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Question: If you had to spend the rest of your life on the desert island and could take only one thing with you, what would it be?
Created by: Amoreena at 04:07:44 AM, Thursday, June 22, 2000 PDT


HEy I would take a boat and leave the stupid island

Greedy_flyJul 24 2000 7:21pm


AmoreenaJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Greedy, the question was, "if you HAD to..." which means you don't have a choice.

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I'd bring the mall of america with me.

KelJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I'd bring Justin Timberlake lol. I can't really put him under a boyfriend or husband section.

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I would just kill myself and get it over with because I would never want to be alone and eventually people die and that means i might suffer unnecesary pain.OUCH!!!

KROQsBitchJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I would bring my notepad even though it goofs up so much I call it "Laughtop" instead of laptop. Really if i had a choice i would bring a communications satellite system, a launch pad, and a compatible cell phone and desktop.

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
um...i'd say bottle of whiskey. mmmmmm....alcohol.........

kronic krenJul 25 2000 10:00pm
I said my man b/c I could have sex everyday and I would have his cum to drink so I wouldn't get dehydrated. Actually it might be too salty so scratch that but I would still take my man for sex and company. Who the f*ck would take golden coins??

sex loverMay 06 2001 12:17pm
why wouldnt you bring your girlfriend? what you want to spend the rest of your life talking to a tree and having sex with a crab?what a dumb question.

Jared SmithJul 06 2001 10:17pm
Poo... i'd bring a lot of weed.

MarcoMay 26 2002 3:05pm
Oh yeah! Some snacks too.

MarcoMay 26 2002 3:27pm
u guys, think. you can find food there, but u can't find toothbrushez and tooth paste. gum diseaze (( without treatment )) haz a 99.9% chance of death within 3 dayz. so, pick tooth brush. (( you can alwayz find food on thu island! ))

sdfJul 01 2003 9:36am
I would take my husband as I would need something to sit on wash my clothing and clean my pussy and anus as there would be no toilet paper.

Big BrendaMay 01 2006 5:33am

-1'Aug 04 2015 5:42pm

-1Dec 16 1:37am
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