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Question: i want to wrestle some chicks that think women are the stronger sex. let's make some connections. my email is my # is 1-434-465-1610(text is best way). let's start a discussion. who do you think is the more dominant sex? please levae some stories about any experiences you may have had.
Created by: menarestronger at 05:35:15 AM, Sunday, February 08, 2009 PST


My little sister (13) beats me easily. She is taller and stronger than me and, usually plays with me crushing my head between her powerful tights. (I?m 25 years old, only weight 105 and 5?1") My sister (145 - 5?9") toys with me at home every day, and sometimes she knock me out with her tights and even forces me to kiss her big butt. What can I do?

weak for herFeb 15 2009 1:37pm

when i was 21 i wrestled with a nieghbors frind in her 30's. I could easily control her, but I got hard and she liked big c*cks - so she spent aot of time on top of me. I finished her off doggy style, witch left her down for the count...limp for about 20 minutes. the wrestling was a big turn on though.

women only say that doesn't matterFeb 25 2009 2:38am
One hot lazy afternoon after school my younger sister Lena (14) pinned my shoulders (16) to the living room rug. She sat straddled up on my chest with her short mini skirt up around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned. Her knees pinned my arms solid to the ground. She then made a bicep pose with her big tits (38C) heaving from her low cut bra. She told me she was the boss. She repeated this pose for at least ten minutes. I tried to buck out but she was to powerful. I nearly came in my pants. We later wrestled in our parents bed, I was bare chested and so was she, and she spreadeagle body pinned me for nearly a hour wearing only her panties. She humped and pounded me stretching my arms high and wide on the mattress. She moaned and grunted softly now and then. We didn't have intercourse that time but came very close. I orgasmed 3 times in my jeans. Finally she moaned loudly and pressed her panties hard and heavy against my rock hard member. She held her crotch against mine for serveral minutes then layed limp still on top of me. I don't know if she came but her face was red as a tomato when she finally got off me. She told me anytime I wanted a rematch I knew where to find her. True Story

Big Brother Beaten Badly...Feb 26 2009 9:00am
When I was 12 I showed off my boner "unintentionally" to my nieghbor, who was kinda like my babysitter--she made me breakfast before school after my mom left. She grabbed me and held me down and jerked me off really hard till I came, and she kept going till it hurt and made me promise not to do it anymore. Years later, after her divorce she reminded me of the incident and asked me if I kept my promise. I did. Then she told me she was suprised how big I was then and wondered ow big it got. I showed her and I returned the favor and f*cked her wicked hard. Now she's a big c*ck fan and we get together every month or two.

beaten only onceMar 06 2009 4:49am
Well, my husband and I started wrestling recently just for fun(he's 28, I'm 26) and the first few times, I was able to pin him down pretty one night he suggested that we should wrestle and make a bet on it...if I won, he would do everything I wanted for an entire weekend, and if he won, I would have to spend the weekend giving him all the sex of any kind that he wanted. Well, we wrestled on a Friday evening, and it turned out that the times we had wrestled before, he was holding back, because this time, I couldn't pin him down like I had in the matches we had earlier. Then, after a few minutes, he trapped me in a figure four leglock, and even though I tried to get out of it, the pain was too much and I submitted. Needless to say, he took full advantage of our bet for the entire weekend...

Husband made me submitOct 17 2010 10:17pm
Well we have heard from sibling rivals and a woman set up by her husband. I have been wrestling women for 40 years and the total is around 200. I went through a phase where I hired female body builders on http/ and got killed by every one of them. By the way I am 6'4" and 220 lbs and in pretty good shape. I also wrestled girlfriends and women I met at the gym. My wife is an athletic hard body. 5'5" and 135 lbs. Wrestling is our foreplay and she is a great wrestler. Her stamina keeps her in the matches until I wear down and she takes over. She has a lethal head scissors and several creative a smother holds. She loves to make me submit and I love being submitted. Wrestling is rarely determined by size and strength but rather by ability speed and stamina. There is no better feeling in the world than rock hard thighs around your face and neck.

WrestleDadNov 16 2010 2:13pm
truly women are strongr,faster,superior in all ways.every time I have been beaten easy.women will win 90% of the time.

keithDec 20 2010 10:05am
My wife and I wrestle naked. She wins almost everytime. Why??? My balls usually get the brunt and I have to submit. Males have that weakness and women go for the nuts.

TadDec 23 2010 3:29pm
women do you&you only realy beleive these polls,would truly like to know.I live in arizona&if your a women that truly beleives women are stronger&can most allways beatup males then prove it if there is a women out there that has the guts,email me at bet money not even one women will take me on in wrestling,boxing kickboxing or all out street fight.guys kwit telling these bull storys.

want to know.Feb 10 2011 4:04pm
women out west please beat this worthless peace of crap to a pulp,and then make this sissy bigmouth male to serve women for the rest of his pittifull life,as a slave&toilet enything you as a women can think of uesing this thing witch is are property enyway,its time women to not just back up what we know to be true but to make it a fact of life for all women to beleive all males are property of womenhood,(its time)& would one of my sisters make this want to know (know)&make him sqeal like the pig servent to womenhood he is thats all of you pigs called males.(you would be lucky when you can't serve enymore to become or food.this will hapen.lets get it started women&sisters of are world.(RULERS).

colleen/but kicker of males.Feb 14 2011 6:30pm
whats rong bicth,I have poved you rong,there are no women that can beatup a man.I have not got one email,becuse most women are not as dumm as you.most women know thay are the weaker sex&will allways be owned by men.

wanted to knowFeb 23 2011 4:11pm
why dont you to go at it? what are each other's measurements? weight: height: arm measurement: chest measurement:(usually msot guys win at this because of pecs)

AnonymousJun 21 2011 6:29pm
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:27am
This is the biggest bunch of nonsense - what kind of a poll - and the answers given - would REWITE history and sexual history? Men are without doubt the strongest and most dominant sex. Period, end of story, no more discussion. To think otherwise is to be blind to the physical differences between the sexes, the hormonal difference and the physical structure. Does anybody really want to argue that/?

BartJan 11 2012 12:23pm
Don't be foolish guys. My girlfriends mom beat my ass when I was 20 and she was 43. Her arms and legs punished me for 30 minutes and I was totally surprised by her strength.

whipped in VermontJan 13 2012 1:10pm
There are always going to be exceptions, but to deny what Bart pointed out - that sexual and human history dictates the absolute opposite of what's being written here makes me think there is a lot of cheating going on at this site or the need to increase women's selfesteem has resulted in some having beliefs that fly in the face of reason, intelligence and history. How can you believe what a bunch of anonymous folks have to say on a some site on the internet? You can't.

SteveMar 31 2012 2:15pm
Im with steve on this one. this posts make no sense, the stories are fake and all happen to have the same sort of theme. sort of resembles a porn movie, which im guessing is the source for most of their facts.

AnonymousApr 13 2012 11:20pm
Well I am totally attracted to stronger women. I have a great personality, would love to meet a single adult woman who likes to be the stronger one in the friendshop/relationship. Email me at

Chris PMay 05 2012 12:56pm
I am 52 year old and my wife is 27 she was a musclegirl already when we got together but for about 4 years ago she forced me to wrestle her as she told me for fun .i had not a chance agaisnt her she throw me down and got ontop of me . i really struggle and tryed to get her off me but she only laughed and pinned me down to the floor . the thing is when i finely had to submit i saw in her face that all the wrestling had made her hot and we had the best sex after that. she is still working out at the gym and is a buff women today and she still force me to fight her and she has begin to dominate me too. i really love her and i have at last begin to like it even if i really got embarrest in the beginning

mixwrestguyJun 11 2012 1:19am
Would like to wrestle with a hot women in her twenty like 25.someone who live in GTA area let have some fun.

aaaJul 21 2012 7:10pm
Men are stronger. If any of you so called ''tough'' girls think that you can take me drop me an email at Ive wrecked bunch of dumb broads who thought they ''run the world''

Alpha MaleJul 27 2012 11:38am
what happened to my story?

smJul 30 2012 8:47pm
Love to wrestle with a women from age25 to 50 for some fun.Come on ladys with have some sexy fun.

want to wrestleMay 26 2013 9:21pm
R there women here who would like to meet a guy who likes a stronger woman, who is professional and together Any race.

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