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Question: nuttin but i was jsut wondering
Created by: Lasha at 03:01:11 AM, Monday, December 04, 2006 PST


DlzFgc Im obliged for the blog article.Much thanks again.

IGOakNFISdwpuWkmGJul 18 2014 5:58pm

QzC4oF I'll immediately seize your rss as I can't to find your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me recognize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

MLDZMwNMSuXkrrnWpeJan 15 2015 3:46pm

AnonymousMay 06 2021 6:52pm
I am a fifteen year old boy, and my friends 11 year old sister is really really really strong and is actually stronger than me somehow. We found this out a couple of weeks ago. When I visited his house every so often, she had, in the past three months begun sneaking behind me as I walked through the house and it’s halls on my own. One time, about two or so months ago, as I was walking I suddenly felt something grab my waist and all of the sudden I was in the air. I saw Elizabeth’s( my friend’s younger sister) arms around my body and she suddenly opened her arms and I fell to the ground.I was very surprised by this, but before I could comment she left. It was surprising at the time because she was basically athletically slim (she looked like a child cheerleader), so she was fairly skinny and she wasn’t really buff or anything, and she was a fair bit shorter than I was. This became a far more regular thing however and soon after that every time I came to his house, Elizabeth would lift me in a hallway at some point, because she got a giggle out of it. Eventually I became curious as to how she was doing it, so I intentionally would change the wall mounted mirror’s angle so it would gradually shift towards facing the general hallway, and near the end of March, I finally saw her do it in the mirror. She squatted down a bit wrapped her arms around my hips and immediately shot up to full height, literally thrusting me off the ground. I was pretty surprised by this to say the least, though it was awesome and unexpected to see. At the start of April the first time I re visited my friend we had a small pizza party, and we had two pepperoni pies. Normally Elizabeth eats at the table with us but she didn’t that day. So as soon as we finish Elizabeth walks up in front of me and slams her elbow on the table and says “let’s arm wrestle.” I denied her offer (I was still surprised that she was capable of lifting me so to be honest I was intimidated of the potential power her muscles packed.) after I declined she asked “what’s wrong skinny boy, afraid you’ll lose?” I quickly denied saying “no, I just don’t have anything to gain from arm wrestling you.” She giggled and said “don’t worry, I could beat you easy.” And she flexed her arm after saying this. Her bicep nearly inspired my mouth to go agape, as despite her arm being fairly skinny with a tiny bit of meat and flesh, she actually did have a bicep. It was surprisingly sized given her, as her bicep was fairly big, and the peak area was fairly well defined. Without myself flexing, it looked like ours were pretty evenly matched in both height and girth, I think my arms might have been a little wider, but a little shorter and less defined. (I wanted to measure our biceps, but I was worried about being shown up so I didn’t mention the idea, luckily.) she said “cheer, dance, and exercise have been good, feel it, it’s all muscle.” I felt her bicep, putting my thumb on her bicep and index finger on her tricep and squeezed. The only response I could utter was a kind of weak “my god... it’s like My god.” She began to realize I was very intimidated as she was looking at my eyes and smirking. The next times we interacted she was far more aggressive and competitive. The next time I came over she was a fair bit more aggressive than I imagined she would be. I walked down the hall near her room, and she burst out of her room. She then charged at me and grabbed my wrists to try to pin me to the wall. She said “arm wrestle me weakling.” I fought her back, but she was pushing pretty hard. Right when she was about to pin me to the wall I pushed quite hard and knocked her off and ran to the bathroom. The only other thing she did that day was lift me by the waist before I left and spun me around three times. The next time I came over she was wearing a tank top and was working out when I got there.

AnonymousMay 10 2021 12:27pm
We had chef’s salad for lunch, and we all ate together. Elizabeth finished first and got up, then my best friend finished and told me he’d go to the bathroom. As I went to stand, Elizabeth wrapped one of her arms around my neck, and she kicked my left knee so I would fall to a nearly kneeling position. I grabbed her forearm with my arms, she suddenly grabbed one of my arms with her free arm and pull it away. My arm slowly forced her forearm away from my neck and I began to try to reposition myself to stand and get out of this headlock/chokehold. But when I had almost forced Elizabeth’s arm away from my neck she suddenly giggled and said “I can’t believe it, I am stronger.” With that she flexed the arm I was pushing away, and she pulled it back to my neck in a few second and trapped that arm to my neck, and used her other arm to pin my last arm behind my back. She got on her tipsy toes and leaned back pulling my head up and back. Now i was forced to stand, but since I’m a fair bit taller than Elizabeth she now had me careening over backwards a little bit with gravity and her weight adding force against my neck and pulling me down. My arms were both hopelessly pinned by her as well, so I was desperately grasping for air. I was getting really light headed and my vision was nearly blacking out, making me bend over onto Elizabeth as she pushed her shoulder against my back and lifted me to the very tip of my toes and about to pass out. She said “wow, you really are weak. I can beat you with one arm, look. She then freed my arm she had pinned behind my back, twisted my body on her shoulder and with her arm she had wrapped around me neck, she released her arm from my throat mid-swing and threw me onto the ground. While her crushing grip was no longer on my throat, my body hurt from the toss (luckily the floor was carpet or I would’ve really been hurt) I now had a coughing fit on the floor, and I was struggling to regain my breath. Elizabeth said “sorry, I didn’t know you were that weak.” My friend re-arrived and saw me having a coughing fit on the floor and asked Elizabeth “what did you do to him?” She just said “I tossed him around a bit to show him who was boss.” It took me a few minutes but I recovered. The next time I came over, Elizabeth wasn’t very present until later in my visit when she joined my friend and I in playing Mario kart. During the gameplay I glanced at her arm every once in a while and observe her muscles bouncing with her efforts. She looked like she had been working out as her muscles looked a little bigger and sweatier. I was very intimidated, and she saw me glancing a few times and repositioned her arms to make her biceps look as big as possible. Eventually my best friend got called on and had to go to the store. He told me to watch Elizabeth and be careful and he told her to behave. As soon as he left Elizabeth smirked at me scooted closer and said “make a muscle” so I flexed my arm as absolutely hard as I could. My arm seemed kind of big and Elizabeth said “ooh not bad, way better than I thought you could ever do. But...” with her left arm she started squishing my bicep and with her right arm she lined up our biceps. She said “they feel like soft mashed potatoes.” She also said “and look...” her bicep was about as wide as mine and her peak was higher, not to mention her bicep was more toned with less fat. She said “my muscle is bigger and harder you weak boy.” I admitted that her muscles were stronger with a feeling of defeat. She then smirked and said “don’t worry, you’re not too weak. I’m just strong because I exercise a lot and have good muscles. You’re stronger than I thought you’d be.” I never arm wrestled her, but she would certainly have one. I’m just confused as to how she got so strong.

AnonymousMay 10 2021 12:53pm
I think it is changing more and more, while in old times it was strange if the woman was taller than the man nowadays you see it more and more often that tje woman overtowers her boyfriend and at the same time ou can see many women who working out. It‘s not that rarely anymore that that women are really strong, even stronger than men. That this girl is stronger than you boys is not strange when she workout regulary. When i was at school the strongest in my class were also girls. Also later again and again i met women who were stronger than me and sometimes also taller than me. My girlfriend works out and she‘s way stronger than me. She‘s a little shorter than me but she likes when i‘m the shorter one so she wear often heels. Sometimes i acompany her to the gym. Because i workout pretty rarely i‘m average strong for a man. Compared to many women in the gym i‘m below average strong. Also in public i see it more often that women have smaller boyfriends and again and again i see that the woman is obvious stronger than him. So for you it should not be embarassing that you are inferior to a girl. I‘m sure you will still met a lot girls who are stronger than you and a lot girls nowadays prefer a weaker boyfriend.

Henni Jun 28 10:35am
Well anonymous I had a somewhat similar situation though with less lifting. I found out that my little sister’s friend Tiffany is stronger than I am. I’m 14 and she only recently turned 10, but she is a strong and sturdy girl. She’s a bit tall for her age, but hefty and fairly well built with fair endowment. I hadn’t interacted with Tiffany too much until recently when she started coming over, but I could tell just from looking at her she was strong. She’s very solidly built and clearly has muscles, though they aren’t super defined or clear cut, their existence is obvious. I was watching her and my little sister play games and got a bit curious to see how strong Tiffany was, just out of reflex I suppose. So I observed her and began imagining ways I could test her strength. She was wearing a nearly cropped tank top, and some denim shorts. I know she is in love with cheerleading and that her and her mom enjoy CrossFit and weightlifting. She began playing with my sister as they were playing some game involving dolls. Before she began playing, Tiffany put her hair into a short bun and this was more of less my first glimpse. As she was fixing her hair, I saw her arms writhe with her movements, and she had some surprisingly decent muscles on her arms. They were pretty big and somewhat defined, a fair bit more than I expected, and as I said, they were rather big. Judging from just that quick peek they likely rivaled my biceps pretty easily. I was impressed to stay the least and decided I’d continue observing and testing her. I was supervising them technically so I just sat in the room for a while. At one point I got up to leave the room and go into the hallway, and Tiffany got up shortly after to use the restroom, so I intentionally bumped into her in the doorway and grabbed her right arm, and she attempted to support me because I acted like I tripped/fell onto her. Her right arm felt really strong. I could clearly feel her bicep and it was pretty hard too. She also put her hands under my arms and forcefully stabilized me, for which I thanked her. This surprised me as it confirmed how she was at least strong enough to move me, and she seemed to do it pretty casually so I was excited at the prospect that she may have been near my strength level. I was slightly taller than most 14 year olds but pretty skinny and I don’t quite weigh 110 lbs. Tiffany was, on the other hand a big girl, she wasn’t that close to me in height but she weighed almost what I did at 106lbs to my 108lbs. The next time I interacted with her we played a game where myself, Tiffany, and my sister pretended to be in prison. For a while Tiffany was the guard and while she was she would individually guide us to our cells. While she was guard I’d wrap an arm under one of hers so she’d pretend to drag me and with my free arm I’d cup her bicep and feel it. Her muscles felt great they were big, pretty round, and surprisingly hard so I enjoyed feeling them, she caught me feeling and asked what I was doing but I just said I was using her for support. She kind of accepted that and we continued. We played that game often and I’d usually work in some way to feel her muscle, and I realized one day she’d caught on without a shadow of a doubt. She was another prisoner in the game and she walked up to me and to my surprise struck a pose and flexed her right arm with all her might. Her bicep swole to amazing size and I was totally infatuated by it for a moment.

MaxAug 08 11:04pm
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