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Have you ever seen a short, strong woman?

Question: How tall was she? How much did she weigh? How do you know she was strong?
Created by: Ultrabomb655 at 10:58:30 AM, Friday, December 12, 2008 PST


she is 5'2", 165. how do i know? she raped joke. i fought back but could not stop her. i am almost a foot taller and have 60 lbs on her too. i don't care what you say or how much you doubt, it really happened.

AnonymousFeb 14 2009 5:39am

I might have mentioned this somewhere else. I am a tall, rail-thin guy. I stand 6-foot-1 but I weigh a measly 125 lbs. I encountered a young lady who is only 4-foot-10 but she weighs a monstrous 257 lbs!!! I immediately knew I would be no match for such a big strong lady if I were ever in a fight wih her, especially after she told me she bench pressed 175 lbs FIFTEEN TIMES!!! I couldn't even bench press one-third that much. NOT EVEN ONCE!!! That 175 lbs she bench pressed 15 times is dozens of lbs more than what I weigh!!! I immediately believed her right after I felt her huge, massive biceps. I am so much taller than she is that while she and I were standing in front of each other, the top of her head barely rose in height to my armpits. I WAS GETTING A HUGE ERECTION!!! I continued to look way down at her when I suddenly said to her: "I know you can take me," thereby avoiding a possible physical brawl with her THAT I KNEW I WOULD LOSE!!!

A tall, rail-thin guySep 20 2009 2:58pm
5'-0" tall & 160#. We armwrestled & wrestled and she won both. Pinned me twice wrestling!

BillDec 04 2019 6:56am
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