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short girls comparing legs with tall guys

Question: Whose legs were bigger? What were their respective heights and weights?
Created by: Ultrabomb702 at 11:07:18 AM, Sunday, January 18, 2009 PST


A short athletic (soccer) girl I know has very muscular well developed legs. I saw her beat two taller, thinner guys in leg wrestling - where you lie on your back, hook legs at the knee and try to roll your opponent. With her muscular hips, calves and things, she rolled both easily multiple times. I bet she could beat one of them in a regular wrestling match.

AnonymousJan 20 2009 5:17pm

What were their respective heights and weights?

AnonymousJan 20 2009 7:16pm
girl - 5'4" 125 pounds, firm muscular build guy#1 - 5'8" 135 lbs. skinny guy#2 - 5'9" 140 lbs. skinny, weak #2 was the guy she could prolly pin in a wrestling match. this happened at our neighborhood pool last summer where she was a life guard.

AnonymousJan 23 2009 12:32pm
I am always turned on whenever I stand next to a woman or a girl who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am even though I am way taller than she is.

A tall thin weak manSep 13 2009 4:03pm
I believe most guys who are extremely tall and extremely skinny with extremely skinny arms and extremely skinny legs get A HUGE ERECTION whenever they stand next to, in front of, behind, or face to face with a girl who is extremely short and extremely fat with extremely huge arms and extremely huge legs because he knows SHE CAN PICK HIM UP AND THROW HIM!!! A tall skinny guy also gets A HUGE ERECTION when he sees another tall skinny guy go down at the hands of a big strong short fat girl!!!

AnonymousOct 08 2009 11:45pm
This one guys

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:23am
Here I am

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:28am
Yes curious comparing to you i am a horse maybe not only you most men

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:30am
Wish u to tease me when im overhead unable to jump off

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:30am
I think u are as strong as a real horse

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:31am
you'll be afraid to jump from over than 2 meters. You'll feel so weak that your mummy does not let you down, and you are begging me for this.

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:32am
i was with my friends and their wives, they much bigger than me i notice that all of them taller than me bigger than me and i was inspire with their asses , their asses really bigger than body and they left their friends and come to have fun with me lift me and compare their bodies with me, i remember that , there is no one have arm smaller than my thigh

markJul 18 2014 9:34am
Hhhh, dear you are so small how things will always will be. I told you now most women are strong that means all of them have arms more than 13 inches. You should try to find someone like them. maybe if you find woman who likes you, you can tell her that you both can have open marriage in this way if she is not satisfied with you, she can go out with out with other men to satisfy her and you'll still married.

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:38am
What will u do if I ask u to let me will be so exciting to see your hard muscles sustaining all my weight so easily

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:39am
Woman: is really 13 inches thigh is small, or it middle

markJul 18 2014 9:40am
It depends if i am happy from you, maybe i'll keep you up there just for fun, or let you down if you are really tired. If i am not happy i'll turns very fast and you'll be so dizzy then i might slap you.

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:42am
Do u tease ure husband when he is overhead?

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:42am
No they're really small, but i like men this way very much. When your friends wives lifted you how you friends feel about it? do they compare their asses with yours?

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:43am
No, because usually i do not lift men in this position only if i am training so i just told men they're not useful any more for being weights for me. When i want lift men i cardle them or give them a bearhug

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:45am
Theyre not usefull as a weight to get lifted overhrad? Too light?

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:47am
Yes, not useful for being weights not useful f=in real life, not useful in sex, so i put down and force them to kiss my feet because this is the only thing they are useful for.

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:48am
my friends sizes big and they know that i'm small so they feel bad about me, of course (my ass like my bigger than my waist it is 21 inches),and i think the smaller one from they is 43 inches and their asses really huge one from they with one hand cover my hole ass, also one of them let me sit on one leg ,, she was able to see her thigh because my ass smaller than her thigh

markJul 18 2014 9:49am
Yes that is great they look like big women as well. Your ass look very small, do you like it when their wives play with you i think it is great

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:52am
Im usefill as a weight now its hard to lift me least for reps

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:53am
Yes until now you are useful as weight, but who knows in few month what will happen, i do not think you'll be any more

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:54am
I thought u keep your husband overhead waiting for him to beg you to get down...and than you start to tease him how light it feel even if u hoist him so high overhead

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:55am
Cuz im getting lihhter or u stronger mummy?

curious87Jul 18 2014 9:56am
I told you i only lift over my head if i am training, otherwise i cradle them or bear hug them

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:57am
I do not know about you, but for me i am getting stronger and bigger my little baby.

Woman Jul 18 2014 9:58am
I wonna see u in a rope pulling cpmpetition vs me wonna see the results...

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:00am
You are getting so strong that my weight to lift will be soon not that hard?!!

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:01am
Actually with those muscles I need to call other two man like me to challenge u alone ....or a real small horse

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:02am
No your weights will be so light for me. You want play against me rope pulling, you'll be flying not pulling. I only play this game if there are two or three men in the other side. Otherwise the man will be destroyed and will go to the hospital

Woman Jul 18 2014 10:03am how...why

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:04am
because i'll drag them very fast on the ground, or they really fly then hit the ground. I think small horse would be much better than you usefulness men

Woman Jul 18 2014 10:05am
U think u can challenge the small horse?

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:18am
i do not think i'll win, but i'll give the horse tough match.

Woman Jul 18 2014 10:19am
You can play handicap match with me...u use just one arm vs all my body to pull thecrope so I will have some chance

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:19am
Wow im amazed every time you tell me abt your strength. abt me plus two guys we can defeat you in rope pulling

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:21am
Really seems that I'm a baby against use me just to play get worshipped and feed me seems that there is no comparison at all

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:25am
I asked you a question earlier. ..can u flex biceps and in the meantime I try to push with my finggers? There will be any effect?

curious87Jul 18 2014 10:28am
Yes 14 inches biceps but luckily she's tooo weak to overhead lift me

sosmallcomparedJul 18 2014 10:33am
yes i love it very much i feel like fly and tiny person when my friend's wives carry me and play with my throw me between them, actually i remember when went to home of my friend, her wife lift me with one hand while she Preparing tea for us while she lifting me i look to her boobs, they was huge bigger than my ass i think her boobs was twice my ass in size

markJul 18 2014 10:50am
Curious, i do not think you and two other men from size will be able to beat me in rope pulling. If you want to win you should have a horse

Woman Jul 18 2014 11:04am
Mark, that is great if you like it, that is mean you'll like it when your wife will do it for you. Does your friend like it when his wife lift you near her tits

Woman Jul 18 2014 11:08am
Seems like you arecthe horse so ill need other 3 guys

curious87Jul 18 2014 11:09am
I got a pony but I suspect its not enough I need a huge one or 3 friends my size

curious87Jul 18 2014 11:10am
my friend treat me ass boy so they don't feel jealous and just laugh, but until now i did't find a woman who want to marry me, all woman want me to play with my small body, i think if a big woman marry me we will have a lot of fun, i see me on her body like insect she don't feel me, i love when we Stripped of clothing so i will be like sticky on she body, she lift me any way she want put my ass on one hand and lift me, trying to lift her one thigh

markJul 18 2014 11:15am
my friend wife get her bra and put side on the floor and the other side measure my tall, her bra reached under my breast

markJul 18 2014 11:18am
Will be spoo humiliating for 3 grown man to not create even problems to a single muscular woman on rope pulling....

curious87Jul 18 2014 11:50am
Yes, men will be so humiliate when they cannot pull a rope from a woman. I told you you are useless i need horse

WomanJul 18 2014 12:10pm
U think you'll drag us on your side? Will be hard? So even thee ponyvits not enough? To beat u I need the horse!?!?

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:12pm
Mark, that is great for you that your friends are not jealous from you, any way they should not. I am very happy that i find women like your friend wife very big and muscular and also open minded to use her bra to measure your hight. Were you so embarrassed that her bra almost cover you? I bet she had huge tits

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:14pm
I think if the three men are as your size i'll beat them no problem. The horse will stop me

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:15pm
Will u tease us?

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:20pm
Hhhh, of course three men dragging by me like i drag pets, this is great. Can you imgine how this embarrassing could be for you?

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:22pm
why they should not jealous from me i'm adult man. yes of course i'm embarrassed when measure my height with her bra, but If I their place i will use any thing to measure, if she sat down on her knees will become taller than me, her bra really very big i think if we added 10 cm will be the same my tall because her tits biggest tits ever seen

markJul 18 2014 12:24pm
What youll do or sayvto us

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:29pm
Sorry i did not mean that you are not adult man. I only meant as a big woman my self i like to wrestle and compare with other men specially small men, but my husband was going upset about it specially if i was topless, so i punished him, your friends look like real grown up men to have no problem with doing this. My tits size are 38 D do you think hers is smaller because if they were smaller that mean my bra can cover you:))

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:29pm
As i said i'll treat you like my pets, because this is how it'll look like woman dragging behind her pets usually but i drag weak small men

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:30pm
don't worry my friend don't jealous from me because he see the huge difference between his wife and me, so he tell us very time that he consider me as her son hhhhhh, yes she is smaller than you 36 D i think and her ass mabey 48 inches , WOW so your bra can cover all my bode i think one tit of this bra hold my head

markJul 18 2014 12:35pm
Mark i wish if i was not married, i would marry you directly and we'll compare our bodies together all the time.

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:36pm
I mean during the contest what youll do? Lough?

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:37pm
we can even you married, what is your ass size mine 21 inches

markJul 18 2014 12:37pm
Yes, i really like your friend ideas, maybe she feels that you're like her son as well. Oh my god my bra will be so huge to you, this is great. Of course because one of my tits is bigger than your head.

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:38pm
Curious, i do not what to say exactly, but sure i'll lough at your total weakness. Mark my dream if by the law i can marry more than one it would be great. Last time i measure my ass was about 51 or 50

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:40pm
OMG Woman 51 that is mean really you can lift me and put me in your ass and your ass will reach each other while i'm inside 51 inches vs. 21 inches OMG

markJul 18 2014 12:43pm
I mean if u fight in a rope pulling competition and u see tgat still u can easily win would you ask us to try harder? Or to add one guy or giving us some help to make things even ...what you gonna do or say...its exciting to think how weak we can feel close to that power of youurs

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:45pm
i don't know what mean by 38 d bra ,, because the biggest i see 36 d ,, is big diff. between two sizes

markJul 18 2014 12:45pm
Yes, i have very huge ass since i was child. It is very big this is why almost there no clothes fit me. I know my ass is bigger than your entire body. Imgine if i sit on your face what will happened?

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:45pm
Can you really lift a guy 50/60kg just pitting one hand on his ass?

sosmallcomparedJul 18 2014 12:46pm
Sorry to ask mummy but is your ass soft or just hard muscled as all your body

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:47pm
i you put your tits i will killed , so by your ass i will be in deep poo

markJul 18 2014 12:47pm
Mark yes there is big different not huge but big enough. I think my bra will reach your head. Curious no i'll not go easy on you i think i'll tell you to add fourth and fifth man for a competition

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:48pm
Omg the strenght in ure thighs and biceps is enormous I will feel helpless if 4 guys will not defeat u

curious87Jul 18 2014 12:49pm
Sosmall yes i can :)). Baby not it is hard very hard so imagine when i sit on men face what happened. Mark Hhhh thats so funny

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:50pm
Omg can u really do it with me?

sosmallcomparedJul 18 2014 12:56pm
Yes, sure i can do it with you. I think in few months your wife will do it for you:))

Woman Jul 18 2014 12:58pm
ooooh i remember two weeks ago when i was at my friend and his wife we was drink juice and when she Serve me increase juice , by fault poured out on my pants so she said sorry let my clean it, she started talk off the pants but i say no , she say come on, let my clean it she indeed talk off the pants, she shocked when see my thighs i think she spent two minutes with any word just looking to my thighs, then said what is that, she was wearing short Skirt so she sit beside me to compare her thigh with me one thigh is bigger than my two thighs plus 3 times more by her hand encircle my leg she looked at me laughed out loud

markJul 18 2014 1:00pm
Hhhh, that is funny yes you have very small thighs. I want to compare with you so badly. I love small non muscular thighs on men. She is so lucky. What is her thighs size

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:03pm
i think yes mu 13 thigh is very small compared by you, her thigh is 27 each

markJul 18 2014 1:04pm
Very good 27. I mgine if you compare with me30. I think she looks strong 27 thighs huge arms 45 ass. Is she bigger and stronger than your friend?

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:07pm
Mummy sits on my face? I thought boobs smotger was enough...

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:08pm
not very much, i never see them wrestle, and whr the do and i'm here hhhhhhhh , i never see 30 thigh in my life i think i will Dies from shock only if see you, can you imagine that my waist almost same your arm OMG

markJul 18 2014 1:11pm
Hhhh, why are you afraid baby? I think you should. I told you that we'll wrestle when i wrestle i sis on mens face. I told you men lost erection when we wrestle and wrestling with me is not sexy thing it is danger thing. Do not be afraid baby cause mummmy will be a little soft with you.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:12pm
OMG, you are really cute and small. To be honest i want you right now. I am dying for man your size

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:14pm
I think I need some bodyguarda o have u soft with me ahah

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:14pm
what will you doing if i'm front you, let me know in detail to see if my friend wife and you think the same

markJul 18 2014 1:16pm
You need very good bodyguard or two or three to keep me away from you. Any way baby you just come and i'll take care with you

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:16pm
So my friends my size are not good bguards

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:17pm
I wish to touch such power and wrestling I'm afraid

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:18pm
So I can sit oh ure hand and ull sustain and lift my weight off tge ground easily?

sosmallcomparedJul 18 2014 1:21pm
Oh my god. I do not know, but many things. I want lift you like a baby maybe feed you. I also always want to lift very small man let him rap his legs around my waist and his head on my tits while i do my work. Breast smoother for sure. Wrestling you for sure. Lift you in all ways. Plus you have to kiss and massage my feet this is something essential for any man i meet with. Plus maybe maybe other things because men like are irresistible for mec

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:21pm
Sosmall yes i think i can do it. Curious come on i'll have fun your mummmy is waiting for you. A little pain would not hurt.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:23pm
I'll be recorded I hope after the pain

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:24pm
Mark also i'll compare with you a lot. Naked. What does your friend wife wants to do?

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:24pm

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:25pm
Hhhh, yes a lot of feeding while i am lifting you, and if it is your turn feeding while i am sleeping. How about this

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:26pm
Id love to do it.... can I feel your flex biceps whilevu lift and feed me

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:28pm
Yes, of course i'll flex it for you. Plus you can put your head on it.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:30pm
Woman if you wrestle me , you can break me, so please don't

markJul 18 2014 1:31pm
Hhhh, Mark i know. I have experience in wrestling weak men i'll not break you. So do you like what i am going to do to you? Or your friend wife will do more stuff?

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:33pm
my friend wife, first took off my clothes to be naked after that she will let me naked her, then she start to compare every thing between us, i remember the only thing from me bigger than she my arm not bigger but as same as her wrist, then start to lift me in all ways give me breast smother and git the measuring tape to compare with the numbers between us, let my try to lift her leg and really i never did,

markJul 18 2014 1:39pm
after that we perspiration, so enter with each other to bathroom to take shower and clean each other

markJul 18 2014 1:42pm
Wow, that is good one. Very similar ideas. I think all men with strong tits like to give breast smoother. Did you feel embarrassed with you small body against hef? How did you both feel about you dick size? Was your friend their did he lough? I like it a lot when men cannot lift my leg.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:43pm
I do this to men too, but i only make them clean me. I do not clean them. This funny right i like it a lot.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:45pm
If u flex on my head ill feel like a huge stone I think

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:45pm
I think punching your bicep or trying to dent it I will not succeed to move it when flexed

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:48pm
Yes, my biceps is so hard, but it will be good if you want to rist while i am feeding you, Little baby.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:48pm
I wish to rest my head on it...its bigger than my chic for sure

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:50pm
yes i'm embarrassed too much i reach under her tits so if i stand under them directly i will not able to see her face, i know that my dick is small, she compared two finger from her hand with mu dick , the two fingers was thicker and this embarrassed me she told to me , you never will able to f*ck me you will need your arm and i think it will be smaller than my pussy, yes my friend lough, really i do my best to lift one inch her thigh but i cant

markJul 18 2014 1:50pm
No, it will not work, then you'll be so tired from the feeding trying to suck from those tits, and breathing between my tits.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:50pm
Your flex bicep rrsist my fingers? You'll make me try just to show me how puny I seem compared to u? I feel like a child now

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:52pm
curious yes they are bigger. Mark yes i know this when men cannot see my face because of my tits this will make feel so small. I think your dick is so small but i would like to see it. I really like your friend and his wife they are great i will tell my husband about him.

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:53pm
Curious this is the point i want you to feel always as child. When we'll compare you'll fee; it more I am your mummy and how is the training on the feet massage is going on?

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:55pm
We will compare what? Im studying and discovering very plesent things for your feet mummy

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:56pm
Good boy, your mummys feet are very important. We'll compare our bodies together to feel like a real baby,

Woman Jul 18 2014 1:58pm
How you want to compare your body to mine...I wonna kiss all part of mummy's body feets included

curious87Jul 18 2014 1:59pm
The comparison make me feel small and puny? Omg

curious87Jul 18 2014 2:00pm
Of course you'll kiss my body i like that, and my feet you'll kiss them for hours. we'll be naked and then we'll compare in front a mirror, then i'll lift you and flex my muscles.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:01pm
I can say other childrens at school that my mummy muscles are bigger ans harder than all of theyre dad's?

curious87Jul 18 2014 2:01pm
I will be dwarfed if u appear behind me in the mirror

curious87Jul 18 2014 2:03pm
Hhhhh, i like that a lot many das's and one mummy but the mummy is bigger and stronger from all of them.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:03pm
How can u lift and flex at the same time? How you'll hold me?

curious87Jul 18 2014 2:04pm
did you think she exaggerate when say that i need my arm (in size sure) to f*ck her and will be small too, who you see my dick??!!

markJul 18 2014 2:04pm
My mum can lift or spank tge biggest of daddys?!!

curious87Jul 18 2014 2:05pm
I'll lift you over my shoulders. Mark I think with your size it is very hard to f*ck big woman like me or her, but i'll tell you something when the woman love you she'll accept any size. I think for me and her your hand will be enough. I want to see your dick very much. I think it is cute.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:07pm
Yes all the daddys fear mummy because she'll beat them spank them. This is why you should be a good boy.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:08pm
which way to see my dick, U know i really like to see your thigh and ass, i ever see this sizes

markJul 18 2014 2:09pm
I do not know. Actually i do not send photos. I am just saying that men from your size are for me the best and you small bodies and dicks makes me so excited.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:11pm
Your friend wife is very lucky.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:12pm
by the way if my dick excited i think u can hide it by one hand so it still so small

markJul 18 2014 2:14pm
Hhhh, that is so great. Sorry for saying this but sometimes i make men sleep with me in the bed without having sex just to suck my tits, so i can feel their dick all night. I think if i'll do this to you even if you were excited i'll not notice, but i still like that a lot.

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:17pm
OMG hhhhhhhhhhhhh, that is embarrassed me really, i think ur middle finger will taller than my excited dick i'm sure for that

markJul 18 2014 2:20pm
Hhhhh, really you think. oh my god it must be so small, that is so great i like that. You know i think you should use your hand because i might not notice if i ever f*ck you

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:23pm
hhhhhhhhhhhhh sure grate Woman, you know i'm 26 and i never f*ck any woman, they always play with my dick hole it in their hands but never they let me fuch thim,

markJul 18 2014 2:45pm
Really, hope you'll do that soon. With big woman appreciate small dicks. Even i must tell you with your dick it'll be much funnier to play with than f*ck it. But i do not see why woman would not let you do it, I think for someone like me i'll barely notice it

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:47pm
other story i was in kitchen of my other friend and his wife, this woman smaller than other, but i was need something higher than me so i cry my friend wife, to bring it, she was talk in the mobile, so she order her daughter to going kitchen to see what i need, this girl is 15 years old and sure taller and bigger than me i think she 65 kg, she easily get what i need and say smiled you very small mr.Mark, can i try lift you i say sure you can, she easily lift me and going to her mum while lifting me, my friend wife smiled and order her to let me down, and say mark can you lift her?! i say i don't know let me try i lift her one inch and i can't to continue

markJul 18 2014 2:51pm
Hhhhh, that is embarrassing, but i am sure that young girl had a lot of fun. I think it would be better it is better for you to compete with girls between 13- 15 of course they are stronger than you, but still better than their mothers who they are much stronger and bigger than you

Woman Jul 18 2014 2:55pm
i think you are right, you know i never see grill in 14-15 years smaller than me all of them bigger(mu neighbor's daughter, my friend's daughter), and this girl lifted me have thigh much bigger than me i think it 21 inches mine is 13), and her boobs not big , but big enough to smother small one like me, and her ass i think double mine i think is 39-40 inches , so i seem very small compared to this girl

markJul 18 2014 3:01pm
ond night i sleep with them in their house, so the bring to my clothes from their daughter because she the the nearest to me, the clothes was very big on me so i was embarrassing

markJul 18 2014 3:04pm
Yes, women in general are becoming bigger and bigger while men getting smaller. I think if i want to catch you from your ass it'll be so small for my hand. Plus sometimes i spank men on their asses with my hand or my slipper the problem that mt foot and hand is bigger than your ass.

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:05pm
Hhhhh, oh my god if i want to give you any thing from my clothes i'll find nothing. But that is Okay because i'll prefer to see you naked for your small ass and dick

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:07pm
i think catch my ass with one hand and i think also really will be smaller in your hand, don't worry you can use fingers

markJul 18 2014 3:08pm
Hhhhh, those women your friends wives are so lucky to have you.

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:10pm
you can give me your bra, you can lift my using your bra

markJul 18 2014 3:10pm
Hhhh, oh yes my bra will look like a dress on you. I have very pretty bras, but as i said i might decide to keep you naked :))

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:12pm
my friend's daughter ass really was huge for girl in 15, it was double of mine(21 inches she 40) all of it meat, i think the meat in her ass more the meat in all my body

markJul 18 2014 3:13pm
Wow this girl looks has future like mine. I bet her mother is big also and has huge ass as well

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:15pm
I think also in the future more men will become like you. It will be very normal for the wife to be bigger and stronger while the smaller the man the better

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:19pm
yes she like her mother, you know i weight 52 kg i think all of them bones i don't have meat, so i think really the amount of meat in this girl ass and the amount of meat on her mother boobs more than the meat in all my body

markJul 18 2014 3:19pm
52 is so light i am sure that my ass and tits have more meets than your all body. I told you you'll not be able to lift one of my tits. How big is the mother?

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:21pm
All daddy's will be scared and respectfull looking your arms and calves

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:35pm
I wish to have my feeding session right now wonna feel my body high in the air sustained by huge hard muscles

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:36pm
Oh, yes sure. They'll scare me to death.They'll fear all my body biceps calves thighs feet tits ass

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:37pm
Yes, i wish that too i Am bored from these two men. Now i hold his arms and start doing push ups and smash his face with my tits, then start slapping his tits between my tits.

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:41pm
How u do push ups holding his arms explane me mummy u slap face with your huge boobs?

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:44pm
Yes i put him on the floor, and his hands behind his head, hold it in my arms and start doing push ups, smashing his face in my tits every time, then put his head between my tits and start to move them very fast it is like slapping

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:47pm
Wow can I try? First below you so I can try to get free and than on top to feel myself up and down

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:49pm
Its your titt slaps painful?

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:50pm
Sure, but i have to tell you when you under me, it is not so pretty. They were suffering a lot under my tits.

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:51pm
Why is not pretty? ?

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:53pm
Because when i smash my tits on your face it'll be painful. and when i was slapping them they were doing weird voices they want to scream or talk but my tits and slapping prevent them.

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:55pm
Omg beated by ure boibs...we can do a match myself vs mummy boobs

curious87Jul 18 2014 3:56pm
Hhhhh, yes sure and you'll lose badly they're very strong and big

Woman Jul 18 2014 3:58pm
Oh cmon me vs them?? U think you'll win?

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:08pm
Then i've never tried. I tried it on each one of them separate

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:11pm
I feel soooo helpless I will do my best mummy becready

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:12pm
Yes, you should but you'll not be able to beat my tits.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:13pm
It's a challenge?! Mummy ull loose fitst time in your life ;)

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:16pm
Hhhhh, you think my tits are so powerful you cannot imagine

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:17pm
I can do pushups holding my weight on tgem?

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:18pm
You are good, but not enough for me. I can see it beating you.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:19pm
I wonna feel you bendibg me against my will just to show me tgat I don't have any choice

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:20pm
Wonna lick ure biceps now...they seems to be soooo big

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:21pm
You wanna lick my biceps. I think now i can prefer it more if you would lick my tits or ass

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:23pm
I wonna lick it all all big part of all

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:24pm
I wonna fell asleep wile you hold my body in ure arms and I suck ure huge boobs

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:25pm
Hhhh, there you go my little baby

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:26pm
U agree on that

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:26pm
I want that too, your head stuck on my tits. While you are sucking them so hard.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:27pm
U want me to suck hatd? Uaually its painfull I'm scared to hurt you

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:29pm
No, do not worry. I want you to suck them real hard, but you might be chocked by them.

WomanJul 18 2014 4:30pm
Plus I want yiu to show me ure enormous strenght

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:30pm
Choked? Why u thibk so?

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:31pm
I'll show you my power a lot. They'll cut you out of breath because they are huge and powerful

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:34pm
Wonna feel u lift me holding by my belt

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:35pm
Hhhh, i'll do it for you. I can lift you with all the ways.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:37pm
Omg your muscles will be soooo pumped when u lift me

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:46pm
How come your shirts are not exploding due to the size of your muscles

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:48pm
Yes, they'll and they'll more when i'll train with heavier weights than you.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:48pm
Tell me coulple of ways to show your power or your muscular difference in size

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:50pm
Because, most of the time i am out i wear shirts so i'll have them much bigger size with a lot of bottoms, or when i am inside i do wear any. Even when i wear t shirts the without sleeve.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:50pm
If u wear my shirts I thibk your boobs muscles can rip tgem....or if u flex your biceps my shirt is ready for the bin

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:53pm
Hhhh, yes but there is one problem i cannot wear them, i cannot make them enter my body. Can you imagine my tits will fit in a t shirt for you;))

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:55pm
Why u can't?

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:56pm
Can u Tell me coulple of ways to show your power or your smuscular difference in sizeĀ 

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:57pm
the difference size, my shoulder is wider and my tits are so huge. It cannot fit me at all.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:58pm
Lift you flexing in front mirror. push ups while you are over me. carrying something very heavy.

Woman Jul 18 2014 4:59pm
You think I'm so much thinner and weaker than you that u can't fit in my shirts? 1??

curious87Jul 18 2014 4:59pm
Carrying smthing very heavy like what?

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:00pm
Of course imagine someone wants wear your shirts, with my huge tits size.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:01pm
My shirts will be like a second skin

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:02pm
Hhhh, trust they'll not fit. I tried many men clothes and bigger than you, and they did not fit me.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:07pm
Too many muscles and titts

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:08pm
All to lick and suck yummy

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:10pm
Yes, all of them tits muscles feet. All for little weak man, and to my babies.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:13pm
U want me to do it my strong mum?

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:15pm
Sure, for me this is why men are here to pleasure me, kiss me, worship me and be my slaves.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:16pm
U know what's the price to have me ;)

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:17pm
What?? I do not pay price for men. They do what i want and i want them to suck my tits kiss my feet my ass, lift them flex in front of them. humiliate them. this is what i want

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:20pm
We want the same. .. every day

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:20pm
That is it. Keep training on feet massage kissing and worshiping and we are at the same line.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:22pm
As far as I feel big boobs and hard huge muscles we agree

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:23pm
Hhhh, on this do not worry. You'll spend your days in three places lifted me with my feet, between my tits

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:24pm
U will get ipset if I keep challenging you ? To seee your strenght or size comparison? I wish to stay exactly in thoose places

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:27pm
Of course, I'll be upset and maybe not feed you any more, and you spend the entire day by my feet just like my husband.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:28pm
So u don't like to show me every day your strength abd size

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:30pm
Sure i do, But if you challenge me. I'll make you bleed and spend your day at my feet no tits, I'll show my power but when you challenge me you should pay for it.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:31pm
I really prefer spend most of the time lifted from the ground and feeded by you...asvfar as your arms can sustain my weigt

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:32pm
So ok its not challenge I don't like to bleed ill ask you if u can armwresl me for example

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:33pm
Id love to ask you to flex your bicep and try to resist wile I grab your wrist with both my arms to open your arm...I think you'll win anyways

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:34pm
Yes sure i'll wim my little weak, and as i always said as my feet are happy as long i'll make you happy.

Woman Jul 18 2014 5:41pm
You're feets will be ill not unflex your bicep to flex position

curious87Jul 18 2014 5:58pm
Yes, this is how i want my feet always. I'll flex for you my bicep and you can try.

Woman Jul 18 2014 6:05pm
I can try? U think I will have any possibility mum?

curious87Jul 19 2014 1:28am
I wonna do this tests every day if u have any fantasy abt this strenght comparison please describe to me

curious87Jul 19 2014 3:56am
Yes, you can try it but you do not have any chance to win. I do not like to do the same thing every day, i like the change.

Woman Jul 19 2014 8:47am
of course i can lift your tits, her mother i think 80 kg

markJul 19 2014 10:18am
Hhhh, how do you know they're very big. It looks like that all your friends married from big muscular woman

Woman Jul 19 2014 10:25am
yes they big but not all of them have muscular,i remember this 80 kg invite one day to go to gum with her, i never can't lift any weight the only thing i can lift the bar with out any weight and with her help

markJul 19 2014 10:27am
but i think your tits in the end, it is about of tits, so of course i can lift

markJul 19 2014 10:29am
I love to change to...u can try to flex and unflex the bicep with me trying to stop you

curious87Jul 19 2014 10:43am
Wow, was you embarassed in front of her with you not able to lift any weights? Can she lifts heavy weights? My tits are not light at all. All men i know can lift them, but i wish to find a man who cannot that would be great.

Woman Jul 19 2014 11:28am
i hope that i not be this man who can't lift your tits, i don'y know i was really tired after she take the bar from me so i went to my home

markJul 19 2014 11:31am
i was embarassed because all the women there was double ma size

markJul 19 2014 11:33am
Ooops, you were so tired from the bar that is so cute. You are so sexy to me now.

Woman Jul 19 2014 11:56am
I love to change to...u can try to flex and unflex the bicep with me trying to stop you

curious87Jul 19 2014 12:51pm
why i'm sexy to you now!?

markJul 19 2014 1:01pm
Curious, yes we can do many things. You'll always feel your weakness and small comparing to me, when i play or tease you or when i do it to other men.

Woman Jul 19 2014 6:11pm
Mark weak small men always make me feel so excited. Specially if they're like you so weak and small and with your little dick that is great for me, you are the perfect man for me. It makes me so excited when women play with you and your small dick like your friends wives do.

Woman Jul 19 2014 6:13pm
Woman I wonna try to defeat you all ways and wish u to show me how weak I am you like the idea??

curious87Jul 19 2014 6:56pm
Defeat me please do not make me laugh. Yes any ideas show my power over men i like it. Even i think when men stay at my home they'll be always so weak to challenge me in any thing since i beat them lift them wrestle them force them to massage kiss suck worship my body all the time so they do not have a lot of time.

Woman Jul 19 2014 7:37pm
I know and your power just keep increasing. ...I think I'll soon became a training

curious87Jul 20 2014 1:30am
hhhhhh i see you want to be like my friends wives to play with me, i think i'm the best toy you ever seen, last night also i sleep in my friend home but this time i get with my my clothes, so his daughter(the girl 15 years, her thighs and ass double me) refused that i wear my clothes and she said no you should wear my clothes, i said ok but you also would wear mine she said ok, her clothes was very big on me, her pants i can enter my two thighs in one leg, her t-shirt look like frock on me, she star to wear my clothes, my pants really don't enter in one leg from her, and my t-shirt also, so she Laugh and i was very embarrassed, she look to her mother and said can i sleep with mr.mark she said no go to your room he will sleep with me(my friend was in his work), the girl went to sleep, and i set with my friend wife that is also my friend show the TV, i set on her lap put my head on her tits, she was talking with me asked my feeling about my body and her body comparison, then she stand up while she keep lifting me, and going to the bed no for sex but to play with each other, she start to naked me and i also do, she was impressed from my body she said who you can live with like this body, she sleep and while she sleep lifting me on one leg and Handed over to the other like bicycle, she said let my trying to lift you with one hand while i'm sleeping she down me and put her big hand on my belly and she easily lift me, i was so excited so my dick stand up, she scream after see my dick and she Laugh asking me is your dick excited or you kidding with me, i say of-course it excited why !?, she said it so small let me play with it, she hold it with one hand and it was so small while It is in her hand, she pressed with one hand and with the other hold my ass lifting me horizontally way, until i flow my creamy sperm, she Laugh and say then you like other men i was so embarrassed, she cleaned me and put me on the bed, after that she slept on her side and put her one tit on my face completely cover and hide my head so i was choked

markJul 20 2014 4:32am
Curious yes you'll be just for training. Mark Ohhh my god you cannot wear clothes for 15 years old girl. I think if i'll try to put your clothes on me or any big woman like i think my foot will not enter on your pants. I told women like small men see the daughter and the mother are having fight over who'll sleep with you. It is must be so embarrassing when your friends' wife lifted you like this. She is so lucky because she saw this small dick excited, and you cum on her big body it must be very funny thing. Did you like it when she cover your face with her tits and choked you? Did your friend come at the end of the night to sleep or he was sleeping out side the home?

Woman Jul 20 2014 4:53am
no his work out the city so he will come after 3 days, the girl's thigh so big i don't know if it big or i see it big but is normal but to me it is too big, so when wear her pants, my two thighs enter easily on one leg, by the way in the same night i try to wear her mother pants hhhhh, one leg of this pants enter until my face and it was wide to, so i hold it with my hands, i was very embarrassing while she lifting me using me dick and my ass in horizontally way, and yes i very like she cover my face with her one tit i feel very tiny person

markJul 20 2014 5:11am
I wish you put ure arm in the table and ask me to stop you from flexing...I'll hold your single arm with both of mine...youll start to bend your arm up so your enormous bicep start to rise showing howsmall mine are compared....than ddown againtgan up yyou'll train andci will strain and feel humiliation for my inability to stop you while you just train

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:12am
I think soon you'll be able to take me and Mark from our belts one in each hand and do bicep curls with our bodyweight

sosmallcomparedJul 20 2014 5:14am
Btw my wife told me she's now training with 16 kg each hands I'm just 10....I think I need to increase my workouts to avoid this mismatch

sosmallcomparedJul 20 2014 5:16am
Wow, that is great. Your wifes' friend must be so big and huge. I wish you can try my shorts or bra. Playing with your small dick is one of my dreams. Usually men when i force them to sleep between my tits they like it at first but then they said it choked them a lot.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:21am
On Sundays you stay all day home without working correct? So for your husband sundays are worst days I suppose cuz you'll handle him all day isn't it?

AnonymousJul 20 2014 5:26am
Curious, actually i do not like to play with men by my biceps but not a lot. I think we may try this once. I like to play with things make them near my body and legs and tits. Sosmall i told you when women start working out you are out of the game i am sure within near future she'll be more than 20 while you'll still suffering in 10

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:26am
Yes we can try just once than try something different of course you have such great body tgat I will find every day something new to feel it...and possibly feel small and puny

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:28am
Yes he has a full day of massaging kissing worshiping me. I wrestle him and humiliate him a lot. The good thing for him now that he is not alone my neighbour suffering with him.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:28am
Just comparing with your legs will scare me only for the size difference

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:29am
if i sleep with you, i think your nipple will bigger than my face so if you switch on the Air conditioner i will use your one tit to cover my self from the cold, trust me your shorts if i wear it, i will enter from one leg and and go out from my head with this leg's shorts without my body touch it. and your bra , it will wraps around me i think 6 times your bra the same my height as i told you,

markJul 20 2014 5:30am
Yes but your strength and muscularity its increasing so you have enough strenght to smashboth of tthem without any trouble. ..even a third man will be destroy

AnonymousJul 20 2014 5:30am
Yes Curious, my legs will be at least twice your size. This will be scary for you. Mark i cannot force you to suck my nipples or tits otherwise you'll be choked. Will you stay on your friends house for 3 days, in this way his wife will have a lot of tine to play with you and your dick.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:37am
Anonymous, yes i am much stronger than these two men and i can beat the third easily.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:39am
I wonna hug them kneeing in front of u wile u flex to feel how hard they are and lick them

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:41am
Wow you seem huge "woman"

AnonymousJul 20 2014 5:44am
why you talk to much about my dick, you know if the 15 years girl hole my arm with her hand, her hand will encircle my arm and her finger touch her hand i think my arm smaller than her wrist, her mother can hold my two arm with one hand and encircle her hand around my arms too, when i Lift my arms they reach her nose and my head reach under her big tits

markJul 20 2014 5:44am
When you'll hug them you'll look so small between thighs each 30 inches.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:45am
Wonna massage them mummy but please don't flex them I cant dent it

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:48am
Mark i am sorry if this makes you feel uncomfortable, but i told these kind of dicks make me excited. Any way i'll not talk about if it bother you. Your arms looks so skinny this is very nice i like that. Really your hand reached the mother or the daughter nose looks your arm is very short as well.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:50am
Hhhh, i am sorry you'll massage them a lot flex and un flexed. I told you at the end of the day you'll be exhausted. But i'll lift feed you and sleep with you at the end.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:52am
no no feel free i excited from your words on my body as well, yes my arm 5.5 inches each

markJul 20 2014 5:53am
My arm will be sooo tired... but if u flex I can't do much I think....even punching those pillar of muscle you'll not feel it

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:54am
Thanks, but ih my god you kidding right 5. I am really sorry but i think she is right you can almost f*ck using it.

Woman Jul 20 2014 5:55am
I wonna fell asleep in ure arms every night if its not too much fatigue for u mummy

curious87Jul 20 2014 5:56am
no really the biggest side in my arm is 5.5 and the other sides is 5 inches, hhhhhhh yes i'm not kidding when told you she say if i want to f*ck her i should yous my arm no dick and she think that her Pussy bigger too

markJul 20 2014 5:58am
Curious, yes you can i would love that. Mark yes now i can imagine your size, that is great a dick smaller than my finger and an arm almost similar to my pussy size. That is sexy for me.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:10am
you say that is your thigh 30 each, so they together 60 inches, and my two thigh i think 25 inches, OMG can you imagine if stand almost near to you, with my tall reached under your tits

markJul 20 2014 6:14am
What you'll love getting punched on your hard thighs and lough at my puny attempt?

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:14am
Yes, you'll look so small comparing to me. Your head under my tits, and your both thighs smaller than one of mine.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:16am
Curious, come on you'll punish me with your weak hands. It'll be nothing you'll make me laugh a lot.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:17am
Omg punching you make u lough? Are them so hard? Am I so weak?

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:19am
WOW, you is my dream woman you like a Mount compared to me and i will use your tits to climb on you , and your nipple to stand on it until i reached to your head, then you by two finger hold me and throw me on the floor

markJul 20 2014 6:20am
Seem like you're unstoppable to me im starting to be scared a bit

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:20am
You must be a pretty big woman

AnonymousJul 20 2014 6:22am
Mark, you are so little. I cannot imagine if we'll meet how you'll look like. I can throw you with my toes or finger. And i can play with your dick only using my fingers.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:23am
I think I'll feel so weak that I'll start to cry just due to my inability to stop u....r cuz ill feel how hard and big you are

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:26am
Yes curious your punches will make me laugh. Anonymous yes i am very big woman 100 kg, and 187 cm

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:26am
Are you muscular? You do any sports?

AnonymousJul 20 2014 6:27am
did you know where i'm now, iam in lap my friend daughter (15 years), she wake up now, and her mother in her work, so she told me still in the home until she coming, the girl come to me in the living room and lift me putting me on her lap, i feel so small compared to her , she ask me what is your weight mr.mark, i said i'm 49 or 50 kg, she shocked say i'm 50 when i'm 11 year now i'm 73 kg. WOW she hold my arm with one hand and i use my two hand to gust trying to control her arm, her arm look bigger than my thigh

markJul 20 2014 6:29am
Wow, mark this little girl is much bigger than you. You are so small man. You'll spend these days at the night with your wifes friend tits and in the morning his daughter lap. Anonymous yes i am very muscular i lift weights, do wrestling boxing and swimming.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:34am
i reached between this girl tits and shoulder, she say let us eat breakfast, she lifting me like baby way, to the kitchen, while she lifting me change the way of lifting on her side and make me put my leg between her ass, she make the breakfast in 8 mins, 8 mins and she lifting me and make the breakfast as she don't lift anything

markJul 20 2014 6:38am
You're a weight lifter? Very fascinating. ..

AnonymousJul 20 2014 6:39am
while she lifting me on her side and putting my leg on her ass i realized that my ass smaller than her half ass

markJul 20 2014 6:41am
I think I'll feel so weak that I'll start to cry just cuz my inability to stop best just make you laugh. ..ill feel how hard and bigger you are

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:41am
Wow mark that is great she looks really strong. I do this to men all the time, but i would like to do it for you with your size. It looks that you are the kid not her.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:43am
now i really want to be naked and she too, to play with each other, i will try to do it

markJul 20 2014 6:45am
I think you'll cry very much, when you'll be between my thighs. Mark 15 years girl with 42 ass, this girl is so huge.

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:45am
I will not be between your thighs. ..ill run to escape mmummy

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:46am
Hhhhh, you think i run very fast, and trust a lot of time you'll be between my thighs and under my big muscular hard ass

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:48am
But still my punches will not affect your hard muscles I'm in love mmummy...I'll kiss and lick what I cannot defeat

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:48am
Ahahah if u grab me by the ankle you'll lift me off the ground upside down? ??!!!

curious87Jul 20 2014 6:49am
Yea you should lick kiss and worship any thing on me stronger than youv

Woman Jul 20 2014 6:49am link for the next postv

AnonymousJul 20 2014 6:49am
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