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Is sexual orientation genetic?

Question: This is an interesting forum. You talk as if women preferring small men; and small men preferring big women is unusual. In my family for generations, all the women married men who were physically weaker. And the men married women who were stronger.This is the norm. I expect and prefer women who are physically greater than I. So did my father and grandfather. When addressing the issue of whether I get married,my mom reassured me that one day some big strong woman will seek me out and sweep me off my feet. My Mom also set up my sister on a blind date with this guy because he is little and cute. The women have always been the breadwinners also.My mom is plastic surgeon and my father is a house husband. Its always been that way. Could it be that sexual orientation is genetic OR is it that my family is ahead of the times. I have always been attracted to women who are taller and heavier. And a hell of a lot stronger from the beginning of time. So are the other males in our family. So is it genetic or something else
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Created by: wondering2444 at 07:59:45 AM, Tuesday, March 10, 2009 PDT


I don't know and I don't care whether it's genetic or not and I believe everyone of either sex has the right to bang the crap out of another person of either sex (WITH THAT OTHER PERSON'S CONSENT!!!). All I care about is that I am a straight guy WHO BANGS WOMEN ONLY!!!

A straight guy who bangs WOMEN ONLY!!!Mar 10 2009 3:54pm

There is nothing strange about a guy who is sexually attracted to women and girls who are bigger and stronger than he is and if it is strange, then I am an awfully strange guy because I am sexually attracted to women who are bigger, heavier and stronger than I am BUT WHO ARE SHORTER THAN I AM!!! That is because I am very tall and I am very skinny so it turns me on sexually to be way taller than a girl who is bigger, heavier and stronger than I am. It may be genetic or it may not be genetic but for me, it might not have been genetic because when I was in the latter years of elementary school, I was a very skinny guy who was very tall for my age. One day, a very short, very fat girl who outweighed me by no less than forty pounds picked a fight with me. She could easily see that she was big and I was little even though I towered over her so she figured that she could easily take me in a fight. AND SHE FIGURED RIGHT!!! It did not matter at all that I was way taller than she was. In fact, I was so much taller than she was that the top of her head reached only up to the level of my nipples. However, she was so much bigger, heavier and stronger than I was that I didn't stand a chance against her. That was most likely the starting point for getting me sexually turned on to short, large females who outweigh me and who are stronger than I am. As an adult, I had one experience in particular where I was outlifted in weightlifting by a girl who outweighed me by dozens of pounds and the fact that I towered over her by more than a foot did nothing to save me from being outlifted by her. I also had intimate girlfriends who outlifted me in weightlifting and I towered over all of them as well. Weightlifting is a good physical test of strength between two people whose heights are different because with weightlifting, there is no "center of gravity" factor to stand in the way like in wrestling. If she can lift 150 pounds over her head and the guy cannot, she has demonstrated HER SHEER BRUTE STRENGTH OVER HIM!!! I lost to those short, large females fair and square and I cannot blame it on "center of gravity."

A tall, very little guy lusting for short, very big girls!!!Mar 10 2009 4:53pm
I think male slaves are born, not made. I had wanted to be a Woman's slave since age 12. On the other hand more Women are actualizing their dominance as it has become socially more acceptable.

obedient husbandMar 10 2009 5:17pm
To "Wondering" how tall and heavy are your Mother and Sister and how do those heights and weights compare to yours? Do your Mother and Sister use corporal discipline on you and your father?

obedient husbandMar 10 2009 5:19pm
A guy is quite brave to openly admit that he was beaten in a fight by a girl or outlifted in weightlifting by a girl. The average guy would never openly admit that. However, we are all still waiting impatiently for ladies who proudly overpowered guys to be just as proud to grow thick, coarse, MANLY facial hair (HEE-HEE-HEE!!!) but I don't think so. Not unless such ladies are willing to revive that once famous classic sideshow with the Ringling Brothers!!! Thick, coarse, MANLY facial hair is a secondary sex characteristic OF A MAN AND NOT OF A WOMAN!!! Women have already encROACHed upon executive positions, Government positions and strength-oriented sports like weightlifting; all of the above having once been held almost exclusively, if not exclusively, by men. However, I am confident that ALL women will want to stay away from any attempts to encROACH upon thick, coarse, MANLY facial hair because growing thick, coarse, MANLY facial hair IS EXCLUSIVELY A MAN'S PURSUIT!!!

A proud guy with THICK, COARSE, MANLY FACIAL HAIR!!!Mar 10 2009 9:31pm
Have a similar true story to tell as wondering. When I grew up our neighbours was indeed a different family. In the house lived the grand ma and grand pa, man and wife with a girl and a boy. Nothing really strange with that, at that time more elders lived with their children. But, this family was different. The grand ma was a huge lady in her late 60's when we moved in beside their house. She was easily 6'4 or more and most probably around 225-230 lbs. The grand pa was no more than 5'6 and at least a 100 lbs less then his wife. Their daughter was as big as her mother, perhaps a few lbs ligher married to this man that was even shorter than her father. Now that is probably cultural related, the young woman took after her mother and got a preferance for smaller men. But the children was a different thing. Their daughter got taller than her 2 year older brother when she was 10 and he was 12. When she was 14 she was 6 feet and her brother about 5'5 and skinny as hell. She was of course a lot stronger than him (and stronger than me as well, I was her brothers age). My parents found this all very strange. It was also obious that the women in the neighbour family were the trousers and the men seem to be happy about that. After a couple of years we invited the whole family over for dinner. The women and the girl was loud and outspoken while their men and the son were quite and gentle. The grand ma explained that the women in her family had all been big and strong and almost all of them had married smaller men. This had been going on for several generations. I don't know if this is accurate but she claimed that this situation had made the female children bigger and stronger then the male. I also remember that the younger woman in the family challenged my father to an armwrestling match. My father was not a small man, 5'11, but looked like a kid next to this big woman. She won easily, something that amused my mother. This was perhaps 40 years ago but I remember this family very well. Being smaller and weaker than the two year younger girl in that family also changed my preferances for women and I am now living with a 2 inches and 30 lbs heavier woman.

PaulMar 10 2009 11:49pm
Not sure. My mother used to play with me "the witch verses hansel" -- depicted from "Hansel and Gretel". She pinned me down and ate me up, and that was the end. But all mothers play like that with their small children. But my ideal woman is a half a head taller than me. Heavier and a bigger sturdier body.

AnonymousMar 11 2009 8:03am
Have you ever thought it might be a forced orientation? If you are a small enough guy where most of the opposite sex is bigger "sturdier" than you.Then you expect to see these charcteristics in the opposite sex. You adapt by learning to become attracted to these characteristics.

.Mar 11 2009 10:26am
Kinda reminds me of my family. All the women were bigger and stronger than the men. Im 5`2 and 120 #thin. My sisters were all small but when they reached 13, they all had late growth spurts. My youngest sister is now 5`11 and 40 lbs heavier. my older sister is 5`10 and a good 70 lbs heavier. My father ws only 5`4, but mom is 5`10 and 80 lbs heavier. My mom always favored her daughters. She always gave them the good food and all the attention. A staunch feminist, she favored men who were smaller than her. Thats why she married my Dad. And she honestly hoped that she would remain bigger and stronger than me.And I think she saw to it that would stay that way.She always referred to it as the "princely diet". Little meat and lots of vegetables. No milk and little diary products. But plenty of leaf spinach. Every week, she got me on the scales. Because she wanted me to be "delightfully slender". Well to her delight, I am 5`2 and 120 lbs. interesting thread. But I think alot of this is socialization more than genes

WOWMar 11 2009 2:21pm
A small guy (whether he is short or tall) who lands a large, strong lady who is tall is a lucky guy indeed because there are far fewer large, strong females who are tall. Because the average woman is only 5-foot-4, most large, strong females are rather short. Only a very small percentage of large, strong women are in the "Amazon" range. Because I am a tall skinny guy (six feet tall) who prefers shorter, larger females who are physically stronger than I am, I have a much wider range of choices because 99.9% of all large, strong women who are stronger than I am are shorter than I am and a significant percentage of those large, strong women who are stronger than I am are much shorter than I am. I already landed large, very short women (5-foot-1 and under) who are larger, heavier and stronger than I am. There is a very, very short (4-foot-2) extremely stocky girl who is way bigger, heavier and stronger than I am. When I first saw her, I almost couldn't believe my eyes!!! I tower over her by 22 inches (that's almost two feet!!!). In fact, the top of her head is actually lower than my nipples!!! However, she is underage and I always stay away from jailbait!!!

A tall, very little guy lusting for short, very big girls!!!Mar 11 2009 3:43pm
My two cents: If you are a small guy who loves large muscular women, you are in luck. Because a 5`4 120 lb man is on the same level of attraction as a 5`11 200 lb woman. The problem is for most small guys their pool of women is small, because they refuse to date a woman, whos twice as big; and twice as strong as he

My two centsMar 12 2009 7:51am
Some guys like PIGS, it just that simple, mommy was fat and mommy took good care of me even though I was very skinny and homely looking, plus the fat woman are the only women that will have anything to do with me, because no good looking guy will have anything to do with there stuck with me.

AnonymousMar 17 2009 7:42am
all i can say about sexual orientation is that is not genetic,in my case.however we are talking about fat,muskular or skinny girl,i will tell you my wife always like to go to gym to day i suddenly comes to visit her late night in the gym,as i get into terrible shocking finding-for me that evening.i comes into allready closed gym through forgotten open fire exit,as i enter the lobby,i heard terrible scream of my wife and strong grunting voices of men.i just couldnt move from fear about her,i rushed towards gym room and was shocked from picture i just wife lying with pry open thighs on the benchpress bench and from behind i spot huge muscular naked guy with extreme bulging muscles giving her everything he could,bashing into her i have also seen,that he was extremly developed down there,got balls huge like bull,and his penis was in size of horse like.the toilet doors suddenly opens and there comes along another guy naked walking towards my wife in action right that time with guy bashing into her.she obviously knew him as well,as she grabbed his penis which was extremly huge,thick like my arm.she changed the position,the guy who just joins them,was under her other one on top of her,both went inside her the same time-from the scene i had being witness i literally freeze.i decide to keep quiet,and just watch them as i have never seen my wife going wild and loud like this before.walls all around were shaking from her deep and massive grunting.those two monstrous guys almost tear her apart,what she obviously didnt mind,seemd to my she even enjoyed that in animal wild way-and all the way.i started to be excited,i dont know why but i was watching those guys huge bulging muscles,with net-from their thick veins poping out in every sq-inch of their massive bodies,surprisingly both of them barrely keep up with physicall endurance of my wife i wife have rock hard body,with even harder looking legs,she can realy move the whole mountains of weight with strenght she have in her legs.she is lifting for many,many reps 600lbs legpress and can do good few reps with 750lbs,what i witnessed.i can do barrely 400lbs only few reps,not more.she can do twice that weight-so imagine how her legs look she have a lot steam to let out during sex.i was so excited of them three doing that,i want to touch those guys muscles how its feel,decide to invite them right in my house with wife,what she first couldnt understand,but was happy to not hide it away of me,so we use to do it all three and her together,im not gay i never was,so as those guys,but we can do it perfect to each other,i even like to feel their huge di.ks and massive balls in my hands,to feel their powerfull thighs,bulging biceps muscles and their rock hard calves during action on the top of my wife.and i still likes the woman anyway,but can do it perdectly with muscular guys too.i love them,to touch.

andrejMar 23 2009 6:40pm
WOW, tell us more about your family, and what it was like to grow up with a mother who wanted you to be smaller than your sisters. How did they treat your dad? Thanks!

AnonSep 04 2009 3:47pm
homosexuality is a mental flaw and now a cultural thing which ocnfers status. ever noticed gays are automatically considered artistic, fashion geniuses, and they happen to get wannabe british accents and adopt a pretend to have boobs or butt posture? and lesbians are consdiered to be strong. thye are conferred pretty positive stereotypes. the homos ive met are probably the most unoriginal people ive met so i think its only a dumb stereotype

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