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How will history judge the United states?

Question: I have always prided myself in living in the greatest democracy the world has ever known. But in the last couple of years, I have been questioning whether we are still that great freeloving nation, and wonder what road we are headed on. So Im wondering 200 years from now, how will history judge us? Will we be perceived as....
Created by: brad36 at 12:29:48 AM, Tuesday, October 25, 2005 PDT


America has always been a fascist state, but they were covert about it. There was never any democracy.Concept of democracy was a gimmik to gain power which you have almost acheived.Soon you will see the wolf behind sheeps clothing. When you see the tanks rolling down your streets and rounding up and murdering your fellow citizens, remember this was america all along....

NigelOct 26 2005 7:10am

Captalism as much as democracy is what the US will be remembered for. I question whether you're even the greatest current democracy but you are the founders of modern democracy (in my opinion, you're currently no where near being the greatest democracy. You're a nation ruled largely by elitists and powerful companies and powerful lobby groups). You also forged a tradition of scientific and medicinal exploration which began in renaissance Europe but which the States took to a new level after your civil war. Generally speaking, I think you're a good country (you make mistakes obviously but overall, your influence is positive). Your economy won't implode because it is inextricably linked to the global economy, so it is in nobody's self-interest to call in your debts and send you into a severe economic depression. That's not to say that you are immune to economic cycles but honestly, China doesn't want you to collapse. Neither does India or Europe or S. America. In the same way we don't want Africa to completely disintegrate or the Mid East to erupt into total instability. You are one great country in a pantheon of great countries and it will be more than 200 years before historians are studying what was the Empire of the United States.

BNov 12 2005 4:54am
Already you have secret concentration camps spread throughout the world where you torture and murder innocent people. This is not new,but very soon millions of americans will populate these camps where they will never return. The USA will be seen as far worse than nazi germany because they have so much power. They will be accountable to no one as the world watches helplessly. In this century the world will see just how evil the USA really is.

AnonymousDec 06 2005 7:12am
(#4) Hey you dumb ASSES, the US is a Republic not a democracy. With guys like you, no wonder the U.S. had such an easy time becoming #1 in such a short period of time. P.S. Keep drinking those beers boys.

Talkingtostuckonstupid (Tue.) 2/13/07Feb 13 2007 1:36pm
They are not mutually exclusive. In fact, a republic requires that it's president be elected which is a democratic process. P.S. Maybe you should consider cutting back on your beers.

AnonymousAug 17 2007 4:03pm
Were did Anonymous above learn to form a sentence? it might be wise for him to go back to school and learn to write or maybe he need to lay of the boozes

AnonymousJun 03 2008 9:54pm
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