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mom vs. dad

Question: mom are you stronger than husband, dad is your wife stronger than you. can she beat you at wrestling, boxing,fighting or maybe weightlifting or armwrestling.
Created by: zabb at 05:06:38 PM, Thursday, November 29, 2007 PST


Truly, zabb is MENTAL case

JackNov 30 2007 1:33pm

[insert mindless comment on female superiority here , citing a cheesecake recipe as indisputable proof]

FNOLNov 30 2007 5:37pm
[insert mindless comment on female superiority here , citing a cheesecake recipe as indisputable proof]

FNOLNov 30 2007 11:50pm
[insert mindless comment on female superiority here , citing a cheesecake recipe as indisputable proof]

FNOLNov 30 2007 11:50pm
This is exactly what we do NOT need: Another poll about muscular women. There are already about 200 of those on this web site. I would like to see this web site permanently closed down.

AnonymousDec 01 2007 7:56pm
If you don't like it, don't read or post

AnonymousDec 01 2007 9:07pm
During a dinner some weeks ago the issue of male and female strength came up. My daughter of 17 claimed the pound for pound women are stronger than men and the only reason for men to be generally stronger was their size. My husband (42 and son 19) said that this was rubbish, men had the testosterone to make them stronger. My daughter is a gymnast and is very strong and muscular. She is heavier than her brother and almost the same weight as her father. I am the biggest in the family at 178cm and 84 kgs. My daugther first challanged her brother to an armwrestling match that she easily won and then she won against her father as well. I took on my daughter and after a long struggle I won. I have an athletic background and still spend hours at the gym. I think I have made my point our daughter said. My husband didn't take it too well and the day after joined a gym. I am probably twice as strong as him so I think he will never catch up. I think it is an interesting issue. I can see many women at the gym oulifting men that are even bigger in size. Women go for strrenght more and more. Thanks

Mother StrongDec 02 2007 3:02am
No one is bigger fan of big strong Women using size and mass to put a male in his place. However, if I remember my basic chemistry a kg. is 2.2 pounds. That would make you 176 pounds. You then state that it was difficult for you to overcome your daughter which would imply She was about your size. You then state She is a "gymnast". While gymnasts have to be conditioned and have pound for pound strenghth in order to perform on their apparatus they must be petite. Most top Female gymnasts are under 5 ft. and under 100 pounds. So I have difficulty suspending my disbelief when I read your post. If you had said your daughter was a speed skater or a rugby player that would have been different. If by gymnast you meant someone who goes to a gym and works out, that would be different. I am also aware that these posts come from all over the world and that in the UK the phrase "athletics" is used when in the US people would usually say "track and field" but to an American your post creates an image of little Nadia Comanech, Olga Korbut, or Ekaterina Szabo overpowering a full grown man and it doesn't work. Of course if my mother had been 84 kgs when I was growing up and had used Her mass to punish my behind maybe Wife would not have to beat me regularly.

obedient husbandDec 02 2007 4:56pm
Mother Strong? have you ever wrestled your husband and won? Or any other guys

curiousDec 04 2007 12:39am
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UpdateDec 05 2007 11:43pm
obedient husband, I will bit my tongue and hold back because I realize your a man. Now I'm in the U.S. so I'm not real into metric but when I went to school (178cm. would be around 5'-10+") and (84kgs. would be around 185.2 lb.)

SueDec 06 2007 12:03am
Ms. Sue, as a mere male I am of course not as good at math as a Female. If I were your husband you could beat me for giving incorrect answers.

obedient husbandDec 06 2007 6:18pm
Heh. With a mathematics degree I really should let rip Sue, but I'll bite my tongue and hold back, because you are a fool.

FNOLDec 06 2007 7:29pm
FNOL, Oh great one I'll just bet you have a degree in any topic that comes up on this board? Of course we all now that talk is cheep. Unless you look at it as a source of heat, I just bet you keep your poor wife real warn with all that hot air that come from your big mouth. If my figures are so far off, lets see you give us the right answers...oh I forgot you have a mathematics degree I guess I'll have to call it a solution otherwise you won't know what I'm talking about? PS Have you notice when I are most others make a comment or post it only take one try, But when you spit out a comment it repeat the post up to three times before the computer can decide if it make any sense?

SueDec 09 2007 3:02pm
The male will always be stronger than the female

AnonymousDec 09 2007 3:07pm
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UpdateDec 09 2007 3:09pm
No I do have a degree Sue, because I studied hard and put the work in . I am not intelligent at all, not compared to the minds of many brilliant university students. But I did it all the same ,through very hard work and perseverance. You don't like that idea however do you ? , because you believe in an pre-ordained natural entitlement to superiority and when you're 'rules' don't work, the idea that the world has facets beyond you're understanding is abhorrent to you. P.s Isn't this great discussion ? , I just love a debate , even if it isn't a great mind stretcher.

FNOLDec 09 2007 5:16pm
No I do have a degree Sue, because I studied hard and put the work in . I am not intelligent at all, not compared to the minds of many brilliant university students. But I did it all the same ,through very hard work and perseverance. You don't like that idea however do you ? , because you believe in an pre-ordained natural entitlement to superiority and when you're 'rules' don't work, the idea that the world has facets beyond you're understanding is abhorrent to you. P.s Isn't this great discussion ? , I just love a debate , even if it isn't a great mind stretcher.

FNOLDec 09 2007 5:17pm
Well your getting better You only repeated yourself twice this time. QUOTE(YOU don't like that idea however do you?) END QUOTE. Its not so much that I don't it is I don't believe, If you were that you say you are, you would be telling me why my math solution is wrong instead of avoiding the issue. You seem to think that one has to have a math degree to do what a woman see as a simple math problem? Which lead me to believe your all dreams and no reality "QUESTION MARK" not required.

Sue (Watch this I won't repeat myself)Dec 09 2007 9:15pm

Sue, Just in case you get a funny ideaDec 09 2007 9:19pm
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UpdateDec 09 2007 9:22pm
Obedient husband, just to make things clear, my daughter is not a top gymnast, you are right that most of top Female gymnasts are small. But if you look at levels below the top ones you will find some girls that are bigger. My daughter is around 70 kgs and my husband 72 kgs. He is quite a bit taller than her. The muscles in her shoulders are clearly bigger than her father's and her biceps of the same size but harder. I am just born a big strong girl that turned into an even bigger stronger woman with the help of weights and sport. So obedient husband, be a good boy and believe me what I write. To curious I can say that I have playwrestled with my husband several times, sometimes I let him win but if I want to I can pin him in seconds.

Mother StrongDec 09 2007 11:27pm
obedient husband, Were did you get the idea that Mother Strong daughter was a top gymnast? are you saying even if her daughter enjoys gymnastics she shouldn't do it because she may be a little bigger than you would like for her to be? Even if it just an exercise she enjoys doing? Her way of get a good workout?

AnonymousDec 10 2007 9:29pm
The words are there , but no sense comes out. *sigh* Let us be glad you are armed only with a keyboard, and not with wit , intelligence , sentience and purpose, Sue.

FNOLDec 11 2007 4:12am
#0025 - (Tue.) * 12/11/07

UpdateDec 11 2007 1:31pm
FNOL, I'm so glad you didn't repeat yourself this time, so CONGRATULATES. Since your having trouble understanding or compthening the english language, and seeing how I've learn a long time ago, that it a waste of time trying to communicate with a brick wall so I will bid farewell to one dumb ox.

SueDec 11 2007 2:00pm
Well then, that's the ingratitude of childhood isn't it ?, eh Sue.

FNOLDec 11 2007 4:24pm
Very well Mother Strong, if your daughter is a larger sized gymnast and the two of you use your size to control the males in your family, great! I hope you give your husband a hard spanking when he gets out of line.

obedient husbandDec 11 2007 4:25pm
My husband is not getting out of line, you spank children not men. In my opinion a man can still be a proud man even if he is weaker than his wife/girlfriend or even his daughter. That is something my husband is going through right now. His first reaction was to be ashamed of himself not being proud of the strong females of his family.

Mother StrongDec 11 2007 10:51pm
mother he afraid to make love to you now? i never made love to a woman who could defeat me in wrestling.

AnonymousDec 12 2007 10:04am
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UpdateDec 12 2007 1:32pm
mother strong and others -- Im 5`5 130 lbs and straight. But I have always been physically attracted to women, who are stronger and bigger than myself, and yet retain that femininity. Am I the only one or am I in good company? and where can I meet such women who like smaller men?
What are your thoughts?

carlDec 13 2007 6:26am
5'5 130 lbs, if you are not an athlete I can guess that most women here in Norway are bigger and stronger than you. The best way to get a woman interested in you is to forget about the size and strength issue. Just be yourself and show that you have good self esteem despite the fact that you are small and week. Go to a gym and ask a strong woman to help you with the machines and don't drool over their strong bodies. Just act that you have everything to learn and that you really need their help. The maternal instinct will do the trick, I know since this is the way I met my wife. Don't get me wrong, I am not a child that needs another mother but many women need to prove that they are big and strong as well as men do. I hope I habve been a bit helpful here. I am about the same size as you Carl, and in my gym I can sincerely say that most women are stronger than me, and they are feminine, except for one or two.

HassanDec 14 2007 1:53am

AnonymousDec 18 2007 10:46am
Mother Strong, I guess it is up to each Woman as to how She wants to run Her family. My Wife spanks me several times a month and She gave me a hard paddling on my bare behind yesterday. I am proud to be the property of a firm handed Woman.

obedient husbandDec 20 2007 6:26pm
carl: you might try the BBW sites.From my experience most are big and athletic, more than big and fat.IMO BBW should stand for -- Big Boned Women. Give it a try

senDec 26 2007 6:58pm
It might be fun to show your husband that what you can do to him if he gets out of line, spanking is very humiliating I think and I am afraid my husband would leave me if I did that to him. If he treats me bad in the future I might just do this to him but I don't think this will happen. I think it is more common than people think that the woman is physically dominant. I see plenty of cases where women are bigger than their men and in the gyms more women than men work out in the western world. In many countries women are working harder than their men physically and because of that become stronger, you never know what happens behind the walls in people's houses. Some men get their asses spanked, some get wrestled down and some get beatings, even if I am sorry to say that the other way around is more common. I think the world would be a better place if women should decide more.

Mother StrongDec 28 2007 2:51am
Wife used a riding crop on my behind this weekend. Wife has absolute authority to discipline me whenever She wishes with whatever frequency and severity She decideds to use.

obedient husbandDec 31 2007 5:35pm
Males have the mussels, but females know how use it in there favor, Females have the "POWER"

AnonymousJan 05 2008 11:24am
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UpdateJan 05 2008 11:27am
My son watched me flexing my muscles the other night when I was standing in front of the mirror. Mom's muscles are bigger than yours dad, he said. No way I said, I am the man in the house. My wife overheard this conversation and wanted to compare. Hers really were bigger than mine, both in the arms and legs. She than wanted an armwrestling match. Our son watched his mom win over her dad in this classical test of strength. I joined a gym the day after. My wife won rather easily so I need to work hard to catch up.

MannyJan 10 2008 1:15pm
Manny, Do your wife workout,and other than armwrestling has she ever tried to physically impose her will on you ie; wrestling or fistfighting.

AnonymousJan 12 2008 7:55am
My wife has been doing her own workout routine for many years, situps, pushups, rubber bands (the grey toughest ones), I very seldom see her do this since she is working partly from home. After the night she showed my son who's got the muscle in the family I one morning saw her doing a part of her routine. She's doing pushups with her feet on a chair, she seems to do 25x3 every day and 5x3 pushups with her arms wide apart (try this, it's extremely hard). She is doing hundreds of situps and the leg moevements she is doing is very impressive. We have never been tested our strength in another way. I have now been working out for 2 weeks, 2 days a week. My wife told me she also wanted to join a gym, to be able to be the strongest in the family. I am not sure I can catch up with her though, she could press my arm down very quickly when we armwrestled and I don't think she needed to use her full power. I have also tried to do her workout routine after seeing her doing hers the other morning, I can just say I am totally outclassed so far. Try the grey rubber band, wrap it around your hands until you have a 15 inc gap between the hands and then try to stretch the band to your sides above your head. I sure couldn't do one single and she is doing many. We have a nice relationship and don't need to fight. I will work out for a while and then challange her again in a few months. By the way, in the gym I joined the other week there are several women that our a lot stronger than me, something that surprised me. It seems that women are working out more and more for strength, some of the loads these women used for their legs I couldn't move at all!

MannyJan 14 2008 6:49am
Growing up with a big polish mother and a small skinny italian father I thought it was natural for men to be weaker than women, add my 4 polish aunts that all married smaller men, add a huge grand ma with a smaller husband and you start to realize what I am talking about. I grew up and become, not very surprisingly, a big strong woman, not as big as my mother and her sisters but a great deal bigger than my father. For a while I was looking for a big strong man to react to all the missmatches in my family but I soon realised that small men was my cup of tea as well. We have two children, one boy 15 years old and one girl 12 that is already bigger than her brother. Very strange with all these big women. I am 5'10, my mother 6?2 and her sisters all the same size or bigger. My father is 5'4 and my husband a bit bigger at 5'6, but he is also a light weight. I can carry my family at the same time, having my daughter on my shoulders and the guys on each arm. Polish women are strong.

HannaFeb 04 2008 2:09pm
Hanna, do you use corporal discipline on your husband?

obedient husbandFeb 04 2008 4:34pm
Well obedient husband, normally my husband is the sweatest thing and he knows I can beat him if he would ever get out of line but I actually once put him over my lap and spanked him. I come from a background where corporal punishment is normal with children. My husband had been out drinking and came home with lipstick on his shirt. I got very upset and slapped him, he tried to slap me back but I then caught his hands in mine and dragged him over my knee, took down his trousers and spanked him for a long time. He actually cried and promised to behave in the future. And he has. I know that my mother sometimes had to discipline my father in different ways, he gambled and drank sometimes and my mother said that if he behaves like a child he should be treated like one. At the end he also became a nice husband and stopped all the gambling. I know that one of my sisters also has put her husband over her knee when he got out of line. Sometimes men are like children and us big women has to get them in line, I guess that is better than leaving them right?

HannaFeb 04 2008 11:05pm
Hanna, absolutely Ma'am. A husband is most productive when he is disciplined regularly. Thank you for responding.

obedient husbandFeb 08 2008 6:35pm
#0048 - (Mon.) * 2/25/08

UpdateFeb 25 2008 8:56pm
I don't like the idea to disciplin my husband regularely, but it is good to know that I am able to do with him what I please and he knows that as well. He can leave me if he finds this to tough to deal with but he loves me and I love him. If he is not behaving in the future I might just put him over my lap again. I am sure he doesn't like that at all, if he would like it I would find another way of disciplining him.

HannaMar 27 2008 3:02am
A couple of years ago we had just finished dinner and my son had been working out with weights and his mom asked him how it was going, he said it was hard but seem liked he was gaining strength and getting some muscle. My wife asked to see and he showed a fairly impressive arm muscle. My wife said well thats wonderful your looking good keep it up. That night my wife and I were getting ready for bed and she said our son is growing into a man, it goes so fast did you see those muscles of his. I said yes he is building muscle fast and growing up. She said that I should be proud he is probably now stronger than me. I said honey he is only 14 now way. She said sorry for the flash but I am stronger than you!. Off course I said no way and how do you know or even say that...she said I have always been and always have known. I go to the gym you havea desk job. We ended up going down to the table in the kitchen and armwrestled. My wife distroyed me in the match, she weighs 25 pounds less. My son saw this as well and wanted to armwrestle mom and not me, he did and barely lost. All was very shocking.

stuff happens, moms are strongApr 09 2008 7:07pm
I grew up with a mom and dad that once were similar sized but over the years my mom got bigger and my father lost weight, mainly because he was jogging all the time and my mom took care of us 5 kids, two dogs, two horses and a big house on the country side. She also used my fathers set of weights regularely (he never touched these weights). I remember when I was around 17 that I one night saw them armwrestling at the kitchen table. My mom was just so much stronger. I wasn't surprised but my father seem to be embarrassed about it. I thought it was cool. After that evening my mom often flexed her big muscles for us kids and for dad, he always laughed nervously, what if mom wanted to show us kids who was stronger (they didn't know that I had seen them). I talked to mom that I wanted to work out with the weights together with her, I soon grew some good muscles as well, also from helping mom with all the physical labour and from riding. I can assure you that you get strong from riding. When I was about 20 I one night asked my father if he thought he was the strongest in the family (I know that was a bit cruel), he laughed a bit an asked my why I asked this? I just said that both me and mom had bigger muscles from all the work we did. My mom wanted us to armwrestle and that evening was difficult for dad, first loosing an armrestling match to his daughter and than again to his wife. My brothers and sisters (all younger than me) watched. This was more than 30 years ago and these two armwrestling evenings changed me, I got very confident and wanted to become even stronger. I have been working with horses all my life, and have kept working out with weights. I am a very strong woman in her 50's and I have a weaker but very lovely husband that is taking care of the economy in our company, he is just like my father, never touched a weight. My mother is still alive, still strong for someone over 80. The story of my life.

BeckaApr 10 2008 12:09am
Ms. Becka, do you use corporal discipline on your husband? Also, most respectfully how tall are you and how much do you weigh and how does this compare to your husband's size?

obedient husbandApr 11 2008 8:17pm
I never have been even close hitting my husband, we have a very good relationship. We have playwrestled and armwrestled for fun many times and I enjoy being stronger and my husband is really cool about it. I am 5'10 and close to 200 lbs, my husband is an inch shorter and I would say about 35-40 lbs lighter.

AnonymousApr 13 2008 3:16am
last commen from Becka

BeckaApr 13 2008 3:16am
Ms. Becka, thank you Ma'am. If you were my Wife I would jump to obey but sometimes a firm stroke on the behind reminds a male of his place.

obedient husbandApr 14 2008 7:28pm
The only way I have punished my husband when I think of it is to lift him in public, he never really liked that. I have done that when he has been a tease or been making fun of me. Last summer he poured cold water on my back when we were at the beach. I ran after himm, lifted him up and threw him in the sea. People laughed and my husband was embarrassed.

BeckaApr 15 2008 11:24pm
Ms. Becka, would you please beat the poo out of obedient husband? He may like it at first, so make sure he doesn't come out of the coma.

PaulApr 30 2008 2:12pm
Ms. Becka, if you wished to beat me you would have to get my Wife's permission but She has given me to a 5'10" 200 lb Woman in the past who marked up my behind. When Wife got me back She overlayed the marks with Her own strokes.

obedient husbandMay 01 2008 7:04pm
My mother could beat up my father as easy as that, and she did as well. He often came home drunk and had spent our money, her answer to that was beating him up. She was a big strong woman and he was lazy as hell. He was OK when sober but totally hopeless when drunk. My mother worked hard taking care of us 4 kids, the small farm and delivering fruit and vegetabels to town. She easily worked 12 hours a day and did OK until she was 60 something, then she got worned out. My father died because of his drinking. My mother was a respected woman, well known for being a responsible lady but also for her strength. Few men could match her when it come to strength contests. I sometimed felt pity for my father when she was beating him, he nevere needed a doctor but looked rather messed up. This was a long, long time ago.

Old fartMay 05 2008 7:28am
Obedient moron. Did you even read what this board is supposed to be about?

SteveMay 14 2008 6:11pm
It's amazing how all the men and women have stories about how the man was always drunk and need of a good beating. You should all write for Penthouse Forum.

SteveMay 14 2008 6:12pm
Unfortunately millions of men come home drunk and beat their women and children, I only wish there were more women that have the strength and guts to beat up their abusing men. I read an article some years ago that in Chile the women got tired of men that were unfaithful. They got together and gave the cheating men a good beating, but strangely enough not the abusing men (if they hadn't been cheating on their wives of course). Women, hit back! And/or leave your abusing men.

Yorkshire PuddingMay 15 2008 5:26am
Steve, it would appear to be about marriages where the Wife is physically more dominant. I suppose the phrasing "mom vs. dad" would imply it is about such marriages as viewed from the standpoint of their children but that is not the thread that most posters have picked up. And what is wrong with Penthouse Forum. I tended to prefer "Variations" when I was a consumer of such things but one could find decent erotic fiction in both magazines.

obedient husbandMay 15 2008 6:52pm
In America, I've noticed that women are slowly feminizing men. In the 1970's it was considered "manly" or "macho" for men to have a hairy chest. Now a hairy chest seems to provoke snickers and sneers and comments like "he needs to get his chest waxed". Manicures, facials, waxing, dieting, all these things that only women used to do, men are now doing at the encouragement of women. The next step is for women to demand and only choose men who are softer and more slender than they are.

AnonymousMay 29 2008 7:07am
The other week I heard strange noices from my parents bedroom. I heard cries of pain and the strange thing it wasn't from my mother. I looked into their bedroom without them notice it and I saw something that shocked me. My mother was lying with her back towards me in their bed, my father was scissored between her big strong thighs and was crying every time she squeezed harder. She asked him if he gave and he said, yes, I have given in many times, please don't hurt me anymore. My mother released him and than sat on top of him in a typical schoolboy pin. She wanted him to say who was stronger and he quickly said you my dear, your are much stronger than me. Seeing my father like that was just a shock. After that night he has been very different towards my mother. Very polite, helpful. And I have a new hero, my mother that showed me women can be very strong, dominant and still female and beatiful. I am a 17 year old girl. I will work out with my mother from now on to become strong as she is.

LottieJul 04 2008 12:29am
Lottie, have you told your parents that you watched this? I would be very interested in your view because my wife recently wrestled me and made me say that she was stronger. she now wants to tell our son an daughter- do you think this is a good idea or will it wrry them to think that their mother is the head of the household?

barryJul 22 2008 7:44pm
Barry, you should be proud of your strong wife and show this to your kids. My wife is stronger than me and our kids know about it, and they seem to think that this is normal, why shouldn't she be stronger since she is both bigger and work out more than me? I cook better than my wife, should she be ashamed of that?

OzzAug 03 2008 11:55pm
I never told my parents that I saw them. But seeing my father so helpless, first between my mothers big thighs and than under her was first shocking, I felt embarrassed, but than I thought this was fantastic, my mother in control and my father really giving in to her. He was rather bossy before, liked to show us who were the trousers. I have started to work out with my mother just like I wrote and my goal is to be stronger than my boyfriend, something that won't be so hard since he is not a very big guy. Barry, I think it would be brave of you to tell the rest of the family who is stronger, it would make you a moderna man instead of a dinosaur.

LottieAug 05 2008 12:14am
My daughter (16 years old) came home after her gymnast practise the other day. She really looked pumped and muscular. Her brother 18 years old commented on her muscles and my daughter just laughed and told him he was jealous. She challenged him to an armwrestling match in front of me and their father. Our son was clearly embarrassed when he lost rather easily to his younger sister. She laughed and said that girls are stronger then boys, right mum? I looked at my husband and said of course darling. Now I was a gymnast too when I was younger and have been working out regularely ever since. I suddenly asked my husband if he wanted to save the honour of the men this day? He looked a bit worried but accepted to armwrestle me. We haven't done this before so I was a bit qurious if I had a chance against a man that is in a decent shape and about 10 lbs heavier than me. I have armwrestled quite a lot when I was my daughters age and beaten many youg guys. My plan was to just hold my husbands arm as long as possible to tire him out. He pressed my arm more and more and even more but I had no problem to fix my arm in an upright position. He then took everything he had and my arm moved about an inch. The I decided it was my turn and gave about 90% of my strength and to my surprise this was enough to slam my husbands arm down. Our daughter screamed with delight and our son looked even more miserable. And my husband wanted to test my left arm. This time I had no problem in pinning his arm in less than 10 seconds. I think many boys and men have had similar experiences with female gymnasts. I later took on my son and my daughter her father and the female part of the family once again stood as victors. We enjoyed it very much.

Gymnast motherAug 14 2008 12:20am
Lottie, i took your advice and over supper last night we told the children that their mother was stronger than me but that we were fine with that. My daughter,aged 14, then wanted to wrestle my 16 year old son but so far he has refused....I noticed that when the table was set for beakfast this morning my wife chose to sit at the head of the table with our daughter at the other head and my son and I sitting by their sides. I wonder how much else will change now??

BarryAug 14 2008 12:25am
Lottie, i took your advice and over supper last night we told the children that their mother was stronger than me but that we were fine with that. My daughter,aged 14, then wanted to wrestle my 16 year old son but so far he has refused....I noticed that when the table was set for beakfast this morning my wife chose to sit at the head of the table with our daughter at the other head and my son and I sitting by their sides. I wonder how much else will change now??

BarryAug 14 2008 12:25am
You did the right thing Barry, a man shouldn't be ashamed of being weaker than his wife, he should be proud of her instead. My mother has taken this a bit too far I think, after dominating my father in their wrestling match she is bossy against him and he doesn't really know how to handle this. He is not abused as far as I know but he is a bit lost since he realized his my mother was stronger.

LottieAug 14 2008 11:22pm
My wife has incredibly strong legs. She can scissor me between her calves, and hold me off of the ground in this hold for as long as she wishes, or until I beg her to release me. She has strong arms also, but her core, glutes, thighs and calves are unbelievable.

diggyOct 12 2008 12:03am

AnonymousDec 23 2008 2:20pm

UpdateDec 24 2008 10:05pm
Diggy-dont worry about that,dont be ashamed,woman have normally stronger legs then us,guys.My wife is in age of 32years,im 28years old-i weight 125kg,im very muscular 190cm tall,my wife weights only 65kg,and she is only 157cm tall-most of her weight is her huge muscular thighs-which is bigger than mine!!!so as her calves!!!however im twice as big as she is,strenght in her legs is tremendous even im no match to her-and im extremly muscular man!she is able to move the mountains on her legs-thanks to that i cant even pin her down in playwrestling she always throw me or flips me arround,while grunting under my body.i always says to her its impossible for one man to get her into still position and pin her,have to be at least two man on top of her to handle incredible strenght in her hips and legs!

zoloJan 14 2009 7:26pm
Our mom surprised the family the other day. The Family: Dad about 175 cm and 70 kgs (47 years old), Mom 172 cm and 75 kgs (49 yo), daughter 176 cm and about 70 kgs (19 yo) and me 174 cm 64 kgs (17yo). Mom has been working out a lot the last years and is strong looking. Our dad is fit from running and tennis, never been to a gym. Mother came home from the gym some weeks ago on a Saturday. She was standing in front of us and flexed her muscles and said "look at the strongest in tha family". She told us that she could lift her own body weight. My father told her that she sure was strong for a woman. This led to an armwrestling match between our parents. This was the first time we really thought about who could be stronger. Mom looked very strong, she actullay looked stronger than dad with her wide powerful shoulders. dad is ripped and sinewy but not powerful. My mother slowly put my father's arm down. Just in one slow motion. He wanted another try, the result the same. She also won with the left arm. She flexed again and let us all feel the strongest arm in the family. My sister wanted to have a go as well. She was also to weak to beat my mother, even is she is also a gym rat. My mother later said that my sister put up a better fight thatn my father. I avoided these matches knowing already that my sister is stronger than me.

AdamskiMar 15 2009 5:09am
My mom works out as long as I can remember and when I grew up I used to think that "mommies" were stronger than "dads". Later on I realized that our family was unique. Now that I read all these comments I know that our family isn't as unique as I thought and that it might be very common in the near future that the woman is the strongest.

svenDec 24 2009 6:34am
sven, tell us a bit more about your strong mom. When I was a kid our neighbour woman took care of me since both my parents had to work. My father was a lot bigger and stronger than my mother but my day care mother was a really big woman. Her husband was a lot smaller and weaker. When he was home sometimes when I was there she took him in her lap like a child, she lifted him in her arms and smothered him agains her big breasts. She said she had three children of her own (her husband and two children) and an extra child in me. When my parents were over to our neighbours for dinner my day mother once challenged my big father to an armwrestling match that she actually won after a long match. My mother could beat the mouse neighbour man easily even if she wasn't at all as big and strong as the neighbour woman. When I got older I started to have fantasies about big strong women, our neighbour often were in my thoughts. I married a big woman that unfortunately divorced me since she thought a man should be stronger than his woman. So Sven, please give us some stories.

MichailFeb 07 2010 11:28pm
My wife is stronger than me...she works out. But she is still sweet. Though when we play wrestle..she easily subdues me.

redApr 02 2010 10:26am

AnonymousApr 09 2010 5:04pm
My dad married another women after divorcing my mom. The strange thing was that she was the total opposite to my mom. The new wife was 6'1, 6-7 inches taller than his ex-wife, my mom. She was perhaps 225 lbs, big and strong. He is 5'9 about and light. My mom has always been a sweet and loving person. Dad's new wife was loud, and sometimes aggressive. Some years ago when I came home (I was around 28-29 years old and still had a key to the house) I heard noices from the bedroom, it sounded like my father was in pain so I walked there to look. I could see my father's new wife pinnin my father to the bed, squeezing him between her enormous thighs, for every squeeze my dad cried out. She then flexed her big arms, she really had big biceps, and told him to feel them and tell her who was stronger. I was totally paralized. I kept on watching without them seeing me, I just couldn't stop. One side of me hated to see my father so humiliated another wanted him to suffer since he had left my mother. The so called wrestling match continued, she dominated him completely with her big body. She forced him to all sorts of things. I then decided to sneek back to the front door and make sounds so they could hear me coming. After a while my father and his new wife came out in the kitchen, both in morning gowns. My father looked like he had been in a fight with a python and a lion at the same time, perhaps not far from the truth considering the size of "step-moms" thighs. I asked them what they had been up to, dad's new wife smiled and said they had been playing cat and mouse and that I should guess who played what part. This woman is really scary, she doesn't look bad actually but the size of her neck, shoulders, arms, hips and thighs are frightening. Is this what he wanted instead of my petite mom? Obviously. I have never told them about what I saw but I think that she knows that I watched them, some remarks have made me understand that. And, I have to say that I actually got a bit excited seeing a woman dominating a man like that. She could probably have dealt with two men my father's size.

beatriceJul 26 2010 4:03am
beatrice, would you love to have a man at your mercy just like your step mom?

janetAug 03 2010 6:35am
My mother always works out but I have never seen my father. Late at night I heard noses in the house like someone gasping for air. I went down the hall end looked through my parents keyy hole to see my mother's thighs wrapped tightly around my father's chest with her on her back and him faceing the ceiling. She held his wrist and arms about his head and I could see he was struggling but I could also see how big my mother's muscles had become. The small amount of light was from a night light and I was mesmerized by my mother's strength and how her muscles were flexing. Sa my father took in air she would give him a second and without regard for how much noise, she just crushed the wind out of him with a ROAR! I watched until she threw him aside in the bed and got on top of him pinning him again. She had no clothes on but he had shorts. She moved up onto his face an that's when I looked away. As a teen I fanally saw my mom beat up my father holding him aganst the wall and gut punching him intil he collapsed. Then my mother beat me up and by then she was very muscular from her gym habits. She worked me over just like dad. I could never have defended myself against my mom because I was goin to the school gym as it is. My father could have one better but was lazy and at a certain point it was to late for him as my mother lifted weights. There were things I hated about my father and when she beat him I was thinking "harder harder" as my mom punched my father in the gut. But when it was my turn I hated my mom as she told me it's time to fight like a man and not become so weak she can do this. She said this is what your father should have done but he left it to me to correct you before she started puching. I put up a defence and became mad and started hitting only to find it was an excuse to start in to me and I realized how strong my other was as she beat the living crap out of me. I admitt it was my mother that made a tuffer man out of me and not my father.

MarkAug 21 2010 3:45pm
beatice my experience is very much like yours.

MarkAug 21 2010 3:46pm
@janet, the sight of my father so dominated by his new wife has never left me, I am not as big as her but I am stronger than many women and smaller untrained men. I have thought many times about having a man at my mercy but so far it has never happened. My father's new wife is very big and I would say that most men would have difficulties to deal with her in a physical confrontation. My father seems to enjoy being dominated, or else I guess he would have left this big woman. To Mark, my "step-mom" never beat my father up seriously as far as I know. Before seeing her dominate my father I never had a fantasy about dominating a man but now I think of it more and more even if it is now several years ago since I saw their "fight". My step mom is still a very domineering person, she wears short skirts and sleeveless tops to show the world how muscular she is. She is not at all a body builer type but rather a woman that you would consider fat if you didn't see her muscles flexed. She claims she can bench 200 lbs and I believe her. Some months ago I saw her pushing my father on his back on the lawn outside their house and then she sat on him. It looked so natural so I think it happens all the time.

beatriceSep 07 2010 12:04am
My mom has always been stronger than dad. I have always asked mom for help when I haven't been able to lift something heavy or with difficult lids on jars etc. And so have my father. Growing up as a teenage boy with a mother that was bigger and stronger than my father and a father that always did the cooking has been rather good I think. My mom has always been feminine, loving and caring but also protective and sometimes scary, not for us in the family but for anyone that threatened us. When I was around 12 a man caught me stealing his apples, something that all kids did (and still do I think). He took hold of me in a painful grip and dragged me back to my house where my mother was moving the lawn. The man shock me some and told my mother that I was a thief, I complained that he was hurting me and then my mother snapped! She slapped the man real hard and told him to let go of me. When he did he started to move agains my mother but stopped when he saw her size and how angry she looked. She took hold of him in a similar way that he had done to me and squeezed his arm real hard, he was now scared for sure. My mom told him that if she ever saw him laying a hand on me or any other kid she would deal with him. And then she told him to leave and he almost run away. I was very proud of my mom but she told me I was grounded for stealing apples.

MeOct 05 2010 7:34am
My mother was born on a farm in the countryside, a big, strong woman. My father was a musician, handsome but very slim. It was never a question of who was stronger. She could easily beat men a lot stronger than my father at armwrestling. My parents had a great marriage until they died. I could often see my father sitting in my mother's lap, she often lifted him up in her arms. Non of them thought this was strange. My father often came home after touring for weeks and was always greated in the same way by my mother. She carried him to the bathroom, bathed him and then carried him to bed and they looked the door. This has affected me as well. I loved my strong mothter and looked for a woman that was big and strong like her. And when I was almost 40 I found one, a woman I am still married to today when we are in our late 60's. She is still strong enought to lift me up in her arms, just like mom did with my father.

Mr GNov 01 2010 12:10am
Me and my dad once arm wrestled my mom similtanously. With her left arm she handled me and with her right she took on my dad. We can't beat her one on one but we expected we could beat her this time. But after a few minutes she had proven her strength once again as she had both our arms slammed down. She is a rather dominant woman and normally she and my dad don't argue much. He usually does what she tells him to do but one day, like beatrice, I came home from school early and I heard my dad pleading. I sneaked upstairs and there I saw him on his knees with my mom towering over him. She had grabbed him by his hair and had his head yanked backwards. I don't know what my dad did to anger her but I've never seen my mom that angry. She had her fist raised and I think she would really have hitted him. Seeing me standing in the doorway calmed her and she let him go. That time I think she could really have hurted him.

svenMay 26 2011 4:32am
My son quite often used to challenge me to armwrestle him, I guess quite normal as a boy, Mom is the first adult that you try to beat to see who is stronger since Dad normally is too strong. This happened when my son was 17 years old, he had grown quite tall but was still rail thin. I have kept myself in shape and at that time was in really good condition since I had started to go to the gym 3 times a week. He wanted us to leg wrestle and arm wrestle as well as do the mercy game. He was quite sure of himself until he saw me in my bikini. My thighs were almost twice the size of his and my shoulders and arms more powerful and strong looking. I had no problems flipping him over in the legwrestling matches. Arm wrestling he wanted us to do 3 matches with each arm. I didn't have any problem beating him easily, I could see his disappointment since he had started to use dumbells and do pushups quite frequently. His dad came into the room and cheered his son. He also looked in awe at my big arms, the biceps was (is) quite big. I told my son to keep in working out, but that it would probably take him some time before he could beat me in something physical. I had no problems forcing him to his knees in the mercy games. Later on that evening my husband said he was worried that our son was too weak. I said that he was probably quite normal but I also said that I was stronger than the average woman. I also said that I wasn't sure that he, my husband, could do much better. He actually blushed, he had noticed my big arms and probably thought that he might have a problem with these arms if he challenged me. Well, now I was challenging him and he couldn't back out. We also started with leg wrestling that I totally dominated, my husband is thin, especially his legs. Then I could see how nervous he was when we should armwrestle. He felt the strength in my hands, he couldn't take his eyes of my biceps that started to grow when I increased the pressure and then I slammed his arms to the table, first the right and then the left. He wasn't much stronger than our son to be honest. He was extremely embarrassed and didn't know what to say. I comforted him and said that women in my family had always been strong and powerfully built and that it was the other way around with my husband and his family. I also said that it was his slim body that first attracted me. I told him that I wouldn't tell anybody about the outcome of our matches, not even to our son. This made him calm and he suddenly wanted to feel my muscles, he admitted that it was my powerful physique that first got HIM interested in me. So there you are, some moms are stronger and the strongest in the family.

MammaJul 20 2011 5:53am
@Mamma, I never had any doubt who was the strongest in my family. My mom was so much stronger then my dad that her being the strongest never was in any doubt. In fact, when I was young, I used to think that "moms" were much stronger than "dads". This was enhanced a bit by the fact that my moms sisters were rather strong ladies too. Later on I realized that our situation was somewhat unique.

svenJul 22 2011 3:43pm
Hello i am a young boy 15 years old 5'10 161 lbs i go to the gym for 14 months but i am alot stronger and bigger than the boys at my age. At my gym there are a fbbs and i liked them so much oneday one of them asked me if i can help her with her training i was shy but i accepted after we finished she suggested to take me home and my gym was away from my house about 45 mins so in the car we were talking about the competetions and power , suddenly she asked me if i want to test my power against her i was really confused but she said " oh come on dont be shy " i accepted the challenge then she took me to her home she invited me to sit on the chair to armwrestle her so we started the match i started hard but i felt that she trying hard too after 5 mins i got tired and then she put my arm down hardly that my hand knocked the wooden table very very hard she was sorry for that but then we challenged with left ( i was lefty and shes righty )then i get her down by 20-30 seconds she was confused so much then she pushed me on the bed and she told me if she want to be cool or hard i told her as she wish so we started im on the top and i get her in a hard headlock after 10 mins that was controlled by me now i felt that she was a tank and started to squeeze me first she got me in my ribs i felt that they will get broke i tapped out we took 2 mins break i felt i have no strengh but when we get back she was controlling me at a damn headlock then i was so angry because no body overpower me before so i escaped from her lock and pulled her on her back and sat on her and locked her hands on the bed she couldnt move then she tapped. Then we sat to have fresh drink she told me that i am the strongest boy she ever met i thanked her and asked her about her weight and height and she was 5'4 156 lbs 15.5 inch biceps 39 years old. then i called a taxi to get me home that was the greatest day of my life. All the i have to say that she is alot bigger than me and older by 24 years and i won her but her legs strengh was 3x of mine but my upper body and arms were stronger and my arms only 14 inch . Sorry for my bad english. Male is the strongest sex. I USE STEROIDS. So please me is that possible to beat her or she was foreplay with me or she was just weak?

BastianJul 30 2011 5:46pm
My mom died when I was 15, two years later he remarried a woman, big, curvy and powerful. She had a daugther two years younger than my 17. My new step mom was my mother's opposite, my mother was small en delicate, this woman was big all over and as we soon discovered a very strong woman. She liked lifting my father and me, she challenged us to beat her in armwrestling. My father seemed to be ashamed but also aroused being woman handled by his new wife. My new step sister looked a lot like her mother, big and strong and sporty. Even if she was younger than me she could easily beat me when we armwrestled. I moved away from home when I was 19. It took some time until I found a girlfriend and I realized that I was looking for a big girl, that could dominate me physically. I had also been aroused seeing the women in my new family show their strength to us weaker men. I married this girlfriend and we had children. Moms can be stronger than Dads:-)

HAug 31 2011 5:31am
I am a small man who loves bigger women. My wife is 5'10" 300lbs and i am 5'7" 130lbs and she can beat me in armwrestling and wrestling! When i wrestle her i always try to jump on top of her and bring her down but she just stands there like im not even there! It makes me mad

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Our son wanted to arm wrestle his mother the first time when he was 15. His skinny arms were no problem for my wife to put down. He tried again at the age of 16 with the same result. He had some kind of growth sprut when he was 18, still thin but now with some muscles. He had been working out for a while when he again challenged his mother. Same result again, our son didn't know that his mom was working out more than him, severela times a week. A couple of years passed and our son moved away. When he wa 25, and his mom had just turned 50, he talked about that he never had been able to beat his mom and therefor never had challenged me, his dad, since I probably was stronger. Now he challenged me, his 52 year old dad. It was a tough match, he had filled out some more since he was 18 and been working out ever since. At the end he won over me with his right arm while I won after a long struggle with my left. My son was happy. But then my wife said, you haven't tried me! My son looked at her and said, but I beat dad. So what, my wife said, are you sure he is stronger than me? Me and my wife have never arm wrestled, basicaly since I knew how strong she was and that I wasn't sure to win. Now she was fighting my son's right arm that was stronger than mine. She didn't slam his arm down this time, but it took her only a few seconds to win, with both arms. She flexed her bare muscular arms and said to us, look at these arms, the strongest in the family. I just had to challenge her, could she really be stronger than me. But my arms were tired afte the long matches with my son. My wife easily slammed my arms to the table. She patted me on the head and Went away. I was very embarrassed but at the same time proud of her. Some nights later we drank some wine and armwrestled again, I could put up a better fight but I think she won after 3-4 seconds. She then wanted to wrestle me. We playwrestled when we were Young, like Young Couples do, and I always ended up on top. Now my wife dominated me totally with her strong, gym trained body.We wrestled for about an hour until I was so tired that I couldn't do anything to protect me. We had fantastic sex after that, the best in years. I am now enjoying wrestling my wife, being pinned under her is sexy, caressing her muscles is sexy. We should have done this ages ago. We are now so comfortable with this that we have told friends and relatives about our matches. They look at us as we were crazy. My wife has beaten several men at arm wrestling and I got excited seeing her strong arms beating a weaker man's. Is this crazy?

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I knew Mom and Dad wrestled because from early childhood I would often hear them wrestling in the rec room. First time I saw them wrestle I was 17 and had just returned home from movie. They were in the rec room and my Mom was in shorts and blouse with Dad in shorts and T shirt. Mom was 40 years old and had a terrific figure and a pair of gorgeous shapely legs. My Dad was muscular and athletic and I always looked upon him as being invincible. I was surprised and somewhat shocked to see Mom having Dad's neck locked between her fantastic legs in a tight scissor hold. Dad was struggling to get free but the more he struggled the tighter her legs squeezed until Dad was gasping for air. I remember Mom saying; "Honey you know what my legs can do to you" "The more you try to get free the tighter my thigh vise will clamp your neck." Unable to get free and appearing to be in some agony my Dad begged Mom to stop squeezing. Soon with tears in his eyes he pleaded with her and told her she was the best and that he submitted and would do any thing she asked of him. I knew what he was experiencing because Mom always used her legs on me when we playfully wrestled. Her scissor holds were not only painful but impossible to break free from.

JamesAug 19 2017 6:49pm
Responding to James on seeing what his Mom did to his Dad with her legs when wrestling. From early childhood to adulthood I saw my Mom and Dad wrestle on living room floor many times. Mom had a great body and legs she liked to display and flaunt wearing 3 and 4 inch heels. When they playfully wrestled no matter what Dad tried to do to pin her with his upper body strength Mom always was able to get him locked between her terrific legs in various scissor holds. I have seen Dad rendered helpless and verbally submitting when locked in figure four, front, rear, side, waist and reverse scissor. Dad would twist, turn, try to pry her legs apart and struggle to get free. A few times Dad was able to get loose but the majority of the time Moms legs had him helpless. Dad would beg for mercy and submit. As a teenager and as an adult I became sexually stimulated usually enjoying satisfying ejaculation messing up my pants. Dad would have a hard on as Mom's powerful legs had him in an inescapable scissor hold. And I saw him cum a number of times much to his embarrassment.

RonnieAug 25 2017 12:46pm
I just as James and Ronnie have seen my Dad rendered helpless by my Mom's legs when they would wrestled. She would get his head between her legs in a figure four or front scissor and he could do nothing but beg for mercy if he could speak or submit by tapping on her thigh. Like Ronnie I would get an erection and a few times had a release that was embarrassing when Mom saw it.

WilliamSep 05 2017 6:45pm
What James saw his mom do to his dad I often saw my dad locked between my mom's legs in a inescapable scissor hold. I saw her dominate him with her legs at home, neighbors house, sisters house, brothers house, the beach, on a picnic. Dad was 6 feet and 175 pounds and Mom was 5 feet 7 inches and 135 pounds. She had shapely solid toned legs that were sexually stimulating especially when she displayed them in high heels. Being so adept at using her legs when wrestling I would become sexually aroused seeing Dad struggling but unable to free him self from the scissor hold Mom had him in. Hearing my macho Dad pleading for mercy and giving in by submission would make me cum.

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