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is bush a racist?

Question: Is Bush a Racist
Created by: ihateu at 10:30:24 AM, Friday, January 09, 2004 PST


Bush has done more to help people of all nationalities than any other president. Why would anyone even suggest that he is a racist? I'll bet no one can site one example of racism perpetrated by this president. It is easy to spread rumors, impossible to come up with specific examples.

NikkiMar 27 2004 11:48pm

The liberals are the ones who use race to divide people. Today's Democrats exploit minorities while pretending to reach out to them. Those are the true racists. Bush is not a racist.

PatrickJun 14 2004 9:38pm
I don't think there is any evidence that Bush is a racist but to say he's done more to help people of all nationalities is ridiculous. He started a war in Iraq for no apparent reason, he abandoned Afghanistan leaving everything outside of Kabul essentially the same as it's ever been, he authorized tacit support for chechen rebels. When the man was elected he gave me the impression he had no idea there was a world outside of Texas and he has done nothing but reaffirm that opinion ever since. He's a bumbling, myopic idiot but I don't think he's a racist.

iskoSep 15 2004 10:16pm
Bush is the only president to include black, hispanic, and female candidates to important cabinet positions. The people who try to imply he is a racist are just piling on with the rest of the unfounded generalizations of the propaganda machine of the left. From the results of the recent election, it is plain to see that the American people are for the most part too intelligent and well informed to be duped by such shallow tactics.

AnnieNov 17 2004 9:09pm

faeriedevilish**May 04 2005 8:36pm
Bush is definately a races duhhhhh!

peace outApr 16 2006 12:22pm
No Bush is not racist. He is, however, misguided by seeking to establish a democracy in a region of the world where the people are so backward and unable to think for themselves. Perhaps if he were racist, he would realize that these towel-heads are not worth the effort.

DevildogJun 15 2008 9:14pm
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acIRRVFPPsMar 07 2013 11:43pm
Liberals are the true racists, hidden behind a veil of lies and blame.

StriderDec 05 2013 2:52pm
This shows real exsertipe. Thanks for the answer.

CbSyGVTvJun 13 2015 3:29am
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