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Will women eventually exceed men in average height?

Question: It seems that girls are becoming much taller all the time. So many female athletes are well over six feet in height. This has happened in one generation. What does the future hold?
Created by: jt4888 at 12:34:25 PM, Thursday, December 29, 2005 PST


I have noticed this. When I graduated from High School in the 70's, almost no girls were even 5'10". Now it seems a large percentage are.

JTDec 29 2005 8:37pm

I read that asian women had increased in height about 4 inches in the last generation, and female school children almost 6 inches. It seems most girls are about 2" taller than their mother.

anonymousDec 29 2005 8:41pm
Females will average about 6' tall in a generation or two, with men at about 5'7". We are already seeing this. Women will be taller, stronger, more educated and more confident than males.

MirandaDec 29 2005 8:46pm
Men are taller than women - period

JohnDec 29 2005 8:47pm
Not as much as they use to be. I don't think they will maintain the advantage. This is part of evolution, I think.

TimDec 29 2005 8:49pm
High school girls are awfully big these days. I`m not just talking body mass-- they are taller. I would say they are getting much taller and stronger.

bobDec 30 2005 7:24am
Bob, I agree. Much larger shoulders, but especially upper legs and buttocks. And taller. Are you a teacher or student?

TimDec 30 2005 9:28am
Who asks this poo? Quit feeling so f*cking superior to women because they tend to be smaller than men. If you think size is so important go suck off a WWF wrestler you freaks!

AnonymousDec 30 2005 9:41am
Anon - no one is feeling superior to women here. We are discussing just the opposite. Their increasing size and strength. JT

JTDec 30 2005 9:55am
All college and university volleyball and basketball teams have women from 6'0 to 6'6" on their roster. There are hundreds of these teams. Where did these women come from, how did it happen so quickly. I am amazed.

DustinDec 30 2005 10:13am
It seems women are evolving as the stronger sex.

AnonymousDec 30 2005 11:02am
If size and strength is so important to you then you do in fact feel superior to women because it is undeniable that men are, on average much larger and much stronger than women. Your fantasy is that evolution will somehow find a reason for women to grow larger than men but you must admit that it will not happen in your lifetime if ever. Thus, you feel smugly superior to women. You're a bunch of mysoginistic *ssholes. It's exactly your attitudes that have made women second class citizens, you're just manifesting it differently.

not suffering from giantess fantasiesDec 30 2005 2:51pm
Greater size is not required for women to be superior to males. However, it may become a consequence of cultural and genetic evolution and adaptation. Women seem to be growing a lot. The purpose of this poll seems to be: have others noticed, and if so why is this the case, and will it continue, and to what extent.

AnonymousDec 30 2005 3:17pm
Not only are females getting bigger, but they are working out and getting stronger.

AnonymousDec 30 2005 9:52pm
Yes bigger shoulders, larger upper legs. And as far as height, I`m 5`6 and many of them tower over me t the point they almost scare me. At 38, I can say, it wasnt that way when I was in high school. Yes I am a teacher and a former student lol

BobDec 31 2005 6:45am
I'm 43 and I haven't noticed any appreciable difference in the size of the sexes relative to eachother. Yes, because of better nutrition people in general grow about 5 inches taller today than Europeans did 1,000 years ago but women aren't growing anymore rapidly than men. Anthropological evidence reveals that the sexes have retained their relative sizes to one another since cro magnon times. One difference might be that women tend to maintain slightly better diets than men which may translate into a slightly discernable difference but there is no reason to anticipate them outgrowing men anytime in the next 50,000 years or so. Regarding athletes, perhaps we should be more concerned with the unnatural growth of some NBA players and NFL linebackers before wacking off about a few tall women.

AnonymousDec 31 2005 9:55am
Anonymous, who is wacking off, other than perhaps you over a few linebackers and power forwards. If you go to major college campuses, you will see a lot of 6' tall women. The height of women at the upper extremes has changed quite a bit in a short time. The Y chromosome is weakening, males have a lot of physical problems while women are getting smarter, stronger and more confident. The sperm count has dropped almost 50% in young adult males at maturity in the last 50 years. These are trends, and they are accelerating.

Anonymous IIDec 31 2005 4:38pm
Bob, what age are you talking about that tower over you - 16 to 18? Have you noticed any height difference in the boys? How long have you been teaching - have you seen a change in the last 8 years?

TimDec 31 2005 4:42pm
Bob, what age are you talking about that tower over you - 16 to 18? Have you noticed any height difference in the boys? How long have you been teaching - have you seen a change in the last 8 years?

TimDec 31 2005 4:42pm
My point wasn't really about guys getting off on tall women. It was abnormal growth rates among select athletes are largely attributable to steroids and society should be concerned about it. Not celebrate it. As far as relative size is concerned, I see absolutely no difference in the sexes from now and when I was a kid. There have always been large women and small men. My first dentist was a woman and she was about the same size as Julia Child who was over 6 feet and had to have weighed close to 200 lbs. I noticed in his obituary that Dudley Moore always dated women over 6 feet tall.

AnonymousJan 07 2006 10:38am
incidentally, my girlfriend is 5 foot 10 and I'm 6 feet but that doesn't mean I regard her as undeserving of me or that she should somehow be subserviant to me. If anything, I feel undeserving of her. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with having an attraction to tall women, what's sad is when some people here take it to the extreme of wishing women were bigger than men. It's as if you pity them and you feel superior. You can wish all you want, you are born into your generation and even if women do outgrow men, they aren't going to magically do so in your generation. So what you're doing is sticking yourselves into a sci-fi fantasy flick that you will never have the answer to. It must be frustrating.

AnonymousJan 07 2006 10:44am
Anonymous- you mentioned Dudly Moore dating women over 6ft tall. I`m only 5`3 myself. But I find that I have mainly dated women 5ft7 or over. Taller women tend to think I am "cute" and love my personality, whereas I dont get the same response from women my size or shorter. I wonder if there are other shorter guys with simular experiences.

BrianJan 09 2006 6:46am
Height is not the key, if men are still heavier. A woman can be 4 inches taller, but the man still might be heavier and stronger. So, the question should not be whether women will eventually become bigger and stronger than men? My answer is that it depends n the culture. In our society and other modern european societies, the question is YES. It won`t happen over night, but give it a few hundred years. In less industialized cultures,it will take a little longer, mainly because of less social status and proper nutrition. But the male race has been deliberatly held us down because subconsciously they know we are far superior in every category

ArielMar 19 2006 7:24am
males in the future will have less access to resources including food than Womyn.Womyn will be fatter than males and taller.

Lou RollsJun 06 2006 6:30pm
If I live to ba a thousand it still won't be long enough to see women grow larger than men. For that reason, I don't give a damn.

AnonymousJun 10 2006 11:40am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 11:57pm

#Feb 09 2007 12:43am
Question #4 With 4" Heels for sure.

Whatevery #30, Tue. 2/13/07Feb 13 2007 10:54am
Whatevery, I belive you meet question #3?

jackApr 01 2007 1:00pm
#0032 - (Mon.) 4/2/07

UpdateApr 01 2007 11:20pm
James Tiptree Jr. wrote a story about an alien race where the men were the same size as Earthmen but the Women were eight feet tall. When these Women found Earth, they roamed our parks picking up men for sex, made arrangements with the then aparteid South African government(this story was written in the 60's) to purchase Africans to sell as male slaves back on their homeworld, and kept a harem of male slaves on their ship. The story was called "Mama Come Home". Avram Davidson wrote another story whose name I forget about a race where the Women were normal sized but their males were all three and four feet, and again the males were kept in subordinate sexual slavery to the taller Women. Wife/Mistress is powerfully built but shorter than I am. However, periodically She has lent me to taller, heavier Women for use.

obedient husbandJul 06 2007 8:03pm
With men doing more mental white collar jobs and females doing hard labour,raising kids housework,evolution will make them the taller,stronger and bigger than men,making us the weaker sex. Also,young men will marry old women and we will all be under women,yeah!!!

amazon's slaveApr 02 2008 8:16am
I'm a very small guy and might be a little more than 5 ft tall and think than most women are taller than me. I often see girls over 6 feet which seems very common now.. of cource many of them wear high heels which make them even taller. I definately think we are about to see a change in terms of the stronger sex. Girls grow taller and taller (fact) a lot of them may become stronger as well. I know for sure that there are a lot of taller women out there who are a lot stronger than an average man like I am. Desturbing...

meApr 03 2008 3:03pm
Do you squat when you pee in the woods?

Hillary CApr 09 2008 10:45pm
In my middle school the girls were so much larger and taller then the boys the average height for a girl was 5'8" 9 in middle school for a boy it was 5'3" the average wieght for a girl was 130 for a boy it was 110 and bicep measurment girl- 13.5 boy 10.5 all the girls were much bigger

AnonymousApr 29 2008 5:23pm
Hello i also notice that girls are getting taller. I am not too tall myself, i am 5'6" and 155 lb and came from southern italy here to Delaware, 15 years ago, i am 29 now. My girlfriend is a typical blonde girl, 24 y.o. and Swedish and Irish heritage, and she is 6'2" and 175 pounds. She played volleyball in college and now she is in law school, and i'm just a starving artist... ha ha! I do think girls are getting taller, stronger AND smarter, and in the future females will rule the world and men will be smaller, weaker, and we'll be househusbands... and we'll be happy to be househusbands and take care of our girls!

CarloSep 17 2008 10:03pm
Carlo, will you marry your Swedish Girlfriend, take Her name and accept corporal discipline from Her?

obedient husbandSep 28 2008 4:53pm
Hello obediant husband, I don't know if I will take her name when we get married, we will probably keep each our own names. But if one person does take the other persons name, I will probaly take hers. I don't know what you mean by corporal discipline, if you mean that she will beat me, No! She is stronger than me, but would never take avantage of me like that. I wouldnt want her to hit me, I would be hurt! I will take care of her though, I will stay home, do all the cooking, cleaning and house work and be a househusband while she is being a powerful lawyer!! And she will always drive the car (I don't drive).

CarloOct 22 2008 10:38pm
If She wanted to discipline you occasionally, would you submit?

obedient husbandOct 28 2008 4:46pm
No obedient househusband, I would not really like her to discipline me physically, I would not need it. Maybe I will try to "discpline" her!! ha ha!

CarloNov 30 2008 5:59am
Lets be real. My wife is much bigger and stronger than me. I would not want her corporal discipline me because I could get injured. She has 3 inches and 35 lbs on me, which is alot. lucky for me, she is too sweet to lay her hands on me in that way.

AnonymousDec 30 2008 8:04am
Even today, far fewer than one percent of all women are six feet tall or taller. This is easily verifiable. Perhaps the more accurate figure is a tenth of one percent or maybe even a hundredth of one percent (except in the Scandinavian countries). In the U.S., most charts show that the average woman is 5 foot 4 while the average man is 5 foot 9. In the future, it is possible, perhaps even likely, that the human male will increase in height by three inches and become leaner while the human female will decrease in height by four inches and become huskier which means that, unlike the current height difference of only five inches between the male and the female, the average man will be a whole foot taller than the average woman but the average woman will be much larger, heavier and stronger than the average man. The man, although much taller than the woman, will be relegated to being inferior to her in sheer size, weight and strength. The human female being much larger and stronger than the human male will coincide with many species of various animals in the wild where the female is much larger and stronger than the male and where the male is very often devoured by the female. With evolution being largely unpredictable, perhaps the only function of the man will be to impregnate his much larger, heavier, stronger and, perhaps, increasingly voracious woman -- HOPEFULLY WITHOUT GETTING HIMSELF DEVOURED!!! Because human females will be the larger and stronger of the sexes, they will no longer need the male for the purpose of protection so evolution will simply kick in to adjust which means that just like many species in the animal kingdom where the male is tiny in comparison to the female, the human male, although much taller than the human female, will be tiny in comparison to her. Yes, it is possible, perhaps even likely, especially with the way women continue to work out, that the average woman will be bigger, heavier and stronger than the average man but the average man will always be taller than the average woman. Women will never exceed men in average height.

AnonymousFeb 16 2009 3:08pm
There's a major didadvantage to being tall, you keep bumping your head. NO S***, SHERLOCK!

BumpittybumpMay 08 2009 12:38pm
lol@ tall skinny guy

AnonymousJun 15 2009 2:57am
I believe men will continue to be at least a few inches taller then women but women will surpass men in size, weight and strength. I believe the average man will be taller than the average woman while the average woman will be bigger, heavier and stronger than the average man.

AnonymousAug 18 2009 2:03am
There is a major disadvantage to being short (if you are skinny): You could get stepped on!!!

StepittystepSep 23 2009 2:38am
Hahahaaa! Bupittybump, steppitystep. OUCH!

OUCH!Oct 15 2009 5:53pm
150 years ago the average height for men in Sweden was 5'6. Swedish women today are of the same height, 5'6, the same average height as Thai men of today. The Swedish men today are about 5'10. Dutch men and women seem to be the tallest today. I am 5'7 and a man, in Holland this is average height for young women. I think that women are gaining on us men and that we in the long run will have equal average heights, it will take some generations.

AnonymousSep 07 2010 1:45am
In elementary school girls grow faster taller and stronger but in middle school high school and college boys pass them and countinue growing longer.

RyanJun 05 2011 4:38am
I'm a 40 year old man, I'm only 2'8" (I have some hormone problems) and very scrawny. I am a single father of 3 girls. The oldest is 10, and she's already 6'2". The middle daughter is 6, and she's 5'0". The youngest is 3, and she is 4'2". I am completely at their mercy. If you are in somehow similar situation, e-mail me:

AnonymousAug 23 2011 8:43am
we will be more equal in strength, size, age I am sure, it might take 100-200 years but as far as I know the average height of women is increasing faster than that of men, the same counts for strength and endurance. Men are so far quite a lot bigger then women so I guess that is why it will take some time before we are equal in size. I guess strength could change quicker, so many women work out today and many men seem to get fatter and fatter. I am 55 years old, been going to my gym twice a week the last 25 years so I am in decent shape. 25 years ago there were no women at the gym, 15 years ago women were about 25% today almost 70% are women at the same gym! 15 years ago no woman would lift the get bigger muscles, they all worked out to burn fat and for endurance. Today I would say 50% of the women are working out for max strength, many of them are stronger than me. I am not a big muscular man but like I wrote, in decent shape and probably near average strength for a guy my size. Just a few reflections

harrySep 27 2011 7:38am
men will always be a little inches taller. Fakt

AnonymousFeb 19 2012 5:31am
My wife is 6'1"and weights 83kg and I'm 5'7" and weight 65kg.I'm really scared whether she can over power mem

samMar 13 2012 2:42am
According to a study in the 1950s, women are growing at a rate of about two percent every ten years. I'll do the Math for you. If the average woman is 5'4" present day, than in 50 years the average woman would be 5'11". In 100 years an average woman would be about 6'6"! And in 500 years (drumroll please) the average women would be over 14 feet tall! I doubt women will get to those proportions but still, at this rate we may need to invest in larger doorframes!

Excited about the possibilitiesSep 09 2012 5:30pm
My girlfriend is 6'5" and loves to point out how strong she is compared to me, saying that soon she'll be the standard.

TinySep 29 2012 4:11pm
From the age of 12 to 15, all the boys in my classes barely grew an inch, while the girls entered the prime of puberty. By eighth grade my head was level with their prominent bosoms.

Small ManNov 02 2012 6:30pm
A similar thing happened with my boyfriend in freshman year in high school. He stopped growing, and I grew six inches.

AnonymousNov 16 2012 11:02pm
Am 21yr old guy and am shorter than mom ..she is 6'2" and she wears size 12 shoe vis a vis mine size and my sis are both smaller than 5'9 and she 5' is 6' according to me its opposite ..v r shorter than both of our parents..

AnonymousFeb 23 2013 11:57am
Look people science cannot prove that women will be stronger then men anytime soon because if you open your eyes to the truth science has its flaws because if you believe in evolution then if when will get stronger anyone can strength train and get stronger even a little 5 footer person compared to 6 foot man or women but women taller stronger than a man and heavier and bigger biceps I hate to break it to you feministic people but men and women's genetics are very different the only way a woman's going to be stronger and have bigger muscles is if she takes steroids science and evolution has flaws the bible does not and I am not trying to say that women are not strong or needed in society but they are difinitely the weaker sex women generally are not as wise more easy conned and more easy tricked they are also usually not as strong just look at the facts there is evidence in every day life and its just in a mans genetics do be so that's how god designed it and women usually aren't as smart i am not saying women are dumb but there is facts that men are on average 5% smarter look it up I don't understand why a man would be in need of more info than a woman because a women is supposed to be the husbands help meet so she's the one that takes care of the kids too but also a woman you would think would be smarter because she helps the man out god did not create women so because a man or more correctly because Adam was a mentally challenged guy look up the facts and you will find the truth

KyleMar 12 2013 6:06am
Or not needed I mean men need women and women need men

KyleMar 12 2013 6:11am
Not only are girls getting taller but men are getting shorter, my girl friends and I were out at the weekend and most girls were taller than the guys they were with, even allowing for heels, not only that nowadays girls look so athletic broad shoulders and muscly, while mean look weak and undernourished, I think this is the evolution that scientists predicted would happen is now actually happen, and girls will continue to grow taller and broader and much stronger, where as men are finished as a meaningfully human being, they will be reduced to doing exactly what we girls tell them to do, sorry guys buts its a women's world now you have had your turn and now it's ours so come on girls let us show these poor little men that female power rules

AnonymousMar 15 2013 12:42am
I think it is well known owadays that women are growing taller and stronger, but I did not realise by how much until last night, I play in a women's soccer team under 23s and we were asked by a local men's team to take on their men's team in the same age group under 23s for a charity event, we agreed as it was for a good cause, we weren't expecting to win , but it would good two put our skills against a supposedly stronger physical opposition, as we all sat in the locker room to be called out to the hall, we could hear the men out to the hall as they passed our door they making all sort of smart comments about how easy it is going to be for them, and we should go home in case we got hurt, we all sat in silence feeling a little bit nervous, then we got the call to go out to the hall, we could still hear the men shouting smart comments to us as we came out the locker room, however when we got to the hall and walked out on the pitch the men all went silent, and for both teams it was the first time we had seen each other, it was immediately obvious that the five women on our team were a good bit taller than the five men in their team,but more than that we were a lot more athletic looking, much broader shoulders and way bigger legs, the men looked visibly shocked, anyway the game started and it turned out to be one of our easiest games ever, we won 6 0, it could have been double, anytime the men that'd the ball we just used our size to nudge him off the ball, and start a move ourselves, the men looked like little boys lost, they didn't know what to do, they looked at their coach, and he didn't have a clue either, all over the pitch we were winning the physicals battles, we then decided to have a bit of fun and toy with the men, and let them think they could score, we let one of the men run at our goal and just as he was about to shoot one of our girls stuck our her huge powerful leg and crunched the little man, he was down and stayed down for a while, I decided to have a bit fun myself i had the ball and two of the men came to tackle me I just my superior size and strength to easily hold them off, when the game ended the men looked totally stunned about what happened,i it was really quite an eye opener to realise that us females are evolving so fast getting much taller and stronger than the men

SusanMar 15 2013 4:43am
Well done to Susan and the rest of the girls, we are hearing more and more stories about women not just competing with men but actually beating them, tell me Susan how did u feel when you realised you could beat these men and was there any thing that happened that made you feel good about yourself

KarenMar 16 2013 1:01pm
maybe this was just one sample but where I work (120ish people) the women averaged a height of 5'11 while the men averaged 5'10

Presenting random evidenceMar 17 2013 12:27am
Thanks for your comments karen yeah it felt good to beat the men so convincingly there were a few incidents that stood out for me but my favorite one was when we were nearly half way through the match and the girls were winning yeasily 3.0, it. seemed that we could score a goal whenever we wanted but the men never looked like scoring at all because anytime they got the ball we just took it back off them in fact they only had as mcof it as we allowed them they were getting frustrated they were arguing amongst themselves we were loving it anyway the match was stopped to allow yet another man to be treay

susanMar 19 2013 3:29pm
Sorry pressed send by mistake that last bit should have read toaallow yet another man to be treated for an injury after being tackled by one the girls we thought it was ironic that before the game the men were saying to us that maybe we shouldn't play against them in case we got hurt but in actual fact it's the men that are getting hurt once the restarted a man came at with the ball I went to tackle him but I slipped and fell on my back he smiled down at me made smart ads comment and ran to try and have a shot at goal or so he thought I got back to my feet

susanMar 20 2013 3:48am
Sorry boss came I got to my feet instantly AMD with a couple of strides of my long legs I easily caught him up I waited until he was about to take his shot at goal I blocked him I clampedy foot at the ball and despite him using all his strength the ball did not move one inch my leg easily absorbed all his power and sent his leg back he lost his balance and fell to the ground I looked down at him and smiled at him the look on his little face was one of utter disbelief of what had just happened I felt awarm feeling I'm stomach

susanMar 20 2013 5:01am
i just loved reading this i can only imagine the look of sheer terror on those guys faces as the girls walkedin to the hall brilliant

courtneyJul 19 2013 3:20pm
I am jantel one of the girls that played in this game against the men, and yes the look on their faces was priceless when we walked out to the pitch, I remember just as the game started we were a little apprehensive as we had never played against men before, the men must have sensed and they stated to get the upper hand a little of c*ckyness was returning to them and they trash talking us again, we decided that we should put a stop to it right now , the next time one the men had the ball our captain Susan would go towards him to tackle and the rest of us courtney, shelbi, candice and myself would each pick a man and effectively mark him he couldn't receive a pass from the man who had the ball, which would mean the man with the ball had no where to go with Susan coming to tackle him, we each picked our men all we needed to do was just stand in front of them and stop them from moving with our bulk and size we managed this quite easily despite the men struggling to escape, however the man I was marking did manage to get away from me and immediately shouted for the ball, as quick as a flash I was on to him I grabbed him by the shoulders and hauled him right back behind me, however I didn't realise my own strength and grabbed and hauled that hard that I lifted him clean off the ground, as I dumped him down behind me I could see he was a little shaken, so I decided to give the girls a laugh, I put my meanest face stared way down right into his eyes and said try that again and your are in big trouble do you understand,and to my astonishment and delight he slowly nodded, he was one of the men was the loudest with his comments about how superior men were and how the girls would all be running scared, and one I had him doing exactly what I tell him and nodding to me like my little pet, lol it was just fantastic

JantelJul 22 2013 4:24am
Wow I have read this several times now and I find this really amazing, what would really be good would be if one of the men's team gave us his account of what happened so we have it from a male perspective

JohnJul 27 2013 11:29pm
Brilliant, this kind of thing is getting more common nowadays as women just keep getting bigger and stronger

EmilyAug 11 2013 10:41am
29TqkO Enjoyed every bit of your article post. Really Great.

GqgsKTaXAoJqbYcGvSep 06 2013 7:58pm
gMylDl I loved your article.Much thanks again. Will read on...

xKvKzTVPfobwkYaIMoeSep 11 2013 5:13pm
Environmental seeding by female scientists through the "vaccination process" is slowly retarding the size of each successive male generation. In 100 years we will be half the size of females and treated like their children or even reduced to pets by our female owners.

Dr. Catherine CyclopsSep 16 2013 6:38am
Tallest person in our school is a girl 6.7 feet tall. I am a 6.0 guy and about 1/5 girls is tall as I am or taller and the rest is shorter. Highschool student.

AnonymousSep 23 2013 3:19pm
BnYKkS Very good blog post.Really thank you! Really Great.

CNVIwxErDnSep 24 2013 5:32pm
So, if you all are correct, what does this mean for the military, police force, fire department, and sports? Will they be female dominated? If they become bigger and stronger than us, than are we going to be the victims in a lot of cases? Are most cops going to be women?

Robert Sep 26 2013 1:51am
The whole world will be female dominated. They will be the owners - males will be the owned.

HeidiSep 26 2013 9:18pm
What uneducated fantasy morons do we have here on this forum!!!!!!

AnonymousSep 29 2013 3:07pm
Anonymous - Perhaps you should look in the mirror. Name calling is the last resort of a weak mind!

HeidiSep 30 2013 11:29pm
@Heidi will it be a safer world if females end up dominating?

Robert Oct 06 2013 11:53am
I have noticed that the women are towering over men today it seems like men are shorter and women are getting tallerI wonder if its gods way of protecting women from all the horrible things that men are doing to them such as raping human trafficking beating them maybe now women will have a better chance at the defending themselves God always works in mysterious ways

lisaOct 13 2013 8:53am
Jantel,I don't believe you ,there is no waay a women's football team can beat a man's team like you said .

fishnetmanOct 14 2013 4:19pm
cMQ6BR I am so grateful for your blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

UWnmEcpqDGLSvAOct 15 2013 3:56pm
PTLXgG Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Thanks Again. Great.

PSqCeithcOct 15 2013 4:42pm
The larger women grow and the more men shrink, the safer the world will be - for women. Imagine a far future world where all males were say four feet tall and the women were eight feet tall. Men could be so easily controlled. Imagine the humiliation of a male being put over a woman's knee for some bare ass public punishment - reduced to the size of a child - unable to fight back.

HeidiOct 17 2013 11:40pm
In reply to fishnetman, of course this really happened just like I described it, I also remember after I did my strong woman act on that little man, I say little he was about 5 ft 9 and 150 lbs, might not seem little to you but as I am 6ft 5 and 250 lbs he was very little to me, all the men stopped their trash talking instantly, I wander why lol, and talking to other girls this sort of thing is becoming more and more common, as girls continue to grow taller and bigger than ever, in fact one of the worlds top sports coaches has said women are not just getting bigger they are also getting better, men have hit their peak, but women are only getting started, be afraid boys, be very afraid.

JantelOct 21 2013 11:38pm
M0P8hf Awesome blog. Keep writing.

cMNiUoHIBliwOct 23 2013 8:27am

fishnetmanOct 23 2013 8:35pm
men are getting so short and weedy these days

laurenOct 30 2013 4:29pm
bEcBzX wow, awesome article.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

nnQvUOJNMUkXxDcxOct 31 2013 12:21pm
I am a guy in his twenties and in my group of 10 close friends half the guys are dating girls who are taller and larger than them, it's just the way it's getting these days

SeanNov 01 2013 12:31am
4UXyeL wow, awesome post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

IsbHFnSOHdrPRflxiGNov 17 2013 12:27pm
Women will never beat men at soccer, susan and jantel are only dreaming.

MarcusDec 03 2013 5:26am
Marcus Marcus, wake up its 2013 not 1913, women nowadays are growing much taller much bigger and much stronger than they ever did, and more and more men are discovering this the hard way

KellyDec 15 2013 5:36am
lG6V08 Im thankful for the blog post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

jljJacobMmnsnHCvQRDec 15 2013 9:23am
In my school, the tallest girl is 6'4, then there's a really hot girl who's 6'3 and one who's hot and 6'2, there are a lot of girs in my school who are above 5'9 but a lot of guys in my school who are 6' plus. The tallest kid in my school is 6'8, girls are getting taller, but not as tall as guys. I'm 5'7.5, my cousin is 13 and I'm 18. She's taller than me at 5'10

AnonymousDec 24 2013 10:11pm
Kelly, women may become bigger and taller, but not bigger and taller as men. They will also never be stronger then men, even as they go more to the gym. Why must men do all the heavy work? Thats another fakt that men are and will always the stronger sex.

MarcusDec 28 2013 8:00am
Nobody believe that women will exceed men in average height. Men was and will always be a little bit taller than women. Why should it be changing now? Men = strong and tall, women = short and weak. This is the way of life.

AnonymousJan 02 2014 6:18am
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CBOFxYKePYjoJan 15 2014 3:25pm
I wonder if we will see more women in the nfl or all female navy seal teams?

Robert Jan 24 2014 3:10am
I am a 23 year old girl, and my friends and I were just talking about this the other day, about half of my group of friends have boyfriends shorter and smaller build than them, men are getting so weedy nowadays and girls are getting much bigger and taller all the time

ChelseaJan 28 2014 2:09am
My girlfriend was always taller than me growing up next door to each other. We were really good friends all of our childhood. She came from a very tall family and I came from a very short family. Unfortunately, I was beyond the runt of the family. She eventually became the tallest and one of the most powerful strength wise siblings out of her entire family and she was the youngest. She was always when we were much younger about 5-6 inches taller than me. But when puberty kicked in for her in went in massive waves, but her proportions and body development always kicked in with her major growth spurts as well. Before I knew it she went from 5-6 inches taller than me and not terribly well developed to where the top of my head was well below her shoulders and steadily sinking! She didn't pick on me for my size as she knew it bothered me a lot being so short, but she did assert a more in charge role between us and we both knew size wise and strength wise she could easily kick my butt! She would every so often show off to be my picking me up with one arm. She told me not in a mean way, but almost to show her power that I was getting to look so little to her and that as she grew it was nothing for her to lift me completely up in the air with one of her arms without even breaking a sweat or flinching. Even though she was so much taller and stronger than me we became such good friends and we grew closer and closer. She always had huge muscle high school older jock guys hitting on her and she went out on some dates with them, but she would always come home calling me or texting me telling me how awful they were and then end the conversation of how much better a guy I was compared to them. She would kid every so often saying what would people think of us and our extreme size differences if we were a couple? We both sort of would laugh it off, but one time she came back after a sort of chuckle and there was a moment of silence and asked me point blank would I ever consider having a girlfriend that was much taller and bigger than I was? It sort of clicked with me after a brief moment of being stupid that she was really talking about me! I then sort of stuttered my words a bit in nervousness and told her that if I liked her enough a girl's height and size had nothing to do with if I would date or be with her. She then followed up with, "what if they got even taller….and stronger?" I was sort of floored when she said the getting taller part as I knew she was talking about her! I couldn't imagine her being even taller, but I secretly loved her just the same and I actually grew fond of her being so much taller and bigger than me that I loved it! I told her that if some one really wants to be with some one badly enough that height shouldn't get in the way.

tall girls ruleFeb 13 2014 10:36pm
I thought I would share this with you, I work as a basketball coach and train both boys and girls, over the last few years I have noticed a big difference in the girls that are joining up they are getting taller and bigger each year, where as the boys have had no change

RuthFeb 20 2014 3:36am
Personally think they will end up the bigger of the sexes but all depends on how compare my girlfriend 6.3 while I'm not short but am little compared to her at 5.8 and a good 20 pounds lighter but she the only girl I know who's bigger than me

Short guy Feb 23 2014 8:55am
At first I was skeptical that this change was possible. Then I read that DNA could be changed by words and frequencies And now with women beginning to dominate in so many things we men are losing our confidence and self esteem in relation to women. I wonder if this is having an effect on the changes? Like is women believing in themselves one factor causing them to grow bigger and stronger while the opposite is happening to men?

JakeFeb 24 2014 5:16pm
5YnofX I truly appreciate this article post.Much thanks again. Will read on...

IIrzOmMinbhiFeb 28 2014 4:24am
But if you have an all female military or police force is crime going to escalate? All male drug dealers aren't going to be afraid of women coming to BUST them!

Robert Feb 28 2014 10:30am
My friend and I were out at weekend and we were amazed at the number of tall girls we encountered, we are average height guys , but we were dwarfed by some of these amazons, wtf

RodMar 17 2014 12:41am
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most woman are taller than males

annoymousApr 12 2014 11:45pm
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gLKOecwbCuJul 18 2014 11:46pm
I definately think women will become bigger, taller and eventually also stronger than men. The strength part will also be affected of how many of them lift weights and now that weight lifting (almost like bodybuilding) has become a trend among women, it's no longer uncommon to see very muscular women, way stronger than the average man. I am smaller and lighter than the average woman but did not realize that I was physically weaker too untill I saw how easily most of them pick up heavy Things. I think that women are mentally much stronger than men in general and smarter, so if/when they physically outgrow men, we will be more submissive and the women will be the protectors.

Mark BoyAug 03 2014 6:00am
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xXwHWGOxuCxdNpKQQMAug 05 2014 11:41pm
There was a school In Eastern Europe that train ed the boys and girls basketball team exactly the same way, in physical activity and diet and nutrition, by the time both teams had reached adult height most of the women were taller and stronger than all the men, some by quite a bit

AnonymousAug 12 2014 6:51am
Has anyone here ever considered that the huge growth in woman the past few decades is not normal? There is growing evidence that Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the cause for much of this. It is a chemical that is in the plastic lining of many foods and it's even been in baby bottles for many years. It's chemical properties mimic Estrogen, so your body confuses it for real Estrogen. So many girls are growing up with an overload of estrogen, while boys are getting it as well which is decreasing Testosterone. This would explain how males are slowing down in growth while females are accelerating. While this sounds cute, it is already being linked to big increases in breast cancer for women and testicular cancer in men. This is because both sexes are only designed to handle certain natural amounts of estrogen and testosterone. It may seem like a female fantasy to get "even" with men but woman are meant to be smaller than men and serve the role as a caretaker. Men were designed to be stronger and provide love and protection. If the women became bigger and stronger then the men, then men would become worthless to women except for providing sperm for the baby. Which is another problem because BPA is also linked to a decrease in fertilization among many other problems. So in the end our bodies will not allow these kinds of changes to happen without severe consequence. Read up on this topic as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), to see how this is impacting health as well.

JeremySep 25 2014 3:06pm
On the contrary, Jeremy, the human sex hormone oestrogen increases the rate at which the growth plates in bone fuse, thereby stunting vertical growth by a large margin. This is why, with a little help from healthy boosts of testosterone and HGH, human growth hormone at the right times, the males are generally able to grow bigger and stronger as a result. Though the amount of oestrogen present in today's diet is increasing their body mass to a /small/ extent. Our diet also promotes the release of more testosterone in men who eat properly, so it's not all one sided. Also... and this is primary school biology here, people of the internet. If you breed tall things, you will almost certainly get tall things. Women aren't the only ones growing taller, men are too. As a 6'5 man, I can tell you quite easily that I and several of my generation are a head taller than most of the women considered tall these days. With these points in mind, this forum seems to be little more than someone's fetish/fantasy gone awry and others have followed, being convinced by crackpot theories out in the vastness of the internet rather than actually researching the topic. I hope this gives all of you who seem to fear women being taller and stronger than men some peace of mind. Men have always been the taller and physically stronger sex, and that's the way it looks to stay.

Anonymous who studies biology.Oct 17 2014 4:40pm
Anonymous, where was this school in Eastern Europe- do you have any reference for this? Thanks.

steveOct 18 2014 5:20am
Imagine the possibilities . . .

AnonymousOct 22 2014 1:10pm
Lol listen to all you phags...... Guys are getting taller and stronger as well i dont know what poverty country you guys are living in hahahaha 6'5 270lbs Master Race

1v1 me Oct 27 2014 5:11pm
Internati press reports that men are the same height they have been for decades, women however keep getting bigger and taller all the time, were coming for you guys, beware, lol

RachelNov 01 2014 2:51am

AnonymousNov 30 2014 8:16pm
Certainly, steve. Here's an article I read during my studies. Also, I'm studying in the U.S, not Eastern Europe.

Anonymous who studies biology.Dec 03 2014 3:37pm
I followed the link and the article is about rabbits, saying that exposure to oestrogen hinders growth. Interesting. Do you perhaps have the one about basketball too? Thanks.

SteveDec 07 2014 8:59am
I saw a really tall girl at the chiropractors office I go to yesterday. Compared to the men there she was a giant. She had to have been atleast 6'4" she also was very large. She walked over to a corner in the room passing one of the men and if she didnt see him she could have easily crushed him. I love them tall girls. We can ride them hard. Lol

Da Boy who loves tall womenDec 16 2014 6:54am
Dont be too smug ladies. Whether you think you will eventually grow bigger than men, men can fight back and gain control over you again. So dont say be veey afraid bc genetics men will ALWAYS be bigger.

anonDec 16 2014 2:30pm
I'm a 5'9 inch stockily built man,and I see a hell of a lot of tall girls/women around where I live these days (South London England).Only yesterday in a period of less than 1 hour while walking the streets,I counted at least eight females that were over 6'3 inches tall without heels.I know this because my best buddy is 6'3 inches tall.Than to my surprise I counted another ten woman that were at least 5'11/6'1 inches tall(some with 2.5 inche standard sized heels)and mostly the others wearing trainers.But the most unbelievable part of it was when I counted the large amount of woman who were 5'7/5'9 inches tall without heels.While I passed my local gym,I also noticed this rather broad shouldered 5'11 inch woman walking towards me with her average sized male friend.Also my 5'5 inch girl friend's best friend's 14 year old daughter is 6 feet tall and still growing,(her irish father is 5'8 inches tall).I can honestly say to you that there are much more tall females around when compared to the past few decades.I think there must be something in the drinking water or some other unknown facter that is making these females much taller than before.

OzDec 17 2014 1:52pm
BuWnbp Right now it sounds like Wordpress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you are using on your blog?

tGaBHBTpAunfqbOLrDec 20 2014 4:52pm
I agree with Oz. Ive seen some very tall girls myself as of late. Its like theyre coming out of the woodwork. Its like evolution is playing a trick on men. I for one am very frightened for mens future. Who will be taller? Who will be stronger? Will women hunt and men be the hunted?

JoeDec 21 2014 10:13am
Joe,good point.Because of the higher birth rate of female to male and the low sperm count of the male population, there is a very strong possibility that females will be the hunters of men.Yes there are still tall men about.But what is surprisng is that women are fast catching up and overtaking the "average" sized man because of the greater birth rate of the female population.What that means is families in the industrialized countries prefer having daugthers instead of sons.Because the female friendly education/jobs market and laws that have been created by governments that favour the female in place of the male.The male population is slowly shrinking in numbers which will lead to the greater possibility of less taller males and therefore its replacment by the much more populous and taller female.One more thing.In the past five years in britain there has been a huge explosion in women wanting to do weight lifting and going to the gym.I hope this answers your concerns.

OzDec 22 2014 2:50pm
I have also noticed a big increase in the number of tall and large females , recently we were at an engagement party where one of my friends sons had got engaged, it was quite a small affair the couple had invited about 10 of there friends each, the men were in their late twenties and the girls in their early twenties, what was noticeable as soon as we walked into the hall was that all but one of the girls was taller than all then the men, some by a huge amount, we thought at first that the girls must be wearing monster heels or something ,but no they were wearing flats or very small heels, but what was really interesting was how the men's behaviour changed when they were around the girls, when the men were in groups of just men they were loud, confident, macho, trying to be the alpha male, but when the girls came over to them, they became quiet, lost confidence, subdued, and even submissive, but the girls were the opposite, when they engaged the men they became louder, much more confident, in control and totally dominant

SarahDec 25 2014 7:01pm
That's right ladies. Stand up and be Proud of your Height and Great Strength, because soon you will be bigger than men, and be able to over power them once and for all! You can crush them like flies..

Female Power ForceDec 27 2014 1:05pm
I'm 5'10".My wife is an inch shorter than me at 5'9".But my two teenage daughters are 6'2 and 6'3. My 6'3 daughter has a boyfriend who is 5'11.She says he reminds her of me because she likes little men.My 6'2" daughter is plus size and could be very intimidating when she is angry. She grabbed my arms from behind once and forced me down to my knees.I was really shocked by how strong and quick she was! But I pretended to laugh it off as a father daughter thing. Most of their girlfriends are also rather tall.One of them is taller than my 6'3" daughter at 6'5" and another is 6'1" and 5'11" aswell as 5'8".Where are these average girls out there? All I can say is that,I'm glad I have such daughters whom I can look up too.

AnonymousDec 27 2014 8:43pm
Women are getting bigger. Men staying the same. Hmm I wonder what life will be like in 10years? Wonder if men will stop asking the tall women if they play basketball as the women being bigger will just be the new norm. I for one live my fellow women getting much bigger. Im 6'10" myself. Im very big and not too many men are taller than me.

Female Power ForceDec 29 2014 8:04am
To female powers source, you say women should stand tall and be proud of their height and strength, well the girls I told mentioned in my earlier post did just that, I said that the men's behaviour changed when they realised that the girls were so much bigger than them, and the girls behaviour changed when they realised this too, but also their body language changed massively, I study human behaviour and posture, the men when they stood next to the girls stood with drooped shoulders, and head slightly bowed a classic submissive stance, whilst when the girls were standing next to the men they stood tall and proud, they seemed to grow an extra inch as they really stretched their bodies upwards, a very very dominant stance, the other obvious thing was the girls shoulders and backs were big and broad, with big arms too, the men just looked, well, puny.

SarahDec 29 2014 5:58pm
Today I've done a small over three hour survey around the town centre I live in.And this was the result.I am 5'9" tall male without heels. I counted and noted: Girls/Women Tall 43 wearing trainers & 2" heels 5'10-6ft 25 wearing trainers & 2" heels 6'-6'1" 21 wearing trainers & 2" heels 6'2-6'3" 11 wearing train/2"heels 6'4"-6'5" 13 wearing flats only 6'5" and above. The above heights starts from minimum without heels. This was done in over three hours in a large town centre.Please note,I counted 32 men with heights of 6'3"-6'5".The rest were "average" height followed by much shorter men.The tallest persons I saw in the town centre were two women well above 6'6" dwarfing the men over there by a considerable margin.These two women could have been related. Sarah,now I know for sure what the real meaning of the word "puny" means.And by the way,how tall are you Sarah?

OzDec 30 2014 11:48am
I will continue with another new servey in a different part of town and keep everyone posted.

OzDec 30 2014 11:59am
To oz, my height is 5 ft 5, which I used to consider myself tallish, but now with huge girls around now I am short for sure, I am sure the average man in getting close to my hetght.

SarahDec 30 2014 6:56pm
Thanks Sarah.You are right,I've noticed a lot of shorter men than myself 5'9".Where I live there are a lot of Polish people, and I've noticed that the women are taller than most of their men.I don't know why this is.Most of the men are between 5'4" and 5'9" and most of the women are 5'6" to 6 ft plus (without heels). My friends wife is Polish and is 5'11" and he is 5'9".As I said in my earlier post that because of the higher birth rate of females in the Western world the chances of taller women than men is getting much more higher.Only today I noticed dozens of big girls/women above 5'9"(without heels).They mostly wear pumps or sports shoes as if to show their true height for everyone to see.The chances of the average man shrinking in the near future is very strong indeed.

OzDec 31 2014 8:29pm
I am a 6'6" woman. I am big and I am strong. I have a husband who is 5'6". I like to toy with him. I can pick him up and dry-hump him mid air to show him who's boss. I also like to wrestle with him. He thinks he is so tough at times since he is a man, even though clearly I am a foot taller than him. We wrestle and I can get him to submit almost immediately. I love my Great Height and Power. Women Rule

Tall and DominatingJan 01 2015 8:08am
women are getting taller and stronger but men are getting smarter

AnonymousJan 06 2015 3:02pm
Ill make sure how much smarter he is next time we wrestle and he submits

Tall and DominatingJan 06 2015 6:18pm
As you can see many women such as myself bc of our Great Strength and Height we tend to become very dominant bc we know that men can't take us on. So i dont believe that men being smarter would do much good. LOL

Tall and DominatingJan 08 2015 4:03pm
To tall and dominating, I have noticed that many girls and women are not only getting much bigger, there hands are getting huge too, do you have huge hands

AnonymousJan 08 2015 7:17pm
To anonymous. Yes yes I do have Huge Hands.

Tall and DominatingJan 09 2015 7:15am
I get the distinct impression that most of you are only speaking from experience. I travel Europe a lot, especially the more central countries and England, and the men of these countries are huge while the women, comparatively, are short, sometimes there's a 10" difference between them. I can't say that I see many of these women that are taller than the men of these countries. Even as a 5'10 lady, I felt dwarfed by almost all of them. Kinda scary, but they're so nice and polite, like gentle giants. =) I have to agree with Anonymous who Studies Biology. Males will almost certainly always be the taller gender through their biology, all the way down to their X and Ys. Also, I can't say that I've heard of anything in the water making women bigger. If that were true, I'd be huge since I drink water from the tap all the time. In addition, why would 'these people' want to only make women bigger and taller?

EnlightenedSerbianJan 09 2015 6:40pm
I can Guarantee I am taller than those men you see. I am HUGE. I am 6'11". Yes that is correct. People stand are in amazement. Im not no oger either. I am beautiful.

Tall HorseJan 10 2015 4:44pm
I wander what the future holds for men, I am male 5ft 5 inch and 133lbs, which nowadays in my experience is becoming normal for men nowadays, but girls are getting huge, it's as if we are seeing a complete physical turnaround of the sexes

MickJan 10 2015 6:55pm
Aw how cute. 5'5". You would come up to my waist. I'd squash you in the bedroom. LOL. But I guess that will become the norm? Women WILL dominate men in the bed. Please dont crush your man, too bad. LOL

Tall HorseJan 11 2015 6:36am
To Tall Horse, I would come only up to your waist, GULP...............YIKES.......... What's making you girls get so dam big

MickJan 11 2015 9:16am
Just look at countries like Japan and South Korea where the women are becoming taller and much larger than some of the supposed taller and larger men.When I was in Japan I saw a number of women that reached nearly 6 feet and above with high heels.The Japanese women have caught up and will be the same size as the average Japanese man in the next 15 years.Japanese scientists have claimed that there is something in the plastics and food stuffs that contains artificial female growth hormons that favors the female to grow bigger and stunts the male development process.Bare in mind that females carry larger amounts of growth hormons than males naturally and the artificial growth hormon is flooding their system during puberty.It's becoming very common to see Japanese women above 5 feet 8 inches and above with large thighs and breasts.Truly stunning!

JimJan 11 2015 7:36pm
To Jim, how about a 6'11" woman? What does that do to you, if a 5'8" is truly stunning?

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 6:18am
To Mick, I agree with Jim. It might be from the food that makes us women grow to EXTREME heights.. And, yes baby I am 6'11", how would you like to rumble with me in the bedroom? LOL

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 6:19am
To tall horse, me rumble with you in the bedroom, lol, it might be a bit one sided, lol,what is your weight tall horse.

MickJan 12 2015 8:37am
To Mick, ya sure why not rumble with me in the bedroom? Are you afraid of an extremely tall female? And, i am 250lbs.

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 9:31am
I 150 cm and about 35 kg, 28 years

MarkJan 12 2015 11:58am
As u see i am very small man, and i never see 10 years girls smaller than me. My friend's daughter 18 years old she 75 kg more than me with 40 kg i reach under her tits, she lift me with one hand as nothing.

MarkJan 12 2015 12:22pm
To Mark, aww that's sad. Your only 4'11". I'd ride you so hard that your back would break, physically.

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 12:24pm
My thighs 13 inches each, amd my arm 6 inches each my waist is 18 inch. She has 29 inch thigh each so pne thigh bigger than my waist, her arm 15 inchs wichs bigger than thigh.

MarkJan 12 2015 12:25pm
What about u tall horse,

MarkJan 12 2015 12:27pm
Thighs 48in each. Arms 36in each. By the time I got done with you, you would be questioning if you were a guy.

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 12:36pm
I dont understand u, i am man And OMG your arm bigger than my body

MarkJan 12 2015 12:40pm
To Mark, once you saw me and i rode you or possibly wrestled you, you would be questioning whether or not you were a man. Bc I a woman would crush you. Would you like to take me on? Im over 2ft taller than you and obviously stronger than you.

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 12:42pm
I love to wtestle with bog women bbw, love when they lift me put one tits on me and really one tits will be very heavy on me. I imagin if i wrestle with you

MarkJan 12 2015 12:47pm
And by the way i never f*ck any women necause my dick very very small and thin, every time i sleep with any woman , when enter my excited dick, they say come on enter it, they didnt feel it

MarkJan 12 2015 12:50pm
Lol. Ya you probably wouldn't want to wrestle me. I am very powerful and i am very tall, i could sweep you right off your feet. And sex? Ya, i wouldn't feel a thing, but you sure would. Lol

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 12:54pm
I like to be humlited by big woman, i think i reach under your hips. Is your tits big ?.What u will donig if i came on u after u make me feel pleasure ?

MarkJan 12 2015 12:59pm
Yes i have d cups. I will be laughing in excitement.

Tall HorseJan 12 2015 1:01pm
But i dont thnk that. Can make u excited, Wow ur one tits bgger than my head

MarkJan 12 2015 1:05pm
Pls give me right comparsion, where i can reach if i stand beside u

MarkJan 12 2015 1:08pm
Tall Horse,at 6 feet 11 inches you will easily overcome me with your feminine powers.Women are powerful anyway,but with added height they become superhuman.Are you Dutch by any chance?

JimJan 12 2015 7:09pm
Hi Jim, Good to Know. And, no. I am Russian.

Tall HorseJan 13 2015 6:17am
Can we see ur pic, tall horse

MarkJan 13 2015 6:19am
Tall horse, you must be a very strong girl, have you ever surprised a man by your power

MickJan 13 2015 8:02am
To Mick, Yes I Am a Very Strong Girl. And, yes i Always Surprise Men with my Strength. I leave them in shock with their jaws dropped

Tall HorseJan 13 2015 10:47am
To tall horse, have you ever lifted a man over head, and if so what is the biggest one you have lifted overhead

MickJan 13 2015 12:29pm
Hello Mick, yes i have lifted plenty men above my head. Biggest I have sucessfully lifted above my head was 6'4" 230lbs. I added a dry hump on him on his way back down. To prove a dominance thing. Lol

Tall HorseJan 13 2015 1:35pm
Tall horse, why you ignore my comments and not reply on me

MarkJan 13 2015 3:07pm
You make me angry

MarkJan 13 2015 3:07pm
To Mark, im not posting a picture online. I dont know you. You will just have to fantisize.

Tall HorseJan 13 2015 3:38pm
Ok that ok, really i want to compare my body naked with you, did you ever see small man like me 35 kg and and 1.50 m, i cant imagin where i will reach beside u

MarkJan 13 2015 3:52pm

Tall HorseJan 13 2015 5:29pm
Hi tall horse, W0W you lifted a 230 lbs 6ft 4 man above your head, are you super girl lol, what can u do with a more normal size man like me at 5ft 5 and 133lbs

MickJan 13 2015 7:06pm
Are you can lift me with one hand? I am 77.161 pounds

MarkJan 14 2015 3:12am
Sorry i ask Tall horse

MarkJan 14 2015 3:12am
To Mick, Lol your too cute. No Im not super girl, im just 250lbs of Pure Solid Muscle. And, Mick Id be able to lift you above my head with with one hand tied behind my back. In addition, if i dry humped you, you would be in tears of pain.

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 12:09pm
Hi Mark, how are you? I would be able todo alot with you since you are only 77lbs, you would be in trouble. Lol

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 12:10pm
Hi tall horse, wow i think i reach under your hip, so my dich will reach to under your knee, so if i want to f*ck you, you will lift me with one hand from my ass and move me front and back in your pussy

MarkJan 14 2015 12:24pm
Tell me , give me some examples what you can doing with me, and by the way what is your age?

MarkJan 14 2015 12:42pm
Mark, you do mean I f**k you right? I mean your just a little man and I am Great and Powerful. I don't think you are that tiny i think you would be taller than behind my knee. In addition, if I wanted to F**k you, your dick would probably fall off. You are a tiny man, Lol. I am a BIG WOMAN. I love it. What man is taller than me? Come face me on here. I will take you on. Lol

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 12:44pm
I am 4 ft '1 i think my head will reach to your hip, so my peni or dick will reach to your knee, what you mean by my dick fall off

MarkJan 14 2015 12:48pm
Oh i got you know. Im 6ft11 your 4ft1. Do the math. If i were to put all my force into dry humping your dick, it would literally fall off.

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 1:12pm
Then you taller than me by 90 cm or 2 ft' 9. So really i reach to under you hip. What is your hip measure and what is your age

MarkJan 14 2015 1:18pm
My shoulder about 28 inches, what yours

MarkJan 14 2015 1:20pm
I am 21yrs old

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 1:35pm
Wow i older than you by 7 years, but my body look like 4 years boy beside you, what is your hip size or ass size?

MarkJan 14 2015 1:41pm
Hi Mark, yes I am HUGE. But i am very glad. I love being taller than men. They think they are so high and mighty until they meet me. Then they get scared and very intimitated. They didn't think a woman could be so tall or strong. Its really quite amusing. I sometimes like to add some flavor and ask them if they would like to wrestle. They look at me and run the other way, as if they were scared for their lives. Good! I habe yet to meet a man that would wrestle me and win. Lol. I'm like a dog playing with her chew toy, dangling them and throwing them around like they are weightless. Lol My ass size Mark? Take your best guess! Hints: I am 250lbs solid and 6ft11 Sincerely Yours

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 5:38pm
Where did you go Mick? Are you scared of me? I'm only 6ft11 and 250lbs of Solid. O I'm sorry, that's right your only 5'5" 133lbs. How's the weather down there?

Tall HorseJan 14 2015 5:42pm
Hi tall horse, I am here, hiding from you, I am speechless after reading how strong you are are, more and more men are becoming my size, and more and more females are getting big like you, ..what is happening, help, lol

MickJan 14 2015 7:12pm
My ass size as i told u 28 inches, yours i think 50 inches, is i am right or it mre tell me ?

MarkJan 14 2015 8:33pm
You hevier thatn me by 173 lbs, you hevier by 3 and half my weight, you are like a Mountain and i am as a Insect, you can lift me any way, you can f*ck me any way you want , please tell me what is your ass size is 50 inches or more?

MarkJan 15 2015 3:29am
I dream if we take with each other a path naked, you lift me and clean me and i lift you and lift your hugr tits and clean you

MarkJan 15 2015 3:30am
Hiya Mick, yes yes that is very true! I don't feel I should help men. I instead like to Dominate men and show them really who is boss. I love my Great Height and Strength. Men get Huge Erections when they see me, and I mean who shouldn't? I am more than likely atleast 3-6inches taller than the men.

Tall HorseJan 15 2015 6:23am
Lol, Hi again Mark! That's cute you like to fantisize about us together. I am close to 50inch ass size. You would be amazed if you ever saw me. No, I'm afraid you would not be able to lift one of my tits. And, like I've said before I would Crush You if I were to F**k you, sorry. I am just TOO BIG For U.

Tall HorseJan 15 2015 6:26am
To Mark, You must be atleast 6'4" to ride this horse, or you could have the possibility of being crushed, if I were to F**k you. I'm simply TOO BIG for MOST Men. LOLOLOLOL

Tall HorseJan 15 2015 6:27am
Wow, yes my hand is very small, and one tits much bigger than my head but i think i can lift it, also i think i can lift one from your legs

MarkJan 15 2015 1:03pm
Omg 50 inches ass,. The wider thng in my body is my shoulder and it is 28 inches, wow you very big

MarkJan 15 2015 1:06pm
And really i honk if you f*ck me, i thanh your power is much more than what i can , i thonk that i will killed

MarkJan 15 2015 1:08pm
I thank i will reach to my big orgasme, while you not feeling any thing yet

MarkJan 15 2015 1:25pm
hSCEku I have fun with, cause I found just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

HUMcOpYktWbmJan 15 2015 6:55pm
Ok. That last comment by HUMcOpYktWbm is totally random. Wtf

MjJan 16 2015 5:30pm
Who turned off the lights? We would like to hear from more tall women and their stories.

anonJan 17 2015 1:21pm
Hi, i am a 15 year old girl 6ft 4 and 240 lbs, and my friend is 16 6ft 5 250 lbs, we are undefeated in all our 2 v 2 basketball challenges including boys pairs, we prefer playing against boys as it gives a great feeling of satisfaction to defeat boys, but we dont t just beat them, we totally destroy them

ValeriaJan 17 2015 5:56pm
To Valeria, you and your friend their sound like monstrous girls. I take it the guys you played against were shorter? What nationality are you? Why do you like defeating men so much?

anonymousJan 17 2015 6:32pm
To anonymous, we don't see our selves as monstrous girls, more like the new normal, yes all the men we played have been shorter, and it just gives us as females a feeling of great power and domination to defeat men.

ValeriaJan 17 2015 8:08pm
Valeria, what you can doing to a dult man with 28 years old (older thatn you by 13 years) and 4ft 11 and 77 lbs

MarkJan 17 2015 11:12pm
Wow i think i will reach to youe belly, what is your thighs and ass or hip measure, mine is 13 inches thighs each and ass is 28 inches

MarkJan 17 2015 11:25pm
Mark, I could do anything I want with you, lol,.. I had my thighs measured the other day as I have been doing a lot of leg work in the weights room recently, they are a very solid 34 inch

ValeriaJan 18 2015 4:07am
Wow your thigh bigger than the bigger part in my body "my ass 28 inches"', could you can lift me with one hane ? Is you boobs big,

MarkJan 18 2015 4:32am
What about youe hip size?

MarkJan 18 2015 4:33am
If one leg from you is 34 inches that mean that i can enter all my body from head to foot inside one leg from your pants

MarkJan 18 2015 5:53am
And i think your arm bigger than 13 so my leg's pant will did not ener in your big arm, is i am right?

MarkJan 18 2015 5:55am
Mark, I can lift most men with just one hand.

ValeriaJan 18 2015 6:38am
No you are still small girl, i did not imagin that you can lift me even i am 77 lbs , came on i older than you by 8 years, you must say dady to me

MarkJan 18 2015 6:46am
To Valeria, damn girl your a giant. I l am a 5ft8in male, lol. You would probably have fun with me. What nationaility are you?

anonymousJan 18 2015 7:14am
Valeria, nooo i am older than you by 13 years not 8, wow you must called my my uncle , or my dad, if i get married i think inwas get baby like you age now, that not matter about tall, yes you taller, yes i reach i think to your belly, but i can punish you if you get angry me

MarkJan 18 2015 8:28am
Back to sleep Mark you scared them away.

anonymousJan 18 2015 4:52pm
Hahahaha, they afraid from me because i am a man

MarkJan 19 2015 6:13am
Lol. All 4ft9in of you scared a 6ft4in girl away. Thats good. Phew dodged a giant. Lol

anonymousJan 19 2015 2:07pm
Mark, i see you talk loudly tiny man, you only 4'8 ft and 75 pounds, i am a 18 years girl with 260 pound and 6'6 ft, of i put my huge thigh on you i think you will die small man, and of course Valeria can too

SaraJan 21 2015 10:25am
I can definetly agree that more and more girls are becoming like valeria and Sara, as my friend and I have experienced, we are two men average height and build of 5ft 7 and 140 lbs we are both age 25, we are keen soccer players, over the years we have occasionally played against female teams, we used to win easily as we were bigger and stronger, but in recent years it has become harder and harder to beat female teams as the girls get taller and stronger, recently we had a 2 on 2 challenge match against two girls they were age 19 and 20, when we say them we were amazed, they were huge, both at least 6 ft 4 and around 250 lbs, with really broad shoulders and massively developed legs, they absolutely killed us, we couldn't get the ball of them, no matter how hard we tried we couldn't move their legs from the ball, if we had the ball one movement of their huge legs had us down injured and them with the ball, they kept calling us cute little boys, even though we were a good bit older than them and average sized men, we were totally embarressed

JoeJan 22 2015 4:41am
No, i think the age is control also, i am older than valeria with 13 years, and older than sara with 10 years, i grantee that i can punish them totally

MarkJan 22 2015 6:49am
And you sara, u really angry me if you beside me now really i think. I will kill you fat girl

MarkJan 22 2015 6:52am
Hahahahah, mark you really tiny man hahahahahh, i think your dick ie very small, and i think you never can f*ck me because i never feel your dick even if it hard you 1/4 my weight i think me boobs is half your weight i think my ass cover all your weight.

SaraJan 22 2015 8:03am
To Sara, boy are you dominant. Damn girl. How do you like being taller and bigger than most men?

anonymousJan 22 2015 12:19pm
Semply i can crush all of them by my ass, and really my ass is heaveir than most men i met my ass about 54 inches

SaraJan 22 2015 12:24pm
54 inches ass all of it about of white meat

SaraJan 22 2015 12:26pm
To Sara, hey you big b**ch. I'd crush you like a grape. You and your 54in ass

anonymousJan 23 2015 6:08am
hahaha anonymos i am biggest from all man i met and i crsh all of them if one from my tit on yor head i will cover it small man

SaraJan 23 2015 11:00am
Really Sara? I am a 6ft7 male. Try that on for size

anonymousJan 23 2015 11:39am
ok but i still heavier than you i have advantage, believe me my huge ass can sallow you as a baby

SaraJan 23 2015 1:58pm
Cojld the increased prescription of medications for hyperactivity be contributing to smaller boys? On the web you can find claims of an association between these drugs and decreased height and weight- and they are given much more frequently to boys than girls. If you combine this with boys exposed to environmental oestrogen- mimicing chemicals, there might be some concerning changes happening. On the other hand, as women have rapidly gained status over the past 25 years it is likely they come to feel psychologically stronger and more confident. One consequence is that they don't feel they have to take up less room than men, restrict their food intake, size and activity levels, eg in sport, so as not to compete with men or be too assertive. If you look at reports of some societies where women are dominant, like Juchitan, females end up being bigger, perhaps mainly because girls are more prized by their mothers and so fed slightly more and slightly better. Some, but clearly not all of the physical difference is probably culture and nurture. As society favours girls more in so many ways, such as the kinds of behaviours it rewards ( eg communication and teamwork rather than hierarchy and self- reliance) and treats boys too often as problems to be controlled it is quite possible we could see a big shift between the sexes, with more women taking on leadership roles and, little by little, acquiring the assertive attitudes and size that men for so long saw as their exclusive preserve. Perhaps also the assertive, competitive behaviour itself leads to an increase in women's testosterone levels, which might by the same token fall in marginalised, low- status men. It is difficult to pull so many strands together in a really convincing way, but there's no doubt there are noticeably more tall, well- built girls and women on the streets over the past 10 years.

SteveJan 23 2015 4:47pm
To joe, I am a girl 6 ft 6 and 240 lbs, all I can say is welcome to 2015 lol

SamanthaJan 23 2015 5:03pm
to Samantha, i am adult man 28 old with 77 pounds and 4'1 ft

MarkJan 24 2015 2:12am
All I can say is that women are going to totally dominant men at sport from now onwards

SamanthaFeb 04 2015 5:43pm
To Samantha, what is your feelings on dry humping men against your body structure?

Curious WondererFeb 06 2015 7:42am
Are you there Samantha? Or are you too tall to be smart?

Curious WondererFeb 06 2015 6:17pm
I am around, I am smart, because I am female

SamanthaFeb 08 2015 5:30am
I never see a smart woman, look at mybsize but i grantee that i will be more powerfull because i am smarter

MarkFeb 08 2015 8:17am
I agree with Mark. There are not alot of smart females. Males are still and will always be still more smarter.

Curious WondererFeb 08 2015 2:01pm
You men are so deluded, the female brain is far superior to the male brain

SamanthaFeb 08 2015 7:58pm
To Samantha, I would ride the f**k out of you, you Big B**ch. Men are smarter than women, always will be. If you think otherwise you are delusional and live in a Fantasy.

Curious WondererFeb 09 2015 7:42am
Just reading this article. I have come to the realization that there are alot of really big women out there. Hello! DAMN

Mr MagooFeb 18 2015 6:47am
Mr Magoo, you are right, but why are we getting smaller and they are getting bigger.

MickFeb 18 2015 7:40pm
Mick, i would like to think that they are getting bigger and us smaller, because of some male idiot; who was probably no more than 5ft5in decided he wanted to sleep with a tall woman around 6ft3in or taller (which back then) was really rare. In doing this caused the gene pool to go crazy, causing Male genes to be weaker than female genes, which in turn got stronger.

Mr MagooFeb 19 2015 6:10am
Let's just say alot of these big women are overpowering men easily. In the bed, they can easily overpower and crush men. In sports they can defeat men. In the world they are becoming larger than men. Why? I do not believe anyone knows exactly.

Anonymous ViewerFeb 19 2015 7:10am
Our girls college basketball team beat the men's team for the first time last year, this year we are on average even bigger than them and expect to beat them again this year, it's just the way nature is changing as the female becomes the dominant sex

Hilary. Feb 22 2015 3:09am
Hilary, how tall are you? What is your tallest female basketball player?

Anonymous ViewerFeb 22 2015 1:15pm
Hi, I am 6ft 3, and the tallest girl is 6ft 8

HilaryFeb 22 2015 7:21pm
Wow, nice. I am a 5ft 8 male, you could probably toy with me, huh?

Anonymous ViewerFeb 23 2015 6:31am
Wow, 6ft 8? That's a BIG GIRL! Holy Cow

Anonymous ViewerFeb 23 2015 6:47am
Yeah, I can toy with most men these days, at 6 ft 8 she is very big and very very strong.

HilaryFeb 23 2015 8:29am
hilary, I am 77 pounds and 4'11 ft , i am 28 years old man, what is ur say?

MarkFeb 23 2015 1:37pm
What is ur age and weight?

MarkFeb 23 2015 1:37pm
Hilary, with the Tallest Girl on your team being 6ft 8 and extermely strong, does the men's team even stand a chance? Lol. Holy Cow!

Anonymous ViewerFeb 23 2015 4:09pm
Hilary, what basketball team do you play for?

Anonymous ViewerFeb 23 2015 4:10pm
Hilary, are you there?

Anonymous ViewerFeb 26 2015 6:07am
6SuE2Y This site is mostly a walk-by for all the data you wanted about this and didn't know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and you'll undoubtedly uncover it.

PYtEKManEWMar 06 2015 3:10pm
Fee Fi Fo Fum. I smell the dismay of a short male. Lol I'm a 6ft 7in lady. I am really tall, i have long slender legs, and long arms. I am a Very Dominant Female. I always love todo height comparisons with men, as i am usually taller than them, and look even taller as I am skinny and have long legs. I always love to be in control in the bedroom, putting men to shame. I even like giving men a nice big bear hug and lifting them into the air. You should see their pathetic look on their faces when they see what I can do.

Tall KellyMar 08 2015 4:44pm
What is ur weight and aga Tall Kelly

MarkMar 10 2015 10:23am
Mark, I am too big for you to handle. Sorry :/

Tall KellyMar 10 2015 6:48pm
I am 77 pound and 4'11 ft and 28 old, what about u, tell me to show hou u big for me

MarkMar 11 2015 11:12am
And tell me what u can doing with me

MarkMar 11 2015 11:13am
And in the middle school I teach, I see most girls at around 5'8, with boys at 4'9! The girls legs are almost to their shoulders!

Anonymous Mar 20 2015 3:59pm
I'm a guy, 5'4, and I'm supposed to be average female height, but it seems every woman I see is 5'9 or taller! This one lady I saw had legs over my shoulders!

Anonymous Mar 20 2015 4:05pm
I've always loved tall women. I am a 5ft 7in male and would love to f**k a really tall woman over 6ft3in. Anyone interested?

Happy ManMar 21 2015 6:33pm
Wow... as flattering as these apparently short guys' advances are, my 6'1 height is due to medical conditions, not some miracle-gro for women in tap water. I just see a load of fetish material here... and people who have no idea how male/female biology and breeding works. Please, you guys, you know who you are, read a book on human biology. You might be surprised by what you learn.

YesIDrinkTeaMar 24 2015 4:37pm
Omg I was in albertsons yesterday and there was this girl that was at least a foot taller than me (I'm 5'7) and she was with this short guy it was hilarious. Women seem to get taller and taller all the time. It's crazy

thatguyApr 04 2015 2:27am
Me and the the rest of girls from the netball team were just saying the other day how small and cute the boys from soccer team were looking

meganApr 04 2015 7:30am
I notice this too. The girls are getting taller and stronger. They are also doing better in school. Should we men polish up on our housekeeping skills?

RobApr 04 2015 9:24pm
Yes you should, Rob! I'm a 16 yr old girl in high school and it's crazy how much taller we're getting! I'm 6'3" and that seems like it's average height for a girl at my school, while the guys are lucky to hit 5'10. And when we wear heels? Not a chance! Also at least 80% of my classes (all advanced) are girls now, when they were 50/50 girls/guys when I came here.

AnnaApr 04 2015 11:31pm
I play in a soccer team, when we finished our game we went to watch our women's volleyball team, and all I can say is WOW these girls are huge, they made most of us feel very small, and some of us feel tiny, scary stuff

lukeApr 05 2015 1:48am
girls will soon start bumming men

AnonymousApr 06 2015 5:58am
Tall Girls Rule

Big and StrongApr 06 2015 6:47am
I am a very tall woman. I am 6ft 8. I am taller than most men, and I love intimidating men. They are so shocked and in amaze to see my great height. I had this one guy last week looking at me, he was sitting; he stood up right beside me, and he almost fell over after he realized he only came up to little below my shoulder.

Tall KatApr 06 2015 7:14am
Tall kat, i am adult man 28 old with 77 pounds and 4'1 ft. What a f*ck differance between us

MarkApr 07 2015 12:52pm
Hello down there Mark. Yes with me being 2ft 8in taller than you, you are like a little boy. And 77lbs, lol. I'm very big, I could break you in half, without breaking a sweat. Would you like a bear hug or a dry hump there Mark?

Tall KatApr 07 2015 4:02pm
Hi tall kat, i think i reach to your belly or to ur hip Wow. What is ur weight ?! I think i will wont able to lift you. And what is ur hip size ?!! . I like to be himulated by very big women or girls

MarkApr 07 2015 8:31pm
Go to when this one close

MarkApr 08 2015 12:09am
Sory i mean this one

MarkApr 08 2015 12:10am
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