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Danica Patrick & Impending Female Dominance

Question: Danica Patrick came in 4th at Indy today. She would have won if she wasn't low on fuel. This is yet another example debunking the myth of male dominance. As the younger generation comes to power, do you believe the impending dominance of females is close at hand?
Created by: seekergw at 11:04:54 AM, Sunday, May 29, 2005 PDT


They already have more real power than men but it has nothing whatsoever to do with some woman coming in 4th at a car race. Joan of Arc gained some notoriety in a male dominated realm herself but rarities don't represent a change in the fabric of society. Tennis, golf, football, soccer, baseball, hockey, rugby you name it, women will never compete successfully against men in the field of athletics. Occassionally somebody comes along who fares reasonably well but the only reason it is newsworthy is because she's such an underdog.

AnonymousMay 29 2005 6:24pm

Over the weekend I went with a friend to watch boy's baseball and the place had three girl's softball fields and three baseball fields with a pathe between them. To be honest the girls are more muscular! Many with brouder shoulders than most boys and many tower over coaches and empires. I ask myself is it the age? Are they training girls hard and with weights in a gym? Are girls changing physically? That's what it looks like. Many of these young girls have builds similar to bodybuilders. Overall the girls were in better physical condition.

curiousMay 30 2005 9:28am
Here's an example. I'm standing behind a girl who is at least 5'11" in the 14 & under age, her coach is looking up at her and talking, she has broader shoulders than any man around. She is wearing her sleeveless uniform and reaches up to put her hair in a ponytail. While doing the ponytail her deltiods, biceps, and triceps are rather well developed and large. Go figure? You can watch the boys and men look at the girl's muscles with a look on their faces as if they are a bit amazed at what they see. I was.

curiousMay 30 2005 9:51am
Women naturally posess superior reflexes, endurance, pain tolerance, and cognitive ability. It makes logical sense that they are emerging as superior athletes.

CoachJun 07 2005 1:21am
Once again the female supremacist movement has it wrong. You obviously do not know anything about auto racing or you would not assume something like that. I will admit it was an exciting race, but she could be the best skilled driver, have the fastest car and such, but it would mean absolutely nothing without a great team behind her, which she did. Oh, and guess what. Her entire team was made of, MEN!!!! Score one for a man who will still stand up for what is right, and will not run to mommy every time he gets a crink in his sack.

Rick IJun 10 2005 5:50am
I just want to ask Curious something. Since you were able to remember every single detail about YOUNG GIRL's bodies, I was wondering if you caught their names. Probably not, since you can't even remember your own. Stop writing in your fantasies.

EdJun 10 2005 5:51am
Once again the female supremacist movement has it wrong. You obviously do not know anything about auto racing or you would not assume something like that. I will admit it was an exciting race, but she could be the best skilled driver, have the fastest car and such, but it would mean absolutely nothing without a great team behind her, which she did. Oh, and guess what. Her entire team was made of, MEN!!!! Score one for a man who will still stand up for what is right, and will not run to mommy every time he gets a crink in his sack.

Rick IJun 10 2005 5:52am
All thoes men who have careers based on serving the needs of one woman, like drones serving the queen.

Rick2Jun 17 2005 10:21am
Give them time and Women will surpass men in just about everything!

WOMENOVERmenJun 26 2005 11:56am
She was the best driver. Fastest reflexes, best concentration, endurance. Remember, she was a rookie driver. With a little experience, no man will beat her. As far as having men air up her tires and fill her tank, that is where they excel.

AnonymousJul 23 2005 2:49am
I saw a women's softball player on television being interviewed along with a major league baseball player. The woman was well over 6 feet tall and was towering over the male athlete. Anyone watching would get the idea women are stronger.

AnonymousJul 24 2005 3:51pm
Since the Indy 500 Danica has come in the top five finishes 0 times. She had one sixth place finish and has trailed at the pack the rest of the races she has been in. She was NOT the best driver.

Rick ISep 20 2005 1:00pm
So Anonymous saw a female interviewer standing over a male atlete. Oh, wow!!! Like that has never happened before. There have been women who have been taller than men since the beginning of time. There is no point to be made in your post except that you need to stop cranking your shaft and allow your brain cells to reactivate. And one more comment about the Danica post from Anonymous. Changing her tires and filling her tank are just two of the many tasks that the crew has to perform. You would know that if you cared about the sport and not just the fact that your favorite driver is a woman. It's a team sport Anon, get that through your head and learn something about the sport. If Danica fails in the long run, I wonder how long you will hang in as a race fan, if you are one in the first place.

Rick ISep 20 2005 1:05pm
Ricky, your desperate attempt to prop men up as equal to women is a lost cause. The evidence is overwhelming and supported by the scientific community. Get out of denial so you can begin to adjust your attitude, or your coming years will leave you unsuccessful, frustrated, and angry. Women are on top and we are here to stay.

SueOct 02 2005 11:35am
Sue is correct, women are VASTLY superior and denying this truth is pointless. As a man, you should 1) Accept women's beauty 2) Accept and submit to their power 3) Accept their superiority and research its many forms 4) Proclaim all of the above to them daily and finally 5) Accept their rule over you and do as you are told. As a woman: 1)Accept your beauty (no excuses, you don't have to be a super model) 2) Accept and use your female sexual power over men. 3) Accept and proclaim your superiority over men. A little humiliation, when its the truth, goes a long way. 4) Have your man proclaim your beauty, power, superiority and his place below you DAILY. 5) Train your man to be the best he can, ensure his knows who's the boss and accept nothing less than complete obedience from him. Many people are living this in some form or another but I think male slavery is the future (even, if not especially, in loving relationships).

STTGOct 21 2005 3:46pm
I think for the most part Female Dominance/male slavery is being practiced right now in most Female/male relationships. I saw a TV adverisement just yesterday that shows a women telling a man to take his pants off. It seams pretty clear that she is the one who is giving the orders. It seems to be happening more and more frequently these days that the women are the ones giving the orders. So be it.

bobOct 23 2005 11:23am
STTG takes it a little to the extreme, but he is right, they are superior whether we admit it or stay in denial.

AnonymousOct 29 2005 11:07pm
Beauty doesn't make somebody superior STTG. Good for you that you are attracted to them but try to remember that they are also physically attracted to us. You're off on some wack-off lala land. As for your insulting slavery hallucinations, find a country where slavery is legal and have yourself signed over to somebody whether you like her or not. You may find that your fantasy differs significantly from reality but it will be too late.

get a gripNov 17 2005 7:34pm
You are right, but beauty combined with superior brains does make women superior.

bobNov 26 2005 10:03am
Does that mean that you would voluntarily accept inferior status to a handsome intelligent man? Or is that different?

AnonymousDec 03 2005 9:55am
Superior genetic makeup make women superior.

AnonymousDec 06 2005 10:32am
I just noticed that Lesa Kennedy opreates 12 of NASCAR's major tracks. I don't know a damn thing about NASCAR but that seems more impressive to me than placing in the top 5 in a car race.

AnonymousDec 27 2005 11:43am
Only Women in the future will be winning car races as because of road rage men should be banned from driving anyway

Big BrendaApr 28 2006 10:43pm
women in control- yes, for sure. And it's all over society and in our culture. There was a billboard with a woman holding a leash connected to two naked men (photographed from the side). The guys are hunched over like dogs. This was a big billboard and countless males and females of all ages could see it. I dont remember what the ad was for because this visual was the biggest attention getter.Women already control most men in marraiges, and we are seeing girls growing up considering themselves superior in school- especially regarding grades. There was also an art gallery that had this window exhibit of a guy string up by his testicles (a mannequin) all in plain view of the public walking by- more evidence that male submission and punishment of men's testicles is going to be more and more common and accepted. Look at all the ballbusting in movies and TV, the way it brings a smile to amy woman's face to see it in the movies, and the way we have had to talk more and more about using castration or chemical castration to control rapists. And as more women get into poilitics they will be joining forces to take on the rape issue in a very serious way- look for this in the next twenty years or so.

SteveMay 28 2006 9:23pm
Twenty years more like 20 mins.When Womyn and males were asked to press a button when they viewed a fictional story it was found that by far the most popular or most dramatic point was the slapping of a males face.The harder the slap the bigger the response. I do not know of any studies of ball slapping or kicking but would not be surprised in the least to see this as even more popular. I hope in a future Matriarchy the sight of a Female justly kicking a male wrongdoer in the testicles will indeed be a common and accepted are a good boy steve keep up your comments.It is encouraging to see mpre and more of you males admitting your inferiority and accepting your place in the future society.

Big BrendaJun 06 2006 6:11pm
Brenda a male getting kicked in the balls is already an accepted sight in todays society. Look at all the movies where it happens. And everyone laughs. Good for you, I'm sure you are happy with it.

WisdomJun 19 2006 4:30pm
Thank you wisdom I reccomend British Bitches.Com.There I have found very exciting films of this kind of harsh but warrented treatment of a males testicles.

Big BrendaJun 22 2006 1:14am
#028 - Mon. 3/5/07

UpdateMar 05 2007 1:00pm
Susan Butcher was the real Danica Patrick. This big strong Alaskan Woman whipped male behinds a pure sport, a dog sled race run in real time where the first person to cross the finish line at the end won. The was none of "race stages" concept of the Tour de France where each day the contestants got hot meals and a full night's sleep and the times were added. The dogs start in either Anchorage or Fairbanks(I forget which) and the first one to Nome ten or eleven days later wins! While wimpy males were taking time to eat or sleep, Ms. Butcher was out on the course blowing them away. While Ms. Butcher was in Her prime I was not yet property of my future Wife and I used to fantasize about Ms. Butcher keeping me as a kennel slave to care for Her dogs and to service Her needs. Oh and by the way, Ms. Butcher's lead sled dog was a Female.

Obedient husbandMar 19 2007 4:50pm
Postscript--If we are going to talk about Female race car drivers, does anybody remember Shirley Muldowney. She won the championship in an essentially all male drag racing circuit and they even made a movie(Heart Like a Wheel with Bonnie Bedelia). Unfortunately that did not usher in the Matriarchy. Danica Patrick is a result of a movement toward Matriarchy, not a cause of it.

obedient husbandApr 04 2007 6:23pm
#0031 - (Wed.) 4/11/07

UpdateApr 12 2007 1:17am
Rags to Riches won the Belmont Stakes yesterday. Does that mean the Matriarchy coming? I am a committed Matriachist but the occasional odd Woman(or filly) who does well in a male oriented sport does not predict the coming of Matriarchy. Liz Johnson finished second in a Men's Bowling tournament a couple of years ago. Diana Nyad routinely beat men at ultra distance swimming races thirty years ago. On the other hand, a Wife beating her husband for disobedience may be evidence of the coming Matriarchy.

obedient husbandJun 10 2007 5:23pm
dana will win the indy.women's time has come.they are strong faster and can go anywhere and see women doing work that takes muscle have weakend themselves by becoming lazy not wanting to work.iam a man who see's strong women every where i go.i know of women with with more muscle and strength than all you men who think women are weak you are in for a rude awakining.

AnonymousAug 18 2007 2:18pm
I am not a drag racing fan but I happened to come across it the other day and Women were kicking male behind all over the track. That may be a better example of Female power than Danica finishing fourth or eighth or whatever in Indy Car racing.

obedient husbandAug 20 2007 6:27pm
LOL Racing isn't a sport.

AnonymousFeb 13 2008 3:13am
There is an argument that controlling anything which has independent locomotion such as a car or a horse is not a sport in the sense that basketball or track is a sport. However, it does take athletic ability to do it.

obedient husbandFeb 24 2008 6:03pm
Well Danica finally

AnonymousApr 20 2008 4:41pm
I meant to write, "Well Danica finally won a race" but I hit the wrong key and cut myself off.

obedient husbandApr 20 2008 4:48pm
Females have to sit down to pee wearing panties physically weak menthally desabled and cant take pressure, there is only 3 things they good at cook clean and provide sexual pleasure.

Big BallsJun 01 2008 9:50pm
I agree with Steve - scenes with a Woman kicking male's balls are popular now in movies and should be common in real life. As the inferior gender we males must at last remember our proper place!

Nick NDec 11 2008 12:58am
Thats why guys were born with balls. TO BE KICKED AND HARD!!!!!!!

BethJan 10 2009 4:15pm
Feminazis like Sue and Beth and weak willies like Nick N have created a justified hatred of the worthless liberal and will help foster a revolution like our Arab brothers and their righteous ways.

Nick NApr 05 2009 1:51pm
What a bunch of pussy-whipped wimps.

PaulApr 05 2009 2:15pm
Well Danica finished third this year and Rachel Alexandra won the Preakness. Not sure this is the advent of Matriarchy but it projects a nice image. As for Ms. Beth, Ma'am do you own any slaves and do you believe in firm corporal discipline as well as kicking their privates?

obedient husbandMay 31 2009 5:25pm
Women have always been in charge, it's just now that there showing it. Women can train men to accept their inferior roll with tease & denial, bleed us dry with alimony, spank our ass'es, slap our face's. The battle's over guys, women have won.

Stephanie' ServantJul 13 2009 4:05pm
Sue & STTG are right ,women are poised to dominate male society. As males we should promote this, I know I always do. Women & men will still love each other.

Stephanie's ServantJul 13 2009 8:52pm
First, your assertion that she would have won the Indy 500 in '05 if she hadn't run out of fuel is totally incorrect. The reason she was temporarily in the lead was that when all the other cars pitted for fuel, she stayed out, gambling that she had enough fuel left to make it to the end without pitting. She was wrong and ran out of gas. So she wasn't leading because she was a better driver or had a faster car, but because she stayed on the track when the other drivers went to the pit for fuel. Her team gambled (and lost) on a fuel strategy because they knew she had no chance of winning by outracing the other more talented drivers. As far as that race being indicative of "impending female domination", in the rest of that season and the 4 seasons since, Danica has won exactly ONE race, and that was also a case of "fuel strategy" rather than superior driving. So in 8 years as a professional driver, Danica has won exactly 1 race. Is that what you call domination?

rlmOct 11 2009 8:43am
when you people talk about female dominated relationships... you talk about male slavery. I find that hard to believe. I think women are already easily dominant, but if females are to take control, I think the most practical situation will be when men and women still give eachother respect... but men will enjoy when the woman is in control and it will become a sexual desire. and same for women... women will enjoy when they are in control and it will become a sexual turn on. just as there has been the stereotype that women like men that are bigger and stronger... it is not set in stone.. and as women get collectively stronger men will become attracted to stronger women and the so called "gender roles" that have been followed since anyone can remember... will be reversed. but if you think about it, it's not so simple. the gender roles have been the same for so long that it will be extremely hard for society to accept it. think of all the movies, stories, books, and culture that people have grown up with... in the culture, the gender roles seem to be set that males are in control. everywhere you will see. that is why it is so difficult for people to accept. So here's the REALITY--- culture influences people. the fact that male dominance has been dominantly present in culture makes it difficult for female control to really take hold. Everything is set... but the only deciding factor is in culture. That's the truth. right If people saw books about strong women who set records and show beauty... if teenagers saw books about an atheltic girl who was wanted by boys... Women would instantly take control. all the facts are set, that women can take control, but it needs to be spread.

cultureMay 06 2010 5:09am
I must say as a submissive male myself. The battle of the sexes is over. The Women rule, and us lowly males should just accept our place at our ladies feet and do as we are told.

slave scottFeb 20 2011 10:39pm
My girlfriend has trained me to do all the cooking, cleaning, give her pedicures, worship her feet. She is the boss, and I love it.

slave scottFeb 20 2011 10:43pm
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AnonymousSep 24 2017 3:04am
I would say in a relatinship men and women should have equal rights. Of course there are men who think that a women is subordinate to them and they can enforce it if they are stronger. But nowadays i see more and more women who are also strong and some women look for a man who is not stronger than them. There even exist strong women who look for a weaker man and of course such a woman can surpress a weaker man and i can imagin that women exist who think that men are her subordinates. I think slave scott is the extreme case who he see his self as slave and his girlfriend as his boss. My own situation is similar but i don‘t think i‘m a slave. My girlfriend accept me but it‘s also the fact that she is the stronger one. Sometimes she‘s a little bossy and if she enforce something i can‘t do anything against this. Sometimes if we wrestle a bit for fun she always push me down and i can‘t resist against her but it‘s fun. Sometimes she let me win as well but it was obviousely that she has done this! Of course on a bad day i shouldn‘t irritate her because if she become mad to me she could beat me up. I‘m sure she would never do this but i would not mess with her because than i will lost.

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