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Are women better bosses?

Question: There have been numerous articles discussing studies which have discovered that women are more successful in positions of management than men. Do women make better bosses than men?
Created by: charity at 12:42:50 PM, Saturday, March 06, 2004 PST


I do not much about the articles about whether women make better bosses but there is a book that was published some time ago by two women who researched the new roles of women. The book is called "The Coming Matriarchy" and it goes into why the women believe that women will take over in the corporate world because of shifting management and leadership styles that appear to be more effective than those of men. I believe that women will pass men by if men are not willing to learn new things that women can teach us. I would certainly like to read some of these articles if anyone knows what they are. I would also like to discuss this with other people who might be in the know about shifting roles betwee women and men.

Steven LMar 10 2004 5:01pm

I have read that book also, it is by sociologists Elizabeth Nickles & Laura Ashcroft. It describes how women will gain the balance of power in the years to come. It is very insightful reading, and I think they hit the nail on the head. I can see the changes happening around us just as described in the book.

ChrisMar 12 2004 8:58pm
I have had exclusively female bosses for as long as I can remember. One thing is for sure, everywhere you look, women are in charge and running things. To me the fact that women are being promoted so often is a reflection of the fact that they have developed a track record of success, outshining men in competence and results.

SarahMar 14 2004 7:17pm
I used to resent having to answer to female bosses years ago, but I now must admit things are much smoother and more efficient with women in charge. I think the quality of the work force is improving because women are taking control of it.

GregMar 21 2004 5:30pm
Not only are women better bosses, but they are more productive at any position.

A Female Business OwnerMar 27 2004 7:11am
You mean any position in bed? That's female productivity as I see it.

AnonymousApr 01 2004 11:23am
The anonymous post is a typical example of why women are more qualified to be in charge. The childish, immature, and perverted male psyche has no place in today's business world.

ConnieApr 04 2004 10:31am
so i guess bill gates is a useless leader then is he,come on people there plenty of good male bosses and i have worked for loads of them.same as fwmale bosses,ive seen some good,and some awful,even the women working for them hated them.

chrisApr 21 2004 4:16pm
Female bosses are more productive while also relating to people better than men. Both the company and the employees benifit from having a woman in charge. It is the way of the new world.

BridgetApr 26 2004 2:05pm
What company is that? I hate it when people make claims but offer up no proof at all...Hame names!!! Otherwise it is just useless speculation. You would get thrown out of court if it ever went that far.

RandyMay 05 2004 12:26pm
Women are much better bosses, I think men just don't want to admit it because of their pride. There have been plenty of articles published on this subject.

SondraMay 05 2004 11:26pm
I saw sometining about a website on "copulins" on another poll. It is supposed to be some kind of hormonal secretion which gives the female the ability to control male behavior. Pretty interesting.

DougMay 10 2004 1:26pm
Copulin studies are very new, and exciting. I think it will propel women into a new era, and put men where they belong--at their goddess's feet.

AnonymousMay 13 2004 10:10am
Hey Anonymous! Got a name?

SteveMay 18 2004 10:51am
Oh yes, I'm Tammi

TammiMay 18 2004 12:20pm
It does seem like things usually run more smoothly when women are in charge.

AnonymousMay 24 2004 10:07pm
I am a woman who runs her own company. We hire males but I only use women as managers.

VGRJun 05 2004 11:48am
Males are good only for making coffee. Put a male in charge and everything gets screwed up royal.

AnonymousJun 06 2004 7:48am
It is true in a lot of companies that only women are considered for higher positions. The women are up front in the air conditioned office, with their own desks. They have phones and computers. They dress with style and keep their hands clean. They go out for lunch, usually with the boss, who is a woman. They take an hour. The men work in the back. Only their supervisor is allowed up front, the rest are to stay where they belong. They bring their lunch, because they will be back at work in 30 minutes. In companies like this the image of female superiority is not so subtle.

AnonymousJun 06 2004 9:29am
What if superiority in the workplace is ever connected fully to superiority at home. Right now many men, faced with female bosses and assertive wives can side step issue by playing one off against the other. Imagine what might happen if the bosses described above felt able to communicate with men's wives and wives communicated with the bosses. Then men would have no choice but to submit fully to female authority 24/7. It was something like that when we men were in elementary school. The teacher sent messages to our mothers and our mothers felt free to call our teachers. Result, no wiggle room. Being disrespectful to your wife would lead to negative consequences at home. Failing to follow instructions fully at work would lead to consequences at home.

DavidJun 06 2004 9:46am
I've known a few guys who's wives became friends with their bosses after meeting at company picnics and parties. And that is exactly what ends up happening to them.

GaryJun 06 2004 5:17pm
If we could only use copulins in the workplace....

TammiJun 07 2004 8:42am
Keep the wives away from the bosses... That's the best advice I've seen

a manJun 07 2004 7:46pm
Females are not only better bosses, but someday they will be the only bosses.

AnonymousJun 07 2004 8:17pm
My wife is my boss, I never get away with anything!

BustedJun 08 2004 7:41am
That's right! The male only gets away with whatever the woman allows him to get away with.

The WIFE (of Busted)Jun 08 2004 6:34pm
Women are just better bosses & they are just better at most every thing. I'm 12 yrs old and my 2 older sisters are the smartest people i know of. I really love my sisters and they help me with every thing and they are so smart in school. My older sisters are my hero.

AlexJun 09 2004 3:15pm
One of my friends is married to a woman who owns a small business, and he now works for her. She is a very strong willed woman, so he pretty much answers to her 24/7.

JenniferJun 11 2004 6:45am
How often do you think that arrangement existed 20 years ago, how often do you think it will exist 20 years from now?

BrianJun 13 2004 12:28pm
In 20 years women will be the primary breadwinners, so there is no doubt this arrangement will be increasingly common. 20 years ago people couldn't imagine the advancements women have made to date, and in another 20 years the same thing will happen.

MargotJun 13 2004 8:48pm
The thing that is really new is this situation where men must answer to women 24/7 in the past even the "henpecked husband" good escape at work and hang out with the guys and all that. It is a very different thing to have women monitoring and correcting male behavior at all times. Islands of pure masculine fun are disappearing. As that happens you can expect the definition to be shaped more and more by what women would like to see as the ideal male type. That image is very different from the one most men have in their own minds. The conflicts will be huge.

AliceJun 14 2004 11:17am
The conflict may be huge, but it is the burden of the male to find his niche. Women have always been expected to handle our problems.

AnonymousJun 14 2004 5:15pm
Women are better, but men will try anything to put them down..... The latest challenge is the 'glass cliff' where women are promoted to power when a company is having serious problems. Often the intention is to use the women as scapegoats, but usually they end up solving the problems that males couldn't.... A recent study found that firms that were doing poorly were more likely to have women in executive positions. The men who did the study were trying to prove that women were ineffective bosses...But the funny part is that those companies had women bosses because the poor performance happened BEFORE the women were put into power. The businesses actually improved once women took over! The study didn't bother to compare the women's effectiveness with the men who had the jobs before them. Typical male inaccuracy. Anything to try and discredit women. But it will always backfire.

abti-backlashJun 16 2004 12:36am
I have a female boss, and most of my co-workers are women. I have noticed she is much more stern and assertive with male subordinates than with the women. She treats the women more as her peers, while the men are kept in line more. It's kind of like a secret girl's club, and the women rank higher, even though we have the same position.

RogerJun 18 2004 10:34am
She probably treats women more as her peers because they give her less grief and perform better. Plus the fact that they (women) do know they are superior and are taking over but fast. They can laugh at us men because they know we are no match for them.

SamJun 19 2004 9:18pm
Here's a study that proves that women are better at the bottom line! It seems that Fortune 500 companies with more women at the top are more profitable. The firms with the most women were 35% more profitable than those with the fewest women. And this is not an unusual statistic. Women are proviing to be better at business than men. The numbers don't lie. Sorry boys.

future is femaleJun 21 2004 1:47pm
Don't let the "women are soft cuddly nurturing types" fallacy go unchecked. In fact, as their power grows, they will insist on all of the power perks that men have always enjoyed. The number one way that women can reinforce their dominance is by subjecting men to the kind of treatment that was accroded to women during the patriarchy. The "secret women's club" isn't secret at all. They advertise its existence to you so that you will be fully aware that even though you may hold the same position you do not have the same social rank. Women are perfecting the art of the stern rebuke being given to the man while an underperforming young woman is taken under wing and nurtured

Corporate survivorJun 21 2004 1:48pm
In our company, all of the promotions in the last 5 years have gone to women. It is obvious they are regarded as more valuable employees.

SeanJun 21 2004 11:41pm
Men should be seen and not heard

A New WomanJun 22 2004 2:08pm
I've noticed that when my supervisor (a female) discusses things with the women, the conversation is private and the employee's dignity is carefully protected. But when she corrects her male subordinates, she humiliates us in front of the other employees, most of which are women. They run the office and they think it is cute to use their positions to discriminate against men. This has been going on for a long time. The system is on their side, so I fear it will only get worse.

PeterJun 22 2004 10:50pm
yep,we better get used to it,gonna be hard times ahead.

jdJun 23 2004 2:25am
Intelligent men don't see women's success as a bad thing. Instead, a smart man would do everything he could to acknowledge his female superior's status. Only men who are unable to deal with reality are worried about women being the boss. Get used to it - and don't whine. It only makes a man more inferior when he whines.

AnonymousJun 23 2004 2:59am
Whining is the very definition of submissiveness. Dominant people never whine. When you hear one half of a married couple whine you can be that that person is submissive in the relationship. The other day a friend of mine who is a respected doctor, started whining that his wife-- who has a nanny and a housekeeper-- told him that there would be no more children (even though he wants more) I called him later that day and his wife answered, she said that he could not come to the phone because "I have him busy doing housework." As the inferiors of women, men will whine, women had better get used to it.

HughJun 23 2004 10:46am
What a crock of crap! It's amazing the kind of female chauvinism that is going on around here. You know what? I can see women running the world some day, and when they are they are still going to have affirmative action for women, because they will have 99% of everything and yet they won't be happy. Why? Because they will wonder why men think they are entitled to 1%.

Your superior Male master!!!Jun 24 2004 4:01pm
I just want to comment on the drivle that Anonymous put in about men whining and looking more inferior. Women have been whining for centuries about alledged crimes against them. Then they come up with the biggest form of whining yet, affirmative action. They can only succeed by having special privileges. It would be interesting to see them accomplish something based on merit. If you are so superior why do you still need the hand outs?

Your superior Male master!!!!!!!1Jun 24 2004 4:04pm
The topic is about women as bosses. Not affirmative action. Not women running the world. Those are other polls. Why not make a comment that actually addresses the topic? Women are proving themselves to be at least as capable as men as bosses. Just read the data. It doesn't mean that men are not good at being boss. Just that there are a lot of women who can do it better. If that bothers you - too bad.

bossJun 24 2004 4:18pm
The fact is women have been oppressed for centuries and have been pretty good sports about it. Only within the last few years has it become apparent that women are most likely going to become dominant in society. Men have made more noise in the last five years about being emasculated by the "lace curtain" than women did in two hundred years. And if you think affirmative action programs are unfair, remember that the people in government who have created and promoted them have been predominantly male. It is possible women will want to control 99% of everything, because they probably will be able to manage it more effectively. True, the poll is about female bosses, but the other topics tie into the debate because they are closely related.

YolandaJun 24 2004 9:59pm
Your Superior Male Master has Inferior Grammar Skills. Learn to spell, dude.

Kevin Canadian BaconJun 25 2004 9:53am
My boss is a woman, and she pushes me harder than any man ever dared to. The thing is, she is smokin' hot, and knows it. She knows her appearance is distracting and uses it to get what she wants. She's really a bitch, but it's hard to look at her and be angry. I always end up letting her walk all over me, and then I get frustrated later.

DaveJun 26 2004 12:45am
Whether or not women are better bosses, they look better in business suits. There's nothing like a great ass to go with that shiny brifcase.

AnonymousJun 26 2004 2:16pm
Expecially when they can have you fired if you are caught checking it out.

GailJul 01 2004 11:13pm
As women become more educated than men, men will be relegated to blue collar work overseen by women. As a female engineer I see this right before my eyes. I am in charge of 4 men and my group by far is most productive. Also, because women have control over their sexuality it allows us to exhibit even more control over men. Just by showing some cleavage or putting on a pair of my heels men are motivated to please me.

DianeJul 01 2004 11:50pm
Diane, maybe you're just a good boss and their motivation has nothing to do with your cleavage. Give yourself a little more credit, babe.

HHJul 02 2004 10:12am
Cleavage is a tool and she is giving that tool credit for what it does.

Woman-agerJul 02 2004 10:42am
Oh, there's no question I'm good at my job. But my point is if your male subordinates think of you as "hot", they will go beyond the call of duty to win your approval. They will take great risks to get things done for you. Men are very easy to manipulate this way because of the way they think. You are only kidding yourself if you don't know this already.

DianeJul 02 2004 10:44am
So men can't win? Diane says she uses her cleavage to manipulate men, but Gail says a man can be fired for checking it out? It's no wonder male employees are inefficient.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 7:56pm
You've got the idea.

SherryJul 03 2004 12:03am
It will be sad when cleavage is one of the criteria for interviewing for a manager position.

HHJul 06 2004 8:29am
Cleavage is an important criteria only because men are involved. The day will come when there will be no reason for a man to be involved in such an interview.

AnonymousJul 10 2004 5:22am
Diane is correct. IF my boss is an ugly woman who is as sharp as a tack, much of my motivation will be internal. If she's pretty but incompetent, I will again be self-motivated. However, If she's got it all, looks and brains, I will be strongly driven to impress her. It would be much easier for her to persuade me to put in overtime. I would want her to think of me as a good dependable male. Somebody who not only always gets the job done for her but also never challenges her authority.

iskoJul 14 2004 10:12am
Women who are worth being checked out love being checked out. They'd hate it if men couldn't show a little appreciation... As long as it isn't salacious ogling. Hell, we men like being checked out for that matter! Life wouldn't be worth living if there wasn't a bit of flirtation involved in everyday life.

iskoJul 15 2004 7:13am
We especially like being checked out by other guys!

RandyJul 15 2004 9:29pm
The truth about Randy comes out.

AnonymousJul 19 2004 2:35pm
No female can really be a man's boss, because in bed she's always subordinate. Strip off the power suit and she's just a c*nt like any other.

AnonymousJul 28 2004 8:30am

AnonymousJul 28 2004 4:15pm
We just got a department head who is a girl right out of school. She's only been in the company a few months, and we have guys with many years of experience who now have to answer to her. I don't know if women are better bosses, but it sure seems like they are passing us up on the ladder of success.

JohnJul 29 2004 6:59am
Women are better at everything. The way things are going, men will end up being nothing but laborers.

AnonymousAug 02 2004 11:18am
Women are better bosses for sure.

AnonymousAug 14 2004 10:01pm
It seems like the old boys club has been replaced by the young girls club!

AnonymousAug 17 2004 11:51am
Our managers are all women. They are like queen bees once they get into a position of authority.

AnonymousSep 01 2004 9:40pm
the scary thing is there is nothing as a man i can do about it.They are moving into offices as managers at a alarming rate,and as the type of work suits females better then men,i can only fear for the worst.

jjSep 03 2004 9:51am
Feeling the glass ceiling, guys? Boo hoo.

NadineSep 03 2004 6:51pm
And the thing is, they know they control the situation, so they get in your face, almost like they dare you to object.

BobSep 05 2004 11:28pm
In the past, males were more necessary in the work force than in the present because the job market is evolving to level the playing field. No longer do we see jobs which require heavy physical beyond reason. Instead we develop more intelligent ways of getting the job done. As this takes place it is natural to see more women in charge.

AnonymousSep 06 2004 8:29am
Yes, in a labour-based economy men were economically and socially dominant, but these days in a knowledge-based society women come to the fore.

AnonymousSep 07 2004 8:52am
Women like Diane are the best bosses. The most productive business dynamic involves women like her having authority over men. I hope she gets plenty of bonuses and promotions and I'm certain the men she has no qualms manipulating feel the same way.

a guySep 09 2004 12:28pm
I have a female boss like that, and its O.K. as long as you are on her good side. I pity anyone who crosses her, though. She takes pleasure in making an example of men who challenge her authority by humiliating them in front of everyone. She is a rising star in the company, so she pretty much has the power to do as she pleases. She has the advantage because the company wants to see a woman do well.

ChristopherSep 15 2004 11:37pm
Young women are aggressive and power-hungry these days. It is no longer enough for them to be equal. They want to be superior. It is very frustrating trying to keep up with them.

AnonymousSep 18 2004 11:15pm
They are superior

AnonymousOct 01 2004 10:57am
I'm wondering, would the women here rather preside over 10 men or 10 women?

AnonymousOct 07 2004 8:35pm
Conventional wisdom says that women lead better in these areas: 1. Team-Building Women are good at encouraging participation and facilitating groups. A 1999 study by Lawrence A. Pfaff and Associates in Michigan found that one of the many ways women rated higher than men was in facilitating teamwork, a skill stereotypically feminine. 2. Empowering Women are more likely than men to utilize facilitative leadership, a style that enables and encourages others (Porat, 1991). Facilitative leaders empower and motivate people rather than lead by reward and punishment. 3. Communication Women working in education were found to use a more open communication style that came from their focus on relationships. As a result, they communicated more frequently than men with their colleagues, stakeholders and subordinates (Connor, 1992). In the business world, open communication encourages feedback and sharing of information and power. 4. Consensus-Building Women are talented collaborators and support contributive, consensual decision-making (Porat, 1991). Team members appreciate knowing their contributions are valued. However, consensus building can have pitfalls for women. An over-reliance on this method of decision-making can make a leader appear indecisive and too dependent upon the opinions of others. A true leader knows when to stop conferring and propose a decision. 5. Almost Everything Else But women's strengths are not limited to these skills alone. Of the six studies, five indicated that female bosses scored higher than men on a majority of leadership skills measured. In the sixth study, men and women ranked evenly.

WomanNov 07 2004 7:20pm
Only a wussy lets a woman tell him what to do.

DirkNov 10 2004 11:27pm
Here's an ultimatum Dirk. You either have a female boss or you are unemployed. You'd choose unemployment?

AnonymousNov 11 2004 7:42am
A woman I know is a manager, she will say that she gets off on the power she has over men she supervises. She enjoys controling them. But she also notices that the women are much more productive. The men seem to take more time to get the same amount of work done. So she would rather have more women in the office for productivity, but she admits its fun bossing men around.

loverboyNov 13 2004 11:35am
There isn't one area in business that women haven't proved equal or superior to men. Every time women decide to enter a profession in large numbers they eventually prove their superiority. As it stands, women are now deciding to start their own companies and they naturally are more successfull than men in doing so. The fastest growing segment of the business world is companies owned by women. In the next few years women bosses will be the clear majority.

inevitableNov 13 2004 11:42am
Right now the smart money is on women's management style. There are men all over taking courses in how to think like a woman to be successful. Of course, they'll never really be able to - but they'll have to learn the best they can if they want to survive.

think like a womanNov 13 2004 11:44am
I got an ultimatetomato for you anonymous, youre either cooking my dinner or you out on the street? you will choose street?

DirkNov 13 2004 6:14pm
Good comeback Dirk, avoid the question and throw back a non sequitur.

JRFNov 26 2004 4:23pm
Take it like a man, sissy!

DirkDec 30 2004 11:54am
I don't care what any of the stuck-up witches here say. In reality, the top ten richest people in the world are men. One of the most successful bosses of all time is Donald Trump. The only real place for a woman in his skyscrapers is in the kitchen. He doesn't need women. Steven A. Ballmer is the 7th richest person in the world and president of Microsoft. Now i wonder what they all have in common eh? Oh wait don't answer that, they're all men!! wOOt!!!

TeamTestosteroneFeb 14 2005 1:46am
TeamTestosterone you are right and wrong.There will always be successful men,but you can not deny the fact that the next generation of leaders will be female,not all maybe but the majority.They have already won the education race,and thus in my opinion they will get the better jobs,as they will more skilled and trained.sure some go getting men will always leave school and become rich,like trump and others.But most jobs require a certain education level,and women will have it while boys who are leaving higher education in droves will not.

chrisFeb 21 2005 1:53pm
I would rather preside over ten men because men have known power and relate to it. It is my job to use that power to get them thinking in all the right ways. Men can produce under the direction of a strong woman.

AnonymousMay 10 2005 5:40pm
All I know is my last 4 bosses have all been women, as well as the management personnel above them. It sure seems like things have worked out so only females are promoted to upper management in this company.

LaneJun 19 2005 12:33am
Go Diane! Get the word out! Women Rule!

facing realityJun 19 2005 12:13pm
Not only are women better bosses, but they are also outnumbering and advancing ahead of us in the workplace.

RandyJul 25 2005 12:41am
I've been lucky enough to work for several female bosses, all of whom have been promoted. There is no doubt in my mind, as a male, that woman make the best managers and bosses. There is no one I would rather work for.

EdwinDec 22 2005 8:07am
In my experience women are the better bosses. Fortunately, the are more and more in charge of the companies. But I think the rate is not fast enough. We should consciously encourage them into leadership positions, and always preferring them to men. Why? It is the male power that makes the most trouble on our planet. If we examine cultures, where women are in charge of men (like Kerala in India), we find that those cultures are more healthy, more democratic, less crime, etc. Of course it doesn't mean that men are evil and women are good, but if we gave the power to women, probably most of the world's problem would be soon solved. It doesn't mean that a man cannot be more successful leader than a woman, instead I think this successful male's place should be at the assistance of a women. And you should see the result, I think the second situation would be a more efficient way. Men only have yet to discover their true nature in the assistance of women, which is obviously hard thanks to the millenia of patriarchy... I just wanted to say that it is more important question whether a man or a woman is a better boss. It is a question of life or death, the survival of our planet. Without female leadership and authority this world is simply sentenced to death.

Attila the HunJan 01 2006 3:21am
In my experience women are the better bosses. Fortunately, the are more and more in charge of the companies. But I think the rate is not fast enough. We should consciously encourage them into leadership positions, and always preferring them to men. Why? It is the male power that makes the most trouble on our planet. If we examine cultures, where women are in charge of men (like Kerala in India), we find that those cultures are more healthy, more democratic, less crime, etc. Of course it doesn't mean that men are evil and women are good, but if we gave the power to women, probably most of the world's problem would be soon solved. It doesn't mean that a man cannot be more successful leader than a woman, instead I think this successful male's place should be at the assistance of a women. And you should see the result, I think the second situation would be a more efficient way. Men only have yet to discover their true nature in the assistance of women, which is obviously hard thanks to the millenia of patriarchy... I just wanted to say that it is more important question whether a man or a woman is a better boss. It is a question of life or death, the survival of our planet. Without female leadership and authority this world is simply sentenced to death.

Attila the HunJan 01 2006 3:27am
My boss is a women. I think it's just something we guys are learning to accept. Maybe *that* is the problem though. We seem to be giving up and just letting women lead now. I think what's changing young men growing up now is the images of women in power and men being fools on TV. Yes I'm making excuses, but I just don't want to believe women are just smarter. If everyone believed that, the only bosses would be women.

MichaelFeb 03 2006 10:11pm
Women are better then men at just about anything.

DEFEATEDmaleFeb 11 2006 6:50pm
Attila, maybe the things men do are not "wrong". Perhaps what some consider wrong, others do not? We assume God considers all killing as bad, yet the world lives on killing (animals kill for food and such). Perhaps what men are, IS meant to be good...

TufoApr 01 2006 12:53am
Female bosses are evil.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:50pm
The issue which keeps popping up is the way girls have outperformed boys in school. Now that women have the freedom to be competitive in what used to be a man's world, we are finding out the female was the smarter and stronger sex all along. It makes logical sense that women are better bosses.

AnonymousApr 28 2006 4:36pm
Women should be wearing miniskirts as often as possible: At work, school, shopping, public events, etc. And get rid of those irritating SLEEVES! Women should be showing arms, shoulders and back. This business of women wearing sleeves and long pants that cover knees is GARBAGE !!

He ManMay 01 2006 10:24pm
Hopefully in the future males will not be allowed to give a Womyn orders.Hence there will no longer be any male bosses.

Big BrendaJun 10 2006 7:30am
Dear Ms. Big Brenda: I like your style, we seem to agree in many areas: Female Superiority, Female Rule (Matriarchy), male servitude to all Women and male slavery to one's mate. Oh, and of course, female controlled male chastity for all males. Regards,

STTGJun 12 2006 12:53pm
STTG you as ever are a very studious and educated male.You may be a slave to Womyn but I think most males will just be subordinate.I think in future these will be the choices for males.To either voluntarily become slaves or to be as the vast majority of males in enjoyment of their the natural inferiority.

Big BrendaJun 19 2006 12:49pm

AnonymousJul 16 2006 6:57pm
This poll is bogus! Anyone who ever worked in a real office knows that female bosses are Hell On Earth.

AnonymousAug 16 2006 9:42pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:56am
And why are female bosses Hell on Earth? Because they are effective at what they do, and it is impossible to get away with trying to skate by on inadequete performance.

DawnJan 28 2007 1:10pm
What makes a Female boss hot is the fact that She is the Boss. For the truly Matriarchal male it is the exercise of Her power not Her technical looks that instill the desire to obey in the male.

Office maleJan 28 2007 5:06pm
"Are female bosses better"? The question should be "is there any other boss than a female". Let's face it females always have and always will be the boss!

MaleMar 01 2007 1:53pm
#119 - (Fri.) 3/9/07

UpdateMar 09 2007 12:45pm
Once again Dawn is correct! Dawn can I be your slave?

bobMar 31 2007 4:25pm
#0121 - (Wed.) 4/11/07

UpdateApr 10 2007 10:59pm
The other day a Female Superior ordered me to stop my paperwork and make a fresh pot of coffee. I jumped up and obeyed immediately.

office maleJul 20 2007 6:25pm
That's sex discrimination, VGR. You could get sued for that, I'd seriously consider changing that policy if I were you.

OdamaMay 20 2009 4:22pm
Connie, that is an unfair generalisation. Tell me, what perverting and maturity eroding affects do you think 5000 years of matriarchy will have on the "female" psyche?

an intelligent life formJul 25 2009 5:06pm
Not if the women I promote have superior qualifications, performance reviews, and production statistics. If the female candidate has more education and a better work history, it is my obligation to recognize those factors as well. You can't blame the company's policies for the fact that the women have more ambition and aptitude.

VGRNov 26 2009 9:49pm
Promote those who are deserving by all means, but please, be sex-blind in the interest of fairness.

OdamaApr 09 2010 4:31pm
My female boss is 50 years old to my 38, I am her assistant and she treats me sometimes as her kid, she is really mothering people more than bossing and this is kind of irritating. She is also very physical, sha even slaps my butt now and then, this would be abusive if we had changed roles. She is huggins her employees a lot, she is a big woman with an ample bust and to get smothered against her boobs is kind of embarrassing. At the same time I am kind of aroused being womanhandled like that. But I don't think that a boss should behave like this. But most of the employees love their "big mama boss".

AssistantSep 29 2010 12:21am
Dirk, if she's paying you your wage, she tells you what to do.

a.i.l.f.Dec 01 2010 3:33pm

ASHESH GHOSEJan 28 2011 10:43am
Woman bosses are either better or worse than Male bosses. There is no middle ground. Some are very good, much better than nearly all the Male bosses, and the Women bosses are worse than the worst Male bosses.

I've Seen It at Many Fortune 500 CompaniesFeb 09 2011 6:46am
Oops - typo. That last half should read and the *other* Women bosses are worse than the worst Male bosses.

I've Seen It at Many Fortune 500 CompaniesFeb 09 2011 6:46am
Assistant ,try slapping your big mama boss's butt sometimes in the interest of equality ,reciprocity & boss-subordinate bonding !!!

Ashesh GhoseApr 19 2011 12:48pm
I am not as well read on the studies refered to, but this is one subject about which I feel I have first hand experience and feel very passionately about. Women are hands down better managers than men. End of story. I have been in management for a Fortune 500 company for almost 30 years, having come out of a well known graduate school with an MBA. I progressed fairly quickly to my first supervisor, then manager jobs and along the way got involved in college recruiting for my company. Initially we used to interview 30-40 students at a single campus, of both genders though the males were often the more highly regarded by the profs on campus and by our recruiting team. Over the years this has changed dramatically, as the candidates we interview now are handpicked by the profs to streamline our task and nearly all of these are young women. They are exceptional, so we have not lowered our standards, but without a doubt it has brought in a different type of recruit into the pipeline to develop as future managers. This development parallels the changing of the guard in the managers and management style above me as well. An older generation of top level managers has retired (all male) which exercised very hierarchical power and managed within silos. They have gradually been replaced by a new generation of top level managers many of whom are women. Their style is quite a bit different in that it is more of a networking relationship that has cut down on a lot of beauracracy left behind by our old guard. Now there are always changes occuring, but the whole workplace has changed as result the style of these new managers. Now I like to think that I am progressive, but something occured recently that hit me right between the eyes. One of the bright young women that I hired about ten years ago off the campus and who subsequently worked for me in her first assignment, has now come back to become my boss. That's right, she's only 29 and has about a third of the years of experience I have, but she has mastered the skills necessary to manage in this new environment and got her shot. She is incredibly smart, and I am usually considered to have a very high IQ but her business IQ certainly matches or exceeds mine. She has great networking and communication skills, which I think is supposed to be evidence of greater brain functioning in women. She is also quite supportive of the folks who work for her, and gives good feedback on a regular basis, something that I learned in a class but have to try to remember - for her it is just second nature. That type of attitude has generated tremendous support from our folks for her leadership, and it's quite unlike anything I've seen, especially since I expected that there may be some backlash at her rapid ascension. That's just the opposite. She is clearly the boss, but everyone, including me, wants to "be on her team" cause we get things done. She seems to epitomize the new manager and the skills that women possess and acquire for survival are now proving to be the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. I'm trying to learn to develop myself in these areas as well, with some mentoring now from her! The smartest thing I ever did was to recognize her talent when she first started and look out for opportunities to get her noticed, promote her career with other female mentors. I think this is the way of the future - you can rise to your level of ability but if you are willing there is a sense of sharing in the accomplishments of these rising young women stars by helping them get to the next level. I'm okay with that, proud to admit that I did my part, and willing to admit that this young women is clearly my superior. I thank god for that, because when she is running the company, or her management sisters, my retirement account will be secure.

David2Jun 03 2011 1:31am
Good for you David2 but one day you will find this extremely smart lady slashing her wrists or taking sleeping tablets as when there is breakdown of support systems like the traditional family the glittering success is no panacea to the emotional wasteland within the dark heart &hopeless soul !!

Ash--X9Mar 24 2012 2:14pm
Some are.

a.i.l.f.Sep 25 2013 1:57pm
This morning I went to an attorney conference with three Female Superiors. One corrected me in public. Another ordered me to throw out Her garbage after She finished breakfast. A third let me know that while She was relatively pleased with my work, another male in our unit was not performing well. I spent the morning saying "Yes Ma'am" to each of them.

lawslaveDec 06 2013 5:37pm
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