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Male Bashing

Question: Some men believe they are the victims of oppression from male bashing by women and the media. Has male bashing gone too far?
Created by: truthseeker at 12:45:30 PM, Wednesday, February 25, 2004 PST


Women act like the whole world owes them something! NOT!!!

TerriFeb 26 2004 5:22pm

Women have tolerated centuries of abuse from men, but once the tables are turned, they can't take what they dish out. It makes you realize who the weaker sex really is. Men owe women something, alright. They owe us respect.

MichelleFeb 29 2004 1:07am
Men have brought it upon themselves, and they clearly can't handle a little razzing. Nowadays they're saying women are actually the stronger sex, and that drives them crazy, because they know it's true. Men need to grow up and start realizing they are in our world now, and they will have to play by our rules if they want to find happiness.

SueMar 01 2004 8:44am
Today's woman has no right to claim a sisterhood with the women of yesteryear. Those women are women who suffered. The women of today are becoming like the men they complain about. They are walk- ing around thinking that they are entitled to everything for nothing. Just because women suffered does not mean that today's woman has a right to a natural bond. I've had this same argument with women face to face, and when push came to shove, most of them couldn't even tell me who Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, or Alice Paul were. Certain women, apparently the one's positing here, believe they are entitled to have their asses kissed 24/7 to make up for the suffering of someone else. Talk about manipulative. Michelle was right about one thing. Men owe women respect. That does not mean that you have the right to turn the tables because of past injuries to other women. It only means that you have a right to not suffer the same injuries. That is all. Do not include me with the men of centuries past. I may be middle-aged at this point in my life, but I am not that old, in body or mentality.

SteveMar 06 2004 10:00am
I certainly do not agree with the above post from Steve. In many ways it has already become "Women's World" and with men falling behind in education and sulking about not being able to get everything he wants because of a false sense of entitlement that men have carried around for centuries. Men complain about man-bashing, but why are they not concerned when women are the victims, which for the most part, has been that way since Adam framed Eve in the Garden of Eden. I think a little male-bashing is good for the soul if not for the ego. I believe that the tables are being turned on men and that there is nothing that can be done about it. Women will never go back to the way things were and nor should they. If men keep behaving as if they are entitled to anything and everything under the sun just because he was born with a penis, then the male-bashing will go on, and it will get much worse. Are we destined for female domination? Perhaps a little role reversal is needed to get men to realize that their attitudes are wrong. I'm not afraid of what is coming. (By the way Steve, change your name!)

Steven LMar 10 2004 4:51pm
It is a woman's world now, men need to be put in their places. There is nothing wrong with playfully reminding them who's boss.

DarleneMar 19 2004 7:29pm
Male Bashing is the new "Feminine Sport." Come on guys, can't take a little ribbing. Its a Woman's world now and you males just have to take it, there is nothing you can do about it; women are no longer going to tip toe around FRAGILE male egos. Women have all the POWER in relationships and marriage, so all you males had better just learn to sit down, shut up, and listen! And if you guys think "Male Bashing" is bad, the next new Feminine Sport is "Ball Busting". ***And the Women sing, "Balls were made for kicking, and kicking is what I do. Today I'm gonna kick those Balls, right off of you!" Relax guys, we girls are just having FUN.

TakakoMar 27 2004 11:39am
Great lyrics, TAKAKO! "Ball were made for kicking..." What is the rest of the song, and what tune is it done with? My girlfriends and I want to sing it! Please post the lyrics here, thanks.

ZeroWomanMar 31 2004 12:42pm
Always remember, "A WOMAN is always a WOMAN, but a man ain't nothing but a male."

I am WOMANMar 31 2004 3:43pm
Man, woman, it doesn't matter, we're in this together! There's no boss, just co-workers!

Guido JacobsApr 07 2004 3:54pm
best comment so far Guido

LarryApr 07 2004 9:26pm
You can't ask us Gals to give up Male Bashing, its all so easy and too much fun! The male ego is so fragile a woman can shatter a man's pride with just a few words. Likewise a woman has all the POWER to build up a man's wounded ego after she trampled it. I think thats what males are so fearful about, our POWER in relationships. Guys, get used to it -- a woman's POWER! You'll be much happier with us and your relationship with a woman will be more meaningful. And of course we Gals just can't resist a little Male Bashing now and again, its just too much fun. Don't take it so hard boys, all said and done we still love you!!!

Male Bashing FunApr 09 2004 9:04am
They'd better learn to deal with it, because the shoe is on the other foot!

AnonymousApr 13 2004 9:26pm
If Male Bashing Fun was a male and he was talking about female bashing in the same manner, then it would be called male chauvinism. It is really disturbing that today's woman is so happy living so comfortably as raging hypocrites.

RandyApr 21 2004 3:19am
It is disturbing that the male ego is so fragile and that men are so insecure and paranoid. They can dish it out, but they can't take it. Women have been taking it for centuries, and now we can dish it out better than men, and it scares them. Women are the stronger sex!

DawnApr 21 2004 8:42pm
"it is disturbing that the male ego is so fragile and that men are so insecure and paranoid." Hmmm, so your'e telling me all those years women were oppressed by men that it didn't bother women one bit? Didn't spark them to start a feminist movement and burn their bras? Come on! what did you think would happen if you insult someone? nobody likes being told that they are weak or inferior.

BillApr 26 2004 5:59pm
Men don't like being told they are inferior and weak....Especially since they know it is the truth!

SueApr 26 2004 9:11pm
Right on sue. I think its about time for men to be put in there place.

AnonymousApr 29 2004 4:16pm
Sue is a female chauvinistic pig, just like men can be. If that is your argument, go back to first grade and try and figure out the simpla ABC's.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:27pm
To Dawn...I'm a middle-aged man. i haven't been around for centuries, so I do not accept your guilty sentence for something some one else did. And another thing, today's woman cannot relate to the women of centuries past, there is no comparison these days.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:29pm
Correction: Today's "man" cannot compare to men of centuries past. Today's "man" can't keep up with today's woman.

AnonymousMay 05 2004 11:21pm
The ever-emotional woman may bash males all she wants, it is up to the leader of socitey, Man, to hold his head up high and not let the low self esteem of some women effect his relationship with the fairer sex as a whole.

DanMay 08 2004 10:02pm
Male bashing is where it's at. Women have been assigned to inferior status for thousands of years and are only now really beginning to achieve real power in the world. If men can't handle their new and future role as Women's inferiors, that's too bad. If a man is smart enough, he'll know that male bashing is not aimed at him as an individual if he can prove that he is worthy of respect. But most men have never been good enough to lick Women's feet, just now it's being said out in the open. In fact a lot of the male bashing in the media is being done by men themselves, who aren't afraid to own up to their gender's many flaws.

malebasherMay 27 2004 5:21pm
Women like to "male bash" just for fun. The thing is they really mean it. Men are NOT ALLOWED to "woman bash" This fact tells you all you need to know about the future of our society.

AnonymousJun 09 2004 5:21pm
Women have been "bashed" for thousands of years. It's only in the last thirty years or so that things have begun to change, but the changes have been dramatic. Men were always portrayed as the superior sex in the movies and on televison until the 1970's. Women were portrayed as helpless bimbos who couldn't get through life without a man to show them the way. Now it's the men who are helpless and the women who are showing them the way. Thousands of years of misogyny has been turned around in a few short decades. No wonder some men can't deal with it. But that's how it goes. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Male bashing is here to stay.

another anonymousJun 09 2004 9:04pm
Several times I've been in a group of people where the women start talking about how superior they are to men. And the guys are afraid to argue with them! I think they might be onto something.

KristieJun 14 2004 8:41pm
Maybe they're on to the fact that there are still gentlemen around who won't dignify a stupid conversation by taking part in it, especially when it's brainless female chatter. Besides, men long ago learned the trick of not arguing with a woman as long as he could still do whatever he wanted. It keeps the peace.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 8:17pm
Or he knows he can't win the argument because they are smarter than him and they are right. He keeps quiet hoping someone will change the subject.

KristieJul 03 2004 12:11am
I agree with Kristie. Besides, there's nothing wrong with a little fun spirited male bashing, especially when there's so much ammunition available.

AnonymousJul 14 2004 11:50am
Bend over Kristie, I got a present for ya. What? It's just a little fun spirited female bashing.

JoeJul 15 2004 7:10pm
That's spirited female banging I think. Fun for everyone.

AnonymousJul 20 2004 5:36pm
I think Kristie's keeping quiet, hoping someone will change the subject.

AnonymousJul 30 2004 9:47am
I think male bashing has had a visible effect on men in general. Their egos have been bruised and they are more inhibited and less assertive than they used to be, while the opposite is happening with women.

CarrieSep 08 2004 8:39am
I think Kristie's right, men don't answer back when women make fun of them. I think they feel they deserve it, and that women have a right to talk that way.

AnonymousSep 10 2004 9:54am
I also believe they fear being put in their place if they talk back to us.

AnonymousSep 10 2004 10:42pm
We do fear being put in our place because women always know how to win arguments. What's worse is that women know how to make us look like idiots. Just read through these polls and it's quite evident, too many men lash out thoughtlessly and the women come back with sound, confident rebuttals.

maleSep 12 2004 4:36pm
Women do have a right to talk that way and I've learned there are benefits to taking it. Whenever a guy tries to defend himself he always ends up being more humiliated but by joining in or simply listening, he can also enjoy a few laughs (even if it is at his expense) and he can learn a few things. I've also found the sex is better after I've been put in my place too. Bonus!

AnonymousSep 12 2004 5:09pm
from reading these posts it can easily be concluded, that all it would take to realize woman as more abusive than men, would be to realize the simple truth that verbal violence is also abuse

logicSep 21 2004 6:11pm
We are in the middle of some very significant cultural changes these days. The rise of women is probably the most significant social transformation. So - men have to deal with some verbal abuse from women who feel their sense of female superiority gives them the right to make fun of men. Is it unfair? Maybe. Is it going to stop? Unlikely. As long as the historical record reminds women that it was men who were the ones who kept women out of colleges, out of sports, out of boardrooms and convinced of male superiority, then men will have to deal with some payback. It seems that the only way women will be able to get what they want in this world is to make sure that men know who the superior sex really is. Male bashing is just self defense.

AnonymousSep 25 2004 9:44am
We need more men bashing in this world!!

helloMar 17 2005 3:36pm
Men and women have had it equally bad in history, and to say otherwise is to be ignorant. Bashing isn't right or wrong as much as it's ignorant still.

SCNov 27 2005 4:17am
The arrogance of most of you is incredible. How can you claim to speak for all women throughout history? Ascribing your personal notion of male oppression and chauvinism to today's "men" as a group speaks for itself. Look inward - there's a lot to be learned.

George TirebiterFeb 03 2006 1:09pm
Males are pathetic inferior creatures. It's only natural that males get ridiculed. They are ridiculous. The male body is a mutation of the superior Female form. This is why men have nipples. Men's brains are less developed and function on a lower level than the Female brain. Smart males are able to accept their lot in life as the natural inferiors of Women and accept the ridicule that goes with their inferior status. This is how it will be from now on, boys.

women ruleMar 29 2006 2:29pm
Federal and state laws give unfair advantages to women.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:56pm
Since women are so superior, let THEM fight the wars while us weak and stupid men stay home and enjoy life without women. Contrary to popular belief, us men can be very happy without sex. Being away from women helps us males to focus our minds and find true meaning. And save lots of money.

Kung Fu MasterApr 15 2006 10:18pm
Women should be wearing miniskirts as often as possible: At work, school, shopping, public events, etc. And get rid of those irritating SLEEVES! Women should be showing arms, shoulders and back. This business of women wearing sleeves and long pants that cover knees is GARBAGE !!

He ManMay 01 2006 10:26pm
At the Field Museum in Chicago there is a much larger than life exhibit that shows how female praying mantises eat their male partner after sex. Actually, they will even start biting off the male's head while he is still copulating on her. Anyway, I saw this boy about 12 years old and his little sister about 8 or 9 standing there. They read the explanation of the exhibit and then she started teasing him about it- he turned bright red and really had nothing to say- he was in agony as his little sister stood victorious over him. This, men, is your future-- you had a long run, but, WOW, it is over and your new place is beneath us and under our control.

KimMay 06 2006 5:43am
Some newspaper articles about trends is the bedroom-- the position becoming the most popular- female on top- beginning to be preferred by both sexes. Also, on college campuses where all our sisters are outnumbering the men- the new thing is for hetero women to use a strapon condom and take their boyfriends in the ass (sorry to be so blunt- but that's just they way it is-teehee). These are strong young women and their hetero male partners on the campuses who are really exploring a new trend in female strength and male submission. I think Kim is right- there is a whole new world order happening here.

NatalieMay 06 2006 5:48am
Hi, I am an accountant and business advisor, including for internet firms. I work for many "normal" businesses but also have an adult toys" wholesaler as a client. Their biggest growth area for at least five years in a row is in anything that has to do with women taking control in the bedroom- things like the strapon dildos (Natalie, it's not called a strapon "condom"!), penis leashes, cbt toys, and especially male chastity devises. The markup on that last item is really high- but the sales are through the roof. There must be a lot of women having more control and fun in the bedroom and also way more men only getting some action with their women, since the poor fellas can't masturbate anymore (and they also can't have an affair either).

LynneMay 06 2006 6:32am
This is sooo funny! What men also don't know is we talk about their bodies and their size and what they do in bed. Men never talk about sex to each other. This gives us a big advantage. The girls on my block (we're all in our early 30's) all know what is going on in each other's bedroom- and the guys don't know that we know. And, as far as control goes, the in thing here is making your man shave his pubes. It symbolizes that you are in control and that he has shaved them for you. We have 3 guys in the block, including my hunky husband, that I know are shaved and subservient to their wives in the bedroom (and pretty much in all other areas as well). You would never guess though- on the outside they show that male beer and football bravado thing. But us girls in the inner circle of knwoledge know how pussywhipped they are sexually. So all the female posts here are pretty much on target- and I think almost all men actually want to be dominated. Maybe the whole thing will be out in the open really soon- like get some of this on Oprah!!Btw, none of our guys is in a chastity device--hmm, maybe that's the next step...*licking lips*

Stacy in San DiegoMay 06 2006 6:43am
Heavens- I think we scared all the guys off- no more posts happening from men!

KimMay 06 2006 6:44am
hi, I'm a pretty secure guy, I like myself and I like women too. Regarding Kim's post: I was at a house doing some service work and there was this boy about that same age watching TV by himself. It was some nature show and they were showing something about an ant colony where the femlaes kidnap a male and pull off his wings and are taking him off to do stud service. At this point the narrator says something like "and after they pull off his wings they carry him off to the queen, as all they want from him are his sperm." At that the boy I think was embarrassed (I was in the adjoining kitchen and he knew I was there kind of around the corner) and turned the TV off and abruptly left the room. So maybe it's not so much fun to be a 12 year old boy these days as some of these signs of female power are all around!If you are only 12 now you are probably going to be in this new position your whole life.

MikeMay 06 2006 6:39pm
Guys, you lose. And you are going to lose more and more bigtime as the next ten or twenty years roll by. in fact, youa re probably going to become very much second-class citizens. Chicago Tribune today May 6, 2006. All TEN of the All State Academic Team are female. Of the honorable mentions around the state about 75% are women too. And the top ten have ACT scores of 34-35, almost perfect. Most of them going to Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, etc. So, I'm thinking this, the HS quarterback jocks are going to be the janitors cleaning the offices of these girls offices. And the ladies will be earning 5-10 times what the quarterback earns. Payback is sweet. Oh yeah, these girls realized that maybe doing their homework would pay off?!

TinaMay 06 2006 9:39pm
Great news! Girls rising to the top, and boys falling by the wayside. This is the way it should be. This same pattern will be repeated as these girls go to college and then into the working world. All the top ranks of the corporate world will be filled by those who were the top students in high school and college, that is, the females. And why should it be any other way? In addition to being janitors and other menial laborers, the boys will also come to see the value of making themselves useful to these superior females by demonstrating their skills at homemaking, cooking, childcare, and other domestic skills that can free women to concentrate on their careers. This is the future and it will be wonderful.

AnonymousMay 07 2006 12:04pm
Hi, Tina's post really hit a nerve with me today. For a long time I have been a sexually submissive male, and have plenty of fantasies along those lines, as well as had relationships with sexually dominant women. But all along women runnign the whole show was something of a fantasy world. Reading that post, and you notice that I guess they didn't feel the need to even put a token male in that top ten, made it seenm really real today- and I spent most of the day really feeling bad about myself. And anything that didn't go right today- even little stuff, I wondered if it was just my male stupidity showing up. Anyway, I really think women are great, but I'm really depressed about who I am. Not sure what else to say...

GreggMay 08 2006 7:43pm
Yes I'm sure that the new world will be difficult for some men to accept initially. But eventually most will come to accept that we are actually far better off to finally acknowledge the superiority of the female and shatter the hundreds of years of lies and pretense and falsehood. Now we are finally getting it right and the truth will set us all free. Living in the new female dominated world will be ultimately be recognized as best for both men and women. Men should be overjoyed that for the first time in history their sisters natural superiority is being allowed to flourish. For the first time we are seeing what women really are, and what they can do once their chains are broken. I feel so fortunate to be living to see it. It's great to witness the dawning of a new and unprecented era. Women being recognized as superior is the most glorious developement in human history. Yes female superiority is real and we will all be better for finally accepting it and celebrating it.

AnonymousMay 12 2006 7:59am
Anonymous you are so right the future will be the best in Womynkinds herstory.By Womynkind i include males.

Lou RollsJun 09 2006 12:28am
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:37am
I haven't read the male bashing posts in ages but I had to laugh when I did read the series of comments by the women. Especially when somebody asked if they had scared all the men away. That's generally the way it is, once the women get started, the men shut up and listen. (or read in this case)

a guySep 02 2006 5:00pm
Lynne and Tina are correct. We need more and more male bashing in this world to keep us men in our place.

benSep 04 2006 2:01pm
Ben, you are a traitor to your gender (assuming that you are not a female pretending to be male). I hope you burn in Hell forever, together will all the other traitors.

Law Firn Senior PartnerSep 13 2006 8:17pm
Lynne and Tina if either one of you need a male slave I'm more than willing to fulfill your needs. If not than keep up the good work. You Women rule!!

benSep 16 2006 5:11pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:58am
I'm thinking something. You've got a lot of people in society arrogant for getting their due for past injustices. That arrogance, for instance "ballbusting" or attaching the white man's burden, are just psychic warfare, plain and simple. Unless you're a person who wholly gets off on inherited guilt or guilt-driven sex (which, in that case, it can be a very isolating form of bliss) you don't have to buy into it. Just because the reasons for having something, like slavery or subservient women, are over, doesn't mean they didn't have a mutually beneficial purpose in the age they befitted. All trends as they die are marked by a precipitation of abuses, which can obscure the good reasons they once had for existing. People are constantly becoming disenchanted by things that seemed like a good idea at the time. Well, they were a good idea at the time. They just aren't now. Things change. Men or women, if you want dignity, if you insist on it, body and soul, in all its privileged ramifications, it will glow out of you and uplift the morale of our world.

SteveSep 28 2006 11:08pm
<< It's not just that boys are falling behind girls, it's that boys themselves are falling behind their own functioning and doing worse than they did before. >> SOURCE: William S. Pollock, author of: Real Boys: Rescuing Our Sons From the Myths of Boyhood, and professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, quoted in the article: Men Are In Trouble by Deborah Hornblow, 7/10/2003, The Hartford Courant,

AnonymousNov 28 2006 8:50pm
Steve, you're correct...and women weren't as objectified as we make them out to be. During medeival europe as many women as men read, in fact, tradesmen had their wives do the money work and it was common for women to defend their husbands in the courts of law (such as they were) before the ascent of trial lawyers. I've known a few women who have come back from Saudi who said that in some respects, they were held in higher esteem there than they are here. It's similar to the widespread belief that Roman slaves were whipped until death but in reality, many of them didn't have it too bad. Afterall, slaves were simply a product of war, POW's as it were and even Romans knew that their day might come. Thus, you better treat your slaves with some respect and accord them some human dignity. Incidentally, I can say this knowing that there were people born into slavery, identical to how some people are born into poverty today.

AnonymousDec 01 2006 2:35pm
By some of these arguments should not the black people in the usa,both male and female kick all white ass,after all they were the hardest done by. If I remember correctly it was white women who abused them"shuck off boy I'm going to bop you good"

msJan 04 2007 4:52am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 10:43pm

#Feb 08 2007 12:06am
#0071 - (Wed.) 4/4/07

UpdateApr 03 2007 11:12pm
Alright. Sue, we'll see...about that.

FNOLAug 10 2007 4:59am
I am sure Sue would know that the proper spelling is "all right" not "alright". You are only proving Her point.

obedient husbandAug 23 2007 6:56pm
"You are only proving Her point." And what is you're point Obedient husband ?. That I cant spell ?. Very well : 'I cant spell'. NEXT!!!!!.

FNOLOct 27 2007 9:42pm
My opinion is that man-bashing is inevitable. Because if a spring was tightened for a long time, then when gettig freedom it HAS TO overshoot the balance. It is as objective as change of seasons. Moreover, it is necessary for us men, because only in this case we are able to realize our proper place in this life. So thank you very much, our dear Ladies! Please bash us as more as you want! It is necessary for us to understand our second-class role.

Nick NNov 24 2007 10:39pm
No Nick N. Males of today are in no way responsible for the plight of women. There may well be some necessary collateral in societal rights for males in the process, but it should not be considered acceptable at any time, and should always be a movement towards idealized equality. If only for the benefit of both men and women in the long term.

FNOLDec 05 2007 7:52pm

SELF MADEMar 28 2008 10:41pm
To FNOL: Are the modern Germans responsible for Nazi's crimes? According to your logic, not at all. But anyhow several years ago Germany paid a sum to every live former prisoner of their Hitler-time concentration camps. Are modern Cathlic priests responsible for all horrible atrocities made by the Catholic church in the Middle Ages in Europe - against Jews, beautiful girls, Orthodox believers, etc. But some yeas ago John Paul II said his late sorry to the Jews and some others. So I too feel a kind of moral debt to all Women, and those of us males who feels alike ought to pay to Women with serving Them and doing his best for Them.

Nick NDec 17 2008 3:56am
I'm much stronger then my husband and I let him know that frequently. I love the idea that more and more women take charge. Be it at work, in their relationships or at school. One day we'll wake up in a female dominated world.

NicoleDec 25 2009 2:02pm
Nicole, In what ways are you stronger than your husband?

an intelligent life formJan 16 2010 4:53pm
I can beat him with ease with armwrestling, I can outlift him in the gym, if we ever play wrestle its almost laughable how easy I can control him. If you ask "In what ways am I stronger then my husband" than I would have to answer: in almost any way.

NicoleFeb 15 2010 12:31am
Does that also include intellect?

an intelligent life formFeb 27 2010 9:10am
@an intelligent life form. There is not much difference in that. Both of us got a good education and a good job.

NicoleMar 31 2010 5:22am
At least we are not bashing their balls although I do know a lot of males who do like a good ball bashing (literally) from women,

KimApr 12 2010 4:37pm
Stacey, that post made me cringe. I felt embarrassed for those men as I read it and it sent a shockwave of dread and strange arousal through me. I'm not sure about the whole female supremacy thing but I know that women do rule in relationships. If more women start becoming this overt about it then men will be serving women, no doubt about it. Woman's sexual power is something men can't compete against. If this is the new woman emerging then I think men will just have to accept it. I see this as a very real possibility. I'm a little uncomfortable with all of this but reading the comments from women on this thread has been humbling and made me feel that I may as well start groveling.

bowing at her feetJun 07 2010 9:10pm
Bowing at her feet like a Muslim praying to Allah. BLWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

or wot!Aug 25 2010 4:46pm
i dont see any male bashing in medias..or of other sorts. of course when a guy bashes on females..they quickly get their tampons all soaked up. then before you know it, you got a bunch of pussy wimp guys backing up the females. as for the woman who think men owe them respect...*unzips pant* umm well yea i got your respect right here...cum and get it big girl

jacob..single mommy killahOct 05 2010 9:24pm
women rule...we are superior creatures..unlike you weak hairy twats known as females. get it right big girl...

jacob..single mommy killahOct 25 2010 8:56pm
Would a lady diagonized withterminal breast cancer be indulging in male-bashing or fulfilling her own unfulfilled dreams ---ask yourself ladies if today was the last day of your life would you try to humiliate someone or make friends ? No sex can be glorified by insulting & keeping down the other sex & it was men who stood up for women's rights , women's education , widow remarriage ,married women's right to parental property rights , abolition of the hateful criminal practice of Sati or burning the widow on her husband's funeral pyre so there are as many male friends & benefactors of woman as male enemies & oppressors !It was Mao Ze Dong a male Leader who said "Women hold up half the Sky !" It was Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar a man who brought about widow remarriage in aconservative repressive society , it was Kamal Ataturk a man who enforced women's education in Turkey ,Sarat Chandra Chatterjee a male novelist who wrote about women's oppression eloquently in his novels !!!

Ashesh GhoseFeb 07 2011 9:01am
Lynne post about strap ons was very interesting. Would women really did this to men? So I want to know from women, would you do this with your friend or husband? Would you invite your girlfriends to play with or or or. There so many questions about this topic. Please write whatever you think around this.

AnonymousMar 19 2011 9:43am
Lynne post about strap ons was very interesting. Would women really did this to men? So I want to know from women, would you do this with your friend or husband? Would you invite your girlfriends to play with or or or. There so many questions about this topic. Please write whatever you think around this.

AnonymousMar 19 2011 10:20am
actually Lynne (accountant} in a sex xtore said Chastity devices even with a huge mark-up is being sold like hot cakes & there are also ran items like penis leashes ,CBT toys & .... ahem ... strap-on dildos !

Ashesh GhoseApr 04 2011 4:17am
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