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Should women control men with chastity devices?

Question: Background: A male chastity device not only prevents a man from cheating on his woman, its prevents orgasm. (Going to the toilet is not a problem). The wife/girlfriend unlocks her man for release at a time of HER choice. This is an extremely effective method of controlling a male... many women enjoy the additional attention they receive from their man with she holds such a key.
Created by: research02 at 09:14:13 PM, Saturday, September 25, 2004 PDT


Will the weirdess never end?

HHSep 28 2004 10:30am

Please Don. It's a fantasy! These are games some people play, it's not the norm and most of the people who do play with chastity don't go on 24/7. You should also at least try to admit that the guys who are trying these games are already submissive. The average guy isn't going to say "Oh ya! Put me in a chastity device." And the average women isn't going to want to anyway. What happens to the sponanaiety? I laughed like hell when I read HH's comment.

AnonymousOct 01 2004 7:05am
Don is living in his own version of reality. Take off the belt, Don--it's restricting the flow of blood to your brain.

HHOct 05 2004 10:02am
"Should Women Control Men..." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Wait a sec, that could be one hell of a PPV! Tonight in the main event, Martha Stewart tries to put a chastity device on Mike Tyson. Ring the Bell!

LokiOct 05 2004 9:20pm
Why are so many women voting here but none of them are commenting. Is it possible that one or two guys are voting on behalf of the women?

AnonymousOct 14 2004 9:28pm
How do you know "so many women [are] voting here"?

anonOct 14 2004 10:08pm
45% of 24 votes say they are cast by women. So if 11 women have cast a vote why have none of them added a comment?

AnonymousOct 15 2004 12:42am
Like I said, how do you know? This is not a scientific poll.

anonOct 17 2004 12:32am
Well, some is buying and selling male chasity devices and I don't think its only gay couples.

JimOct 17 2004 10:16am
Anon, are you brain damaged? "This is not a scientific poll" That is exactly the same f*cking point I made in the first place.

AnonymousOct 18 2004 12:21pm
Hmmm...let's see. Anonymous, you make a faulty assumption, then proceed to question your own assumption. When someone points that out, they are "brain damaged"? You're just rude.

anonOct 19 2004 1:07pm
This is my last comment on this topic. You asked why I posted my original question. I answered. If after reading my response, you still don't understand why I questioned the integrity of the poll, then you're either being obstinate or you're stupid. It's obvious why I wondered about the lack of female comments.

AnonymousOct 21 2004 1:53pm
This is my last comment on this topic. You didn't "question the integrity of the poll". You wondered, publicly, why so few women were commenting on it. Well, duh. I explained the situation to you by means of a question. Now, shut up and don't take offense so easily in the future, or I'll put you in a chastity device!

anonOct 23 2004 6:59pm
It should be the woman's choice. If it guarantees his faithfullness, it will only make the relationship stronger. If all women did this, the divorce rate would drop. Believe me, when you control a man's sex life, he gives you his undivided attention.

AnonymousOct 30 2004 11:19pm
Something extraordinary would have to happen for this to become anything other than a fetish. Remember that during the crusades only the nobility used chastity belts and they only used them to ensure that the rightful heirs received their due in the event of the knight being killed. Nobody else had any appreciable wealth or title to bestow upon their kids. In the eyes of the day men, not women, fought and died for wealth and privilege thus it seemed rational and just that he protect himself from cuckolding. It should also be remembered that it worked better in theory than practice. So perhaps if something like AIDS reached true pandemic proportions, then perhaps, in order to prevent further transmission, we might see male chastity but that strikes me more as femdom science fiction than reality.

AnonymousNov 01 2004 5:50pm
Interesting. I would love to hear from a woman who has used such a device on her man. All positive or any negative aspects to report?

STTGNov 02 2004 4:48am
From what I've learned, it's men who want to be put in chastity, and women are at best ambivalent about it. Chastity is a way to keep a male in almost constant semi-arousal. It's well known that men think about sex every few minutes. I'd guess women find all of this amusing, but not very serious.

anonNov 14 2004 4:09pm
Well it looks like this woman found it serious: "Believe me, when you control a man's sex life, he gives you his undivided attention." While I find it erotic, I also find it very loving in a deeply meaningful, devoted way. The fact is, when we men masturbate too much (let's say twice a day on average) the sex life with the wife suffers. No chicken choking = better sex with the Mrs.

Can't Wait to Try ItDec 10 2004 7:09am
The question was: 'Should women control men with chastity devices?' Well, if both partners are happy to give it a try, why not? There seem to be benefits on both sides eg. the woman should get more attention, whilst the man should get a better erection when his wife releases him from the device.

MikeDec 18 2004 11:43am
Women deserve the right to control every aspect of a man's sexuality. A woman is far superior sexually. A man is not biologically capable of asserting the same energy towards pleasing his partner as a woman. Since men can't please women as well as women can please men, it is she who should have the choice and advantage. Besides, after a few years prostate trouble is likely in most men, it is only fair for the woman to control it for the limited time she can use it.

Charlene from UCLAJan 29 2005 11:40pm
Finally a women who reflects an ever growing view in society today and I suspect more so tomorrow. Thanks Charlene. If you have any experiences you'd like to share I (we) would be interested in the results.

SamFeb 16 2005 11:12am
I wish there were more Women like you Charlene. You have a clear understanding of the situation.

660461Feb 17 2005 3:19pm
Hi guys, i am puting my 2pence werth in. A chastity life is a more meaming ful life.

johnFeb 17 2005 4:15pm
I am kept in a steel chastity tube 24/7 by my Wife. I have learned to serve Her in every way. What started as my fantasy has become Her reality now. She won't have me any other way, although, I often wish i could have the independence i once had, i've become a virtual slave to her.

ronFeb 17 2005 6:31pm
This is odd look at the comments made by men obviously worried about this and defending it like their machismo depended on it. I too am controlled in that manner by my wife but in every other aspect around the house I rule and my word is final. The odd part is that before chastity we fought alot about things in general after she took control this the fights over time became less frequent. In fact she even sends me out once a month or so to the topless bars with my friends she used to hate that more than anything I could do.

dijitFeb 18 2005 2:02am
I can see this as a type of fantasy role-play. Maybe it does work for some couples as a lifestyle... but somehow it seems emasculating as a practice. I don't know... I'm a woman here... so I suppose what really matters is what the guys think about it, since they would be the ones subject to it.

Square1Feb 22 2005 6:48pm
I think I'm the lone voter in the last category (a woman and would never use such a thing). That's because I can control my husband whenever I want to. I don't need some chastity device to do it, and he knows it. But thanks for the link, Digger. This is a very entertaining site!

DustyFeb 24 2005 5:58am
Well said Dusty all a woman needs to control her man is her natural superiority and his natural weakness

dominant donnaMar 12 2005 11:43pm
What are some of the possible uses for a male chastity device? 1)Maybe a woman wants to stop her husband from masturbating? 2)Maybe a woman wants to stop her husband from being unfaithful? In these two cases, a woman can achieve her goal by locking her man in a chastity device and carefully controlling those periods when he is released (eg. watching him when he takes a shower to make sure he does not masturbate). A man wearing a chastity device can no longer touch his penis,and therefore he cannot masturbate or have sex with anyone. If there are other reasons for a woman to try out a chastity device on her man (eg. to spice up their relationship), the results may or may not work out as desired. And so, to answer the question ('Should women control men with chastity devices?'), it really depends on what a woman wants, and whether couples agree to give it a try.

MikeMar 18 2005 6:16am
Yes, and in some cases, the woman enforces it after her man has been unfaithful....

SamMay 12 2005 3:38pm
Women are naturally superior to men, they don't need any devices to control men! They have what men want, and men will jump through any and all hoops that Women require them to!

Ladies RuleJun 25 2005 6:26pm
The truth is men are not capable of being faithful without some kind of enforcement. Every man has a temptation threshold, they can't resist very much of it. A woman has every right to take control if the situation. It can save a relationship.

DawnJul 25 2005 12:38am
I wonder what thoughts go through a man's mind when he hears the 'click' of the padlock as his wife locks him in the device? And what does his wife thinks as she hears the 'click', knowing her husband is locked in and she holds the key.

MikeAug 11 2005 1:42am
It's probably inevitable.

jimAug 15 2005 10:08am
I agree with Dawn.

Ladies RuleAug 21 2005 3:36pm
Charlene is correct. She can keep him faithful that way. Women like Charlene should rule.

manAug 30 2005 10:56am
My wife really loves the extra attention she gets after she has locked me in my chastity belt. I love to see her excited by this, but the down side for me is that she might start thinking of locking me in for even longer. I find just three days quite agonising, not being able to touch my penis.

BarrySep 27 2005 9:14am
I agree with Charlene.

JohnOct 08 2005 2:36pm
The most effective chastity device is the word NO! and if that doesn't work a well aimed knee in the balls does!!!

WomanNov 06 2005 1:45am
Yes dear!

ralphNov 12 2005 3:29pm
Charlene, My wife doesn't need a chastity device. Her superiority in strength is enough. If I ever cheated on her and she found out, she would beat me to a pulp. I wouldn't dare to be unfaithful. However, if the husband has the superior strength and has proven to be unfaithful, I think that a woman should have the right to insist on a chastity device. But, I think that a better alternative would be to kick him out.

MikeFeb 19 2006 6:14pm
To Charlene...The reason why men don't please WOMEN as well as WOMEN please men, is not because we are incapable of it, it's because we have assumed since the beginning of time, that WOMEN are not supposed to enjoy sex. Fortunately, we are now beginning to realize that WOMEN are entitled to have as many orgasms as SHE possibly can by her mate. SHE's entitled to them, SHE just has to find the one who will do what he can for HER. Are WOMEN superior? Yes, but men are not incapable of pleasing YOU, we just have to want to.

SteveMar 25 2006 5:15pm
A man should focus his attentions on me whether sexually or otherwise.I have found that since I control my boys little playstick he pays mind to more of what I say.He now listens to what i say and acts upon what i order him to do.I get 10 orgasms before I even consider his relief.And if he hasn't behaved himself in all manner of ways he doesn't get to let the juice loose no matter how many lovely cums he gives me with his 2 most importnat sex organs his brain and his tongue.

AnonymousApr 28 2006 6:12pm
Steve, women are not superior to men you ball less wonder.

AnonymousMay 03 2006 8:46pm
Anonymous you are a sexist selfish witch. You worse than any man could be, and I'm simply going to do what all men should do to you....Turn you men are GODS

DaveMay 03 2006 8:48pm
Charlene from UCLA. Your full of poo, and if you really are from UCLA it is further proof that California should be ostracized from America

DaveMay 03 2006 8:49pm
You're all freaking nuts....

SPLMay 03 2006 8:50pm
Charlene from UCLA. Your full of poo, and if you really are from UCLA it is further proof that California should be ostracized from America

DaveMay 03 2006 8:51pm
Anonymous you are a sexist selfish witch. You worse than any man could be, and I'm simply going to do what all men should do to you....Turn you men are GODS

DaveMay 03 2006 8:51pm
Steve, women are not superior to men you ball less wonder.

AnonymousMay 03 2006 8:51pm
Anyone who posts on this site is a moron. DOH!!

HomerMay 23 2006 8:16am
Charlene, you miss the point. Women don't please men. Your a constant source of irritation with your naggy domineering facho egos and shrill voices.

BenMay 23 2006 8:17am
Anyone who posts on this site is a moron. DOH!!

HomerMay 23 2006 8:17am
to SPL: try opening your mind.

STTGMay 30 2006 5:26pm
Anonymous you are to be reccomended for your controlling the male organ.If more of the stupid males who take little time and less thought to deliver their knee jerk reactions were to stop jerking and listen and obey Womyn the world would be a better place.The need for males to be kept in a chastity device is obvious from some of the male rantings here.STTG you are always thoughtfull and and intelligent if we had more males like you the future would be understand the way of the future and your male position in it.More and more males are knuckling down to understanding their inferiority and the neccesity for Female rule well done boy.

Big BrendaJun 01 2006 5:56am
To Ms. Big Brenda: Thank you. I am honored. Truly honored. I feel very fortunate that both you, Ms. Big Brenda, and Ms. Elise Sutton have paid me such compliments. I also have several close female friends who see the benefit of female rule. I felt truly proud when my best friend proclaimed her husband was her slave and this was after several years of our discussions about female superiority and rule over the lesser male. Again, thank you.

STTGJun 04 2006 12:11pm
It would be better if your penis was under lock and key STTG is it and why not.What is your best friend for as a Womyn if not to control your penis.It would be better if your sexual partner controlled your appendage but your freind would be a close second.Broach the subject with her immediately

Big BrendaJun 06 2006 5:02pm
Dear Ms. Big Brenda. I totally agree. Unfortunately we live in different parts of the country and don't get to see each other very often.

STTGJun 10 2006 12:30pm
All the better STTG if your freind is at the opposite end of the country.If She puts your penis in a chastity device and then returns to her home she can post your key to you or better still you would have to wait till you met again.I assume you would become ever stronger freinds as you as the chastised male would want to see Her more often and She as the superior empowered Womyn would want to see her power exercised.Next time you see Her bring the subject up and you will both be much happier.

Big BrendaJun 19 2006 12:37pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:46am
If every woman was to realise how easily they could control the men in their lives by fitting them with a chastity belt the world would change overnight, into a better place. Shouldn't governments and the media be promoting male chastity? No more rape, less violence, less divorces and greater control for women.

MickJul 16 2006 4:53am
My wife and I are into male chastity devices. She thinks my genitals look cute in it. I wear a CB-3000. It started off at weekends and has been 24/7 for about a year. It adds spice and focus to our relationship. I used to waste my sexual energy through masturbation and often when tired would be very selfish. Intercourse now is an honour, I have to earn not a right. Sex for my wife has improved dramatically, she now has multiple orgasms whenever she wants and I enjoy giving them. I am surprised at how selfish my penis made me.

richAug 01 2006 3:26pm
This is chastity issue needs to be understand as one stop on a long progression that is moving millions of men into a state of sexual inferiority and dependency. For most of human history males controlled and maintained a state of barbarism in which brute strength and agression were the dominant virtues. For 800 years (think Magna Carta 1215) we in the West have been moving fitfully toward a society that is opposed to the use of force in daily life. Government becomes a matter of persuasion rather than physical prowess. There are a myriad of rules and our culture shows a steadily declining tolerance for the age-old practice of "domestic violence." Why? The answer is that the playing field has been tipped in favor of the female. This is not a matter of morality or ethics it is just that women are inherently better suited to this kind of collaborative social structure. Accordingly, female control is subtle and sustained, not abrupt and violent. In my case, it was shortly after my wife and I were married that she began to "suggest" that my pubic hair was interfering with her sexual pleasure. First, she lured me into "trimming." Not long after, she started to insist that it be shaved entirely. Here is the point. She made it clear that she would not be interested in sex if I was not "cleaned up." It was that simple.

husbandAug 27 2006 7:49am
This is chastity issue needs to be understand as one stop on a long progression that is moving millions of men into a state of sexual inferiority and dependency. For most of human history males controlled and maintained a state of barbarism in which brute strength and agression were the dominant virtues. For 800 years (think Magna Carta 1215) we in the West have been moving fitfully toward a society that is opposed to the use of force in daily life. Government becomes a matter of persuasion rather than physical prowess. There are a myriad of rules and our culture shows a steadily declining tolerance for the age-old practice of "domestic violence." Why? The answer is that the playing field has been tipped in favor of the female. This is not a matter of morality or ethics it is just that women are inherently better suited to this kind of collaborative social structure. Accordingly, female control is subtle and sustained, not abrupt and violent. In my case, it was shortly after my wife and I were married that she began to "suggest" that my pubic hair was interfering with her sexual pleasure. First, she lured me into "trimming." Not long after, she started to insist that it be shaved entirely. Here is the point. She made it clear that she would not be interested in sex if I was not "cleaned up." It was that simple.

husbandAug 27 2006 7:49am
This is chastity issue needs to be understand as one stop on a long progression that is moving millions of men into a state of sexual inferiority and dependency. For most of human history males controlled and maintained a state of barbarism in which brute strength and agression were the dominant virtues. For 800 years (think Magna Carta 1215) we in the West have been moving fitfully toward a society that is opposed to the use of force in daily life. Government becomes a matter of persuasion rather than physical prowess. There are a myriad of rules and our culture shows a steadily declining tolerance for the age-old practice of "domestic violence." Why? The answer is that the playing field has been tipped in favor of the female. This is not a matter of morality or ethics it is just that women are inherently better suited to this kind of collaborative social structure. Accordingly, female control is subtle and sustained, not abrupt and violent. In my case, it was shortly after my wife and I were married that she began to "suggest" that my pubic hair was interfering with her sexual pleasure. First, she lured me into "trimming." Not long after, she started to insist that it be shaved entirely. Here is the point. She made it clear that she would not be interested in sex if I was not "cleaned up." It was that simple.

husbandAug 28 2006 5:23am
i think males in a Female supremacist relationship should all have their pubic hair removed.It emphasises their inferiority and likeness to children.After all do males ever grow up.I sometimes let my husbands grow a little so that I can pull those nasty hairs out one by one.for many years porn has shown shaved Womyn to make them look more like girls.I am glad to see that more males in porn are shaved.

Big BrendaAug 29 2006 4:29am
Women in settled relationships with submissive men already have chastity control over the male relative to intercourse. The reason these mechanical devices are needed is masturbation. For the past few decades society has been more permissive toward masturbations (no more hairy palms etc.) but before this there was a holy war against male masturbation that inspired a wide range of mechanical and electrical devices intended to curb that vice. I expect that we will see a new crusade against male masturbation. That will, this time, be tied to the male's submissive posture relative to women. The concept of infedility will gradually be extended to include masturbation. Given the state of today's technology, I think we will see the invention of (1) Monitoring devices that record male erections-- time, strength and duration. Women at work will be able to log on to a secure site and view her male's erection record. (2) All male orgasms are associated with a distinctive pulsation of the erect penis. This cannot be evaded. Accordingly, notification of unauthorized orgasms can be sent directly to the woman. (3) In the future, we will see implantable RFID tags that will be places under the skin of the penis. No clamps no locks no belts. The chip will be set to shock the penis if there is an authorized orgasm (permissive) or erection (strict). Just you wait and see...

husbandAug 29 2006 6:43am
What a wonderful world that will be husband.Unauthorized masturbation is a punishable offence in my houshold.It most certainly is infidelity.However I like the look of my male in a chastity device whther it be a CB3000 or a metal ring under the foreskin or a five gates of hell.I don't just want to know my males erections are controlled I want to see they are.

Big BrendaSep 02 2006 12:23pm
I agree Miss Brenda, men should be shaved.

submaleSep 04 2006 1:54pm
I think that when a woman marries a man the honeymoon should involve the complete and permanent removal of all body hair. Then the new husband can be fitted with a secure chastity device.

HoneymoonerSep 07 2006 1:34pm
I think that when a woman marries a man the honeymoon should involve the complete and permanent removal of all body hair. Then the new husband can be fitted with a secure chastity device.

HoneymoonerSep 07 2006 3:47pm
Has anyone here read THE WAR AGAINST BOYS, by Christina Hoff Sommers? I just finished reading it, and it is excellent. There is a new poll on the topic of that book:

AnonymousSep 28 2006 11:54am
id love it myself, but my friends i think things have reversed over the past few decedes and there are a lot more genuine men out there, and with a lot of young girls looking up to characters in programmes such as sex and the city, i think females should consider a chastity belt. ps im not just slagging women off, i love you all

robsNov 30 2006 1:48am
#077 - 2/6/07

Date UpdateFeb 06 2007 10:01pm
No woman in my would every try that.

BillMar 26 2007 1:56pm
I'll second that Bill, and add nor will they every.

PeteMar 29 2007 12:18pm
#0080 - (Thu.) 3/29/07

UpdateMar 29 2007 12:20pm
As a woman , I would love to see the day when I can go shopping and "park"my husband at the mall in the old time stocks they they used to have. There would be a line of them and I would lead my husband up to an empty one and slip a coin in the slot. He would meekly bend over and put his wrists and neck into the slots. I would then close the device and slip the key into my purse. I could then shop without the slightest worry that he was causing any trouble. just think how happy he would be to see me when I returned to retrieve him!

AngelaApr 24 2007 9:31am
Many men are trustworthy and do not need to be controlled, but they are ignored because the bad men get most of the publicity.

trustworthy manApr 25 2007 2:41pm
Angela,most respectfully, why would you need stocks. When my Wife enters a store I usually deferentially follow Her a stride or so behind. She asks a Saleswoman if there is a place where She can leave me. She orders me to sit behind wherever the Saleswoman indicates and I wait for Her until She is done. The exception is if She wants me to wheel Her basket or carry Her purchases.

obedient husbandApr 25 2007 7:19pm
Obedient husband, are you a man in chastity? If so, I guess that explains your behaviour. Angela, have you put your husband in a chastity belt? That should give you all the fun and control that you want - most men in a chastity belt would be so desperate for release after about three or four days that they wouldn't dare disobey their wife's orders for fear of being given extra 'lock up' times as punishment.

BarryMay 06 2007 8:45pm
Barry, Wife does not lock me up in a belt but I have to ask permission before I am permitted to climax.

obedient husbandMay 11 2007 7:06pm
#0086 - (Sat.) 5/12/07

UpdateMay 12 2007 9:12am
i like what you say Angela wish i was your husband

badgerJun 18 2007 11:27am
What if Angela weighs 495 pounds and has pock marks all over her face and rotten teeth? Or better yet, what if she is actually a man? Do you still wish to be his/her husband? If she turns out to be a man, will you then engage in a homosexual relationship? Very interesting.

GodJun 30 2007 9:51pm
Obviously badger was reacting to the image projected by "Angela" through Her comments which are quite compelling. This is not the NY Times personals where you are really looking to meet the person. What value is there in questioning a person's persona?

obedient husbandJul 01 2007 7:05pm
Holy crap!. We are all backwards aren't we ?. I am male. I am not a pair of genitals with legs. I am a living thinking sentient, self introspecting PERSON. Renegating me to a steyrotyped label like "MALE" is a weakess, and dangerous.

FNOLJul 22 2007 9:47pm
#0090 - (Fri.) 7/27/07

UpdateJul 27 2007 9:46am
Yes, FNOL, if you are male you are a living thinking being. But female rule isn't backwards, its forwards. It's the now for some and the future for many. Accept that men were made to serve and obey the superior female gender. (Or deny it if you prefer, it won't make a difference to the truth that a Woman should control you if She so chooses).

STTGAug 17 2007 1:46pm
STTG, it is nice to see that you are back.

obedient husbandAug 18 2007 7:49pm
God made man to be the ruler of his wife. The wife is to be submissive to her husband. The husband in turn is to love, care for, and protect his wife - even to the point of death. This is in accordance with the scriptures.

TDPSep 06 2007 6:43pm
So good to see you back STTg you have always been both most humble and erudite.Your post are a breath of fresh air.

Big BrendaSep 13 2007 10:00pm
every thing in girls is better than us idiot, crazy, lazy, babies boys they are much prety and more cute and the are the stronger sex you girls are soperior you can do everything better than us

i love girls more than myselfDec 01 2007 7:54am
I've read very few of these comments. But I wanted to state simply that when I discovered my husband cheating on me with topless dancers when he went on business trips I gave him an ultimatum. Either he wear a chastity device 24/7, and I hold the key, or he can pack up and get out. He gave it a try, and now has gotten used to it. The CB-3000 or The Curve only comes off when I want to use "our" penis. He's been wearing it for over a year now and I have a total of three devices that we rotate. He is much more devoted and attentive to me as he must "earn" a night out of the device. When we married, it became "our" penis, not his.

Lisa M.Dec 16 2007 1:21pm
Yes I am sure he is MUCH more attentive and devoted to you Lisa. Congratulations and I hope more women out there will consider this option. And since there appears to be a majority of males in this section, I would reach out to the men reading this too: Consider how pleased you might make the woman in your life by offering her this unique form of control. Explain you want to elevate your level of devotion to her and explain the side benefits to her since you will be become quite obedient to her. What a special gift to her for the holidays! All the best,

STTGDec 19 2007 3:23pm
FNOL: I have to confess I may have missed your point. I am still not clear on your position. However, I will say this: Men and Women are of the same race, just different gender. The female gender, as a whole, is superior, and as a rule, has greater sexual power over the male. I endorse female enslavement of males when its consentual and for the most part in a loving relationship. I know I get a lot a flack for my views and I think part of it is the word "slavery". Historically slavery of Jews, Blacks, and others has been forced and injust. Male slavery is elevating the woman in the relationship to a level above the man where the woman rules, the man obeys. But both parties get pleasure from it. Especially the woman... and that's the objective. To make the woman in your life realize how very special she is and how lucky you are to serve her. You can expand on this theme by treating ALL women with the utmost respect and acts of kindness.

STTGDec 19 2007 3:40pm
I would like to recommend a book to everyone: Title: The Female Brain Author: Louann Brizendine, MD. Treat yourself or someone special to a very interesting read.

STTGDec 19 2007 3:46pm
Didn't know they had a brain,STTG,but they sure have a lot of balls. Are they the ones with skirts up to the crack of their ass,covered in paint with 2 red things which are upwardly mobile murmuring sweet nothings like"me,me,me".

mike sJan 06 2008 4:20pm
My position is 'equality' STTG. In the times to come of scientific advancement, and physically and mentally changing what it means to be human you're views don't match real world. Genetic superiority if it even exists today is already starting to become irrelevant, and as for the 'women are innately more 'sentient' than men', that's not worthy of consideration. The future is advancing technologically, why wouldn't you advance you're ethics to match it ?.

FNOLMar 10 2008 8:24pm
Nice, Lisa M, you did a wonderful thing both for Yourself and Your hubby. Please don't stop now, use a belt or a cane whenever You are not satisfied with Your hubby's behaviour or attitude. It will be a pleasure both for You and him -- after he'll have got used to this. Because serving a demanding Woman -- it's a real pleasure, believe me! :)

Nick NMar 12 2008 4:19am
I have been married for 9 years and on our honeymoon, my husband entered a contract which required him to be in a chasity devices and to undergo sterlization. I allow him once a week to be released. He is allowed 10 minutes to climax, if he is unable he is locked up till next week. Only twice has he been uable to climax. I am always present or another female. The humilation of being naked and me control his senselees squirts does not seem to bother him. I am at complete control of our marriage and he knows his place. Today male chasity devices are easly to purchase and more and more women are controlling their husbands problem. So to speak I have my husband by the "balls".

MicheleMar 19 2008 5:50am
Michele, my wife read your article and instructed me to write to you. I have been married only 32 months but under went sterlization before our marriage. I also wear a chasity device its a CB 2000. My penis is locked up 24 hrs a day. I must sit down to pee, and erections are very difficult, so I try not to think of sexually things. I get very little time for relief so I have become a 'minuteman' when I am permitted to masterbate. My wife controls my penis and I have to say I am a better male because of this. I believe more and more women are controlling the male problem and this is one male who agrees. My wife has proof read my article, and has agreed to let me out to take matters into my own hands. Being humilated by writing this was worth it.

" a locked up male"Mar 20 2008 8:49am
My wife just purchased a chasity device for me it called a curve. I have been encased in it for 5 days now. The mornings are terrible my erection feels like its going to break off. Very painful. I will be released on the 9 day if I am a good boy. So far I have been.It sure will be good to release all that pent up sperm. Peeing was a big change. I now sit on the toilet, so my wife said the bathroom has never been so clean. I don"t mind sitting, dribbling is a problem. I have to wipe now. Its all about getting use to something new. My wife, loves the idea she know controls my manhood. I will keep updates on my progress.

little dickMar 20 2008 12:26pm
Like Nick I was wondering if Michele or Lisa augmented their power by use of a paddle or cane on the husband's bare behind.

obedient husbandMar 20 2008 4:35pm
obedient husband, to answer your question yes my husband gets punished if he does not behave to my ways. During the week I keep a record of his infractions. Usually Saturday if he is permitted to be released from his chasity device (called a curve) he receives his just punishment. He stands before me as I read aloud what he has done wrong. Naturally he is totally naked and always has a straining hard on. His dick is usually pointing right at me. I bend him over at the waist, legs spread and paddle him with an old college paddle I have. He counts out the swats aloud. His ass is always a deep red and twice I drew blood. He balls like a baby, with tears streaming down his face. Facing me, his once hard dick as now withered down to a tiny nub head. I give him 10 minutes to compose himself. Then he begins to stroke his dick, to try to cum. He knows he is under the clock so he tries everything to get back some kind of erection. He pulls on his ball sack and squeezes his balls. Most times he squirts with only a partial erection. His dick looks pitiful red almost as red as his ass. His sperm is caught and naturally he digests it back into his system. I permit him to shower (of course I watch him) and he is immediately locked back up. Most times he remains naked so I can enjoy his red cheeks. I have invited my mother and both my sisters to watch our Saturday ritual, they enjoy his humilation. I told my husband before we were married I would control his dick and balls, he agreed. I had him undergo sterlization (non-reversable) and I feel to take the power of him to never be able to father children was almost like taking his balls. Women can easly control men. Right at the begining you assure them that women have the finally say. Its easy.

MichelleMar 21 2008 8:43am
Dear Michelle, if his dick withers during the spankings, it means, that Your swats are really quite strong and painful. Well, of course, if twice there was some blood, the paddlings must have been quite severe! Last time my Mistress orderes me to release myself while she continued beating my behind with the belt, but the swats were not very strong (though quite noticeable!) and I felt a real delight while releasing myself. I guess with some fear that the next time the swats will be much stronger... Dear Mistress Michelle, from my humble point of view I can say that everything You do is correct and wonderful. It's nice that You have invited Your mother and sisters to watch You punish Your husband. Hope now he knows his proper place in Your house! What about asking Your mother and sisters to help You to paddle him? At least, they could assist You: for example, to keep his hands. Please keep us informed about some progress You may have in punishing and humiliating Your husband. Hope Your sisters treat their hubbies in the same manner.

Nick NMar 23 2008 11:48am
Ms. Michelle, this male kneels before Your power. Are You physically more powerful than Your husband(taller heavier)? Also does Your Mother discipline Your father.

obedient husbandMar 23 2008 4:27pm
Nick, and obedient husband, My husbands dick is quite underdeveloped measures about 3 1/2 inches when fully erect. So his erections are really a hummorous sight. Yes the swats he receives are severe, of course I base them on his performance during the week. Like I stated only twice did I draw blood, and the reason was justified. My husband learned his rightful place at the begining of our relationship, so he is content. Male humilation was common in my family growing up. My mother did discipline my father and brother. At an early age my brother was spanked and continued the entire time he lived at home. My sister and I always enjoyed seeing my brother bare himself for a spanking. It was a common site, so we excepted it. We girls never received any punishment so harsh. Boys usually earned it. I knew my father received similar punishments but this was always behind closed doors. It was not until my sister and I were out of high school, did we get to see mom punish our father. It was the same procedure as my brothers, dad had to strip stand before mom as she read his offenses. Mom had certain nights the punishment would be handed out. So my sister and I always made it a point to be home. Seeing my fathers c*ck and balls had to be the most humilating thing I could feel she ever had done to him. Mother always had them both crying and their humilation of being naked was secondary. They were rubbing their red asses, and crying like babies. Mother believed in corner time, so they were left in the corner for hours. I remember one nite dad was standing in the corner, (mom allowed no talking) and dad raised his hand. Mom asked what was his problem. He said he had to pee and pee badly. Mother told me to fetch a coffee can from the kitchen. I returned and she said to give it to her father. I gave it to him, and mom said do your business. I stood there as dad peed in that coffee can, with a noise that echoed in the room. Watching dad hold his dick and peeing was so funny. I just began to laugh, which really made my dad feel humilated. When he finished I took the can and emptied it. Mother and I watched TV while dad put in his corner time. I told my sister what happened that nite, because she was out. She really missed out that nite. But dad was naked many, mant, many more time for our enjoyment. So I have always had males humilated in my life. My mother and sister do not assist me in my punishment sessions because they feel its my rights to do with hubby as I wish. They do enjoy his naked sites and wiull continue to be part of my life.

MicheleMar 24 2008 9:25am
Dear Mistress Michelle, thank You very much for Your wonderful story. What Your Mother did sounds quite amazing. We can see now that You must know quite well how such inferior creatures as us males should be treated. Even while watching after myself i have noticed that nothing improve by improper behaviour as dramatically as good beltings. BTW, did Your Mother practice maintaining spankings? And do You use them? Such inferior creatures as us male must be reminded it at least once a week, or we become arrogant and bold. And does Your sister punish her hubby in the similar way now, too? And what about Your brother? Hope Your Mother did chose a nice strict Lady to keep him in order? Mistress Michelle, please allow me -- at least in my imagination -- to kneel before You and to kiss the tips of Your gorgeous shoes!

Nick NMar 30 2008 9:21am
Dear Mistress Michelle, thank You very much for Your wonderful story. What Your Mother did sounds quite amazing. We can see now that You must know quite well how such inferior creatures as us males should be treated. Even while watching after myself i have noticed that nothing improve by improper behaviour as dramatically as good beltings. BTW, did Your Mother practice maintaining spankings? And do You use them? Such inferior creatures as us male must be reminded it at least once a week, or we become arrogant and bold. And does Your sister punish her hubby in the similar way now, too? And what about Your brother? Hope Your Mother did chose a nice strict Lady to keep him in order? Mistress Michelle, please allow me -- at least in my imagination -- to kneel before You and to kiss the tips of Your gorgeous shoes!

Nick NMar 30 2008 11:23am
Dear Mistress Michelle, thank You very much for Your wonderful story. What Your Mother did sounds quite amazing. We can see now that You must know quite well how such inferior creatures as us males should be treated. Even while watching after myself i have noticed that nothing improve by improper behaviour as dramatically as good beltings. BTW, did Your Mother practice maintaining spankings? And do You use them? Such inferior creatures as us male must be reminded it at least once a week, or we become arrogant and bold. And does Your sister punish her hubby in the similar way now, too? And what about Your brother? Hope Your Mother did chose a nice strict Lady to keep him in order? Mistress Michelle, please allow me -- at least in my imagination -- to kneel before You and to kiss the tips of Your gorgeous shoes!

Nick NMar 30 2008 11:24am
Nick, to answer your questions my sister never married. My brother has not married, but is going with a girl who I have spoke with about our family's lifestyle. She does not seem to show much interest in it at this time. My father has since passed away. So I am the only one that has carried on the family's tradition. Mother and sister both enjoy seeing my husband naked but like I stated do not punish him.

MicheleMar 30 2008 1:02pm
Mistress Michelle, thank You very much for such a quick answer! It is really very sad that olny You keep up Your Mother's family lifestyle. I still hope that Your brother behaves quite submissively when dealing with his Wife and so in a year or two She will some taste of being dominant. Your Mother should have chosen a really dominant Woman for him (oh sorry -- i have no right to discuss Women's decisions!). As for Your sister, She may have a submissive boyfriend. We males are sometimes useful -- after a proper training, of course -- to do some dirty works like cleaning, laundry, repairing... plus woking with our tongues, of course! In my last words in this post allow me to hope that Your Mother and sister can enjoy red and freshly spanked behind of Your hubby quite often. Of course, You have right to punish him only Yourself because he is Your property. As always i kneel before You and kiss the tips of Your shoes.

Nick NApr 01 2008 12:15am
Nick, I am not a mistress. I run a dominant household. with a submissive husband. This is how I was raised, the female is head of the house. Hubby knew my pratice before we started dating. He accepts this lifestyle because he believes in it also. Yes maybe my sister will agree to this lifestyle sometime. My brother may also accept it. But right now I carry on the pratice. Naturally my mother is very pleased and enjoys participating with me. She thoroughly enjoys hubbys nudity and punishment to the fullest. My hubby does all the housework and also all the manual labor outdoors. We live in a warm climate so the majority of work is spent just wearing suntan lotion and his c*ck lock. Mother has denied him this luxury once and his dick and balls were quite toasty by the end of the day. Of course the rest of his body was almost as red as his ass after a beating. Yes he does use his tongue on me, because his dick can not satisfy me. He knows this is the only satisfaction he can perform on me. Besides with such a tiny dick I receive more pleasure from a plastic penis. I have told both my mother and hubby about this site and your comments. Mother will see it sometime when she stops by. Hubby has not earned the right. Nick, I believe you would be a good candidate for a dominant female. With proper training, nudity, and alot of ass beatings you may be a possibility.

MichelleApr 01 2008 1:37pm
Dear Ms. Michelle, thank you very much for such a detailed explanation of Your and Your hubby's roles in Your household. Only now i'm kind of confused because i don't know what what form of address i must choose both to make You satisefied and to underline my respect to You and my inferiority before You. You are absolutely right when You make Your hubby do all housework. It's what we males were created for (by God of by Mother Nature -- it isn't important now). I'm glad to hear that Your Mother enjoys seeing You punish Your hubby. Hope now he feels his inferiority towards not only You but all Women. BTW, maybe You could allow Your Mother to discipline Your hubby when You are away in a business trip. Hope Your future children will be brought up in the same style -- that Girls are superior and boys are inferior. Their daddy and his submissiveness will be a good example for them. BTW, i hope You practice maintenance spankings, too. My Mistress believes that it's the only way to cope with my malish arrogance. I have noticed myself that if my behind was not belted at least once a week, them i turn bold and selfish. Unfortunately my Mistress is not my Wife, plus we live separately. But i still hope that after a month or two of regular beltings i would be able to turn to a really obedient slave. BTW, may i ask You what tool do You usually use to tan Your hubby's behind?

Nick NApr 02 2008 3:50am
Nick, Ms. is exceptable to greet me. Yes you are right it is the males position to do all work around the house. His attire is naked of course. In addition hubby has a full time job, his pay check is deposited into my account. Her sees no money. Hubby knows his inferiority born a male because he is constantly reminded that his dick and balls make him inferior, that is why his chasity device controls his selfish erections. My hubby is not capable of fathering children because he was sterlized at my request before our marriage. Because of the size of his useless penis I felt it is not acceptable to bring male children into this world with such a birth defect. Adoption of a female child maybe in my future. Of course she would be subject to male domination like I was in our family. I use several tools on hubbys ass, I have an old rug beater,leather strap, leather belt, and several wooden paddles. All instruments are kept in a wooden cupboard, and when punishment time is announced he must get the instrument I have decided on. I have him position himself in several different position for his sessions. He also receives corner time if I choose. Mother seems to enjoy this, I believe it brings back fond memmories of father. After you suggestion I believe I will ask Mother if she would enjoy giving hubby his just rewards on Saturday. Its been quite a while since she has redden a males ass. Your mistress is right, males become very selfish and need to be reminded they are inferior. Its a shame your wife can not handout your punishment. You should explan to her your inferior. Women do understand, sometimes they need to be reminded. nick I feel you would be an excellent slave, you already know your status. Its a shame males are born with thosen disgusting dicks and balls. But then again females wouldn't have anything to punish.

MichelleApr 02 2008 1:14pm
Ms. Michelle, most respectfully, is it not necessary to bring males into the world in order to replenish the future supply of household slaves. Also Ma'am, would you not wish to pass on your dominant genes to a daughter. Most respectfully, did your husband also grow up in a Female Led household and did Your Mother purchase him for You from his Mother?

obedient husbandApr 03 2008 6:37pm
obedient husband, yes I agree we (meaning females) do need males as household slaves. But my hubby's penis being so small I did not want this to be past off to another male. Small penis on males is unacceptable. I would guess your is also tiny. I can instill into a female child in adoption female domination. My husband did not grow up in a female dominated household. He accepted this during our courtship. He is totally female dominated, and knows he is nothing more than a second class citizen. He also knows that males can not make decissions on their own because they do not have the brains to know right from wrong. Their brain is that tiny dick that hangs between their legs. That is why hubby wears a c*ck lock, the only purpose his dick is used for is to pee. Remember you are only a male.

MichelleApr 03 2008 7:57pm
Dear Ms Michelle, to correspond to You is a real pleasure for me! i wish You were my Mistress... i'm sure Your strictness and belt (or whatever You would prefer to beat my behind) would make me a perfect slave quite soon! Ms. Michelle, You were absolutely right when You made all money earned by Your hubby go to Your account. We males are rarely able to use it for anything better than beer or pornograghy. Your wise words that our dick and balls make us males inferior only confirm my childish feelings that this tool which hangs between my legs makes me, as i thought at that time, not so perfect as Girls look. It must be this thought that then made me come to conclusion that we boys/males are inferior to Girls/Women in all other aspects, too (except only for rude physical strength). Ms. Michelle, to sterilize Your hubby was a wise decision, too -- hope he won't have any problem with his prostate gland and it means that You won't need to spend Your money on this. But i guess that now You are free to find a submissive guy who would be able to help You to have Your own daughter... Though, of course, it is only You who is able to make such complex decision, i'm too stupid for this. Ms. Michelle, Your kit of punishing tools is good. My Mistress prefers a belt (it is the belt from my own trousers) and it usually marks my behind with bruises which remind me constantly of my lower status. Ms. Michelle, i?m glad very much that You decided to allow Your Mother to punish Your hubby the nearest Saturday. It must increase his submissiveness to ALL Women and will give Your Mother a nice practice, i?m sure She will be grateful to You. Wouldn?t You mind to tell us here the next day as many details as possible: say, the tool You will choose, the position You?ll make him stay, whether he?ll wriggle a lot, and how many bruises will remain on his poor bum. Please tell him that he ought to be proud that his Mother-in-law will whip him and that if he is not able to stay still You?ll repeat the punishment. As for me, i must confess i'm not married yet. And if i were, i guess that my Wife would not permit Her property (i.e. me) to be belted by any other Lady. Ms. Michelle, You are right -- our dicks and balls are really disgusting, but on the same time they are a nice place for Women to kick and squeeze them to show us inferior males who is the real boss in this world. Please forgive me for such a long post...

Nick NApr 03 2008 11:11pm
nick, sorry I am not a mistress. I just pratice female domination in my family. My hubby will not have problems with his prostrate. Sterlization has nothing to do with that. Sterlization of males in my opinion is a must do. Think how many unplanned pregnancies there are because men have no sense as to what that silly piece of flesh is for. Self gratification is all men think about. Never the consequences that with that loaded gun they will cause a women great harm. Any male that gets a women pregnant should be jailed, a hearing set, and testified by that women. The results of that hearing if found guilty sentencing would be immediate castration of both his balls and removal of his dick. Sterlization of my hubby was in a way castration. Yes he still has his nuts but they can cause no harm. His dick is locked up in a chasity cage to prevent erections. All males should be controlled in such a way. that is my thoughts and that is the way it is in my household. I will update you on the Saturday nite event. Up till today hubby has been a pretty good boy all week. Mother will be over, but I am not sure if there is just reason for a punishment session. Time will tell.

MichelleApr 04 2008 4:34pm
Dear Ms. Michelle, i'm so sorry that my words made You a harm :(. As an inferior being i should be punished for this, i do know it... Believe me, i feel so sorry! Ms. Michelle, the way You suggest controlling unplanned pregnancies is quite nice though rather harsh to us males. But if it were realized in this way, we would behave much more responsible! As for a chastity devices, frankly speking, it's where i feel a real fear... Yes, You are absolutely right -- it's the best way to control our primitive brains and behaviour. As for a reason to punish Your hubby on Saturday, i believe that You don't need it if You want to punish him. You can just tell him that he has been a good boy for the last week and You want him to be the same the next week and just to make him remember it You are going to belt him, and since Your Mother is here, You want to be sure that he respects Her and feels submissive to Her as well, and that's why You ask Her to belt him Herself. Or something like that. At least my Mistress never finds a reason to belt me. i simply know that a week is over and my behind shall be tanned and marked with bruises. These bruises will remind for the next week who am i and who is the Boss. Please forgive me if i has told You anything rude again...

Nick NApr 04 2008 11:22pm
nick, Wanted to update you on hubby's Saturday. Mother stopped by and I asked her if she would like to stay for supper, and the reading of hubbys offensives. I also told her I was going to release him out of his chasity cage so he could jack himself off. It has been 9 days and he earned it. She said gladly. Hubby prepared a wonderful dinner, with desert. After the table had been cleared and Mother and I were on the back porch. I told him to strip and I would unlock him. He had 10 minutes to entertain us. As I was taking off his cage his dick was already rising. He grab hold of his c*ck and within 5 minutes he had shot his spunk. I have a special cup just for his waste. He digested it and licked the cup clean. His tiny erection had now withered to his normal nub.I had Mother put his cage back on, which really humilated him. He stood before Mother and I. I told him that he had been a very good boy this week, but it had been a long time since Mother had handed out swats. So I had decided to let Mother give him 13 swats with her choice of instruments. Hubby's face turned white, he had thought he was getting off with a free cum, nothing more. Mother decided on a wooden paddle, and she had him bend over and grab his ankles. Mother told him to count aloud the swats. I must say to sit in the chair with him bent over, his balls just hanging there was quite a site. This was a view I normally don't get. Mother began, and I could see in her face she was going to enjoy this. Hubby counted the swats she was on 11 and his ass was beat red. He began to sob, but what came next really surprised me. Mother had missed his ass and caught the back of his ball sack. He let out a scream that had actually scared me. He dropped to the floor holding his balls. Mother calmly said she was sorry, and had missed his ass. He struggled to get up, holding himself. Mother said "don't be such a baby" you stll have one more swat. He managed to get up on his feet. She then placed the final swat on his ass. By now his tears were running down his face. He stood before us not knowing what to rub his ass or his balls. Mother said he would have 1 hr corner time. While he stood in the corner Mother and I talked. She thanked me for allowing her to do something she had not done since father passed. She said she enjoyed it. After the hour was up, Mother permitted hubby to pee. He was the sent to his bedroom where he was to remain naked. He is in bed now and I am sure he is still crying. Mother has gone and I will retire shortly. Its been quite a evening.

MichelleApr 05 2008 1:06pm
Ms. Michelle, I have an average sized penis I guess. Wife enjoys playing with it. You seem to be a truely powerful Woman who knows how to keep a male in line. Wife never had Her mother beat me but She has loaned me out to powerfully built Women in the past who administered severe discipline to my behind.

obedient husbandApr 05 2008 5:15pm
obedient husband, what do you feel is an average size dick? Yes I am powerful and I do keep my hubby in place. Its a mans place to be kept in line by a female. How do you feel when your wife loans you out? How do they punish you? You sound like you know your place. How would you feel if your wife wanted you in a chasity device to prevent erections? What if she choose to have your tubes snipped, how would you feel? Castrated? My husband agrees to what ever I say. Its best for him, I know.

MichelleApr 05 2008 6:18pm
Dear Ms. Michelle, thank You very much for such a wonderful story. I'm sure, Your Mother is grateful to You, as well. As for Your hubby, internally he is surely grateful to You, too. I believe that the true submissiveness is when a male does know that he hasn't done anything wrong but nevertheless is ready to receive a strict punishment from his Wife (or Mistress) simply because he is an inferior being and ought to be reminded about it from time to time. Frankly speaking, i cannot boast that i myself do it well. There is a woman whom i help, and sometimes She scolds me though i try to do my best. Sometimes i cannot but help feeling offended and tell Her something rude, but the next moment i feel very sorry and beg Her to forgive me and in some cases She punishes me with a belt but more often She does not and this is even worse. Ms. Michelle, Your description of Your hubby's behaviour just after his ball sack was accidentally hit is wonderful! Reading it i remembered my feelings when my Mistress accidentally hits my ball sack. Often She orders me to kneel before Her and then to go down on all fours and She squeezes my head between Her knees and has a nice access to my behind with Her belt (er... actually it's the belt from my trousers). And sometimes the belt hits me right along my ass cleft and its tip hits my ball sack. It hasn't been very painful yet but i feel such an awful fear that it can be damaged! Indeed our ball sacks are the weakest spot in us males. And though it looks rather disgusting i'm grateful to the Mother Nature that it gave You Superior Women such an easy way to control us inferior males. Ms. Michelle, i'm glad that You and Your Mother liked that evening and i'm sure You will continue allowing Her from time to time to punish Your hubby. Your delight makes it worth doing. As for Your hubby, additonal portion of submission is always useful for him, too. We here always wait for Your new stories, too (i beleive that obedient husband also likes them).

Nick NApr 05 2008 10:13pm
nick and obedient husband, I have enjoyed sharing my submissive hubby to both of you. Mother truly enjoyed Saturday, I spoke to her today. Hubby on the other hand spent the nite locked in his bedroom. He remained naked till this morning when I unlocked the door. He had to hold his pee all nite, because there is no bathroom. He rushed to the bathroom where I heard a stream for at least a minute. He returned back to the bedroom where I had laid out a pair of shorts and a shirt. He quickly dressed, but his ass stll showed signs of his spanking. I am sure his ass will be red for today. He starts another week, but after he cums he is very good, at least the begining of the week. Time will tell

MichelleApr 06 2008 2:12pm
Dear Ms. Michelle, reading Your stories is a real delight both for me and -- i'm sure -- for obedient husband. I must confess that while reading Your stories i envy Your poor hubby. Seems that Your training made him a really useful obedient male. I know after myself that nothing improves our malish behaviour better than a good sound spanking. BTW, You say that after You unlocked Your hubby's bedroom he RUSHED to the bathroom. I wonder if had showed the proper respect to You before rushing? I mean, did he kneel before You and ask timidly whether You allow him to go to the bathroom? If he did not do it, we can harly say that he respects You thoroughly. Rather his respect is weaker that his own needs. I can imagine that in a similar case my Mistress would kick my ass two or three times with Her full strength. Of course, if at that moment She wouldn't have a belt in Her hand...

Nick NApr 07 2008 4:31am
nick, I would be very careful what you wish for. You envy my hubby, but believe me I can be a bitch at times. He is obedient and knows he must do everything I tell him to do. No hubby did not kneel, but did request to pee.He was dancing around holding his little c*ck cage. I know he had to go, and very badly. I quickly gave my permission, as I do understand and am sympatic. He is not allow any privacy so the bathroom door remains open. He has adapted a way to stand while peeing. The first year he had to sit on the toilet, I allow him to stand providing he keeps his stream in the bowl. Hubby respects me as would you, because I control not only his tiny dick but his life. I think you need to see your mistress for a good spanking. Does she control your silly male orgasm? I firmly believe all females, Mothers, Wives, Sisters, and Daughters show have an active role in a man dick and balls. They need to make decissions as to how a male should function. Or if he is not allowed to function surgery should be performed. A penis is a very dangerous weapon in the hands of a male, not so in the hands of a female. Females need to understand this, and I believe today they are taking control. I believe in the future matriarch will control males and at birth males will be evaluated as to their fate. So I ask you are you free to jack off at your will? Do you feel its a males decission to do so or a females? Again becareful what you wish for. Hubby does not have that luxury. I do.

Ms. MichelleApr 07 2008 5:54am
Ms. Michelle, Ma'am, I am honored that You have chosen to ask me so many questions. I will attempt to answer in the order they were asked, I consider an average sized penis to be about six to seven inches when erect. When Wife loans me out I feel a sex object and like a piece of property. Generally I have been loaned to powerfully built Women with heavy hands. I feel a mixture of fear and sexual stimulation and my butt cheeks usually clench as I am traveling to meet the Woman who is borrowing me. The Women usually administer severe corporal discipline to my bare behind and Wife enjoys inspecting the marks after I have been returned and often overlays them with strokes of her own. When I entered Wife's service it was as a complete slave with no contract or safe words. When we were married as part of the legal official ceremony I took a vow to love honor and obey, and the judge pronounced us Woman and husband. Wife's power over me is total and absolute. If She wished to put me in a chasty device or castrate me that would be Her decision and not mine to question. Wife is a good deal older than I am and when I was first taken She was a mature Woman and I was a toy boy. She is beyond childbearing years so the issue of sterilization has not come up. Most respectfully Ma'am, I hope that in answering Your questions I have pleased you and you will permit me to ask questions. I would love to know how the height and weight of Yourself and Your Mother compared to that of Your husband and father. Your advice to Nick, who apparently is not a completely owned male, also makes sense. I would not change my life for anything but Wife's verbal and physical discipline can often be a heavy yoke. Wife occasionally loans me to a Priestess of the Goddess who owns two husbands. I have seen the video of Her marriage to Her senior husband. She whipped him during the ceremony to remind him he would have to bear Her wrath for the rest of his life and then had his penis pierced and inserted Her wedding ring into his penis. Fortunately my wedding day discipline was limited to a severe caning, which Wife repeats each anniversary.

obedient husbandApr 07 2008 5:32pm
Dear Ms. Michelle, thank You very much for Your advice not to envy Your hubby too much. I do realise that real life with real discipline, chores and punishments is usually not so bright for a submale as it may have seemed to him before he begins it. But the fact is that at the time being i'm neither a hubby or a full-time slave. That's why i wish so much to icrease my servitude to a Woman. I feel that maybe soon i'll have to part with my nowadays' Mistress :(. Yesterday a Lady asked me to pump up a tyre of Her car today. We have been chumming up for a while... Unfortunately She is not a Femdom Lady yet, but She is a businesswoman and much richer than me, so i hope She will be able to be a real Dominant Woman after i present Her this lifestyle. As for whether my Mistress controls my silly male orgasms, She enjoys looking at my jerkings. Last time She was even beating me with the belt while i was jerking. Frankly speaking, the swats were not very strong (it was in the lavatory where i knelt down before the pan and the was not much place for good swats with the belt), so i enjoyed the sensation very much. But the next time She may choose a tougher tool... As for jacking off at my will, She has not told me anything about it yet but i dare not do it without Her order because i'm not able for more than one orgasm a week and if i'm not able to show Her my body jerking and She may guess, i'm dare not imagine Her anger and my poor bum condition after it... She hasn't try to do it Herself yet. On the whole, i believe that the best variant for us submales would be milking because there's something wrong in enjoying it. Ms. Michelle, i'm glad that Your hubby showed You the proper respect before going to the bathroom. BTW, i suppose that peeing while kneeling before the w.c.pan is a good alternative to sitting. I also wonder have You ever beat Your hubby's behind during his jerking? This may be a form of bonus for him -- if his behaviour was extremely good.

Nick NApr 08 2008 1:13am
obedient husband, to answer your questions Your average size penis is in your opinion 6 to 7 inches erect. Dream on you silly male. There are very few dicks that measure that. Except in a males mind. You must be looking thru a magnifying glass. Your wife has the rifght idea to loan you out. You give females the opportunity (who may not have the option to own a man) to excercise their power in a beating. I enjoy the fact your wife then doubles up on your ass. Great idea. In addition your ceremony in marriage also sounds like your wife is a true believer in female domination I applaud her. I do believe if I had the opportunity to talk with her, I would recomend that she would have you sterlized. It gives a women the sense of power and it gives the male a sense of castration my height is 5'8" my weight is around 168 lbs. my Mother is 5'5' her weight around 175 lbs. Hubby is around 5' 10" his weight around 200lbs. he is quite over weight. father was around 5' 8" weight around 185lbs. I like the idea your Wife includes in your anniversary each year a caning. She should increase the lashes each year and have your silly dick pierced. After all its just a useless piece of flesh that shows your inferiority, along with your nuts.

Ms. MichelleApr 08 2008 7:21am
nick n I believe you will find a dominant female their are more out there than you would believe . You must be honest, tell this lady that you are in need of a strong female because you are a weak male that needs guidence. Most females enjoy watching a male pull on his silly dick. Its quite hummorous, seeing them humilate themselves. Having only one orgasm a week shows you are almost at the point of impotency. A strong female could easly control a male that has sexual problems. I would guess your erection are straining for you to have a half decent hard on. Yes she would know you have been jacking off behind her back. You best keep your hands off that silly dick of yours. As far as milkings I have read about it. I think it would be a good idea, but I have never tried it. Like I have stated hubby has no privacy in the bathroom. Mother and I both enjoy the humilation when he must do "all" his business with an audience. I have never beat hubbys ass during his jerkings, I am sure he would loose concentration as he has trouble at times just jerking. I believe he is slowly becoming impotent which is very humiliting to him, not being able to father children and not achieving an erection. what good are his c*ck and balls now.

Ms. MichelleApr 08 2008 7:40am
Ms. Michelle, thank you for responding Ma'am. The Females to whom Wife loans me are a little taller and/or heavier than You are although You certainly have a strong build and I am sure, a heavy hand to match. I am periodically given to S who is 5"10" 190 lbs. and who can be quite severe. I was also loaned to N who is only 5"7" but weighed about 250. After taking me to a hotel and using me, I could feel my behind burning as N drove me back to where I had left my car. And yes Ma'am, I do have about six erect inches and my understanding is that this is about average. Do You ever loan Your husband out to other Women?

obedient husbandApr 09 2008 7:03pm
obedient husband, could you desribe here how Mrs. N used you in the hotel?

Nick NApr 10 2008 1:00am
obedient husband, & nick. Hubby has never been loaned out and I would not do this to him. Mother has had him over to her house to do manul labor, dress in minimum attire. Yes I have a strong build and have defeated hubby many times. I am sure I could easily defeat both of you. I laugh at your six erect inches. My guess when limp is 2. Six inches is not average, males dream that. Like nick, obedient husband you are impotent with tiny weak erections, that can not satisfy a female. Your disguising masterbation habits are all you can perform. An weak at that. You both should be locked in a c*ck cage, like hubby.

Ms MichelleApr 10 2008 5:57am
Dear Ms. Michelle, surely You could easily defeat me simply because i would not be able to do anything against You. But You could even simpler order me to kneel down and i'd be unable to resist Your will. Actually, as an inferior creature i have no right to resist Your will. Ms. Michelle, You may not believe me, but when i imagine how my Mistress will belt and kick me the next time, my erection is quite strong (or at least it seems to me so). Though when She really takes the belt in Her hand, my prick becomes rather limp because of my fear before Her. The next time it becomes strong comes when She orders me me to kneel before the lavatory pan and to jack off but i come very soon... Ms. Michelle, You are right: i realise that to lock me would be the best way to deal with me, but this perspective looks awful to me... Anyhow, i hope that that Lady will be a strict Wife and will deal with me properly. Ms. Michelle, i'm glad that You send Your hubby to Your Mother to do manual labour. But how do You punish him if he did not satisfy Your Mother? I'd recommend to whip him right in the presence of Your Mother. BTW, are You going to invite You Mother this Saturday and to ask Her to whip Your hubby again? I guess it would be a great delight for Her. PS. Ms. Michelle, may i ask You whether You have visited the sites i put in my previous post?

Nick NApr 10 2008 12:21pm
nick, you are right you are inferior because of your dick and balls. You are a simple male who has no rights. Yes I mention to my Mother if she would like to come by for dinner on Saturday, and she accepted. Hubby did a good job For my mother, so there was no need for punishment. Hubby was in the shower on Wed. nite and I peeked in on him (he did not know I was there) and I caught him rubbing his pathetic dick thru his chasity cage. I yelled at him and he knew he was caught. Last time he did a stunt like that I made him put Ben Gay ointment on his dick and balls. He also had to put some down his piss hole, which must have really burned him. I made him keep it on for 20 minutes. His useless male appendix was a very, very bright red. That was almost a year ago. So he knows he is going to be in trouble on Saturday. Playing with his tiny dick is a big 'no-no' in my house. I will have to discuss with Mother what punishment we should give out. I have been thinking maybe a drug to chemically castrate him, which I could easily obtain thru my physican. (who is also female).Of course silly hubby will not know I will sneak it in his food. Mother and I will talk before Saturday.

Ms MichelleApr 10 2008 1:03pm
OMG, Ms. Michelle, You are so strict indeed! But having imagined myself in this awful sinuation, i dare to beg You with all my heart: pleeeeze don't castrate him!!! For after this castration he who is now a pretty and useful pet may turn to a pale and uninitiative creature with only a weak wish to serve You. Better please buy a whip and let Your Mother punish him very severely and then You order him to jack off and whip him during his jerking to make him remember that this is strictly prohibited to do without Your direct permission. Plus You can warn him that You can make this chemical castration whenever You want and without even informing him -- if he contunue doing such disgusting things. But OTOH it's a nice reason to punish him more often and more severely! BTW, if he is a bit fat, You should decrease his meal. Say, You may put into Your plate a bit more that You are going to eat and then leave some for him, making him kneel behind the table and lick the plates with his tongue (he must train this main organ we inferior males have!) Ms. Michelle, please forgive me for being bold enough to dare making You some advices...

Nick NApr 11 2008 5:30am
Nick, Ms. N picked me up by prearrangement in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot and took me in Her car to a hotel. Since She was the only form of transportation back to my car I was Her prisoner with no choice but to obey. She had already discussed with Wife the limits Wife placed on my use so within those parameters Her authority over me that night was absolute. The room She rented for us had a jacuzzi and She ordered me to strip and to bathe in the jacuzzi before Her. She then disrobed from the waist down and ordered me to orally service Her until She came. She then gave me a severe paddling on my bare behind and ordered me to orally serve Her again. She then drove me back to my car. Ms. Michelle, I agree with Nick. If Wife gave me to You for Your amusement I would of course submit to Your slightest whim and You would not have to "overpower" me. You do sound like You have a magnificant Female build and an aggressive nature to match that would compel obedience. N was somewhat larger than You and certainly gave me a beating. But I imagine I would feel Your strength on my rear for a number of days after You returned me to Wife. Thank You for deigning to respond to me.

obedient husbandApr 11 2008 7:44pm
to obdient husband: I wish Her had severely paddled you right during your making oral service to Her -- that would have been a real challenge for you! :)

Nick NApr 11 2008 11:04pm
That would have been a bit difficult for Her to manage. I have often wondered what it would feel like to be orally servicing a Woman at the same time another Woman was giving me a paddling.

obedient husbandApr 14 2008 7:16pm
to obedient husband: But what's the problem? She can sit down on the very edge of a sofa and you can be put on your fours between Her legs. In this position She can effectively beat your behind with a belt or a paddle. And if you strts wriggling, She should grip you (or at least your head) between Her gorgeous legs. But the veriant when another Lady is paddling you is interesting, too. I would agree on it without hesitation (though my opinion is here the last to be taken into account).

Nick NApr 14 2008 10:19pm
Looks like something has happened to Ms. Michelle... But let's hope that She and Her Mother did whip Her hubby in the proper way -- till he's unable to sit down. We inferior males really don't understand any other language than tanning our behinds!

Nick NApr 19 2008 11:02pm
PLEASE if u are a man in chastity or have been in chastity PLEASE email me at I really need to talk to another guy in my situation

GavinMay 31 2008 3:40pm
Gavin, I have been in chasity for 9 years now. My wife has controled by my dick since before we have been married. I agreed to this before my wife, her mother, and two sisters. I stood naked at plan parenthood with all of them in attendence as I under went sterlization. I was then fitted with my c*ck cage and all 4 have keys. I am allowed to jack off only in humilating ways as they make fun of my useless dick. Mother has told me someday they plan on castrating my balls. My sister inlaw is a physican and I really think they will do it. So everyday I look at my balls thinking that someday they will not be hanging between my legs. Chasity is real for me and I think they day I am castrated I will be free of my c*ck cage. Maybe loosing my balls isn't such a bad idea. At least my dick will hang free. P.S. My mother in law supervised me write this article.

One looked up maleJun 06 2008 5:57pm
This poll is very sick, like so many other polls on this sick web site.

AnonymousAug 20 2008 10:23pm
Hello to all, my name is Gavin, my wife would like me to me in chastity, she has ordered a CB something, the only thing is I really need to talk to some guys that a REALLY in chastity. I honestky don't belive half the bs comments. IF U R REAL and think u can help me out with this pls email me at I would be very nice to be able to talk to another guy about what really goes on and what I can expect from this now life....

whatupwithu@hotmail.comAug 26 2008 5:14pm
Iam from a country were in our culture it is very normal for men to be in chastity. Iam 24 and was put in chastity as a child at age 11. I have two older brothers 24 27 that were also in chastity sice they were young. Also my father wears a chastity device. To me this was all very nornal, I didn't give it another thought. Once a month we were all (my brothers and father) milked thriugh out prostate, and on our birthdays we were permited to masterbate. My older brother just got married, and his key was given to his brid. He tells me she let's him out a lot but not always. As I said it was pretty much a normal thing as all the people we know were like us. The only embarasing part was when my female cuz turned 15 she was allowed to help my mother milk us, she is 4 yrs younger so that was when I was 18. It was hard to be milked my her but it was what is was. That's untill I came to america last year and got the shock of my life. No one gets me here, and I don't even get me... What kind of a life do I have? I want to respect my family but I thibk I want this thing off of me. I should be able to masterbate when ever the hell I want... They talk about god and masterbating as being a sin but f*ck it he gave me this penis and I want to use it.

aliAug 26 2008 5:35pm
ali, I truly enjoyed reading your story. I agree once males are subject to chasity, it will be a common pratice. Males need to have their penis under control, because of their inability to control their desires. Being milked is a common pratice and males would quickly adjust to this type of release. When your birthday arrived were you permitted to masterbate in front of the entire family? In your country is castration praticed? I completely approve of this lifestyle for males. Please share more info about your lifestyle.

CindyAug 30 2008 5:19am
Gavin, I have controlled my husband penis for over 17 years, well before we were married. He has been in several chasity devices and curently modeling the CB 6000. His penis has been circumcised to my wish but is quite small so when he is able to achieve a partial erection he has some room in the tube to expand. He is never permitted out of the device except when one of two females is present. My mother and I, we both have keys. He has adapted very well with his penis under lock. He must sit to pee and showers with his organ locked up. I wish him to undergo non reversable sterlization during our first year of marriage. I did not want children and thought to sterlize him I would control his functions evern more. He had his tubes snipped and his balls serve no purpose. We milk him once a month and at the begining his penis would be erect. Now many times his penis is only in the limp stage when he dribbles. He produces a steady stream of clear fluid from his prostrate that is more like a urine stream. I allowed him to masturbate in our early stages of our marriage, but he has to been allowed for the last 9 years. He is kept naked around the house inside and out. Our friends visit and he is quite comfortable in his state. I realize this is not a common pratice with most couples, but I feel women should control their husbands penises.

MargaretAug 30 2008 5:45am
Ms. Margaret,if you deign to answer this mere male, do you use corporal discipline on your husband and are you and your Mother more powerfully built than he is?

obedient husbandSep 01 2008 5:48pm
Men, step up and submit your woman, she will like it more, women like michelle are merely testing men to see how much he will give in, step up, put her on the floor and show her who is boss. Of course a woman should never dominate in the bedroom at least not the majority of the time therefore i train everyday so i am able to pin her or tell a woman i will pin her up against the wall and be physically dominant with her. Of course its about both people in the relationship being truly happy but man should remain strong. Furthermore this is completely ridiculous and the majority of women i have met prefer to be physically dominated but like independence and a hand in decisions outside the bedroom but controlling someones lifestyle and finacial income is ridiculous, i hardly ever buy females anything, aybe a card on a birthday if they are lucky i remembered.

Feminazi pwnerSep 26 2008 7:12am
It seems to me Michelle is very much dealing with psychological distress from an earlier corrupted childhood, in situtations like these it is very tragic to see such a person corrupted or misled by bad parents into an illogical and hateful mindset. I would advise her to seek councelling.

Dr.John KramerSep 26 2008 7:18am
I have done a statistic experiment, I have selected the dominant females, (520) from the different sites like and others. Try to eliminate fakes. Only 18% of this dominant females are thinking on male chastity, the rest do not bother and some dislike it. Interesting, as younger the females are as more interested are into male chastity and bisexuell females are more interested in male chastity than others

Curious about femalesNov 02 2008 7:36am
I was able to escape one of these tormented relaionships. It started out as a friendship, then she invited to her home for supper one evening. She knocked me out with a drug in my food. The next day when I came to, I was naked, restrained, completely shaven, and I was locked into a chastity device. She came into my cage, or cell. She whipped me, shocked me, humiliated me, and eventually paraded my nakedness in front of all of her female friends. I was told that I would never again be allowed to wear clothing, that I would not have any privacy, and that fom this day forward, I was her property, and no longer considered human. I do not know how long this went on before I decided that I had nothing to lose, and when you have nothing to lose you become dangerous. One morning she came into my cage to wake me, she had the electic wand in her hand. I overpowered her, dragged her into her office, and strapped her to her chair She cofessed all into a video camera. I took the tape, the key to the chastity device,and my clothes. I borrowed from her, $3000.00 dollars, and her car, got a lawyer, and turned the tape over to him. The woman is now being held in a secure care facility, and to my knowledge will never be released. I am under a therapists care because of the abuse I suffered. Life is looking pretty good again, except for the nightmares. The woman in question was very well off, my lawyer suggested that we sue her for mental and emotional abuse, as well as physical. I figure that I was well paid for my time.

Bob M.Nov 04 2008 10:55am
Bob, you really should have endured some more (say, two or three years) and at last you'd have been accustomed to this wonderful lifestyle and even would have started enjoying it! :)

Nick NNov 18 2008 12:00pm
Nick: Not very bloody likely. I gave a brief overview of what happenned, it was a criminal act against me, and she has paid and is paying for it. That so called superior female is under lock and key, and eating her meals with plastic utensils, while living in a room with rubber wallpaper.

Bob.MNov 18 2008 12:28pm
bob m. Its a shame she did not castrate your balls. Then slice off that tiny pitful penis you have.

LindaDec 04 2008 11:05am
Linda, all I know is that she is where she belongs, and I am out walking free. Your comment to me is very immature since you do not know me. The woman in question was charged with breaking the laws of this land, and violating my rights, she was brought up in front of a judge, (a female judge) to face these charges, and she was found guilty.

Bob M.Dec 05 2008 1:42am
Bob M, beside law written on paper we all should have some laws imprinted in our minds. One of them must be that Women as Superior genger must have more rights than we males. It's pity that you were unable to pass your first test. OTOH maybe she dealt too harshly with you from the very beginning. As a Superior creature she should have guessed that if a male has no feeling of his inferiority, then she should lead him slowly and cautiously in this magnificent FemDom world.

Nick NDec 13 2008 10:29pm
Right on Nick, its great to know we women have reached some males. Women are superior, men can not even control that tiny piece of flesh between your legs. When a male is born the first decision the mother makes is to have his penis circumcised or not. From the very begining a male gentials are controled by females. More female doctors are performing this simple procedure, within the very near future women will decide castration. Males that are born with unacceptable penises will undergo circumcision and the castration of their balls. Most women control men with family planning , they are sent to undergo sterlization. Another simple procedure. All procedures performed on males are quite simple. Why is castration such a big deal to a man. Giving up your balls is simple. Let women control your silly penis. There will nolonger be unplanned births, no more rape on women and children, your penis and balls are dangerous. Women will control your simple weapon. Just believe we know best, because we women do know what is best for a male, his penis and his balls.

LindaDec 14 2008 5:57pm
Linda, In the kind of relationship that you are talking about. What would be in it for me?

Bob M.Dec 16 2008 9:11am
Linda, My question should have read, "What would be in it for any male"?

Bob M.Dec 17 2008 1:32pm
Bob M. To serve the Female. What else is there for a male? That is his sole job.

LindaDec 17 2008 2:44pm
Linda, You must be kidding! Not much of a deal, however, to each his own. I know that I am worth more than that.

Bob M.Dec 17 2008 7:44pm
Sorry, bob that is all you or any male is worth.

LindaDec 18 2008 5:38am
Linda, Nice try, but since you do not know me, or the male population. How in the world can you make such a stupid assumption? I know, because it is a stupid assumption.

Bob M.Dec 18 2008 10:46am
No, Bob, what Ms Linda told you is not stupid at all. Serving our Superior Women is really the only purpose of our gender existing on this globe. You see, in my youth I too supposed that I had something more important and grandiose in my life to do. But then it struck me that it is only Women who give life to all people on this globe and if we want to keep it, then we ought to care about them who give it. And with our semen we only help them to produce genetic diversity, nothing more. So if the Woman you serve doesn't need any more your genetic material, you doesn't need your balls either. Even more - I'd better be deprived of them because in this case you'll not represent danger to rape any Woman, plus you won't suffer of unrealized wishes. But castration has one big minus - it cannot be reversed. So chastity devices are ideal here to keep us inferior males locked when our Mistresses don't need our fleshy pieces. Ms Linda, i sincerely tried to do my best to give poor Bob some simple logic. You know, ma'am, we inferior males are so stupid that we are unable to accept a truth right now, no - we must to build a logical combination to prove to ourselves that this truth is really truth! Please, ma'am, forgive me if i made some mistakes in my explanation. I'm always ready to accept new wise thoughts from You.

Nick NDec 20 2008 12:33pm
Nick N.- I would never allow another person to treat me that way, male or female. That one woman that tried that with me(I wrote about that earlier)is now locked up because of the charges I brought against her. If you want to live that kind of pathetic lifestyle, go right ahead. I do not understand how any person can allow another to treat them in such a victimizing fashion.

Bob.MDec 20 2008 3:22pm
Bob M, you too surely can the way you prefer. The difference is... well... let's imagine a group of people - let it be, say, a department at a factory. There some people like learning and receiving new knowledges, mastering new equipment. Whereas the majority is satisfied with what they already know and master. So if you are a worker who prefer old knowledge and equipment, then there's nothing wrong with it, but don't forget that year after year this group becomes smaller and smaller, more and more archaic... these old workers fel more and more isolated -- and at last they are resigned!

Nick NDec 23 2008 11:57am
Nick N-Did you think of that one all by yourself?? I cannot fathom a human being standing for being treated like that, but to each his own. The thought of it sickens me.

Bob M.Dec 23 2008 3:23pm
Bob M, my opinion is that to be beaten by a man is a not very pleasant thing indeed, whereas after being belted by my Mistress I have very positive feelings: this is how it must be and all welts and bruises on my ass help me to become a better person, a man more usefull for Women. And i'm vry grateful to Her for Her correcting my behaviour and my attitude to Her. Do you see, Bob, where the difference is? My today's situation and your yesterday's one is more or less similar: we both are/were beaten by a Woman. The difference is that it was against your will, so you suffered immensely; whereas I'm beaten according to my wish, so I enjoy it. So, to switch from suffering to pleasure you should only change your wish! This is not so easy but Paris is worth a mass, believe me! :-)

Nick NDec 26 2008 7:44am
Nick N. - I guess that I do not understand your lifestyle, and I really don't want to. I guess it has to be, live and let live. To me it is nothing short of abuse, and I will not stand for that in MY life.

Bob M.Dec 27 2008 6:53am
Okay, Bob. Then the question is: what do you do in this forum? Oh, of course, you are free to visit any forum with a free acess, but it seems to me that the majority of local forum members support my lifestyle more or less. You'll hardly find here a thankful audience to support you and to cure your spiritual wounds.

Nick NDec 30 2008 4:25am
my wife caught me cheating and the only way she would maintain our marriage was me agreeing to wear a chastity belt. so i have been in a cb-3000 for the last four years because of my own stupidity. it only comes off when my wife agrees to have sex, and then right back on afterwards.i don`t like wearing it,i don`t like sitting to pee, a stay in hospital was very humilating when nurses had to sit me on a bedpan to pee.when i complain to my wife her answer is when you make your bed you have to lie in it, she also points out that it was my decision to have sex with another woman.she also points out that she can`t control my brain or decision making, but can and will control my penis for as long as the marriage penis is in prison with no chance of parole.

dave taylorMar 11 2009 12:56pm
my situation is very similar to dave taylors, only my wife only requires me to be belted when i leave the house. i think dave should also have that option. you could call it a parshial parole. is their any one else who agrees or disgrees with me. comments are welcome.

bill beatonMar 11 2009 1:21pm
my thoughts on bill beaton`s comment regarding dave taylors situation is this. his wife caught him cheating and to save the marriage,she probaly agreed not to leave him if he agreed to wear a chastity belt.daves wife got it right, his dick should be under lock and key home and away. he should stop complaining and be very gratefull she removes the device to engage in lovemaking.his penis locked up, the inconviences and humilation it causes should be a constant reminder of why he is wearing a chastity device to begin with. that reminder should not stop just because he is home. dave you broke one agreement when you cheated,so stop complaining, be a man and live up to your agreement to wear a chastity device. if i were bill beatons wife he would also be wearing his device full time. there is no real punishment in wearing a device part time.

donnaMar 12 2009 3:27am
anybody else out there in agreement with donna`s comments ?

bill beatonMar 12 2009 3:37am
yes bill there is. i left my husband after finding out he was having an affair with another women. several weeks later he called me saying that after being seperated , he realized he still loved me and would do and agree to any conditions i wanted for us to get back together. i told him that the trust would never be there again and that the only way i would agree to come back is he would have to agree to wearing a male chastity device full time. i said i would order a device of my choise and the day we get back together , the first little deed to be completed would be locking up his penis.the cb i chose was one called the houdini, all stainless steel device with an adjustable cuff. it fit great, no problems and i know i enjoyed the sound of the lock closing more than my husband did. that was three years ago. the only complaint i get from him is when we go on trips, at air ports he sets off the metal detectors and has to go to a private area with security agents to show them why. he complains that he finds that very humilating, but i always says not as humilated as i was when i found out he was having an in conclusion, as long as were together as man and wife houdini will be doing the job. the day he doesn`t want to wear the cb anymore is the day the marriage ends. P S he wears it full time at home,it is only removed for my needs or cleaning.

marie sMar 13 2009 3:24am
Ms donna, i, an inferior male, do completely agree with You. Ms marie s, You surely did the best thing You could in this situation! Dave taylor and bill beaton, you both have no moral right to complain of the way your wonderful wise Wives chose to deal with you! I'd only recommend Them to add a maintenance spanking. A harsh belting or whipping would be a good remainder to you both about your lower status in your marriages. Bill beaton, your Wife is too kind when She permits you to be at home without your cb.

AnonymousMar 16 2009 4:59am
Sorry, I forgot to type my name after the previous post -- Nick N

Nick NMar 16 2009 5:02am
i am one of those cheating husbands who also wears a chastity device to keep the marriage together. i dont see any reason for having to wear it full time. my wife only requires me to wear it when i leave the house, any reason. the only time i have to be secure at home is those times when my wife is out or away from home. before she leaves, she asks me to put it on so that she can check to make sure it is secured and locked.i think being secured in a chastity device 24 / 7 is just plain silly. there is no reason to wear a chastity device when at home or sleeping.

Frank H.Mar 16 2009 12:05pm
Frank, it is apparent that your wife is too kind as pointed out by Nick N and is only interested in preventing you from cheating again. that is my main goal also. the punishment aspect for me is having his manhood locked and secured 24 hrs a day. this is a huge and continous blow to his male ego , and one he will have to live with as long as he is my husband. nick anytime he annoys me, i make it a point to be around him in a very sexy bra and panty, mayby you are also in a c b and would have a good idea of the penis distress that would cause.

marie sMar 16 2009 1:49pm
Nick i disagree with you and your maintenance spanking as a reminder of my lower status in my marriage. my manhood locked up 24/7 is a constant reminder, humilating hospital and doctor visits are a reminder,sitting to pee is a constant reminder, looking at that brass key hung around my wife neck is a constant reminder of my lower status in the marrriage. i think my punishment is more than sufficent for making one little ( life altering ) mistake.when i was a young boy, my mother who was a teacher had her own school strap which she used to blister my bare ass many times, even as a teenager. i would gladly agree to a bare ass blistering to get some relief from my chastity device. my wife says it is not going to happen because she had brothers who would do a deed knowing they would be severly spanked for it, but the deed was worth the price of a spanking. she doesn`t think the threat of a blistered ass would be a deterrent to me having sex with another woman. so i remain locked up . my wife says the only way i am getting out ot the cb in marriage break-up or at such timi i become impotence.

dave taylorMar 21 2009 7:43am
My husband was caught with another women engaging in sex. I knew he was but wanted to actually catch him in the act. Finally I caught both of them, having sex. I forgave her and sent her on her way, but having my husband standing there naked pleading with me got me thinking. We have three children 2 girls and a boy, and neither one of us wants to breakup their lives. So I told my husband I would keep him if I controled his penis and balls. He gladly accepted this. I talked with my girlfriends and they suggested to chemically castrate him. I agreed this sounded like a perfect idea. I had a upcoming doctors visit, (who by the way is female)so I told her about my husband cheating and catching them in bed. I asked her about chemically castrating my husband and she said it is possible. I have to say now I was really getting excited about what I was going to do to him. To actually take away his erections and his manhood, got me wet. Hormone medication frequently given to women will act as a chemical castration in men. The doctor wrote a script and told me to give my husband two pills a day (mixed in his food) and I would see results in two weeks. Each time I dropped a pill into his food I was excited. The doctor was so right, his morning erections faded in about a week. I would comment about having sex but he could not get it up. I would play with his tiny thing but it just droop. He was so humilated, and could not understand what the problem was. I told him it must be payback for what he had done. Its been almost three months now and he is totally castrated. No erections, no desire for sex. I humilate him saying I will have to find a man to satisfy my desires. He actually told me it would be ok with him, that I needed sex. He did say he would want to be in the room to make sure I was treated right. I also have noticed his balls are getting smaller. They use to hang low in his sack, but now are close to his belly. If he only knew I had done this to him. I feel its just punishment for what he did to me and our family. What do other readers feel, please tell me.

TonnieMar 22 2009 6:40am
Tonnie - controling a mans penis and balls is one thing, destroying them is something else. if he had agreed to chemical castration. then thats do this without him knowing is boaderline criminal.that is a huge price to pay for having an think with their dicks and should suffer conquences for having sex with another woman. he gladly agreed to you controling his balls and penis. a fitting punishment would be permently locking up his dick in a secure chastity device 24/7 with you in control of the key. to castrate him and engage in sex with another man is as bad or worse than what he man feels humilation every time i see his device and very subdued when i help him put it back on after sex. i get great pleasure every time i get to snap that lock shut, knowing that his dick is locked and secured until such time i descide to allow him to have sex again.

Marie sMar 22 2009 1:27pm
Marie, chemical castration is just punishment for my husband for cheating on me for years. In the future he just may face surgical castration. A mans penis and balls are just that. You make it sound like they are special. Impotence comes to all men, he got his a little early.

TonnieMar 25 2009 3:01am
Marie, chemical castration is just punishment for my husband for cheating on me for years. In the future he just may face surgical castration. A mans penis and balls are just that. You make it sound like they are special. Impotence comes to all men, he got his a little early.

TonnieMar 25 2009 3:01am
Tonnie, i have my husband on drugs (unknown to him )to chemicaly castrate him. they are working fine, his penis is useless now and his organs are getting smaller. But i was wondering if you are having the problem i am having since he has been on the drug . the problem is he wets the bed every night now, i spank him for it and make him wear diapers to bed, but the wetting continues. maybe a surgical castration would help.i wonder if the drug is causing a psychological problem,or maybe he doesn`t feel like a man anymore .I know from his mother that she spanked him as a young boy to his early teens for pissing the bed. i know if the bedwetting doesn`t stop in the near future i`am going to consider surgical castration or the use of a c*ck cage 24/7. any sugestions

Cathy A.Mar 26 2009 6:53am
Tonnie- you are right,there is a time when impotence comes to all men,some earlier, some later, some never.i remenber when my father became impotence and how it affected my father and mother. my mother and father were very vibrant people and enjoyed a very healthy sex life. my mother confided in me saying that she greatly missed the lovemaking leading up to having sex and afterwards. she said dad doesn`t want to be intimate in any way because he can`t perform. but a couple of years later along came viagara and to this day my mother and father are back to their old selves. the change was dramatic and rebouted their a healthy sexual relationship working penis and balls are very special.

Marie sMar 28 2009 4:27am
Cathy , any man pissing the bed has a psychological my case as a boy i also had a bedwetting problem .when iwas 16 yrs old,a Dr. i was seeing said i suffered from a form of masochism ( the need to be punished and humiliated to except themselves.)in my case my mother would make me strip the pissy bedclothes, remove my wet pj`s and wear sissy panties until i had my shower or bath afterwhich she would spank me. i don`t think the drug caused the problem, he always had that,he can`t cope with a useless penis (penis insecurity)so to compensate for no sex his bedwetting is a lead up to satisfying his diaper fetish and being spanked by a female. by the way i still wet the bed (diapers) every night. my wife satisfies my condition (Masochism)and gives me a good spanking followed by great sex.

DrewMar 31 2009 4:13am
dave taylor, I see the reasons why you suppose you feel enough humiliated with your lower status in your marriage. Maintenance spankings (as well as severe canings for every misdeed) are of the same range, only more intensive and painful but less prolonged. I suppose that now only your wife can decide what reminder she should use. You are now the lower, inferior partner in your marriage and the sooner you get used to this, the better it's for you. Anyhow you'd get used to the thought that now it's forever. As for me, my gf (now Mistress) has accustomed me to my lower status and strict discipline (with weekly severe beltings) quite quickly, and now I enjoy this life and fear She may kick me away sometimes. It'll be absolutely awful for me, that's why I willingly do whatever She orders me. Come with me, dave, and you'll see that submissiveness is a quite pleasant thing. Ms Tonnie and Ms Cathy A., what you do with your hubbies sounds awful for me. Surely I'd prefer daily canings plus a permanent cb... But on the other hand as an inferior male i realize that my voice in decisions of this kind is zero. So, dear Ladies, i can rely only on Your wisdom...

Nick NMar 31 2009 9:02pm
Like it or not, the implementation of chastity control would greatly reduce the divorce rate. A man is much more likely to be loyal and attentive in the relationship under these condition. Pleasing her would become a high priority in his life, and chances are there would be very few disagreements and arguments. In addition, by agreeing to let her have control in this fashion, he is expressing the highest form of trust and devotion providing her with the means to guarantee his loyalty. This could enhance the intensity and harmony of a relationship greatly.

AnonymousApr 01 2009 1:42pm
A man caught cheating by his wife and agreeing to be locked in a CB device in order to save the marriage is demostrating that he is truly sorry for his mistake.Also he should forever be gratefull to her for giving him this option or means to guarantee his love and total devotion to her. On the other side of the coin it could be considered a form of punishment because she doesn`t trust him not to cheat again.I have pointed out these observations because i am locked in a chastity device 24/7 for cheating on my wife, i see it as means to show my loyalty and a guarantee that i will not ( can`t ) cheat again. i would like to see a comment from a woman who wears a chastity belt for the same reason, i know wifes get caught cheating too.

Ralph J.Apr 01 2009 9:10pm
..I am a women and wife who was caught having sex with another man by my husband.My husband wanted me to pack my bags and leave right there and then. I begged for his foregivnes, pleaded for him not to leave me and promised him that i would except any punishment or conditions that he wanted in order to maintain the marriage. Nick, you will like this, his conditions gave me the choise of twenty strokes of the cane for my cheating and a maintenance caning of five strokes every month, or thirty strokes up front and then permently locked in a chastity belt. having been caned one time before i opted for the second choise. I have been wearing a Tollyboy chastity belt for five years now. So you males wearing devices make me sick when you complain about having to sit. down to pee. I have to pee through and around my belt, having my peroid is a nightmare because i have to put my sanitary napkin between my belt and panty ( messy ) but not as messy as having a bowel movement,especialy away from home.At home we have a bidet which makes clean up a little better.It is a lot simpler for a male to wear a chastity device than it is for a female to wear a chastity belt. So again, stop complaining, you did the crime so do the time.

Joan E.Apr 02 2009 12:14pm
I think joan should only have to wear her chastity belt when she leaves the house or when she is alone at home.i also think she should have the right to remove the belt, when possible to use the bathroom espeacialy for BM. the purpose of a chastity belt is to prevent intercourse, not to make it miserable to carry out normal body functions.

Bill BeatonApr 03 2009 11:42am
Bill, it does`t matter if the offender is male or female, if they cheated and agreed to wearing a chastity device to keep the marriage together, then thats the deal.Joan E. comments that if you did the crime do the time.A chastity belt prevents intercourse, the other inconviences it causes is the punishment factor, and when you consider these factors. a male belt wearer gets off easier than a female belt wearer.In my opinion if you were caught cheating and agreed to wear a chastity device to pay for your crime, male or female you wear it 24/7 no exceptions. Joan has been wearing her belt for 5 years and in her comment is scolding you males out there who think they should have times when they should`n have to wear their chastity belt.I don`t agree with a woman being caned, but then thats between her and her husband, she says she was caned before, so that leeds me to believe that they may have had a domestic discipline plan in force for other infractions.

donnaApr 03 2009 7:09pm
The intent of my comment was to make it clear that as a women wearing a chastity belt 24/7, i believe any one who has excepted this form of punishment for cheating in order to keep the marriage together should have to wear their belt 24/7. i still love my husband and was willing to pay the price. i knew the day my husband snaped the lock shut on my chastity belt, that it would only be removed when he and i would agree to have sex or make love.i was well aware of the problems i would encounter, periods, and normal body functions when i agreed to being locked in a belt. this is just punishment for what i did to my husband and that is why i can`t believe that men would agree to this form of punishment and then look for special concessions. your dick should never see the light of day except for occasions when your wife requires your services. you should be more that happy to have that opportunity now and then. except for that reason your dick should be permently locked up. so as i said before , stop complaining and live up to your sentence .and donna you hit the nail on the head, we do have a domestic discipline plan in force.the cane is reserved for very serious infractions so is seldom used, for me it is usually a bare hand spanking, for my husband i usually blister his ass with a nice hand made strap i purchased from the same people who supplied my husband with the chastity belt i nick could probably tell you, the cane is to be avoided at all cost.

jApr 04 2009 6:34am
Mrs Joan E, i surely know that cane must be really awful, because once my Mistress whipped me with a switch and that was much worse than my own belt She usually uses to punish me. Of course, one day She may decide to whip me me with a switch again, but i really try to do my best when doing what She's ordered me to do - to avoid a switch again. Now i'd like to share with You some thoughts about CBs, canings and gender equality. We all know (and Mrs Joan E's msgs support it) that Women's skin is thinner, so any sharp and painful tool must be excluded from a kit of tools for punishing a Woman (ouch! even putting these words together - "to cane a Woman" - sounds awful for me!). Second, Women's body functions are much more complex, that's why every Woman wearing a CB must be unlocked at least once a day to care about Her privates, and during Her monthly periods She ought to be unlocked, too. We, Women and males, are not equal and never will be. Our skin is thicker, our sensitivity is lower, that's why Women should deal with us much harscher.

Nick NApr 07 2009 11:32am
i just recently caught my husband . cheating on me.he insists he still loves me very much and will agree to any conditions i want to keep us together.what should i do? looking for advice from anyone willing to give their opinion.

JanaApr 15 2009 4:55am
Jana, your husband probably loves you very much and you indicate that you still love him. for cheating he does deserve to be punished. my advice to you would be to sit down with your husband and explain to him that he can show his sincere love for you by wearing a male chastity device full time, with you in control of the key.if he agrees to this, he knows and you know that he won`t be able to cheat again, and by agreeing to be locked in a chastity device he is showing that he really does love you. male chastity devices are easy to purchase on line. i personly recommend a stainless steel device for long term wear such as the houdini.did i mention that he should also be punished, the punishment factor is built in the device. men have high opinion of themselves that comes crashing down when you help him to put the chastity device on and snap the lock shut.

Marie SApr 16 2009 4:16am
jana a male chastity belt is probably the answer to your problem, especialy if you caught him in the act of cheating.i wear a different type of chastity control. my wife found a pair of panties and pantyhose in my truck that were carelessly left behind after an encounter with a female co worker of mine.if i confessed to my wife that i cheated , my balls and dick would probably be locked up in chastity belt, so i told her that i liked to wear pantyhose and panties ocassionly and that they were mine. the next morning when i started to dress for work my wife informed me that since i liked panties and pantyhose so much that she disposed all my briefs and stocked my drawer with pantyhose and lovely lace trimmed panties that i was to wear full time or to such time i admit i had an affair.she already has a houdini chastiy device thats going to be locked on my balls the day i come clean. i am sort of a macho man and would die of embarresment if an another womem or man were to see me in panties, so for now they are a very effective but comfortable chastity device.i have had to stop playing hockey because getting dressed and undressed in the locker room is a problem. so i may have to eventualy come clean and allow my wife the pleasure she will get out of putting the houdini on my manhood and snapping the lock shut. i might have to trade in the panties for a chastity belt and a pair of boxer shorts to conceal it in the locker there anybody out there who has played hockey in a chastity belt, or is there a device that works better with a sport cup?

Todd D.Apr 18 2009 6:16am
Todd if i were your wife and found the panties in your truck,i would consider that to be enough evidence to have you in a chastity belt.the only way i could buy your story would be to have you put them on to see if they fit properly. if they fit, then in the same situation i would have to believe your comment you revealed the fact that your wife is already in pocesion of a houdini chastity device which leeds me to believe she knows you are cheating but can`t prove it. lots of macho men like to wear womens panties,i am an active nurse and encounter men in panties all the time. but i will tell you the ones i encounter in chastity devices are a lot more embarrased than those wearing panties. believe me you will not feel so macho when your wife gets your balls and penis locked up in that houdini she has waiting for you. enjoy the panties while you can.if i were your wife when you come clean, the houdini would be put on right away and to repeat your wife comment, since you like wearing panties and pantyhose so much it would be a good idea to wear them over your chastity device. like a women you will have to sit down to pee, so the fact panties don`t have a fly opening won`t be a problem.

Marie sApr 19 2009 5:55am
Jana, i agree with marie s on this one. you got him right where you want him, get a male chastity belt as soon as you can and get it on him while the iron is hot, a stainless steel device will indicate to him that this is going to be worn permently because there is no way to remove it without the key.once the belt is fitted to your satisfaction, insert a good quality padlock in the hasp and say, honey,you can now snap the lock shut. you now have total control over his i have indicated in my other comments,keep the device on him full time, never allow it to be removed, because this should be a perament punishment. the cb should only come off when you have reason to remove it.

donnaApr 21 2009 8:57am
Jana, there is other options you could turn to. i don`t know where you are at in your marriage,or how long you have been married. i had six children for my man in a long marriage. i caught him having sex with another woman, to keep the marriage together i have him condidering two options,permently locked in a chastity device or castration, surgical or chemical. we have found a clinic willing to do the surgery.just waiting for him to decide.

KimApr 22 2009 4:53am
The last 6 posts are clearly written by the same person.

AnonymousApr 25 2009 11:44pm
male chastity is increasing in occurance, and marriages are stronger for it

male maid husbandAug 02 2009 7:05am
Mrs Marie s wrote about Todd's situation: "since you like wearing panties and pantyhose so much it would be a good idea to wear them over your chastity device." I suppose that since Todd confessed his infidelity, his wife should put the CB on his masculine device ASAP. And since first he lied his wife, she should make him wear panties over the CB. This would be absolutely fair.

Nick NAug 24 2009 11:24pm
BTW, my gf and Mistress told me yesterday that if She ever gets know that I have been unfaithful to Her, She'll simply kill me. Well, I'm not sure about real killing, but that She will whip me within an inch of my life -- it's for sure. Even now She belts me once a week quite harshly -- simply to make me remember my proper place in this life (hear Her feet), plus She simply likes belting me... So I _can_ imagine what it may like... That's why I'll never betray Her love!

Nick NAug 24 2009 11:51pm
In responce to Nick`s comment about Todd`s situation, which is similer to mine, i have been wearing a chastity c b since i was caught cheating on my wife back in 03. I would gladly wear womens panties in lieu of wearing a chastity device.Marie S is right, in a doctors office or a hosptial i would be a lot more embarrased being seen in a chastity device than i would be in ladies panties.

AnonymousSep 29 2009 4:12pm
You can't talk about us men like that. We are the rulers!

KevOct 12 2009 3:12pm
Whats the big deal about having your husband wearing a chastity belt, espeacially if he was caught cheating. I caught my husband cheating 10 years ago and his explanation was he had a hard time resisting the temptation to have sex with other women when the opportunity presented itself. In our discussion, i informed him that the only solution to the problem was he wear a male chastity belt which would prevent him from following through on his temptations and the relief i would derive knowing he has no choise but to keep his dick in his pants where it belongs.At first he didn`t like wearing it,but i told him to suck it up, it was that or a seperation. He made his bed so now he has to lie in it.That was ten years ago and for the most part he has been at peace with wearing it.I think he probably has a bigger problem with me holding the key which i wear on a chain around my neck, than he has wearing it. I will admit that i enjoy the feeling of power i feel every time i get to lock it on after sex.

Pauline D.Nov 09 2009 10:34pm
My SWife reqyuires me to wear a CB3000 most of the time. The surely must be becoming more common or they would not be selling over two million of just this model a year.

BobNov 10 2009 9:14pm
The marriage agreement should include a clause that the man agree to wearing a chastity device`attached the night before the wedding and as soon as the vows are complete, the key be handed to the bride during the ring exchange.

Pauline D.Nov 15 2009 12:28pm
It all depends, Providing it works both ways. If both partners are loyal to each other, neither may act against the other. But Cheryl, lock Ashley in that CB soon as!

an intelligent life formNov 19 2009 11:38am
Something wrong somewhere. Where is the trust. I think these passive males are sick in the head. I can't ever imagine my wife pubishing me. The idea is rediculous. There is more than one way of being unfaithful. Porn is one way.

BlondieNov 23 2009 5:33am
Whoever mention emasculatiuon is right on target. These type of activities are full of sissivication and slavery, ans men wearing women's panties etc. Ugh. Some of these males must have been damaged in their childhood and seem to have a desire to be punished. Deep down they are against themselves and have low self esteem. I don't see spanking as itself a problem for men and women but when you get into the realms of punishment, there is a problem I believe.

RaymondNov 23 2009 5:38am
Men are such crybabies, if your wife caught you cheating, and you are wearing a male cb device because of it, stop complaining and live with it. From what i understand a male c b device does not cause any major inconviences, he can pee without removal and b m movements are not a problem for a male.

JulieNov 25 2009 4:12am
LOL, god I can't wait for the patriarchal Chinese to invade and take us over. Strong economy, strong military, strong families, strong male productive incentive... The inhabitance of the declining western civilization should be terrified of the patriarchs that will be here soon to get control of this poo.... LOL this female superiority has really gotten out of hand... Everyone knows that when you give women control the are self serving where as men are provisionary and protective. For example, women just diverted the entire stimulus package to themselves (Read Article: "No Country For Burly Men" by Christina Hoff Sommers. They have Affirmative Action in Schools and Title IX will soon be expanded from the sports programs (which have devastated male sports) to what the fems call S.T.E.M. or Science Technical Engineering and Mathematics. This is the only place men still predominate in colleges as women obtain 60% of college degrees... So the Council On Women And Girls made it really clear.... This is A Woman's Nation, men and boys come last......

BenDec 03 2009 1:05am
More ancient cultures have learned that all that matters to women is themselves and their offspring. To women men are expendable and disposable. Time and time again women have legislated against men.... God I can't wait for the collapse...

BenDec 03 2009 1:07am
TDP, that's the Judeopatriarchal impropaganda talking, which has noyhing to say and says it too loud.

an intelligent life formApr 09 2010 6:16pm
Why would anyone need a belt? Women should just tell the male that if he is unfaithful once, he will lose his balls and if the priok does it again, he will lose his prick

RonApr 13 2010 8:14am
Men in chastity belts? Seriously? Speaking as a woman, this is so disturbing to me. I don't want some guy who will walk around with his dick and balls all wrapped up like some whipped puppy. Personally, I don't think it has anything to do with cheating, it's mostly misplaced superiority and inferiority complexes. Modern society is f*cked up, plain and simple. Thankfully, I have a MAN, one I can count on. Not some weak willed, sorry excuse for a male that I would have to protect if anything ever happened. Where have all the real men gone?

DisgustedMay 18 2010 6:16am
As a man, I would welcome the device, to further commit to our promise to each other years ago, that while she is free to have any lover she wants, as often as she wants, I cannot. We both agree that men have earned this due to their history of bedding many women while married, and preventing from doing the same.

jojoJul 08 2010 5:18am
my wife somehow found out about a short afair i had with a female friend. to defend myself i told her it only happened because she was offering sex witch i found almost impossible to resist, and that i wasn`t attracted to her in any other way. my wife reaction was, if resisting a roll in the hay with other strangers was at the root of the problem, then she had a solution that would solve the problem.after agreeing to any solution that would prevent our marriage from breaking up . about a week later i came home from work one day, she met me at the door and quietly asked me to go in the bedroom and strip off all my clothes and that she would be there in a the time i striped off she came in the bedroom with a package in her hand.i asked what was in the package and as she was removing the contents , she said it is the solution to the problem you have. she informed me at that point that it was a male chastity device that i was going to be wearing full time, only to be unlocked when it suited did solve the problem and i have been wearing it for the last ten years. after a few months it becomes part of you and you don`t even realize your wearing it. the only drawback is if something begins between you and your wife after your in bed, she has to remove the key from her neck, unlock the lock so i can remove it. so to any females reading this i am living proof that a male chastity device will prevent a man from having sex outside of the marriage

Don GillanJul 15 2010 8:30am
where are all of these strong confident women, who want to keep their man locked in a chastity belt?? I am a submissive single man 40 i am a christian but I am NOT perfect. I masturbate 3 to 5 times day everyday. I NEED and WANT to be locked in a chastity belt BUT by someone who i know and trust. I want a relationship with a lady, I do not just want "sex" but i want comunication, someone who i can spend time with, and do things together. I think men either cheat or if they don't i can tell you they masturbate-if they say they do neither then they are LIARS. i guess being a christian who treats women with respect and who has some type of morals and values and wearing a chastity belt does NOT go hand in hand.. everytime i try to tell a christian woman about chastity belts and how i want to be locked into one... they say thats interesting BUT in time when i show them i have a belt. Apparently I am a sicko, perverted pervert and i should be able to take control of my penis... ONLY 1 lady said YES! and was open to try it she died.. she was my best friend.. I would like to find someone to help me with my masturbation habit.. SO YES!!! women should lock men in a chastity belt. Keep them locked up for at least a month and then tease them to he brink of an orgasm and then STOP. maybe allow a man a orgasm once every 2 months.. I just wish there were christian women who are into this controlling their man with a chastity belt........... it would help me become better then what I am and PLUS women should be respected and cared for and have the man do at least half the housework.... I am sick of masturbating. It makes me depressed and it seems like no one wants me.. they have a key service BUT I can't afford it, besides I raher have someone who I can bow down to and worship

don_louloubells@yahoo.comJul 18 2010 7:28am
where are all of these strong confident women, who want to keep their man locked in a chastity belt?? I am a submissive single man 40 i am a christian but I am NOT perfect. I masturbate 3 to 5 times day everyday. I NEED and WANT to be locked in a chastity belt BUT by someone who i know and trust. I want a relationship with a lady, I do not just want "sex" but i want comunication, someone who i can spend time with, and do things together. I think men either cheat or if they don't i can tell you they masturbate-if they say they do neither then they are LIARS. i guess being a christian who treats women with respect and who has some type of morals and values and wearing a chastity belt does NOT go hand in hand.. everytime i try to tell a christian woman about chastity belts and how i want to be locked into one... they say thats interesting BUT in time when i show them i have a belt. Apparently I am a sicko, perverted pervert and i should be able to take control of my penis... ONLY 1 lady said YES! and was open to try it she died.. she was my best friend.. I would like to find someone to help me with my masturbation habit.. SO YES!!! women should lock men in a chastity belt. Keep them locked up for at least a month and then tease them to he brink of an orgasm and then STOP. maybe allow a man a orgasm once every 2 months.. I just wish there were christian women who are into this controlling their man with a chastity belt........... it would help me become better then what I am and PLUS women should be respected and cared for and have the man do at least half the housework.... I am sick of masturbating. It makes me depressed and it seems like no one wants me.. they have a key service BUT I can't afford it, besides I raher have someone who I can bow down to and worship

don_louloubells@yahoo.comJul 18 2010 7:40am
Chastity devices are an interesting idea, but in practice it's much better for the woman to control the man's orgasms but use the "honour system". The man has to be scrupulously honest, if he has had an unauthorised orgasm he has to tell her and she can decide whether or how to punish him. Usually, an extended period of denial is appropriate. Of course, there is no compulsion but there are very few men who will get this far in playing this particular game and want to ever go back. Chastity belts are for wusses, real men use the honour system!

CommunicationalistJul 19 2010 1:41pm
But a man being controlled by A PARTICULAR woman in this fashion in no way signifies that WOMEN IN GENERAL are superior to men! Only the strongest man will be willing to exchange power with his lady in this way.

CommunicationalistJul 19 2010 1:43pm
I agree chastity devices -which I prefer to call ''restrainers'' are still a bit exotic for the general population. However, as Womyn make more and more decisions in relationships they will begin to insist on their partner (I prefer the term ''domestic'') be fitted with a restrainer. I find they help to focus the distracted male mind wonderfully. I look forward to the day when these are sold in Drug Stores and Supermarkets and ''fittings'' can be arranged in changing rooms on site.

Goddess AmandaAug 15 2010 6:37am
Chastity belt use is probably on a dramatic increase as more women are demanding their cheating husbands be belted. i don`t know how long it will be when a wife ( or husband )will be able to arrange a fitting at a local health care outlet which would make the task of getting a belt easy and simple.but don`t dispare, you can go on line with several male device suppliers who will assist you in getting a device to suit your husbands anatomy. for me it started when i caught my husband having sex with our maid. i was very upset and after telling a good friend of mine why i was upset she revealed to me that she went through the same thing and to save the marriage she gave her husband the choise of wearing a belt or seperation, so unkown to me he has been wearing it for six years.with that i gave my husband the same choise and he agreed to be belted.we were due to go to england for a vacation and while there i discovered ( you`ll like this amanda )that you could actually get an appointment for a chastity belt fitting, male or female.i made the appointment, informed my husband we were going to a specialty store,he wasn`t aware of the intending purpose until we got there.after a little fuss he honoured his agreement with me, had the fitting, the belt applied and in less than a hour we were on our way. that was two years ago.

AnonymousAug 19 2010 4:48am
Actually I live in England! Just not near to any large cities. Where exactly do these fitting rooms operate? I am anxious to find out more and take along one of my males. Sounds like a highly enjoyable day trip! The next stage is undoubtably with technology like Dream Lover products which allow any Womyn to exert electric discipline to a male wearing a chastity device with the push of a remote control thats fits neatly in the handbag. mmmm

Goddess AmandaAug 30 2010 11:15am
Amanda i live in New Hampshire in the U S A and i also discovered my husband was having sexual encounters behind my back.I still love my husband and he promiced me he would agree to any conditions i wanted to keep the marriage together.To make a long story short, i contacted Locked in Steel at info @ .they provide custom fittings at their manufacturing facility in New Hampshire, an hour drive from where we live. An appointment was made for a fitting which took close to a couple of hours. the cost for the fitting is two hundred dollars which is put to the cost of the belt if one is purchased.the fitting went quite well ( i guess because my husband had lots of practise being nude in front of other females)he seemed a lot more embarrsed when we went back for the actual application of his custom belt which he has been wearing for a little over two years now. i have the key and he is only releases when it suits me.

Gail R.Sep 09 2010 5:15am
if any guy even allows some chic to put him under lock and key..then they should jus have a sex change completely. only a sissy ass wimp would allow some bitch to lock him down

jacobOct 03 2010 10:11pm
yo en la actualidad llevo un cinturon de castidad,estoy muy conforme de usarlo

AnaOct 04 2010 4:12am
speak english dumbass

jacob..single mommy killahOct 24 2010 12:30am
I am now 55 years old. The greatist gift that my parents could have giving me would have being to be locked in a chastity devive from the age of 10.

AllanOct 30 2010 5:15pm
My wife consider a chastity belt but put me in a head scissors instead. Her choice not mine although I must admit my resistance was minimal. She also smashed Mr. Winnie between her thigh and calf on a number of occasions which kept me from using it at that time with other women. I have read a bit if the string and it seems some women want to be superior to the man and others worry the man will wander. My wife is a hard bodies athlete who loves to wrestle and is great in bed. She also happens to be brilliant graduating summa cum laude from thee different universities. Her mind, her muscular body, her wrestling skills and her sexual prowess have proved her superiority and kept me from wandering. What do you think guys. Is my chastity belt preferable?

A better beltNov 19 2010 11:27am
Damn I hate that word "womyn" and another I saw the other day to describe men as "manwoms" WTF. My wife is my total equal in all areas except the bedroom where she is in total control of the wrestling and sex. There is a bible out that removes every reference to gender. Until a man turns his penis inside out and turns it into a vagina there are sub-human womyn who will not be happy.

Manwoms and womynNov 19 2010 11:37am
On the subject of Chastity i would like to expound that Brahmacharya is practised by yogis in Himalayas & rest of India for centuries without a CB-3000 , curve ,tube etc. by sheer will power .Semen contains Spiritual strength , muscle building proteins , blood cleansing agents & so Yogis in pursuit of Nirvana like Gautam Buddha conserve their Semen vide breath-control or pranayama & mool bandha or root lock ! in modern times there were at least 3 yogis who were well known for their Power or Shakti [in Hinduism Shakti is the feminine consort of Brahman or Consciousness; thus Feminine Power is the Consort to Masculine Consciousness / in Buddhism Masculine Karuna or Compassion is the consort to Feminine Shakti or Energy : the Mummy-Goddess is always dynamic as Energy or Power while her Male consort Consciousness/Compassion lies inert below Her indeep Self Contemplation in all His Majestic Masculine Glory ---the Sexes are totally @ peace & in Harmony with each other]! Swami Pranavananda , the Guru Maharaj & Founder of Bharat Sevashram Sangha was once passing by when 4 burly Muslim wrestlers started teasing the shy Hindu girls in the open Marketplace . Being tall & strong nobody was opposing them ---Swamiji bodily lifted up each & threw them down some distance one by one --beaten they ran for their lives tails tucked between their backsides !! some devotees asked Swamiji "you never visit a Gym or excercise or lift weights --how are you so phenomenally strong ?" He smiled " You excercise , you eat rich food then you nightly pump your muscles , your masculinity , your blood away in animal frenzied like intercourse but i lock my semen inside my biceps , my triceps , my legs , back , shoulders & thighs are all the product of a strict regime of total chastity !!!" Swami Vivekananda used to proclaim the virtues of chastity in USA , Europe & of course in India long before the FemDom wives jumped onto the bandwagon But it was Voluntary Male Brahmacharya not enforced vide the will of the Keyholder / Bride / Owner but by sheer excercise of the free Masculine Macho WillPower !!! Swami Vivekananda's disciple Tiger Jatindranath Mukherjee actually fought a Royal Bengal Tiger which was wounded in a hunting expedition gone horribly wrong & beat it off & survived the encounter . By dint of stern observance of chsstity Bagha Jatin was so strong that one day when he saw four British soldiers teasing pretty Bengali girls outside a football stadium during the British Raj he dragged them off the horse carriage & thrashed them . the Brit army meekly dropped all charges fearing anti-Brit ethnic riots ! Jatin was later killed in a violent shoot-out with Calcutta Police led by Commissioner Charles Teggart on the coast of Orissa as he was waiting for a German ship to bring in arms for a violent Revolution . Comm. Teggart saluted the dying man thus " In you Mr. Mukherjee I have met the bravest Indian of them all !" in his memoirs Teggart wrote "if he had been an Engishman we would have been obliged to put up his statue @ Trafalgar Square !" So yogic chastity only makes a man more determined ,Masculine & Powerfulas his muscles , bone strength & blood all improve ---no yogi ever gives in to temptation as through the effective techniques of Pranayama & Mool Bandha he has tamed the mighty Mind itself with all its unruly passions , fetish & fantasies !!!

Ashesh GhoseJan 17 2011 8:30am
For 8 years my Wife became more comfortable demanding I wear a chastity device and last year she started requiring me to wear it all the time. I have adjusted to this, and now she seems to like only allowing me out about once a month.

CB-3000Feb 04 2011 5:28pm
WTF you guys and girls have issues, who would want to put or be put in one of these devices. Go find some real men then come back

Fked upFeb 13 2011 11:05pm
My dear Fked up "real men" are @ a discount in this website & a gaggle of transgendered ,pantywaisted masochists ,spanking enthusiasts & BDSM painsluts & fetishtists are majorly having their wet dreams & fantasies online here !!!

A.G.Feb 18 2011 11:10am
my wife caught me in the sac with another woman, after which she gave me a choice. pack my bags and leave or agree to have my manhood locked in a chastity belt with her in charge of the key.i had to have some minor surgery done on my foot and the nurses had a laught when they seen my belt. i found it very embarrasing, but the nurses said it was becomming more common than you would think, and not to be embarrsed about it. so if you men out there are thinking about cheating, think twice because you may end up like me, locked for life.

terry a.Mar 05 2011 2:53pm
My wife thinks I cheated on her,and also caught me masturbating so she put a chastity belt on me.Now I get relief once a month

WarrenMar 23 2011 7:02am
Chastity devices are made only for women, not for men

AnonymousApr 01 2011 6:38am
One day my wife found me with another woman during sex in our bedroom. She is going office but that day she suddenly came on half day. I had with my female friend. To defend myself i told her it only happened because she was offering sex. Witch i found almost impossible to resist, and that i wasn`t attracted to her in any other way. My wife reaction was, if resisting a roll in the hay with other strangers was at the root of the problem, then she had a solution that would solve the problem. After agreeing her to any solution that she would prevent our marriage from breaking up. About a week later i came home from work one day, she met me at the door and quietly asked me to go in the bedroom and strip off all my clothes and that she would be there in a minute. By the time i striped off she came in the bedroom with a packet in her hand. I asked what was in the packet and as she was removing the contents, she said it is the solution to the problem you have. She informed me at that point that it was a male chastity device that i was going to be wearing you full time, only to be unlocked when it suited her & two week stay in home and wear my dresses. It did solve the problem and i have been wearing it for the last ten years. After a few months it becomes part of you and you don`t even realize you?re wearing it. There is no drawback using permanently. She unlocks me in a month?s 2 time for only 4 hours each time. So to any females reading this i is living proof that a male chastity device will prevent a man from having sex outside of the marriage

payalMay 12 2011 11:21pm
Male Chastity devices are an interesting idea, but it's much better to control the man's orgasms and use the "honor system". I think it?s a unique or awesome for me to control my husband orgasms. The man has to be scrupulously honest, if he has had an unauthorized orgasm he has to tell her and us (women?s) can decide whether or how to punish him. Usually, an extended period of denial is appropriate. Of course, there is no compulsion but there are very few men who will get this far in playing this particular game and want to ever go back. Chastity belts are for uses, real men use the honor system! shruti

shrutiMay 13 2011 3:59am
Wow, i just read it. i also want to apply on my husband. he every times saying to me , do sex with me in a day 2 times. last year we married , but can;t possible me to have sex 2 times in a day. today i ordered a steal male chastity device, then i can't temper it. if once i locked then i open it every 2 months. in the mean time he is habitual for this.

MegaMay 13 2011 4:07am
funny idea for man

BhawanaMay 13 2011 4:08am
Obedient husband wearing chastity device.

soniaMay 14 2011 10:34pm
If a man is caught cheating just for the sex, a wife is justified in making him wear a chastity device. that is the only way she can be sure he cant cheat again.

SusanMay 19 2011 2:03pm
Shruti ,Payal ,Mega ,Bhawana ---are you in India or from India ?

Ashesh GhoseMay 30 2011 10:33am
I have stated before that I am not a submissive male, but I voted that I would submit to this because I am sure it would make the sexual suspense and then release so much more intense, and because I don't trust myself to be an unselfish sexual partner with my wife if she doesn't control my orgasms. Sorry guys, but as wierd as this sounds, I want my wife to rule my sex life.

David2Jun 03 2011 7:20am
yes women should control it i am a male that needs to be put in chastity

matthewJun 21 2011 11:36am
yes women should chastity men and control them completely. gene

geneJun 27 2011 11:28pm
I( was chronic masturbator when I was young (sometimes as many as 5 times a day). I used to revert sometimes, now I can't and its all up to her.

BobAug 09 2011 3:51pm
I have been put in a belt by my mother to prevent me from playing with myself.My girlfriend wears on too.

warrenAug 17 2011 1:41pm
The question => wtf The answers => more wtf my answer: To all women that want more then equality, let me tell you this: -> if you would fight me, you would lose. -> if you would try to control me, you won't. -> if you would try to outsmart me, I will be the one outsmarting you. -> if you try to play some games on me, I would simply not join. So tell me now? At what point can you actually beat me? If you tell me, men wouldn't be able to get sex, I would tell you to look at the rising amount of prostitutes. I have respect for the women who can think clear and aren't blind because of some bad experience or because they have found no use in their lifes and then blame men. And thats actually exactly the same for men hating women. Damn look at yourself? Youre controlled by hate. But I am happy that there are at least some people who believe just like me that we can make this world a better place. So submissive males and females, rise up and be yourself again. If you got trapped in the way of slave/master, try looking at people who are normal. Youre neighbours, youre family,... This idea is again one of the idea made by haters. If one day I have the power to change things, I will.

ZantflyAug 31 2011 2:39pm
Women control men, not chastity devices. Chastity devices are nothing but playtoys. Like all toys, if the relationship is good, they can be fun. If the relationship is bad they are worthless. Shortly after we were married my wife was in a playful mood and decide to play "nurse" and came out with a razor and shave cream. I protested a bit at first but then I figured she was going to be shaved too so why not? At first it was a playful thing, our playtoy, and we did it once in a while to spice things up but more and more she asked me to be smooth for her as "our naughty secret" and it was a great part of foreplay. I got used to being smooth and when life got hectic (kids) I was taking the razor in hand to do it myself more and more if nothing but to to cut down on the itchieness. That was like nearly 40 years ago. Over time, she stopped shaving and I told her I rather liked her in full bush mode, yet she still likes me to be smooth; so now she is wild and wooly and I am smooth as a cue ball (on most days that is). It has become just routine and she still comments on how much she likes to touch me. About 25 years ago she began to buy me sexy fashion underwear, colorful briefs, then later some binikis. She kept telling me how much she liked me in them, so the boxers totally disappeared and the tightie whities got fazed out. Then about 5 years ago (after the kids left home) she bought me a male g-string thong as a joke and made me model them for her. We laughed ourselves silly when I did, but then she said they made me look hot and dared me to wear them under my jeans for a Saturday, so I did. Major uncomfortable, but she got a kick out of it because I had been buying her thongs for years and now she got to turn things around on me. About 3 weeks after that I went to my dresser after my shower and she had removed all of my underwear and replaced them with 7 very colorful thongs. She laughed so hard when she saw my face and then cajoled me into wearing them for her. Eventually I got used to them and now wear them regularly. I actually have found them to be much more comfortable, especially under tight jeans. And she has done things for me, like wearing the thongs I had been buying for her over the years, or going without a bra or panties under her dress from time to time, or letting me try light bondage on her while using a vibrator. So long as everyone is having fun and you communicate your feelings it can all be good. As for chastity devices for men, they all look like they would pinch your skin or create a rash if you tried to wear them all day long. Yet I can see how a woman might enjoy locking her husband up just to tease him aout it for a while. Maybe I would trade being "locked up" for her being naked all day while at home (I never tire of looking ... it's a "guy thing" ladies). Or if she wanted me to wear it all day while going out running errands, then I could ask her to not wear panties under her dress all day while going out shopping. Something fun to remind us of the other.

smooth4herSep 26 2011 5:49pm
I do think ladies should make all men wear these devices. But I also think ladies need to be the dominate leader. Ladies need to stay feminine but be dominate and men should become feminine and be submissive. This needs to happen to make this a better world to live in. Ladies are better at everything exccept maybe lifting heavier things. Ladies can make men's lives much better if they have the control. Ladies shoud bring this change is slowly and make it welcomed or force this change. There are many men wanting this same thing. Find the correct man to make your life better and willing to give you this control. Any men with small or problemed penises should serve and please ALL dominate ladies and dominate males that are hung. This is just a fact of life. This role change must be faced and become a normal way of life. Ladies have been unsatisfied for far too long and this change is over due. GLENN - male

Glenn - MaleSep 28 2011 7:33am
Shortly after me and my husband got married I decided to two things was going to happen. The first was that I was going to be the head of the household(HOH)no questions asked, no if's, no and's,no buts, two ways about it and no quibbling and that I would be the one administering that the discipline.The second is that he be required to wear a chastity device in the interest of fidelity and to prevent him for masturbating. And I know that he has masturbated in the past because a former co-worker who went with him back in college advised me that one day when he was visiting her at her apartment and she had walked in on him in the bathroom and caught him masturbating and looking at a porno magazine, she would dump him on the spot and told him get out of her life never to talk to her again. With this information I took the additional measure of having all of his pubic hair from front to rear permanently removed by electrolysis to ensure that maintenance was quick and simple. I have never saw a man cry like a baby after seeing that his naughty bits is completely hair free. The next step will be castration. It is my personal conviction that every Woman should have all her man's pubic hair removed permanently by electrolysis for easy cleaning,mockery, then castration and then fitted with a chastity device. In closing; I believe that every woman has the absolute right to control men period.

EmmanuellaOct 17 2011 11:34am
My husband wears a cb6000 chastity device and I have controlled our home our lives and especially his sex life for the past 5 yrs. He's obedient to me and is subservient to me. Outside the home he's the man so our society does not come down on him or me but in our home I rule and I rule good.

Jennider MM32Oct 22 2011 1:06pm
Many of the comments on here are just someone's opinion and they really don't know the reality of things. Every household is very different. Ours is so warm and happy and I belive most others would be if only the male ego was put to rest.

Jennider MM32Oct 22 2011 1:08pm
The whole "women are superior/dominant to the male race" comes only to the fact that a submissive man will agree to surrender. Without submission from most men, women would have absolutely no power what-so-ever.

MichaelOct 31 2011 7:34am
I do think women should make their man or men wear a chastity device. This is the only way to have control and keep his focus on her sexual pleasure longer. Men lose intrest in their lady as soon as he has an orgasm. Anyone that does not agree with that is thinking of theirself only. I am a man and I know this is fact. I have no problem with giving my lady all the pleasure and as long as she desires it. Women Rule, Period. GLENN

Glenn CNov 15 2011 9:22am
Wearing a chastity device is not funny for us.

reeveFeb 01 2012 12:27pm
This is an unnatural state of affairs.

:)Feb 09 2012 2:29am
in my opinion women should use all the domination tools available to control and dominate us (men) women should decide how much money we make and the amount of love we deserve according to their decisions. chastity devices should become tools used by women nowadays to control our desires and way of thinking. women should make and will make the laws of freedom in the full benefit of the amazingly superior intelligence of women. I AM A MAN THAT KNOWS WOMEN ARE INCREDIBLY SUPERIOR THAN MEN AND WOMEN SHOULD AND WILL RULE THE EARTH. WOMEN RULE, PERIOD. WOMEN ARE STRONGER, SUPERIOR, WISER, GORGEOUS BEINGS CREATED BY GOD TO BECOME THE GOD OF MEN. WOMEN ARE OUR GOD.

cncmachinist_rene@yahoo.comMar 03 2012 12:36am
A man with submissive tendencies wired into his hard-drive by the Creator/creatrix will get excited @the thought of being locked up by a dominant female but are their that many wives who have domination hard-wired into their DNA that will actually get excited by putting their hubbies in Cjastity &cuckold him ???

G-ash XMar 13 2012 6:11am
They don't work. Well OK they may be effective at preventing unauthorized sex so on that front I suppose they do work. You just can't escape from them all. Do they stop masturbation and orgasm? NO, and I am suspect of any guy that would state otherwise. We are guys! It is fun to have toys designed for our dicks and we let the ladies think they have their control. Truth be told. Once I am horny enough violent shaking, a vibrator, something someway is going to get me off and often the orgasm is quite nicer with a lock on my c*ck. I'm so tired of reading about men and their lies when it comes to this subject.

Haven't found one yet that worksApr 10 2012 1:06pm
They don't work. Well OK they may be effective at preventing unauthorized sex so on that front I suppose they do work. You just can't escape from them all. Do they stop masturbation and orgasm? NO, and I am suspect of any guy that would state otherwise. We are guys! It is fun to have toys designed for our dicks and we let the ladies think they have their control. Truth be told. Once I am horny enough violent shaking, a vibrator, something someway is going to get me off and often the orgasm is quite nicer with a lock on my c*ck. I'm so tired of reading about men and their lies when it comes to this subject.

Haven't found one yet that worksApr 10 2012 1:08pm
My fiance just informed me by text that "Keeping my property in a secured state and occassionally allowing him out is very appealing". Looks like things may be changing around here.

anonMay 02 2012 9:51pm
I would masturbate at least once per day sometimes twice a day. I was so tried every evening and knew what was causing my lack of energy and told my wife about it and showed her what needed to be done. We discussed it and ordered a metal male Chastity device that's very secure that would pretty much take a cutting torch to remove. I had been wearing it on most every weekend and a few weekdays while at work. I was a bit nervous someone at work would notice. After a few test days at work and everything seemed to go well I'm now two weeks locked in the cage and my energy levels are up and I'm more willing to help out around the house. Actually I'll pretty much do anything she asks me to do now.

John B.Aug 04 2012 5:50pm
Bitches all u ecspecially Linda u FÚCKING ASSHOLE get a FUĆKING LIFE u BITCH

JebediahSep 25 2012 7:08pm
Hav a party with your vigina Linda

TimothySep 25 2012 7:10pm
Angela has the right idea ,a woman could park her man in stocks ,if he cant move an inch he cant get into any trouble,she could then go off shopping swimming or just for coffee,there would be times when she would forget to retrieve him,but an extra hour or so firmly locked in especially on sweltering hot days in the middle of Summer can only be a good thing

FredOct 16 2012 12:24am
As a man I would love women to have the Right to put a man in stocks whenever she feels like it ,it would consist of a large room with rows of stocks,there would be no need for air conditioning or heating, in the summer the man would sweat and swelter, in the winter he would freeze, there would be no time limit ,he would be at her mercy when he is released so she can do things at a leisurely pace ,it could be a hot sunny day in summer she can go for a swim to keep cool ,leaving him sweating in the stocks ,wherever this happens would be a trouble free zone as the woman would be keeping him line while enjoying the benefits of a man free area,they would all be securely locked in stocks under her complete and total control

AnonymousOct 16 2012 8:39am
The day a woman can put a man in stocks is here and has been for quite a while for me anyway I built some a couple of years ago and put them in the garden they are very easy to build the main thing is to have a strong padlock,a chastity belt only stops a man having sex ,stocks stop a man doing anything, he cant move a muscle when that padlock is locked you are completely at her mercy its such an effective way of keeping me in line ,my wife used to use it when she went out shopping or to the cinema ,later she started using it when shes at home if she wants a quiet nap without me pestering her she pops me in the stocks for a couple of hours or when she wants to television alone ,in the stocks I go ,shes even used them to sunbathe without me drooling over her after she changed into her bikini she lies behind me so I cant see her ,she thought it was hilarious once when she placed me in them went out for a while and it started to pour with rain ,I was completely drenched ,I made the big mistake of complaining before I had been released ,this just provoked her into going into the house and leaving me in the stocks even longer remember you are under her absolute control she now has complete power over me ,if I dont like anything in the relationship I am put in the stocks until I have submitted to her view ,it works quicker in winter than summer

LongoOct 18 2012 6:58am

STUMPYNov 25 2012 8:23am
Ever had mother in law humiliate you by making you poop in a little potty? And them bend you over her lap to wipe you?

TexMar 25 2013 8:57pm
My mistress/superior female, an ebony beauty with 2 submissive males (me and Sam) handcuffed my hands behind my back, handcuffed Sam's hands behind his back, has us both on our knees, then, standing between us, grabbed each of us by our hair (one in each hand) and both knocked our heads together...TWICE!! Thus knocking us both out for several minutes...anyone out there ever had tat happen to them!

BobMar 25 2013 9:50pm
f*ck. You've all gone off the goddam deep end.

NotAFuckingChanceApr 24 2013 4:43pm
If a man wear a chastity device, he will be submissive to the woman who holds the key, i.e the control of his manhood. He will act as a slave to that woman so as to gain permission to have his climax from her. If a man is denied his sex, he will do anything to get it. Another thing is a girl can enjoy their power over boys by teasing them sexually and prevent them to get a hard on. If the man is tied up, then the women can enjoy teasing the man without permitting him to get climax, then he will beg her for his release. This practice can be used to train men to have control over his climaxing. To put a chastity belt and tease and denial will also be a good method for sexual offenders. If the male offenders kept in a female warden only lockup, where they can control, tease or make jokes about the helpless begging males.

Great MetalMay 25 2013 11:44am
just have his balls removed, then you have no problem with him cheating.Find a good Bull then and ejoy yourself.

LenMay 29 2013 2:40pm
Over the past few decades, the advances in technology have allowed us to take a closer look at what is happening within both the female and male brain. Male brains are larger than female brains, yet females can think and calculate faster than men can. Magnetic resonance imaging and other brain imaging techniques have shown that most female brains are more active than most male brains. Even when the female brain is resting it has been shown to be as active as an activated male brain. Considering such information, it appears that many girls will have an intelligence advantage over boys by being consistently engaged, even when they aren’t trying as hard as a boy. As a further result of MRI scans we are able to see and view the ways in which some boys and girls process information. Generally speaking, the female brain processes more responding stimulants, through more senses, and more completely than the male brain. When information content comes into the female brain it travels in through the limbic system up to the top four lobes of the brain where thinking occurs. On the other hand, many males seem to move this content through the limbic system down to the brain stem. Basically, this means that females are more likely to process the information faster and reach a conclusion, as more of the activity moves into the hemispheres that handle thinking. Comparatively, men take longer to process information than women because their brains have less neurons available for activity and the connections between those neurons are fewer in number than those found in women’s brains. It is hypothesized that because of this, women constantly operate on a superior level of awareness than men, as their brains are always taking in more sensory information. Because of the limited processing in male brains, they are more likely to need a rest period than in females. The study proved that many male brains frequently enter a reboot phase as they become overloaded easier than female brains, which aren’t as limited in terms of calculation. This phenomenon is similar to the fact that a computer with less RAM and a slower processing speed is more likely to lock up than one which is more powerful. In addition to processing speed and greater sensory intake, females also have a larger corpus callosum, which connects both brain hemispheres. Because the female brain can use both sides more efficiently and more effectively than the male brain, it is able to carry more information throughout more connections, increasing its speed and giving the female greater resources for thought. The differences between intelligence between the genders can be explained through biology. At conception, all life begins as female, marked by the XX chromosome. To roughly half of these embryos, a Y chromosome is introduced, turning the original female embryo into a male. Testosterone surges throughout the growth of the baby while in the womb at a much higher rate than in the female. This chemical transforms the original female brain, enlarging the sex and aggression centers. Testosterone also has been shown to kill off brain cells and damage connections within the brain, as while as put the male at a much higher risk for diseases and brain related disorders. To compensate for this, nature has made 105 males be conceived to every 100 females. Because males are more likely not to survive birth or to die at a younger age, their higher numbers shrink quickly, as females become roughly 52% of the population. These biological differences not only explain the limited cognitive abilities of the male brain in relation to the female, but also explain why females outlive males in humans as well as in the all animal kingdoms. These advantages of the female brain go even beyond intelligence. There are many different chemicals in the brain that affect the ways in which we act, feel, and respond in different situations. The feelings experienced as a result of these chemicals are caused by receptors in the brain which produce the effect of the chemical when activated. Because girls have more brain activity and more neurons in their brains than boys, they also have more receptors. A perfect example of a chemical reaction in the brain is orgasm. We feel orgasms as pleasurable because of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin are released in our brain during climax. Because receptors are greater in number in the female brain then in men, orgasm will feel much better for a girl than it does for a boy. Brain scans show that during orgasm the female brain experiences 10 times the amount of pleasurable chemicals than in the male brain. In addition, the chemicals stick around in women’s brains longer than in the male brain, so the pleasurable experience lasts longer. Girls are also capable of multiple orgasms, so their brain remains ready to experience the pleasure over and over again for as long as she desires. Because of the refractory period men experience after they have an orgasm, they remain unable to have another orgasm for a period of time. This results in girls being capable of more powerful and longer lasting orgasms then in men, where orgasms are shorter, weaker, and fewer in number. In scientific studies, the equivalent of the male orgasm was played through the brains of volunteering women. Their experiences were recorded in written testimonies. Common remarks was that the intensity of the male orgasm was much weaker than what they normally experienced from orgasm and that the orgasm ended much quicker than they anticipated. When these women had female orgasms in the lab, they were much more vocal and their bodies contorted as their muscles contracted in response to the orgasm. When the same women experienced the male-style orgasm, they remained mostly quiet and stood almost completely still. They were actually quieter and moved less during the male orgasm then men who had their orgasms studied in the lab. Scientists hypothesized this was due to the females being used to experiencing a more powerful orgasm than the male-style orgasm that they experienced in the lab, while men experiencing the orgasm saw it as normal and had never felt anything better. Scientists were unable to allow the male volunteers of the study to experience the female orgasm, as the male brain is unable to handle the abundance of chemicals and activity the female orgasm provides. There was a theory that if the intensity of a girl’s orgasm was played through a boy’s brain, the shock to his system would kill him. Because of this, it appears the female orgasm remains a treat which can only be enjoyed by women. "I definitely feel very blessed that I was born female" study coordinator Sheryl Task joked. "If I was a man, I'd definitely be really jealous."

bad news for menMay 30 2013 5:36pm
Chastity devices to control men make sense to me. We are moving toward matriarchy, women will make the decisions and men will be relegated, increasingly to unpleasant work. Women will earn more and men will become the second sex.

AnonymousJun 06 2013 12:52pm
Chastity devices, particularly the electrically charged variety offered by Dream Lover Labs, would make the control and training of men reality. Matriarchy is coming. On your knees males!!!

DominaJul 23 2013 10:55am
onIsDc Fantastic blog. Much obliged.

zIFLSRntUOSep 05 2013 9:39pm
qOCV1r Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on...

hYzcBvpbjrzOYDSep 12 2013 10:01am
Domina, I would love to put you and women like you in your places -- on YOUR knees. I would love to spank you.

DominusSep 23 2013 6:45am
Domina, when a man spanks a "girl" and sees her round, female fanny shaking,quivering, and jiggling, it's impossible to think of women as "the superior sex."

DominusSep 26 2013 1:36pm
Domina, where did you go? Hiding in the closet covering your booty? Can't face up to a man with balls?

DominusOct 02 2013 7:31am
Dominus needs a lesson in male humility - at the end of a paddle wielded by one of his female betters. ON YOUR KNEES FOR DOMINA.

HeidiOct 03 2013 10:14pm
Heidi, if anyone gets a paddling it will be you, not me, and I will be doing the paddling. Actually though, I prefer to spank you barehanded. I like the feel of a female's bottom.

DominusOct 04 2013 6:01am
Some enterprising women at Dream Lover Laboratories have created the perfect device - the DL2000. It is an electrified add on to a standard male chastity device. Married to a Latowski chastity device, it is virtually inescapable. Once a male is locked in, his female owner can command whatever behavior she desires from him. He obeys or she presses one button on the remote and ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! An electrical pulse is delivered to the males testicles. It also has a "leash mode" that keeps him from going outside the perimeter you set - anywhere from 30 feet to 1 foot - making sure that your "kept man" stays kept. If he goes outside the set perimeter he gets a warning and if he does not stop - ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! The pulse continues until he returns to where he belongs. The device also has a "canine" mode that forces the male to stay on all fours. If he tries to stand - ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!! The pulse continues until he gets back down on all fours for your amusement. This makes complete control of one male or multiple males practical and very possible. The device is very pricey but you can't put a price on male ownership!

HeidiOct 09 2013 2:54pm
Heidi, my, my, you do have delusions of grandeur, don't you? The only male (I wont say "man") that you could put one of those devices on, wouldn't be a real man -- someone with "balls", which means more than just having testicles (get the distinction?). I'm a real man, Heidi, with balls. Confront me, and you'd be the one owned.

DominusOct 10 2013 9:00am
Dominus - You males have to sleep some time, besides a little Ruhypnol in your drink at a bar and you wake up as some gal's obedient doggy. Once you're locked in there is no escape.

HeidiOct 11 2013 5:04am
Dominus, you are a typical male. You are so proud you "have balls" and so boastful about spanking women. Heidi, is right, you need a lesson in male humility. You wouldn't be so proud of your balls if you were put in a humbler and some pretty young woman spanked them, as in this picture: After your spanking, sweetie, she could put you in a DL2000 and train you to be her "obedient doggy." Misbehave and ZZZZZAAAAAPPPP!!!. Oh dear "Dominus", your poor manly balls!

Mary LouOct 11 2013 9:33am
Mary Lou - You go girl!!! Dominus is probably, in reality, a meek little man with a tiny penis - talks big but that's all. If I'm wrong and he is a stud, all the better. It'll be even more fun to break his will until he pleases us on command.

HeidiOct 12 2013 12:38am
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