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Which 1 is the best ?

Created by: Nerd_penis at 03:33:44 AM, Saturday, June 24, 2000 PDT


Hewlette Packard kicks @$$ !!!

?????????????????Jul 24 2000 7:20pm

I have a computer from, and it's the most dependable computer I've ever owned.

LoudAsHellJul 24 2000 7:20pm

sheena@1pegasus.comJul 24 2000 7:20pm
This one

EllieMar 05 2018 7:39am

OnanMar 05 2018 7:40am
She can help you lifting washing machine when it has to be changed etc

OnanMar 05 2018 7:41am
Yes she stopped beating mevnow, but sometimes she might slap me when I do something in not right way.

EllieMar 05 2018 7:41am
She bosses you around?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:41am
She’s the one who lift these stuff not me

EllieMar 05 2018 7:41am
Of course she does. She’s the boss of the house

EllieMar 05 2018 7:42am
Yes but can she possible lift the washing machine alone without asking for help?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:43am
So she work and you are home being housewife?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:43am
Yes of course anything in the house she lifts by herself

EllieMar 05 2018 7:43am
Yes exactly how did you know that?

EllieMar 05 2018 7:44am
Well you're here texting with me and you said she's at work so I supposed that you are the one who takes care of the house..

OnanMar 05 2018 7:45am
Wow that impressive so she can lift that machine no problems?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:46am
Ohh that’s right. We did this because she’s better educated and with short notice she became a manager while I was still struggling to have a permanent contact in junior level. So I worked for few months as her PA then she decided it would be better to be full time housewife

EllieMar 05 2018 7:47am
Yes all the machines

EllieMar 05 2018 7:48am
Would be fun to see my lady neighbor walking in the parking lot with a brand new washing machine

OnanMar 05 2018 7:48am
Why fun?

EllieMar 05 2018 7:49am
Because is not common thing to see a lady lifting this stuff

OnanMar 05 2018 7:50am
She doesn't complain that you don't help her?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:51am
Ohh that’s right. You know for me it’s the normal thing for your wife to be the stronger and the worker

EllieMar 05 2018 7:51am
Helping her in what??

EllieMar 05 2018 7:51am
Yea but since she's away working you can help lifting things at hone

OnanMar 05 2018 7:52am
Does she likes to scare you with her strength or something similar?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:53am
No I can’t i’m only 5.7 and 143lbs with no muscles you want me to help woman 6.4 and 210 lbs!!!

EllieMar 05 2018 7:54am
It's true I forgot your size but I can't lift it alone as well

OnanMar 05 2018 7:54am
Also when I’m home I have too many things to do. She’s strict wife

EllieMar 05 2018 7:54am
That's a interesting relationship

OnanMar 05 2018 7:55am
I feel like she's always searching for challenges

OnanMar 05 2018 7:55am
When i do something incorrect she points to her muscles or slipper to remind me with the beating

EllieMar 05 2018 7:56am
Do you like this relationship?

EllieMar 05 2018 7:56am
She flexes and you get scared?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:56am
Yes or took off her slippers

EllieMar 05 2018 7:57am
I'm interested in your wife strength and how this affects the relationship

OnanMar 05 2018 7:57am
This makes her the man of the relationship

EllieMar 05 2018 7:58am
she's always searching for challenges?

OnanMar 05 2018 7:59am
But to be honest it’s not only because of her size and strength. Fatima is very successful person without leadership skills

Ellie Mar 05 2018 7:59am
Yes, but with men stronger than me. As I said friends and family

EllieMar 05 2018 8:00am
Why not with you?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:01am
Because I’m too weak can’t challenge her in anything.

EllieMar 05 2018 8:01am
Seriously? Well apparently I'm too weak aswell

OnanMar 05 2018 8:02am
She must be amazingly muscular built

OnanMar 05 2018 8:02am
Yes I think so. But don’t feel bad all men around us are weaker than Fatima

EllieMar 05 2018 8:02am
Yes she’s too big muscular strong

EllieMar 05 2018 8:03am
Looks like she can grab me by armpits and lift me high until her arm are full extended and my feet are away from the pavement

OnanMar 05 2018 8:03am
Well yes maybe. You should be here to test tjis yourself

EllieMar 05 2018 8:04am
You think she can? I wish to try hopefully she's not hurting herself. You can ask?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:05am
Do you like to have wife like Fatima

EllieMar 05 2018 8:05am
That can be interesting

OnanMar 05 2018 8:06am
Will try to ask if she’s in a good mood. Yes I think she can

EllieMar 05 2018 8:06am
Really!! Even if you’re a house husband like a housewife

EllieMar 05 2018 8:07am
Omg she's very very strong than

OnanMar 05 2018 8:07am
I don't mind if I love her

OnanMar 05 2018 8:08am
Yes she is

EllieMar 05 2018 8:08am
Is mayyybe unusual for husband to have smaller muscles

OnanMar 05 2018 8:08am
Insane I would feel so weird if a girl is so strong

OnanMar 05 2018 8:09am
That’s good. Hope you can find someone like her so we can chat while our wives working or in the gym

EllieMar 05 2018 8:09am
Tell me she likes to show you her muscles sometimes or her strength?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:10am
Yes it’s unusual but these days women are getting bigger and stronger and muscular

EllieMar 05 2018 8:10am
They do but your wife seems 3/4 times stronger than me

OnanMar 05 2018 8:11am
Yes all the time we have a rule in the house to wear a less clothes as we can so we can see the difference between me and Fatima

EllieMar 05 2018 8:11am
At this point I am sure her muscles are way bigger than mine

OnanMar 05 2018 8:11am
She looks huge built compared to you?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:12am
Yes absolutely her muscles are bigger. Comparing to her I look like her kid.

EllieMar 05 2018 8:13am
And how about strength she likes to show you randomly something?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:13am
Yes sometimes she lifts me, wrestle me for fun etc..

EllieMar 05 2018 8:13am
How does make you feel? And how she feels on this size difference

OnanMar 05 2018 8:14am
She loves it. That’s why she put merriers everywhere and we should not put clothes on. To be honest I don’t like to look as her kid but what can i do

EllieMar 05 2018 8:15am
Many times people thought in social events that I am her little brother or servent

EllieMar 05 2018 8:16am
Her hand and feet size are double mine it’s embarrassing

EllieMar 05 2018 8:17am
She's biggest lady at social events?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:17am
Yes in most social events

EllieMar 05 2018 8:17am
She asks you to flex for her so she put arms or legs closer and flex hers to see size difference?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:18am
Maybe she's one of the biggest boobs aswell

OnanMar 05 2018 8:18am
Yes exactly how do you know that also

EllieMar 05 2018 8:18am
I don't I just guessed since you said she's huge woman with huge breasts

OnanMar 05 2018 8:19am
Every man will be envious of you

OnanMar 05 2018 8:19am
Yes I think so but I don’t her boobs in the social events in clear way because she’ll be wearing 15 cm heels

EllieMar 05 2018 8:19am
I don't understand

OnanMar 05 2018 8:20am
I know men keep staring at her all the time and she likes it

EllieMar 05 2018 8:20am
They stare at her boobs or bicep?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:21am
When we’re in event she wears 15 cm heels so she’ll be taller than me in 35 cm so I can’t see her boobs because i will be under Fatima breasts

EllieMar 05 2018 8:22am
I think everything and she wears things expose her breasts and muscles

EllieMar 05 2018 8:22am
198 plus 15 cm she's 2.13 meters high I could barely reach her Nek aswell she's a mountain! And I think larger tha me

OnanMar 05 2018 8:23am
They stare at her thighs and legs as well

EllieMar 05 2018 8:23am
Well you saying at this parties your wife has one of biggest boobs between women and bigger muscles than every man?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:24am
Yes I’m sure about the muscles and probably about the boobs

EllieMar 05 2018 8:25am
So for sure biggest muscles?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:26am
Anyone asked her to flex? Or to touch? Or to have a strength demonstration?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:27am
Lots of men asking her to touch. No competition ever happened outside

EllieMar 05 2018 8:28am
She's happy to flex for them?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:30am
You like when she show off her muscles? How's the feeling to have biggest wife of all persons on the party

OnanMar 05 2018 8:31am
Yes she flexes and she letting them touch.

EllieMar 05 2018 8:39am
Yes I like it. Sometimes I feel scared to watch men bigger than me scared from my wife

Ellie Mar 05 2018 8:40am
Yes I’m sure she got the biggest muscles between all men. I haven’t seen a man with bigger muscles than my wife

EllieMar 05 2018 8:41am
It’s weird in the social events how Fatima joins men talking about business and muscles etc.. and not me

EllieMar 05 2018 8:46am
What is men reaction

OnanMar 05 2018 8:47am
Reaction on what?

EllieMar 05 2018 8:49am
When. She flexes her bicep for example

OnanMar 05 2018 8:49am
They’re shocked of her size and strength sometimes they ask her to lift them etc.. so we invite them to out house

EllieMar 05 2018 8:52am
And she doesn't lift them?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:52am
What happened in the house after?

OnanMar 05 2018 8:52am
When they come to the house Fatima lifts them wrestles them depends on what the man and Fatima are up to

EllieMar 05 2018 8:54am
But she's lifting them at party when they asked her

OnanMar 05 2018 8:55am
No in general she doesn’t do that in public areas she does in her house

EllieMar 05 2018 8:56am
I want to try

OnanMar 05 2018 9:11am
Do u have problems with that?

OnanMar 05 2018 9:13am
Sure, but I have to ask Fatima? Are you in India?

EllieMar 05 2018 9:13am
No, why to have problem with that?

Ellie Mar 05 2018 9:14am
Beacuse she's lifting me in front of ypu

OnanMar 05 2018 7:13pm
So, Fatima lifts and wrestles many men in front of me. People say I should be upset I don’t understand why

EllieMar 05 2018 7:21pm
Do you want to ask fatima my wife now any question

EllieMar 05 2018 7:41pm
Yes of course how big are her flexed muscles

OnanMar 05 2018 7:51pm
If she can beat me

OnanMar 05 2018 7:55pm
Yesterday she measured herself Fatima’s biceps 21 inces Fatima thighs 29 inches Fatima triceps 18 Fatima calves 24. She’s 198 cm and 96 kg. While my biceps 11.5 thighs 17 calves 13.5. She said of course she can beat a guy like you

EllieMar 06 2018 2:37am
What triceps measure means how did you measure triceps?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:42am
My biceps are 13.5 calves 14 thighs 19 we are similar with you but she is sooo much big

OnanMar 06 2018 2:44am
I have no idea this what she said. I know she’s so big and muscular

Ellie Mar 06 2018 2:47am
She is like double my size ...did you asked her if she thinks she can lift me from armpit like o said yesterday.

OnanMar 06 2018 2:48am
What’s your hight and weight? She said for a man your size she can lift him in anyway

EllieMar 06 2018 2:50am
180/82 kg

OnanMar 06 2018 2:51am
She can for one minute hold like this?!

OnanMar 06 2018 2:52am
So she’s almost 20 kg heavier. She said you should come so she can try

EllieMar 06 2018 2:55am
You still want to Fatima to lift you? She laughed a lot when I told her you asked me if I’m okay with her lifting you

EllieMar 06 2018 2:57am
I still want if I'm not heavy... And what she loughed?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:57am
Ya try to visit her on the house I don’t think you are heavy at all. Yes she laughed at this

EllieMar 06 2018 2:58am
She loughed because she think is easy

OnanMar 06 2018 3:00am
Yes you’re light. And why you’re asking me if I’m okay since she’s the one who’s going to lift you??

EllieMar 06 2018 3:02am
I don't want you to be jealous!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:03am
Do you know the size of your hand and feet? Fatima asked

EllieMar 06 2018 3:04am
Feet 42 hands I don't know...why?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:04am
Jealous of what exactly?

EllieMar 06 2018 3:04am
Fatima said man foot and hand size say a lot about him. My foot size is 41 her is 48

EllieMar 06 2018 3:06am
So basically we're similar in size with you and she is so much stronger than you so I think she's so stronger than me aswell

OnanMar 06 2018 3:07am
Yes I suppose so

EllieMar 06 2018 3:09am
Jealous of what exactly?!!

Ellie (Fatima’s husband)Mar 06 2018 3:09am
Jealousy because she touches me....I can't believe she can lift me with ease

OnanMar 06 2018 3:10am
How big are her hands

OnanMar 06 2018 3:12am
Yes she’s so muscular and powerful woman, normal men can’t compete with her. Ohh i see nothing if she touches you I believe she does it all the time with other men. Do you think it’s wrong? Although she doesn’t let me touch other women

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:13am
How about her forearms? I feel my arms or legs look like sticks compared to her

OnanMar 06 2018 3:14am
12 inches, yours?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:14am
What hands?!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:16am
18.5 yours?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:16am
My hands 8 inches long and forearm 10

OnanMar 06 2018 3:17am
Wow there’s huge difference between you and Fatima. I think you look like a child comparing to her also.

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:19am
What did you mean by she’s going to touch you

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:20am
18 of forearm?!!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:21am
Well grab me by armpits and lift me she has to touch me...

OnanMar 06 2018 3:22am
Yes, for her 25 biceps

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:23am
Wasn't 21?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:23am
Ohh in that case that’s fine. I thought different type of touching

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:24am
Noo it was my mistake it’s almighty 25 and thighs 30

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:24am
Omg she can lift me putting that forearm between my legs

OnanMar 06 2018 3:25am
How? What do you mean

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:27am
Do you like to sit on women lap?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:29am
I never met a big woman that can hold my weight on her legs I don't know

OnanMar 06 2018 3:38am
Because usually men who asks Fatima to lift them they also asks her to put them on her lap

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:39am
I mean she can put a arm between my legs and liftme up like this?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:39am
Are you married? Do you work or study?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:40am
I can not say if I like or not because I was always too heavy to do this so I don't know

OnanMar 06 2018 3:40am
I'm not married I study to become a architect

OnanMar 06 2018 3:40am
Yes, I think. But is that appropriate way to lift a man by a woman i’m just saying

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:41am
Can you ask her what she thinks

OnanMar 06 2018 3:41am
Ohh so you still young how old are you?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:42am
Ask her what?

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:42am
27 and you

OnanMar 06 2018 3:43am
If she can do that lift

OnanMar 06 2018 3:43am
Ohh not so young. I’m 31 Fatima is 29.5 but she graduates long time ago and now she’s managing group of companies

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:44am
But her arms are so big because there's some fat on it or is just pure hard muscles

OnanMar 06 2018 3:44am
There’s no fat in her arms at all. She said she can do it. But I am bit concerned about her putting her arms between your legs

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:45am
My wife Fatima ordered to apologise because I said it’s not appropriate. She’s the one who decides what she is the appropriate and what isn’t

Fatima’s husband Mar 06 2018 3:49am
Sp she thinks is ok?

OnanMar 06 2018 4:25am
And she thinks she can do it ? Is it hard?

OnanMar 06 2018 4:28am
You got upset for something?

OnanMar 06 2018 6:19am
Yes Fatima thanks it’s okay to lift you from between your legs. And of course she can do it

EllieMar 06 2018 11:07am

OnanMar 06 2018 11:11am
Yes of course. She’s so big muscular and strong

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:18am
She's a horse omg... I can't believe she seems to be easy doing it

OnanMar 06 2018 11:19am
Good expressions not sure if Fatima is going to like it

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:20am
No offense I think she's as strong as a horse

OnanMar 06 2018 11:21am
Yes she’s as strong as animal

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:22am
Well if she can lift me with a hand she is omg

OnanMar 06 2018 11:24am
I think she can i witnessed her lifting men with one hand

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:26am
She enjoys it?

OnanMar 06 2018 11:27am
So she can take one like me one arm and one other in the other?!

OnanMar 06 2018 11:34am
Yes I think so. She did it for two of her male friends

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:47am
Wow and how long?!

OnanMar 06 2018 11:57am
I can’t remember I think 10 minutes

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 11:59am
I would be scared... why you share your wife strength in here?

OnanMar 06 2018 12:01pm
I don’t know I find out that people like that and I would like to know why. And what others think about my relationship with Fatima

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 12:03pm
I'm jealous

OnanMar 06 2018 12:16pm
Is interesting life with a wife like this

OnanMar 06 2018 12:21pm
Why you’ re jealous?

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 12:22pm
Because she's so strong I train a lot and I'm not even half her strength

OnanMar 06 2018 12:36pm
And I think she would enjoy humiliating me in comparing her muscles size and strength over and over because I think she can't loose a single competition

OnanMar 06 2018 12:38pm
She trains a lot as well. I think so, she likes humiliating men. Do you want a wife like her

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 12:42pm
Is interesting how my life can change for sure ...I'm not use to be the weaker in the relationship and for sure I am muuuuch strong than me

OnanMar 06 2018 12:45pm
Yes it is. But you should marrying woman like Fatima means you have to obey your wife

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 12:47pm
Well I can't disobey she will make me do it anyway

OnanMar 06 2018 12:50pm
She can literally drag me along the kitchen if I didn't wash dishes?!

OnanMar 06 2018 12:59pm
Does she force you phisically to do stuff?

OnanMar 06 2018 1:08pm
Yes she does. I have to do all the house work and washing everything

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 1:11pm
She does what

OnanMar 06 2018 1:17pm
She forces me physically to do things

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 1:17pm

OnanMar 06 2018 1:19pm
How can she do

OnanMar 06 2018 1:25pm
She beats and spanks me sometimes

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:19pm
Really? Can't you stop her? What she thinks about it?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:23pm
No absolutely I can’t. What do you mean what she thinks about it

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:36pm
About ruling your life and be bossing you around phisically

OnanMar 06 2018 2:38pm
Did she ever lifted you around home out of hunger for example from you belt and bring you From one place to one other?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:39pm
She forces phisically her strength on you why?

OnMar 06 2018 2:46pm
She thinks it’s normal for wives to treat their husbands like this.

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:46pm
Treats How beat them or order them

OnanMar 06 2018 2:46pm
Yes she uses her forces to control me making me worshipping her work at home respect her etc...

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:47pm
Both beating and ordering them

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:48pm
What does worship means? What's the most impressive show of strength that you can remember?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:49pm
So she really spànks you couple of times to teach you like a child?

OnanMar 06 2018 2:49pm
Yes she spanked me many times. Worship means show her and her muscles and her body and feet respect and fear.

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 2:52pm
I don't understand how can you worship someone muscles

OnanMar 06 2018 3:01pm
How does she spanks you?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:03pm
What's the most impressive show of strength that you can remember?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:03pm
You massage and kiss the muscles and the feet and saying that I love admire it and wish it. She puts on her knees and spank me using her slippers

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:08pm it seems that she put u In her lap and spank you like a girl but is impossible that a woman can do this to an adult like you

OnanMar 06 2018 3:08pm
While you kiss her feet a d muscles what does she do/said to you?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:09pm
It is possible. Fatima does it to me. She told me kiss it put it into your mouth you sissy

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:17pm
But you don't react? So if she is able to do to you she will do to me as easily

OnanMar 06 2018 3:19pm
I do react but she spanks harder every time I resist. Yes she might do it to you as well

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:20pm
Us it painful?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:20pm
Ohhh so painful. She hits really hard and her slipper size is massive

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:21pm
She thinks is good for a man to be spanked?!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:21pm
I don’t know she thinks this’s how wives should be with their husband

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:23pm
Spanking them as a lil girl?!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:24pm
What's the most impressive show of strength that you can remember about her?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:25pm
Yes she thinks wife should behave her husband and a spank every few days is a must

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:39pm
But hard spanking? You cry?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:40pm
I remember once she beated two of her male friends in a wrestling match. After they surrendered she put them above each other and lifted them and threw them like a little bag

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:41pm
Too hard. I told you she spanks really hard and her slipper is massive. Yes i cry

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:42pm
How she put hem up eachother and how she lifted them?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:44pm
They were exhausted laying on the floor. She lifted the first one threw him above the other one, and then put her hands under the first guy lifted both of them first in a carddle style then lifted them above her head

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:46pm
But you said she increases strength if you try to react... that means you cry and she's not even using all strength?!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:46pm
Yes of course I cry without het full strength

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:49pm
Overhead? 2guys together?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:49pm
So she can punish us without sweat and using a fraction of the strength?!!!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:50pm
Yes 2 guys bigger than you I think. Yes I think so, the problem is Fatima doesn’t have problems to spank other men

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:52pm
That's mean she can overhead me no problems?!!

OnanMar 06 2018 3:54pm
Yes of course she easily do this to men

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:55pm
Why does she spank you? She likes to flex when you worship her?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:56pm
Yes she flex her muscles and keep moving her feet while I’m worshiping her. For different reasons maybe i did bad worship or argued a lot with her

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 3:58pm
She lift You to scare you?

OnanMar 06 2018 3:59pm
Yes me and others many times

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 4:02pm
Any examples?

OnanMar 06 2018 4:03pm
I feel like she can grab the Nek of your shirt and almost lift you like that

OnanMar 06 2018 4:05pm
But how did she get so strong and muscular and why?

OnanMar 06 2018 4:22pm
Fatima usually likes to lift her victims who she destroys in wrestling over her head and then throw them away. This’s really scary.

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 6:32pm
She was her entire life a big muscular woman, but as I told you when she spent few years she came back like this. I think her nature is very dominant

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 6:33pm
I think you’re now no longer fan of women like Fatima after you knew about the spanking

Fatima husband Mar 06 2018 7:34pm
I am a fan you should respect hard work she put on her body

OnanMar 07 2018 12:21am
How much she growed from before to after her visit to usa

OnanMar 07 2018 12:25am
You’re a fan of my wife? When she left she was 180 cm and 75 kg with small muscles when she came back she was 198 and 95 kg and these muscles

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:32am
I always wondered how men strange men feel when my wife beating or humiliating or spanking them

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:35am
I can't say because I never met anyone stronger than me

OnanMar 07 2018 2:42am
I know i’m just curiousl why men come to Fatima. It was my destiny to marry fatima but why the come to put themselves under her authority and mercy

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:44am
Especially a girl

OnanMar 07 2018 2:44am
Fatima hates to be mentioned as girl. You should respect her didn’t you notice how I changed my name to Fatima husband

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:45am
And she's stronger and bigger than any guy I know

OnanMar 07 2018 2:45am
Me too. She’s stronger and bigger than all the other males in our family and friends

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:48am
So you asked if she wants to challenge me in something?

OnanMar 07 2018 2:50am
I mean with those muscles I don't think I can lift any of her weights

OnanMar 07 2018 2:51am
Fatima said she’s happy to consider you as one if the males she beats. But are you in India? Fatima challenge is wrestling

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:52am
I never wrestling before I don't know

OnanMar 07 2018 2:52am
Well I think this’s Fatima conditions. She likes to wrestle every male comes to the house

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 2:55am
Ok can you how to start? How she wants to do it?

OnanMar 07 2018 2:58am
How much she can squat? Overhead lift? Biceps curl? How many pushups?

OnanMar 07 2018 2:59am
We have like a huge empty area in the house. We put a wrestling mat on it. You were something appropriate to wrestling. And then you start, you need to make Fatima submit. The loser will be subject to the winner punishment

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:00am
So she is sure 200% that she can win with every challenge?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:01am
How can I start? I try to push her from shoulders but I suspect she will let me do it and anyway she would not move an inch

OnanMar 07 2018 3:02am
Well I don’t know everything but I know she can do 100 push-ups with a man on her back and she can do squats while she was lifting a guy much bigger than me on her back

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:02am
100 push ups consequently?! With a guy on her back?! I can't do 15

OnanMar 07 2018 3:03am
Unfortunately my friend I don’t know the technic as well try to push her into the floor but I think she’ll on weak men like us

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:03am
Can't you ask those questions for me?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:03am
Sure when I’m allowed to talk to Fatima I will do it.

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:04am
So you think she let me push first? Will she moved?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:04am
Yes she will let you to test your strength. Not one inch she will be laughing. Yes I remember you have to compare muscles before the match. So wear something show your entire body

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:06am
Have you ever saw some of her training weight around the house?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:06am
No, why?

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:06am

OnanMar 07 2018 3:07am
Because I wonder if you ever tried to lift or move one of those when she leave them around the house...think maybe it happened in the past

OnanMar 07 2018 3:07am
Yes she laughed a lot on weak men trying to beat her

fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:08am
She will not do anything and let me push and she will lough? How why?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:08am
Ohh no, I’m thankful this doesn’t happen. Maybe when you come to her house you can try

fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:09am
I think she will let you try first laugh on your weaknesses. Then lift your and start the beating

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:10am
Try what

OnanMar 07 2018 3:10am
Try to push her?

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:11am
She will give you the first chance to push her to the floor but usually men fail to do that in front my wife Fatima. She’s asking what do you wear usually in the wrestling matches or what are you planning to wear?

Fatima husband Mar 07 2018 3:15am
Just short trousers and that's it! So she wants to give me the first go and advantages?

OnanMar 07 2018 3:32am
What about her dress

OnanMar 07 2018 3:33am
It seems to me that she is happy to challenge me or better for me to challenge her

OnanMar 07 2018 3:34am
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