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Are short skinny guys more likely to be loved or gutted by women?

Question: Is a guy (5`2 105 lbs) more likely to be loved by a woman or get beaten up by one?
Created by: JALTINDA at 09:52:15 AM, Friday, April 10, 2009 PDT


A short skinny guy is no different from a tall skinny guy. THEY ARE BOTH LITTLE GUYS!!! Both guys can be PULVERIZED by most women, especially by either short or tall BIG women so it is up to the little guy, whether he is a little guy who is short or a little guy who is tall, to make his big lady, whether she is a big lady who is short or a big lady who is tall, like him enough so that she will not want to CRUSH him like the little caveman guy who was NOT crushed in the old 1972 song TROGLODYTE (Jimmy Castor Bunch) about big Bertha Butt and that little caveman guy who was chasing her and then he pulled her by her hair from the lake without realizing how BIG she was. Song lyrics: "She was ready to CRUSH him." "But she began to LIKE him!!!" That little guy did something right. If you want your big woman to LIKE you and not CRUSH you, you gotta do what that little caveman guy did with big Bertha Butt!!! You gotta get your big lady to LIKE you. Or your big lady will CRUSH you!!! And, if you are a little guy who is tall, it is going to look awfully funny to others, and be a really bad scene for you, if you get CRUSHED LIKE A BUG by your big woman if she happens to be SHORT!!!

AnonymousApr 10 2009 9:08pm

That 5`2 105 lb guy wont have any problems as long as he believes in himself. He cant feel intimidated to standing in front of her much bigger body. And since she probably will be a whole lot taller, you look up to her with confidence.NO PLATFORM SHOES.....ENJOY BEING YOUR LITTLE SELF...she may make some jokes about your size...dont be offended, she wants to play with you!! react with humor and confidence

AnonymousApr 11 2009 7:50am
I am 5'4" and weighs 56 kgs, my GF loves to lift and carry me, at first i felt embarrassed but now i get huge turn on when she lifts me.

VivekApr 21 2009 2:55am
Some women are looking for someone to beat up.

AnonymousApr 23 2009 8:37pm
...and a 105 lb man would be a dream come true!! Gutted by women is likely. Dude that small would get tons of work as a male victim in mixed wrestling videos.. if such a man exists, I know alot of underground film producers that would grab him in a heartbeat

AnonymousApr 24 2009 7:46am
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