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Are Males Redundant?

Question: It is now understood that males are the inferior gender. Genetically having only one healthy X chromosone and a fragmented one known as a y, the male is really just an incomplete crippled version of the female gender. Femaleness is the natural human form. Some scientists even conclude that the y chromosone is in a state of permanent decline. Are we heading for a world without males? Are males redundant?
Created by: zerowoman at 01:16:46 PM, Tuesday, May 11, 2004 PDT


I think this is the theory males fear the worst, especially since it has been proven males are not really necessary for reproduction.

BarbMay 12 2004 12:12am

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. You have to look at Nature. Everything from plants, insects, fish, mammals, dinosaurs...all evolved with two sexes. This took place over 100's of millions of year, a very stable system. There has to be a good reason for it. If we meddle with evolution, there may be very undesirable effects. The deterioration of the y chromosome is predicted to happen over 100's of thousands of years. A lot can happen in that time...

anonMay 12 2004 7:03pm
I would imagine it has already deteriorated quite a bit.

AnonymousMay 12 2004 11:30pm
Yeah, look at males today. The average 20 year old is 5'9" and 160lbs. In the 1960's they were like 180lbs at least, with a lot more muscle.

AnonymousMay 13 2004 9:18pm
It is very well known today that males are, of course, the weaker and inferior gender. However, I don't believe these poor creatures are redundant. As long as there exists a y chromosone, women will find a use for maleness. Men are still quite valuable to women and make incredibly fun and enjoyable play things. Intelligent women will always find ways to guide and direct males in constructive pursuits. Males are good for holding your coat and purse while talking to your girlfriends, opening the lids on those annoyingly tight jars, fixing most anything about the estate that breaks, ect. Males will always be good at those things done most simple in life, of course with a woman's guidance and watchful eye. Are males redundant? I don't think its true, but males becoming extinct is a whole other topic.

empress koiMay 14 2004 12:42pm
It is well established that there are many species who naturally reproduce withou males. Just do a littl research. Parthenogenesis (reproduction without males) is common among microorganisms and is also found in several reptile species and some turkeys. There is some evidence that it occours occasionally in mammals, but there's no proof yet. Insects are especially female-centric. Many insect species have only a few males born for every thousand females, and sometimes the females are so much bigger than the males that they don't even look like the same species. There is a type of angler fish where the smaller male latches on to the female during sex and actually becomes a permanent part of her body, slowly losing some of his internal organs and his eyes. The evidence for male inferiority to females is found throughout nature. It is only a matter of time before the natural evolution of humans leads to the redundancy of males. It seems that women have been evolving faster than men and will eventually figure out how to get along without them. Before that happens men will be slowly downgraded to mare and more inferior status. It will take a while, but it has already begun. Just look at the levels of females in college. This is certain to lead to more and more women in power. It will be up to them to decide the future of the human male.

ymanMay 27 2004 5:08pm
I hear you yman, in a few generations the human male will devolve into a three foot walking penis -- down from the six foot prick he is now!

electra_womanMay 27 2004 8:41pm
Are zerowoman's polls redundant? yes they sure are, give it a rest you moron is this crap really that important to you? If so than obviously men are superior because women have nothing better to do with their time than created overly biased polls just to give them a boost of self esteem which they are obviously lacking.

Unredundant MaleJun 02 2004 10:05pm
Unredundant Male is uneducated. You are the perfect example of why males today are losing out in society, lack of education. With males like you women win hands down! Learn how to spell and use punctuation, or at least learn how to use spell check on your computer. Thanks, Unredundant Male, you're the example that proves women are superior. You're the moron!

dyna_girlJun 02 2004 10:50pm
shut up you pathetic loser

AnonymousJun 03 2004 10:07am
Thats right! Typical. You can't have a debate so the name calling and personal attacks start coming. And you still can't spell. Go get 'em dyna_girl!

sammiJun 03 2004 11:44am
I find it interesting that in another poll when a woman made spelling and punctuation mistakes and a man called her on it she replied, "everyone makes mistakes". But should a man make the same mistakes, he cannot be part of "everyone" and must be teased and called names by the women on this site. Quite an interesting double standard we have here....

DanJun 04 2004 10:14pm
Men are being groomed to be the servants of women. They are being taught that serving women is the only really appropriate role for men. Women are taught to take control of men in public and in private. The fix is in.

male who serves a WomanJun 05 2004 11:22am
Women have been on the wrong side of double standards throughout history. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and you know how it feels. I suggest you get used to it, because this is just the beginning.

RachelJun 06 2004 9:45am
When men had the upper hand they defined the role women had to play. Over time, women came to accept that role and women worked very hard to ensure that "good girls" never challenged the idea of being in second place. Now that women are on their way to running society they will work to ensure that men accept their dominance and the biggest supporters of this emasculation will be men. Men will compete to be the most obedient servants of women because that will be the only road to success. Men will support the increasingly strict punishments meted out to aggressive males.

BillJun 06 2004 10:08am
Strange isn't it that "emasculation" used to be thought of as a bad word and now I can see how it could be a really good word. The big drug companies did all they could to define feminity in strictly male terms. Just wait until those companies are run by women. There is an "emasculation pill" out there just waiting to be discovered and marketed as the next big thing in maintaining marital harmony. Female therapists will order it for the male of the couple in order to "cure" the tendencies that are disrupting the relationship.

Woman TherapistJun 06 2004 10:11am
I don't think males will be truly redundant in our lifetimes. But the evidence points to the diminishing of males into the future. Just knowing that males are doomed is enough to have an impact on society. Since it is being revealed that the y chromosome is deteriorating, and that it is possible to produce offspring without males, it is just a matter of time before the role of males in society becomes fully marginalized. It may take a few generations for the transformation to be complete, but we are witnessing the beginning of that change now. There have never been so many women in positions of power, and there will be more in the years to come. Women are flooding into the business world and have already conquered institutions of higher learning. Soon there will be no more 'men'....only males. Women and males.

xyJun 07 2004 7:11pm
Whoa, women and males. That thought boggles my mind. I kind of like it.

XXJun 07 2004 7:57pm
A Woman is always a Woman, but a man ain't nothin' but a male.

I am WOMANJun 09 2004 5:01pm
WE don't have to invent an "emasculation pill" because Mother Nature already created copulins--a woman's own natural hormone--to do just that.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 10:23am
And its work wonderfully for the last 3,000 years good job girls! Oh wait, you mean you needed to find out that your privates have-mind controlling powers before you could use them? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?

AnonymousJul 13 2004 7:56pm
Thanks yman for suggesting that without men females will get to live like microoganisms, reptiles and turkeys. That's an attractive future. Women need men to raise them up.

AnonymousSep 10 2004 12:20pm
Yes - men should raise Women up! Women belong on top and men should be supporting them getting there. The fact is that Nature has made the Female the primary biological form. It is possible that all species are evolving toward parthenogenesis. The male chromosome is unstable and there are a number of species that actually reproduce both sexually and asexually depending on environmental conditions. Things change over time. One of the things that is changing is that Women are realizing their true natural superiority. And the research that shows the natural instability of maleness clearly indicates the direction the power balance between the sexes is going. Even if it takes centuries, the tide of change is leading to Female power.

XyOct 01 2004 10:54am
If you even have to ask, the answer is obvious.

AnonymousOct 30 2004 10:59pm
Oh, Ms. Zerowoman, you're frightening me, please don't tell me my sex is redundant.... Oh, Ms. Zerowoman, you're frightening me, please don't tell me my sex is redundant.... Oh, Ms. Zerowoman, you're frightening me, please don't tell me my sex is redundant....

whyguysJan 29 2005 9:30pm
Does any one here who considers themselves intelligent believe that just because it's now possible for women to reproduce without men, that females will no longer desire male companionship?

A Man Who Loves WomenFeb 09 2005 1:20am
True,and it is also now possible to reproduce without women.Probaly they will do it without either sex in the future,so both sex may be redundant.Read the other day that the american army,is going to use more robot soldiers in the future,i guess they will be fairly basic,but deadly,and unlike men or women they will never retreat or give up.This could be the start,as the technology becomes more advanced,maybe both sexes will be done away with in both reproduction,and work.

hillFeb 21 2005 2:03pm
Even if it's possible to do away with biological reproduction, it is far easier to do away with the male. His contribution is trivial compared to that of the female and much easier to carry out artificially. So if society is headed for a future of robots and artificial reproduction, men will be the first thing to go. And once the population of males is reduced to a manageable level - say around 15% - women will be able to live in a peaceful world free of the disease of patriarchy. They may choose to keep creating a small percentage of high quality males to ensure that the species biological reproductive capacities remain intact.

femalefutureMar 07 2005 3:41pm
Man i hope you get shot or something,total f*cking dick,"And once the population of males is reduced to a manageable level - say around 15% " Well i guess its ok for women to commit a worse crime then hitler,or stalin then by changing nature,and in reality killing of millions of male babys,would love to meet up with you pal,smack your f*cked up head in for you.Any one who dares play god,will only reap the whirlwind of hell they have created for them selves,to me all radical feminists and there supporters,should be rounded up and locked up ,for the male hating poo they are.

jjMar 22 2005 3:13pm
go jj,this site is so full of weirdos,pretty creepy i am so out of here,truly believed it was a normal chat forum,not a male hating freak show. As a woman gotta say,i fear for the worlds future if somwe of the women on tyhis site ever gain real power,would fight tooth and nail to stop them with any normal sane person,who believes in equality and love of fellow human beings,instead of talking about castratiion,and reducing them by reproduction,guys go out side and get a normal life.

janetMar 22 2005 3:18pm
Janet, what's 'normal?' The whole point is that the 'norm' is changing. Normal used to mean 'woman in the kitchen' now it means Woman in the workforce soon to overtake males.

AnonymousApr 02 2006 2:03pm
Since women are so superior, let THEM fight the wars while us weak and stupid men stay home and enjoy life without women. Contrary to popular belief, us men can be very happy without sex. Being away from women helps us males to focus our minds and find true meaning. And save lots of money.

Kung Fu MasterApr 15 2006 10:17pm
Males will only be usefull if they serve their biological purpose that is to obey and work for women.

Big BrendaApr 28 2006 10:13pm

AnonymousJun 07 2006 12:58pm
Woman superior is good, but sometimes I like to bend her over and give it to her from behind. As far as population management goes, the fewer men there are, the more valuable we'll be!

AnonymousJul 25 2006 12:03am
Woman superior is good, but sometimes I like to bend her over and give it to her from behind. As far as population management goes, the fewer men there are, the more valuable we'll be!

AnonymousJul 25 2006 12:07am
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:57am
A world with out males sounds great right?! (wrong) i mean i personally think the fact of females being superior and dominating the world is awesome but hey we have too many lesbians now!!! so guys your valuable!

DominatorNov 30 2006 7:32am
oh yea to add to my "dominating" comment i believe that GOD created male and female for a reason and if GOD wants to take out males fine but its entirely up to GOD u dumbass!!!! and yea guys r Valuable!

DominatorNov 30 2006 7:35am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 10:28pm

#Feb 08 2007 12:04am
Will males go "extinct"? Women better hope not. Otherwise, who will do all the menial labor and drudgery in the coming female superior world?

2centsFeb 27 2007 2:07pm
2cent...They call them "ROBOTS" and in the future, just one will take the place of 20 men. A woman will place her order, and get it custom build, it will do anything her little heart desires, even it body temperature will be adjustable, if she cold she can make it will look and act the way she designed it. And she can programs at will to behave as she see fit. A few human men will be spared (about 500, not very good looking or that healthy) and keep in zoos to show the young ladys how bad it use to be. And why they had a be disposed of.

CrystalMar 04 2007 3:01pm
#045 Sun. 3/4/07

UpdateMar 04 2007 3:03pm
Crystal and the other little girls are female Hitlers, evil as the orginal himself. And Crystal has said it herself. Women never wanted sensitive, warm and caring males. They want ROBOTS to turn on and off whenever they please. Kind of like today's wife beater. "If you don't shut up, I'll..." You little girls, whoop it up, your just proving yourself to be worse than men ever could be. But, hey I guess that is men's faults, for letting you out of the kitchen, where you belong.

Rich IApr 01 2007 1:17pm
Women have betrayed men. You are the enemies. You have never done anything for us except cause us angst and grief. What a great thing it would be to be able to develop life on another planet and leave you behind. You are evil, but I know the first thing you broads would do is create a gigantic Nagaphone and point it to our new world, just so that we could never be happy, which is what women truly want, for men to unhappy and miserable. Because women are never truly happy unless they are bitching. And unredundant male is a great man, whether his spelling, or mine for that matter is correct. And women will never rule, the patriotic spirit of real men who do not wish to live under the thumbs of the feministnazi tyrants, will always cause them to rise above that and keep their freedoms from being taken away by Mother Satan and her feminist minions. Blow me enemy female!!!!

Rich IApr 01 2007 1:26pm
Rich 1, isn't it funny how your the only one who can find fault with what I can see happening in the future. You boys are going to have to get your act together, and see to it that your fellow (bad acting males) learn to behave themselves in our society, or eles in the future as we women get more power, and haveing had our fill of some of your kind (the males) harming our kids and our kind (the Females). It is said that (Evil prevail when "good men" do nothing). and you good old boys have been doing nothing for a long time, so now it look like GOOD WOMEN...will have to do something, and we're really going to be pissed off. And the longer we hold off the...worst it going to be for all of you. You now how we are when it come to spring cleaning? Well this will be the MOTHER of all CLEANING, and yes we'll going to get really carried away, but it will fell so good...we won't be able to stop ourselves. And after it's all over with, we're all going to fell so liberated, and good about ourselves, no one will want to go back to the way it use to be.

CrystalApr 02 2007 2:00pm
I have to agree with you Crystal, males are heading towards a bleak future under strict female rules. Men should keep silent and work hard whilst women enjoy organising their violence and male free futures.

Trained maleApr 03 2007 4:41pm
#0050 - (Wed.) 4/4/07

UpdateApr 03 2007 10:30pm
Crystal. You sound just like Adolf Hitler, which proves the point that women are just as bad as men. Moron Crystal is your name and trained male is already a lost cause. By the way, it is Rich I not Rich 1. I'll thank you to get it right. If you can't get that right, you can't get anything right. By the way, what you described sounds like something men would do, which proves another point, nothing would change. It would just be reversed, the way the liar's women movement planned it all along. WOMEN ARE EVIL.

Rich ISep 15 2007 9:10am
Yeah rich because men and there countless wars are such good people,the never ending deaths in the middle east from biblical times,shows you how men will continue to act,unless something stops us,we are gonna finish the world off if women dont take over,that or men stop fighting each other,over relgion,power,land etc,and that my mate aint gonna ever happen

travisOct 30 2007 6:21pm
"we are gonna finish the world off if women dont take over,that or men stop fighting each other,over" Yeah, Like good old Maggie Thatcher.

English liberalNov 25 2007 2:41am
How about genghis khan,caeser,alexander the great,stalin,vlad the implaer,tamurlane,napoleon,ivan the terrible,then you have,geff dahmer,ted bundy,fred shipman,albert fish,henry lucus need me to go on english liberal?,how ffs can maggie thatcher compare to any of them men?,she cant,look at history and you'll find a handful of female serial killers and leaders who have the blood on there hands likethe men i mentioned,and none of them can come close to there levels of killings and cruelty.

BillyBFeb 06 2008 3:19pm
Crystal, I do realize that unfortunately it is impossible, but I would really like to be Your slave (for, say, several months) to show You that in reality some of us, inferior males, cane be manageable, obedient, polite, docile and on the whole useful. To serve a strict and exacting Lady -- what can be better for a well-trained male of the future?

Nick NMar 27 2008 11:01pm
Um redundant ?. Exactly what is the point of being alive ?, are you suggesting that the point of existence is to live life with maximum efficiency ?. We exist because we do, so who has the right to decide when something is redundant ?, someone very arrogant and without the metaphorical "balls".

FNOLApr 12 2008 1:24am
To FNOL: Well, the fact is that such a big number of males is really unnecessary for reproduction (plus I heard about an experiment where not male sperm something like spinal liquid of another woman was used; but even if it won't work!), so choosing the best "stallions" for reproduction is a quite logical step. Compare it for example with rearing dogs: if you want to create or to keep a breed, you have to choose species, otherwise you will get only outbred mongrels. You can raise the objection: then Women must be selected as well? Well, if you don't want to make a Woman a child-producing machine (and I insist that you have no right to do this), then it's only males who should be selected. And it's quite easy, because any male (ot at least, the majority of us :) ) produces a huge quantity of semen. It's like one rooster for several hens, eh? And all other male chickens are used as the hostess decides. Most of them go to bouillon. As for us males, we can be used where heavy manual work must be done or to give pleasure to our Mistresses. Plus we are good in repairing different mechanisms and even inventing new ones.

Nick NApr 15 2008 4:01am
I think we are talking somewhat at cross purposes Nick N. Perhaps I was not clear enough or you have misinteprited my post. I am merely saying that nobody has the "natural" right to have control over another person or determine their "worth" ,no matter what gender , skin color , or any other factors. This basic degree of freedom is one of the few things that could justify a war !, which makes it serious indeed.

FNOLApr 18 2008 5:54am
To FNOL: I think that on the whole the abstract idea of freedom is quite attractive indeed, but in reality it mustn't contradict 1) one's neighbour's freedom; 2) cultural customs of the society; 3) society's need to at least survive, better to expand. The base and the main part of almost any society (except for... er... for example, Catholic monks) are Women because they are the only ones who can produce the next generation (and till human beings get immortality, it's surely the most important thing). So, it's we males who should be seleced to make the next generation some better. But it sounds well only in theory, in reality it resembles eugenics -- a horrible selection done by Hitlerite biologists. On the same time, it's well known that every poison in minute doses acts like a medicine. So, excluding sexual maniacs from the process of producing the next generation sounds for me quite reasonable. Maybe even all crimanals should be added to them (of course, it doesn't mean killing children they already have! but a kind of chemical castration for criminals and physical one for sexual maniacs sounds good for me).

Nick NMay 01 2008 12:20am
It all starts with the double standards. Girls can do alot to boys that boys can't do to girls. At school if a boy flips up a girls skirt, he has to stand in front of the class and strip to his briefs. But, a girl can pants him and everyone just laughs. In my school boys weren't allowed to beat girls or they got suspended. Girls could beat boys and "it served them right". So, boys learned to do the old 'cry and crawl'. If the teacher saw that, the boy wouldn't be punished. There were more girls than boys on my school bus, so on the last day of school the girls made all the boys 'streak' off the bus. The bus driver (a female) just laughed and took pictures...every year. Can you imagine if boys had done that to girls, they would have gone to jail. Now, it's considered a tradition.

Donny D.Nov 27 2008 7:01am
To Donny D: The rules and traditions you described are wonderful! (of course, they should be more FemDomic, but even what you describe is good in comparison with this vulgar equality!) Yes, we inferior males must be given practical lessons about Female Superiority since our childhood. The earlier the better. Yeah, I wish I had learnt in such a school! I bet in a couple of dozens of years boys will be publicly caned by senior girls! Or another pleasant variant: in the first form every Girl will receive one or two boys who will have to serve Her and She will have the right to punish him/them. This will be a really wonderful world...

Nick NDec 14 2008 10:59am
I do not condone the beating of children.However I saw only positive outcomes for such lovely traditions as happened on the school bus.The stripping of the male both physically and mentally is to be lauded.

Big BrendaDec 31 2008 9:49pm
Ms Big Brenda, it seems to me (though of course, like any stupid male i may be wrong) that if a boy has never be spanked till his 16 and then suddenly his Female authority tells him that "since today you'll be regularily spanked", then his Famale authority may have some problems with his obedience (especially if he is quite stubborn). So it seems to me that any male creature should be mildly spanked for his misdeeds in his childhood; in his adolescence the spankings must be some harsher and rules must be stricter to prepare him for adult life. And after getting married he must be a property of his Wife with strict rules, plenty of chores to do and regular maintanence beltings and harsh whippings for all his misdeeds. Of course, this is only a common scheme because any Woman makes Her own way to tame Her hubby and sons.

Nick NJan 03 2009 12:53am
Nick N I beleive very strongly that Womyn can lead males of all ages by force of personality alone without beating them.But beatings can help not just to releive a Womyns tension and anger but to educate and guide the male. The stubborn male will face sanctions from society.He will not get a Womyn as a sexual and life partner if he flouts normal behaviour in a Matriarchal society. There will also be back up systems should a male become recalcitrant and disobey his Mother or Wife or partner. There will be police,paramilitary forces and re education centres. Indeed it should be good practice for males of 16 and above to receive a maintenance spanking each day to let the male feel loved and secure within boundaries set by his custodians. If a boy sees males behaving properly at all ages and in all situations he will not want to stray from the path of good deeds. Most males are not as intelligent as Womyn but they are not stupid.However it is refreshing that you forgo your male ego and demonstrate your ability to take orders and accept your inferior status.

Big BrendaJan 28 2009 7:22pm
Nick N I beleive very strongly that Womyn can lead males of all ages by force of personality alone without beating them.But beatings can help not just to releive a Womyns tension and anger but to educate and guide the male. The stubborn male will face sanctions from society.He will not get a Womyn as a sexual and life partner if he flouts normal behaviour in a Matriarchal society. There will also be back up systems should a male become recalcitrant and disobey his Mother or Wife or partner. There will be police,paramilitary forces and re education centres. Indeed it should be good practice for males of 16 and above to receive a maintenance spanking each day to let the male feel loved and secure within boundaries set by his custodians. If a boy sees males behaving properly at all ages and in all situations he will not want to stray from the path of good deeds. Most males are not as intelligent as Womyn but they are not stupid.However it is refreshing that you forgo your male ego and demonstrate your ability to take orders and accept your inferior status.

Big BrendaJan 28 2009 7:24pm
Ms Big Brenda, thank You very much for Your detailed answer. Surely ALL my former male classmates should have gone to such re-education centres (ah, if they had existed!). It would've been quite useful for me, too. More, i don't know a male for whom it would be unuseful now! Thank You very much, Ms Big Brenda for your splendid idea.

Nick NMar 31 2009 10:02pm
Yes most males would need at least some re education no matter how advanced thinkers they were. If all teenage boys see that their peers and older boys and men knuckling under and obeying the superior sex then male violence would almost dissapear. You are a prime example of the sort of forward thinking males that would benefit from a strict regime in a Male re education centre.No male is perfect but you might be close to that if given strong enough training.

Big BrendaJun 07 2009 7:58pm
Ah, Crystal, (or should I say, a worthless lump of paste?)you are yet another example of moral bankruptcy who needs to have a new mouth carved.

an intelligent life formJul 25 2009 3:58pm
HEY!!!, Femalefuture!, what about the desease of matriarchy, idiot!

an intelligent life formJul 25 2009 4:18pm
You sound like a ranting idiot yourself. If you having nothing insightful to say I suggest you practice silence. I only allow my males to speak with permission. Maybe we should institute a similar rule on this board?

Goddess AmandaApr 14 2010 11:19am
The point that I am trying to make is that monosexual dominance, regardless of the face it may wear, is always doomed to eventually fail. This is because the longer X remains in charge, the more abusive of it's power X becomes. The more abusive of power X becomes, the more resentful Y becomes. It makes no difference wether X or Y Is on top, it's the power abuse of the dominants that engenders (no pun intended) ever growing resentment from the subordinates. This leads to ever louder demands for freedom, justice and equality from the subordinates of the dominants. As nobody likes to relinquish power, the dominants try every trick in the book to hold on to power, but the longer they hang in there, the stronger the equality drive becomes intill it starts to mutate into...THE DRIVE TO DOMINATE! And thus eventually leads to a "role reversal" that creates a new set of dominants, and a new set of subordinates. This is why monosexual dominance is one of, if not THE greatest sociocultural ills. And that, in a nutshell, is why Blatriarchy is untenable. Egalitarchy is our ONLY option.

an intelligent life formJun 08 2010 3:54pm
To ''an intelligent life form''. Its quite clear the ethos of these discussions is set to a theme of Female Superiority. Your constant posts against this paradigm are hard to fathom. Your a bit like a meat eater trying to convince a meeting of Vegetarians to eat a nice juicy steak! Noone is forcing you to accept the Female Supremacist philosophy. Nevertheless, your presence here is becoming rather tiresome and troll like. Not that I expect you to take the hint...

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 12:31pm
In short equality between the genders is a myth. Equalitarian propaganda has brainwashed Womyn and men of this for decades. Thankfully the veil is finally being lifted once and for all. Your historical and predictive analysis is laughable. Once Womyn assume their rightful place on top I can assure you We will ensure society remains in its restored natural order. If you look at human history the equalitarian regimes are a mere blip in time. There is nothing inevitable or natural about such a social order. The Goddess is returning like it or not!

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 12:43pm
That "blip" as you call it is that platinum era of Egality between the two flavours of monosexual dominance, it's such a shame that people tend to shoot themselves in the foot. You see, Amanda, that is what happens when we slip from Egality to Blatriarchy.

an intelligent life formAug 15 2010 4:58pm
Oh dear I fed our local troll. I have only myself to blame.

Goddess AmandaAug 16 2010 4:07pm
Oh very funny, Amanda!

an intelligent, mildly amused life formAug 17 2010 3:28pm
I dont write for the amusement of trolls.

Goddess AmandaSep 02 2010 1:37pm
I.AM.HUMAN!!! Has it sunk in yet?

an intelligent life formSep 02 2010 4:27pm
It just hit me. "Goddess" Amanda is a goddess worshiper! Another layer of the crazy onion reveals itself. Fascists have always invoked their favorite deity to justify their wickedness. Just who is this goddess, anyway, and when is she returning? I'd like to erect (no pun intended) a nice phallic welcoming structure for her.

PatSep 04 2010 10:55pm
HAHAHAAA! The crazy onion! CLASSIC!

an intelligent life formSep 07 2010 3:44pm
You two really are acting like childish idiots now. You have just worked out I follow a Goddess worshipping faith? After all this time? I would have thought most people would be embarrassed to admit they were so slow on the uptake. For the benefit of those with some open mindedness here I will explain. The Goddess is not a monotheistic deity. Rather the Goddess based faith is pantheistic. In other words the divine is immanent in all things: the trees, the sky, the water, the wind etc. All things are interconnected. We are not separate from the Goddess since we are all part of her.

Goddess AmandaSep 12 2010 9:46am
Really? That sounds like paganism to me, which is centred around a female deity. Yet just as you say, the divine is present in all things, which is animistic. Pantheism is a beleif system where there are many gods, but only one is worshipped.

an intelligent life formSep 12 2010 8:59pm

ASHESH GHOSEJan 28 2011 10:15am
You tell 'em, Ash!

am intelligent life formMay 31 2011 3:31pm
Barb initial comment was dead on...I know this poll was initially setup almost 7 years ago, but as I've come to this site I've begun to research many of the observations many of the women pointed to as facts about female superiority. You see I was a huge skeptic (actually, I didn't even give it enough credence to call it skepticism). What I've found is that there is even more evidence that not only is the male not required for reproduction, but that it is theoretically possible for the human female to do what can be found elsewhere in mammals and that is self-fertilzation, which always produces a YY female fertilized egg. Thus, maleness would be eliminated forever from the face of the earth. This does scare me, and I'm not sure if women really want this, even the most ardent Female Supremecists. I hope they tell me I'm wrong, but even in subordinate role, I believe there is place for males in a Matriarchal society, and would expect to be at least kept for stud purposes. Look, this is still highly theoretical, but it is scary stuff.

David2Jun 03 2011 9:12am
As sentient, sapient beings, men would against any attempt to erase them from existance.

an intelligent life formJun 03 2011 5:02pm
would fight against, is what i meant to say. apologies for the omission.

an intelligent life formJun 03 2011 5:04pm
In vitrio fertilization produces a lot of defective , retarded babies , cloning technology will also produce some retarded daughters of Feminazi women !

Ash -X9Mar 24 2012 2:33pm
@David2. Don't be afraid. I give you my ex-husband as an example. We married young and for a few years, we pretended equality, while I made most of the decisions. Then I got fed up with the game and told him I wanted to take control. We natually found a healthy balance. I put him in a chastity device and started sleeping with other men. He stayed home and never left the house, I had a successfull career and went out all the time. I would unlock him once a week or so when I felt like teasing him. He resisted at first, but after a few years of this, he was completely trained. We had 1 child together before I locked him up but after that he never orgasmed again...ever. I would let him watch me though with other men..sometimes. Then I found a lover that I stuck with, he moved in and I had my husband sleep in the floor next to my side of the bed. Several years passed like that. I had 2 more children, but from my lover. I got to where I just didn't unlock my husband because I wasn't interested in messing with him. Eventually, I divorced my husband and married my lover. My husband gave me away at the ceromony...which absolutely killed him because he is so desperately in love with me. My now ex-husband still lives in my house, but is little more than a maid. All my children, even the one that I had with my ex, call my new husband daddy. -----The reason I tell you not to worry is this. My ex-husband is still so very lucky. Because he is in the service of me. And he is in a way miserable. It still kills him to watch me f*ck my new husband and he really hates it when his birth daughter calls my new husband daddy and when she treats my ex like the maid. but on the otherhand he knows that he has a role in the happiness of the woman he is so in love devoted to. his pleasure comes from my pleasure. it really is a beautiful thing to submit deny yourself and obey. do you understand?

KristiJun 18 2012 2:21pm
Oh and don't run away with the idea that my new husband rules the house either. I've put him in chastity too. He hasn't came for 2 years now and I have no intention of letting him ever again. But I do like to include him when I'm having sex with other men. His tongue is a nice addition to my lovers' c*cks. But listen, you might think I'm unloving and cruel, the fact is...this is how men naturally should live.

KristiJun 18 2012 3:03pm
The point is David2, that whether or not men will become redundant is not important. All that really matters is that they serve us until they are no longer relevant or do not exist. If women continue and men do not, we will have lost nothing of real value. You would do well to accept that and be at peace with your role in life. Live a life of service like my ex. He has given up his life for me...a small token considering the source of his devotion.

KristiJun 19 2012 9:07am
"Kristi," I think you are a man indulging in fantasy.

A.I.G.Oct 27 2012 7:37am
Always funny to read those threads. By the way, one-sex-reproduction is much more manageable with males. Even artificial wombs are already created, and feminists going berserk that men might kill all women, lol. They are projecting their own fantasies (and those of the femdom freaks here). Yeah, well, long story short, male stem cells can be used to create sperm AND eggs, thanks to the fact that males have the x AND the y chromosome. So the retardation of clones will never be an issue. They could really make women extinct - and then resurrect them, just to their hearts content. Either double the x or leave it at xy. In the end, the female form is just a part of a male - Adam's rib.

spoiling the fapJan 14 2013 6:41pm
Speaking as a men just for myself, I wouldn't want to live in a world without women, and I think 99+% of men would agree with me. However, I like what you say about one-sex-reproduction being more manageable with males. I like the idea of radical feminists going berserk about this.

A. I. G.Jan 15 2013 11:44am
Correction: Speaking as a MAN, just for myself . .

A. I. G.Jan 18 2013 7:23am
It is clear that nature is gynocentric and at this point the human male is redundant.I fervently hope that our species moves towards reproduction via parthenogenesis as soon as possible. It will be a great day when men become extinct and humans become an all-female species. I'm male, by the way.

Ed GMar 26 2013 9:16pm
Ed G, why do you think it will be a great day when our sex becomes extinct (assuming that happens)?

A. I. G.Mar 28 2013 7:33am
I must say that a lot of the problems we have today are because of men. Because the father isn't there in the family. The math does not lie, fathers are NEEDED, yet in all that, there is nothing that says a Motherless home suffers in anyway. So the question "Are Males Redundant?" should be phrased Are MEN Redundant? and the answer is most definitely NO. ......Oh and side note, they have tried and failed to combine female ape eggs and the like. so if ALL males are wiped out the last thing on earth will be tree. not even frogs could survive as the food vanished.

AnonymousMar 18 2015 12:16pm

trollzMay 29 2015 8:15am
Hell Yes

sssss44444Dec 09 2016 6:03am

greatly-lizard-4Dec 09 2016 6:04am

tuggDec 09 2016 6:05am
In the future males will be the submissive gender. Females will be the dominant gender.

AnonymousJan 22 2017 10:24pm
I agree males are already being encouraged to remove body hair and make themselves subordinate.

JannetteJan 22 2017 10:25pm
Males are punished for evidence of aggression females are not-- in fac they are encouraged.

LucilleJan 22 2017 10:26pm
It won't' be long before women are using the tricks that worked on them for so long on males. Get ready for men in short skirts that must be carefully tended to.

AngelaJan 22 2017 10:28pm
I can't wait. I want men to be fussing over their stockings not thinking about domination!

LillyJan 22 2017 10:29pm
Perfect! Men in tights with delicate blouses and and tight foundation wear what could be better.

PattyJan 22 2017 10:30pm
Submissiveness in males will be written into law. Males will be neutered if they show aggression. If they are submissive they will be pulled farther into submission.

LucilleJan 22 2017 10:33pm
Chemical castration will be routine and I am glad for that. I like makes that are short, thin, pouty and and deeply submissive-- that is who I am!

AngelaJan 22 2017 10:34pm
I think that submissive males will need some pretty serious training on how to suck. They need to learn how to suck anything that are asked to suck. If a female says to a male suck this the male should respond "Yes ma'am."

JannetteJan 22 2017 10:37pm
I believe in pay backs! We should make submissive males suck and dress and serve and accept being penetrated and each time they do so without complaint we can say OK that repays a tiny bit of the debt that males owe to females. No mercy until the entire debt is repaid!!

LucilleJan 22 2017 10:39pm

tUJOiZMtobNov 28 7:20pm
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