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the influence of the femiminist movement

Question: Do you think that the feminist movement of the 1970's has greatly influenced the female teenagers today with creating equality between the sexes in society?
Created by: ammas121 at 10:18:19 AM, Sunday, May 09, 2004 PDT


The Feminist Movement has initiated widespread social change which will continue to gain momentum. It has inspired a self-awareness in young women which has enabled them to go beyond equality.

BobMay 10 2004 1:11pm

What is interesting is the effect of the feminist movement on men. A lot of men are very evolved and supportive. There are quite a few, however, who are frightened, insecure, and defensive. Now they know how it feels to be considered the weaker sex, and they can't handle it.

SueMay 16 2004 10:26pm
Yes Sue, but how do you feel about all those "submissive" men out there, the ones who want to throw themselves at your feet? Isn't that kind of icky and sick?

HHMay 18 2004 1:36pm
I think it is a little over the top, but now you are comparing reality with erotic fetishes and sexual fantasies. It is not my place to condemn or judge people for what turns them on. And as long as they are not hurting anyone or forcing their preferences on others, I really can't see why I should be offended by them. I think child molesters are sick. Weird and sick are two different things.

SueMay 22 2004 1:20pm
Reality is unreal. Erotic fetishes are reality for some, for others its child molesting, either way "reality" cannot be perscribed to an action or a thought for reality is non-linear.

Chaos TheoryMay 22 2004 5:16pm
Reality is this: Little boys used to grow up thinking they were the stronger sex, but nowadays little girls pick on little boys, rubbing it in their faces that girls are superior. This will have a major effect on society when this generation reaches adulthood.

AnonymousMay 30 2004 11:22pm
These polls tell me the influence of the feminist movement is a lot more powerful than anyone ever thought.

JanJun 06 2004 10:12am
The Feminist movement has triggered the gradual evolution of female supremacy. There are many signs in everyday life that women are in the process of establishing a matriarchy. Men contribute to this cause unwittingly.

KyleJun 18 2004 8:07pm
The feminist movement was directed at equality. What is happening today does seem more like a female superiority movement. It is not just here, but all over the net. Something is happening in society.

AnonymousJun 19 2004 6:00am
It was the breakthrough of feminism into the media in the seventies that led to the acceptance of women as essentially equal to men. What had been a debate that was carried on behind closed doors became part of popular culture. Of course, the original idea to achieve women's equality has made the concept of female superiority a reasonable one. The question has to be raised since the argument for male superiority was so accepted for so long. If males could be thought superior in the past, why not turn the tables?

turvyJun 21 2004 12:38pm
It was the breakthrough of feminism into the media in the seventies that led to the acceptance of women as essentially equal to men. What had been a debate that was carried on behind closed doors became part of popular culture. Of course, the original idea to achieve women's equality has made the concept of female superiority a reasonable one. The question has to be raised since the argument for male superiority was so accepted for so long. If males could be thought superior in the past, why not turn the tables?

turvyJun 21 2004 12:53pm
The young people of today have been greatly influenced by the feminist movement of the 1970s. I think the future is bright for women. The young women of today are achievers who will not take a back seat to a boy when they know they can obtain their goals. I teach school at the high school level. For the past three years, I have had young women make reports about their career goals when they have said, "I want a career and a husband at home to support my career so I can go as far as possible." For the past two years, I have had young gentlemen suggest that they would gladly accept the role of househusband and stay at home dad for a young woman so she could further her career with great success. The first year, they laughed at the young man and teased him without ceasing. This year, the young man who said he could easily be a househusband for a dynamic career woman was a star scholar and athlete, a 6 foot 10 inch, muscular stud who was elected to the homecoming court and was Prince of the Junior - Senior Prom. He was taken very seriously. When I asked him if he was doing and saying what he did to get a better grade from me, he said, "No, Ma'am. I truly believe it. I was raised without a father for several years, and I want to be a part of my children's life. And, I want to see my wife achieve all she can. Besides, I will make a great "trophy husband." I said, "Go for it, Stud!"

Maribeth MorganJul 02 2004 8:32pm
the feminist movement i believe always had a hidden agenda.They i am sure,wanted to improve women lifes to be able to vote and lead there own destiny,but i am sure they knew that once the dam had broke there natrual supremecy,would take them far ahead of men.I reckon in a hundred years or so,there will be statues and films dedicated to these original female leaders,and then we will wonder just why men were allowed to rule for so long.

billDec 03 2004 3:33pm
Well said.

AnonymousJul 31 2005 10:07pm
The Feminist movement has evolved far beyond a quest for equality. The empowerment of women has snowballed beyond anyone's expectations, and is only becoming more intense. This is due to many factors no one could predict years ago. Who would have thought women would surpass men the way we have scholastically. Women are gaining power by default because we are finding out men can't compete intellectually. If present trends continue, based on the declining enrollment, the last male will enroll in college in about a dozen years or so. Advanced education is the bottom line to who will be in charge of things, and right now it looks like women are going to be calling the shots.

DawnAug 20 2005 11:50pm
Which of your boots do you want me to lick first Dawn?

SteveOct 19 2005 1:07am
I'll lick your boots and kiss your ass Dawn.

donOct 29 2005 10:39am
Dawn, I believe you have articulated the situation beautifully. Your simply stating the facts, some of us males lack the intellect to comprehend the facts. Thank you.

EdwinDec 22 2005 8:32am
Many teenagers today have forgooton the hard work of the Womyn of the past and their right thinking male counterparts.However still other have knowledge and respect for their trail blazing forebears.Others still ask equality with what? males?.Why do we want equality with such an inferior species.Superiority is what they want and they will by Goddess get it.

Big BrendaMay 28 2006 2:01pm
Many places in the USA have low or very low educational standards. Therefore, outperforming the average is easy, so females who outperform males have little to boast about. I fear that the low academic performance of boys is merely a symptom of a deeper psychological problem: It seems that American males are more depressed, discouraged, aimless and unmotivated than ever before. What is causing this mental fog, and how to escape it?

Samurai PsychiatristSep 10 2006 7:42pm
First, read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS. Then visit the poll by that name.

AnonymousSep 26 2006 8:43pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 11:40pm

#Feb 10 2007 9:39am
#0024 - (Wed.) 4/4/07

UpdateApr 04 2007 10:54pm
Not"by goddess"big brenda but by the agreement of sick males who think they can get in your pants by being fictitionally subservient.This movement started in the 70s by no fault divorces and has progressed to the state attained by dint of some alpha males displaying all the attributes of over endowed monkeys. You,feminists have done nothing to suggest that you are in any way superior,in fact quite the opposite,you are proving that you are worse than the men you used to blame for what was your own insecurities.A time will come shortly when men will decide to spank your fat asses and then who will you complain to,why an alpha man of course.

mike sAug 29 2007 9:35am
Why what fantasies you entertain mike s.First and foremost that I am a Feminist.feminism teaches that men and Womyn are equal.As you well know Womyn are superior and would not want to try to emulate a lesser being. How are we worse than males.Have we killed billions of people in the name of stupid religions or money?

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 9:07pm
Its amazing how fast normal interesting topics are glued together with fetish etc by men here....

marcslvFeb 24 2012 12:04am

-1'Jun 11 2015 10:43am
In the St Trinians films the authorities seem to be scared of this school for girls. After all females are supposed to be the weaker sex so why is everyone in this small town apprehensive about a bunch of schoolgirls. The reason as I see it is that because of the feminist movement over the last hundred years or so boosted female morale and eroded male self confidence so that these girls have shaken off the natural fear females have of males and the consequences of that would be far reaching. Only a hundred years ago women could not vote and ninty years ago they could not partake in sport now they can after centuries of male suppression. Now everyone assumes that because they now have equal rights they would be satisfied but inside every female heart beats the urge for revenge against men in general and the male authority in particular. The male police as the arm of the male suppression a hundred years ago were the principal instrument of the violent crushing of their suffragette forbears. So its the male police who would be the object of hatred by the kind of young women attending a school like St Trinians. In a middle class area where the school is located the local police would be made up of rookies and lower quality officers normally concerned with minor misdemeanours and quite uninvolved with the likihood of any rough stuff. Whereas the girls at St Trinians would be experianced in rough punchups which usually developed in sport contests with other schools. It would only take a spark to set off a confrontation between the local police who although fearful of these girls but who were nontheless expected by their superiors to bring this school to heel. Whilst the girls would be eager for some payback for the treatment dished out to their feminine forbears. Of couse the whole school could have simply overwhelmed the local police station but that would have bought a full response by the central authority. So there were a total fourteen officers at the local station so just fourteen girls would be selected to take them on. A fine example could be the senior girls dipicted on the internet from the two early black and white St Trinian films where they are seen in two lines of seven girls each. They arrive at the police station on a quiet summers day and walk in whilst other girls wait outside to stop anybody else entering and also taking care of the planks of wood and straw etc the girls would need afterwards. After the police had been subdued then all the girls could prepare them for the next stage. Stuffing the planks and straw down their uniforms to ensure they remained upright even though they were unconscious. Then they could hoist up the uniformed policemen so that each man was effectively sitting on each of the girls shoulders. Then the girls moved out onto the street and formed two lines similar to that seen on the photos on the internet but with the difference that each girl was now carrying a policeman each and then they proceeded to walk down the main road to the amazement of the onlookers. They had completed the feminine revolution started a hundred years ago but then the police had broken and smashed the women up now it was their turn to take a hiding.

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