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TO SHORT FAT GIRLS: Are you proud after you easily outlifted a tall skinny guy who is way taller than you are?

Question: We all know there are lots of girls who are proud of the fact that they are physically stronger than guys. They get a real kick out of it!!! I believe weightlifting is the ultimate physical test of strength because, unlike many other contests such as wrestling, when it comes to a weightlifting contest, there is no center-of-gravity factor or other factors to stand in the way of demonstrating sheer brute strength. Weightlifting is the ultimate test of sheer brute strength!!! Girls, you know you don't have to be a tall, Amazon-type of girl to be big and strong. In fact, some of the shortest girls around are among the biggest and strongest OF ALL GIRLS!!! Girls, if you can outlift a guy, that is the ultimate proof that you are physically stronger than he is. AND THERE IS NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! As a tall, very skinny guy who is over six feet tall (I am a TOWERING tall skinny guy!!!), I know firsthand how it feels to be outlifted in weightlifting by a short fat girl. I even know how it feels to be EASILY outlifted by a short fat girl who weighs A WHOLE LOT MORE than I do even though I am A WHOLE LOT TALLER than she is. So far, the shortest girl who ever outlifted me in weightlifting is far from being a tall, Amazon-type. In fact, the shortest girl who outlifted me is a 4-foot-11 girl who outweighs me by more than sixty pounds!!! I am almost 6-foot-1. AND I WAS EASILY OUTLIFTED IN WEIGHTLIFTING BY A 4-FOOT-11 GIRL!!! As a very short female, she is proud that she easily outlifted a very tall male. AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!!! Tallness and maleness symbolize physical strength which means that when she outlifted me, she also outlifted tallness and maleness!!! At first, I was embarrassed that such a short girl like her so easily outlifted such a tall guy like me but I have since come to accept it because I realize that, even though I tower over her by more than a foot, she is a whole lot bigger, heavier and stronger than I am!!! Girls, do you become either proud or sexually aroused (or both) after you outlift a TOWERING tall skinny guy (six feet tall or taller), weighing at least 50 pounds less than you do, who is WAY TALLER than you are?
Created by: TALL SKINNY MALE at 12:22:09 PM, Friday, April 10, 2009 PDT



AnonymousJan 26 2015 7:37am

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