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Who likes Dallas Powell?

Question: he's sexy
Created by: rachel65 at 12:24:03 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2006 PDT



curious87Jul 05 2014 1:25pm

YEs we can continue here

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:21pm
A bicep for a man is the symbol of being forced to touch a stronger bigger one it can be umiliating for him

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:24pm
Yes you have a point in this. I force men to worship all my body muscles in addition to my feet massage. I think i like feet massage and kissing more because in my culture it is a symbol to the humiliation and slavery.

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:27pm
You can ask your husband to lie down on your back when u do push ups. ...just to make him feel your strenght and ask him to try to put his fingers atound your arm to see if tge tips touch each

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:31pm
Wow thanks that is great idea to let him lie down on me, because usually i put weights.

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:34pm
Hom many can you do ?

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:36pm
you look like the kind of men who hates to give a woman a foot massage and kissing her feet. This will be great if you ever come to Turkey and after i beat you, you'll be forced to give a feet massage and kissing my feet.

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:37pm
It depends on the extra weights i put, but usually i do 800 on four sets each 200 times

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:39pm
How can u force me? Have u tryed to pushup with your husband? How much weight u usually put when u do pushups?

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:40pm
We should have an agreement the loser will do any thing the winner ask to. In case you refused I am a strong woman and i know how to take my right with my own hands. I can put you on head scissor and never let you free until you agree to kiss my feet and massage them. No i've never tried this before, but i'll try it very soon. Usually i put between 60- 80

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:44pm
You can do 200 pushup with 60 kg on your back?!!!

curious87Jul 05 2014 2:46pm
Yes, and my own weight is almost 100 KG

Woman Jul 05 2014 2:47pm
You tell me that the only thing I obtain trying to push you down with my body weight is to be used as a training weight for a normal push ups session?

curious87Jul 05 2014 10:01pm
Btw have you asked already your husband to to be your weight? Have you ever tried to flex your bicep abd ask him to pull it down finding hin unable just hanging with all his bodyweight from one of your arm?

curious87Jul 05 2014 10:03pm
Well, if you want to be used as weight for my trainings i am ready. For me i would like to wrestle and beat you more than using as a weight. Hhhh my husband is a little weak man, but i think he can move my biceps with his entire body weight. Any way i'll try this with him also.

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:53am
Let me know the result!! ;) I told you I wonna try all

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:47am
Depends on your energies; )

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:44am
Btw my question wascif you can stand and flex your bicep and than your husband grab it and try to hang from it

curious87Jul 06 2014 9:45am
today I did my morning push ups with my husband on my back, I did it and it was okay. I did 75 reps then I put my neighbor on my back and I did another 75. It was amazing, thanks for this great suggestion. After I finished I lifted both of them at the same time each one of them in a hand I felt great, and they were afraid and amazed at the same time.

Woman Jul 06 2014 1:54pm
Do not be worry about my energy, i can do push ups and you are on my back

Woman Jul 06 2014 1:55pm
WOW, i can't do push ups with 5 reps, and u say did 75 and ur husband on ur back, what if i sit and i'm only 60

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:04pm
I do not know if there is a different if you were standing or laying, but i think i can do another 75

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:08pm
I can't do 50 even without any weight damn

curious87Jul 06 2014 2:09pm
Hhhh, I told you i am much stronger than the others, and i'll win the wrestling or fighting or any muscles competition between us.

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:12pm
woman there is no comparison between us, i think u can lift me by using ur tits only

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:18pm
Hhhhh, that is hilarious. I am very strong, but to lift you i think i should use my arms or legs, but for sure i can kill you using my tits only ;))

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:20pm
How many min I can stand in a wrestling match with u? What your husband sayd abt the push ups session

curious87Jul 06 2014 2:23pm
u need half power from one arm to lift me, and i will be can't to lift one leg from u that has a lot from meat and muscles even if i use all my power

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:24pm
Actually, i do not know it is hard to tell, because it depends how much you can take the pain specially from my scissors. Usually men start to tap after 65 min. My husband as i said was surprised and afraid, I think each day he fears me more and more

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:26pm
Man from Egypt yes i know maybe i use less than my half arm power to lift man from your size. My leg is way far for you, if i only put it on you you will not be able to move unless if i let you to, i do this with my husband and other men just put my feet and do not use my entire weight and they can not move

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:29pm
Well I can belive so you shoild ask him to do push ups alone and bet with hin that u can do more with him on ure back

curious87Jul 06 2014 2:29pm
I know we already did that he was able to do only 11 reps

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:31pm
Woman, yes i'm sure from that i think now ur arm is bigger than my thigh, Wow do u imagine that ?????!!!!!!

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:35pm
Actually yes i can imagine it, and soon my bicep will be bigger than my husband thighs. with man like you if i only hug you i may break your rips, and you'll be screaming for mercy only from a hug

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:38pm
just a correction u can hug me using ur tits not ur body and i will screaming also

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:42pm
Hhhhh, you look so fascinated about tits, I know i can hug you with them making your head disappear between them, but maybe you'll change your mind about big tits after i chuck you with them;)

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:44pm
yes i'm, i told u before i love ur tits because one from them is bigger than my head and all of them maybe equally quarter my weight or more

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:48pm
Hhhhh, little poor man i am sure that you'll suffer if you want to lift them. Are not you afraid from my big tits that they might kill? It is good for you that i am not your wife otherwise you'll be suffering from them like my husband

Woman Jul 06 2014 2:53pm
R U kidding with me, lift what ??! of course i can't to lift them. U Know we forget ur huge ass .. ur ass equally three times my weight if i hug ur ass using my arms , i will can't to reach and touch them

Man from EgyptJul 06 2014 2:57pm
Seems that not a single part of your body is weaker yhan your husband. ...try to sit in a chair extend your leg and make your husband sit on them...can u sustain his weight?

curious87Jul 06 2014 2:57pm
Man from Egypt, Hhhh I know my ass is your huge every thing about me is so huge, so as i said you should be glad that i am not your wife or you will be trapped under my ass right now.

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:00pm
curious, of course i am much stronger than my husband he is like a baby comparing to me, but i'll try this situation as well. You know most of the time when we watch TV he sits in my lap and i do not feel his weight my thighs are bigger than his entire body

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:02pm
Hope I'm giving you nuce ideas...think your husband gonna hate me :p

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:08pm
You can try to put one hand on his belt when you are walking together and slowly lift his jis feets leave the ground

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:11pm
Hhhh, yes they are great ideas thanks. My husband the poor guy every body giving me ideas and i try it all on him. He is totally helpless in front of me. I think he hates every body in this website, but this how it works if a man wants to be with me.

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:13pm
How ut works? Ask him to train with you...u can ask him to train with your warmup weights to see jow he manage

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:15pm
I told you he tried to train before, but his development was almost nothing. Plus it was so humiliated for him because i use much weights than he does, he could not lift my warmup weights this is why he quit. To be honest my is so lazy and weak and actually i like this kind of men, because i like it to be much stronger and more dominated in the relationship and now no matter how he trains i'll still much much stronger than him

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:20pm
He cannot workout with your warmup? Can he lift the dumbells with two hands at least? Has he everask yyou to stop trainibg cuz you are too muscular and strong?

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:23pm
You can try to put one hand on his belt when you are walking together and slowly lift his his feets leave the ground 

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:26pm
Yes, he can but when i gave him dumbbells with 5 or 7 kilos he could not train with them. he does not dare to ask this, he knows how important this thing to me. When we first get married he used to like the idea of being much stronger than him, but now i do not think he likes it any more specially with huge difference with our strength and we have a lot of Robles that me wrestling other men topless, plus that i am much more successful than him in work i think all these things effect our relationship.

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:29pm
I used to do this a lot, but not like you describe it. while we were walking in the mall for example come from his behind and lift him in a cradle way like a baby, he was so embarrassed when i did this to him

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:32pm
I suppose that after wedding the strength gap and your muscularity its just improved

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:32pm
Yes you are right it improved very much and i gain like 25 Kg while he lost like 10

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:34pm
Does he tries to get free? Someone saw you doing it ? What was theyr reaction? U hold him for long time? You can use him to take goods from the higher shelves lifting him up enough to grab it

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:35pm
Yes he was always trying to get hi self free. Many people saw us, i do this specially if we are not in Turkey. The people in the moon were so surprised, but a lot of them liked the idea and impressed with our relationship

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:38pm
So nowadays he got less possibilities to get free? Do you ask him to try harder to free himself? Its difficult for you to hold him out the terrain for more than let's say 10 min?

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:41pm
He never got the opportunity to free him self in any period of our relationship,and no it is not hard at all i can keep lifting him for 30 min

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:44pm
Do you ask him to try harder? Just to have bit of challenge or to humiliate him more?

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:47pm
Can i ask you something do you think it is acceptable for a married woman to wrestle other men wearing only under wear? or forcing them to kiss her feet muscles and ass? In other words do you think i should stop doing this?

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:47pm
Yes i always ask him to try harder and he did his best but he could not move my arm an inch.

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:48pm
This make u happy? If yes keep doing!

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:49pm
Yes, it makes extremely happy, so you think there is wrong about it as long as i do not have sex with them

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:50pm
You can ask your husband to try to stop u physically if he don't agree...I found it ok no problem no sex involved so its just the realization of your desire that make you happy and you worked hard long hours in the gym to obtain this

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:53pm
Yes, exactly this what i always tell him, thanks. and are you kidding him stop me physically ;)

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:56pm
Try to bring home one of the heavier dumbells you use for biceps training leave it in the hall than ask your husband or neighbour to bring it to you to see if, how and how much they struggle

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:57pm
I mean if he wants you to stop he needvto work hard on tge gym abd than try to physically stop u

curious87Jul 06 2014 3:58pm
Wow, i like that maybe if i bring 70. Both of them should try to bring it, and i am sure that they'll struggle. I like it very much living with two weak men i make a lot of fun from them

Woman Jul 06 2014 3:59pm
70 singlehanded? ??!!!

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:02pm
Yes, they'll die to lift it i am sure

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:02pm
Your single bicep can lift 70 kilos?? Its almost as much as I legpress

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:04pm
Yes, i told you before about this, So now you can imagine why my husband fear me to death

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:05pm
What other things you make them do just to see them struggle or fail

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:06pm
Omg if well balanced you can actually bicep curl your husband! ! Now I startvto fear you too

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:08pm
I arm wrestle both of them in the same time, and i lift them in the both time. Also i wrestled both of them many times at the same time it is hilarious how they are trying to escape from me, and of course at the end of each i force them to five me a massage and a feet massage and to worship my muscles this is so humiliated for them it gives me a feeling with ultimate power

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:10pm
Try to give them some advantages sometimes

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:12pm
Why should i? They are so weak and they fear me to death and i like this way of life very much. Having two men serving me and fear me.

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:14pm
Because giving them advantage and beating themanyways yyou umiliate them even more knowing that two man with help cannot defeat a woman

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:16pm
Hhhh, i do that with them, for example when we wrestle i give them the option to hold my hands, then i release my self and destroy them. Actually right now one of them giving me a massage and the other feet massage

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:19pm
Can you describe me a arm wrestling session 2 vs1? How yyou usually do ..theyre allowed to use both arms vs your single one?

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:20pm
Wow tgey are tgere? Can u try if u can keep one of them on your extended legs? Or both if one is too easy for u!

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:22pm
At first we started each one of them using only one hand, but after they fail in moving my hand, and i smashed their both arms. I let them use their both hands so it will be 4 against 1, here it becomes more comparative, but at the end i win

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:23pm
yes they are both here, now i am not wrestling them, my neighbor sitting on the floor putting my feet in hot water massaging and kissing them, and my husband giving me a back massage

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:26pm
Oh I understand that youhad one or each hand so husband left and neighbour right hand for example

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:26pm
I think he needs lot of energy now to massage your back...think its wider than don't have to wrestle them just make him sit on yourvextended legs to see if u can hold his weight ;)

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:28pm
Yes, you are right he gets tired from massaging me, you know even my feet massage is not easy one because i have very big feet comparing to other woman it is 45. I'll try this after i finish my massage

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:30pm
Seems u have everything bigger tgan a normal woman ( I like it) height, weight, ,muscles, strenght, feets boobs

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:32pm
Wow you'll really try? Thank you:)

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:33pm
Yes, I am very big woman this my genetics, i do not know but sometimes i feel that my genetics is for a man not for a woman ;). Ohh my god my neighbor asked for a rest he said that he is exhausted

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:35pm
I love your genetic....let him rest on your leg ahahah

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:37pm
Really thank you. I like it too, the only problem that i can not find clothes for my size;). I gave it to him, but on the floor and he should keep kissing them without massaging them

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:39pm
Why can't u find clothes for your size

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:41pm
Because there are no much shoes for a woman in size 45 so most of the time i wear slippers or fliflop. There is no pants for 30 inches thighs. So i do not wear pants shorts or really very mini skirts. and my shirts they make it specially for me to fit my shoulders, biceps, and tits size

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:44pm
Wow you must be very huge and muscular...I think even my shirt results to be too small for you

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:47pm
Yes, i think it would not fit me at all. I have bigger biceps wider shoulders, and of course my tits is bigger than yours ;) my bra size is 38

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:49pm
And no syrprise tgat u can squatt with me on your shoulders for more than 20 reps if u have 30 inches quads

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:49pm
Whats your shoulder measures...and your pumped fully flexed bicep? And on relaxed position?

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:50pm
Hey, now i tried this i put my husband on my legs and it was so easy to hold his weight, then i put my neighbor and i did it as well. but when both of them sit actually my legs start shaking;(( i am so sad i think i should train much more

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:51pm
I love busty girls;) bra is 38 what ? A B C D E F??

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:52pm
Yes, i can squat holding you, i do not know my exact shoulder size, and my biceps it is 17 inches

womanJul 06 2014 4:52pm
My bra size is D

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:53pm
Train much more? Not enough to sustain a guy weight in mid air with pure muscle leg strenght??

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:54pm
I can not lose a challenge i have to train much more. and my poor husband and neighbor will pay the price.

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:55pm
How many times u think u can squat me?

curious87Jul 06 2014 4:55pm
you are about 80 killos, i think not less than 50 times

Woman Jul 06 2014 4:56pm
50?????? I though 20 was a good result for a weight like mine

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:01pm
Hhhhh, no darling minimum with 80 i can do 50. You'll be very nice weight to train with you

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:02pm
What are you afraid of me now dear? ;)

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:05pm
Min 50omg max? 60/70?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:05pm
Yes, maybe around 70- 80

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:07pm
Well my max in squat is 30 kg x 12 rep...I start to feel de difference in strength

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:07pm
Hhhhh, as i told you before do not feel upset, i think you are stronger than the average man, but i am the one who is very huge and muscular and strong. I am stronder than all the men i know.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:09pm
Wow 80 reps...never been so long lifted from the ground;) I'm not sure I can even lift u from tge ground and apparently for you I'm a light weight

AnonymousJul 06 2014 5:10pm
If you want i can lift you in cradle way like a baby for 30 min.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:11pm
Last post was from curious 87.... im very competitive not upset seems that all my effort against you are worthless. max will be your minimum

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:12pm
Like a baby for 30?! Not heavy?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:14pm
Hhhhh, if you are so competitive that means i'll have a lot of fun when i wrestle you, and then if you lose you know what you should do, and you'll do it;)

womanJul 06 2014 5:14pm
What if you loose?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:15pm
No, not so heavy. I did it to a lot of men, but i lift you like this for 30 min, you have to call me something like my boss, or mistress, or goddess, or maybe mummy

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:16pm
If i lose i'll do any thing for you. Just ask. Of course except clear sex

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:17pm
Lets make a bet ill call u mummy after the 35th min that u hold me for all time u like

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:18pm
Clear sex? What u mean

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:19pm
Ok, that is great i love it when grown up men call me that. You should start practicing on it my little baby.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:20pm
No, i meant the sex, but if you want i can pleasure you with my feet for example

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:21pm
Practicing on what ; p

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:22pm
on calling me Mummy ;) my little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:23pm
Have you ever lifted your husband so high to be able to give him a bj wile holding him off the ground?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:23pm
Is mummy able to feed me with her huge breast wile me holding me?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:25pm
No, i've never tried this before, but i'll i promise

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:25pm
I think would be not so hard for those huge arms ;)

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:27pm
Hhhh, maybe, but of course i'll force to suck my tits when we wrestle this is not an option for you. you have to do it. Now i make all the men i wrestle sucking my tits. So do not worry i'll feed you little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:27pm
Never heard noone calling ne little baby...butvi suppose comparedcto your body mine looks small or scrawny

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:29pm
Yes, this is the idea you'll be so helpless, weak, and small comparing to me. But i'll take care of you my little baby.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:31pm
How u ll take care of me mummy?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:32pm
Hhhh, I do not know but i'll lift you, feed you, i'll put you on bed and give you good night kiss. remember you have to be good baby to massage my feet, kiss my feet massage my body and worship my muscles.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:35pm
I imagine myself flexing in front of the mirror and than you come from behind taller and wider and start to flex your arm behind mine till I dont noticeva huge biceb growing behind mine...dwarfing mine

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:35pm
I dunno how to worship muscles cuz I've never saw a woman with muscles....especially much bigger and maybe harder than can I do it

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:37pm
It is not hard, all you have to do is touching them all over and start talking how big and muscular they are, and how you feel so small in front of them, and that you wish to spend you entire life here. something like that with a little kissing and touching. Same thing if i ask you to worship my feet

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:39pm
Theyre not hard?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:40pm
No, it is so easy, but you should say the right words. So practice little baby.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:41pm
 imagine myself flexing in front of the mirror and than you come from behind taller and wider and start to flex your arm behind mine till I dont noticeva huge biceb growing behind mine...dwarfing mine 

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:42pm
I mean when you flex are your muscles hard?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:43pm
I'll make you feel so tiny and small and weak when you are around me, but at the same time you'll feel safe because you are with your big strong muscular mummy

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:44pm
By the way im not small ;) maybe from your point of wiew a lil bit ; p

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:45pm
How can u make me feel like u sayd tiny small and weak ?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:47pm
I know. but first you are smaller than me. Second it is not always about size being weaker from me will give you that feeling. third maybe i am not much taller than you but my muscles are much bigger so you'll feel the difference little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:47pm
I'll compare my muscles to you, then i'll let touch my muscles specially my calves and my thighs they are very big and muscular then i'll lift you like a baby my baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:49pm
Will u tease me?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:50pm
I just noticed that even if u are not so much taller than me u overweight me almost 20 kg...are they all muscles? !

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:51pm
Of course i'll tease you about your small muscles and your weakness.I'll humiliated you and put you under my feet to look on my body from the ground and see how big it is.

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:52pm
Yes, they are muscles the only two places who are not pure muscles a little bit on my stomach and a little bit on my tits

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:53pm
I just remembered that in the gym one day tgere was a dumbell that I cannot lift without risking to injure my back...was 38 kg...apparently nit that much for u

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:55pm
Omg almost 20 kilos of muscle more than me

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:56pm
Hhhhhh, oh that is soooo cute. Please be careful and do not injure your self. That is huge weight for you, if you visit me i can lift for you all the heavy things and your only job will be to make me happy. Please be careful my little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 5:57pm
So what if I called you to lift it for me from the ground can u make it?

curious87Jul 06 2014 5:59pm
Seemscthat you are able to hug and lift a fridge alone without helps!

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:00pm
Yes sure. In my nature i am very protective person and i like to help weaker people specially the men. My little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:00pm
You know the bench with inclinable back on tge gyms? I find that veeeery heavy to move ...I wish to have u around when I need to move for meters

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:03pm
U told me that 38 kg barbell wasca huge weight for me...u find it easy?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:05pm
Ohhh, dear seriously do not try to move heavy things, i mean it you might hurt your self. I wish also to be around to help you my baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:05pm
But I can't ask you to move that bench its too heavy

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:06pm
You know there is no weights in the gym i find it heavy to be lifted or move. If i had to a lot of rips i might find a little difficult

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:07pm
you kidding right i can move you with bench together, and be a good baby or i'll punish these two useless little men in front of me.

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:09pm
U mean you can lift that bench with me lying on it?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:10pm
Yes i'll.

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:11pm
Ok now I started to feel like a little baby

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:12pm
Here you go this is how i want you to fell and as i said if you were a good one i'll do any thing for you and take care of you my little sweet weak baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:13pm
If im bed mum spanks me?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:16pm
U told me if I come there I can ask u to lift the heavy things for me...can you lift a fridge for example?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:17pm
Hhhh, you want to be spanked. I can do that too. i'll put on my huge thighs and spank you on your ass, but you can be a good baby and i'll spank you as reward uf you want. Do not you want me to feed you lift you make you massage me and worship my muscles and my feet little baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:19pm
Trust me when i have this protective feeling towards a man i have great energy to do any thing for him. I have not lift one before, but if you were good baby i'll do it for you.

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:20pm
Of course I wonna be lifted if u don't strain. ..I was just asking what can happen if mummy gets angry at me

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:21pm
A fridge. A table. A chair (with me on it) there are amazing demonstrations of amazing myscular strength

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:23pm
Do not worry my baby i'll lift you no prblem. but you should be good baby. If you want to know what i do when i am angry you let these two men tell you specially my loser husband. Trust you do not want to see me angry

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:24pm
Have you ever spanked your husband till he cryed?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:26pm
U know I dont want u to lift me too often if not u start to get tired and I want you always in great shape ;)

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:28pm
Yes, of course i spank him beat him wrestle him and he cries a lot. not only him other men and my neighbor as well i made a lot of men cry. I only beat and spank my husband when he said that i should not wrestle other men topless or make kiss my ass or sick my tits or feed them

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:28pm
Do not worry i'll lift you and feed you until you get tired then i'll put on me with bed to sleep between my arms

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:30pm
Thats the point seems u never get tired

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:31pm
No, never trust me you'll get tired and go to sleep between my arms

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:32pm
U stop when he start crying or keep spanking? Its difficult to kerp him still? Happens that after getting spanked he cannot sit on his ass for all day?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:33pm
No i keep spanking him until i feel satisfied. He can not do any thing about, he'll spend the rest of the day crying laying on his stomach

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:34pm
So after u do all your heavy training I don't have possibility to win anyways cuz mum never get tired

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:35pm
Making an adult man cry all day...ure spank must be powerful. ..I'm not sure I wonna try

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:36pm
No, you do not have any chance my little poor baby, but i'll take care of you. This is why your big strong mummy is here. Be obedient and i'll do any thing you want

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:36pm
Exactly my advice do not try it. Be a good baby let me lift you feed you, give good feet massage and kiss them correctly worship my muscles and we'll both be happy

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:38pm
What if I get excited being lifted

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:39pm
you mean what if you get erection, there is no problem that happened to all men i lift or wrestle these things happened

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:40pm
I will experiment your strength every day if mum agrees

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:41pm
Sure, thats will be great dear. As long as you are good little baby. I'll flex my muscles to you lift you squeeze you any thing you want my baby

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:43pm
Cuz I think that just the size comparison will be exciting plus I think you are still growing in size and strength

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:43pm
U think u can lift me off the ground upside down holding me from the ankles?

curious87Jul 06 2014 6:45pm
Yes, i like to do this a lot putting my calves behind your thighs and they'll be same size that is great or my biceps and your little sweet one my baby we can do it every day

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:45pm
Yes, i do this a lot in my wrestling matches. Also i can lift over mu shoulders and go to a mirror flexing my muscles for you, you'll feel so small and weak

Woman Jul 06 2014 6:49pm
Well if a woman can walk with me on her shoulder of course I'll feel small....light at least

curious87Jul 06 2014 10:03pm
I wonder if you can grab your husband or even mebyvthe shirt and lift us up....very slowly...letting us feel the control and the strength you can have. ...letting us feel and see our feets leave the ground inch by inch...and find ourselves unable to stop you or to keep the ground contact...till we have our feets moving freely in the think you are capable to do it?

curious87Jul 06 2014 10:52pm
Sorry, what do you mean by woman walk with you on her shoulder?

Woman Jul 07 2014 4:08am
I mean if u can hoist me on your shoulder and walk than yes I'll feel small

curious87Jul 07 2014 4:55am
Yes, this is exactly what i want to do with you. Lift you over my shoulder and then stand in front of mirror and flex my muscles. You'll feel so small

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:01am
Its not painful for your shoulder im not too heavy?

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:10am
When you flex your biceps or calves or quads are they hard?

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:14am
No, i did it many times. It does not depends at all on my shoulders, the most important thing is to have strong leg muscles and i have 30 inches of thighs and 22 inches of calves. So i'll do it for you my little baby

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:15am
 wonder if you can grab your husband or even mebyvthe shirt and lift us up....very slowly...letting us feel the control and the strength you can have. ...letting us feel and see our feets leave the ground inch by inch...and find ourselves unable to stop you or to keep the ground contact...till we have our feets moving freely in the think you are capable to do it?

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:15am
Yes, they are so hard. My calves and my biceps and specially my calves is 100% pure muscles if they are not flexed. And yes honey i can lift my husband or you from the belt or from the shirt slowly and no matter how much he tries i'll lift him easily

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:18am
What its his reaction when he feel the feets starting to lose grip with the ground? 22 inches calves???!!! They are enormous

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:21am
I do not know there is no specific reaction, he tries to grab him self back to the floor. Yes 22 of pure muscles they are bigger than many other men thighs and more powerful, when i wear high heels or stand on my tip toes they look like they are going to explode from the muscles inside them.

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:26am
If your husband ponches them when flexed I think you barely notice can you fit those monsters in trousers

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:29am
I think my flexed muscles are not as hard as yours ; (

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:30am
Hhhh, i think if he punches them his hand will hurt him, and i will not feel it. As i told you before i do not wear any trousers, the last time i remember my self wearing pants was about 7 years. Now i only wear shorts and mini skirts and sometimes dresses.

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:32am
You don't weat trousers because u don't like or because u can't fit those huge muscles? Have u tryed to see if his pinch can hurt your muscles?

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:34am
I do not wear any pants because they do not fit my calves and my thigh size. This is the problem of being huge woman like me. Of course when i wrestle him he punches me and it does not hurt at all.

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:37am
He should not punch you can hurt wrestling is without punches why you allow him

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:39am
I know, but you know all the men i wrestle when i trap them in scissor hold or give them a bear hug or breast smoother or sit on their faces, they start to kick and punches because the do not know what to do, so they try to escape for any price, but even with that i win

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:42am
So even with punches he cannot hurt strong woman

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:44am
Yes, and not only him all of them kicking and punching, but i am way stronger

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:45am
When u flex your biceps can he dent the muscle if he pushes hard against it?

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:52am
No, he tied that one as well he could not. why i have the feeling that you want my husband to be able to beat me. Do not you want your Mummy to be stronger than her husband

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:54am
You know today I got too many groceries. ..I need to grab four heavy bags up on 3 floors stairs...I thought what u told me abt lifting heavy and I hoped u werr there to help me to bring that weight upstairs. ..even because my ankle was hurting a lot :/

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:56am
I love mummy being stronger than her husband!I think she's probably stronger than me too, I am just curious about the huge difference his body and yours....or mine and yours too

curious87Jul 07 2014 5:58am
Ohhh, i am so sorry to hear that. You know i never let my husband lift any groceries, i really wish if i was there too. I would lift you like a baby and lift the other four bags and put you on your home

Woman Jul 07 2014 5:59am
Good baby, this is how i want you. You know Today my boss who I previously told you about suddenly knocked my office door, opened it and entered. I was wearing a mini skirt and putting my bare feet on the desk. He did not say anything he was just looking at my legs. I was shocked he never came to my office without an appointment. He said that he had few questions about our next project, after a while he kept asking me very silly questions. It was so obvious that all what he wants is to stay at my office, so I decided to have a little fun with him. I moved from behind my desk sit next to him, and start to flex my legs as I was so tired or putting one leg above the other so my thighs will look extremely huge, or playing with my hair so I can flex my biceps. He was staring on each part of my body my shoulder, arms, thighs, calves, feet. After I answered him on all his silly questions he started telling me how great is my performance in the company, and how all the projects that I was the manager for achieved the best profit, and how all the others managers are jealous of me because I am much better than them, before he leaves he told that we should do a meeting like this every few days, and from now on he’ll takes with my advice on every subject, and soon I’ll be one of the most important decision makers in the company. At the end he informed me that he wants me to travel with him abroad to a very important conference, and he’ll not take anyone else with him, and when I told him that there are a lot of other engineers who are in senior positions can go with him, he said he does not want any of them because he needs someone tough to rely on. Actually I am so confused I want this promotion this conference is great opportunity for me and for my career, but it also very obvious that he has crush on me, and wants other things. I really do not know what to do.

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:01am
Me plus the bags for 3 floors? There's s no lift

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:01am
Yes i know, i will do it. I will consider it training for my calves and thighs baby.

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:02am
Well as far as he do not abuse you it's ok... maybe he will have one other flat tire just to see ure muscles in actoon ;) lift me in one arm for 3 flpors its just training for you. ...omg

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:06am
Yes, i really hope so that he'll stop on looking at my body. Yes i told you i am so good in lifting, and i lift a lot of men for 30 min or more. some of them is heavier than you, so yes i can lift you and your bags for 4 floors, then i really can not see a man struggling in something and do not help him

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:10am
I wonder if I'm able to lift you with both arms and eventually walk with u

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:10am
I do not think so can you lift 100 kg. Plus i am taller than you so it will be even harder, ad finally i do not like i like to lift men not to be lifted by them.

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:12am
So I can just call and mummy come downstairs talikg care if bags myself painful ankle and stairs?

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:12am
Yes, of course you know i think if you were with me. I will not let you go to bring the stuff i'll bring it. All what you have to do is to sit at home and save your energy to serve your mummy

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:15am
In this way ill get lazy and weaker and u just stronger ;)

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:18am
Yes, this how i like things. weak men getting weaker, strong woman getting stronger, but you should not be worried about because always you'll have me to protect you and take care of you

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:20am
Well before gym I was 75 kg biceps 12 legs 19 ! My bibep curl was with 4 kilos and I pench press just the bar or maybe I put 2 kilos each side so I wasn't so strong at the beginning

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:24am
So I xan get weaker but you can get even stronger mummy?

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:25am
getting weaker is your choice, but i am telling you the weaker you are the more we can have fun. For of course i'll keep getting stronger i go every day to the gym, and i am in very good stage in my boxing training, my target now to make my biceps 19 inch to make bigger than my husband and my neighbor thighs, I'll make a lot of fun from them. So do not worry little baby your mummy will keep getting stronger to take care of you

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:29am
Wow 19 inches. a wile you will be able to lift me overhead

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:31am
Yes, this will be so cool to have biceps bigger than my husband and neighbor thighs, and bigger than your calves I am so excited about that. I will lift you in any position you want

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:33am
If a woman don't need my help for kifting heavy stuff etc I can quit gym if she likes me rhinner lighter and weaker

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:34am
If iquit gym my calves will be 14 my biceps 12/13 and thighs 19!!

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:35am
Well are you able to overhead me?

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:37am
Yes baby you should why you want to hurt your self and make your day much harder, just leave every thing for me and i'll take care of you. All you need to do is to practice on my massage and worship. If you do so i'll give you the airplane lift for babies

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:38am
See, with your size you'll be much cooler and sexier i can do to you what ever i want your thighs comparing my biceps will look so funny and sexy

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:40am
What's the airplane baby lift??

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:40am
Well I'm starting to think that you can do whatever you want with me even in this size :o

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:41am
you know when i lay down on the floor, and hold your hands and put my feet on your thighs and then lift you with my legs it is so cool. I do it a lot and men really enjoy it

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:42am
Sure, i can own you any way, but being thinner make things much funnier

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:46am
Can you lift me overhead?

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:47am
Yes baby i swear i can lift you with any position you want. I've tried all the positions on men and i was able to do it all.

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:48am
Me thinner so lets say 70 kilos not trained and u bigger lets say 110 kg of muscles. ...thats make 40 kilos more for you....damn you could lift me with the couch im lying in!!!

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:50am
We cando some cheer leading with ure husband dressing a cheerleader skirt and you trowing him or us I the air

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:52am
Yes exactly now the difference between me and my husband is about 36, it is so much funnier, I think soon the difference will be 50 that would be hilarious

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:52am
Hhhh, that is funny but actually i do not like when a man dressing like a woman so we can do it, but with out the custom

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:53am
50 kilos difference you'll be able to grab him from the shirt and lift him off singlehanded

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:54am
And probably even me

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:56am
Hhhhh, i know i can have a lot of fun with you too. Just lifting you and then maybe kick you on your ass.

Woman Jul 07 2014 6:58am
For example how ?

curious87Jul 07 2014 6:59am
I starting to think why do I have to bother to sweat in the gym im my mummy anyways will be stronger

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:00am
I'll lift you from your shirt from behind, and then i can kick you on your ass, or to take off my slipper and start to slap your ass with it as a punishment

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:02am
You can try to take your neighbour from the armpits and lift him as high as your arms allows you and if u can keep it for some sec....will be a huge strength demonstration..than im next ;)

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:03am
Exactly go and relax and your Mummy will take care. but you have to practice on worship and feet massage real hard

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:04am
If one day u don't feel like go in the gym u can use me as a weight iu u like and if it's not too much for a full training session

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:07am
Hhhh, thanks that is so cool, even though for me i do not want to use as weight. I want to use you as baby so i can lift you and feed and protect you and hug you while you sleep between my arms. And i want to use you as a servant massage my feet and worship m muscles and kissing my feet. And as a toy to practice wrestling on you .

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:11am
I will all u too heavy as a training weight....ill be lighter in a wile ;)

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:13am
I think tgat after 30/40 min you will put me in a hold probably my strength its notvenough to get free

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:15am
What? shut up there is no weight is too heavy for me. I can train with you for hours in my biceps shoulders thighs calves. I was just telling you what are you going to be for me. A baby a slave. a toy and weight

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:16am
Sorry I didn't want to offend you I still consider myself heavy...but apparently for you im a light weight

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:18am
All right that is ok.I do not care how do you think about your self, but when men is around me they should only be one of the four: weights, slave, baby. toy

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:25am
I want to be allbut u need to teach me

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:26am
I wish mummy Is able to remind me every day how bogger and strong er she is compared to me

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:27am
There is nothing to teach you about. Being my toy wrestling or weights you should do nothing, but try not to scream a lot. being my slave I told you how to worship me, and my feet massage you put my feet in hot water massaging them and kissing them until i tell you to stop. Being my baby nothing also you should do i'll lift you feed you and sleep with you. The most important thing do not say a word about my liberated life style or i'll kick you so badly like my husband.

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:30am
Baby and weight I dont have to do nothing just enjoy your strenght...and titts....slave well I'm awesome in massaging....and wrestling well I must be very competitive and why screaming? What have you done to your husband?

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:35am
Really, that is great if you are good in massaging. I do not think you'll be very competitive with me. I wrestled men much stronger and bigger than you and i beat them badly. My husband starts to scream when i put hi scissor specialy the reserve head one. So as you said enjoy my power and my tits. Little baby

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:39am
So in my wrestling I will do 100 % to just make my mum lough at my weak attempts? Whats a reverse headshissor

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:44am
yes, you'll try so hard little baby, but your mummy is way stronger than you. Reserve head scissor when i am laying on the floor on my stomach, and lock your head between my thighs and squeezing and pushing until your face will be in my ass, and i cut the air from you and lock your head between my 30 thighs

Woman Jul 07 2014 7:48am
This huge strength difference can be frustrating. ..image me giving 110% with both my arms trying to bring your clearly larger arm down....and when im trying with all i have I hear mummy loughing orasking me tto start when I'm ready or even to try harder cuz if not the match is boring....I think our difference at the moment could be like this

curious87Jul 07 2014 7:58am
I'm starting to think or to understand that I will never win vs my mum....not even a match for her seems

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:03am
So you don't mind if I ask you to do a heavy job because I'm not able to do it alone?

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:06am
Yes you are right, this is what exactly happened when i wrestle my husband or my neighbor. This is how things should go when i am around men, and my poor little baby no you do not have a slight chance against your strong mammy, so just be patient when i wrestle and be good when you massage me and enjoy my tits

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:08am
No, you should bot lift any thing heavy. You are so small and weak and cute to lift things, you might hurt your self. You are not strong as me, so just stay at home wait for me this is how i treat my men

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:10am
Well for example now I need to adjust the washingmachine at jhome. ..someone need to keep it bended cuz I need to check the bottom but alone I cannot lift it

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:13am
Mommy are you still here?

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:17am
Ooops, poor guy, i wish i am there. I would lift the washing machine check the bottom for tou and oit it back this is why men always should live with strong women

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:19am
You need to be with strong woman. Come to me my little baby, or find strong on your country

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:23am
I didn't think about it. ..I can use your strenght...u think u can lift the washing machine completely off the groind? Wile I check the bottom?but ill need 5/10 min

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:23am
There's nothing like you in my country. ..I will join u in turkey to see and try and feel all yhings you told you can do and do to me with me for me

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:25am
Yes, sure baby it is not very heavy. I can lift men for 40 min, sure i'll be able to lift a washing machine for 10 min. I'll use my both arms it would not be so hard. Just be careful my little baby and ask for help

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:27am
Ok, some come to me my little baby. I will not let you face any problem here you would be totally relax my little baby. You will spend it lifted, feeded and sleeping between my arms

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:30am
Oput ure husband on it when u luft just to give u challenge. ...just joking... you must hold it and I'll be below it so I trust your muscles can hold tgat machine

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:32am
Sure, you trust my muscles, i'll never hurt a weaker man trusted me. My little baby

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:34am
Usually tgey need 2 man to lift and carry tge washing machines around...seems that you can grab it downstairs and lift it bringing it for all 3 floors

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:38am
Hhhhh, really you kidding tight it does not need two men. Because seriously i have a big washing machine and i lift it so easy, but maybe that makes sense because when i wrestle two men i can destroy them easy

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:41am
How easy

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:44am
You are unbelievable wow

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:46am
I mean i use my both hands, but with out any struggling, and i can for sure lift it fir 10 min

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:46am
I can barely move it

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:47am Hey listen every one this is the link for the poll I'll be available when this one reach 300. it is right under this one

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:47am
It's weird that at my age I discover that i meed mummy's help to move or lift things too heavy for me

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:48am
Ok, what should i do? if i were there i'll not let you move a thing. You are so weak for this kind of stuff. Most of you men are so weak for this. Leave these kinds of works for us, your mammies

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:49am
That link not work

curious87Jul 07 2014 8:50am Try this it is the one directly under this one.

Woman Jul 07 2014 8:51am
It's title is Aktiviti lpas kelas

AnonymousJul 07 2014 8:52am
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