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Is it itme for the man to take the woman's surname in marriage?

Question: Would you be comfortable (as a male) in taking your wife's surname in marriage? If you are a woman, would you be comfortable having the man take your last name? Would you be comfortable be ing Ms. and Mr. (Her First Name) (Her Last name) in the most formal sense? Do you think such an act, and it is happening now on a very irregular basis, will help foster matriarchy, announce to the world that the woman heads the family, and that the man is choosing to be the submissive, subordiante spouse?
Created by: Homebody at 01:18:23 PM, Wednesday, June 30, 2004 PDT


The time is ripe for such things! Let men now proclaim the leadership of women. Let the world know that women are the bosses and men are the submissive followers!

Mr. HerJun 30 2004 8:20pm

By all means, it is time. In fact, it is long overdue.

AnonymousJul 02 2004 6:57am
Since everyone knows who the mother is when a woman has a baby, and, the identity ofthe husband could be hidden or mistaken, I feel a family should be known by its matrineal line. It will help foster the coming matriarchy.

JeannaJul 02 2004 1:57pm
Since everyone knows who the mother is when a woman has a baby, and, the identity ofthe husband could be hidden or mistaken, I feel a family should be known by its matrineal line. It will help foster the coming matriarchy.

JeannaJul 02 2004 1:58pm
Since everyone knows who the mother is when a woman has a baby, and, the identity ofthe husband could be hidden or mistaken, I feel a family should be known by its matrineal line. It will help foster the coming matriarchy.

JeannaJul 02 2004 1:58pm
YES, YES, YES! It is time. Since women have had to take the man's name for centuries, it is only right and proper that men return the favor since women are holding a lot more power now.

Mr. Margaret Thatcher and Mr. Barbra Streisand and Mr. Marlo ThoJul 02 2004 7:57pm
I probably would still be married if things were this way.

AnonymousJul 03 2004 12:22am
I cannot wait until the time when it is more common than the woman taking the husband's name. It seems so right for any number of reasons.

Ms. Margie B.Jul 03 2004 11:04am
I have heard of some men doing this. Do any become Ms. and Mr.? Is the man really taking a subordinate role in the marriage by taking the woman's last name? I do hope this becomes more nad more common in today's world.

Mr. Her WannabeJul 04 2004 5:40am
After centuries the other way, why not have the option. Perhaps someday, it will be the only way!

A woman with a fiance who will take my nameJul 04 2004 9:03pm
Have you noticed that both men and women feel that this is correct. No one has voted against this idea. Why isn't more common then? It seems like a right and good thing to me.

MartinaJul 05 2004 6:28am
Yes, I have noticed. Women are truly taking over and demanding much of us. The future is female.

Mr. SandraJul 06 2004 6:06am
My son is 17 years old. He is a star student and also plays several varsity sports at school. Earlier this year, he asked me to check some of his homework and read an essay he had written. While I could have read it on his computer, he gave me a notebook and his hand written copy. The essay was extremely well written; I knew it was an "A" paper. I was so proud of him that I went thgouth some of his notes he had taken before writing the rough draft. I came upon about two pages where he had written his name and the name of his present girlfriend. He had written it using her last name always. For example: "Mr. Timothy Batson. Mr. Kendra Batson. Ms. and Mr. Kendra Batson. Dr. and Mr. Kendra Batson. Ms. and Mr. Kendra (Timothy) Batson. etc. etc. etc." I thought it was cute. When I returned his essay, I told him I had seen his name page and found it cute and very contempoary. It was then that he told me if he could, he would take the woman's surname in marriage; he wants to be the submissive husband to a career minded woman. I told him to "go for it." Times are changing, and, maybe for the better. I wish I had had that option. What respect my wife would have felt; we all know she heads the fmaily now anyway!

Mr. Mary LouiseJul 07 2004 4:14am
Thank you to whomever; this poll has been a godsend. I amm entering my second year of graduate school this fall, and am engaged to a young man who dropped out of college. We met as freshpersons; I was selected as an English tutor for several of the lower first English sections since I was not required ot take the first three English requirements. My fiance was the most handsome and kind boy in the class. After our sophomore year, he quit school to get a job. He has continued to take some classes and wants to get a "general education" degree. He has always been submissive and subordiante to me. I think it was very humbling for him to realize i made more during a summer internship than he made in a year. There will be no question as to the partner who will stay home and care for the house and future family once we are married. I was never going to take his name in marriage. We had talked about alternate ways, but, it never crossed our minds for him to take my surname. (Even when I did suggest this, it was more of a joke than a reality.) Now, it is a reality. It was great having this poll around so I could see that there are people who are thinking this in today's public. My future husband will gladly be Ms. and Mr. ME!!!

Ms. PetterwomanJul 08 2004 5:49am

Mr. AlbertaJul 08 2004 10:57pm
Yes, it is time for the husband to take the wife's name in marriage. People will finally know who the boss is, even though I would guess most already know. As Martha Stewart would say, "It is a good thing."

AnneJul 12 2004 4:39pm
I watched an interview with the interim Iraqi ambassador to the US and she said the only reason she took her husbands last name was so that she wouldn't offend western sensibilities. They actually moved to Washington long before she had an official position. Once she was named ambassador, she abandoned her husbands name and retook her own maiden name so as not to offend her own citizens (appearing to kowtow to the west). Until that interview, I wasn't aware that Arabic women don't take their husbands last name? Anyway, they're not known for their strong feminist views in that part of the world so last names really don't matter much. I'm in favour of keeping my surname and her keeping hers. Any children should take the mothers name.

iskoJul 14 2004 6:12pm
If you married a woman who was an ambassador, would you take her surname so there would be less confusion. If you keep your bachelor name, you may offend people because they will think you are not married. Just a thought!

Ms AnneJul 15 2004 11:03am
There are some very good arguments being presented here. As women take over in society, we may find more men having to take the woman's name. It will help identify to whom he belongs. It will also send a strong message to others about the person in charge. We should not fear female leadership. Sit back and enjoy it!

MartinJul 19 2004 2:56pm
I am ready because I am dating a woman who will be very famous some day. I will gladly take her name and bask in her glory as her appreciative and humble male servant. May SHE be all SHE can be.

Mr. AnneJul 22 2004 4:46pm
We need a new naming convention that will reflect the fact that women are taking over society, and that, as time goes on, men - like women - will be identified primarily by their marital status and, if married, by their wife. Borrowing heavily from Julia Manchester's story "Primacy," here is what I'd suggest: 1. Women. For women, it's easy. A woman would be known by the same first, middle, and last name for her whole life. Her name is preceded by the term "Ms." which is pronounced "miz". Thus a fictional "Ms. Janice Rebecca Simms" would always have the same name. 2. Men. For men, it's more complicated. An ummarried male would have a first, middle, and last name, and would be known as "mister" which is abbreviated "Msr.? When he marries, the man adopts his wife's surname, drops his middle name and replaces it with his old last name (aka his ?bachelor name). He also becomes known as "mizmate" (as in the mate of a Ms.) which is abbreviated "Msm" and pronounced "mizum." Thus, a man born as "Msr. Thomas William Holly" would be addressed as Msr. (pronounced ?mister?) Holly. If he marries the aforementioned Ms. Simms, he?ll become Msm. Thomas Holly Simms and will be addressed as mizum Simms. 3. Couples. Formal invitations are addressed as the opposite of today. Thus, an invitation to the unmarried couple would read "Ms. Janice R. Simms and Msr. Thomas W. Holly." After they are married it would read "Ms. and Msm. Janice R. Simms." A married man could also be addressed in his wife's name ? Thomas would be "Msm. Janice Simms." Informally, couples would be "Janice and Tom Simms" or "Ms. and Msm. Simms." 4. Children. Children are always given the mother's last name as their last name. If the parents are married, a child?s middle name can, but does not have to, be the father?s bachelor name. If unmarried, the father?s surname will not be in the baby?s name. Returning to our fictional couple, if the Simms are married it?s likely that their daughter will be named ?Ms. Janice Rebecca Simms, Jr.? Their son could be ?Msr. Daniel Holly Simms.? If the parents were unmarried, the daughter would have the same name, while the son would have a different middle name. Simple, huh?

Msm. T. KempJul 28 2004 11:49am
I would like to comment on Anne's remarks concerning Martha Stewart. The BITCH is going to jail because she did wrong!! Why quote a felon???

Rick IJul 31 2004 4:05am
But, is Martha Stewart going to jail because She is a Woman? The men are still being tried and will most likely go free. Society still fears powerful WOMEN. I loved what Msm. T Kemp had to say in his posting. As society becomes more matriarchal, men will have to adopt new ways and beknown by his wife's life. It is a good thing!

AnonymousAug 09 2004 7:18am
Yes, it is time. It was time a long time ago, and the women's movement should have taken the moment to bring about this important change. Now is as good a time as any!!!

AnonymousAug 20 2004 12:15pm
I would proudly be Mr. Martha Stewart. It might even be great to be Mr. Gloria Steinem, Mr. Condi Rice, or any other great and powerful woman. After all, Prince Phillip is Mr Windsor, not Mr. Mountbatten. It is the proper time for women to take their rightful place as head of the world!

AnonymousAug 27 2004 7:29am
Excuse me anonymous! Ever hear of Michael Milken. He did time for his crimes on wall street. I'm tired of hearing this idiotic excuse "She's a strong woman, that's why they are picking on her". What a load of crap. Women do wrong as well, and it is just this same tired crap that you are always yapping about. Martha Stewart is going to jail because she did wrong. As far as her being "picked on", she's going to jail for five months. FIVE MONTHS for her crimes. Which means she'll probably be out in two. As society becomes more matriarchal more women will commit more crimes and you'll still say that they are being picked on. Martha Stewart is a felon, she did the crime, and she'll do little time. What a bunch of wussies you supremacists are!! And at least I have the guts to put my name out there, not like most everyone else who seems to be related since they are all named Anonymous!!!

Rick IAug 29 2004 4:45am
The male establishment is afraid of strong women, so they feel obligated to make examples of them.

AnonymousAug 29 2004 9:25pm
Even if I concede to some of your arguments regarding Martha Stewart, I do think the time has come for men to seriously support women, taking the woman's surname in marriage, and doing the extras to support her career choices. We need to respect and honor powerful women.

AnonymousAug 31 2004 8:04pm
The above statement says a lot in terms of the correctness of a man taking the woman's surname in marriage. Do not fear strong women. Support them and show them the respect they are do. If that means I must grovel, beg, and kiss the woman's foot to gain her awareness of me, then so be it. How can that be wrong since it was done for long to women. And, I doubt I will ever have to do that much foot kissing because women are nicer and gentler. I just have to be aware of their superiority and make sure that I acknowledge it at all times, including when I marry and take her last name was my own.

AnonymousSep 01 2004 9:37am
I took my wife's name when we married, for practical reasons. She didn't want to change her name because she is well established in her career under her own name. But we wanted to have one family name, and for our children to have one name and not something hyphenated. when she suggested I take hers, it seemed funny, but after I thought about it for a while I thought, why not? I can't think of any reason against it, except sexist custom.

AnonymousSep 10 2004 12:16pm
Yes, the time is now! We men must discover who rules the world. If we want to regain the power, we will have to spend some time being subordinant to the women of the world. I saw a poster that said, "She who rocks the cradle, rules the world." If we are to regain any sense of power, there must be a time when men rock the cradle, are subordinant to their wives, and gladly take her name as proof that true matriarachy exists.

AnonymousSep 10 2004 3:39pm
I am engaged to a young woman who has asked me to consider taking her surname in marriage. She will not take mine because her name is deeply rooted int he colonial history of New England and is part of every American history text book ever written. I will do it because she is the kind of aggressive and demanding women I love. I want to know the particulars. If there is a man out there who did take his wife's surname in marriage, what problems did you encounter? What special hoops did you have to jump through to get this done? I have read a couple of stories where men were given toomuch grief. Banks would not change accounts. DMVs would not change driver licenses, etc. Does this really happen? Are there men out there who kept their "bachelor" name for professional reasons and were / are known by their wife's name as a family? Advice, please!

AnonymousSep 11 2004 6:48am
Yes, we did have some problems. The college from which I graduated did not want to change my records; I have been able to make substantial contributions. I told them it would be a shame if their request letters did not arrive at the proper address. The woman at the county office of records had no problem at all, but, the woman at the DMV "freaked out" and had to discuss it with her manager. Believe it or not, the library had a big problem with the request for a new card; I am a good customer for the library, and, I have never stolent a book. However, it was worth all the hassles when I consider the respect to my wife that went into taking her surname in marriage.

AnonymousSep 15 2004 5:34am
What did your parents have to say about your name change? How are you addressed in public?

AnonymousSep 15 2004 9:46am
I think it would be a recognition of the new status of women for men to take their wives' surname when they marry. A man taking his wife's name is telling the world that it's a new day and a man taking the subordinate or traditionally feminine role is nothing to be ashamed of. Instead it's something to be proud of. Women have had to give up their names in the past, and now it's only just and fair that men return the favor. Hopefully the time is coming when couples being addressed as "Ms. and Mr. Jane Doe" will be the norm.

Mr. CynthiaSep 21 2004 5:38am
Mr. Cynthia - You sound like a submissive and liberated man. Do you really address yourself as Mr. Cyhnthia? That is wonderful! What does your wife think of this? What is the reaction of her friends and family? Are you a slave to your wife? The day is coming when it will be Ms. and Mr., Dr. and Mr., and the family wil be Ms. and Mr. Jane Doe. It cannot happen quickly enough for me!!! Thanks for your observations!

AnonymousSep 21 2004 5:00pm
I am not Mr. Cynthia, but, I am Mr. Rosemarie. While I keep my bachelor name for some things, our family is totally female centered. That is the way it should be!!!

AnonymousSep 29 2004 8:11pm
All this time the woman was being "robbed of her identity" when she was forced to take the name of her intended husband, and yet it becomes a liberating experience when the man takes the woman's name (which only a complete wimp would do). What a bunch of pooheads!!

Rick IOct 05 2004 4:43pm
Rick, You are the one who is not seeing things correctly. It is a liberating experience for the man to take the wife's surname in marriage. It is also liberating for the woman to know that her husband will be under her direction. It takes more than a wimp to subnit to the strong power of a WOMAN! Perhaps we will oneday experience a male liberation movement because women have gone too far with their domination over men. However, it will not be for a long time. WOMEN need to experience their power, and their power over men!

AnonymousOct 05 2004 5:31pm
Rick - Why is a man a wimp because he takes his wife's name in marriage and acknowledges her leadership in the relationship? It takes a strong man to submit to a stronger woman. You may be the wimp!

AnonymousOct 08 2004 8:43pm
Two weeks ago, my boyfriend proposed to me. While he was down on his knees, I told him, "Yes. Bit, I will never take your last name. I am who I am, and, I want to keep my name. I also want my children to have my name." Two days later, he told me he wanted one name for our family; he was willing to take my name. I love the feeling of having him so whipped and submissive, but, he is no wimp. He is a handsome hunk of man, and, he belongs to me!

AnonymousOct 15 2004 4:53am
Hey Ms Anne...Most Ambassadors aren't high profile enough for anybody to know their name much less the name of the spouse. Nevertheless, keeping my own surname wouldn't bother many people but if I had to make a political decision and it was deemed less controversial for me to take her name then maybe I would. But I would probably change it back after her appointment was done. Don't know if you'll ever read my response, I haven't popped in here in quite a while

iskoOct 16 2004 10:31am
isko - You may be correct about ambassadors not being famous enough to make a great impact on society, but, if a man were to take his wife's surname and she were to be named an ambassador, I think there wuld be a lot of publicity. That man would have done a great service to women. And, I hope he owuld not give it up after her term. We need men who gladly take the wife's last name as sign that she heads the household!

AnonymousOct 17 2004 7:02pm
Just got back from a wedding where the bride kept her name. She is also insisting that any children be raised under her name. The groom said, "I guess I will have to become Mr. Her First Name - Her Surname if I want us to look like a family. You are so right, boy!

AnonymousNov 07 2004 8:40pm
I would love to meet a woman who would demand that I take her last name in marraige. It would certainly make clear to every person who "wore the pants" in the relatioship and who is boss! I gladly grovel in supplication at a woman's body to remind her that SHE IS A GODDESS worthy of praise and adoration.

AnonymousNov 20 2004 4:56pm
It is time and it is happening. Go for it WOMEN of the world. Force men to honor and respect us as we had to in the past. Our time has come. Now is the AGE OF WOMEN and WOMEN'S POWER!!!

AnonymousNov 24 2004 5:03pm
Is it itme? The time was a long time ago when the world was matriarchal. We are returning to a matriarchal world again and you men will have no choice. Do not worry. We love you. We want you. We need you to be submissive to us and servile.

AnonymousJan 14 2005 4:21am
I just read a newspaper story about a man who took the wife's name in marriage because he wanted one family name for the entire family. This is a wonderful example of love and honor for a person who deserves it. Good work!

AnonymousMar 18 2005 2:49pm
To the cowardly Anonymous who wrote that we love you, we want you. I'll be submissive with my foot in your butt. MSBs are the answer

Gloria SteinamJun 09 2005 7:20pm
This is happening more and more. THere are a lot of reasons why this is a good thing, but, I think it honors the woman in a very reall way because every one knows who the mother is. The father could be any one. The child should take the mother's name and the husband should be known by his wife's name. I also think the formal address should be Ms. and Mr. (Her First Name) (Her Last Name) on all documents. Long live the matriarchy.

Jon WomackAug 15 2005 4:19pm
The dumbest argument anyone can make for role reversal is the one that starts out with "For centuries, men have....". Being forty-five, I realize that I am middle-aged, but I can say with certainty that I am not responsible for what happened centuries ago and that I will not let people pronounce me guilty by association. I do have one question. Why is it that when women say they won't take a man's name because he has no right to ask her to give up her identity, but it is alright for a woman to ask or demand that a man give up his? What a load of crap this female supremacy horsepoo is.

RandySep 15 2005 11:25am
I would guess the man would have the same freedom to say "no", but, I am totally support the woman's right to ask him to do it. I even respect the woman who demands he do it. I have a lot of respect for the male who decides it is time for the man to take the woman's last name in marriag for any number of reasons, and, that includes celebrating the coming matriarchy where woman will rule and men will be treated like slaveboys. This is not fantasy. I see it happening.

JeannaSep 19 2005 7:39am
Governments should make it law that 50% of married men take their wives surname. It only seems fair that women should have the chance to keep their name as much as men. The initial impact of such a law could cause some humiliation to the men who have to take their wives names, however in the long run it is probably going to become the norm as I see more and more women leading relationships. Girls outperform boys in school and the workplace is becoming increasingly feminised. As such woman are likely to be the breadwinners in future so why shouldn't the man take his wife's name in marriage?

SteveAug 27 2006 12:57am
sounds like your to old to be on this sight but an answer to your problem, hell no bitch!

AnonymousSep 28 2006 3:21pm
When Mistress took me to City Hall to get a marriage license the first thing the clerk asked me was if I was going to take my future Wife's surname. Because we are an older couple and are not going to have children and because I have a career under my own name Wife thought it was inappropriate and She ordered me to keep my name while She kept Hers. However, if I was a 22 year old with a BA who was engaged to an established professional Woman I would do it in a minute.

obedient husbandMar 30 2007 4:31pm
This poll seems to have died, perhaps because everyone agrees with the premise. But how about this. In addition to requiring a male to take Her surname and be the subordinate spouse, should a Woman be entitled to legally practice polyandry and own more than one husband at the same time?

obedient husbandJul 20 2007 6:14pm
I am a die-hard feminist, but this whole poll makes me ashamed to be called so if it puts me in the ranks with you. The goal is NOT to make men submissive and dominate over them, not to have a ridiculous 50% law that takes affirmative action to a chilling extreme. Equality is the goal. Not domination. You are so busy fretting over centuries of mistreatment that you forget the right way to act now. We can't sink to the level of pompous 18th century bread-winners (male), this is the 21st century. Read over your comments, and imagine it's a male saying it instead, against woman. Offended? I should hope so. Get with it.

DisgruntledOct 27 2007 7:45pm
In 1976 I marched for the ERA. One of the reasons I did so was because I believed males should have the right to submit to strong Women without social condemnation. I am currently marital property to a Woman who exercises the same control that "18th Century males" exercised over their spouses. I obey Her orders and if occasionally She feels the need to cane me I bare my behind and accept it. On the other hand I have had friends where the woman elects to adopt an eighteenth century role as a subordinate to her male. People enter into these relationships voluntarily. In my wedding ceremony I was asked if I would vow to "love honor and obey" my Wife, and I was proud to take the oath. The problem with the 18th century or earlier centuries was that people were not give a choice, roles were imposed as a matter of social custom. If disgruntled chooses to NOT have a male slave, that is Her choice but She should not condemn Women who choose to keep slaves just as I respect people who join Taken in Hand or Promise Keepers or the Fundamentalist LDS Church. Feminism initally meant the freedom to alter pre-set gender roles, and it has unfortunately been hijacked by politically correct liberals. However, I agree that if Wife sold me to "disgruntled" I would have to behave in a manner consistent with HER views.

obedient husbandOct 28 2007 4:46pm
Today at the bank where I am secondary on my Wife's account I made a withdrawl and was addressed as Mr.(Her surname). It was exciting.

obedient husbandDec 20 2007 7:06pm
After all she will probably live longer, remarry, so why does she have to change her name, so many times.

KellieMar 29 2008 6:07am
Ms. Kellie, did you make your husband take your name?

obedient husbandMar 31 2008 6:36pm
You all suck

AnonymousApr 09 2008 10:56pm
Shouldn't Todd Palin have become Todd Heath?

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AnonymousDec 07 2008 6:20pm

AnonymousJan 24 2009 5:26pm
Semi-valid discussion topic turned into loser-festival by wankers.

AnonymousMay 04 2009 2:51pm
No, Todd Palin should not have become Todd Heath. That is againt the laws of nature. At all times.

PaulAug 18 2009 7:35am

AnonymousAug 18 2009 7:36am
As has been pointed out more then once. The reason females are "outperforming men" is because of a bias geared toward them and against males. Classes in public schools are deliberately taught in a way that girls learn best and boys do not. Further if the boys get antsy because they are ignored or taught wrongly, they get doped up with Ritalin. Women are promoted because the law requires it, not because they are "superior'. You see the propaganda on TV as well. You see on science shows that whenever they have someone talking about a scientific idea it's usually a women but if you look closely most of the time, that women is not a scientist or at least not the top scientist in that field, not even at that institution she represents. But they chose a less qualified woman to present the idea just so they can promote the false idea of "female superiority". This does not mean women aren't taking over in America, they most certainly are. But it has nothing to do with their being "superior" and everything to do with male bashing male hating political correctness. Now some women say they do not hate men they just want men to serve and obey them. Whites use to say that about Blacks in the South who they said were also "inferior" and also supposedly had plenty of "proof". If women do totally take over, we will become a backwards society with very little new technological development. We will have no new space development and you can forget about eventual colonization of the solar system and later the Galaxy becaise women is charge would only focus on their personal pleasures and how many orgasms their slaves will bring them to. Everything would only be about Gaia and "mother Earth" not scientific advancement. Also places like Europe with les sex and fewer children is bing overrun by the women hating Islamic radicals who will NEVER support any kind of female equality, let alone superiority.

Female, Fake SuperioritySep 04 2009 1:02am
When my wife and I married, we talked about it, but she was concerned about rocking the boat. I thought she had decided against it, but an hour before the wedding, the wedding party gathered, and my best man and my wife's maid of honor announced that we would settle it by flipping a coin. I called "tails" as my wife flipped the silver dollar. She caught it and quickly peeked in her cupped hand and announced, "I'm giving him my last name!" It was on our 5th anniversary when I finally thought to ask her why she did not show the coin flip result to anyone else to confirm it. She shocked me when she said she never even noticed the result. She told me that it did not matter which side it landed on. She said her mind was made up when I called "tails". She understood it as me wanting her to be "Heads" in our marriage.

Mr. <Her Name>May 16 2010 9:24am
I hope She beats your tail periodically just to remind you of your place.

obedient husbandMay 16 2010 2:43pm
Of course man must take his Wife's surname, and must obey and worship his Mistress.

KatJun 29 2010 7:41pm
Ugh!! This is what the feminist movement is all about. Its about destroying anything that is male. Its about destroying his existance socially, politically, economically, environmentally. Its about dehumanising the man into a worthless eunuch. For me, I am proud my wife has taken my surname and I deeply respect her for it. My children have my surname because they have my genes. It proves I am a Father not a sperm donor for anti-male phsycology. The Feminist movement is all about changing one form of chauvenism to another. Lets trash it like we did to the nazis, fascists and communists..

Proud MaleJul 29 2010 7:42am
This idea is just common sense. With relationships so fragile these days is it really sensible for brothers and sisters to have different surnames? As the old saying goes 'maternity is a baby, paternity is a maybe'. For those embracing a Female led relationship this makes even more sense. How strange that some males see this an an insult yet cannot perceive this similarly when Womyn assume their husbands name! What hypocrisy. Personally, if I entered into a legal partnership with a male I want to be able to rename him completely. I would therefore require him to assume a new first name of my choosing. I accept this is not for everyone. This would be accompanied with a solemn vow of obedience. As I see it as the way to go in future.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 1:42pm
Goddess Amanda do you consider your smarter and stronger than most males?

wpOct 03 2010 1:14pm
Obedient Husband was your wife to be asked the same question as you were"will you honor and obey""

wpOct 04 2010 11:20am
Of course not. How could we both obey each other? Our understanding was that in our marriage Wife would be entitled to absolute obedience at all times, complete submission to Her physical wims and could verbally or physically discipline me as She wished.

obedient husbandOct 14 2010 6:36pm
Here in India the woman has to take her husband's first name as her middle name as well as taking her husband's last name as her last name / title this is to let the world know she belongs to her husband ---so this has resulted in our President Mrs. Pratibha Devisingh Patil having her name printed above the Prime Minister's name in official function but her husband Devisingh Patil's name is printed prominently as her middle & last name implying she may be commander of the Armed Forces & all that but He is her commander !!! many educated girls feel embarassed & humiliated at taking their husband's first name as their middle name after marriage [BTW before marriage they have to take their father's first name as their middle name ]& many husbands sport erections at this public humiliation of their shrews/wives !!!

A.G.Feb 09 2011 1:30pm
Personally I wouldn't say a big "YES" but I wouldn't be against it. however as a male I would refuse to abandon my responsability as a head of a family. I wouldn't accept the humility of being a liability someone.

Dinoraptor101Mar 23 2011 6:25am
obedient husband--- Is there anything that your wife would have no right to do with you or order you to do? Is there any limit at all?

How obedient?May 01 2011 4:05pm
Goddess Amanda--- I have a similar question for you. Are there any limits at all to what you feel you have the right to do with any male you take in marriage to own as you slave husband? Would there be anything at all that he would have the slightest right to refuse to do for you or to go through if you decided you wanted him to?

How obedient?May 01 2011 4:09pm
obedient husband--- Is there anything that your wife would have no right to do with you or order you to do? Is there any limit at all?

How obedient?May 01 2011 4:10pm
In theory no. I gave myself to Her with no limitations. That being said She is not irrational and I do not expect to be ordered to do something to a third party who is not a part of our relationship. She can and has told me "don't hang out with X" which of course is different than ordering me to kill X. Subject to a reliance on Her rationality however, my marriage can be summed up by three rules: 1. Mistress is entitled to my absolute obedience at all times. 2. Mistress is entitled to use or discipline me physically in any manner She wishes at Her whim. 3. Any money or property I acquire belong to Mistress.

obedient husbandMay 05 2011 5:35pm
obedient husband--- In what you consider an ideal world, would there be any legal limits to what a woman could do to her male(s)? Would rationality matter if only her males were harmed by what they might think of as irrationality?

How obedient?May 29 2011 6:41am
Perhaps but they would be set by the Matriarchal Government not by the males. A male always has the option to disobey as long as he accepts Her punishment for the disobedience.

obedient husbandMay 29 2011 8:03pm

HAHSHSGAJun 14 2011 12:54pm
The term "MZ" is excellent for Females either married or unmarried. The hard 'Z' well denotes an aire of forcefullness, authority, strength and superiority. To impress upon the modern male that it is now he who shall accept the submissive ans secondary role once falsely forced upon the Female, I suggest the term for unwed males be 'missy', abbreviated "mssy". what a delightful soft sibilent title for the newly demasculinized inferior sex. When the darling little male is married, it shall then bbe referred to as 'missette' further feminizing his identity. Yes, sweetie, after marriage, all of you such as pretty little hahshsga above will answer to 'missette Woman's Name' as proper.

Ascendent FemaleAug 27 2011 9:16pm
obedient husband--- Two questions right now; First, If your wife decided to put you into some painful position and leave you there permanently so that you'd spend the rest of your life in pain (possibly even severe pain) and you were immobilized so that your muscles would atrophy to the point where they were destroyed and permanently ruined. Would you say she had ever right to that to you? I know you said she was rational and so I'm sue would not do anything like that but I am asking if she did decide to would you accept it as her absolute right? Second, if women in general were ruling the world and decided to allow any woman to do this to her males that she owned as her property and if they were forced to have no choice since they would be held there by force so they could not simply choose not to obey. Would you say the women had ever right to that to any or all of their males if they chose to?

How obedient?Nov 13 2011 4:27pm
Ascendent Female--- What would you do on a daily basis to your male slaves? What would you do to keep reminding them of your superiority and total control over them? What would a typical day in your life with your slave be like and what would a typical day in the life of one of your slaves be like for him? Would you enjoy humiliating him/them or using them as a toilet or as furniture or riding him like a horse? Would you be sensual or harsh or both, being one time sensual, and the other time, quite harsh? Would you enjoy it more if he suffered more?

How obedient?Nov 13 2011 4:36pm
Wife has the absolute right to do whatever She wishes with me for whatever reason. I do not have standing to comment on the rights other Women have or do not have over their males. It is up to those Women to determine that.

obedient husbandNov 18 2011 11:14am
obedient husband But in your opinion it would never ever and should never, be up to the males; No matter how horrible it might be for them, right?

How obedient?Nov 20 2011 10:16am
If a male takes a vow to love honor and obey then he should obey. If the male does not want to live up that then he should not take the vow.

obedient husbandNov 21 2011 3:24pm
I wonder if the salutations should be "Ms & Mss" since the woman is boss and her wife is a male! I would dearly love to be known as her wife!

gracegriebel@usfamily.netNov 29 2011 6:47pm
Interesting point. How would you pronounce it, Mizus?

obedient husbandDec 09 2011 5:21pm
You ask, "Is it itme for the man to take the woman's surname in marriage?" Yes of course it is, after all they are without doubt the superior sex.

faceunder1Mar 09 2012 8:09am
Absolute democracy would decree both take a hyphenated joint name

Ash9Apr 04 2012 12:06am
Would the children have both names meaning the grandchildren would have four names, the great grandchildren eight and so on?

obedient husbandApr 06 2012 7:53pm
OH they will have option to cut short certain surnames &keep the best two !! Gr-8 to hear from U ! How are your Friday spankings cummin'along ?? Bare fanny , bend over &take it "like a male primate "??

Ash-99Apr 09 2012 2:15pm
She gave me a good firm beating last week.

obedient husbandApr 13 2012 5:31pm
hell nah!

mike the rooookieJun 06 2013 1:50pm
by taking the woman's surname can they be addressed as "Ms&Mss" since the old Mr&Mrs used to mean the woman was "subordinate" to her husband.

gracegriebel@centurylink.netJun 20 2013 8:14am
So Your husband is Mss Grace Griebel? A Norweigan Woman whose name escapes me now did a story in the 70's with all roles reversed. Women were just called Woms, and males were Menwoms, sort of an inverse of the current words.

obedient husbandJun 21 2013 7:13pm
The Norweigan Woman was Gerd Brantenberg and the book was Egalia's Daughters. Husbands were called "housebounds".

obedient husbandJun 25 2013 6:06pm
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