan 03 2014 5:09am
-_- i try to help n i get bs this is y i left in the first place

Brian gone n is gonna leave likelike once more unless i get reseJan 03 2014 5:10am
f*ck YOU TOO AARON!!!=''CC im done here bye!!!

GabbyJan 03 2014 5:10am
The one titled "China or Portugal" in Place

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:10am
I dont like her like that!!!! u know tht gabby :/ i..didnt do anything :/

AaronJan 03 2014 5:11am
Awwe! *Hugs Aaron tight*

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:11am
I talk to ppl when im ignoored i cant help it...i dint even do anythng now non of yal wanna talkto me....

AaronJan 03 2014 5:12am
I hate that Pedo Gabby. -_-

AnonymousJan 03 2014 5:12am
Gabby come on

Aaron, is mad and sad :/Jan 03 2014 5:14am
I wanna talk to you!@Aaron

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:14am

AaronJan 03 2014 5:15am
*Cries* if no one really cares about me, i might as well end it all. :/

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:16am
-_- ok i can tolerate alot of fukng Bull $hit but wen girls go around 'im gonna end it all, i'd kill myself for u, im gonna go cut' That $hit is where i draw the line...i hatvthat $hit when pll say tht -_________-

AaronJan 03 2014 5:19am
I like you allout but u have a bf..and i dunno if i wanna relationship, cuz then i couldnt cuddle and hugs Gabby i ,love her like a sister and like when shes hapy....but if i had a gf i couldnt do tht stuff@lilli

AaronJan 03 2014 5:21am
Nvm. Love you all & good night. Im going to sleep. Ttyl in the afternoon.

Lilli:3 is vewy sowyJan 03 2014 5:21am
Awe, she's like a sis to me, but idk what happened :/

Lilli:3Jan 03 2014 5:22am
:/yeah but i didnt do anything wrong

AaronJan 03 2014 5:28am

AnonymousJan 03 2014 5:42am
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