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Female-dominated relationships (ladies only)

Question: I would like to know how women think about relationships were the woman is dominant and the man submissive. This subject seems very actual and I wonder how women honestly think about this. Comments from anyone are welcome but only lady voters please. Thank you for taking the time.
Created by: modernman at 12:10:48 AM, Thursday, January 06, 2005 PST


In the 12 years of my marriage, I've spent about 6 years in the gym during the day when my husband is at work. As a result I've become more muscular than him as he has an office job and by any comparison of physical strength, I'm about twice as strong. It wasn't until last year that I decided that we should wrestle and found this to be very erotic for my self. This wasn't his idea but mine and I don't know why I find it exiting but realizing that you are far stronger than your husband is enjoyable. I use my muscles to pin him and add just enough pain and then I ask him to fight back but he can't stop me. Sometimes I ask him why during is entrapment and force him to discribe my power and his lack of physical strength to do anything and what his muscles feel like while I smash or stretch them. I know this is weird but it makes me wet. I sometimes have an orgasm when I do bar dips when I tense my abs, when I reach the point that I can barely do another dip if I think about how I have more muscles than my husband, I can do several more dips as I orgasm, no one knows this because it's hidden behind the groan and struggle of the exercise. After wrestling him it mostly ends in some sex of my choice. I do like to compare my muscles to his by asking him to flex and then seeing the big difference in size. The more I become muscular the more sexual it has become to me. I hope this is enlightening

Dominant WifeFeb 03 2005 11:05am

Well, it may be enlightening but it also makes me jealous of your husband. How big are your arms and what are your measurements in general and how do you compare to your husband besides being bigger? How does your husband react to your superior muscle size and strength?

WowserMar 13 2005 10:35pm
It is typical of today's woman to do what Dominant Wife does, take it easy while her man does the hard work. He goes to work to pay for her days at the gym and then uses his love for her to abuse and enslave him. That is true inferiority at its best. She is not a modern woman, but a female chauvinist pig and an oppressor, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that her husband has been neutered.

Rick IJun 10 2005 5:58am
Dominant wife that is incredibly sexy. I wish i were in your husband's place

dennisAug 30 2005 9:32am
poor, poor, neanderthal Rick I. the world is leaving you and other wildly insecure males like you far, far behind, my boy. personally, i don't find pumped, muscular Women attractive, but i dream of a Woman who'll "use my love for Her to abuse and enslave me" - even Rick I could get that part right. and to Ms. Dominant Wife i say that Your predilections *used* to be weird...but they're not any more. more and more Women are discovering their power over men (which takes many forms including the physical, the intellectual, the emotional, and of course the sexual) and what a turn-on it is for both parties when She exercises it. i'd encourage You to embrace it in all aspects of Your relationship. drive Your man into submission and keep him there and i bet You'll have a happier and longer-lasting relationship than most people You know. check out and if You need some support and encouragement, and enjoy!

tigerJan 06 2006 8:13pm
Man and woman have been created, that is to say, willed by God: on the one hand, in perfect equality as human persons; on the other, in their respective beings as man and woman. ?Being man? or ?being woman? is a reality which is good and willed by God: man and woman possess an inalienable dignity which comes to them immediately from God their creator. Man and woman are both with one and the same dignity ?in the image of God.? Man and woman were made ?for each other? ? not that God left them half-made and incomplete: he created them to be a communion of persons, in which each can be a ?helpmate? to the other, for they are equal as persons ? and complementary as masculine and feminine. Catechism of the Catholic Church, paras. 369 and 372.

AnonymousJul 07 2006 11:42am
Dominant Wife, your hypocrisy is amazing!! When husbands beat their wives, women complain that men are violent, the police arrest the husband, who goes to jail for assault, while the woman can go to a shelter for battered women. But when a you beat your a husband (you know, the man who pays your bills, the man who you claimed to LOVE when you were dating him) and cause him pain and humiliation. You show no regret for your disgraceful behaviour. On the contrary, you say its erotic and you are very proud of yourself. If wives can be proud of husband-beating, then why can't husbands be proud of wife-beating? And when is somebody going to build a shelter for battered husbands? Dominant Wife, your hypocrisy, ingratitude, cruelty and unrepentant attitude make you totally disgusting.

HSG (High School Graduate)Jul 28 2006 2:20pm
HSG, I really believe you misread Dominant Wife's words. She isn't talking about abusing her husband only that she is stronger and can do with him physically as she wishes (and all be told, as he wishes too, I would imagine). You talk about her hypocrisy and yet she did not write anything hypocritical. I also like the part where you indicate she should be grateful. Grateful for what? She is married to him and I doubt very much that he found her on the street or in the woods, abandoned, and therefore she should be "grateful" for him rescuing her. I certainly don't make light of your apparent dislike for a strong woman but it would suggest that you need to open your mind a little and realize that women are certainly allowed to be the dominant one in a relationship if both partners agree. Do you really think that if her husband wasn't OK with her being stronger and dominant that he would stay? An abused woman in a marriage might sometimes feel that she cannot leave her husband because she would have no way of making a living. Therefore, since Dominant Wife is supposed to be "cruel" and abusive in her relationship with her husband, why doesn't he walk if he is not happy with it? It is certainly not because he cannot make it on his own since he is the one with the job for which she is supposed to be grateful. Etc.

RobAug 02 2006 4:04pm
Goddess created Woman in Her own image and created males so that Woman could have slaves. That is why Wife-beating is wrong but Husband-beating is appropriate. Wife beating is unatural, like water flowing upstream or the sun setting in the morning but husband-beating is in accord with natural law. That is why most male-dominant couples are pathological and unhappy while couples where the Wife exercises loving but very firm discipline with Her male are generally happy. That is why "Dominant Wife" is not being hypocritcal and why HSG is so angry. If Dominant Wife were to add HSG to Her harem and discipline him regulary he would be much better adjusted and happier.

obedient husbandMay 11 2007 7:22pm

AnonymousMar 29 2008 8:23pm
obedient husband is a failure as a man and piece of poo

AnonymousAug 07 2008 7:36am
How does your poor husband take it, being womanhandled like that? Is he frustrated, unhappy or does he actually like being physically outclassed by a woman? I am bigger and I am sure stronger than my husband but I think he would leave me if I kicked his ass in a wrestling match, and I don't want that to happen.

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AnonymousDec 07 2008 6:23pm
My wife is stronger than me, I don't mind at all. When we wrestle she wins but she would never hurt me. When she has me over her shoulders carrying me to the bedroom and tells me what she has planned it is not humiliating but exciting. We often do role reversal and afterwards I feel save in her arms. I think I am pretty lucky to have a strong lady like this!!

AnonymousApr 30 2009 10:08am
Women can talk all they want about being superior and taking over the world crap, but mindless anarchy will always keep that kind of crappy talk in the kitchen, where it and women belong.

Gloria SteinamNov 30 2009 12:16pm
You people really need to wake up to reality. Please!?!

AnonymousNov 30 2009 1:55pm
I would love to serve a dominate woman!

cfnmguyMay 12 2011 4:48pm
Rob If the woman was the one with the Job and earning power (or if they each had well paying jobs) and the husband were forcibly dominating the wife and humiliating her like that and she did not leave him, most people who found out about the situation would still say he was abusing her even if she did not leave him just because she had a job and could afford to leave.

Abuse goes both waysMay 29 2011 7:08am
I f*cking hate people. What has the world come to? Regardless of gender, people should be free to do whatever gets them hot and bothered so long as it's mutual. In any case, people need to 1) mind their own damn business 2) respect the will of others and 3) STOP TALKING ABOUT ENSLAVING PEOPLE in a way that isn't just a sexual thing. I have spoken!

some guyJul 28 2011 9:24am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 12:07pm
Dominant wifes husband is very blessed to have a rugged woman like her! Tiger i could not agree with you more. I love a big strong kind of masculine woman and it feels very good to be held in the arms of a woman like that as well. I have a post men who prefer BIG STRONG WOMEN feel free to check it out. Its a nonjudgemental zone.

Semi PreppyDec 12 2011 1:03pm
i love power woman. i work for dominate woman and i never use the word, "No" unless given permission to do so by her. i am a swm

boyFeb 05 2012 8:06pm
I am a SWM who love physically stronger women. I would love to meet, build a friendship with leading to a relationship. The stronger the better, or with a woman who is strong but want to build to be really strong. Email me at

Chris PApr 27 2012 7:04pm
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 10 2012 6:04pm
I am a strong and dominant wife and my husband loves it. He is a musician in a touring band and is away a lot on the road. Sometimes up to three months at a time. About a year ago I started to work out. Went to the gym about three days a week. At first he didn't really notice much. But after about six months he started to pay me compliments about how good and fit I was looking. It made me feel good and inspired me to keep at it. I could feel my strength and endurance increasing. He was due in for a two week break and I couldn't wait for him to experience my new strength. He came in and I was sure to be wearing a tank top so I could show off my arms. We had a great dinner and sat back and relaxed in the living room. I flexed a little for him and I knew he saw because he smiled and said looks like the gym is paying off you look great! I giggled and playfully pulled him up into my lap. He is thin and not muscular at all. He said cool and we made out for a while with him on my lap. He said that he couldn't beleive how strong looking I had gotten. We both looked at each other and were thinking the same thing. I quickly stood up and not realising it picked my husband up in my arms. Holding him in a cradle carry he just put his arms around my neck and kissed me. I put him down and said sorry!! No need he said that was awesome! I did a double bicep pose for him his eyes got big and I said I glad you like them! We went up stairs and had the best sex ever. We now wrestle regularly, he's no match for me but we have fun. He loves for me to lift him. It is great as foreplay, he lets me piggyback him and my favorite is OTS or fireman carry. On my shoulders he rides and I can hold him for quite a while. He came home recently and I met him at the door. He went over my shoulder and I carried him to the bedroom. I was wearing a strap on and now my domination was complete.

chiristinaJan 11 2013 3:06pm
I have a similar story, I got on a weight loss program which got me into weights. My husband is a little shorter than me and weighs about 20 lbs. less. I wanted to show him how strong I was getting so I challenged him to arm wrestle. It was no contest I won easily. Next up was wrestling I wrestled him and got him pinned and exhausted. I then pulled him up and hoisted him over my shoulders. I carried him upstairs easily and I had already been using a strap on. But the combination of my strength and domination, we had the best night of our lives and it was now the way we do it now. He loves it and so do I!!!

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AnonymousAug 14 2016 6:27am
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I would't need any trainings or exercises to Keep my thighs and calves in shape. Whereas my tighs are Big but not in ä very Special way, my calves Look extraordinary muscular, almost as if I would have been at Semi-professional bodybuilding. You wouldn't believe if you saw them. But honestly,in autum I'm often Not able to find adequate Boots for my feet, as my calves are to muscular so that boots usually are to narrow to slip in. Although I always admire other women, who Don't have any problems to Find adequate boots, I - on The other hand - deep inside am a little Bit proud on natural muscularity of my strong calves. Because of this natural power in my legs I' ve been able to give my b/f a piggyback ride without and effort whenever He liked to be carried. At that time he only wheighted around 65 kg although his height amounting more than 180 centimetres. This meant, although he is towering me by One complete head, I had no Problems at all to lift him in front of me whitout any effort whenever I liked. And as he never protested I was very Sure from The beginning, that obviously he liked to be lifted and carried by a g/f being so much shorter than him. And although we directly Didn't talk about this Situation I very soon found out, that he liked being lifted and Carried by piggyback ride very well. And honestly, from my perspective there was no reason to avoid this situations because of some reasons: I had so much natural strenght those days, that my b/f really seemed to be as light as feather to me. As I still wasn't active in Sports at that time but at the same time was no longer integrated into farmwork, I obviously needed some physical challenge to remain in ä Balance from ä mental perspective. Another aspect was, that we both liked piggyback ride as a foreplay for sex Which we did very often at that time. So it happened very often, that WE were listening to sensual music in The evenings, began to dance after ä while, and Whereas at the beginning I let him lead my Body in The Rhythm of The music later on I became aware of my Body becoming more and more resistent against his movements, as if our bodies being part of a sensual struggle trying to get in control of The other one. After a couple of minutes I became aware of ä Feeling of deep sufficiency deep Inside of me, as I seem to be able to control the movements of his Long body by using both, my mental and my physical strenght as long as his mental resistance became weaker and weaker until there wasn't any physical resistance to touch. Not telling him anything about my inner proudness on being able to get in control of him in this way, I handled him like a toy pressing him down on his knees in Front of my firm and sexy body at first (Feeling his very low resistance once again). Then my foot touched his shoulder and without any effort pressed the weakling to the ground Where he totally satisfied from mental surrender wasn't able (or willing?) to Make any movement. He only awaited, what will happen at next. Feeling a Little bit shocked about having such a weak guy as b/f but at the Same time feeling a satisfaction of being able to control him in this totally manner, I began to Touch my large boobs, which, as I knew, my b/f always admired because of their firmness and largeness at the Same time. He responded by touching my muscular calves with both hands and within only a few seconds I realized, that he was Not far away from cumming. To avoid this I stepped back and giving him no chance for resistance took place on his thin body. I sat down exactly on his hard dick asked (or better lets say "ordered") him to Take my Ass chicks in his Hands with a Maximum firm grip and then I rode him until he came. After his ejaculation we kept on lying together side by side on The floor listening to the music for a while. The reason for granting a rest to his weak body was, that although it had been myself playing the most active roll in our play so far, I felt very fresh and self-confident and to be honest, I intended to have some more fun. Today I sometimes think, my self-confidence and courage increased from One Minute to the next during this incident (or event?) happened. After a short break I took over the active role again, stood up, slipped Into my pumps, positioned the Body of his dreams directly above of him and pressed my fists against my hips. I ordered him to stand up, but as he Didn't obey I moved downward, gripped One of his thin arms, pulled his complete upper body into my direction and with some effort managed to pick him up completely, placing the Body of The weakling on my back and carrying him in piggyback manner towards our bedroom. In front of our mirror I stopped, because I' ve made no decision how to handle him, when I would reach our bed. Should I just release my firm grip to let him down on the floor. Or could my physical power be sufficient to place or even throw him on the bed so that afterwards I only had to eat the Long Little boy as my Dessert. Some seconds After having stopped in Front of our mirror, I suddenly recognized something knocking behind me, just between my boyfriends soft stomach and my muscular back. At once I recognized the following: The soft dick of The weakling becomes hard again. Probably the break granted to him before had been a Little bit helpful. But most important for the reactivation of his Little friend has been the mental effect of The view, seeing his short girlfriend standing naked but self-confident in Front of the mirror, smiling, wearing pumps, carrying him on his back, going on holding and controlling him in this way for some minutes and thus demonstrating him female superiority and at the Same time feeling the firm grip of my small hands at his thin legs. At this moment I realized, what Kind of Big arousal lift and Carry Fetisch means to my b/f. The Same moment my boyfriend felt a large desire to cum again. Realizing this it took him only a few seconds to fulfil his wish (almost) without any (further) support from my side. Being aware, that touching my large boobs always had been a Big Turn-on for him because of their firmness, he grapped from behind with his right hand over my shoulder and around my neck, Crossing my breasts and lowering it on my left boob. As he had hoped for, my arousal has caused an unbeliavable increase of my boobs' firmness. Touching this rock-hard breast of mine for my aroused b/f must be an Impression as if he would try to squeeze the muscular pecs of a well-trained female bodybuilder but wasn't able to manage as her breasts are hard as iron. And as he had thought, this was to much for my Boyfriend. As I still was Standing in Front of The mirror having in on my back I could See in his eyes, how glad he looked, when he came while I without and effort gave him the piggyback ride and he again and again and again ejaculated against the powerful muscles of my small back. From The day on, when we did it in this way, we sometimes repeated this in similar variants as far as we had the opportunity. My boyfriend, who now is my husband had been formed and educated according to my wishes during the next years. For me it was very important, to Find the right Balance between controlling him but let him his free will. Especially in the public. As I never trained my Arms or legs for a further couple of years I kept the natural strenght of my powerful legs but After some years got problems with my back. As I mentioned, my back was firm and muscular from farmwork, when I was young. But my back never had those solid bones and natural muscularity as my legs got. So, no longer working on the farm, doing no exercices at all and carrying an husband, who became heavier and heavier (today he is weighting 90kg) some day I told him, that from this day on he never will get ä piggyback ride from me. He looked Not very glad but at once accepted. This description of my short but strong body is to be interrupted now. If there should be anybody interested in hearing, about the mental Relationshop about me and my husband to get a better understanding about the way how domination and submission works between us Please let me know. I would be glad to Go on. Or would you prefer to her what happened several years later, when I started regularly activities in sports for example Swimming, cycling, walking, Dancing and gymnastics. If there should be anyone, who wants to hear, Please don't hesitate to let me know.

Who is proud of her strong legsJan 31 8:49am
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Today it happened to me, that I found this Blog and being in a situation to dominate the relationship between my husband and me, I think it could be interesting for someone to read about us. Being almost 50 years young now and weighting around 70kg divided on 160 cms my body is a strong mixture of fat and muscles being a solid basis for my mental an physical strenght. I've always enjoyed to be the stronger Sex in our relationship whereas my husband is very happy that I' m able to give him - from time to time - the opportunity, to feel like a weakling, Which he enjoys. Being in sports almost every evening of the week during the last 5 years I exorbitantly increased my fitness. My legs always have been strong due to heavy bones and natural muscularity. But since I work-out regularly, my tights and calves are rock-hard and even my upper body, that in former times has been soft and narrow, built up firm shoulders, larger biceps, bigger forearms, a strong neck and - which for myself is almost unbelievable - an incredible mass of firm muscles stabilizing my back. Watching this modifications of my body in the mirror while my husbands arms and legs remained as thin and soft as ever, my selfconfidence increased as well as my courage to make him clear my demand to be the old bull in our relationship while the role he has to play in future - if he should like it, as often as he wishes - could be the role of a weakling being mentally or physically dominated by his Superior wife. Next evening when we both stood in front of our large mirror I decided not to wait any longer. Lowering my upper body by bending my knees in front of my husbands long, thin body I reached out my strong right arm between his legs, raised my forearm until my hand touched his small ass and began to straighten my knees again, so that my upper body raised in slow motion and my long husband became lifted by his short wife helding him with only one arm as if it was nothing. While being raised in this way his small dick obviously became bigger and harder especially as his Little friend became more and more pressed against the rock-hard muscle of my thick biceps. At last I stood there in front of the mirror helding my husband firmly with only one arm at my right side. He's sitting there similar as in sattle. "Do you respect my superiority?" I proclaimed my requirement. "Yes, I do!" he whispered without any delay. "Excuse me to say that", he added, "I knew all The time, that you must be stronger than me since you work-out", he added. "It's no problem for me to know, that you are the Top Dog. But excuse me to say that: You must be almost as strong as an ox." Hearing this words I got a strong desire to use my free left hand to give a firm massage to my large breasts. I've got large boobs since I have been 12 years old. But hard training during the last 5 years made them very firm so that today there were looking bigger than ever. Holding my husband at least 70cm above the floor as if he weights nothing so that his head is almost touching the Top of the room suddenly gave me such a strong feeling of predominant power and mental superiority, that my breasts, when I touched them, not only felt firm but hard as iron because of my arousal which was a result of my internal proudness on my physical strenght. At this moment the pressure of my biceps on his dick was too much for my husband and he explodes in one moment ejaculating again and again on my biceps, my shoulder, my neck and on the right side of my muscular back. Watching this in the mirror brought me to a strong orgasm, too. And to have better opportunity for enjoying it, I throw my husband down on our bed, jumped beside of him and caught his thin body between my big legs, as I often do to prevent him from moving, while his Alpha-wife is carrying her orgasm.

Wife, being proud on her strong bodyFeb 01 11:29am
Hello Wife, being proud on her strong body, I hope you will read this comment as I read your story from Wednesday. You cannot imagine how aroused I was, when reading those sentences. At the moment, I read about your husband calling you "as strong as an ox" I couldn't help but had to ejaculate. And , honestly, when you mentioned your iron hard breast, my c*ck already was iron hard again. Great story. Could you please go on? But the reason, to make a posting on this page, that from my understanding is reserved or ladies only, is that I hope I can manage to get information or even contact with a self confident and powerful lady , who is searching for a man, who is willing to be physically dominated by her even in the public. I dream about a woman, or even better a teen girl, who is well trained and in very good shape and enjoys being the superior sex. I m a man of 1,71cm weighting 62Kg with a thin body who would like to be your toy if you should like lift and carry. It would be a great pleasure for me, if a mature milf or even a a teenage girl, would be willing and able to prove her physical superiority and demonstrate her strenght by pressing and if possible carrying my weak body overhead in front of her friends or, if you like, even in the public. Do you think you would be able and mentally prepared to do that for me, Wife, being strong on her strong body? If so, please, please give some info!

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SUE OF KANSASFeb 05 5:25pm
Sue of Kansas, glad to hear, that you will take me on. As wife, being proud on her strong body doesn't answer. If you are as large and dominant as you told you might be able (and willing) to demonstrate your strength and superiority to me. My height is 1.71m, my weight only 62kg. Could you please, please tell, what you think to be able to DO with my body???

Who admires all dominant femalesFeb 09 1:09pm
Sue of Kansas, I'm very sure I would totally admire you for your large and strong body and your dominance. Would like to here about your body, your biceps and other muscles. Would also like to hear about you and your husband. What do you do to him? Is he smaller than you?

Who admires all dominant femalesFeb 10 9:23am
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I am so glad I found this page because I thought I was the only one who enjoyed dominating and humiliating third husbond. I have always had a fascination with tall women dwarfing short guys and when I was dating I always loved to date short guys because they are so easy to control. Being that I am 6ft 9 and my husbond is a tiny 5ft 1 I can easily control our relationship, although my husbond does try to put up a fight but most of the time he just gives up when I stand in front of him, looking down on him like a bug I could crush under my foot. Our usual day starts with him waking up at 8am for work and immediately getting up to prepare me breakfast in bed. However if this breakfast is not of my standards I punish him by lifting him up by the neck then throwing him to the ground like a ragdoll. I'll then stomp on his face a few times and then let him beg for mercy. After breakfast he will generly go for a shower and leave for work at around 9am. While he's at work I go the gym and do my regular workout. Alot of guys at the gym try to hit on me at the gym because I have huge tits and a big round ass but when they approach me they don't realise how tall and powerful I am and how small and insignificant they are. So all I have to do to get them to f*ck off is stand up and glare down at them and sometimes I'll shove them and push them around just fun just because I can and because they can't stop me. When my husbond arrives home I like to have my 6 inch heels on which makes me 7ft 3. My husbond hate this because it makes him feel shorter than he already is but I just love the feeling of completely towering over him. When he arrives home I like to approach him at the door and compare heights just to show how insignificant and tiny he is. Then we will play a game like who can reach what or who's body part is bigger and of course I win every time. After that I sit down on my thrown and force him to be my footrest while I watch tv then I force him to give me a footrub. Early on in our marriage he was reluctant to do this but after I pinned him to ground and beat the poo out of him he knew he didn't have a choice. My husbond like to think he has control over our marriage because he brings in the money but when he steps inside my house he obeys by my rules.

Dominant wifeApr 12 5:25pm
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My wife is a lot taller and stronger than me. She's a real amazon compared to me. Too bad she only sleeps with huge muscular dominant men...

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Would like to post that today I took opportunity to dominate my husband once again. For the first time since months. He both had taken a shower and he just dressed again, when I came into our sleeping room and pulled on my bra. Without saying a word I picked him up, placed him on our bed and climbed up,too. Within two seconds I stood on The bed in an upright position, fixing his weak shoulders between my feet and showing off my superiority by flexing my biceps and the powerful muscles of my thick legs. When his dick was close to Eruption I lowered my body, so that he could lic my pussy.He did without saying any word but enjojed it very much. Than I sat down my heavy ass onto his face and layed down my Upper body on his chest to Pin him down with my bodyweight.Everything except his arms were immovable now. He obeyed without words and went on licking my pussy. Suddenly I heard his thin voice begging to do him favour. So I rose my body a little bit and let him reach out his thin arms under my tights. I lowered down again and pinned his arms down with all my power, to let the weakling feel, what he wished: Being completely under my control and impossible to move any centimetre. My upper tights are ten times as thick as his lower forearms. I knew, I could crush this thin bones with Little effort only by using the strenght of my powerful muuscles. Very carefully I let him feel my superiority to avoid to hurt him. At once He stopped licking. My fingers took over playing with her pussy now until I came and reached sarisfaction. The whimp Still was immovable and had to wait until his mistress was satisfied and began to Play with his balls. Some seconds were sufficient to let him come and ejaculate again and again on the double-D bra containing my firm breasts.

Wife, being proud on her strong bodyYesterday 5:59pm
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