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Question: Where do you get your news?
Created by: jugman at 07:38:41 PM, Monday, May 15, 2000 PDT



~~~spooky the cat~~~Jun 18 2003 1:02pm

#2 - Fox News

rp Wed. 1/14/07Feb 14 2007 6:32pm
Thou art wise, Miss Ann; and I am given to understand that these fourms could not get by without your help. But when life hands you a n----- then if you're lucky maybe you can at least get it to pick a bale o' cotton for you. I don't thnk this is a charade. It might have its funny moments (and its disgusting moments in pun intended spades); but it is deadly serious. If Obama remains in power the Republic is in serious danger. If Cain can assist in dislodging Obama, then so much the better, sez me. He doesn't even have to win the Republican nomination. All he needs to do is make it necessary for the Democrats to show the world (and especially the n-----s who vote in the U.S.) that the Democrats actually hate them just as much as anyone else. The n----- belief that the White folks who control the Democrat party is the true charade. If the Democrats manage to destroy Cain but at the same time royally piss off the n----- vote by their tactics, then so much the better. And make no mistake, the White Democrats beneath their speeches and smiles and pseudo concern for the n----- actually despise the things just as much as (or even more than) we do. Nancy Pelosi grew up in Baltimore's Little Italy , where they call n-----s Melanyommi (eggplants). In Little Italy, if a n----- is walking down the street he better keep walking until he's out of the neighborhood unless he has a job in one of the restaurants. It's the safest neighborhood in Baltimore. Think she likes n-----s? Think again. What the Democrats want to do is make everybody (except them) a bunch of n-----s, and then be Massas ob de Yooneyverse. The advantage of having Cain so far up in the polls is that to bring him down the Democrats will have to blow themselves up with their own bomb. If they bring down Cain with their smear campaign, then by the time they do the rest of the n-----s will have the image of Simon Legree chasing him across ice floes, whip in hand and a Democrat party card in his pocket. Personally I think that the Republicans could run a tub of cottage cheese against Obama and win in a landslide, so Cain doesn't necessarily have to be the nominee to wind up doing extreme damage to the fake n------lovers. BUT even if he wins the nomination and then the White House, a Conservative Republican majority in both houses of Congress will ensure that we have what the Left has now: A compliant rubber stamp who will (by law) be subject to oversight by responsible white folks. I am not a racist and I am not a white supremacist or a white separatist . I am merely a realist who can process the information I recieve via my eyes and ears. The problem with this country is not drugs, it is not crime, it is not corporations , it is not drugs, it is not abortion, it is not gays, it is not The Fed or the trilateral comission or whatnot. It ought to be plain to everyone that THE PROBLEM IS n-----S. Hell, State and Federal corrrectional systems might actually be sucessful in returning reformed, productive people to society IF human prison inmates could be isolated from n----- influences. I feel your disgust, Miss Ann, I really do. But this charade is actually a good thing, since it is inevitable that the Democrat left will wind up having to explain how it is that they used every anti-n----- tactic known to man to bring down a n----- for being a n-----, but that they are still friends of the n-----s. Not even a n----- would buy that line of crap. Bye bye, n----- voting bloc; and soon, bye-bye n----- lovers. (and dare we hope, bye-bye n-----s? Maybe not, but last I checked it's still legal to have sweet dreams.) God bless you and keep you, Sister Ann.comment of the day ribbon added for excellent points made in this comment!

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