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Girls: Are You Stronger Than Your Brother/Family/Class ?

Question: Have you discovered that your actually stronger than other people? Maybe through sports you've developed the look, strength, endurance. Who Have you become stronger than:
Created by: mercurycoyote at 06:30:11 AM, Sunday, July 03, 2005 PDT


This summer I've noticed that a lot of girls/ women are getting muscular and the boyfriends are'nt as fit as they are. They look so shapely, and the boys are looking thin

MikeJul 03 2005 1:32pm

saw a female bodybuilder last night. She was wearing a tight white top and spray on tight jeans so you could make out her butt and thick legs. The guy that she was with was a large overweight black guy. She was fairly short but powerful looking. I would have liked to talk to her, but I didn't really know if he was the boyfriend or not. She was an incredibly sexy sight !

AnonymousAug 28 2005 8:08am
I saw a group of teenagers - 3 boys and 3 girls - having wrestling matches in the park. One of the girls was about as big as the boys and very athletic. As far as I could tell, she beat the other two girls easily and eventually took on each of the boys and won.

freddytSep 11 2005 6:28am
I workout four days a week as part of my sports at school and have developed muscles larger than my brother. I was first embarised as it became more noticeable until we argued over a girl's right to participate in the gym for strength training. after that I made a bet at armwrestling and had him compare his muscles with me and could see he was afraid as he watched me flex. It was a bet so he couldn't back out and I beat him. After that I wrestled him and had him pinned. I'm 14 and he's 16 and he admitted I was stronger.

CathySep 14 2005 8:06pm
Cathy you must notice a reaction from the guys in class by now.Has your working out also got lyou attention from guys in school? I think that the guys would be more attracted to you now. If not I think they will be. Keep at it girl!

AnonymousSep 15 2005 6:48am
Cathy, it's pretty impressive for a 14 year-old girl to beat a 16 year-old boy all ends up (armwrestling and wrestling), so congratulations! I hope your brother has come to terms with his defeats - it is quite embarrassing for a guy of that age.

MikeSep 20 2005 8:36am
My neighbor has big arm muscles and shoulders. She is stronger than all of the boys and girls in the neighborhood-at least the ones close to her age. I know because she beats all of the guys at armwrestling and she always pins them at wrestling. Its embarrasing and exciting at the same time.

WillSep 21 2005 8:44am
I am wondering if girls, especially in the U.S.A., get more opportunities than boys to use weights at school these days? One or two of the stories I've heard give me the impression that it is the intention to help girls do strength training to become as strong as boys. Can anyone comment on this?

BarrySep 21 2005 12:34pm
What stories have you heard? Please share the details. As far as I know, most girls and boys in the USA are completely disinterested in using weights for strength training. And I think far more boys than girls are interested in using weights for strength training. But what's new is that more girls than ever before are using weights for serious strength training. These girls can become stronger than just about any boy who is not training, and maybe as strong as some boys who do work out with weights.

AnonymousSep 21 2005 2:01pm
Anonymous, I would suggest that Cathy's story above (she's 14 and is stronger than her 16 year-old brother) is an example. Maybe they go to the same school (?), but she is the one who does a weights workout four times a week. Is this compulsory, I wonder, or is it her own choice?

BarrySep 22 2005 8:59am
I just saw a teenage couple walking together. They were both slim and the boy was an inch or two taller. They were wearing sleveless shirts and the girl's arms were thicker and more muscular looking. I'm guessing maybe she works out with weights and he doesn't. In any case, with those arms, I'm sure she can overpower him!

InterestedOct 14 2005 2:09pm
i am 17 and very skinny 6ft and 135. All the girls that i have dated have been stronger than i am. I am trim thanks to playing badminton. the girls i date are all muscular. I don't mind being the weak, dependent one.

BenjiOct 17 2005 9:10pm
I was about the strongest kid in my class until 7th grade. I could tie or beat all of the boys at chin-ups, push-ups and armwrestling. There was only one boy who could usually beat me at wrestling, but I could beat most of the boys pretty easily. Then alot of the boys started getting bigger and stronger than me. But I am still stronger than the guys my size and the tall skinny ones.

ElizabethOct 29 2005 10:09am
My girlfriend weight trains at school and is into sports. I'm taller by two inches but she is more muscular than me because of sports. She has asked to armwrestle and shown her flexed arm and I have said no we'll armwrestle some time but not now. I'll admitt I don't think I'd beat her when I can see her muscles are a little bigger. The girls workout like boys now just for sports. The couch makes my girlfriend workout every day and this year she is becoming muscular.

DarrelOct 29 2005 4:54pm
I'm stonger than my brother. Our parents bought him a weight set and put it in a spare room. I use it too and arm wrestled him and won every time! I also have more muscles in the mirror and it bothers my brother. I'm 13 and he's 14 years old.

KathyOct 29 2005 5:00pm
Kathy what started you working out, and building your muscles? Do the guys and girls at school notice yet? What do your parents think of it? Good luck

MikeOct 30 2005 4:38pm
I started workouts at school and it's part of my day. Sports training has all the girls weight lifting but some just go through the classes and don't care. Most workout hard and many of the boys aren't that strong. I really want to see how strong I'll get. I like to see my brother's face when I workout with his weights and show him my muscles, it drives him nuts.

KathyOct 31 2005 8:31pm
Good luck teasing your brother. Let us know what happens. Like Mike said what do your parents and other girlfriends think now that your muscles are bigger than your brothers?

SteveNov 01 2005 9:22am
From another group: Its really interesting watching youngsters discovering thier realative pecking order in the strength stakes. I lead a youth group. There is a girl 13 (going on 20!) a champion shotputter but looks like a young model, very lively, loud, energetic etc. She has been discovering that she is stronger than most of the boys she knows! A new boy turned up at her school and she told me she had a wrestling match with him (he was boasting he did wrestling) such is the innocence of youth!! She told me she beat him really easy, she has armwrestled loads of boys 2 and 3 years older than her (she cant find any boys her age who can beat her or give her a contest her age!) She is getting into flexing now and I do think some of the boys actually like her doing it ,she is faast becoming the most popular and (sort of feared, in a nice way) girl in the group.

kennyboyNov 07 2005 9:18pm
I see alot of girls with Big butts, sturdy legs and thick shoulders.Yes it does appear that women are getting stronger

JeffNov 08 2005 8:18am
I am stronger than my brother because we have had an on going bet about who is stronger that has brought on several tests to see the truth. I've beat him at armwrestling over and over along with leg wrestling and mercy. I beat him at pull-ups but we have yet to really wrestle. I'm 13 years & my brother is now 15.

NikkiNov 29 2005 9:45pm
Good for you Nikki. Keep after him to wrestle, he will eventually. Remember though, that he is your brother and even though you guys don't know it yet, you will need each other as you get older. So what I am saying is, don't rub your strength in his face too much. Help him to learn to be proud of his strong little sister. There is a responsibility that comes with greater strength and that is to look after the weaker members of your family, including your brother, and don't belittle them. It's tough enough being a teenager without someone's own family making it worse. Stay strong!

WowserNov 30 2005 2:16pm
If any young girls here are stronger than their male classmates and like it I have one bit of sobering advice. Enjoy it while it lasts. As you grow older you'll have no choice but to accept that almost every single one of your male classmates will grow to be bigger, stronger and faster than you. Even the wimps that everybody picks on will eventually develop enormous advantages over almost every single girl in their classes. It would be nice if that were not the case but it is.

AnonymousDec 03 2005 9:48am
It doesn't have to be that way. If these girls engage in sports and do regular strength training, they can stay ahead of many, perhaps most, boys. If they don't train, almost all will fall behind as you say.

fangDec 05 2005 11:52am
True but it shouldn't really matter anyway Fang. I'm not nearly as large as a WWF personality but I certainly don't feel inferior to them. Nor do I feel inferior to an NFL linebacker. Although sometimes, when I come across an extraordinarily large man I wonder if that is how women regard men in general. Just these hulking beasts who could absolutely destroy them should he choose to become violent. It must be intimidating. I'm glad I'm not a woman.

my responseDec 16 2005 10:45pm
After little more than a year at weight training , my arm muscles developed to the same size as brother's. I'm stronger at arm wrestling though. I can always beat him now.

BrendaDec 24 2005 12:09am
Brenda, have you ever wrestled your brother? What are your respective ages and how does your brother react to your being stronger? Merry Christmas!

RafeDec 24 2005 11:59pm
You need help m8

JohnDec 31 2005 9:32pm
I need help finding a girl like Brenda!

RafeJan 01 2006 6:53pm
Im 17 years old bodybuilder my boyfriend 20 years old and we find out I m really stronger than him.We don?t have problem with this , anyway he likes me that way and our sex life is more exciting .I don?t think that boys need to be stronger than his girlfriend , more than this many boys like strong girl .

MariaJan 04 2006 2:50pm
Maria, nice going, now you can control the relationship. He is a lucky guy having a girl like you and liking it. Most never find one and he has found you at a very young age. I'll bet he really enjoys wrestling you. I'm jealous! BTW, you are absolutely right about many boys and men liking strong girls and women. Obviously, I am one!

RafeJan 06 2006 8:57pm
Maria what country are you and your boyfriend? You and him have wrestled? If you are open to chat? You can e-mail me at Thanks.

AndyMar 02 2006 7:40pm
There's this big girl in the shipping room where I work who lifts and throws around heavy boxes more easily than several of the guys. They get worn out and rest, but she never seems to tire either.

collegeboyMar 30 2006 8:10am
keep on fantasizing guy's

lolMar 31 2006 11:01am
Female muscles are evil.

AnonymousApr 03 2006 10:15pm
stupidity are evil

AnonymousApr 08 2006 6:06am
I am making an open invitation to strong wives/girlfriends to tell their stories and for the husbands/boyfriends to respond. I am researching for a possible feature documentary on the way women are becoming physically stronger and fitter and being more the dominant partner. I need couples or singles to be honest and open about their relationships and possibly appear on film recounting their stories. Would be nice to hear from any interested parties. I and the film company are based in the UK but will look to source any stories or experiences in Europe, USA or elsewhere. My email address is - look forward to hearing from anyone with an interesting story. Thank you for your attention.

Daniel (21/04/06)Apr 22 2006 12:01am
Hey, another wowser. You have good taste but that girl is a young grade school teacher, Kim Kilper, and needless to say, I am in love with her. I imagine her bf is also in love with her.

WowserJul 25 2006 7:36pm
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curious1Jul 28 2006 12:00pm
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AnonymousAug 01 2006 6:41pm
that post don't have anything to do with the topic Anonymous

MikeAug 24 2006 8:55am
If there was a family where the two 90-year-old grandmothers looked prettier than their 18-year-old granddaughters, would that be normal? Would that be comparable to women who are stronger than their husbands, since both situations are reversals of normalcy? Would the granddaughters be humiliated if 18-year-old boys told them that their grandmothers are twice as pretty as they are? And would that humiliation be comparable to men who have half the strength of their wives?

Samurai PsychiatristAug 24 2006 6:49pm
Your comparison is ludicrous. By the typical standard of beauty, which values youth, it would be impossible for any 90 year old woman to match someone 50-60-70 years younger unless the girl was severely deformed, etc. On the other hand it is not that unusual for a healthy female to be or to become stronger than some males.

commonsenseAug 25 2006 9:21am

AnonymousSep 19 2006 6:01pm
In 6th grade I was stronger than all of the boys in my class. In 7th grade the boys started doing more conditioning and contact sports in school PE classes (its not fair!!) and a couple of the boys got stronger than me. I'm still stronger than my skinny neighbor boy though - lol!!

SylviaSep 26 2006 8:57am
If you start working out too you'll still be stronger than most of the boys.

AnonymousOct 21 2006 8:58am
I want the women of this poll to give their statistics, regardless of whether or not they have muscles: age, height, weight, and measurements of biceps, calves and abs, and pounds lifted, and number of years lifting weights (if any).

10024Oct 29 2006 7:12am
When I was living at home my father bought me a weight set. My sister would also work out with the weights. I was embarrised to find that she was becoming stronger than me and when she realized it she wrestled me to the floor when our parents were gone and wpinned me. She would squeeze me with her big legs until I admitted that she was stronger. She's a year younger but developed muscles very easy. I remember comparing our muscles sometimes and seeing how hers were becoming bigger than mine over the months. When it was obvious she had bigger muscles that's when the wrestling started. She would bring out our mother's tape measure from the sewing box and show me her flexed calves and biceps. Her calves gained two inches and biceps one inch. both were bigger than mine withing about a year when I was fifteen. She has longer muscles on her frame and I now believe it's an advantage when they develop. I was actually amazed at her muscles as she flexed.

DanNov 11 2006 10:15am
I'm now stronger than my older brother and both my parents. Because we have gym class and strength training with weights, I'm bigger and more muscular, not like a bodybuilder but my muscles are bigger than my brother and father's. When I flex my muscles are harder when compared. I play softball.

CathyNov 12 2006 9:23am
Cathy, how much are you lifting?

AnonymousNov 21 2006 4:34pm
November 27, 2006

AnonymousNov 27 2006 10:38am
I do regular squats with 200-250 lbs and bench presses with 150-200 lbs. That's just part of my workout. I've compared my muscles and they are bigger than my father's and my brother's. I can beat them at armwrestling, mercy, and push them across the room. I haven't really wrestled on the floor but my biceps are bigger by an inch at just over 15 inches

CathyDec 05 2006 8:06pm
Cathy, are you for real? I am 20 years old and a good day I can lift about 50% of what you do, I am a runner and a pretty good one at long distances so my body is very light and skinny. Since I am competing in track & fields I have come across gils that are stronger of course, you can just see for yourself at tv the difference between a long distances runner and a shot putter, javelin thrower etc. But you are very strong for being a non athlete. I am 5'11 and only 129 lbs. My record in the bench is 78 lbs. I never work out with heavy weights since it is an advantage to be light in my sport. I can do 3x35 pushups though.

Cool runningsDec 07 2006 11:33pm
December 11,2006

AnonymousDec 11 2006 1:19pm
I really enjoy comparing my arm muscles with my brother and armwresting him. I can't get over the fact that I have more muscle and I like to see his face as he sees my muscles are really bigger. I'm not sure why I enjoy this but I do and even his hand was shaking when I had him feel my bicep! I asked him to admitt I was stronger and more muscular. He did say it! Now it's like I've changed to the dominant sex or something like that because of how he acts since he admitted the truth.

CathyDec 16 2006 6:49pm

AnonymousDec 23 2006 5:57am
Cathy, It sounds to me like your brother likes muscles on girls. I know that when I feel a girl's muscle, my hand shakes every time and I love muscles on girls.

AnonymousDec 25 2006 2:51pm
I asked my brother if he thinks my muscles are attractive? He said yes but also Intimidating because boys are expected to always be stronger than girls. He thinks it's ok because things have changed and girls are bigger and stronger now, he mentioned girl's College basketball and all. After we talked about it he relaxed so much more and said that I was a beautiful Girl and he sometimes checks out women bodybuilders on the web because they are so sexy. We don't have any weird attraction for sure but he does like to see muscles on girls. He says he keeps that to himself as boys talk about sexy scrawny girls and all. I told him I'd flex for him if he'd like, he laughs and says yes please do. He's looking at a girl who plays softball and has a hardbody at school but she's not quite built like me! Thanks, I might not have asked if you didn't mention that some boys like muscles on girls. I do like how boys look at me, sometimes they don't pay any attention to where they're walking and running into things.

CathyJan 04 2007 5:56pm
January 14, 2007

AnonymousJan 14 2007 12:00pm
Hi Cathy. You seems to be a very cool strong and confident girl. I think thats very attractive on a girl. How old are you and your older brother? How did your father react when you beat him at armwrestling and mercy? 15 inches biceps is very impressive, i just measured mine and it was just 12,5 inches. I do think i'm pretty athletic, but do mostly sports like tennis and running. BTW i'm a 24 y old guy.

deepkickJan 16 2007 9:34am
Okay Cathy, I am glad you asked your brother about his liking muscles on girls. You have really kind of brought him out of a very difficult place for guys like him. They want someone that they can talk to about their interest but only if it is someone they can trust and look up to as well. You have discovered one of the most privately held secrets of many guys, including your brother. The next step from armwrestling is wrestling. You already have let him experience your strength now you can demonstrate your ability to totally dominate him. However, be careful with his feelings because this will be the ultimate experience for him.

AnonymousFeb 02 2007 5:32pm
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 11:24pm

#Feb 11 2007 12:31pm
I've always been athletic, and now I work out for sports. I'm stronger than most of the boys in my class.

NatashaFeb 23 2007 7:59am
Natasha, What kind of contests have you had to prove your superior strength?

RonFeb 24 2007 9:14pm
I've always played a lot of rough games with boys, and I beat up a lot of guys when I was younger. Now I don't get in fights but I still play rough, wrestle, armwrestle and stuff like that. Some of my friends are boys who are stronger than most of the other boys. I'm as strong as they are.

NatashaFeb 27 2007 2:38pm
Natasha, how old are you? and are you a bigger girl than the boys or the same size?

AnonymousMar 03 2007 11:51pm
#075 - Sun. 3/4/07

UpdateMar 05 2007 6:28am
I'm 16 and I'm big for a girl. I'm bigger than some of the guys I hang out with and smaller than others. Its not all about size though. I've beat bigger guys at armwrestling and a smaller guy beat me.

NatashaMar 06 2007 2:16pm
You appear to be quite comfortable being stronger than some of the guys, how do they react to it?

RonMar 06 2007 10:51pm
I've been stronger than most of the boys as long as I can remember. The hard part is when they get stronger than me :-) The boys that know me like it that I am so strong. Some boys don't like me. The worst are some girls - the skinny weak little bitches that wear lots of makeup. They tease me about being a boy.

NatashaMar 08 2007 1:50pm
Well, I'm sure you know how to recognize jealousy when you see it. Folks will sometimes do that when they see someone easily attracts the opposite sex knowing that they don't have what it takes to have that same effect. The girls you are referring to don't sound like they are athletes or even inclined to be but surprisingly, you might find that some of those same girls, if they were to meet you alone without fear of discovery by the others, might like you as well as some of the boys do. However, they could never own up to it in front of their friends. High school will never change in that respect. I wish you luck and hope that you will continue to work out and build your strength for all of the guys in your future that are going to love you for it.

RonMar 08 2007 4:22pm
Thanks Ron - thats nice.

NatashaMar 13 2007 9:14am
Nothing beats being a strong skilled grrl. The biggest kick you can get is beating boys who "know" they are too tough for a girl. I love to watch their faces as they begin to realize that they might lose, and then as they weaken and begin to struggle desperately, and then when I win. Of course I lose some too, but its worth it. Whats happening with you grrls and guys?

lisaMar 16 2007 11:36am
Lisa, You have a lot in common with Cathy.

AnonymousMar 16 2007 5:13pm
I recently had my sister show me her biceps and ask me to armwrestle her. When I saw her muscles and it was clear her's are bigger I had a rush of fear, I thought get a hold of your self! She beat me in front of our perents. She has muscles from school gym and sports.

DennisMar 17 2007 9:29am
Hi dennis. How old are you and your sis? How did your parents react to her wining over you?

DeepkickMar 18 2007 7:02am

AnonymousMar 28 2007 5:57am
This poll is silly, I'm sure there aren't any girls showing, are telling there dad that there stronger, or trying to beat him up just to prove it.

Anonymous 2Apr 03 2007 12:32am
When I was in school there were definitely girls in my class who were more athletic than me, and some were stronger and tougher than me. One girl in particular liked to push me around a lot. She beat me up a couple of times in elementary school playground fights. By the time we got to high school, she was a still more athletic than me -- and she was an athlete who worked out for sports. But even with all of her athleticism and strength training, I could easily overpower her. And a fight would have been a joke. There wasn't a girl in my high school who could hope to match the boys in upper body strength, or who could hope to outfight a boy. The girls' high school PE teacher was in a different league though. She was 5'10" of chisled granite, with a face like a horse. Very few of the boys would have had the wherewithal to cope with her overwhelming physicality. Maybe after a few more years many of us caught up with her too.

average joeApr 12 2007 5:27am
in the sixth grade, the strongest person in the class was a female, She was beating up boys all the time. one kid was beaten so bad, he had to go to hospital for stiches. And she got expelled for one day.

AnonymousApr 25 2007 8:10am
We had some real mean boys in our grade school. And they would pick on us girls all the time, and they would pick on each other...some times. They weren't able to band together as a gang. Us girls final had our fill of them picking on us individually, The teachers new they had a problem put weren't sure how to handle it. So we started to wait till they pick on one of us girls, and we would band together and jump them hard, the other boys thought it was funny, so they just watch and laugh while we girls beat the crap out of there male classmate. The teachers would leave the class acting like she didn't now what was going on. and not come back until we clean up our little mess, when they did come back they act clue less. It didn't take to many times and the boy became pretty nice guys.

CarolApr 29 2007 11:32pm
#0090 - (Sun.) 4/29/07

UpdateApr 29 2007 11:33pm
Carol, didn't you have any girls who could handle the boys one-on-one in grade school? We even had a couple of girls who could handle most boys in Jr High.

AnonymousMay 08 2007 11:11am
of course she didn't -- girls are weak.

maleJun 03 2007 10:32am
Robin Norwood wrote "Women Who Love Too Much." Someone should write "Women Who Lift Too Much."

AnonymousJun 19 2007 12:30pm
There's no such thing as a girl or woman who lifts too much! And those who lift are so much stronger than the guys and so much sexier than the other females

AnonymousJun 26 2007 5:33am
Hi all. Just wanted to say i am stronger than both my littlebrother and my big brother. I train judo 3 times a week, and do lots of pushups there. It's now easy to pin my older brother, but my muscle are also bigger than his. My little brother loves when i pin him, course my older brother often hit him. My older brother is 17 y and i am 15 y, we are about the same size, but my arms and legs are bigger when i flex next to my brother. My friends think its cool

2007-07-13Jul 13 2007 12:22am
That is soooooo cool! Have either of your brothers started working out to catch up to you? Have you tested your strength against other boys?

curiousJul 13 2007 10:34am
Its teen sports camp season. I've seen several clumps of boys and clumps of girls from sports camps walking on the sidewalks. I've never seen so many girls with visible 6-packs and bulging arms. The boys are mostly a little bigger, but the bigger girls look like they could handle the smaller boys. Those girls can probably dominate most of the boys who aren't working out.

observerJul 17 2007 12:30pm
The school i work in is a rather small school in sweden, grade 1-9, with less than 200 students. There have been a few incidents the last year about strong girls. In one grade 8 class, a girl can beat all the boys in armwrestling. She have also challange three male teachers and won over two of them. The one who won is a very big guy, the two who lost have avarage build. And we had a fight in the middle of the schoolyard, with ended with a 8-grade girl (not the same girl as above) pinning down and slapping an humiliated 9-grade guy who couldn't get loose. And this spring, the grade 9 girls won aver the boys on both football and brannball (baseball) in their annual battle before they end school. It's the first time the girls have won the footballmatch, before the guys always won easily, but the last few years it have been more close, and this year the girls actually won. I would also say that almost every girl on school is involved in some sort of sport, football, riding, judo, track and field and so on. And i would say less than half of the guys do the same. Many of the guys are just sitting in front of a computer or videogame when the school ends, and are clearly more unfit or skinny than boys where few years ago. I have also notice the girls are more confident and bossy around the boys than before. The footballs girls are not shy about their stong legs, as they often where before, and often compare them next to skinny guys and tease them about it. This spring i also saw a few girls compare arm to a few "cool" guys and the girls was about even with them. I would say there has been an definitive change in power between the girls and boys over the last few years in this school. The girls are not afraid anymore to train their strengh or show off their strengh. I have more example, but it would take too long...

blue nunJul 20 2007 12:47pm
Blue Nun, Please continue with as many examples as you can. Thanks.

AnonymousJul 21 2007 10:14am
Blue Nun: "And we had a fight in the middle of the schoolyard, with ended with a 8-grade girl (not the same girl as above) pinning down and slapping an humiliated 9-grade guy who couldn't get loose." - Blue Nun, could you please give some more details about this fight. And are there other boy-girl fights in your school? Have any of the boys started working out to put the girls in their place?

curiousJul 24 2007 8:39pm

AnonymousJul 27 2007 8:41am
By 8th or 9th grade, the only way a girl can be stronger than a boy, is to work out hard and regularly. Even then the girl will lose if she gets into a fist fight with a boy.

maleOct 02 2007 2:27pm

AnonymousOct 17 2007 8:13am
I want to see all of permanently shut down and removed from the internet. If that is not possible, then I would like to see all polls on this web site erased and all new polls.

AnonymousOct 21 2007 2:58pm
Interesing and cool to read all stories here. I train both wallclimbing, soccer and bodypump with a few girlfrineds of mine. I'm pretty athletic, but was was surprised that I managed to win over both my 21y old brother and my dad in armwrestling a few weeks ago. They wasn't very strong at all, especially my brother was easy. I i'm a 18y old gilr from denmark BTW.

jytteOct 27 2007 9:44am
My sister is the strongest in our family now. Our parents bought a weight set two years ago for all of us but she is the strongest.

AnonymousNov 04 2007 9:02am
Anonymous, how old is your sister and how old are you? Have you ever been stronger than she is?

TadNov 17 2007 4:21am
Hello jytte! I would like to chat with you sometime. My name is Andy and live in USA. If you have Yahoo Messenger my screen name is "redelandy" My e-mail is Please contact me? By the way, how did your brother react to you beating him in armwrestling? Thanks! Andy

AndyDec 04 2007 3:01pm
Tad, I'm 16 and my sister is 15 years old. When she was 12 I was stronger but she has gotten bigger. She's bigger than me and as big as our father but she has more muscle and likes to lift the weights and her muscles are the biggest in our house now. I know it's odd but she works out harder and longer than any of us. She wants to be the strongest and is.

AnonymousJan 12 2008 1:08pm

AnonymousJan 13 2008 6:45pm
Girls are getting tougher and more aggressive. In my local school, two girls were suspended for getting into fights with boys in one day. One girl was arguing with a boy in PE and it got physical. The teacher broke it up before she hurt him, but while the teacher was taking them to the office, a different boy said the girl was a wimp. Her friend challenged that boy and they traded kicks and blows until they ended up on the ground with her on top choking him. In both cases the girls were the aggressors and the winners. They both got suspended from school.

AnonymousJan 18 2008 10:04am
#0115 - (Sat.) * 2/2/08

UpdateFeb 01 2008 11:18pm
Amused, pease tell us what the name of that video is on You Tube so I can find it and mark it as a favorite there. Thanks for posting it here.

TadFeb 10 2008 3:57am
if you just double click the image above it should open the youtube page for you.

amusedFeb 11 2008 9:55am
#0120 - (Tue.) * 3/18/08

UpdateMar 18 2008 5:46pm
I am living alone with my father since many years, my mother died when I was 12. I have been a gymnast since I was 5 and my father has supported me a lot. He is taller than me but very slim, I am more my mothers build, a bit stocky and very muscular (gymnasts are muscular). I have been able to beat my father armwrestling since I was 13 years old, already then the muscles in my arms were a lot bigger than his. I am now 21 and have stopped competing but still trains gymnasts. My father and his new woman don't find it strange that I am a lot stronger than him. Like I said, gymnasts are very strong.

GymnastMar 27 2008 3:25am
I have a stepsister who my parents adapted after both her parents died. her parents were both professionall bodybuilders.She had been training scince she was born. so my sister is the strongest member of our family she is 10 5'8" and 160 ibs vs. my dads 5'9" 140 ibs she does heavy lifting around the house. she is also the strongest in her school no boy or girl beat her and only one very athletic gym teacher beaet her in armwerestling

AnonymousApr 05 2008 6:57am

AnonymousMay 10 2008 11:18pm

AnonymousJul 02 2008 5:55am
My sister is stronger than me. She is in sports at school and weight training at 17 years old. She has muscles that are rock hard and bigger than our father. She is in track and shot put and her coach has her lifting heavy weights so her shoulders and arms have become so big when she flexes from behind she looks like a bodybuilder.

CraigJul 12 2008 6:30am
Craig, please tell us about you and your sister. What are your respective ages, heights, and weights? How do you feel about her being stronger than you? Are you intimidated or even a little turned on by her superiority? How does she act around you? Does she show off her muscles or make you do what she wants?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comJul 18 2008 12:32pm
Athlete says sports steroids changed him from woman to man:

AnonymousAug 14 2008 8:00pm
That steroid incident is unfortunate, but even without steroids, lots of girls are stronger than boys. If you didn't know girls in 5th-6th grade who could overpower most of the boys, you led a sheltered life.

andySep 22 2008 9:16am

AnonymousOct 28 2008 7:05am
There's a girl in my class who is stronger than most of the boys.

terryOct 31 2008 5:54am
I am a boy who is 4 feet 6 inches and 13 years old. I am extremly short for my age and I only weigh 66 pounds. My cousin is my age and is much bigger and stronger than me. Whenever we go to her house, she lifts me up in public. She has taken so many photos of me in her arms. Then she takes me upstairs and dresses me up like a baby. She carries me around and only allows me to eat baby food and drink milk from a bottle. Other girls in my class lift me and do other things to me as well and now i am used to it.

AnonymousNov 14 2008 1:29pm
I am a swimmer, 17 years old. I have no difficulties pinning the arms of my father 42 years old, my older brother 19 years old and my younger brother 15 years old. I still loose with my left (weakest) arm against my mother's, she is a leftie. She has also been a swimmer and has wide shoulders. My mother has always been stronger than my father and she could also could (and still can) beat her brother armwrestling. Nothing strange for me with stronger girls/women. It is all about working out and body constitution. My female swimming friends at the team have all been beating some boys and men that hasn't been working out. I would be frustrated if an untrained man would be stronger than me.

CillaNov 20 2008 1:05am
I feel your pain Anonymous. I am 14 only 4 feat 5 inches and weigh only 55 pounds, no muscle ,I never worked out a day in my life. My sister who is 5 years younger than me got a tall gene and is 5 feat 6 and is a gymnast so is extraordinarily strong. she love being active. When our parents aren't home she treats me like I am her baby. she calls me her baby brother and cradles me and she sometimes uses me for bicep curls she really loes to embrasse me and show me how my little sister so five times stronger than me. Once she put me in a baby suddle on her back and took me out with me on her back, that was really embarsing

AnonymousNov 21 2008 3:54pm
Girls can be bullys too. When I was 16 there was a 13 yr. old cousin who was stronger than me. I was skinny and she was athletic. She used to pull my feet out from under me and drag me around in the dirt. She'd pull my shirt over my head and my pants down and drag me around in the dirt and hose me. ONe day I made her mad and she stripped me down to my dipples gave me a caning in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing. Stronger doesn't mean nicer. She made me play in my underwear outside for the rest of the summer.

grass stained briefsNov 27 2008 9:11am
One hot lazy afternoon after school my younger sister Lena pinned my shoulders to the living room rug. She sat straddled up on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. Her knees pinned my arms solid to the ground. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits heaving from her low cut bra. She told me she was the boss. She repeated this pose for at least ten minutes. I tried to buck out but she was to powerful. I nearly came in my pants. We later wrestled in our parents bed and she spreadeagle body pinned me for nearly a hour wearing only her panties. She humped and pounded me stretching my arms high and wide on the matress. I orgasmed 3 times. True Story ...

Mike from QueensDec 05 2008 11:41am

DeepDec 06 2008 5:19am
I have beat up by brother and father, it easy kick them in their balls. They are weak, and my mother showed me how to protect myself. It was fun to see my dad grab his balls, as he feel to the ground. My brother will not fight me and dad said I am dangerous. Females are stronger.

SusanDec 12 2008 8:07pm

AnonymousJan 08 2009 3:24pm
Ms Susan, may i advise You to kick in Your bother's balls too to show him how weak he is. Since the day You do it, i'm sure, You'll be able to beat your brother in the way You like.

Nick NJan 08 2009 11:56pm
Everyone has vulnerable spots, including between the legs. Attacking those only proves the weakness of the attacker.

AnonymousJan 29 2009 6:52am
You are a sick person Susan, kicking a man between his legs is something you do to an attacker not people you love. Your mother seems to be as sick as you. Many years ago a woman kicked me right there, just because she liked to show me her power. I ended up in hospital, took me months to recover.

PacifistJan 30 2009 12:31am

2009-02-01Feb 01 2009 5:34am
Lots of kids keep putting up muscle-strength-athletic videos on youtube. After seeing many of them I can make a generalization about girls vs. boys based on ages: -- Up to 12 you can find girls who are equal to the muscular boys their age. -- 13-14 the most muscular boys are notably more muscular than the muscular girls their age and average mature women, but they are still noticeably less muscular than fit (but not bodybuilding) adult women. -- 15-16 the most muscular boys are catching up to mature female bodybuilders -- 17- the most muscular boys surpass mature female bodybuilders. -- As a lover of female strength, its depressing to see these immature 13 year old boys showing off their muscles and know that these children can already overpower most women.

femuscloverFeb 17 2009 1:25pm
femusclover - having muscle dont mean you are always the strongest. I've seen some of my mates who work out and have big biceps struggle to win and even loose to some girls at armwrestling. It shocked us at first but some of the normal looking girls in our classes can actually beat alot of the bigger guys!

Dan HFeb 18 2009 12:29pm
Hi all. Interesting stories here. I work since a year back as a gym instructor in a gym in our swim hall. It's a small standard gym, with lots of nautilus machines, and I instruct new members how to use them. This fall there is two new "teams" who regularly book up the gym. One is a girl ice hockey-team, and the other is a nearby company who?s boss have decided all employees gonna work out together twice a week in our gym. I don't know exactly that the company do, they are some consultants, but they are 10-12 guys there, between 25 and 50 years, and they are all guys. The head of the company was very used to gym and a heath-nut, and wanted this gym times to support both his employees? health and make it an social break from work. But almost everyone of his employees was not very used to training and I must say i was surprised how little weight they could lift. First timed I instructed them I had to decrease the weight many times when i saw how they struggle with their reps. Many of these guys around 30 looks strong with their business suit on, but have quite skinny arms then they take off their shirts. I can lift more on the machines than all of them except their boss and one other guy, but they seems to be cool about it and says it's natural since I?m a "pro" in the gym. Before i started as gym instructor, i guess i had this picture of men?s natural strength, that 99% of adult men over 25y, had this "manly" natural strength that was far greater than the average female. But i must say that the picture has change a lot for me since i started working as gym instructor. The average guy is not as strong as i thought at all. We have many couples working out here where the wife lifts heavier on every machine than her husband. And this was even clearer then i started to instruct the men from this company. Even if the guys where manly, successful and good looking, many of them could lift even less than i did then i started training in the gym a few years ago. I must say i am a bit intrigued by this fact. But what fascinating me the most is to compare them with the girl ice hockey team. It's very easy to compare them for me, because twice a week, they have the gym right before the male company. They are around 15-18 girls, in the ages of 16 to 19 years old, and seems to take on the gym training seriously. When these teen girls work out almost everyone works out with heavier weights than the men, who use the gym after them. Then they are done training i have to move down the weights on every machine so the guys can getting started faster. I was very surprised by this, i had never thought that teen girls could lift as much or even more than adult men, and i was thinking that the guys where so untrained in the beginning, and when the men started to work out here regularly, they would all pretty quick surpass the stats of the young girls. But now, after six month, i can see how the girls had actually increased their lead, and increased their strength faster then the men. I guess they are just more serious with their training, while many of the guys are more lazy and sits around and chats in the gym. I have notice a big difference in attitude here in Sweden over the last years, about woman and gym training. First, there is a big trend of going to the gym, especially among younger woman. Almost every woman in my age now trains at gym, and there is today more woman than men that trains in gym. In our gym 75% of our members is females. And the attitudes in the gym have also clearly changed. Before the woman was in the gym to lose weight, and where often afraid to gain muscles. Now, most woman train in gym to be stronger or to complement their aerobic training with some strength-training. 10 years ago, one of the most common question to gyms instructors from woman, was how they should train to get slim but not to get "manly" muscles. Today, many woman complains they can?t "see" any result of their training and ask me how to get more visible muscles in their legs, abs but also their arms. They often say they spend a lot of time and money in the gym and they want to "see" some result of it. I encourage them to lift heavier with fewer reps. I think this trend is very interesting and i wonder what will happen in the future if this trend continues. Last week i sat at the cafeteria after the guys had finished their hour and saw how the group of around 10 men from the company where talking, waiting for someone. The girl ice hockey-team had celebrated someone in the cafeteria and was also standing there waiting for something, talking and laughing out loud as teen girls do. When I was studying these two groups, one with serious adult men with ties and one with giggly teenaged girls who dressed very girly now, with makeup and so on, and it struck me it was very hard to believe that the group of girly-girls there where actually physically stronger than the group of important looking men, and the fact was fascinating me. I have more stories to tell on topic, if you want to hear.

Trainer CamillaFeb 23 2009 9:30am
There is a few very big men who are gymrats and are stronger than the others, but the rest is pretty close, both female and male. I know it may not be "fair" to compare the two groups, as i know the girl icehockey team is much tougher and stronger than the average girl in their age. But it's still interesting for me to see how athletic girls can get such a clear advantage, even if their still in their teens. Funny you mention armwrestling. There is one guy I this group, he is just a few years older than me (I'm 27). He is always funny, and chats a lot. I had to help him a lot in the beginning since he was very untrained. He had done progress but still uses low weighs, and he and his friend often jokes about it, and ask me jokingly if i ever have taken as big weights in the machine as he uses and want too see me prove it. When I do so easily he goofs around about i must be cheating and so on. I told him then I have teen girls after him who lifts a lot more than him he just says "noo way". It may not sound so here but he is actually a nice guy and often gives me compliments, both about my body and my looks, and it makes me feel good. A few weeks ago he and a friend of his, sat down in the cafe when I was going home. I sat down and smalltalked a little, and he challenge me to an armwrestle. I asked if he was sure, and he answered he was feeling strong today. I giggled a little and accepted the match. I must say i enjoyed the feeling of pinning down his shaking arm without much trouble. I saw how two girls from the icehockeyteam were watching us from behind. He didn't seem too surprised by his loss, but told me it was no strange he lost since I?m a professional gymrat who spends all my time in the gym. He annoyed me a little now and told him " So you think you would have a better chance against Jenny here?" And pointed at one of the hockeygirls who had been watching us. " Her? I think i would not have any trouble at all with her, but she is a little too young for me." " Too young? I wouldn?t be soo c*cky if i was you." i told him and turned to Jenny "Jenny, this guy thinks he can beat you in armwrestling, do you take his challenge?" " Yes i do!" Jenny said eagerly and sat down in front of him. I knew Jenny pretty well from the gym, and she was a big and strong girl at 18 year, taller than both me and this guy. He seemed to hesitate a little then he saw how eager she was, but she grabbed his and put it to position. I started them and she took down his arm with one smooth motion all the way down. Both the guy and his friend looked surprised, but the two girls beamed with joy and her friend said " Wow, Jenny. you really smoked him, he had not a chance." And turned to the guy " Can i have a try also?" when he hesitated she almost pleaded him and he said "OK, that the f-ck...". This other girl was smaller and had big curly hair. This match was closer, but after a while, his arm began to shake and i head him shout out "no way!" as she pushed his hand down. His friend said he was an embarrassment to himself, with ended with new challenges and soon his friend, who is around 40 y, had also lost against both the hockeygirls. During the last match, 5 more girls came from the dressing room and began cheering for the smaller Sara. When more girls wanted to join in, the two guys said they where sore and had to hurry, and quickly left the cafe. The girls giggled and had i few more matches against each others. I must say I thought it was fun to see these two guys getting beaten by the hockeygirls, but at the same time, I felt a little bad for the guy, and that i had started the matches. This guy has always been nice to be, and I hoped he wasn?t mad at me. But the next week we met again he just joked about it and said it was just good for a guy to be put in his place by a female sometime, and he said he actually thought it was a good lesson for his friend, who can be a jerk sometimes and needed a more humble attitude. I must say I was relieved about his cool attitude and happy he wasn't a bad loser. I have more to tell about this guy but I have to go now, I didn?t think this post would be so long?

Trainer CamillaFeb 26 2009 6:23am
Great posts Camilla, would love to hear any more stories you have. I have to admit I have been in the position of being embarrassed when I challenged a young female friend of mine. I am 28, tall, slim and I keep healthy and active, lift a few weights at home to stay toned and I though "strong". She is 20, also slim but I don't think she does any kind of working out or regular exercise. We had an arm wrestling match which was just going to be for fun... It lasted for about a minute and I had the advantage for most of it, but it was a huge struggle for me to finally win. We were going to leave it there but I think because it was a surprise to both of us how close it had been she wanted to go again. Apart from gaining and loosing ground all the time, we were more or less in the upright position for probably 2 minutes and I was really struggling to hold it there. It seemed like I was getting more and more tired but she wasn't. I was now in a loosing position and she was slowly pushing my hand to the table. Yeah I lost that one. We didn't have a another rematch and I won't be accepting or challenging any more females. Everyone there thought it'd be over in 5 seconds with me winning... didn't happen! Am I weak? Is she strong? I've won against some male friends before, so why not this girl? "never judge a book by it's cover" springs to mind"

MMar 07 2009 4:10am
i held down my 14 year old brother yesterday and twanged his dick with my finger and he acually cried, but he started to get really hard so i stopped. oh yea - i'm 16.

AnonymousMar 11 2009 2:47am
It is obvious that 99% of the polls on this web site about strong or muscular women are created by just 1 or 2 people, which is frightening if you consider how many polls have been created about those topics. The people who create those polls must be very sick people with no life an no girlfriend so they just fantasize all day long on this web site. By the way, the previous message in this poll, from the 16 year old girl, is one of the sickest I ever saw.

AnonymousMar 17 2009 7:04pm
Grabbing your little brithers dick is definatly one thing you shouldn't do. Shame on you. And very interesting post from both camilla and M, hope to hear more from you.

JimMar 18 2009 10:13am
Good video. Poor boy, but he only had the advantage while she was "playing". He never stood a chance, she has a good build on her and I bet she's even stronger than she appears. He's just an average guy who needs to work out otherwise he'll find himself loosing to many more girls.

AnonymousApr 16 2009 4:23am
a pretty good wrestler. There's some muscle to those legs of hers.

AnonymousApr 23 2009 10:10am
I doubt her upper boyd is stronger than his but her legs are obviously more powerful than his. If she had used her legs in a better way I am sure she had kicked his ass.

RoannaApr 27 2009 10:47pm

TimerApr 28 2009 10:04am
Roanna, I think her upper body is also more powerful than his. He is close enough that she has to try, but she can overwhelm him whenever she wants.

ObserverMay 19 2009 10:04am

TimerJul 03 2009 11:38am
WOW - Thanks for digging these up! She's awesome. I'll bet the boys in her class at school don't mess with her. If they did, they'd be dead meat - LOL!

mr AnonJul 12 2009 12:58am
Times are changing and its cool. Women are becoming active and working out for sports. They're passing some guys who are docile and don't do much. We're in for more female muscle in the future. That's cool because muscular girls are awesome!

StevenJul 24 2009 3:01pm
I see more and more girls who are into being active then being just skinny and pretty. Girls are starting to pump iron to get muscles and curves.

PhilAug 31 2009 8:33am
Grown men have a lot of testosterone that's what makes them stronger than women--it's hard for a trainer woman to be stronger than trained man. That's why I use testosterone to help myself in training. I was always a strong athletic girl, but by 30 I was a victim of this misogynist hateful society--thin as skeleton and weak ( to the point of actually doing high fashion modeling on a side). A sobering incident of my ex (who was a marine) knocking out my front tooth and hitting me with steel toe boots was a wakeup call. Now I could beat the poo out of half of men I see--but I only trained for 2 years. I plan to get much stronger, and definitely stronger than average US marine

XSep 09 2009 10:55am
Hey X, I'm sorry you've had such horrible experiences. Now you're really cool! How about putting some workout/posing clips on youtube. Just watch out for two things. First, be careful not to ruin your health by using male hormones unwisely. Second, its a sad fact that you may be stronger than a guy and still get the poo beat out of you because men have quicker reactions than women. I know a really tough strong girl who was totally humiliated when she got beat up by a weaker boy. He was so quick that she couldn't get past his guard, but he pounded her at will. Eventually she went down hard.

wise oneSep 10 2009 10:18am

TimerSep 11 2009 12:37pm
great post wise one...nice way to encourage her.

AnonymousSep 12 2009 2:35pm
Sorry to hear about the abuse X. Abuse by any gender is a sad thing. However the guys on this board think it's cool your looking after yourself. I hope you find encouragement here.

MikeSep 12 2009 2:40pm
I am 14, and I can easely beaat up my 16 year old "little" brother. He may be older than me, but he's thinner, weaker and shorter than me, plus he has the smallest dick I've ever seen

CarlieSep 18 2009 5:34pm
Carlie, you're a middle aged man with a limited imagination.

AnonymousSep 23 2009 8:09am
In the average nuclear family it is usual to have a father, mother, son and daughter. With the father in first place the mother second son third and the daughter in fourth and final place, with as the son coming of age him taking the mother's second place and pushing her into third. But if the mother was to usurp the father's first place and relegate him to her former second place. Though the mother might not foresee the consequences of such a situation her example of her overpowering the father and maybe also lifting and carrying him about would have an effect on the daughter who would naturally seek to dethrone her brother in the same way. Of course such a thing could happen without any example from her parents. Anyway once this new hierarchy had become established with the mother now first, father second daughter third and the son now firmly established in fourth place. the position of the father would be very tricky indeed since he had already lost out to his wife. He would be in the even more terrible position of facing a threat from his daughter who though still only a girl as yet was only counting down time until she was old enougthto challenge him for second place in the family hierarchy.

hymatOct 16 2009 7:30am
Interesting concept, but never personally seen it. Bobik598 on this site has already talked about this scenario in his life, and there's a couple of strong daughters on misterpoll- if you can believe them. Anyone else have any real life examples?

AnonOct 16 2009 10:35am
I'm the aunt of a 15 year old niece who is far stronger than I am and far stronger than my son ( her cousin ) who is 16 years old. She can lift, carry, and move things I can't even budge and can out-lift and out-carry things my son can't manage either. Actually, I'm in awe of her! Seeing that I'm 5'6" tall and 137 lbs, I'm not all that big, but I'm a bit hefty anyway, and I outweigh her by about 12 pounds and stand two inchs taller too. But I'm no match for her in terms of strength at all. My son is taller than she is, but she is far above and beyond him strength-wise as well. Amazing!

Julie S.Jan 22 2010 9:33pm
Interesting Julie S. Your niece, are she into sports? What sports or training does she do? Can she match your husband or her dad?

DeepJan 28 2010 12:08pm
iam a muscled ladyboy..who overpowered my brother most of the time..iam stronger and much domminant brother usually tease me im a gay and weak,but not now.,..he knew where he must stay..where his place is...he become tamed and scared of me ...this is cool....

nivagFeb 01 2010 10:24pm
Nivag, how old are you and your brother? My girlfriend saw some ladyboys on youtube and she thinks she could beat them up. Do you think you could beat a strong girl?

ArtieFeb 02 2010 9:26pm

aNDYFeb 08 2010 12:48am
my cousin is 17 and her sister is 13...when we wer younger they both had bigger muscles than me they both made me compare with them in front of our parents this was about 5 years ago i was 10 and they wer 11 and 8 and both cud beat me up easily and the older girl used to lift me up and embarrase me infront of my adays i am stronger than the 17 year old as i have grown but the 13 year old is a gymnast and is quite skinny but i think is muscular i have never tried armwrestling her but i think im stronger im not sure

johnJun 05 2010 5:25am
my other cousin is a swimmer and one day i pushed her down a hill i thenwent inside.she came in and wen i was siting down she grabbed me and pulled me straigt up i held my ground wen i got up and she couldnt move me she then got fed up and picked me up and i could see her fairly big muscles i got down.she pulled me up and lifted me up easily but even wen she tried to risist i pushed her down the hill easily.i am 16 and she is 14.i play football and she swims who do you think is stronger

johnJun 05 2010 5:31am
if she's been a gymnast for a while, pound for pounds she's probably stronger.

Anon E. MouseJun 16 2010 11:53pm
ye she told me yesterday that she was letting me win in armwrestling and when i said prove it and she beat me with her weak arm when i used both. she then destroyed me in wrestling without breaking a sweat she is definatly waaaay stronger than i

johnJun 21 2010 4:20pm
After four years of school sports and weight lifting at school, I bigger stronger, and more muscular than my father. I beat him at armwrestling not long ago and compared arm muscles, mine are bigger and harder.

CharlynSep 17 2010 4:58pm
I used to be a gymnast between the age of 5 and 18. Wasn't a top gymnast, too big for that, but nevertheless a strong, athletic young girl. We had a christmas party when I was 15 where the men started to armwrestle after dinner. My father told the other men how strong I was and that he wasn't sure if he could take me anymore in an armwrestling match. We just had to see and I for the first time beat my father with both arms. The other men and teenage boys had to see if they could take me but I won against them all. They weren't as cool as my dad loosing to a 15 year old girl, they came up with excused and wanted to try again and again but I kept on beating them to all the females joy. My female cousin was 14 at that time and also a gymnast. She could beat all the boys but lost to all men but one. I have kept on staying in shape with gymastics and weight lifting since and have many times been able to beat men at armwrrestling. My husband is a bit bigger than me today but I easily beat him at anything physical. I love him anyway. Some women are really strong and sometimes even girls.

BeatriceOct 01 2010 5:43am
Tessa let him win.

an intelligent life formOct 06 2010 1:04pm
My mom has always been pretty solid, working as a nurse. My father is more lean and close to skinny. Even if he is taller it seems that my mom was the one with the muscles already when we were small. When she was 40 (she is now 56) she started to work out at a gym and liked it from the start. Since then she has been at least three times a week. Today she can beat almost all the men we know. She can still beat me, I am a 32 year old man, at armwrestling. This has inspired my wife to go to the gym so she is working out with mom as often as she can plus she is starting every morning with pushups and situps. I have to admit that the two mosts important women in my life are stronger than me. I win over perhaps half of my male friends when we armwrestled so I am not a total wimp.

SvenNov 15 2010 11:06pm
My sister is 14 and i'm 15 and being the older brother, we are only 5 months apart and we both weigh 145 and we are 145 lbs but she seems stronger than me. She beats me in wrestling and fighting. She can lift me above her head and i can't. She dominates me in everything.When we were 13 we were wrestling and she beat me up and that was when we realized she was stronger. From then she started beating me up in front of our friends and in public.I am pretty strong but she's stronger.I don't know how we both are the same size.

anonomous personDec 19 2010 9:09am
Itthe weekends we are all alone at home so she starts beating me up and treats me like a piece of s**t and picks me up and once she choke slamed me through a glass tables and replaced the table with my allowance before our parents returned. She ussually calls our friends over and beats me up in front of them. she even made me lick her d**n butt one time. what should i do.

anonomous personDec 19 2010 9:53am
my sister forced me to tell this incident which happened. Last weekend we were wrestling and she totally destroyed me. she caught my neck between her massive thighs and i managed to get out but then she picked me up above her head and through me on the hard wooden floor and i was knocked out cold. after a long time i got up and punched her 6 pac stomache but she didn't seem to get hurt. that was when she punched me on the stomache so hard and i got the wind knocked out and once again i was picked up and throw on the floor. i was hurt badly. when i got up she kicked my head and had me beaten so bad and she sat on my face with her big butt forcing me to lick it. worst of all her friends were watching us wrestle. she loves being stroger than me and harrassing me. i am the older brother so this shouldn't be happening but i think i'm getting used to it.she is so strong and she is a big bully.

anonomous personDec 19 2010 11:13am
don't feel bad anonomous person i have a sister who's a month and a half younger then me we are 21 years old. ever since we were 8 she was dominent and she can still beat me in wrestling.but i don't mind because i believe girls should be stronger.even she enjoys being stronger than me. she used to beat me up until last year. even now she rubs it in my face that she's stronger. once when we were 17 i did some thing to make her angry and i still remember when she took me out and started beating the hell out of me. she can even lift 200 lbs. i think you are lucky to have a younger and stronger sister.

asdlkjDec 20 2010 5:14am
Anonymous person is 5 months older than his sister. Interesting. Let me guess, your mom is 5 years older than you.

Bulls**tApr 05 2011 10:45pm
A girl in my class was really strong and athletic. She liked sports was one of the first chosen whenever we picked teams. One day we got into an argument that turned into a fight. I quickly found that she was stronger and tougher than me. She pounded me and took me down. I tried to wrestle her, elbow her, and punch her but she was too strong. As I struggled under her I managed to get a hand free and found her ponytail. I grabbed it and pulled as hard as I could. She screamed and let go of me enough that I managed to get up and run away.

dustinApr 10 2011 8:08am
When I was 15 and my little sister was 13 we started playfully wresling,and much to my surprise she was able to pin me. I was a few inches taller and outwieghed her by 25 lbs. she also dicovered she could beat me arm wresling. After she relized her ability she would thow me down and pin me on a regular basis. She would also make me say "GIRLS RULE" before she would let me up.

RandyApr 17 2011 7:03am
Even though I find toned women sexy, male or female body builders I find repulsive. Sports are a good way to stay in shape and look hot but when your trying to be a muscle bound animal it utterly disgusts me on sight. But there are the group that have fetishes but as my buddies said (Friend1)-"A girl stronger than me would be hot" (Friend2)-"You like men." I laughed so hard because it is the perfect response. Good day to you all

SeanApr 25 2011 10:34am
Sean, if you can't tell the difference between a strong girl and a man, you shouldn't be laughing - LMAO

AnonymousApr 25 2011 6:19pm
I am 16, 6" 140, and my Girlfriend is 15 5", 115 ... she is a wrestle for her school. She really embarrassed me one day infront of her two friends. I was wearing baggy pants, no shirt and white briefs under my baggy 501's ...well I made a big mistake I called her a bitch ... just playing ..but she tackled me a forced by ankles by my ears and pulled by baggy 501's down around my knees ... and had my ass up in the air showing nothing but my white briefs ... and using my pants to hold me in place ... i was totally pinned ... then she gave me a Hj in front of her friends ... they said I was whimpering and screaming like a girl ... then she sad who is the bitch now .. and would not let me up into I said .. ME this day they call me ..HANES the Screamer !!!!

PaulMay 06 2011 2:41pm
I am Paul's girlfriend and yes I pinned paul with a move called the "spladle" that is when my legs pinned his left leg and his left arm and my right sholder has his right leg pinned and my body is on his chest and his ankles are by his ears .. and when I tackled him his baggy Jeans fell to the bottom of his butt ... so to stop him from squirming I pulled his pants down around his knees and held the Waste line with my left hand ... leaving my right hand free ... and after pinning Paul for a couple of mins I started to feel his Boner !!! and like most guys that get pinned by a girl they will get a Boner !! it is very embarrassing for them !! so i reach with my off hand over his briefs and started to Play ... if you know what I mean ... and just than my two girlfriend showed up ... cheering me on first they did no I was giving his a HJ ... not into he started to Twitch , squirm and holler .. he at least two orgasms and the last one was a high pitch scream ... yes like a girl !!! and I forced him to say he was my Bitch !!! before I let him up ...

KimMay 07 2011 1:38pm
Strong girls can have big weaknesses. I knew a girl who had strong arms and legs and incredible biceps - big, hard, powerful. She always won at armwrestling and the boys were all in awe of her. But her back was of more girly strength. She couldn't keep it straight to do push-ups and when she wrestled boys, her weak back couldn't keep up with her powerful arms. She lost to seemingly much weaker boys. Girls - LOL!

AnonymousMay 25 2011 1:06pm
My big sister was kind of like that. It seemed like she was stronger when we were in elementary school, but I could beat her when we wrestled.

AnonymousJun 27 2011 3:35pm
Yeah, sometimes a girl is strong at like 1 thing, but she's still just a girl at most things.

smartJul 01 2011 9:01am
I agree. A girl I know easily beat this kid at arm wrestling in front of the whole class at the end of the school year. He was really humiliated. On the way home after school he picked a fight with her and beat her up. What a jerk.

AnonymousJul 08 2011 9:41am
I know a 12 year old girl who is an inch or two taller and probably a few pounds heavier than her 15 year old brother. Her arms look a little bigger than his, as well, and her legs are definitely bigger than his. One day I saw her giving him a piggyback ride. He tried to do the same for her, but couldn't. I'm not saying that she can easily kick his ass, but she apparently is a bit stronger than him. As a 15 year old boy, he should be bigger and easily stronger than her. The fact that she is his sister and only 12 and is somewhat stronger than him, is quite humiliating.

friendJul 12 2011 4:10pm
I left out the part that after she let him down from his piggyback ride, he had a noticeable bulge in his shorts. I saw him look down, red faced, and immediately cover up with his tee shirt. She whispered something to him and he looked down and walked away. I wonder what she did to him when they got home.

friendJul 12 2011 4:13pm
@friend Its a good thing you added the part that you left out. It confirmed my suspicions that your story is fiction written by a weirdo fetishist.

realistJul 13 2011 9:44am
Realist, I hate to tell you, but, as you should already know, every story on this post is fiction for fetishists like you, me and everyone else who took the time to look up a website about girls being stronger than their brother, other family member or classmates. Now that we killed the fantasies on this site, shall we denounce Penthouse Forum as nothing but a bunch of made up stories?

Get RealJul 14 2011 5:08pm
Hey, Realist, I know a teenage girl who is bigger and stronger than me blah blah blah.

UnrealJul 14 2011 5:11pm
Hey Unreal, so do I. She is so strong. By the way, I just happened to come to this site to conduct legitimate research for my school term paper. True story.

Reality BitesJul 14 2011 5:14pm
Professors don't accept sites like this as legitimate sources, unless your term paper is an analysis of what people put on sites like this - lol. I've actually known some very strong girls who loved to show their strength. But none of them used their competition as an opportunity for sex (esp with family) and none were junior dominatrices.

RealistJul 18 2011 5:59am
I saw a bunch of high school girls at a sports camp on my campus today. Many of them were quite muscular. They could beat a lot the boys in their class.

observerAug 02 2011 5:36pm
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:34am
Female muscles are evil. Anonymous And you just are such a coward not putting your name in the message.You are such an American macho male who thinks only males are strong.Thats why you attack small...better stop her for I say something I will regret,loser.

johnSep 22 2011 12:40am
"Female muscles are evil." -- LMAO

AnonymousSep 23 2011 10:47am
Most girls have bigger,stronger legs then boys.

gethewilSep 27 2011 12:40pm
Is this still active?

BHSep 29 2011 10:23pm
There's a post every once in awhile.

AnonymousOct 03 2011 10:23am
My sister is 13 and i am 14. She is a regular height for her age and fairly slim and for some reason she can pin me down in arm wrestling in about 3 seconds. She knows she is stronger than me, but she doesnt usually brag about it. Although one time when i was 11 and she was 10 she beat me up in front of a fair amount of my family. Her biceps are way bigger than mine too. Can anyone tell me why this is.

Beast guyOct 03 2011 2:38pm
At this age, boys usually are pulling ahead. Does your sister lift weights?

AnonymousOct 04 2011 8:41pm
im not sure but she is very easily stronger than me and can beat me up with ease (even though she doesnt0

Beast guyOct 26 2011 5:53pm
I never laughted so hard as seeing my big 6 ft 1 inch and 200 lb sometimes big mouthed husband ,get knocked cold by our 15 yr old neighbor who happens to be a girl half his size ,but she is our high schools wrestling and swimming girls champ and works out often ,She likes showing off her muscular arms and legs and really muscled stomach in the summer and she is buff but in a good way ,not a manly way ,But I think it would bother my husband seeing her in the summer outside working out and him being from the old school and thinking women should not be muscular and he being quite the athelete back when he was in school ,so I heard just about every day ,and now from sitting around watching sports and drinking beers he has ,how do I say ,lost his muscle tone ,and I really got him mad when we saw her working out one day and I said gee hon dont you wish you had muscles like that,and he was furios ,and I think thats why when the last freak snow storm we had here in Massuchusettes in October ,My husband was jusr waiting to pick a fight with her,as he yelled at her for throwing some of the snow from her parents driveway into our driveway while my husband was shoveling and he went crazy and went right into her face as I heard him yelling and went to see what was going on ,and there was my big mouthed husband yelling at Kathy our neighbor and he made the mistake of putting his hands on her shoulder and before he knew what hit him ,she must have hit him three times and my husband went straight down to his knees and unbelievably ,she reached down and picked him up with one hand by his coat and hit him with a punch right under his chin and he went like a snow angel spraweled out cold in the snow ,spread eagle like ,I almost peed my pants from laughing ,seeing our neighbor Kathy half my husbands size and especially seeing his face after being hit before he could lift his hands then that surprised and stunned look on his face as she easily lifted him in the air and said ,its about time Mr Burke you got your big mouth shut and as I said ,lifted him off his feet with a shot under his chin .I ran out to help ,but believe me he was out cold and poor Kathy said I am sorry ,Mrs Burke ,but he asked for it and grabbed my shoulder ,I looked at her and smied and said Kathy ,I heard what you said to him before you knocked him out and believe me honey he has been asking for it for years and I want to thank you for shutting his big mouth and believe me he will never live this down ,especially being knocked out by a teenager no less a girl .now maybe he will shut up ,kathy said I have heard him yelling at you before and she then laughted ,and she said ,give me a minute and I will really humiliate him if you want .I said go right ahead ,and she went over to my out cold husband and slaped him awake and said now Mr Burke I hope you have been taught a lesson ! and I want you to know ,as she pointed to me ,your wife saw the whole thing and I want to say in front of her I have heard you yell at her many times and I want you to know if I see you do it again I will knock your sissy ass out again ,I could see my husband was still dizzy from being knocked out ,but I also saw something I have never seen before the look of fear on his face. Kathy said ,Mr Burke did you hear me and I want an apoligy from you right now and your word you wont yell at your wife again ,and I was shocked how quick my husband said yes mam I apoligize and I am sorry for yelling at my wife ,I will never do it again I promise.Inside myself I was loving it and it and it was really hard not to laugh .Kathy helped him up and it was really funny seeing him wobble and almost go down again like the boxers my husband use to watch and yell out he is all done his ass has been kicked ,So I couldnt help but say ,as we took him in to lay down ,Well sweetie it looks like your ass has been kicked ,and when i saw this article I just went over and told Kathy I hope you dont mind my telling what you did to my husband ,and can I use your real name ,because I have already told my husbnd he was never going to live his being knocked out by our 15 yr old neigbor,a girl ,and now I have a chance to put it on the internet with his real name ,so do you mind Kathy .she looked at me and smiled ,and said know my friends will love seeing it on the internet its good for my reputation ,and we both laughted and his full name is Bruce Burke of Beverly Ma,and her full name is Kathy Jamison of Beverly Ma and so everyone knows my big bad husband has not dared to yell at me since the knockout ,So please comment so I can read the coments to my now meek little sissy ,thank you Patty,and Kathy and I have become great friends and she has me on a workout plan ,lol

Patty BurkeNov 13 2011 6:57pm
I can beat most of the boys in my class at arm wrestling.

jennyNov 19 2011 7:47am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 7:33am
now not only is my sister just stronger than me, she can DOMINATE me in arm wrestling. i found out that she lifts weights, and she is ripped. I have never beaten her im arm wrestling

Beast guyDec 01 2011 5:48pm
sjsh99, I agree with your skepticism. Actually, its not so hard to find a schoolgirl who is stronger than most boys up to about age 15, but most women with muscular physiques are not much more than 5 feet tall. If you were smaller, you'd get a lot more competition. If anyone takes you up on your offer, you should post the whole event online. Right?

likelike challengeDec 01 2011 10:10pm

1Dec 11 2011 6:29am

1Dec 11 2011 6:29am

-1'Dec 11 2011 6:29am
well Patty, your stor is hard to believe, I mean there are strong girls I know from my own experiences but a girl this aggressive and strong to beat up a really big man? Are you really honest about this? I am a lot smaller than your husband, 5'8 and 125 lbs and I have lost to a 14 year old gymnast girl in armwrestling, very embarrassing but I am skinny and weak and she was very strong and bigger than me,

Alan BurrDec 20 2011 4:21am
DATE 2011-12-31

DATE 2011-12-31Dec 31 2011 5:05pm
Well happy new year!

AnonymousJan 09 2012 5:06pm

1Jan 22 2012 8:51am

1Jan 22 2012 8:51am

-1'Jan 22 2012 8:51am
like someone else said, you girls around 13 shouldn't be too tough on the guys you can beat today. cuz they'll almost all be able to beat you in a year or two and forever after. maybe... maybe a gym-rat vs a non-exerciser, maybe... but, take it from this much older short, kinda skinny guy, who many females have wanted to try to see if they could wrestle. i've let women beat me. and never told them!!! otherwise they might not roll around anymore. but i can't recall any , except one maybe kinda, who could really beat me. and looking at some of their muscles compared to mine, even i thought they should be able to. btw - never fight for real either, keep it friendly! and then no kicking etc. if there are any women, especially older ones, who've wrestled a 'light weight', what do you think. maybe he let you win? btw - do women realize this um isn't just athletic for the guys. how much do u enjoy it? who've you challenge? and WHY?

let'erwinMar 21 2012 10:39pm
like someone else said, you girls around 13 shouldn't be too tough on the guys you can beat today. cuz they'll almost all be able to beat you in a year or two and forever after. maybe... maybe a gym-rat vs a non-exerciser, maybe... but, take it from this much older short, kinda skinny guy, who many females have wanted to try to see if they could wrestle. i've let women beat me. and never told them!!! otherwise they might not roll around anymore. but i can't recall any , except one maybe kinda, who could really beat me. and looking at some of their muscles compared to mine, even i thought they should be able to. btw - never fight for real either, keep it friendly! and then no kicking etc. if there are any women, especially older ones, who've wrestled a 'light weight', what do you think. maybe he let you win? btw - do women realize this um isn't just athletic for the guys. how much do u enjoy it? who've you challenge? and WHY?

let'erwinMar 21 2012 10:41pm
like someone else said, you girls around 13 shouldn't be too tough on the guys you can beat today. cuz they'll almost all be able to beat you in a year or two and forever after. maybe... maybe a gym-rat vs a non-exerciser, maybe... but, take it from this much older short, kinda skinny guy, who many females have wanted to try to see if they could wrestle. i've let women beat me. and never told them!!! otherwise they might not roll around anymore. but i can't recall any , except one maybe kinda, who could really beat me. and looking at some of their muscles compared to mine, even i thought they should be able to. btw - never fight for real either, keep it friendly! and then no kicking etc. if there are any women, especially older ones, who've wrestled a 'light weight', what do you think. maybe he let you win? btw - do women realize this um isn't just athletic for the guys. how much do u enjoy it? who've you challenge? and WHY?

let'erwinMar 22 2012 1:10am
Hey let'erwin, what is your advantage over those strong women? Are they weaker than they look? Not very skilled? Not quick enough?

curiousMar 30 2012 5:48pm
weaker than they look, i guess. women/girls have more body fat than most guys. i had virtually none. so they are maybe as big or bigger, but not stronger. i've had guys make their girlfriend, or sister arm wrestle me -- expecting them to humilate this short guy. ...i can't figure it out!

let'erwinApr 05 2012 6:11am
let'erwin, I knew the female equivalent of you. She was 5'3" or so and slim - little fat, and hard muscles. She beat me and a lot of guys at arm wrestling. I know I, and most of the others, were really trying.

didn't ave to let herApr 14 2012 7:25am

1May 01 2012 7:41pm

1May 01 2012 7:41pm

-1'May 01 2012 7:41pm
nice comments

AnonymousMay 04 2012 7:47am
I am attracted to stronger women. Winning at armwrestling is a plus. I am a single, professional guy, who is really a nice guy, seeking s stronger single adult woman who likes power. email me at

Chris PMay 04 2012 8:19pm
Y the hell do u enjoy being stronger than ur brothers and developing muscles

AnonymousMay 18 2012 11:22am
Y the hell do u enjoy being stronger than ur brothers and developing muscles

AnonymousMay 18 2012 11:22am
Y not? Strength is good and girls can be strong too!

well duhMay 18 2012 12:23pm

1Jun 01 2012 10:26am

1Jun 01 2012 10:26am

-1'Jun 01 2012 10:26am
Mind the gap

stand clear of the doorJun 04 2012 7:30am
eh-hemn" scuse me,but with all this talk of girls being much stronger and bigger in muscle size...but has anyone ever felt on girls biceps before?,including a boy feeling a sisters arm muscle,and any of her friends biceps? just wandering.....

"ceps" feelerJun 18 2012 3:03am
hey anonymous in line about you thinking everything here,about the stronger female s-x is just only from 1 or 2 peeps making all this up,think just can't and don't want to except the fact that female muscularity and strength from 6-11yr.olds all the way thru teenage yrs.(12-18),and females(19yrs.-40(and up)even exist at all. so you can just take your "major dull and boring" snuffed out candle a-- self,and shove it so far up your b--t where the sun don't shine!!!

lacrue and ell reemarcs - ha ha ha ha!Jun 18 2012 3:38am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
whoops-forgot something in my name...lacrue - make that... la'crue!

laJun 18 2012 4:00am
hey anyone here with poll lines with just m/d/y - not much else to say?????

"ceps" feelerJun 18 2012 6:57am
Mike from Queens i bet that felt very very very very much really and truly weird and fun at the same time for you,huhh? l8r on that evening b4 bed,did you go to your room,with your door shut,and,into your closet,and jerk the "major s..t" out of yourself,even though your sis gave you three orgasms earlier that day?

"ceps" feelerJun 18 2012 7:57am
Benji,if that isssss your "real" name,hi. just wandering...did you ever get any of those girls with muscles to give you a good punch or more in your stomach,to feel just how strong and powerful the girl or girls was?

"ceps" feelerJun 18 2012 8:12am
hi all just curious about something also...has anyone ever asked or gotten a young girl with big and hard biceps,and any age from 6 to 15yrs.old,and from just your neighborhood, or from gymnastics to punch you real hard in your stomach a few times,just to see just how strong and real powerful she really is? and,what happened when and if you did? also,did you somehow and strangely get a "major woody",at the same time you got dulled stomach punched pains...when and if you got or asked to b stomach punched? oh,and if that happened at all,were you able to get a good feel of the bicep on that punching arm,before and after it happened,if so?

"ceps" feelerJun 18 2012 8:48am
huh,i feel like i'm on a roll here....

you know who...c.f.Jun 18 2012 8:51am
"dang it",i forgot one other thing....have you ever,when you felt a girls big hard bicep,got a real big "h^^d-on" at the sametime you were feeling her cep muscle? and if you did,do you think she saw it? and,if she did,but didn't say anything,what did you have wanted to have her say about it at the time,and what did you want to have her do to it,when she mentioned it,if so? also,would you have wanted to have her grab and beat the living crud out of it,until it was beet red?,or black-n-blue? or what? and oh,the girl is from one of the same ages in one of my questions above - 6 to 15yrs. so please give me a real good answer back these ques. i really must know...

c.f.Jun 18 2012 9:32am
uuugh! one more thing before i go for my last above ques.,your somewhere in those same age groups as the girl at that time,and while i'm thinking of it,if the girl noticed your "h^^d-on" while you were feeling her cep,and you wanted her to do something quite painful to your "thing"....just to see if you could take it,because she was using the full strength and power of her cep,what would you have rather have her done at the time,grap your d^ck and squeeze the life out of it as hard as she could,til it turned black-n- blue,or just grab and jerk the life out of it really hard til black-n-blue?,b-cuz she was using the full size and power of her arm muscle? ohyea,and most of all....what ages are you two both?(you and her)

c.f.Jun 18 2012 10:17am again, i need some real truely good answers to all my questions to see what you come up with for now. i need some real good ideas for my musclegirl stories that i'm writing by hand on paper for my own book - for my's a small project i do,so yea,let me know what ya'll come up with in your answers.

c.f.Jun 18 2012 10:46am
over and out......for now!!!

again,you know who...Jun 18 2012 10:47am
whoah! dudes! thers alot of way cool feeds and polls here. i ought to be here more!! can anyone tell me where i might find stories about evil youn girls with very hard and big bicep musles,from 8yrs.old to 12yrs.old,and love to get rid of boys{also with muscls}older than them,by takin the boys to private placis and the girls tie the boys up,and begin to cut the boys biceph- biceps..yea,biceps and abs off to keep for themselves? is thaie - there any gory stories like that anywhere? and,they love to punch on vrey hard alot on the boys upper bodies to soften the abs and biceps a bit before slicing them off!

luv girl bicepsJun 18 2012 11:18am
Mike from Queen i forgot to ask you,how big of biceps did your sister have at that time?,and was she into lifting weights at all? also,about how hard did she hump and pound you? yea i came back for a moment,but am leaving again. i'll be back once in a awhile

c.f.Jun 18 2012 11:50am
I used to know a strong girl with big, hard biceps. She didn't do any of that kinky stuff, but she loved to prove that she was stronger than boys. She could give a punch or take a punch just like the toughest of the boys around.

girl biceps loverJun 18 2012 1:43pm
hi nikki are u on face book or you tube post the link here pls

nikki loverJun 27 2012 1:17pm

1Jul 01 2012 12:19am

1Jul 01 2012 12:19am

-1'Jul 01 2012 12:19am

1Jul 05 2012 3:59am

1Jul 05 2012 3:59am

-1'Jul 05 2012 3:59am

1Jul 07 2012 2:47am

1Jul 07 2012 2:47am

-1'Jul 07 2012 2:47am

1Jul 24 2012 2:02pm

1Jul 24 2012 2:02pm

-1'Jul 24 2012 2:02pm

1Jul 24 2012 2:22pm

1Jul 24 2012 2:22pm

-1'Jul 24 2012 2:23pm
My biological mother gave birth to me and dumped me off at a foster facility as soon as I was born. My adoptive family was wonderful and sweet, but there was one problem. I was always small (i'm only 5'3 as we speak, very short for a guy) and this was a family of long, muscular athletes. My mom was a tall woman (6'2), my father was an ex basketball player (6'8), and my three sisters were all far taller than me. The one sister who was younger than me (by about 8 months actually, no less), was far taller and stronger than me from the beginning (there are baby pictures of her holding stuff over me LOL). she loved to prove her dominance over me once we got to school (we were in the same grade). by the time we got to fifth grade, thankfully, we were the same height (about 4'5 each) and maybe I was slightly stronger. But that was the last of that. she grew 18 inches in the next three years (which is ridiculous but apparently runs in the family). and I didn't grow a single inch, and she loved proving how stronger and taller she was. once she got into weights, there was no turning back. I think when we were 14 there was a while when her arm as about as wide as me (probably an exaggeration, but it sure felt that way). she's now 6'6 (the "shorty" of my siblings though), I remain a puny 5'3, and she's still a ton stronger than me.

AnonymousJul 25 2012 3:22pm

1Aug 06 2012 11:12pm

1Aug 06 2012 11:12pm

-1'Aug 06 2012 11:12pm
Why all the ones?

AnonAug 14 2012 12:32am
I'm 16 year old Guy with great genes I have 19 inch arms I workout every other day all of my older sisters have been weaker then me since I was around 10

ChrisSep 24 2012 11:40pm
Chris, how much older are your sisters? They must be wimpy, even for girls. Were you already working out when you were 10?

AnonymousOct 06 2012 8:40am
I beat the strongest boy in my class at armwrestling. He was so embarrassed - lol

LilyOct 17 2012 10:34am
Was it a tough match or did you beat him easily?

AnonymousMar 18 2013 12:33am
I call bullpoo on this entire poll.

keep fantasizingApr 30 2013 10:24pm
Really? Check out the post of Get Real! I ensure you it's 100% true

AnonymousMay 02 2013 11:52am
I swear, this website is a freaking cult where all guys are in this weird dream where women are men And men are women

AnonymousMay 20 2013 10:40pm
I was 12 and 3 inches shorter than my sister(11) for a year.

TedAug 13 2013 7:55pm
I'm stronger than most of the girls at my school. The ones that are stronger are athletes and some are much stronger

Kane Aug 14 2013 2:37pm
Well, I'm a 13 year old girl and i have an 11-year old brother. But I'm 6 inches taller than him and I'm 30 pounds heavier, because he hasn't started puberty

annaAug 15 2013 9:26am
I wish. I'm 18, my brother is 16. I'm still taller and heavier than him, but he's stronger and faster than me because he's an exercise freak.

KateAug 15 2013 8:22pm
@Kate - how old were you two when his arms and upper body got stronger

curiousAug 20 2013 6:19am
Can you guys help me? Ok, so basically my aunt adopted a kid that's 2 years younger than me. So she's my cousin. She's really cool. But anyways, she is a swimmer and very strong. Recently she got into bodybuilding too. She's also freaking huge. Like, 10 inches taller than me. She is very strong, she can lift up my oldest brother. She can beat everyone at arm wrestling. Everyone in the family. And she's 14 years old. She works out everyday and does 50 push ups, 30 pull ups and 150 sit ups. She can also lift weights bigger than me. She says she wants to be the strongest person in the entire family and I think she is. I fear if I make her angry she might beat me up or something. What do I do? And if you're wondering, she's 6ft4inches, has 14 inch biceps I think and a six pack.

anonOct 02 2013 10:03pm
6'4" at 14? Is this for real?

AnonymousOct 19 2013 8:57am
what the hell is this? does everyone here live in a different dimension or something? or is this another lame fetish site?

how did i even get here what the fùck is thisOct 20 2013 4:49pm
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together Any race. Contact me at my email about 40 messages back on this thread

Chris POct 23 2013 6:35am
KEwHKK Appreciate you sharing, great blog post. Want more.

clQiDfoaNodOct 26 2013 10:18am
why are you people so dumb?

its kind of sadDec 03 2013 7:42pm
I'm 14 and started working out together with my older brother, when he was 16 and I 12. Currently I'm the strongest in my class and I'm stronger than my younger brother, who is 12. My older brother, by now 18, doesn't work out anymore and I did beat him in arm wrestling, but he probably didn't use his whole strength, because I was really exhausted afterwards and he wasn't. I can beat my mom. I did beat my dad, but he was relly just testing out my strength and then clearly lost on purpose. And I actually arm wrestled my current boyfriend, who is 15, for a kiss(and won=, before we started dating.

NatalieJan 28 2014 2:08pm
At least this isn't completely stupid, but why would a 14-year-old be writing on some fetish poll at eleven in the night?

Nice TryJan 28 2014 2:46pm
Sorry, I'm living in another country and was stupid about the time difference

Nice TryJan 30 2014 5:49am
Hi, im Brad again and im 17 and my close neighbor friend Sandy who is a 12 year old girl play tennis alot together almost every other day or so after school and the weekends at the tennis courts in the park down the street aways. Anyway i mentioned before that shes very cute, strong and athletic and we take turns carrying each other piggyback alot. I found out that one of the reasons why she is so strong and her very thick legs have such good solid muscle tone is because she practices swimming for almost an hour everyday. I notice that with a few other girls at my school as well. She has a fairly slender waist but her legs are built so awesomely very thick and heavy. The girth of her thighs and ankles is like about at least 3 times thicker than mine! (I told her that I feel tempted to measure them with a tape measure!) I notice that especially when she wears shorts or pulls off her dark blue sweatpants. Also i noticed she has never waxed the very dense soft blond fuzz from her legs and thighs...she told me that she prefers having her legs looking completely natural. I told her that it actually looks good on her, it compliments her very long ponytail and that shes a true individual. Anyways, I try to carry her piggyback for as long of a distance than she can carry me...and im finally able to get pretty close to achieving that goal. Yesterday we took turns comparing our weights together on my parents bathroom scale...she weighs a surprising 163 1/2 lbs (with her tennis shoes and sweatpants off) while im just barely 120 exactly, even though im over 9 full inches taller than her...well over 40 lbs difference! We then compared and measured each other's heights against the bathroom wall and I measured at just slightly under 6' tall and she at exactly 5' 2". I then asked her for about how long of an extended period of time she could lift me in a stationary front carry just to see how light i would feel on her in that position. She was willing to give it a try and then asked me to stand on the edge of the bathtub so i could embrace my legs around just above her hips securely and my arms around her shoulders. As she was carrying me in this position i felt myself immediately getting a hardon, so i was completely enjoying all this! Plus all the while i was nuzzling and sniffing her blond hair and ponytail and it smelled very sweet, warm and wholesome like new mown hay. She was able to carry me very easily in that position for well over an hour and 15 mins. and she said that i feel so light that i actually feel completely weightless on her and that she could carry me forever! After that it was my turn to carry her,so I then lifted her in a stationary front carry position like she had carried me and she felt very very warm and heavy against my body as she securely embraced her thighs tightly and up high enough around my waist so she wont slip off. After I got a secure enough hold onto her thick thighs, she playfully gave me a couple of gentle monkey bites and we then started kissing Suddenly, my younger sister who is 14 then opened the bathroom door, saw us and gasped "OMG !!"

BradFeb 22 2014 8:08am
When I was in high school I had a friend named Diane. She hung around with us guys, I don’t think she had any friends who were girls. Diane and I hung out a lot and people thought we were a couple but I wasn’t her type. Though I wished at the time I was her type, it was cool having a girl for a buddy. And Diane didn’t have a girly-girl personality, she almost had a guy’s personality but definitely didn’t look like one. She had a pretty face and pretty hair. She didn’t wear makeup or spend lots of time fixing her hair. One thing about her, she always wore jeans and baggy tops. She kept herself covered up. I’d guess she was about 5’5” or 5’6” and 120 – 125 lbs. She seemed to have just a little meat on her bones, in other words, she wasn’t skinny, but definitely not pudgy either. It was hard to tell because her wardrobe was not revealing at all. One day, I don’t remember what inspired us, but we decided to arm-wrestle. I was thinking since she’s a girl, I would go easy. You can actually get injured arm-wrestling and that would not be too cool, injuring a girl armwrestling. Now I’m not a big guy, I’m 5’8” and at the time I was probably 150 - 155 lbs. Average build I’d say, in terms of fitness. So the first armwrestling match I maybe gave 50% and she threw my arm down. I was shocked, not that she beat me but how she nearly tore my arm off. I told her I wasn’t ready and she said “c’mon, actually try this time!” Well this time I went 100% there was a struggle at the beginning for maybe 2 or 3 seconds, then she pulled my arm down to the table. I could not stop her, it seemed like the harder I tried, the more force she added. I couldn’t believe it and I said “there has to be some kind of trick, show me how you did that!” I seriously thought it was a trick. She assured me that there was no trick and invited me to try the other arm. This third match now, started with me putting out 100% but her arm wasn’t moving. She started saying “pull !!, c’mon pull !, Pull !” Then she giggled and said “what’s wrong, can’t bend my arm?” I was quickly running out of gas and my face was probably red as a tomato. She said to me “I can hold you here all day” and with that statement I gave up and she gently pushed my arm to the table. I asked her “let me see your muscle” She reluctantly rolled up her sleeve and flexed. Her elbow was at a 45 degree angle and her muscle was spherical-shaped, like a ball. I was speechless. She quickly rolled her sleeve back down. I said “wait ! do that again” She looked at me with a puzzled expression and said “why do you want to see my muscle, it’s gross” I replied “no, it’s awesome” She said “okay feel how hard it is” she didn’t roll her sleeve up but flexed and I squeezed her bicep. It was hard as a rock. I realized now how she beat me so easily, her bicep was not only bigger than mine but harder as well. She quickly changed the subject so I got the impression that she was embarrassed about her muscles. There was another occasion where we were going somewhere together in her car. She had a CD (at the time) of something that she liked that she knew I would make fun of. It was Vanilla Ice or Culture Club or something…..anyway, I didn’t tell her I had seen the CD case/cover. Later we were hanging out and I started singing one of the songs, to joke around with her. She grabbed my wrist and did this move where she thrusted her shoulder into my hip. She hoisted me up into the sack-of-potatoes or fireman’s carry (I don’t know the name of it). I don’t know where she learned that move, but she clearly knew what she was doing. What surprised me though was how quickly she straightened her legs to lift me up. I was definitely heavier than she was. While I was up in the air, she asked me if I was going to sing any more songs? I said no, I get your point. With that she let me down and we both had a big laugh. I told her “you know Diane, you just lifted more than your own bodyweight. I must have 30 pounds on you” She said something about having “thunder thighs” but she didn’t say it with much enthusiasm. If I remember, she said when she was younger, they called her thunder thighs. It sounded like she took it as being made fun of. There was another occasion where we were supposed to get together, I was to pick her up at her house. Somehow I got there earlier than expected and she was getting the mail just as I pulled up. She was in a one-piece bathing suit. She had a towel with her. When she noticed my car she quickly covered up as much as she could in the towel. Before she covered up, I did catch a quick glimpse of her thighs. She did have bulging thigh muscles, but they weren’t ridiculous or horrible. Not like manly or anything. They looked really nice. I was starting to get the picture here though; she’s not comfortable with her body. I had no idea why, she was a hottie. I thought her thighs were a great feature. One other time we were hanging out, she snuck up behind me and grabbed me around the waist, then lifted me up and walked around with me up in the air. She had her right hand locked around her left forearm and vice-versa. She held me up there for what was starting to feel like a long time. I tried to pull her arms apart to get loose. She said “go ahead, try to get my arms apart” I said “I can’t, you’re arms are too strong” Then she started closing her arms tighter and tighter, but I had slipped down a little. She arched her back to keep me in the air. As she was closing her arms tighter and tighter, she was also flexing her arms probably as hard as she could. I shouted “Okay, Stop! Stop!” She let me down and said “I’m sorry, was I hurting you?” I said “no, but I don’t think you realize your own strength. You were about to crack my ribs” One last occasion I remember; we were sitting next to each other on a couch. She had made some funny remark, making fun of me for something or another. We often joked around with each other like that. So in response to what she said, I went to lightly punch her thigh. Actually I had been waiting for an opportunity to do that. So, I slowly and lightly punched her thigh, and she had the reflex to flex her thigh before my fist got there. I jokingly acted like it broke my hand. We both were laughing. I punched her thigh another time or two. I said “Damn, you got some serious muscle there” I remember her saying “ya my thighs are huge. I hate them. I wish they weren’t so big and fat” I said “wait a minute, first of all that’s not fat, that’s all solid muscle. Secondly, you’re thighs are nice.” She said “ how do you know, you’ve never seen them, have you?” I admitted to her I took a peek at them that day she was in the bathing suit. I told her “thick thighs are sexy, guys like thick thighs” Then she took my hand and put it on top of her thigh and said “check this out” with my hand on top of her thigh and her hand on top of my hand, she moved my hand right and left. She pressed down on my hand at the same time. Her (relaxed) thigh muscle started to wobble and shake side to side. That was so awesome! Eventually we both got busy in our lives and she ended up moving somewhere. I think she moved to go to college. We didn’t keep in touch……. Now if you’ve read this far, here’s something I’ve noticed; some or maybe most women who are naturally muscular and strong are embarrassed and insecure about it. The funny thing is, I’m willing to bet that it’s a turn on for about 98% of the guys out there. And most of the 2% of the guys who don’t like it are probably insecure that their girlfriend might be stronger than they are. Maybe it threatens their manhood, they think. They don’t know what they’re missing!

BarryMar 08 2014 6:28pm
Diane sounds awesome. I think I'm in love.

AnonymousApr 28 2014 7:14am
lT9ehB Wow, great blog.Much thanks again. Fantastic.

uBpghrcIELeFJul 18 2014 4:40am
sMxYyY I really liked your blog post.Much thanks again. Cool.

xKuGrUypcAug 05 2014 10:03am
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