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poll for thin white girls

Question: Do you have any pictures of yourself with an Asian girl shorter and heavier than you? If so, please post.
Created by: Ultrabomb1234 at 01:14:28 AM, Thursday, October 02, 2008 PDT



-1'Aug 07 2015 10:35am

This one, Fatima, toyboy and henni...

Bianca Apr 26 2019 3:56am
Hi Bianca

Fatima Apr 26 2019 4:19am
So, did the other two guys kissed you or only Henni

Fatima Apr 26 2019 4:19am
So you didn't reply my questions boss

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 5:57am
What’s your question Toyboy

Fatima Apr 26 2019 6:02am
Have you ever done something for you easy but every man around you was astonished about it and you didn't notice at all was anything special

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 6:17am
Yes, too many times. Like lifting furniture or in my gym. Men are so weak so it’s expected that they will be surprised with my power

Fatima Apr 26 2019 6:20am
And for you lifting forniture is normal thing.

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 8:11am
Of course it’s not hard at all. So, if you’re moving your flat you know who to call 💪🏻💪🏻😂😂

Fatima Apr 26 2019 8:32am
I have too much stuff I don't want to tire you

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 8:44am
We women are strong enough. Don’t bother yourself. Weak people like you can never understand

Fatima Apr 26 2019 9:06am
But I don't want to bother you I can call 3/4 friends guy

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 11:18am
So if you don't like how you house look like you decide to move forniture around. I come back home and you are lifting a drawer moving it one other side?

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 3:53pm
Yes, what’s wrong with that. But if you’re my man you will be staying at home

Fatima Apr 26 2019 4:12pm
But what useful I may be to you if I can not even move the table alone

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 4:15pm
Wrong about it is that I needed one friend to help me putting the drawer in position and you're lifting it alone and seems easy

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 4:16pm
Toyboy I don’t need men around me. Only for pleasure. You and your friends should be only massaging me

Fatima Apr 26 2019 4:46pm
I would do with pleasure

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 10:42pm
Honey can you help me looking for my keys? I arrive and you lift the couch smiling at me telling me to look under it. I would look your muscles explode and I would be shocked. But you will not tell me to hurry because is not hard for you

TopicmasterApr 26 2019 10:45pm
Ya, sure but I don’t think my muscles will be exploding from a couch they something much heavier

Fatima Apr 27 2019 12:53pm
How about coach with my friend sleeping on it

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 1:20pm
Probably harder. But I can do it no problem

Fatima Apr 27 2019 1:46pm
You'll do it even if you know there's no keys under it. Just to humiliate me

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 1:58pm
Yes, I can do it no problem. Although I have lots of ways to humiliate you. Why you would be humiliated your friends will be the one who’s lifted

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:00pm
Because you know I can't even lift sofa alone while you do easily with a person of 75 kg sleeping on it

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:02pm
Oh Toyboy you shouldn’t be humiliated you belong to the weaker sex. That’s normal

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:03pm
So you don't enjoy doing it To show off your strength?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:04pm
When i wanna show my strength to men I show them my body or compare muscles with them or have a physical competition

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:05pm

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:06pm
Yes, wrestling or push ups or lifting them etc.

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:07pm
What competition is lifting me? How u compete in wrestling? And pushup?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:07pm
I lift men and then they try to lift me and we see who did it for longer time and different positions. For push ups we see who’s doing it for more times sometimes i put a man on my back and do it. In wrestling I wrestle them in a match and that’s the most common one

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:10pm
Uhm so if i can't lift you from armpit we are even because you can't aswell? About push-up you get a man on your back and i should do same?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:13pm
No men area excepting to put other person on their backs they’re so weak. I can lift you from your armpits so I will win of course

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:14pm
How long can you lift.

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:15pm
If your weights about 80 I can do it for at least 10 minutes. If I am tired

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:16pm
Lift me up and down for 10 min or hold me suspended in the air you mean

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:17pm
For how long you think you can lift a woman full of muscles and weight about 105kg

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:17pm
Lift you and suspend you in the air

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:18pm
From armoit I can not. If I hug you maybe 2/3 minutes and you?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:18pm
What if u aren't tired

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:19pm
I told you armpits 10 minutes. Hugging you maybe 30 minuets

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:19pm
Anyway in my house women lift men not the other way around

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:20pm
Wow after couple of min I would ask to put me down. But you mean hug and lift using both arms

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:21pm
Yes this’s what i mean in hug.

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:22pm
Your house your rules. My house your rules??

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:22pm
Usually men can’t lift me for more than 1 minuet

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:22pm
It’s always my rules. Also, I don’t go to men house I always bring men back to my house

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:23pm

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:24pm
Because when i am on a physical competition I will be almost naked. So, I prefer to be naked in my house not others.

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:26pm
I wish to see this competition

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:30pm
Hey where did you go? If you’re scared I can come to your house half naked no problem I know that you can’t do anything to me 😂

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:30pm
You wish to see it because it’s physical competition or because i will be naked?

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:31pm
Both reasons

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:35pm
You wanna see my naked body??

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:38pm
Yes of course

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 2:45pm
Alright, no problem but you have to worship it.

Fatima Apr 27 2019 2:47pm
Today I was at the swimming pool and there were two guys. One of them is athletic and the other one isn’t. They kept look at me all the time. After I finish my swimming they came to me, introduce themselves and start asking me about my body and my muscles, and asking if they can touch it etc. Something led to the other and I invited them to my place for a wrestling challenge and I beated them super easy. As always women Power 💪🏻

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:01pm
Tell me more about this

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 3:05pm
What do you wanna know exactly ? How do I look how do they look? More details how we met? Or about the wrestling itself? Or the humiliation after beating them?

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:08pm
Every detail please.

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 3:10pm
How big are they. They cried? They thought they could win?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 3:15pm
Okay let’s start with meeting let me know your opinion and questions in every section. Of course I swim wearing a bikini and that means most of my body is exposed. When I enter the swimming pool only these two guys were there. They both tall (but still shorter than myself) one of them is athletic and muscular quite manly, the other one is tall and thin guy, but he also looks fit. Both are black guys. I started swimming and i saw them staring at me most of the time. After I finished they came to me. They introduce you themselves , they were so polite and respectful they asked me how I gained all these muscles and about my size etc. Then they asked me if they can touch and their faces were so red they’re so polite and shy. When I said yes they were surprised. However they started touching every muscle in my body. After a while they asked me if I am as strong as I look, and while we were talking they said that probably I’m stronger than thin guy. But I am equal or weaker than the strong one. I told them that I can beated both of them together. They didn’t believe. So, I challenged them to my place. Of course they drove me crazy because they kept asking me if Ellie my husband will not mind. Finally I convinced them and brought them home.

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:20pm
Before arriving to my place I called Ellie and ordered him to prepare the place for a wrestling match. He knew that there’s new men with me and he didn’t like it. Of course no one cares about his stupid opinion. When we arrived I found the wrestling stage ready so we started immediately. I took off my slippers t shirt and shorts and back to my swimsuit, they did the same. Rules are easy wrestling match I am not allowed to catch them from their balls. So, the wrestling is fair. The game started immediately I jumped in both of them put each one of them under my armpit. Kept squeezing their heads for a while. Then put the strong one between my thighs and the other i sat on him. The slim guy was trying so hard to free himself so he was scratching my back, at this point I lost my bra, as always 😂. However, both lost all their powers at this point so i put one above the other and lay above of them. They started screaming like girls we surrender we surrender

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:28pm
It was so easy. I think my strength is increasing so I decide starting from this day I only wrestle 3 men not less. Their sizes are 185 cm 95 kg. The other 192/ 78kg. While me 196cm/ 107kg

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:31pm
So, what do think? Any more details needed?

Fatima Apr 27 2019 3:31pm
Yes theyr muscle size

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 4:15pm
They both were big guys

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 4:23pm
Yes, they were both big, but not as big as me 💪🏻

Fatima Apr 27 2019 4:40pm
They cried?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 7:19pm
Was too hard beating them?

TopicmasterApr 27 2019 7:29pm
They cried little bit. No not at all, it was easy surprisengly. So, i decide to stop wrestling two men and start wrestling three men at least from now on.

Fatima Apr 28 2019 1:41am
2 guys bigger than me was too easy? What they said after you won

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 3:24am
They were exhausted and surprised. They couldn’t believe it how easy it was for me. Then they remember that the loser should worship the winner 😂😂 and they hate it, but they were forced to do it

Fatima Apr 28 2019 3:32am
You muscles were much bigger? Harder? Guess the skinny guy was not even half your strength

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 5:52am
Of course mine are much harder and bigger. The skinny one was nothing literally when I lifted him I felt nothing. Women Power

Fatima Apr 28 2019 8:07am
How u lifted him?! Was much smaller? And still is as heavy as me omg

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 8:26am
I lifted him during the wrestling. Yes this’s the skinny one, but he’s tall but still shorter than me

Fatima Apr 28 2019 8:39am
What he commented about your muscles

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 10:12am
I think they loved it. But they said I’m scary and they couldn’t believe that there’s a woman my size and my strength

Fatima Apr 28 2019 10:29am
They said you scary because?

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 11:34am
Because of my body and muscles and fighting skills. Also, they said they’ve never met a woman this confident and aggressive and manly the way I am

Fatima Apr 28 2019 11:36am
Well your muscles aren't normal

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:29pm
Is that a compliment or what?

Fatima Apr 28 2019 12:32pm
24 inches bicep is a monster big I feel like kid

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:34pm
Your husband can be used as a training weight on those powerful huge arms. How big are his own?

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:35pm
Thanks. I think my husband is about 12.

Fatima Apr 28 2019 12:36pm
Is smaller than your forearm I think omg difference is huge. I believe now your shirt is like a drrss for him

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:37pm
Yes, it is smaller. Actually the difference between us is huge. This’s why he can’t challenge me at anything

Fatima Apr 28 2019 12:39pm
How can your husband lift the weight you drop around the house

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:39pm
Armwrestling with you for him is a joke

TopicmasterApr 28 2019 12:40pm
We no longer wrestle. There’s no point of this. He struggled a lot to move any dumble. He uses his two hands to push it back

Fatima Apr 28 2019 12:42pm
That’s why I bring other men to wrestle because my husband cannot wrestle me

Fatima Apr 28 2019 12:42pm
He can't lift any?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 1:14am
But why you need to wrestle him? When it become too easy to wrestle him. Seems like is practically boring try to wrestle him. It's a joke if you two go restaurant or public places and your both arms are close.

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 2:39am
I told you I don’t want to wrestle him. He’s like a bug comparing to me. This’s why he’ Only serving me and when I wanna wrestle I bring men other than my husband

Fatima Apr 29 2019 4:44am
Yes ok but you like going to city with his tiny arms close to your massive ones? Mine look same as his

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 4:57am
Yes, I like it it’s funny. Not only arms also thighs and legs in the summer

Fatima Apr 29 2019 5:00am
I bet with right push he can be a challenge. You can tell him ok husband you have to move my arm in armwrestling two arms against one of mine. You have all time to win. If you cannot move it and you give up I will spank you until you cry. I bet he will try very hard

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 5:00am
Haha good now. I tried so many times and he tried his best but seriously I don’t feel a thing when we wrestle. So, other men are the solution

Fatima Apr 29 2019 5:04am
Arm wrestling not wrestling

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 5:10am
Ya I know I meant both. He is no match for me at all. Why you can’t believe it?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 5:12am
Is boring for you?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 6:40am
Do you mean is the wrestling with my husband is boring? Absolutely, it’s so boring it’s like an adult and a small kid I feel nothing. The only relationship between me and my husband is that he’s kissing and worshiping my muscles and feet.

Fatima Apr 29 2019 7:21am
So even if you threatening him he can't give you challenge

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 7:26am
No, even with that no challenge with my weak husband

Fatima Apr 29 2019 7:30am
So u tried this way? He ended up spanked?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 7:44am
You think me and him together may move your arm?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 7:45am
Of course, and yes it ended up him being Spanked badly. Sometimes I need a man and don’t find one only my husband so i get upset and beat him

Fatima Apr 29 2019 7:47am
Honestly don’t think so

Fatima Apr 29 2019 7:47am
He was crying while armwrestling you because he knew the outcome ahahha

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 7:53am
Yes, but there’s nothing he can do. This’s his destiny to be my husband

Fatima Apr 29 2019 8:01am
Did he really cry while you ask him to try

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 8:16am
You spanked hard?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 8:17am
Yez, but after i spanked him I felt sorry for him. So, I decided to replace him with other men. In exchange he will be full time househusband and he will keep worshiping me all the time

Fatima Apr 29 2019 8:27am
He is so afraid of the strength that he accepted this?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 8:34am
He was crying during armwrestling because he knew about how Pain he will feel soon and he was traing his best. What you said to him while he tried?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 8:36am
I was saying come-on try harder if you wanna avoid my slippers and show him my slipper and laugh. Why he wouldn’t agree I am not wrestling him now and all what he has to do is to worship me and be a household what’s wrong with that??

Fatima Apr 29 2019 9:16am
He was afraid and he tried his best? Yet husband couldn't move one cm?! Nothing wrong if you agree on this rules at home

AnonymousApr 29 2019 9:19am
Have you ever done this in front of his friends or family? Something similar?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 9:20am
I am thinking what would be my reaction when I measure your flexed bicep my face would be shocked how big calfs and thighs?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 9:21am
Yes, he tried his best and couldn’t. Actually yes I did this infront his friends but then I did it to his friends. So, my husband wasn’t the only embarrassed male there😂. Female Power

Fatima Apr 29 2019 9:24am
Same condition?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 9:39am
You were Loughing I bet. Try harder. You can start anytime. Let me know when you give up. You can ask a friend to help you because I'm bored etc

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 9:44am
Why do you need more men?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 9:59am
Yes, same condition. What do you mean why?? Do you think this weak husband is enough for me

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:03am
Is not wake I think he is average. You are over the limit 🤔

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:04am
We can do a spanking competition. I give you 10 y give me 10 to see who cries or give up first 🤣

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:05am
We can't compete with this kind of muscles. You're super trained woman and we are Normal man. Is already impressive I can't move your arm with both mines but apparently even 2 men like me makes you Loughing

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:07am
Yes, and don’t repeat this joke no man on the earth can touch my ass only for kissing and worshiping i can’t be spanked even as a joke

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:11am
Not a joke but a demonstration that probably ypur ass muscles are so hard that I will be in pain on my hand and you wouldn even notice

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:13am
Yes, probably but still I’m your Goddess and you can’t spank me even for this purpose. You shall clean my ass after this bad joke

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:14am
Well I can't punch your and to prove your strength

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:15am
No you can’t this’s your Goddess ass you should show respect 😡

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:16am
Respected how

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:17am
I would be afraid to make you upset I'm sorry

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:19am
I promised I will clean up your weight around the house and put them back all time

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:19am
Respect by kissing treating it as your Goddess ass

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:27am
Its hard?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:28am
Don't you feel like you are dealing with kids when you prove your strength?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:29am
Yes, of course I feel. This why I feel no more men around me.

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:30am
How is the feeling to be so strong that only one or two spanks make an adult cry

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:30am
Can I wrestle you if I bring 2friends my size?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:32am
Yes, of course you can. Who are they?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:34am
J and D I don't want to use their name here but roughly they're my size around 80 kg and between 175 and 180. Same a s me

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:36am
But we need advantage. I need to hold your right hand and arm. J the left and D. The legs than we can start wrestling. What do you think is challenging enough for you?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:38am
And who’s the strongest and the weakest between you? Also how old are you?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:40am
I'm the stronger I think. We're 27/30/30

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:40am
Yes this might be challenging let’s see

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:41am
What do you think you would do first?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:41am
You’re the strongest this’s a joke 😂😂 who’s 27? First I need you to ask them that they have no problem wrestling topless women? And they should only be wearing underwear? Finally, if they lose will they spend the night in my house worshipping me 🤔🤔

Fatima Apr 29 2019 10:44am
I think they're ok and D is 27

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:49am
Why joke. Remember will be me against your right arm

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 10:51am
First I will punch you in the face using my right arm put you on the floor

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:01am
Ask them I need to know their response for sure about the nudity and worship

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:02am
I asked j said he would love. D still not reply. Wrestling punches aren't allowed. And I'm holding your arm so you can punch. If needed I will use all my weight to hold it in position

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:04am
I meant I will push you with my arm. If D is shy bring him here I can convince him

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:05am
How would you convince him? I will let him speak with you if I can convince him. I will try to hug your bicep so u can't push ehehe

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:07am
Still I can push 80 kg easily

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:09am
Also, you should tell them i am married. Some men don’t believe that I am married and inviting men to my house

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:09am
That would mean you can lift my body with one arm!? Yes they know youre married and were almost size of your husband

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:16am
Okay good. Yes I can lift grown up men with one arm. I’m so excited three men my husband hate it when this happened

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:18am
Wait a second. You said that I will hold on your arm and my feet suddenly with loose grip on terrain and you lifting me and on other arm J.?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:19am
Yes, that’s what I said. And I feel sorry for D who would be holding my legs🦵

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:20am
O my gosh so 3 guys. Two basically not touching the ground in forst 30 second and 3rd one is already loosing because your legs are much stronger than arms Sonia pointless to hold them?

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:27am
Maybe, it’s pointless. for me I will win three men serving me over the night

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:29am
If we can't stop you of course we have to obey I don't want you upset

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:30am
Good boy. Of course you will lose. I will be ready to have you three with me. So, excited

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:31am
Hello miss Fatima I'm j the friend of "topicmaster" I'm shocked on his story about you.

JjApr 29 2019 11:31am
Thanks J. Are you ready to serve me boy?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:32am
How you serve a woman? And it's all true what you say? Like you can lift my body with an arm? I am 76 kg

JjApr 29 2019 11:33am
How can this lift happen? Sorry for my English

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:34am
Yes, of course I can. You serve a woman like me first thing kissing, washing and worshiping my feet. Have you done this before?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:35am
What should a serving guy do and why you need 3 and how did you get so strong

JjApr 29 2019 11:35am
What do you mean" of course" like is a everyday task for you

JjApr 29 2019 11:36am
I told you how to serve. I need 3 men because two men are so easy for me. I get strong by practicing and working out taking wrestling and boxing lessons. Also i am naturaly a big woman 196 cm and 106 kg. By the way if you’re hairy I need you to shave because you will be almost naked

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:38am
Yez, I lift all my male friends and relatives in one arm it’s easy. So, it’s easy. Are you ready to serve my feet?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:39am
Hey, where did you go? Are scared? Jj

Fatima Apr 29 2019 11:42am
I'm schocked

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 11:51am
Please tell us how you think you can lift me or us. I meant how will be movement etc

JjApr 29 2019 11:53am
She said she could beat her husband and one other guy in armwrestling with her single arm very easy

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 12:00pm
Yeah I read

JjApr 29 2019 12:01pm
Of course we're scared because seems you are 7 times stronger than me

JjApr 29 2019 12:06pm
Good job boys you should be scared. You didn’t answer my question are you ready to worship and serve my feet

Fatima Apr 29 2019 2:36pm
Yes we both are. No reply from D yet. And you didn't reply J questions 🙄🙄

TopicmasterApr 29 2019 3:32pm
How do you know that J is ready? And what’s this face for? What’s J question?

Fatima Apr 29 2019 3:39pm
He knows I'm ready because we speak at phone we're friends

JjApr 29 2019 11:04pm
My question was:Please tell us how you think you can lift me or us. I meant how will be movement etc

JjApr 30 2019 5:28am

JjApr 30 2019 12:33pm
We probably scared her 🤐

TopicmasterMay 01 2019 8:56am

JjMay 05 2019 2:28pm
Fatima is real woman?

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