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Why should women envy the male brain ?

Question: Despite forty years of feminism the rate of female domination in the echelons of \
Created by: anotheranonymous at 12:46:41 PM, Monday, June 02, 2008 PDT


Yes yes yes, do you think I might not have noticed ?, take it easy ladies. Obviously the poll questions are not displaying correctly, but they did display correctly on the preview page before the poll was submitted so the error is not at my end. Just stay off you're high horse and try to take on the male virtues of fairness and intelligence , rather than being silly as usual. This poll will be reposted later today and I will take this one down.

anotheranonymousJun 02 2008 7:55pm

EDIT : This appears to be very hard to do according to the admin !. The question is essentially in the title of the poll anyway. I will fill in each option in sucessive posts. Think you can handle it ladies ? , surely if you are superior you will not find it more difficult to understand than I do ?.

anotheranonymousJun 02 2008 8:02pm
Extra brain gene. Men have an extra brain gene (three to four vs women) which has be confirmed as a gene similar in structure to the others which are related to higher intelligence.

DAMAGED QUESTIONJun 02 2008 8:04pm
Efficiency. Male brain works literally cooler than womens brains and consumes less calories in intensive work. This leads to less "fatigue"

DAMAGED QUESTIONJun 02 2008 8:05pm
Newly discovered !. Men produce a sort of "gel/fluid" in their brains that has unique side propoerties of protecting cells in the case of stroke or injury. Women do have this "gel/fluid" but they produce it in radically lesser amounts.

MISSING QUESTION !?!Jun 02 2008 8:07pm
If this is all true, so be it. But it is hard to explain why women are taking over the school system so overwhelmingly. It is predicted in the next 20 years the vast majority of college educated citizens will be women. Is this evidence of male intellectual superiority?

CuriousJun 03 2008 9:10pm
No. Because it is not true in areas where males excel, where higher levels of creativity and intelligence are necessary. This is not saying women who have worked hard and achieved much in their studies are somehow "lesser", because for matters of "good and evil" we should be judged on effort not on our achievements. In achievement though men simply are better.

anotheranonymousJun 04 2008 8:04am
You know when your dealing a man They come up with every excuse in the book

anotheranonymousJun 04 2008 1:42pm
Well some absolute truth exists somewhere , both men and women claim to be the best but only one can really be the best. Of course that can only be you, because you are you!!!!! and you know YOU ARE THE BEST and all others must be idiots for not seeing it you're way ! even though you are the bastion of absoute fact and truth. How typical of woman.

anotheranonymous(not some stupid woman whos only way to argue wiJun 04 2008 7:54pm
#0010 - (Sat.) * 6/7/08

UpdateJun 06 2008 10:17pm
It is not necessary for women to envy the male brain. Many women and girls envy the male penis. Even many of the biggest, strongest women and girls who are both short and tall envy the male penis. That kind of envy on the part of females is called PENIS ENVY!!!

A very tall, very skinny guy WITH A VERY LARGE PENIS!!!Mar 24 2009 9:33pm
It is not necessary for women to envy the male brain. Many women and girls, including the biggest, heaviest and strongest women and girls who are short and tall alike, have a different kind of envy which is called PENIS ENVY because WOMEN AND GIRLS SIMPLY DON'T HAVE ONE!!!

A tall, skinny, very weak guy WITH A HUGE, ROCK-HARD PENIS!!!Mar 24 2009 9:57pm
It's true women do envy the male brain because they do not understand it. They are all conscious ego centred therefore they can have no concept of what lies beyond the ego.

wwApr 09 2009 2:15pm
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