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Scariest Clique

Question: Which is the scariest?
Created by: _1919 at 05:00:00 PM, Saturday, April 29, 2000 PDT


To at lost: who are you? and how come it says that you created this poll when I did yesterday?.....

_1919Jul 24 2000 7:21pm

what's a masonite?

masoniteJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Isnt like A goth, mansonite, and a punk the same thing? I mean i can see how a wiccan would be different but i mean come one! Some people fit into several of these groups and you cant just steriotype people. That really isnt fair to anyone.

The Anonymous Anarchist of PollsJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Conservative is the scariest

Your motherJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Jocks are the scariest by far. I mean, where do you think the highest rate of date rape, loudmouths, chauvenists. and dumb-asses is ??????

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
I've got one thing to say about that dumb f*ck The Anonymous Anarchist of Polls: A goth and Mansonite can be put into the same catagory, but a punk has NOTHING to do with the darker side of life. A punk is someone who normally belives in Anarchy and listens to PUNK music, not trance or shock rock or anything that the goths listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daughter_of_evil666Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
preps are the most scariest to me cuz they are the ones who can go out and kill someone and get away with it, cuz they have 'everything' or some bs like that. i know this cuz i've seen it happen. preps suck.

TaybabeJul 24 2000 7:21pm

AnonymousJul 24 2000 7:21pm
ummm...Mansonites and Goths are completely opposite of eachother... Mansonites hate love/beauty etc...whereas Goths are Beauty etc

_1919Jul 24 2000 7:21pm
i've been called a prep..i mean, that's the group that i'm put with at school..but i have friends from EVERY group and i'm not lying...nobody is better than anybody else. it seems like the people who are alwayz screaming sumone is judging them are the ones who are judging. i get along fine with my goth friends,my jock friends, etc. etc. what's YOUR problem???

u make me sickJul 24 2000 7:21pm
A general ick: preps, jocks, etc. Generally the preps are ppl who judge others and are concerned about fitting in in their little cliques. Jocks are just sports-oriented, and many (I know, not all) are fairly dumb. No, Mansonites don't hate love and beauty, they're just mostly against the beauty that is mainstream. many people are both Mansonite and Goth.

LaDiosaJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Are Mansonite and Goth also known are Moshers??? I think that's what there called where I'm from, but I have noticed that Moshers tend to be teenagers.

thinking about being a mosherJul 24 2000 7:21pm

meJul 24 2000 7:21pm
whoever said that jocks are the scariest cause they rape people you are wrong have any of you people been around a drunk redneck? redneck are the worst!!!

redneck haterJul 24 2000 7:21pm
Ummmm...I'm an equal-opportunity hater. I just hate everyone.

The monster under your bedJul 24 2000 7:21pm
what about the KKK? Those motherf***ers have no brains

AnonymousAug 15 2000 10:58am
Nobody sucks with one exception! I am considered a prep at my school but I am not stuck up. I have friends that are completely oposite of me that don't hang out with my usual clique. The only group I have a problem with are the rednecks that are bullies that HATE everyone except the other rednecks. (Not all the rednecks, just the bully ones). As long as you don't think or act like your better than anyone, it doesn't matter how you dress, or talk, or what you do for fun.

CrunchyOct 26 2000 4:19pm
The KKK is excessively prejudice but it seems that blacks are excessively aggressive towards whites b/c they feel they owe them something. Whites are punished for racism, but blacks are praised for it. What happened to the part where we are all supposed to be equal?

anti-anonymousOct 26 2000 4:22pm
I think religious fundamentalists, anti-abortionists, kkk, neo-nazis and conservatives are by far the scariest cliques; never discount the power of stupidity.

green_dolphin_99Jul 31 2001 6:41pm
preps are scary

kenjiAug 23 2001 2:02pm
punk rules

kenjiAug 23 2001 2:02pm

im a rocker...ha...haAug 29 2001 2:22pm
goths are not moshers and thats all i wanna say so f*ck u

EveNov 02 2001 9:43am
f*ck GOTHS-I listen to punk and ska because I love music.

fuck this stupid web pageNov 11 2001 8:26pm
pulease what is worse than an xtc popping raver freak who thinks they are existing on some higher plane with their funky clothes...wannabee unique stlye...adnt here desperate attempts to dance cool..adn be cool..they are the ultimate in uncool...

coll macDec 11 2001 11:51am

I LOVE XTCMar 21 2002 3:01pm
goths scare me hella bad. who wears black lipstic anyway?ugh. what the hell is wrong with preps?ur all just jealous cause theyre all the popular ppl and the scary punks and goths arent

goth pollJun 30 2002 3:28am
preps scare me! however, people shoudn't be judged on how they dress. The reason why i hate preps is because they're all stuck up snobs, which is what, makes them preps.

antiDec 10 2002 5:32pm
I have only one thing to say...and its the truth...PREPS RULE! Goths are the morbidities in society...Thaaaaats Right!

anonymousJan 13 2003 4:55pm
The following groups of people are all ok by me: Moshers, Goths, Punks, Townies, Ravers, Wiccans, Rockers, Outsiders, Trendies and Jocks. Why? Because they never done me any harm before there is one group i hate tho. SCALLIES They make my life a misery by being violent towards me, my friends and my family. No one can defend scallies because in order to be a scally you must hate everyone who is different from yourself and purposly go out of your way to make fun of others and to ruin their lives. Scallies are the type of people who would attack someone in the street with a chain because their friends say he looks gay. All other groups may have there disagrements on music and fasion but who cares everyone is entitled to an opinion. So long as you dont force me to be like you i dont care what you do. (I have never heard of a Mansonite before)

TornadoCreatorMar 12 2003 5:15am
i have just read all of the threads on this page, in short i feel my iq has just dropped 10 points, (believe me, that does not leave me with very much left) however...i do know a few core fundamental aspects of each of these groups because a have spent time as each one of these types of persons (Mansonites excluded because i never even heared of them), each group is frighted by the other group usually because of money situations, family life, or moral standings...the truth is eachone has their good qualities and they all share the number one bad quality...narrow minded towards anything other then their the way if you want to know what group i associate most closley with i am a lower middle class consevative "prep" (i dress nice because i enjoy looking nice)...PS...moshers are not a group/clique...they are the people who enjoy a good rough time at a but definitely not a clique.

married for life...Mar 21 2003 8:06pm

Bex X2May 14 2003 3:52am
what is married for life on about we are not narrow minded we are just diffrent people with diffrent views

th dodgy kid down the roadJun 15 2003 11:15pm
that's smart, "th dodgy kid down the road". you have a good heart

hqwbJun 29 2003 8:48pm
out of all of the kinds of people in this world, i think that the worst are the nazis, and everyone agrees.

if you dont, no offense but ur a lozerJun 29 2003 8:50pm
you know, all of these "cliques" from the poll are names people call themselves, but more often they are labels put on them by others. this includes jocks and preps. intresting how so many people ragged on them them for thier narrow-mindedness while defining them with thier own terms. of corse, groups like the KKK that intentionally put themselves into thier own catagory are fair game to hold (in this case, deserved) bias against.

MagicPandaDanceJun 30 2003 10:59pm

AMANDAAug 18 2003 10:28am
Whats a rocker?? Isn't that the same thing as punk? Oh yeah what the hell is a wiccan?? AND WHAT IS A SCALLIE, and what is a freakin MANSONITE!! AHHHHHH

AMANDA(confused :( )Aug 18 2003 10:33am
f*ckin morons.. Whats this poo about goths AND townies are okay??? One or the other we are in war with those f*ckers! And whats up with saying punks belive in anarchy Punks and Goths do.. Punks and Goths were born allies and thats the way its staying. Demonics can be in the goth group also. And the crap about goths being dark shove that up your ass.. Goths feel the way they feel! Real goths don't become goth thinking "ohh ill be so cool is i wear black and im on the dark side" Theres even god beliving goths (but i dont like them that much). most worship satan but we hate being called "dark" when dark is just the way we feel!

Anti-Prep, TownieSep 10 2003 8:08pm
being a big time mansonite and "one with the dark side" as it's so pretentiously labeled, i'll say it's all good. whatever. goths and punks tend to get along, as well as the ninnies, the rockers, the hippies and what not. generally we just collectively hang and do whatever. i dont know, if there was a cool prep or thug or whatever then fine, just find a spot and say something insightful. no time for idiots, regardless if you're a black wearer or a fubu wearer, eh they both cost money. mansonites are fairly devout marilyn manson fans. the strange thing is that goths nowadays feel an obligation to denounce mansonites just because there's a backlash of mislabeling goths as marilyn manson fans when they arent, and also that there are honestly some dumb ass manson fans out there with bad poetry and melodrama issues. i say shut up, grab a cigarette sit down and laugh.

does it matter?Sep 15 2003 6:04pm
we should just have a raver/goth/punk/prep/athlete/mod/mansonite/surfer/skater/dork/techie/feminist/queer love fest, and call it a day.

does it really matter?Sep 15 2003 6:24pm
Im kind of a goth/mosher/punk! i cant stand Townies,trends,preps,SCALLIES! der da people who make Goths,moshers,punks,rockers lives hell!

Jonathan Davis's Bitch (KoRn)Dec 30 2003 6:18pm
I dont really care what "clique" a person is in and if you classify and base someone on that you are a hypocritical,narrow minded person who needs help just cause they dress a certain way doesnt mean they are that way.So get 2 know someone before you judge them cause you may be suprised.

A girl who is sick from all this pathetic nonsenseJan 07 2004 10:23pm
hey um im a goth and i dont have a problem with preps at all only if they are a bitch to me or if they start something with me then ill just kick their dumbass.....

Toni WalpJan 10 2004 4:34pm
yall some buster fake's tryin to be gangsters

c-cuzzJan 13 2004 5:27pm
Why do people have to be labelled and put in boxes anyways, I like people as long as they treat others right that's all that matters. Just because you got hurt by a certain person doesn't mean all of his/her kind are like that. I agrea with "A girl who is sick from....." either way I don't think people should be catorgorized or called psers just because they try something new

I don't understandJan 14 2004 7:20pm
you ppl who are so damn judgemental are closed minded idiots! just because someone dresses differently, or listens to different music doesn't mean you have grounds to hate them. And one bad experience with a member of a particular clique shouldn't change your view on "those people". here's a thought: WAKE UP!!! you are going to meet tons of people, from gazillions of different lifestyles throughout your lifetime. we all need to learn to get past our shallow differences, and see a person for the individual that he/she is... not who or what you associate them with in your mind.

sick of stereotypesJan 20 2004 9:25pm
to the idiot that said mansonites are against love and beauty, your a f*cking moron.

demi dahmerFeb 12 2004 12:47pm
Ok now everone is entiled to there opion. But preps f*cking suck. Oh wow I wear black woopty f*ckin do. You know your colors. I hate them because they are the most rediculuss people to talk to no matter how nice you are to them they stil try to make fun of you when your trying to put them down, there is no point there all to f*cking stupid to under stand. Goths don't care about being popular as it serves no point and I does not help your future. There for popularity is point less. Next your not pretty when you pile make up on as make up is only used to cover of the ugley. A goth weres make up to look scarey or dead or just because they f*ckin want to but, never to the extent that a prep does aka to hide there ugly most goths don't care if there ugly they will out and say it. And it's retarded when you say there jealous if anyone was actuly wouldn't they try to look like you instead of the oppiste(yea yea they can't so they dress the oposite ok one that make no sence would they not dress simular) they don't want to be like you they loath your exsistance thats why. Ok one being gothic is not a way of dress that just means you were black. Gothic is a whay of thought.

The Anti-PrepFeb 16 2004 1:22pm
ok i juss wanna no how you can jion one of those groups like anarchy and goths and stuff related to that

MissFit cause im differentFeb 17 2004 2:50pm
i just wrote the one above my e-mail is

AnonymousFeb 17 2004 2:51pm
i think rednecks are the scariest the are so rascist, and if ur not a redneck the y dont like u,,,, they drive around in the big trucks and dip its so intimidating to peole

redneck haterFeb 29 2004 9:28pm
The dodgy kid down the street is right, but where I'm from (England, UK) There is one clique called CHARVAS and they are like the rednecks in that they hate all non-charvas. The big thing about these b*stards is they are everywhere. In the North nineteen out of twenty people are charvas it makes me sick because in the city, it is only nine out of ten but I live in the country. Here in the country is where the sofisticated people are, not like the US 'cos we don't have hicks or hillbillies, just b*stard charvas! All of the punks, goths, moshers, mansonites, and skaters get along because we are rare. We need to stick together against those charvas. They put car batteries through your window if you call them stupid! How extreme is that! They all wear buberry and Fred Perry and Henri Lloyd(is that spelt right?) and act/think/look/behave the same, even if there is a shred of individuality the 'herd' strips them of it in a humiliating aggressive act, then accepts them.

Yes I am Bored George and Bob and georgebob. I was trying out thMar 02 2004 4:06am
ok one thing, mansonites not the same as goth, and please talk about hot topic clothing I think that the new found punks and emo rockers are the most to blame in cookie cutting a sub culture. But hey deep down everybody (including me) is just different like everybody else. and news flash (this coming from a closet goth) punks/skaters/moshers etc.. are the main stream (mabey not in england) in the US and as much as it kills me to say it so called "preps" are the minority

got to love new waveMar 10 2004 5:41pm
why can't everyone just get along, i'm getting fed up with all this labbeling of subculture - if you like someone, you like someone dispite them most probably liking different things. if people of the world liked the same things, wouldn't it be a boring place to live; our choice of music, taste and clothing is all due to our own upbringing, state of mind, pyscology etc so why don't everyone forget their differences (which i'm sure everyone does) and get along and if there are arguments - lets not resort to labelling people in groups. Also, what about the people that sometimes move from genre of music to the other - bit like myself, sometimes from electronic music to a good punk song now and then, you may call me a raver if you see me but just call me by my real name peace out people

stop stereotyping (it's really dumb)Mar 12 2004 6:33pm
Ravers like everyone really so I Don't know what you are on coll mac - ya' waccack :P I don't pop pills matey, and I have lots of rock friends too so stop your anti-raver streak - you're welcome to join us in a rave if you want and you would be encouraged too - we're quite peaceful really, it's just the fubbing xtc that has made us a bit unpopular but at all gigs, concerts, raves, party's (whatever) you're gonna see drugs.

scooterMar 12 2004 6:41pm
we..are..all...human.. (i hope) Solipsism: Philosophical belief that reality is entirelly in the mind of the beholder. What is a clique? Do these cliques even exist?...

apath3tic..Mar 14 2004 2:59am
blacks are by far the worste, they taunt and make fun of peole all teh time especcialy white kids. they call people whiteboys and think just cuz theyre black they can be rascist

copenhagenMar 16 2004 12:18pm

ambecrombieMar 16 2004 8:23pm
You all forgot Hippies, maaan! Hippies scare the crap out of me!!! When I was a young lad back in the early '70s, a band of Hippies robbed my bag of candy and rode off on my bike. (Bag of Candy = drugs / Bike = chopper. Sorry, '70s lingo.) (Lingo = slang.) (AHH!! this is making me crazy!)

Scared of HIPPIES guyMar 28 2004 2:21pm
Soz but its goths + tht who think ther great so i wudnt start griefin charvas cos ther nt bad really. No off but goths seriously do me hed in

amyMar 29 2004 10:36am
Soz but its goths + tht who think ther great so i wudnt start griefin charvas cos ther nt bad really. No off but goths seriously do me hed in

amyMar 29 2004 10:38am
"Can't we ALL just get along..."

RodneyMar 29 2004 7:55pm
Yer all mad.SHUT IT!

Spongebob Da JobbyApr 01 2004 11:52pm
Jocks and Preps are evil - long live Goths and Skaters! But yer still all mad .... arguing about THIS .....

Grunge GiRL (aka S.D.J - read message above)Apr 02 2004 1:15pm

sk84lifeApr 05 2004 9:13pm

preppy cheerleader143Apr 06 2004 9:47pm
rednecks rule-- everyones cool to me but the black and the freak groups.u freaks act like yall jsut want to be left alone and stopped bein made fun of and poo..well look wut yall wear it looks like its fukkkin haloween,haha yall are some weird f*cks, and nigs hahaha just go back to africa!

AnonymousApr 12 2004 11:26pm

LEATHER MOSHERApr 16 2004 4:54am

LEATHER MOSHERApr 16 2004 4:57am
rednecks rules

AnonymousApr 16 2004 2:28pm
your all on crack. go buy yourselves. all a one dollar life. cuz you need an improvement, i honestly dont care, actually no one cares what YOU THINK, if a goth is better, or a pubk, skater, prep, yah-dee-yah-dee-yah, go get a life. I skkimmed through this thread.. its pathetic... WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

---cchuck it allMay 03 2004 4:41pm
Sk8ers and Goths are both cool! Jocks and Neds can go to bed and suck their little thumbs, cos they like to make out they're hard .... but they're babies. Big, big, babies.

Grunge GiRLMay 12 2004 5:41am
Thabk you. did you mean nerds? Because nerds aren't all bad, they just wanna be left alone!

I'm not human...May 14 2004 5:42pm
Goths are BY FAR the scariest! THA'S WHY WE RULE!

I'm from hell, can you come by and visit sometime?May 14 2004 5:56pm
Preps are so f*cking gay. And jocks. The jocks smack each other on the ass... GAYNESS!! Preps are so f*cking stuck up and they think they are better than everyone and have to be so pretty all the time.. Is like my hair like okay??? Goths rule and We will kill all you stupid preppy f*ckers!! Mwuahahahahahahaaaa!!!

DMH's lil goth gurlMay 18 2004 2:13pm
im stoned

AnonymousJun 09 2004 12:06am
Im a punk individual anarchist and i say all the hicks,jocks,preps,geeks,rappers, wiggers should die, long live my punker,sk8ter,goth, friends wahhhhh! dfjisagksfjgoisejvgpstfhpserpth fudogoaer[iuopgtopsajtohjtg..... <^>('_')<^> YOU!!!!!

KevoJun 09 2004 8:25pm
im a prep and i say long live ABERCROMBIE! hottopic die die!

prepsterJun 16 2004 4:19pm
Prepster your a f*ckin piece of poo. all you mother f*ckin preps will die. LONG LIVE GOTHS AND PUNKS> Preps f*ck ass and suck .

Satans_Katana Gurl Warrior666Jun 18 2004 4:37pm
The scariest click of all would have to be the preps. Their desire to look and be perfect inevitably takes them down a path of hobaggitry and anerexia. Nothing is scarier then a slutty zombie. As for their personallity, i wouldn't want to get into an argument with one, i have the bitemarks on my arms and shoulders to prove why.

BaalAug 08 2004 11:10am
Long live real METALHEADS. Punks and Goths are all queers. The rest are idiots.

Impaler of WallachiaAug 18 2004 2:08am
townies suck

kill a townieSep 11 2004 2:19am
long live skaters

kill a townieSep 11 2004 2:21am

kill a townieSep 11 2004 2:50am

~Hay-Lee~Sep 20 2004 4:39pm
sigh, your all takign darwin into consideration I take it...only the strongest group will survive, pass on their genes, remove competition and then you'll think to yourself - can't we all get along?

techno nerdOct 20 2004 2:45pm
dude seriously people wtf is up with all this labeling people like goth, or punk or prep.seriously, what does it matter!labels are nothing but a bunch of poo that people think they have to dress and act a certian way to get into.y do u want to be labled?y do u want to be put into one of the dumb cliques that society has today?IT'S STUPID!people lable me goth, i dont care,but they all assume i'm depressing,no sorry to say but i'm not.i'm dark,but not depressed.and now for some reason being goth is like the thing to people!i'm "goth"bcuz that's just the way i am.i dont make myself be that way,i'm not goth cuz i want to be labled goth.and "preps"the only way i can hate someone who wears pink or w/e is if they try to be someone they're not. same with anybody. PEOPLE JUST f*ck SOCEITY AND STOP USING LABELS!THEY ARE WORTHLESS AND A WASTE OF TIME!the only way someone can be a poser is if they try to be someone they're not

sick of societyOct 21 2004 2:14pm
Neds are townies - I like nerds! Nerds rock. I hate Jocks and Townies though. Die die die! Grunge GiRL PS: Long live Sk8ers and Goths!!! And Nerds!!!!

Grunge GiRLOct 31 2004 3:21am
Hi, I'm a friend of Grunge GiRL. I am one of the most annoyingly biggest fans of manga/anime but I am do I put it....GOTH! Jock's think that women are just a toy with two flaps of skin and fat to squeeze! Townies are just diliquiant's and don't know how to be nice! Long live the nerdy and forgotten!!! Also, long live Forbidden Planet;The place I buy manga and other comics and junk!!!! Sayonara, Minasan (everyone), Digi-Chan

Digiknowitall (Digi-Chan)Oct 31 2004 3:26am
I think vampires are sooo cool because they're gothic (duh!). People have called me one before but I feel that they are more deprived of sunlight than me and beside's, they eat black pudding (bloody Pudding) which is, ofcourse, made of cow's blood...or is it?

Digi-Chan (again)Oct 31 2004 3:29am
''goth poll,'' say sorry, or someone is sure to kill you .....

Mr Nasty Evil Bad Guy (your boyfriend)Oct 31 2004 3:37am
That's not fair, Goth Poll! I'm not jealious of you at all, I just feel sorry that you can't seem to understand that most goths don't wanna be popular anyways. At least 99.9% of goth's are more educated than prep's! Well, at least you can study on filling your boobs with silicon and pretend to be part of a very detailed erotic lesbian scene for Playboy you plastic doll! I'm glad I'm not like you!

Digi-ChanOct 31 2004 3:44am
Hey, we like all punks, skaters, goths, mansonites, geeks and moshers, but we don't like Satanists (but I'm not religious - Digi-Chan's a Catholic). We don't mind jocks and preps sometimes, but they can piss us off when we hear that they pick on all rock personalities and nerds. Why pick on them? Why pick on people who don't act/look/think EXACTLY like you? Think of other people and stop whining how you hate these types.

Digi-Chan & Grunge GiRLOct 31 2004 3:51am
Listen to Green Day - they speak true. No, not Dookie... or Insomniac... AMERICAN IDIOT, dumbass! Anyway, I like the lyrics "I beg to dream and differ". Can't we all dream and differ? WHY CAN'T WE ALL GET ALONG?!?! I await your flames and nastiness with open Goth rock arms. Love and luck.

The Lilac PilgrimNov 09 2004 12:50pm
Why is everyone afraid of goths? Why is everyone afraid of gay people as well? It doesn't make sense! The "worst" insult from a ned (not nerd), jock, prep, etc, is to say that you're gay. I think it's cute though! I'm a big fan of shojo - ai and shonen - ai manga and am still as straight as a titanium ruler! A lot of you are just wuss's! I'd kill for a gay friend and yet, people make fun of them! I may be sexually aroused by men (as I am a woman), but I don't act like George W Bush when I see two men kissing! They're not animals from the zoo! They're peole and brave ones too!

Digi-ChanNov 09 2004 1:01pm
Go Digi-Chan! Gay people are cool, and gayness is very sexy for the large amount of straight people. However, i don't find campness attractive, I wouldn't pick on a camp person. I'd just think, ''That's individuality.'' Love, peace and goths 4eva.

Grunge GiRLNov 12 2004 11:57am
Am I the only person on this site?! C'mon! Talk! AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Digi-Chan!Nov 12 2004 1:40pm
Oh....there WAS someone on the site...thanks Grunge GiRL!

Digi-ChanNov 12 2004 1:43pm
A slutty prep in my school brainwashed one of my friends. I am NOT going to give her name out (for security reasons) but she spread a totaly stupid rumour that she was pregnant and lost the baby through drugs, alchohol and self abuse! That's not fair! There are millions out there going through the same thing and she's taking the piss! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!! Then after that "tragedy" of losing "a baby", she probably lied about being the bike of the town! Anyone doing that right now that are enjoying this, YOU ARE ALL f*ckING ASSHOLE C**T'S!! THAT'S DISGIUSTING AND HORRIBLE! THAT GIRL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF BUT ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS ARE HANGING AROUND HER! YUCK! DISEASE!

A very angry Digi-Chan!Nov 12 2004 1:57pm
If any of you care and value your souls then I strongly suggest that you get away from satan as far as possible, and go to God and Jesus, while you all still have a chance, while you're all still alive! P.S. This website reeks of sin.

AnonymousNov 16 2004 9:40am
In my school groups are everything! If your in a group u have to stick with your group. No townie is friends with a goth, no goth is friends with a punk.the b boys dont have anyhtin to do with the book worms and the geeks and nerds dont get along with the jocks and fancy girls(meaning in case you dont know : slutish twofaced money loving trendy popular girls) is a fact ; theres always been groups andalways will be - n theyre all scary, any group could do any thing - remeber its not who you are that matters its who u belong to!

Purple_HazeNov 18 2004 11:46am
I like to blend in with other groups. I'm usually dining with my friends at my school and we are very different from each other. Despite our differences, we're still really close and i'm quite lucky that there are two goths in my group (me and Claire). I like your comment, Purple_Haze, but I like anyone. I'm only interested in personallity, mostly. I hope that others will think that too. PS:Preps should learn to gather sand as that is what silicon is made out of.

AnonymousNov 21 2004 12:35pm
I like to blend in with other groups. I'm usually dining with my friends at my school and we are very different from each other. Despite our differences, we're still really close and i'm quite lucky that there are two goths in my group (me and Claire). I like your comment, Purple_Haze, but I like anyone. I'm only interested in personallity, mostly. I hope that others will think that too. PS:Preps should learn to gather sand as that is what silicon is made out of.

Digi-ChanNov 21 2004 12:35pm
Correction! Sand is made of silicon. My mistake! Well all you meany preps, don't say that science can't be of any use (hahaha! NOW I'm a nerdy, punky goth or was I always that?.... yes, I was)

Digi-ChanNov 21 2004 12:40pm
Okay, this topic is nasty. What does it matter? At the end of the day, we are all human beings, and we should be helping each other and I say live and let live. Love and Luck! PS - Despite my name I suppose I could in reality be called a "Goth"

The Lilac PilgrimNov 21 2004 12:47pm
Thanks sis, but the whole point of this site is to diss people that you don't like just to get a release.... just kidding! You're right, Lilac! We are all humans and should be helping each other but we can't just love each other all the time! We have to hate to love. there's no use in liking everyone.....BOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

Digi-ChanNov 25 2004 1:23am

Weird crazy guyNov 25 2004 1:24am
To Weird Crazy Guy : ?!???!!? Oh, and I undertand that not everyone is likable, but be realistic - if a giant flaming meteor crashed down on us, or George W. Bush did something dumb like start a nuclear war, surely you'd all band together to make sure you had a chance of survival?

The Lilac PilgrimNov 28 2004 2:52pm
Screw Goths, damn them and their stupid selfs. GOTHS SUCK! STUPID LOW LIFES!

Goth Hater, aka Charlie BucketDec 02 2004 10:52pm
PS: SCREW GOTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie BucketDec 02 2004 10:53pm
Charlie Bucket : What's your problem? Oh yeah, you're jealous of my superior intellect...

The Lilac PilgrimDec 06 2004 11:45am
wow,i guess no one cared to comment on what i said like 3 months ago about how labels suck. i mean you people are labeling eachother like we're a can of food or doesnt f*cking matter!just because someone labels you goth doesnt mean you hate life and hate yourself.if someone wears a mini skirt and a pink tank-top doesnt mean they have sex every night! stop judging people on how they dress!if you hate someone cuz they dress different than you or u just hate the way they dress so you hate them well then screw you

sick of societyDec 20 2004 3:47pm
I don't actually HATE everyone. I just hate preppy people that think they are better than everyone, those talentless and worthless jerks!

DigiDec 21 2004 4:52am
Well done, sick of society. Couldn't have said it better myself. Labels are only there really so music can be categorised. It's bad enough we categorise categories, but we do the same to each other. My friend wears a lot of pink and while it's not my best colour, I'm still her friend. She's nice in the way she dresses, though I wouldn't dress that way myself, and she likes my Gothic dresses! So well done, sick of society. I applaud you. ABOLISH LABELS!

The Lilac PilgrimDec 23 2004 12:08pm
THANK YOU TO The Lilac Pilgrim! SOMEONE FINALLY SAYS THEY AGREE! and i have friends that dress different than i do and people come up to them and they're like "oh are you gothic too" and my friend says no and everyone calls me and my other friend a poser.oh, well sorry what really is a poser?someone that tries to be "punk" when they're really "preppy"? no, a poser is someone who tries to be someone that they're not,if people call you a poser and you like what you wear tell them to f*ck off and die.people dont need selfish people like that in their lives

sick of societyDec 23 2004 6:04pm
Ok I think the following suck skaters, preppies, jocks, rednecks, n-----s, spics,and Indians. I HATE these bastards who call themselves Punk now, you all know who im talking about. Blink 182 and all of these preppy posers trying to call themselves something they're not. True Punks stay true to your beliefs and PLEASE over run these preppy poser bitches! n-----s are babied by society and treated better then us (whites) just because of the 'past'. We're not equal, they're treated better then us. Maybe there wouldn't be so many n----- hate groups, including my own,if they didnt act like animals and rape our women (INCLUDING MY f*ckING GIRLFRIEND), and if they were treated EQUAL. But a mansonite can just be someone who listens to Manson. So someone can be a mansonite and a goth.

The_Greek_GothDec 24 2004 2:13pm
I feel not so strongly about this topic anymore. Look, I like rock music, most of you really normal people like really normal things and I respect that. Who am I to judge? I dress in the most stupid clothes, listen to defening music, I still read comics, eastern and western style.... I'M A FREAK! I understand the Matrix, so I must be! But who cares. I enjoy this. The_Greek_Goth, please bear with me about this, but some people that call themselves Punk are not posers. I understand your feeling towards them and I hate posers too aswell as arseholes that are white (Like me) but the fact is, there is always someone that will hate us and always someone that we hate, like it or lump it. HAVE A NICE DAY AND DON'T LET ARSEHOLES DRAG YOU DOWN!

Digi-ChanDec 28 2004 4:13am
The_Greek_Goth, some people that call themselves Punk are punk-rockers, or pop-punk. I like Green Day. Their division is Punk-ROCK. sick of society is still right. Labels suck. Oh, and sick of society - no problem! I listen to people. In fact, most people, even people I don't know come to me with problems. Even at school which is populated with neds and townies, people come to me regardless of labels. In my school, there are three divisions - those who like pop, those who like rock, and those who like both. No one in my school is put into a 'clique', and amazingly, not one group of friends in my school is all the same kind of person. Plus my school is crazy. I couldn't be happier.

The Lilac PilgrimJan 02 2005 9:36am
To all of you straight girls/ Bi /gay guys , when you look at a guy you dont look at the clothing do you? you look at their faces, eyes,lips, mostly the nose. well heres my point, it really does NOT matter they look like, i like in switzerland and everyone is soo different, you get the posh preps who can be cool though a little judgemental, the ska/punks who are just fun and cool to go to concerts with, and then hippies-amazing interesting stoners, and the rest which could be goths, geeks, but the best thing is when all of these people end up at the same party, the atmosphere is amazingly buzz and fresh, its best to find out about someone that isnt a splitting image of your self ( subculture) so cheers to all of ya, finish your beer and get out and go paaaaaarrrrrttty!

i ska had a taste it would be chocolateJan 17 2005 4:34pm
i fink goths r brave cos they r soooooooooo wierd but cool

HelenJan 23 2005 10:23am
f*ck all of uys i hate u.

fuck me cos im cuteJan 23 2005 10:26am
i fink moshers and goths r well gut.

evanesenceJan 23 2005 10:27am
i fink moshers and goths r well gut.

evanesenceJan 23 2005 10:27am
Freaking Anarcho-Punks are the best. SCREW THE GOVERNMENT! I WANNA BE THE MINORITY.

An Anarcho-Punk ChickJan 29 2005 5:30pm
Hey copenhagen, do not judge a book by its cover because if worse came to worse would u deny a black person's help just because u had a few bad experiences.Not every black person is like that and I should know because I am one. If I meet u I would welcome u and befriend u even if no one else would I don't judge I just see who u are inside. P.S. you sound like a nice person. Lots of love and whatever your preference(prep,goth,punk rock,etc) ROCK ON!!!!!

Dark Raven 452Jan 30 2005 4:57pm
Thanks Helen. Anarcho-Punk chick - I agree Dark Raven 452 - I totally agree I'm in an angry mood just now, but I'm really emotional today. So I love all of you! x x x Love and Luck!

The Lilac PilgrimFeb 13 2005 12:28pm

hmmm guyFeb 15 2005 5:46pm

BOBFeb 17 2005 11:35am

BOBFeb 17 2005 11:36am

BOBFeb 17 2005 11:36am
The Scariest Clique is all the labels. Labels are horrible, if you wear anything black you get called a goth, if you wear anything remotely baggy you get called a mosher/skater/greebo e.t.c and if you wear none of the above you get called a townie. It's only clothes for heavens sake

Hmmm_SenselessFeb 21 2005 2:40pm
you people are f*cken stupid do u even know what goth is its not a f*cking style its a stage of depression or can be considered for some a religion punks are pretty much anarchist or just diff styles of dressing and listen to certain types of music so u people suck prepes are gay they are all pretty much hating judging gay stupid poos that dont know poo that hide behind there flaws goths and punks show who they reall are at least blacks suck arabs suck i rock

the kid you all want to know with a hot girlfriendFeb 22 2005 8:31am
To the kid I'd rather not know with no girlfriend - do us all a favour please. Get a life.

The Lilac PilgrimMar 04 2005 12:52pm
i dont have a promblem with any cliques only certain ppl. when i in 6th grade i went thru my prep stage,7th i was a punker, 8th i didnt kno who or wat group i belong to, 9th i was a drama chick some wat of prep and punker. 10th grade i knew who i was i was all of them. i have my inner circle of friends, but i still hang wit the preps,goths,punker,str8,jocks,rednecks, and etc. Not all jokes are stupid come on the hae to have a C average(though i kno some idiots), goths are some of the nices and funnest ppl to hang wit,punkers i like their taste in music (even though i dont listening to it often)they got me hoke to linkin park, perps can help you with lots of things (no not finding the perfect outfit or how to lose fat quick). The KKK use to have good beliefs untill coruption. I personally dont think they(whites) owe me anything!(yes, i'm black)i think we're getting them back if we come up , and half of us stop acting like they way what everyone thinks about us! Also blacks dont get away with racism. look at the the world not a group. White ppl get way wit it wen its towards other groups,such as, arabs. Thas all i got to say. No clique is the scariest its just the certain ppl who make the name of the group bad.

Read this and see if you feel me! CRAZIEMar 05 2005 10:31am

Read this and see if you feel me! CRAZIEMar 05 2005 10:33am
These are the groups of people: jocks,preps,punks,metalheads,hippies, goths,gangsters....these are just the main categories but each main category has sub-categories for example one of the sub-categories for Punk is skater and one of the sub categories for Gangster is white gangster. I'm a Metalhead. I have long hair and wear black concert t shirts. I love heavy metal,grunge, and classic rock. I hate punk rock, alternetive, rap-metal, and rap.

THE HEADBANGERMar 17 2005 7:25pm
Goths,Punks, and rockers are the best....I hate preps...they are too girly and f*cking gay... preps are also posers at times...with there etines shirts and skate shoes...IT f*ckING MAKES ME SICK!

A personApr 15 2005 2:15pm
I've looked over some comments I've made in the facts here. God, they're so stupid. So harsh, too. I was labelling - yet do I want to be labelled myself? You can't just box someone because of how they dress or appear! I know I sound like an utter hypocrite, but I needed to make up for it. I won't say anymore and I hope you get my drift.

Grunge GiRLJun 23 2005 12:44pm
I can't stand it when people label goths as being depressed and that we worship the devil and want to become a vampire when we die. It's unfair and wrong. Maybe the reason that some of us are depressed is because we have loads of f**king chavers dressed in fred perry jumpers and trackies yelling poo at us, thinking they are so hard when they are so fake. They could follow each other in their little clique to the end of time and still not again anything from living.

Be a rock and resist to roll.Jul 01 2005 11:14am
Goths are so diffent from punks its not even funny!

Shadow__BladeAug 13 2005 12:52pm
To be perfectly honest, I only called myself a goth because I didn't know the right words to explain what or who I really am. Yes, I'm alternative, but I only like this style because it's comfortable and in my opnion, suits me. I mean, I'm not cut-out for wearin PVC or mini skirts cuz it just doesn't suit the person I am and bright colours are disgusting. I'm sorry, peacemakers of this forum, but humans ove or hate each other for really personal reasons or for really shallow reasons, like "She's fat" or "Hes his" or "He's that". Just don't let bastards ruin your lives and don't ruin anybody else's life, okay?

Kurai-Gaka (formanly known as Digi-Chan)Oct 26 2005 9:18am
No one really scares me. But those slut-abercrombie-cheerleader types that call themselves "preppy" get on my nerves. They make us REAL preppies look bad. We don't bother other people and they don't bother us. Perfect.

polo_girlNov 03 2005 6:07pm
Do I get points for posting comments?

BuggyNov 13 2005 10:40am
Am I getting points right now?

BuggyNov 13 2005 10:41am
Why does anyone here care about this? I mean, so you all want to label yourselves. Please do that somewhere private. As for me, I'd rather just get on with my life regardless of what people label me.

The Lilac PilgrimNov 14 2005 1:57pm
Humans in general...

CarJan 09 2006 1:24pm
Neocons are by the far the scariest. They are nutcases and they have their finger on the nuclear trigger.

AnonymousFeb 04 2006 4:49pm
I need help... I confused on rather i think i might be forming anerexia? do u know how i can tell i am or not i dunno im confused :?

anonymouseFeb 23 2006 2:54pm
Well ... the scariest i think are the goth ppl or w/e im a cheerleader and i guess i where hollister and yes i hang out with a group of freinds but really we arent mean or anything if u talk to us we wont shut u dont and thats how it should be

lexxFeb 23 2006 2:56pm
Jocks are defently scary I just got out of 2 bad relationships where yes im a cheerleader and i was dating them at the time and they said they loved me they were a diffrent person but when with there friends that are diffrent and also after they have sex with you or RAPED you well yeah .. they think there the world (some of them) and that there all big and bad b/c omg i play fotball or bsk ball I dont date that type anymore even tho i am preppy and cheerleader and popular I hate that kind of ppl now b/c i daed them they had sex with me b/c i thought they loved me and they said it but welp they just dumped me afterwards and told there friends about it all Yes Jocky ass hole guy but some of you arent all that way

velvet cheerleaderFeb 23 2006 3:01pm
I'm friends wth almost evry clique except PREPS!!! I can't stand them they are always messing wth me and my friends. so to all PREPS u can stick it up ur ass

foxy grandpaApr 04 2006 5:22am
preps need to get a grip on life and grow out of living off of mommy and daddy. jocks need to lighten and realize that just because play a sport doesn't mean that they can put others down. goths need to grow out of the make up and become someone that doesn't draw a lot of negative attention to themselves and try to blame others for their problems. punks need to know whether they like it or not there's always going to be laws in society, because without laws there will be no order and without order there will be mass chaos and murder. nerds need to put the books down and expeirence the rest of life. class presidents should loosen up and not go on a power trip, they're CLASS PRESIDENT NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. outcast need to make a stand and say hey what i'm doing to myself is suspending me from making friends and enoying life. and then there's me....a grunge rocker as others call me. what i need to do is stopping caring about other peer groups and worry about my own. i need to wash my clothes and wear clothes that aren't stretched and full of holes. well there's al;ot we all need to work own in high school or life in general. just because we're into different things doesn't mean we can't get along

Mother Love Bone fanApr 15 2006 8:50pm
this was a gay poll...LABLES ARE STUPID...oh and by the way goth is just a state of mind its like emo and punk...all 3 are the same thing

Lost & LonelyJul 17 2006 1:15pm
f*ck u all!

laughAug 25 2006 2:00am
Lost and Lonely, I completely agree, labels are very stupid. I hate to sound like an idiot , I don't want to stereotype anyone, but stuff like cheerleader, prep and stupid labels seem to be a really American way of thinking. This is why I'm glad I live in the UK where's there's less of this. Unfortunately, it does exist in some amounts, and it really shouldn't.

The Lilac PilgrimOct 27 2006 12:47pm
Fuck Goffs. They think theyre so evil and satanic with their black makeup and because they listen to shitknot and cradle of fags and think theyre black metal and think they know what REAL metal is. fuck goffs

Black Metal MessiahDec 18 2006 8:22am
wow. it's been almost a year since i've been on here and i'm still reading more and more comments where people still use cliques. i'm writing a speech about cliques and stereo-types and about how they mean absolutely nothing and do nothing other than place false judgements upon a person. alot of you on here are examples of why stereotypes are stupid, and that my friend, is something to be ashamed of.

sick of societyDec 30 2006 9:54am
Sat. 2/3/07

Date UpdateFeb 03 2007 9:52pm

#Feb 06 2007 10:21am
if you all really think we give you all points four posting you all r stupid

Tishia a 16Mar 25 2008 5:58am
year old

AnonymousMar 25 2008 5:58am
no a frigan prep is the scairest man considering they're too happy all the time. I'm creeped out whenever I see them. BTW: I'm a girl

IHATEPREPSOct 30 2008 4:36am
I'm the jockiest girl in my school and btw I'm a skater they rock! Preps suck so bad oh wait they can't handle it.

sk8terjockchickOct 30 2008 4:37am

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InDOkUJbyrOTfPZMar 10 2009 12:42pm

InDOkUJbyrOTfPZMar 10 2009 12:42pm

InDOkUJbyrOTfPZMar 10 2009 12:42pm
No group are really better than others. Why do people need to have labels? Im just me and you are just you.

anomynousJan 31 2010 11:57am
No group are really better than others. Why do people need to have labels? Im just me and you are just you.

anomynousJan 31 2010 11:59am
No group are really better than others. Why do people need to have labels? Im just me and you are just you.

anomynousJan 31 2010 12:08pm
The Freemasons

Ticklish Girly-armsFeb 11 2010 2:37am
I WANT ANOTHER 9/11 EVENT PLEASE!!! WHEN SOMETHING LIKE 9/11 HAPPENS TO AMERICA, I'LL GO TO BUY POPCORN IN ORDER TO ENJOY THE SHOW. WATCHING THE FALLING TWIN TOWERS WAS SOMETHING COOL AND EXCITING! Although I'm against terrorism, I think that Americans got what they deserved in 9/11. What comes around, goes around. And stop messing in European and Asian affairs please!

NickNov 07 2010 1:26am
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