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Question: If a 6-foot, 125-pound guy decides to pick a fight with a 4-foot-11, 190-pound girl, who do you believe would win the fight?
Created by: QUESTIONMAN at 01:40:44 AM, Sunday, February 08, 2009 PST


Hes just skin and bones. She would win, but not by a whole lot!

AnonymousFeb 08 2009 2:59pm

It's a fact that many large females enjoy physically overpowering small males, perhaps because it goes against the grain about females being the so-called "weaker sex." Whenever a small male challenges a large female (like the 6-foot guy picking a fight with the 4'11" girl), she is often more than eager to accept the challenge. There are countless testimonials about that right here on this poll site from many of the large females themselves (wives, girlfriends and other ladies) about how they managed to overpower and then conquer (often sexually as well as physically) their small male partners. There are also votes and comments on this site by very short large females who admit that they become sexually turned on whenever they physically overpower smaller males who are way taller than they are. Perhaps that's because it goes against the grain about the popular belief that "taller means stronger." A 125-pound guy vs a 190-pound girl? It doesn't matter that he is 6 feet tall and she is only 4'11". She would still win because she is way bigger than he is. The fact that he is male (the so-called "stronger sex") and she is female (the so-called "weaker sex") means nothing. YOU GO, GIRL!!!

AnonymousFeb 08 2009 6:49pm
He'd have a chance if they boxed because of his reach. In a wrestling match, she'd probably be able to pin him.

Annie GrapplesFeb 09 2009 11:36am
The guy could win a boxing match because of reach.Boxing involves skill more than strength. But wrestling and street fighting is more a measurement of strength because it is body against body, and she would win easily. Im 5`6 130. I know a woman who is 4`ll and 210 lbs. If she picked a fight with me, i would run the other way because I would be killed in much the same fashion as Scott Peterson killed his wife Lacy. Id be the Lacy between the two of us.The point is, if a person is bigger than you, theyre going to be stronger than you, even if she is a woman. the same always rules apply

AnonymousFeb 09 2009 3:32pm
if she goes mad,she would be very dangerous to him,any woman can produce unhuman power if she goes mad or scared for life of hers or somebody else.its their protective and survival nature,what is more likely missing in the men nature.any woman can multiply her physical strenght couple of times up to the superhuman pover,men have rather hunter or killer instinct what require diferent skills but not multiplying strenght as woman defending herself and she would be able to win over bigger enemy than her weightclass.

drFeb 09 2009 6:17pm
That's true what #3 and #4 stated. With her, he might have a chance at a KO or a TKO in a boxing match, maybe even in the first round. However, it is also true that he would stand a slim (pun intended) chance of beating her in a wrestling match. His height of more than a foot over her and his long reach could help him a great deal in a boxing match but definitely not in a wrestling match simply because of the great size and weight advantage she has over him. His height over her in a boxing match could help him avoid her powerful blows while his long reach could help him land some really hard blows, perhaps sending her straight down to the canvas. Not so in a wrestling match!!! Because she is bigger than he is by more than fifty percent (way out of his weight class), he would be better off running away than to go against her in a wrestling match. She would almost certainly make short work of him. He is small enough for her to pick him up and slam him down for the easy pin. It would almost certainly be over -- IN SECONDS!!!

AnonymousFeb 09 2009 11:56pm
Hes to small for it to be a fair fight. instead she would dominate and kill him

00Feb 10 2009 6:15am
125 lb man?? that is a novelty. Cant recall the last time I saw a 125 lb man ROFLMAO Sure she wins, for a 125 lb man though that comes with the territory right???

AnonymousFeb 10 2009 6:30am
Wrestling: LARGE FEMALE WHO IS SHORT vs SMALL MALE WHO IS TALL (Now that's REALLY getting our money's worth!!!). It would make for some real entertainment to see, more often, a very short, thick, strong, well-built stocky girl battle in the ring against a very tall, thin, weak, stringbean-skinny guy who towers over her by more than a foot. It would add to the entertainment even more if that short, large girl is very pretty. A short stocky girl defeating a tall skinny guy in the ring defies all concept of "male superiority" (the male is always stronger than the female) and it also defies all concept of a tall male's "height superiority" (the taller guy is always stronger than the shorter girl). Yes indeed, the 6-foot, 125-pound guy actually should pick a fight with the 4'11", 190-pound girl, especially for a wrestling match. THAT WOULD SELL TICKETS!!! It would defy the concepts described above to see a very short, very strong, really attractive 4'11", 190-pound girl easily press up over her head a very tall, weak, 125-pound stringbean-skinny guy who, at six feet, is more than a foot taller than she is (standing together, his nipples actually rise above her mouth!!!). As the battle continues between male and female, he (the tall, thin, weak male) is slammed down hard to the canvas by her (the short, thick, strong female) and she finally goes in for the pin, applying her massive weight to his tall, tiny body. IT'S OVER!!!

AnonymousFeb 10 2009 11:28am
There was a really short girl in Hawaii, 4'10" and 257 pounds, who bench pressed 175 pounds fifteen times. Her breasts were so large and they stuck out so much that she would place an unopened 12-ounce can of soda flat on each breast, with the tops facing toward her, and both cans would stay right up there on top of her rack. She was A FEMALE POWERHOUSE!!! She would most likely vanquish some of the tallest, meanest Amazons. No doubt she would certainly vanquish any tall skinny guy she encounters. However, she might have a real fight on her hands against the 4'11, 190-pound girl.

AnonymousFeb 11 2009 2:57pm
125 lb man would be retarded if he started a fight with a woman that size

AnonymousFeb 11 2009 3:39pm
In nature, the big overtakes the small. In the jungle, large predators devour small prey. A very small guy, like the skinny guy who is six feet tall and weighs only 125 pounds, should think twice before he takes on a very large 4'11", 190-pound fat girl who is way bigger and stronger than he is. SHE WILL DEVOUR HIM ON THE SPOT!!!

AnonymousFeb 11 2009 5:03pm
Girls, especially teenage girls, get criticized and made fun of for being fat, particularly by their skinny peers. It is often a self-esteem issue for them. Some are called "fat and ugly" when they should be called FAT AND STRONG!!! Fat girls should be proud of their physical strength. Fat girls have plenty of muscle under their fat. Amazingly, fat girls are stronger than many average built guys and fat girls are certainly far stronger than skinny guys. In fact, fat girls can lift very heavy weights that skinny guys simply cannot lift. Many fat girls, including short fat girls, are powerlifters competing in the heavyweight category. Some large female powerlifters who are 5'6" and under have bench pressed over 500 pounds and a 5'7" Korean at the Beijing Olympics broke the women's world record when she cleaned and jerked (lifted up off the ground, up over her shoulders and then up over her head) 409 pounds!!! Of all females, only a fat female can perform such amazing feats of strength. Who ever heard of a skinny guy, even a tall skinny guy, being a powerlifter? NO ONE!!! If that 125-pound skinny guy who is 6 feet tall is itching to pick a fight with the 4 foot 11, 190-pound girl, all he has to do is walk over to her, look way down at her and call her a shrimp. He would definitely get the shock of his life when she looks way up at him and then she picks him up and throws him across the room, sending him crashing into the wall and onto the floor. FAT GIRLS ARE STRONG!!!

AnonymousFeb 12 2009 1:46am
this is ludicrous

normal personFeb 12 2009 7:19am
Why is this even an issue? She could eat him alive.To kill him is an understatement.If both were using their all,I dont think Id want to know what might happen to him. Now we dont question whether a 200 lb male could beat up this 125 lb "man", so why the double standard? The truth is bigger is better regardless of gender.And yes, some women are stronger than some men. Get used to it!!!

asdfFeb 12 2009 7:57am
Ok he hauls off and hits her, she will just stand there and laugh as she is unphased by his blows.Shes not going to come back at him because it isnt politically correct to hit someone that much smaller.When he chills out, maybe she will talk some sense into him in a matronly way.

asdfFeb 12 2009 8:12am
this post is not right..the 4'11" gal who is 190 lbs..would be so fat and out of shape..the guy would beat her senseless...wrestling/boxing/fighting..does not matter. she would have a hard time just walking...lets get real folks

lelgtFeb 12 2009 10:11am
lol and that 6ft 125 lb man is in shape??? Hes all bone and no muscle. And Ive dated short girls at that weight. Alot of them had big bones, and big bones means big muscles

get realFeb 13 2009 7:32am
Any 4'11", 190-pound girl who is athletic and who works out, especially if she lifts weights at the gym, has very large muscles under all of her fat. Her arms and her legs are especially strong and with all of the extra weight she has that backs up her strength, if it ever came down to a wrestling match or a weightlifting contest, she would easily defeat any 6-foot, 125-pound guy who challenges her. In fact, she would not even need barbells to work out with. He is so skinny that once she grabs him and lifts him up over her shoulders, she will be able to easily press him up over her head -- IN MULTIPLE SETS AND MULTIPLE REPS!!!

AnonymousFeb 13 2009 10:45am
They say opposites attract? That is definitely true in many instances, surely in one like this as well. Let's face it, folks, a 4'11", 190-pound girl is way bigger and stronger than a 6-foot, 125-pound guy is. He is way taller than she is but that doesn't matter. You can't get anything more opposite than that!!! It could very well be that the 6-foot, 125-pound guy wants to pick a fight with the 4'11", 190-pound girl because it turns him on sexually to know that she can take him. He really doesn't want to get beat up by her but it turns him on sexually to know that she can easily overpower him any time she wants to. She doesn't want to beat him up either but it turns her on sexually to know that she can easily overpower him with no problem at all. Here is where their great difference in height really comes into play: In addition to the usual kissing, fondling and sexual intercourse, many couples also enjoy sucking each other's nipples while they are both standing in front of each other. The 125-pound guy is so much taller than the 190-pound girl is that she can easily suck his nipples while she is looking straight ahead. She can actually suck his nipples without even having to bend down!!! On the other hand, she is so much shorter than he is that he actually has to make the effort to bend all the way down to his crotch level in order to suck her nipples. It would become increasingly more difficult for him to continue sucking her nipples while he remains in that awkward position. However, because she can easily suck his nipples while she is looking straight ahead (not having to bend down at all), she can continue sucking his nipples indefinitely (that's a really good thing for him). OPPOSITES DEFINITELY ATTRACT!!!

AnonymousFeb 13 2009 1:26pm
I man never hits a woman regardless of her size. A man always treats a woman with respect

AnonymousFeb 14 2009 9:28am
#0022 - (Sat.) * 2/14/09

UpdateFeb 14 2009 11:13am
A 6-foot tall guy who weighs 125 pounds vs a 4 foot 11 girl who weighs 190 pounds is like a mouse vs an elephant. SHE WOULD CRUSH HIM LIKE A BUG!!!

AnonymousFeb 17 2009 2:46pm
[youtube]GLcQK-SzFyg[/youtube] Here's a wrestling match where a short muscular girl rips a tall skinny guy from stem to stern until she has him helplessly pinned. don't know how this linky will work, but if it don't go to Youtube and search Blond girl pins guy. His goofy stick-like arms and legs make him look like an insect being devoured by a spider when she gets him onto his back and all he can do is struggle.

Blonde girl fanFeb 17 2009 3:32pm
You're looking at a 70lb difference, and a lower centre of gravity. There was also a story not that long ago about a woman who strangled a man who tried to kill her with a hammer. The difference in weight was about 70lb her way.

She'd kill 'im.Feb 20 2009 3:21am
LET'S ALL GET REAL!!! With all other criteria being equal (health, physical activity, etc.), a 190-pound girl at 4-foot-11 would easily defeat a 125-pound guy who is six feet tall, no matter who picked the fight. When comparing physical size, weight and strength, it is not how tall someone is that counts. It is how BIG someone is that counts!!! In fact, when it comes to physical size, weight and strength, it doesn't even matter if someone is male or female because a large female, just like a large male, IS VERY STRONG!!! And a 4 foot 11, 190-pound girl IS A VERY LARGE FEMALE!!! There are lots of girls and guys around, short and tall, who would not want to mess with her simply because of her sheer size alone. In sharp contrast however, a 6-foot, 125-pound guy IS A VERY SMALL MALE!!! A short big female is definitely large enough and strong enough to physically overpower and subdue a tall tiny male including a tall tiny male who is way taller than she is. That is especially true if she outweighs him by dozens of pounds no matter how much taller he is than she is. I am a tall skinny guy myself and I am also six feet tall but, unlike that 125-pound guy, I am in the 130-135 pound range (STILL SKINNY BUT DAMN PROUD OF IT!!!). I saw a 4-foot-9 short fat girl (very short and very fat!!!) lift a heavy barbell over her head (with very large discs placed on the bar) that I couldn't even get off the ground. In fact, the barbell she lifted over her head weighed far more than I weigh. She herself weighs over 200 pounds. I tower over her by fifteen inches (a whole foot plus three inches!!!) but I would never pick a fight with her because I know she is obviously far stronger than I am and she weighs far more than I do even though the top of her head barely rises above my nipples. If I ever picked a fight with her, she would easily pick me up and throw me and that would be the end of the fight!!! However, I would definitely have enjoyed engaging in a one-on-one physical test of strength with her even though I know she would have overpowered me immediately. That short 190-pound girl can easily take that tall 125-pound guy. How come it is assumed by many that because she is short and he is tall, she would automatically lose? The fact is, SHE FAR OUTWEIGHS HIM!!! A short large female is very strong unless her lifestyle is sedentary (she sits around all day). That is the only way the 125-pound guy would win. As a tall skinny guy, I engaged in one-on-one physical tests of strength with two of my intimate short fat girlfriends, each of whom far outweighed me even though I towered over the both of them. First, I engaged in a wrestling match with one of the two girls. I towered over her by almost a foot. Then I had a clean-and-jerk weightlifting contest with the other girl. I towered over her by more than a foot. What was the outcome? It was no contest. I LOST TO BOTH GIRLS!!! I also engaged in one-on-one physical tests of strength with several other short fat girls (some very short and very fat!!!). Each girl far outweighed me even though I towered over all of them. I LOST TO EACH GIRL!!! All of the girls proved to be far stronger than I am. And it didn't even matter that I stood way taller than all of those girls.

AnonymousFeb 20 2009 3:23pm
This is an non issue, she would beat him to death. FOr the OPthe question is, do you have a dangerous fetish?

AnonymousFeb 21 2009 3:14am
men will always beat woman in any physical contests,men have simply much greater power in any part of body.even small tiny man would tear most of much bigger woman apart.coordination,strenght,reaction time,endurance-thats all much more developed in a men than woman.see all world strenght records-thats all men,so woman wouldnt stand a chance against men,not a chance.its all clear in history,and present time,just look at all sports achievements,woman will always be far behind-thats simple fact.

stanFeb 21 2009 6:19am
#0030 - (Sat.) * 2/21/09

UpdateFeb 21 2009 7:17am
depends, If he is all muscle and she is all fat, she couldn't even move around and he would win. /if on the other hand she is mostly muscle and he is mostly fat, she would crush him like a bug in seconds

AnonymousFeb 22 2009 7:40am
IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX!!! Many of the polls on this site about males vs females prove it, especially the polls about girls being physically stronger than guys which is a sexual turn-on for BOTH!!! Perhaps that is why the tall lanky 125-pound guy might decide to pick a fight with the short stocky 190-pound girl. (THE TALL MALE vs THE SHORT FEMALE!!!) Many think that the tall male would vanquish the short female simply because he is a tall male and she is a short female but the truth is: SIZE MATTERS!!! He is a tall male who is over a foot taller than she is but she is a short female who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than he is (which is a sexual turn-on for the both of them) so his aim is to conquer her sexually because he already knows (as well as she does) that she would easily beat him in any physical contest including a fight. IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX!!! Opposites attract and that is why many tall skinny guys are sexually attracted to short fat girls and, likewise, many short fat girls are sexually attracted to tall skinny guys. This leads to sexual intercourse. When a tall skinny guy puts his penis into a short fat girl's vagina, the last thing either one of them is thinking about is having a physical brawl with each other. IT'S ALL ABOUT SEX!!!

AnonymousFeb 22 2009 11:57am
That's true about sexual turn-ons and about how opposites attract. For many tall skinny guys, the sexual attraction to short stocky girls started out in childhood. That's how it was for me. I was very tall as a kid but I was also very skinny. As a kid, I was taller than all of the girls my age and I was way taller than many of them. Not one girl my age anywhere was as tall as I was and I was way taller than most of the fat girls. I would sometimes get on a see-saw in the park with a very fat girl and my end always stayed up in the air while her end always stayed on the ground. That see-saw would not move even one inch!!! That's how skinny I was at the time. When I was in grade school, I encountered a girl my age who was very short and very fat -- AND VERY STRONG!!! She was in sharp contrast to a boy like me who was very tall and very skinny. This short fat girl, who weighed much more than I did, was the aggressive one who was determined to demonstrate her superior physical strength over me even though I was so much taller than she was that my shoulders actually rose well above the top of her head. She actually did prove to be the stronger one. She succeeded in easily demonstrating her superior physical strength over me. In fact, I was no match for her. I was fascinated and frustrated at the same time over how such a short girl like her could actually be physically large enough and strong enough to overpower such a tall boy like me who was so much taller than she was that I had to look way down at her and she had to look way up at me while we were engaging in our physical test of strength. I could see while I was looking way down at her that she easily overpowered me because her arms were way bigger than mine and also more solid than mine. I have had a sexual attraction for short large females ever since. I can attest that short large ladies are among the best lovers and I continue to gravitate mainly toward SHORT, LARGE, POWERFULLY BUILT WOMEN who I tower over but who are easily WAY BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN I AM!!!

AnonymousFeb 23 2009 2:04pm
GIRLPOWER!!! WOMEN ARE OFTEN PHYSICALLY STRONGER THAN MEN. That is something that is very hard for many boys and men to accept and understand while, at the same time, it is very easy for many girls and women to appreciate and enjoy!!! The fact that a guy has a penis while a girl has a clitoris and a vagina does not mean that the guy is always physically stronger than the girl. There is certainly no penis envy on the part of the girl, especially if she knows that she is physically stronger than the guy. Perhaps that guy should have vagina envy or clitoris envy (or BOTH!!!). It should not be hard at all to imagine that a larger and stronger 4-foot-11 girl (despite her clitoris and her vagina) who weighs 190 pounds can easily overpower, take down, and then subdue, a smaller and weaker 6-foot-tall guy (despite his penis) who weighs a mere 125 pounds. She (despite her clit and her pussy) possesses far more overall physical strength in her large 4-foot-11 body than he does (despite his c*ck) in his small 6-foot-tall body. SHE IS BIGGER AND STRONGER THAN HE IS!!! It's that simple.

AnonymousFeb 24 2009 2:51pm
Anything that runs contrary to the norm is intriguing, especially when it is about sheer size, weight and strength (this is not about contests of wit and skill such as boxing and karate). Naturally, we assume that someone who is male is physically stronger than someone who is female but when someone who is female turns the tables and physically overpowers someone who is male, that runs contrary to the norm. It is also natural to assume that someone who is tall is physically stronger than someone who is short but when someone who is short turns the tables and physically overpowers someone who is tall, that also runs contrary to the norm. Therefore, when a short female physically overpowers a tall male, that certainly runs contrary to the norm. However, before a short female can physically overpower a tall male, that short female must be large (fat/stocky/husky) and that tall male must be small (skinny/thin/lanky). A short female who is small will not be able to physically overpower a tall male who is large (again, this is not about contests of wit and skill). However, a short female who is large will certainly be able to physically overpower a tall male who is small. When it comes to physical size, weight and strength, height and gender are irrelevant which means that it should be A NO-BRAINER to realize that a 190-pound, 4-foot-11 girl can easily floor a 125-pound, 6-foot-tall guy. Once she physically overpowers him and then has him pinned to the floor, he will not be going anywhere. SIZE MATTERS!!!

A fan of intriguing phenomenonFeb 25 2009 3:53pm
Every time I see a fat girl, on the bus or in the store or anywhere else, whether she is short or not, I always think to myself: "Wow. I wonder how much she can bench press." Many fat girls work out with weights including very heavy weights. That is one reason why so many fat girls are strong. Of course, there are also fat girls who are naturally strong without working out. I am not talking about fat girls who have nothing but nasty blubber because they sit around all day and do nothing. I am talking about fat girls who are SOLID AND STRONG!!! I have seen fat girls, including fat girls who are very short, bench press extremely heavy weights and do leg presses with even heavier weights. Older fat women are also very strong. I saw one really big fat mama who was rather short lower her massive legs to the point where her great big ass almost touched the ground and then her heavy daughter got on her shoulders to take a picture and that fat woman easily stood right back up again as if her daughter were a feather!!! No doubt all of those fat females can easily outbench and outleg most of the guys in the gym because, exceptions notwithstanding, FAT GIRLS ARE STRONG!!!

AnonymousFeb 27 2009 9:37pm
Why would a tall guy that skinny pick a fight with a short girl that fat? DUH!!! He should know he would lose. If he messed with her, he would have nowhere to go but DOWN!!!

AnonymousApr 02 2009 2:02pm
OMG!!! It is very seldom that I see such a woman but at the mall, I just saw a really short, really fat woman who is so big, with muscles so large, that I would have to be absolutely out of my mind to pick a fight with her. She easily has 75 to 100 lbs over me. I am a very tall guy but I am as skinny as a rail so I know I am WAY TOO SKINNY to pick a fight with such a fat woman like her even though I am easily over a foot and a half TALLER than she is!!! As big as her muscles are and as much as she weighs, she could easily pick me up and throw me. Lifting me over her head? That would be no trouble for her at all!!! In fact, with those big arms of hers, she could easily lift me over her head WITH MANY REPS!!! It doesn't matter that I am way taller than she is with her weighing 75 to 100 lbs more than I do. For a skinny guy like me to pick a fight with such a huge woman like her would be "SUICIDE BY FAT LADY!!!" (Paraphrasing "SUICIDE BY COP!!!")

AnonymousJul 02 2009 1:46pm
I am 5'6" and 120lb a senior student In our school there is a freshman girl with 160lb and 5'2" she does weightlifting and is an athletic . she can lift 160lb barbel overhead , she is our neighbor , always I go to school with him , but she don't like to say about overhead lifting ,I'm sure she can lift me overhead . One day she told me she used her 110lb friend as barble in bench press , and do 10 reps with that girl , I try to be more friend with him until she herself tend to lift me overhead , Its so fantastic a 14 year old girl can lift me overhead

ttSep 18 2009 9:24am
How about a tall stocky man against a short thin woman? Here is my story and I am 6'4" 220 lbs. I love the hard bodies like my wife. 5'6" 140 lbs. Runs 30 miles a week, lifts weights 3 X a week. (benches reps at 150 lbs) and can do 50 pull ups. She has a six pack stomach and is visually muscular. I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and in pretty good shape but nothing like her. Her stamina leads to wins always in the final 40 minutes of our hour wrestling foreplay. Here is what happened last week. I experienced a hold which I have never seen discussed on any forum I have ever been on and it was inescapable. My wife and I were wrestling and I had her in a pretty good position moving toward a submission. She was on her back and I was across her torso at a right angle with my back to her chest. I had a hold of one of her legs and was going for a headlock for a reverse body pin. She quickly pulled her head away and wrapped her right arm over the top of my right arm and back under my back. She then Scissored my left arm in a figure four tight tro my shoulder and pulled both arms down to the floor. She was on her back with total control of both if my arms with my back across her torso. I could not move. To sit up I would have to bring her entire weight with me. I could not roll out as she controlled both of my arms out to the sides of my body. Her left arm was free and she started to play with my nipples which she knows I like. She then said I know you like that but how do you like this. She threw her pelvis up and pulled down with her legs and her right arm. I was stretched so far I had to tap immediately. She of course did not release me for several more minutes and several submissions. She also made me beg to let me go. It was a completely dominating hold. Congrats to my wife for teaching an old diog a new trick

MikeDec 10 2010 1:06am
My former gf was 50 pounds heavier then me, I was 15cm taller, I can tell she was stronger then me, one time we fought, she gave me the beating of my life, she knocked me out cold, my both eyes blackened for the next two weeks. This changed are relationship, she was rhe boss from now, when we discus she just flexed her biceps to remember what she can do.

BeatenJul 19 2011 2:07pm

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