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whats ur gender??? boy/girl??

Question: pick one... what are you... boy or girl...
Created by: joker20 at 09:56:23 PM, Sunday, September 12, 2004 PDT


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ONLiBSwkxZDec 21 2014 3:54am

This one David

Woman May 21 2016 2:20am

David. dMay 21 2016 2:30am
I asked you do you like to compare strength with other men? Like asking then to do a hard task for them?

David. dMay 21 2016 2:32am
Usually, I don't. I either wrestle beat and spank them, or compare with them in muscles only

Woman May 21 2016 2:34am
But hopefully, When we get married I'll start challenging men infront of you to do so

Woman May 21 2016 2:36am
You have any ideas how to challenge them?

David. dMay 21 2016 2:39am
I dream of having a big garden and see you moving heavy stuff under sun for gardening and watch your muscles

David. b.May 21 2016 2:40am
Maybe lifting couch, while I lift it with other men sitting on it. Maybe lift the car, as well.

Woman May 21 2016 2:41am
That's cool dream. I don't have a garden maybe we can do it on the beach. Is that alright??

Woman May 21 2016 2:42am
What can you do on the beach my beautiful wife

David. b.May 21 2016 2:43am
I have dreams about you eating from my breast, and washing my underwear?

Woman May 21 2016 2:44am
Lift you over my shoulder/ lifting the bench while men are sitting in it/ do push-ups while men laying on my back/

Woman May 21 2016 2:46am
Have you ever tried this things before?

David. b.May 21 2016 2:48am
Ya, sure definitely many times. Have you tried to wash underwears ir lick her toes before?

Woman May 21 2016 2:50am
Lock no wash yes? How can you do push ups with someone sitting on you

David. b.May 21 2016 2:53am
Have you washed women's underwear before? I lay down and a man lay on my back then I start doing push-ups

Woman May 21 2016 2:55am
Yes of course i do lot of stuff home I'm a modern man i know what to do at home! Can you do many push ups?

David. b.May 21 2016 2:56am
Cool because you'll be house husband. Yes up to 100

Woman May 21 2016 2:59am
Up to 100 consecutive with a person lying on you? !!!

David. b.May 21 2016 3:00am
Yes, because if i'm alone, i can do 250

Woman May 21 2016 3:04am
I can't do 15 alone omg

David. b.May 21 2016 3:05am
Hahaha, you're kidding, rught? 15!!!! I think i can put 2 men over me and do at least 30 seriously

Woman May 21 2016 3:07am
I have a question its bit weird: Do you think I can breastfeeded you in public. Lol

Woman May 21 2016 3:08am
Two men like me? I don't think law allows you

David. b.May 21 2016 3:16am
Plus i read now about you lifting a car what you mean?

David. b.May 21 2016 3:19am
Yes two men. I can lift the car, so I can challenge men to see who can lift for longer period. What is not allowed by law??

Woman May 21 2016 3:20am
I can't even lift. ..For how long can you lift it? Have you ever tried?

David. b.May 21 2016 3:23am
My big car the hammer, i lift it for 7 min, and dragged it for 200 meters. What is the not allowed in law

Woman May 21 2016 3:24am
Isn't allowed by law for an adult man to suck woman boobs in pubblic

David. b.May 21 2016 3:25am
Really!!! Maybe, but let's say we're in a Friend house, would you let me breastfeeded you in public?

Woman May 21 2016 3:28am
But that's so frustrating i was really aiming to breastfeeded you in the beach. Stupid laws

Woman May 21 2016 3:29am
Maybe on the night when nobody's around you can breastfeed me in the beach

David. b.May 21 2016 3:31am
No I want to show everyone how much I love my baby husband. But we'll do infront friends right?

Woman May 21 2016 3:32am
Why you needed to lift the car? And drag it?

David. b.May 21 2016 3:33am
I can't choose my muscle wife of course in front of your friend

David. b.May 21 2016 3:33am
To test my strength and make my husband poo on his panys from the fear. Hahaha

Woman May 21 2016 3:34am
But hammer i can't even move it pushing and two like me can't lift one cm!

David. b.May 21 2016 3:35am
Wow, it's going to be amazing put you on my lap like children then taking off my bra, and you'll be looking at me with so happiness waiting for your breast. And then I'll give you my breast so you can enjoy it as you want

Woman May 21 2016 3:36am
Hahaha, really you think 3 men can't even move it. That means I'm stronger than 5 men like you. Wow I love it. I must be a real hulk. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman May 21 2016 3:37am
I want for hours being protected by a huge wall of enormous muscles and soft huge titts

David. b.May 21 2016 3:38am
I just wonder how can you lift that massive truck and for sooo long!!!

David. b.May 21 2016 3:38am
Really baby so you like being sure by my tits while I'm breastfeeding you. Maybe I can take you with me to wirk, so I know you're safe. My baby husband

Woman May 21 2016 3:40am
Actually it depends on your leg muscles and mine are so big and powerful

Woman May 21 2016 3:41am
Yes but also back shoulders and arms all must be strong

David. b.May 21 2016 3:43am
If you want I'll put you in the car and drag you. My lovely baby husband

Woman May 21 2016 3:43am
What do you mean

David. b.May 21 2016 3:45am
I'm so excited about the fact that you love being surrounded by my tits all the tine. I love it when man head is between my tits and sucking my tits

Woman May 21 2016 3:45am
I mean you'll inside the hammer and I'll drag it dor 200 meters what do u think?

Woman May 21 2016 3:46am
That will be heavier! !

David. b.May 21 2016 3:56am
No not as long I have the energy of loving wife and mum. You can't imagine how strong I become when I have the feeling that I have a baby

Woman May 21 2016 3:57am
Hey baby, is everything is alright?? Tell mummy if you have problems.

Woman May 21 2016 4:02am
I'm so excited I'm sorry i cum in my pants thinking about your strength

David. b.May 21 2016 4:14am
Hahaha, that's alright you cum so fast. Hope I was there. So is it my strength or boobs what makes you cum. Baby

Woman May 21 2016 4:17am
Both together

David. b.May 21 2016 4:18am
I want to be there to see your my baby- husband small dick.

Woman May 21 2016 4:18am
So do you want to keep talking or you can't take it more?

Woman May 21 2016 4:19am
I want more and more! Describe me the couch lifted

David. b.May 21 2016 4:20am
Okay baby husband. I can challenge men: that I'll lift a couch while my baby husband sitting on it, double the time, two can lift it, without anyone sitting on it. How's this one

Woman May 21 2016 4:23am
Can you please hold me overhead and tease me until i cum so high in the air? That would be a dream!

David. b.May 21 2016 4:23am
You tell me more how you imagine yourself being breastfeeded by me. Infront of other does this make you excited? Horney? What is your will be

Woman May 21 2016 4:24am
Omg have you ever did this challenges?

David. b.May 21 2016 4:25am
Yes absolutely sure. I can hold you and then go to the mirror and keep flexing for you, and tease you until you cum, and then threw you in the bath

Woman May 21 2016 4:25am
It'll make me feel shy small protected and weak

David. b.May 21 2016 4:25am
Yes I did it. And my husband was sitting in the couch. After I won i beat and humilited the other 2 men

Woman May 21 2016 4:26am
Can you push me up and down while you are in front of the mirror? What do you mean thow me in the bath

David. b.May 21 2016 4:27am
Good I love it when I make men feel like that. I'm seriously thinking about taking you with me to the office? So you can stay protected all the time

Woman May 21 2016 4:28am
How many times the guys lifted and how many you?

David. b.May 21 2016 4:28am
Yes, i can keep pushing you up until you're dizzy. You'll ejacuted so you need to clean yourself

Woman May 21 2016 4:28am
How can you bring me to your office?

David. b.May 21 2016 4:29am
I lifted the couch for 20 min. Both of them for 5 it's a big couch

Woman May 21 2016 4:29am
20 min your husband was in the air sit in the couch? !

David. b.May 21 2016 4:31am
I don't want to keep you alone in my house. I'm the boss so I can do what ever I want. I can enter the office lifting you, and then breastfeeded while I'm working on mu computer

Woman May 21 2016 4:31am
Yes he was dizzy and begged me to stop

Woman May 21 2016 4:31am
So you were not tired after 20 min? What was the face of the other two waek men?

David. b.May 21 2016 4:33am
So you can keep me in front of the mirror lifting upand ddown until i cum is easy weight for you? ! Than still holding me throw me in the bath wow! Couch lifting is crazy aswell

David. b.May 21 2016 4:34am
They were so shocked. Plus before the challenge i put an oil on my body, so my muscles and tits look already bigger the 3 men were terrified by me

Woman May 21 2016 4:35am
Plus if you breastfeed me in your office i can't suck for 5 hours continuously

David. b.May 21 2016 4:35am
Yes, I can I told when I have a baby husband I have crazy extra. The more baby stuff you did the more power and energy I have

Woman May 21 2016 4:36am
What was the attitude of your husband while he was up there? Can he lift the couch?

David. b.May 21 2016 4:37am
Why, you can. You're my baby and no one can talk to you about it. I can take you to my meetings and every where. Just keep you safe between my tits

Woman May 21 2016 4:37am
You are a bull compared to a child i just want to lick your hard muscles and put oil on you

David. b.May 21 2016 4:38am
Hahaha, my husband can hardly move it for 1 cm. You know my husband fear me to the point so he couldn't have erection anymore

Woman May 21 2016 4:38am
Thank you my baby husband. You can put oil on me everyday if you like that

Woman May 21 2016 4:39am
Yes but i can't suck for so long my tongue would hurt after a wile and if you have milk i would be too full

David. b.May 21 2016 4:39am
Please ask him to move the couch. .. than lift your husband in one arm and move the couch with the other just smiling at him to show how easy is for you

David. b.May 21 2016 4:41am
Hahaha, okay no problem. So you can just sit on my lap, and your head between my tits, until I finish work. So you'll be safe all the time baby husband. Do u like that

Woman May 21 2016 4:41am
I'll I'm not home now. Tomorrow I'll do it. I wish to find other man when I come back

Woman May 21 2016 4:43am
I can fell asleep if I have so big pillows and huge arms protect me

David. b.May 21 2016 4:43am
You are a dream hulk women

David. b.May 21 2016 4:44am
Yes, sure I love to see you sleeping between my arms. Everyone will ask me who's that I'll say my lovely baby husband. I'll beat everyone so they don't disturb you while you're sleeping

Woman May 21 2016 4:45am
You're my dream submissive weak husband

Woman May 21 2016 4:46am
Lift something for me now and describe it

David. b.May 21 2016 4:47am
Okay I'm in a hotel now, I'm sitting there wearing nothing except a string. I'm lifting the double bed with 1 arm while texting you with the other one

Woman May 21 2016 4:49am
Tell how do you imagine my tits will be? And my feet when you'll lick it??

Woman May 21 2016 4:50am
Is it heavy? I just tried single bed with one arm I can't lift it, I imagine your breasth to be huge soft nice smell and huge nipples

David. b.May 21 2016 4:55am
No it's not heavy at all. Don't try to lift anything you're so weak to do so. When I marry I'll lift everything for you. Are you excited to suck my tits

Woman May 21 2016 5:02am
About my feet how do you feel about going on the floor and kissing and licking them every time I come

Woman May 21 2016 5:03am
You'll lift all for me? Such as? Of course they excited me!

David. b.May 21 2016 5:04am
Everything you aren't allowed to do any physical thing. I have the feeling that u might start sucking it on the wedding. Lol

Woman May 21 2016 5:05am
What if I have my shoes under my bed how can I reach them?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:06am
No, I get to you. You're a baby so you shouldn't do anything. I'm thinking about making you wear dippers. :))

Woman May 21 2016 5:08am
How can you get for me you're too big of muscles to get under the bed my muscle wife

David. b.May 21 2016 5:11am
Don't worry, I lift it, and then pull it. As i said baby husbands aren't allowed to do anything thing, except licking kissing sucking their mother wife

Woman May 21 2016 5:14am
I would feel soo weak i should increase my gim!

David. b.May 21 2016 5:16am
Are you having fun lifting your bed? Too busy pumping your arm to reply?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:18am
No, you should quit gym. Your mummy will protect you, feed you, work for you, you'll live at my house. You'll be a real baby, who i play with when I'm home

Woman May 21 2016 5:19am
No I have fun if there's other men with me. I can't wait until I lift the bed and you laying on it

Woman May 21 2016 5:20am
Can you? !!

David. b.May 21 2016 5:21am
Hahaha, sure I can I can lift and drag a car. Do you think a bed will be hard on me??! I can keep you lifted 24 hours

Woman May 21 2016 5:23am
But the side of the bed u mean?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:24am
I still can't belive how strong can someone need to be to lift off the terrain a hummrs side!

David. b.May 21 2016 5:26am
The side, and the bed itself above my head. Why you don't get it? Baby I'm in mum mood so I'm insanely strong πŸ’ͺ🏻

Woman May 21 2016 5:26am
This someone should be your mum wife. Lifting weights for 16 years everyday

Woman May 21 2016 5:27am
A single bed overhead omg for you to lift me is a joke for you!

David. b.May 21 2016 5:32am
Yes, actually it's only a bed no big deal. You know I take you with me to the gym, put you in my back while I work out

Woman May 21 2016 5:34am
You work out a lot?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:36am
Everyday, never missed a day in the last 16 years. Workout, swimming, wrestling or boxing training everyday

Woman May 21 2016 5:37am
Can I try to lift with you your weights my muscle wife mum?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:38am
No, that's not allowed. You might hurt yourself. Plus male babies don't need any kind of power. Just watch your mum to fear her more. You'll have fun I workout in my building so I workout topless. I think you'll like that

Woman May 21 2016 5:41am
I don't really think i can move any of these weights

David. b.May 21 2016 5:43am
Exactly, you'll be amazed with my weights, and you can see from close how my muscles pop out

Woman May 21 2016 5:45am
They grow more than now when pumped?

David. b.May 21 2016 5:47am
You can start licking them. This is men job at the gym kissing and licking women muscles do you agree

Woman May 21 2016 5:49am
Oh yes please i want to if it doesn't disturb you

David. b.May 21 2016 5:51am
No it's not. I can put a rope around your neck so you can keep licking my legs muscles while I'm walking in the gym. Like the idea

Woman May 21 2016 5:53am
I don't understand

David. b.May 21 2016 6:00am
Have you ever been too drunk in a party and didn'tcontrol your sstrength somehow? Like lifting strangers or spanking for fun etc?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:01am
I mean, while I work out you'll be on my back licking my back and arms muscles. While I'm walking you'll be crawling behind me kissing licking my feet and legs muscles.

Woman May 21 2016 6:02am
But I'm ashamed in front of other people's

David. b.May 21 2016 6:04am
Yes, it happened once last year. I beated a man and then lifted him took off his underwear and start spanking with my shoes. The good thing he wasn't absolutely stranger, he was a relative.

Woman May 21 2016 6:04am
Ashamed of what??

Woman May 21 2016 6:05am
Who was him? Why did you spank him,?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:06am
Ashamed walking on my knees following you in the gym surrounded by other people

David. b.May 21 2016 6:06am
I don't know i was too drunk. They told i just attacked him. He was a far cousin of my husband

Woman May 21 2016 6:07am
No nothing to be ashamed off. First it's not a busy gym. Second most of the men there did ut for me before. Third you're not allowed to reject my order understand

Woman May 21 2016 6:08am
He was without underwear and got spanked? Was he crying? Someone tried to stop you?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:08am
What happens when someone refuses to obey you?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:09am
Yes they stopped eventually, but it was too late for him. As I remember 7 men were able just to make me stop. He was so scared so yes he cried

Woman May 21 2016 6:10am
I think you are funny drunk! You'll be cheerful show in off publicly

David. b.May 21 2016 6:11am
First spanked infront your family and friends. Second you'll be walking line this every where for a month. Third all men would be allowed to do anything with me unless you. Fourth I'll wrestle you until break your rips

Woman May 21 2016 6:12am
Hahaha, ya I'm but I'm too busy at work so i don't have lots of time to drink

Woman May 21 2016 6:13am
Wow that's a hard punishment for disobeying once!

David. b.May 21 2016 6:13am
Please let go out for drink often, we can go some pub than you can lift me with my chair if you spot any better table; )

David. b.May 21 2016 6:14am
So be careful and you're a cute weak man. It might be so hard on you

Woman May 21 2016 6:15am
Yes sure baby. I would love to do that. But my men are only allowed to have 1 drink because can't take it more. Okay I'll be drunk not you

Woman May 21 2016 6:16am
I will obey i don't want to be broken by you I'm too weak

David. b.May 21 2016 6:17am
Good baby I really live you. So prepare to walk behind me as dogs do, Kissing and licking my feet. I love men when they do that

Woman May 21 2016 6:18am
I can drink cola no problem; ) but pub will see a huge women moving a chair around the pub it's quite a show

David. b.May 21 2016 6:18am
Good baby. Babies don't drink. I know I'll be on the news next day

Woman May 21 2016 6:20am
Me too a hahaha but let me down soon don't walk too much around ehrh

David. b.May 21 2016 6:22am
I don't I'll be drunk. I might lift another man with you.

Woman May 21 2016 6:24am
I'm thinking if you had a smaller car you can joke Wit your husband and before he leaves for work you lift his rear of the car just a bit so his weels will not touch the ground so he can't move; )

David. b.May 21 2016 6:24am
What do you mean you don't

David. b.May 21 2016 6:25am
I told my husband now, I'm getting a new baby- husband. He didn't like the idea another time can u believe that

Woman May 21 2016 6:25am
Hahaha, good idea, just one my husband isn't allowed to work or to drive

Woman May 21 2016 6:26am
What do he do all day than

David. b.May 21 2016 6:27am
I mean I don't know what will happen

Woman May 21 2016 6:28am
House husband. Clean the house/ cook/ do the laundry... Same rules apply to you.

Woman May 21 2016 6:29am
I thought you wouldn't put me down and actually bring up in the chair one other guy

David. b.May 21 2016 6:29am
Your husband could start to do push ups on free time to catch up with you

David. b.May 21 2016 6:30am
I think I'll keep you up for a long time, with another guy, so you xan chat with him. Hahaha

Woman May 21 2016 6:30am
This would be scary and embarrassing and sexy, can I squeeze your arms while you keep me and chair up?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:31am
No I have cameras in the house. I know everything about any man in my house

Woman May 21 2016 6:31am
So he can't?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:32am
Yes sure I'm really happy you find it sexy.

Woman May 21 2016 6:32am
No he can't any man inside my house isn't allowed to train. Muscles for women not men. But don't worry you'll go with me to work so you won't be bored

Woman May 21 2016 6:33am
But i go gym with you than work with you my leg muscles will get smaller because I'll not walk anymore

David. b.May 21 2016 6:39am
You after 3 months of our marriage you'll become so sexy, thinner, weaker. Because your main food will be only milk, and you won't do physical actions, you'll look so sexy

Woman May 21 2016 6:40am
Plus i think you can do more push ups with me and your husband on your back than me and him together with no weight at all

David. b.May 21 2016 6:41am
Yes smaller muscles on man sexsyer he is. I don't want to you to do anything. This is why I'm taking you with to the office just sleep and breastfeeded and feeling safe on my lap

Woman May 21 2016 6:42am
Yes, you're right. But you'll look so nice you and my husband on my back while I do push-ups

Woman May 21 2016 6:44am
I will end with 10 inches less in all muscles

David. b.May 21 2016 6:44am
Perfect size I love it

Woman May 21 2016 6:44am
You'll like to compare every morning?

David. b.May 21 2016 6:52am
Absolutely, seevI got to go now. Talk to you at night

Woman May 21 2016 6:54am
Please don't forget me

David. b.May 21 2016 6:56am
You forgot me

David. b.May 21 2016 1:58pm
No baby I can never forget about you. I'm thinking about you all the time and how I'm going to breastfeeded you. But you know mummy got to work

Woman May 21 2016 6:31pm
Hey, baby text first thing you do in the morning, so I can give you my tits as a breakfast

Woman May 21 2016 7:07pm
Good morning my strong couch lifter

David. dMay 21 2016 10:44pm
Haha, good morning to weakest submissive husband ever

Woman May 21 2016 11:16pm
Hey I'm not weakest ever! I'm a strong guy

David. dMay 21 2016 11:21pm
So have you tried something with your husband? I wish to see him struggling to do something you can do easy

David. b.May 21 2016 11:22pm
And of course I wish to suck my breakfast from you! There would be a lot!

David. b.May 21 2016 11:27pm
Hahaha, a strong guy!!!! Okay as you wish my baby for me you're so so weak. That even two of toes lift more than you. I just came home he is now kissing and massaging my feet, when he finishes I'll order him to do anything you want. I was so frustrated because he was alone at home, no other man with him :((

Woman May 21 2016 11:28pm
Well for normal people I'm above average

David. b.May 21 2016 11:30pm
Ohhh, I wish. It would be so perfect you're sitting with me at the bed, sucking my tits, wearing your underwear only, or naked. While my husband sucking my toes

Woman May 21 2016 11:30pm
Can you help me with some ideas for your husband?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:30pm
What if while I suck I get too excited?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:31pm
Honey, you're so weak and this is a complement. For my I can crush you under my feet whenever I want as small useless stuff

Woman May 21 2016 11:32pm
Okay you can get too excited, I want to see your dick so excited. Wish it's so small. Actually about my husband I want to spank him first

Woman May 21 2016 11:33pm
What's the feeling knowing you are absolutely totalling stronger than your husband or me many times?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:34pm
Yes but having to suck such big titts i risk to cum, will you be upset?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:35pm
Why do you want to spank him?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:35pm
I love the feeling, it makes wet and excited most of the time. Also it makes so protected towards men, I just wanna have 3 men for example hugging them so strong so I can hear them screaming

Woman May 21 2016 11:36pm
3men together hugged same time? ! Can you hug and lift all together?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:37pm
Okay, you can cum. You have to clean later. Actually I want see you in that position hope you have small dick. For 2 reasons first i was upset because he's along at home no other man to have fun with. The second he was criticising me again when I told him about you baby

Woman May 21 2016 11:38pm
Are you already in the mood for lifting stuff? I was thinking when you flex you risk to break your clothes?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:39pm
Yes I think I can, but they'll be smashed between my boobs and arms, but It'll be amazing. I love body contact especially if we're all naked or topless

Woman May 21 2016 11:40pm
Don't worry about the clothes I'm not wearing any. But as I told you wait until he finishes from worshipping my feet it's gonna take while.

Woman May 21 2016 11:42pm
I would feel so fragile if I get lifted by you and hugged together with other two guys

David. b.May 21 2016 11:42pm
Well to work you wear something how can a shirt contains that muscle mass

David. b.May 21 2016 11:42pm
Why?? I would love to see baby- husband between my arms and boobs

Woman May 21 2016 11:43pm
How much does your husband weight? You are 105 correct?

David. b.May 21 2016 11:43pm
Well I would love to be between your arm and boobs as well but lifted and with other 2guys means you will have 6th flying off the ground

David. b.May 21 2016 11:45pm
All my shirts are without any sleeves. And I only wear shorts so nothing cover my thighs, the only I basically cover when I'm at work boobs, pussy, ass, and belly. Immediately when I come I took everything off, even if there're a lot of people at home

Woman May 21 2016 11:46pm
My husband is 68 kg. what do you mean the 6 flying of the ground??

Woman May 21 2016 11:47pm
You don't mind that your wife is naked most of the time, infront other people and family members. Right??

Woman May 21 2016 11:50pm
6feets of 3guys

David. b.May 21 2016 11:50pm
No i don't mind because my wife body is far superior to everyone in the house

David. b.May 21 2016 11:51pm
Okay I got it. It's amazing I've done it before, men were struggling while I was enjoying it.

Woman May 21 2016 11:52pm
Good Ideas, weak submissive husband. Plus when I'll change others for you, it'll be better to see me naked. Right? I love you and your ideas

Woman May 21 2016 11:53pm
What I'm really looking forward to is to breastfeeded you infront others. I'm so excited about it. Maybe I can breastfeeded while I arm wrestle other men to humiliate them

Woman May 21 2016 11:56pm
How you think you van do it

David. b.May 21 2016 11:58pm
Your husband is so light that you can train single arm with his weight!

David. b.May 22 2016 12:01am
Well first the arm wrestling should be on a table not on the floor. I'll put you on my lap, and put one of my hands behind your head to help you keep your head up. Of course I'll be topless, so all what I have to do is place my tit in a place where you can suck it. Mostly the other man will be using two arms, of course I'll be able to smash his hand, but I won't I'll tease him at first so my baby- husband will enjoy it, then I'll wrestle him slowly so my baby/ husband won't be terrified from the loud voice. Did you like the idea??

Woman May 22 2016 12:04am
Ya I know i lift more than his weight in one arm. How much do you weight?

Woman May 22 2016 12:05am
Of course I love to see my wife naked body but you have to flex often

David. b.May 22 2016 12:06am
I weight 75, and the idea of arm wrestling is amazing, please describe it

David. b.May 22 2016 12:08am
As long as you help me to bring many new men, I'll flex to you whenever I want. I think you'll enjoy it a lot watching your wife wrestling and beating others naked.

Woman May 22 2016 12:08am
Of course i would enjoy seeing your huge muscles smashing smaller man

David. b.May 22 2016 12:09am
So you lifted 3 guys with hug already?

David. b.May 22 2016 12:11am
I also can use your weight as single hand training. Good so if I have you and my husband I won't need biceps dumblles. I think after I finish the arm wrestling and you after you feeling full, from my breast milk. I'll challenge this guy to a wrestling match, I'll be lifting him and throwing him, I'll be scissoring him. At the end I'll stand on him making victory poses and flex to you naked while I stand on him. Did you like it

Woman May 22 2016 12:12am
Really! All what you have to do is to bring me these small men, and I'll smash them for you all the time. Yes my husband and his two friends. It was after a wrestling match I beated them all at the same time, so I was so excited. It was great and naked all of them as well

Woman May 22 2016 12:15am
Hey, where did you go? I told you to tell before if you wanna leave. You're being a naughty baby- husband maybe I should spank you, to make you behave in a good way with your mum- wife

Woman May 22 2016 12:26am
How can you use us as dumbells?

David. b.May 22 2016 12:26am
I can lift each one of you, from under his ass, and start workout with you. I'll use you for the right hand since you're bit heavier and him to the left hand

Woman May 22 2016 12:29am
Can you really do it?

David. b.May 22 2016 12:34am
Yes, you're one 74 kg, that's nothing. Hope you don't have big ass, so I can hold you, with my hand

Woman May 22 2016 12:36am
My is a skinny ass but your strength is scary omg one hand lift from my ass going up and down

David. b.May 22 2016 12:39am
You like to do this? Camon my weight is a training for the 21incges biceps of yours? Is insane, I can't do one rep with 18 kilos, how many could you do?

David. b.May 22 2016 12:49am
You're skinny ass man that's perfect. I would love to do it. I think I can do it at least 10 times. Be careful not ejacuted at my hand I know my husband can't do it anyway, but I should be sure from you. Hahaha

Woman May 22 2016 12:51am
Did you like the idea of flexing for you my baby- husband naked, while I'm standing on other man body after beating him in a wrestling match

Woman May 22 2016 12:53am
10 times my weight single arm??

David. b.May 22 2016 12:58am
Yes, you're 75 kg right? I can do it. Did I scare you

Woman May 22 2016 12:59am
Yes I'm 75 you are the strongest woman in the world! I can't guarantee ill not cum in your hands tho

David. b.May 22 2016 1:03am
We can use this strength for fun. We can challenge guys to push one of your arms down while you pull up . Watch him struggle until you decide to use more strength and slowly lift him up off the terrain

David. b.May 22 2016 1:07am
No you didn't scare me you just gave me one other oegasm

David. b.May 22 2016 1:12am
So in this case I can mastribute you before using you as weight, so i can be sure you ejacuted on my hands. Nice idea. Did you like the idea of posing and flexing for u over other guy body

Woman May 22 2016 1:19am
I have weird question: have you ever imagine your wife to have moustache, what do you think of it?

Woman May 22 2016 1:21am
I like you posing, no moustaches, what nice idea?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:24am
Off challenging other guys. I have feeling that you get scared because of my moustache. Haha

Woman May 22 2016 1:25am
You are beautiful and perfect body no need mistachrs

David. b.May 22 2016 1:27am
You like the idea of lifting that guy?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:28am
Yes, this idea. Sometimes i do other challenge, but my husband used to say it's one of the most inappropriate things I ever do. I'll challenge a guy to push me, using everything he has, while I can't use my arms. So guys usually try to push me from boobs, and of course I'll topless. Definitely i won it all, but my husband used to say that men just push from my tits in purpose. What do you think?

Woman May 22 2016 1:32am
Thank you for saying beautiful about me before. The truth is I was born with many masculine things, moustache one of them. But don't worry i shave my moustache everyday. But sometimes i'll be so lazy to do so, so I just keep it, and like to compare with other men ( just for fun) about who has the thickest moustache of course i also winπŸ˜‚. But don't worry before going to work I always shave it. Does it bother you?

Woman May 22 2016 1:36am
How the push competition goes usually?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:40am
You should shave or your very strong husband can punish and spank you

David. b.May 22 2016 1:41am
I put my arms behind my back. The man is allowed to use everything to push me, I'm only allowed to use my body. Most Of the times it'll be 2 men against me. The winner who push the other to the against wall. Of course I always won. However, men always used to push me from my tits, my husband said they're using this competition for sexual purposes, I think it's just the game goes that way what do you think?

Woman May 22 2016 1:44am
What did you say?? Your pussy man. I'll f*ck you, no one can spank me. I'll show you who I'm when we meet, and I'll have moustache than, I'll spank you and beat you so f*ckin hard

Woman May 22 2016 1:46am
Is it not painful for your boobs?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:46am
No not really, I'm a tough woman. So do you think men used to do it for sexual purposes? Or not do you want to try it with other infront of you

Woman May 22 2016 1:47am
I was joking my muscl wife

David. b.May 22 2016 1:48am
Stupid joke don't repeat it. I want apology. And someday I'll show u my moustache as a punishment

Woman May 22 2016 1:49am
I'm sorry!

David. b.May 22 2016 1:51am
What do you mean i need to try in front of you?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:52am
Good doggy, just to let you know When we're together the apology comes with foot kiss.

Woman May 22 2016 1:52am
I meant maybe to make good judgment whether men are put their hands in purpose on my tits (because I'm topless) or a coincidence. I should challenge a guy in front of you so can see the challenge in details.

Woman May 22 2016 1:54am
Doggy? I'm afraid about your immense strength I don't want you to hit me, one slap will send me flying

David. b.May 22 2016 1:55am
You can challenge me, can I touch those enormous boobs as well?

David. b.May 22 2016 1:56am
Hahaha, good boy. You should know mummy can kill u if she wants. Yes Doggy as a dog I'll call you that or slave when I'm angry at you.

Woman May 22 2016 1:56am
Kill me?! Well I think if you grab my neck you can lift and strangle me :(

David. b.May 22 2016 1:57am
Ya, we can do both challenge you, and makes you watch it as well. Or you can challenge with other men at the same time. Want to touch my tits baby. I don't think so, because you don't love me I have moustache and you'll feel disgusting from me

Woman May 22 2016 1:58am
Yes kill you, but I love so I won't do it. If I want I can make you fly with one slap

Woman May 22 2016 1:59am
When the challenge would finish. ? How can you determined who wins

David. b.May 22 2016 2:00am
How can you make me fly?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:00am
It depends who push the other one towards the wall from his side

Woman May 22 2016 2:00am
Many ways, kick you on your ass, slap on your face, or I can just throw you away from my face

Woman May 22 2016 2:01am
Omg with those thighs you'll even don't notice me pushing

David. b.May 22 2016 2:02am
Omg you are so strong to lift my body from a slap? ! I would faint too much pain

David. b.May 22 2016 2:03am
Hahaha, exactly this is why I suggest on you to have a partner with you, but you'll loose anyway

Woman May 22 2016 2:04am
Once I'm pushed between wall and your huge body? What would you do or tell me?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:05am
Do you know when I slap my husband or other men, my handprint will be way bigger than their faces. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman May 22 2016 2:05am
I'll keep pushing then, I'll lift you up, so your face will be on my boobs level. And I'll crush each of the men's face with one boob. What do you think? It's really painful

Woman May 22 2016 2:07am
My feet would touch the ground?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:09am
No I don't think so. You'll be lifted and stuck by my tits

Woman May 22 2016 2:10am
I'm sure it's so painful sometimes men faint

Woman May 22 2016 2:11am
Im Terrorized by the power of yours

David. b.May 22 2016 2:12am
I can imagine you spanking message hard than force me to go beach with my ass totally red with the hand prints

David. b.May 22 2016 2:13am
Thank you for this complement. I'm planning to become stronger muscles and heavier (120)

Woman May 22 2016 2:13am

David. b.May 22 2016 2:15am
Hahaha, when I spank men on asses, I use my slippers, but even my foot is so big 47, so my slippers footprint is bigger than your ass. You'll go to the beach with red ass and my slippers footprints on you. Hahaga

Woman May 22 2016 2:15am
Yes 120 kg full of muscles I think at this point each of my boobs will be at least 8 kg without milk.

Woman May 22 2016 2:16am
I want all my men to be 60 kg, and me 120 so I'll be weight double my husbands weight it's gonna be so cool

Woman May 22 2016 2:18am
You will be 55 kilos more than me?! You would for joking take my belt and lift me off the ground than over head single hand

David. b.May 22 2016 2:19am
Hahaha, yes exactly I'll be treating all my husbands as bags lift them put them in the car and go. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Woman May 22 2016 2:21am
Have you ever seen woman's feet of size 47??

Woman May 22 2016 2:22am
What do you mean treat us as bags? No I've never seen bigger feet than 37 for a woman

David. b.May 22 2016 2:27am
I meant it'll be so easy for me to lift 2 or 3 of my husbands above my shoulder throw them in the car and leave. I'll not feel anything when I lift all my husbands with that strength. Do you think you'll love 47 foot??

Woman May 22 2016 2:29am
I love all part of you! you can bring us in the beach and throw us in the water

David. b.May 22 2016 2:31am
Yes exactly, I love to spend a lot of time in the beach. Do you? I'll be able to do anything I want to you. Really you're so sweet. I really hope you'll love my foot because usually men don't. Thank you

Woman May 22 2016 2:34am
What do you mean able to do what you want with me? Example?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:36am
How would you describe your pectoral muscles?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:36am
I have so strong upper pectoral muscles so my tits are always uo they don't need a bra. But at the same time my boobs are soft but they have muscles inside

Woman May 22 2016 2:40am
What do you mean able to do what you want with me? Example?Β 

David. b.May 22 2016 2:41am
Like lifting you from your belt like children. Throwing you in the car. Lifting you again the wall from your neck with 1 hand

Woman May 22 2016 2:41am
Are them big as well? Hard? How about the calves?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:42am
We should move to the one below The link:

Woman May 22 2016 2:42am
Lifting me from your belt like children.Β ? How?

David. b.May 22 2016 2:42am
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