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A poll for shorter, huskier ladies who are LARGE AND IN CHARGE!!!

Question: Being tall and being male is often associated with being physically strong. This is especially true in Hollywood films. However, many short females, even females who are under five feet, are strong and it is usually the larger, heavier ladies among them who are very strong (in fact, the strongest) which is why there are different weight classes in sports like wrestling and weightlifting. On the other end of the spectrum are tall males. However, many tall males, even males who are six feet tall or taller, are skinny and they don't weigh that much which means that they most likely are not very strong and they do not possess the physical strength of the strong, tall male portrayed in the movies. Ladies, did you ever look at a tall skinny guy who is way taller than you are (and much lighter than you are) and say to yourself: I know I am way stronger than he is, and then decide to challenge him to a physical test of strength? If you challenged him and he accepted your challenge, believing that he could physically overpower you because you are short and he is way taller than you are, what was the outcome? Feel free to post any comments.
Created by: PRAGMATIC2 at 09:22:24 PM, Thursday, October 23, 2008 PDT


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