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What is the worst food combination?

Question: What two foods mixed together are the arsest?
Created by: mrsrobbie at 04:11:10 PM, Monday, May 08, 2000 PDT


hahaha the worst is beans and honey! ECA! 4 me at Morals and chlorogirl

ChlorogirlJul 24 2000 7:20pm

pineapples and hot dogs im honey!

d.rJul 24 2000 7:20pm
oops *IN honey

d.rJul 24 2000 7:20pm
What the f*ck!?? Ice and Water?? ICE IS WATER YOU f*ck FACE! GEEEES!!!!!!

MR. FUCKIN FREEZEJul 24 2000 7:20pm

The milk man who likes picklesJul 24 2000 7:20pm
And none of this disturbs me as much as the former friend of mine who put ketchup on macaroni and cheese. Ewwww.

RandomJul 24 2000 7:20pm
ice and water is so arse!

moneymanJul 24 2000 7:20pm

WILDCHICKENJul 24 2000 7:20pm
Toothpaste isn't technically a food, but toothpaste and orange juice IS nasty. **shudder**

funkymunkyJul 29 2000 12:11pm
hey try this: a peanut butter and potato chip (regular) sandwich. its so good!!

mmmmSep 02 2000 8:56am

SARA NEWMAN AND MARIEL RODRIGUEZ!!!!!!!!Mar 19 2002 8:30pm

AnonymousMay 02 2003 1:46pm

yumm!May 02 2003 1:47pm
all of these are great ideas to give to my friends. yay newman! i love likelike

davisgoalie FonGJul 21 2003 10:50pm
you know, i have never tried any of that poo

yuk!Mar 28 2005 11:17am
im bout 2 go try all of this now

tam34Jan 21 2006 1:37pm

AnonymousJun 06 2006 3:05pm
worst food combination: meat and milk

Mr. Ancient Chinese PhilosopherMay 19 2007 6:53pm
Heres one I didn't see: Chocolate and Sunny D

Farve FanNov 18 2007 7:57am
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zPfNTJQqMShvKhVMay 17 2013 1:07am
Thats a hard one XD

Flaaffy180May 31 2013 4:35pm

great daneJan 09 2014 5:55pm
hey :)

MileyJan 09 2014 5:57pm
*Humps you leg waging my tail *have kik

great daneJan 09 2014 6:00pm
no i only have this......-pats ur head...slips off my underwear, plays withmy püssy

MileyJan 09 2014 6:01pm
*Sniffs yoyr pu$$y wagging my tail can you described. your self hair boobs ass shaved or not

great daneJan 09 2014 6:02pm

goodboyJan 09 2014 6:18pm
-Walks in all happy and walks over to Miley then starts whinning- Eww! Put on pants! (]X

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 6:53pm
mmmmhmmmmm -rubs my püssy-

MileyJan 09 2014 7:26pm
Comes into the room with your toys

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:27pm
-looks t u- mmmm -moans-

MileyJan 09 2014 7:28pm
What should we try first baby

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:29pm
watever you want

MileyJan 09 2014 7:29pm
-Jumps up and down- ^_^

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:30pm
-Runs around the room- (]=

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:30pm
wtf do u wnt maddy u r not funny

CarterJan 09 2014 7:31pm
-Wals to Brandon and whispers- "Lick her, she'll LiKe it…"

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:31pm
Grabs your vibrator and puts it against your pussy

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:31pm

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:31pm
hi miley. i'm a 14 f bi, and really want to talk with other teens about sex, especially lesbian sex. i've been with both boys and girls, and am especially h0rny tonight.

KellyJan 09 2014 7:32pm
I came here to bug people. I'm not trying to be funny Carter. O.o

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:32pm
Grabs the anal beads and shove them in ur ass

AnonymousJan 09 2014 7:32pm
-pushes down against the vibrator- mmmmm,@Brandon lol@maddy

MileyJan 09 2014 7:32pm
i'm ready

KellyJan 09 2014 7:33pm
Any of u got kik looking for female master

ColeJan 09 2014 7:33pm
ANYBODY IM HÔrny do wat u want with me PLZ mmmmmmmm

MileyJan 09 2014 7:33pm
Haha! -Rolls over-

Husky (Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:34pm
not as h0rny as i m...should have seen what i wore to school today, and the dirty stuff i did in class and in bathrooms. i look innocent and pure, but have the filthiest mind.

KellyJan 09 2014 7:35pm
how old r u miley

KellyJan 09 2014 7:35pm
-Magically turns into a human then walks in the other room and gets on a Black shirt and some black skinny jeans-

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:35pm
Ok Kelly starts to lick your luscious pussy

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:35pm
mmm i fuked in school today..i dont care just anyone plz do with me wtu wznt UGH MMMM

MileyJan 09 2014 7:36pm
how old are you, and who did you f**k?

KellyJan 09 2014 7:36pm
Miley get next to kelly

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:37pm

great daneJan 09 2014 7:37pm
-Walks out and lays on a couch with my head on the arm of the chair with an iPod and I occasionally look at you guys- ^_^

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:37pm
only if she's naked like me right now

KellyJan 09 2014 7:38pm
Looking for a master msg me kik is Hornysexslav

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:38pm
O_O @Kelly

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:38pm
Brandon s my d (I have no d) (]X

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:39pm
That's making me hard maddy

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:39pm
Kik I do anything

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:40pm
i don't know what 0_0 means. i'm new to likelike, but am so f**kin h0rny tonight.

KellyJan 09 2014 7:40pm
Cool? -Looks at my iPod and pays no attention to you then randomly yells "Suck my ice cream stick!"

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:40pm
-kisses kelly lays next to her- mmm yes baby im naked mmmm

MileyJan 09 2014 7:41pm
Kelly you wanna go to different post

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:41pm
It's a face. @Kelly A face/emoticon...

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:41pm
Im 15 Kelly

MileyJan 09 2014 7:41pm

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:42pm
My f*cking face hurts... X(]

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:43pm
im turing 15 next month.....

MileyJan 09 2014 7:43pm
I did a girl analy today but then she did me

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:43pm
Haha I'm only 12! d= With the mind of a 15 year old. O.o

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:43pm
My birthday is in 5 days X[)

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:44pm
Lmfao wow maddy!xD

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:44pm
Strap on it felt good

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:44pm
ooo...i fuked my Ex today for some fun durring free period mmmmmm it was nice but his lil c*ck didnt do any good im still h0rny af

MileyJan 09 2014 7:44pm
I love cake!!!!!!

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:44pm
My face hurts because my wisdom teeth are pushing up against my molars... I'm getting those f*ckers ripped out soon though (]X

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:45pm
Well you want a 7in?

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:45pm
Omg omg OMG OMG -jumps on Miley-

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:46pm

MileyJan 09 2014 7:46pm
is a naked 14 f -- that is super hot for other females -- too young for you? r u experienced having sex with girls our age?

KellyJan 09 2014 7:46pm
A black guy would make Brandon's penis look like an itty bitty tic-tac! XD

OnisionJan 09 2014 7:47pm
hello there @Gabby

MileyJan 09 2014 7:47pm

AnonymousJan 09 2014 7:47pm
Hahaha my hip hurts I had surgery on my hip I got out of the hospital today!!!:PPP

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:47pm
Who considers me young? O.o

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:47pm
^^ Brandon

AnonymousJan 09 2014 7:47pm
you already have an ex at 15. wow...lucky you. where did you f*ck at school that nobody saw or heard you?

KellyJan 09 2014 7:47pm
Well I'm almost 29 so you are young. XD

OnisionJan 09 2014 7:48pm
yes baby i have had sex b4 with girls and guys in every posisition and size and place

MileyJan 09 2014 7:48pm
Miley where do you want it?

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:48pm
Well, what's going on between you and Lainey? (Jw) @Onision

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:48pm
-lick Miley's face-bye-bye - gets off of Miley and jumps outside the window-

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:48pm
No baby we fuked in the bthroom durring free period.....@Kelly

MileyJan 09 2014 7:49pm
make me h0rnier miley...tell me what you and he were wearing, describe in detail your hot body to me, do you shave, did he cum inside you? make me even hotter, girl.

KellyJan 09 2014 7:49pm
either hole i love them both MMMMM JUST FUK ME ANYWHERE BABY@Brandon

MileyJan 09 2014 7:49pm
This conversation is scaring me! :D @Brandon and Miley, just a few problems, it's no big deal. @Maddy

OnisionJan 09 2014 7:49pm
Woo-hoo *kisses maddys cheek* I love you

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:50pm
Greg does it weird you out that I think you're hot?

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:50pm
I'm bored.-. I'm on my way to the airport I'm going to New York!!!

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:51pm
I love you too! (]X @Gabby -Licks your eyeball and screams "PENIS!" And for Onision, -Screams "PININA!"-

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:52pm
can we go to another post miley

KellyJan 09 2014 7:52pm
Mmm i was wearing a see-through shirt wih just a bra on underneth mmmm, and a mini skirt that was very tight..he was wearing jeans and a hollister shirt...but when we fuked i had him fuk me up skirt mmm

MileyJan 09 2014 7:52pm
Puts it in your ass

BrandonJan 09 2014 7:52pm
It's not THAT weird... :P I gotta go.

OnisionJan 09 2014 7:52pm
Woo-hoo I think your hot Maddy!!!!!!!!!😘😳😝😜😛😍😍😍😍

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:53pm
Gabby I'm getting surgery on my face. (]= I'm getting two wisdom teeth ripped out and a tooth pulled down…

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:53pm
ohhh yes!!!! fuks back against ur c*ck mmmmm Brandon

MileyJan 09 2014 7:54pm
Uhh… X[) Wow? @Gabby Prove you're Gabby please!? X[)

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:54pm
😝😝😝😝😝😝😀awesome I love you * hugs a shirt*

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:54pm
whoah came in at a strange time :P

AaronJan 09 2014 7:55pm
Miley this is how you do it… o_O -Grabs your shoulders and rides your dick up and down and back and forth-

Miley (Faked by Maddy)Jan 09 2014 7:55pm
Beni is a jerk!!!!

Gabby loves it * hugs a tree*Jan 09 2014 7:56pm
? GABBY? Are you high? X[)

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:56pm
im gonna um leave 0__e

AaronJan 09 2014 7:57pm
I'm going to New York!!!!!!! Now I gotta go bye I might be on next Friday but who knows

GabbyJan 09 2014 7:57pm
He's running around with girls now. =/ So, yah, he's actually an ass hole. X[) @Gabby

MaddyJan 09 2014 7:58pm
Let's fly together!!!!!!* jumps out the window*bye ppl!!!!!

Gabby Jan 09 2014 7:59pm
mmmmm ;)

MileyJan 09 2014 8:00pm
before my last class today, i went to the girlsroom (i had to pee so f**kin bad), and had to wait for a stall to empty. when it did, and i went in, it smelled like a girls pussy, so i knew my friend had been masturbating. i waited until the bathroom was empty, ripped my skintight jeans totally off, held them in one hand, spread my pu$$y lips with the other hand, and sprayed my pee all over the stall. i left it that way for the janitor to clean up my mess. hope he liked it. i f**kin love doing dirty things, things that no one would imagine of a really pretty and proper church-going fourteen-year-old.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:00pm
You want it all the way

BrandonJan 09 2014 8:01pm

MileyJan 09 2014 8:02pm
miley will you strap-on fuk me. ever done that to a girl, especially one younger than you?

KellyJan 09 2014 8:03pm
actually, i'd like to strap-on fuk you so i can look into your eyes when you cum.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:04pm
yup ive done tht -puts a strap on..on and gets behind u rubs the head on ur püssy- mmm baby u like tht

MileyJan 09 2014 8:04pm
more than you know honey. please fuk me behind my parents back. it's such a f**kin turnon.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:05pm
how did you get so experienced at only 15?

KellyJan 09 2014 8:05pm
-shoves hard into u mking u scream- mmm baby ur pûssy is soo wet

MileyJan 09 2014 8:06pm
can you describe your body in juicy details...assuming you ARE juicy right now.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:06pm
f**kin right it's wet...and nobody else in this house has a clue!

KellyJan 09 2014 8:07pm
Personal story :/ um my my own Brother actully taught me how to fuk and suck and everything....

mileyJan 09 2014 8:07pm
that is not even believable...didn't that gross you out? what's your body like?

KellyJan 09 2014 8:08pm
im 5-4, i have 38c brests and my püssy i fuking soaked right now....

MileyJan 09 2014 8:08pm
i did..but he caught me masterbating..and he said he'd tell mom if i didnt agree do do wat he said..and i am a s god girl i did not want my mom to know i was a slut inside waitint to be fuked

MileyJan 09 2014 8:10pm
it's gonna be a ton wetter when i'm through with it. I'm 5-4, too, and have 32B breasts. skinny, tight, and super hot, and love to look at myself in the mirror...and do other things of course too in front of the mirror. do you shave? what are your other measurements? Are you tanned? just trying to picture who is going to be s*cking on my shaved pu$$y and fukking me tonight.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:10pm
i shave i dont like pubic hair...and im sorta tan..and i have a reputation of being the sexygirl at school i guess and wat other measurements to u want

MileyJan 09 2014 8:12pm
what porn star looks most like you? Zoey Kush or Georgia Jones match me best.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:12pm
im not really sure...can i go look at some then get back to u on tht..i watch porn but mostly i masturbate..but i do like alexis texas..ik her lol

MileyJan 09 2014 8:23pm
i gtg but i will be on l8ter mmm bby

MileyJan 09 2014 8:28pm
i will miss you terribly...please cum back soon!!! love you. want you.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:29pm
how much later?

KellyJan 09 2014 8:29pm
ummm idk....i have to go to a party ith my boys lol....

MileyJan 09 2014 8:38pm
you back?

KellyJan 09 2014 8:43pm
when you fukked in the bathroom at school, how did you do it? were you standing on the toilet or both of you standing on the floor? did he cum inside you (i hope). no condom i hope. just raw c*ck pushing into your shaved c*nt. how i WISH i could have seen that...or participated if i was there.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:45pm
your waist and your hips. i'm really trying to picture while i lie here masturbating to your stories.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:46pm
do you ever go to school without panties? i'm going to tomorrow. i already have it all planned.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:47pm
i wore my tightest jeans today without panties, and i had the best time. no bra either (don't need one with 32Bs). i always leave the house in the morning with my bra and panties on, then i usually run to the bathroom as soon as i get to school and take them off, stuff 'em in my purse, and take 'em back to my locker until after my last class.

KellyJan 09 2014 8:51pm

AnonymousJan 09 2014 10:02pm

AnonymousJan 10 2014 4:30am

MaddyJan 10 2014 5:19am
hey maddy, it's 14 F bi Kelly.

KellyJan 10 2014 6:45am
Kelly<3 Maddy<3

AnonymousJan 10 2014 8:20pm
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